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    1. Jeez. 18 year old boy carrying a giant -looks like a quart! container of accelerant. Wearing black clothes, hood and facemask. At gay pride. He couldn’t look more like an anti-gay terrorist.

    2. I’d have a lot more respect for trans activists if they’d denounce shitheads like this but we all know how often that happens 🙃 You really have to be willfully ignorant, naive, and/or just plain dishonest to not see that the movement is a magnet for antisocial males who want a shield for their violence. Any sensible person who gives a rat’s ass about the public good can see how dangerous his stunt was but instead it’s the usual circling of wagons or staying conveniently silent.

      1. His story is apparently that he intended to burn a police flag which he brought with him- but why would you need A QUART of accelerant to do that??? Seems like massive overkill, at the least. Maybe he was going to immolate himself or worse.

      2. The TRAs are acting as if this is a free speech issue. Dude, burn as many flags as you want -in a controlled environment- not in the middle of a crowded street! You’re not a political prisoner, you’re a dangerous lunatic!

      3. @Gallus
        Yeah exactly. It’s hard to tell where the stupid ends and the malice starts but I also get the vibe a cheap flag (I once saw a mishap with one and a candle and it, uh, doesn’t take much) wasn’t the only thing he planned on burning.
        Agreed. I hate that the NO COPS AT PRIDE thing isn’t about the historic police brutality against the community but genderspecials trying to drag in their faux-activism so they can trash and harass whatever and whoever they please. And people treating this little maladjust like he’s Nelson Mandela just solidifies that for me.

  1. His name is Ryan Segin. Why in the heck does the brainwashed media say “woman arsonist”? He is just an angry boy with pink hair. A lot of people that age wear their hair that way.
    I’m not a huge fan of Fox, but Fox says “Transwoman arrested” in its title. My uncle watches Fox news, and I refuse to watch it. At least Fox dispenses with the politically correct nonsense.
    “Amber Hikes, Philadelphia’s LGBT affairs director, said in a Facebook post Monday that she helped Segin make bail. Hikes also said that Segin had been sent to a men’s prison before being released.”
    “For the sake of transparency: Yesterday at the beginning of the Pride parade, a trans woman was arrested at 12th and locust for attempting to light a flag on fire. She was held at the Roundhouse then transferred to CFCF (a men’s prison) this morning after being charged with arson, causing/risking a catastrophe and other misdemeanors. This afternoon, I joined her father and 2 community organizers at CJC to help post her bail. She has just been released from CFCF. I will give more updates when possible.”
    Why did he get bail, and why did the Philadelphia’s LGBT affairs director help post the bail?
    Apparently, it was a pro-police flag. I know that the police do shoot black folks for no reason, but burning something in a crowd could be dangerous. It’s strange to burn flags at Pride events because there are so many people around. I’ve never heard of it. He looks like a white boy to me, so why is he so obsessed with police violence. Since when do white boys with pink hair catch hell from the police. It’s usually poor black folks.
    I fully support non-violent peaceful protests against police violence. This stunt makes the whole LGBTQ look bad, and could have ended very badly.
    The flag in question, also known for its association with the Blue Lives Matter ideology, looks like a black and white American flag with a single blue line in it.
    The Daily Dot has a good article.

    Trans woman arrested at Philly Pride for allegedly attempting to set fire to ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag

    From the Daily Dot article…
    i watched the police detain this woman because she was wearing all black and a bandana covering her face while carrying a can of lighter fluid at the pride parade. cops can be brutal pigs, but in this case, they were just trying to protect the lives of the people around her
    Why was he dressed in black and why did he cover his face?
    We don’t need this at Pride, and we have trans/queer thugs and loons to thank for making Pride unsafe. The LGBT who helped him with bail were so concerned about his safety in a men’s jail, but couldn’t care less if the can of lighter fluid exploded in a crowded area. There are all kinds of flammable things at a parade, floats, paper, feathers, etc. It’s summer time and things are dry. Poof! There goes a float.
    Trans/queer are dangerous. Happy Pride! We got crazy trans hell bent on burning something.

  2. I wish LGB could drop the T. The issues are so different, yet the bandwagon is the same.

  3. Here’s what HuffPo is peddling for Pride:
    Creepy account of MTF’s obsession with teen from high school:
    She didn’t know, but Loeber’s impact on Erisis was so profound that when Erisis began to transition at 33 years old, she held Loeber’s particular performance of womanhood in mind as an archetype.
    “The woman I am in the world today is inspired by the woman Jennifer was when I met her,” Erisis said.
    This ritual ― of imagining womanhood and attempting to perform it ― is familiar to many cis girls and trans women, though there’s no one universal experience.
    By fixating on different manifestations of femininity, borrowed from a mother or a teacher or a celebrity, we can try different ideas of womanhood on for size. The way we construct our gender identity thereafter is carefully informed by a variety of these influences and ideas, a self-conscious collaging of gestures, verbal mannerisms, fashion and beauty ideals accrued over the years.
    When Erisis was transitioning, there were no mainstream images of trans women to try on. So she decided to model her feminine self, in part, on her image of Loeber at camp, incorporating her into an abstract pastiche of gender identity.

    Hm. Didn’t you do a post on this particular fetishistic copycat-phenomenon some time ago? Can’t remember the tags or title?
    And Happy Pride to you too, Gallus! <3 <3

  4. Referring to males as females and vise-versa, along with the full-court press by the media of the T agenda is a major reason a lot of ppl nowadays do not trust the MSM/pharma-shills.
    Fake news is a real thing.

  5. Happy Pride, Gallus Mag! And to everyone else who’s celebrating, as well. May your Pride marches all have banners as courageous as this one!

  6. Speaking of Pride, this is what I’m really proud of:
    *Brave lesbians who will never be silenced are awesome. We still exist and will speak our minds. Kudos to bisexual women and straight women who recognize the misogyny and homophobia at the core of gender identity politics.
    This is what is shameful:
    *Sterilizing children with GnRH analogues and carrying out a medical experiment on healthy children is nothing to be proud of. Lopping the breasts off teenage girls and disabled women is just another form of female body mutilation. These are human rights abuses.
    Twenty or thirty years from now when this medical experiment on children goes the way of lobotomies and other hideous human experiments, as a lesbian, I don’t want this on my conscience. I don’t want future historians to blame this on lesbians. I say not in my name.
    * Burying a hate crime is nothing to be proud of. Indeed, it’s down right shameful and disgusting. Trans and queer controlled LGBTQIA are all burying a hate crime. Dana Rivers was a hate crime and a lot of women know it. Rivers is a heterosexual or bisexual male who has a history of protesting outside a lesbian run event. He ends up slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house. Why wasn’t this investigated as a hate crime? Why did every trans and queer controlled LGBTQIA organization bury this as if it never happened.
    * At the same time kids are being drugged and sterilized, trans activists are pushing through gender identity laws that grant any male access to women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, women’s homeless shelters, etc. with no hormone or surgery requirement. All they have to do is say they are transgender.
    Gender identity laws that shred the human rights of the female sex are shameful. Tossing fifty percent of the population under the bus to pander to the delusional beliefs of misogynistic violent men is not acceptable.
    *California’s SB 219. No hormones or surgery are required, and all he has to do to claim “gender identity” is say he is trans. He gets to share a patient room in a long term care facility with a female. This is a clear violation of the human rights of elderly and disabled women.
    * Too many TERF death threats to count.
    *Tara Wolf, a 26 year old transwoman, convicted of attacking a 62 year old woman. He tweeted he wanted to “fuc* up some TERFs. (See gendertrender post)
    *The Degenderettes baseball bats with barbed wire (see gendertrender post)
    *The shameful colonization and co-option of gay and lesbian history and identity by trans activists.
    *The colonization and co-option of intersex people by trans activists.
    I could go on, but this is a my short list.
    Finally, I want to speak directly to lesbians, bisexual women, and gay men. Gay men and lesbians put up with crap all year, and we deserve a safe and joyous Pride. Pride used to be fun, but it’s not going to stay that way with the crazy trans and queer. They have a history or violence, and they don’t care. We do not need violent trans/gender queer/non-binary loons setting fires at Pride. And, the Degenderettes and their baseball bats need to stay home.
    We should all be grateful that this violent transwoman didn’t set fire to something.

  7. I went to Pittsburgh Pride, and noticed there were few (visible) cops around. Later, somebody told me that they were there alright, but dispersed and in plain clothes. They just don’t want to appear “obvious.”

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