'Non binary Queers' Gay-Bash Lesbian Outside St. Louis Gay Bar, Brag About It On Twitter

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Four women attacked and beat a lesbian in a homophobic assault on Tuesday night as she exited the ‘Grey Fox Pub’, a gay bar in St. Louis. The women, all members of the transgender movement who identify as ‘Non Binary Trans’ were angered by the victim’s homosexuality and her belief that sexual orientation for most people, straight or gay, is based on biological sex. The women targeted her because previously she referred to one of them (accurately) as being female. All of the assailants are female and also very femininity conforming.
Violent homophobe Natalie Welage

The gay bashing was a premeditated attack carefully coordinated by the women, one of whom, Natalie Elaine Welage, is an employee of the bar, hosting events where she also performs as a male impersonator Drag King under the name ‘Dickie Rebellion’. They harassed the lesbian victim in the bar, elicited a male authority figure to pressure her to leave, then waited to violently attack her as an organized group when she exited.
From the victim’s Tumblr blog:

After the assault the gay-bashers took to social media to brag about and bond over the attack, referring to the victim as a ‘TERF’.
Natalie Welage and Katy Elizabeth St Louis gay bashers brag about beating a lesbian on Twitter

TERF is a dehumanizing slur used by the transgender movement to target lesbians and other women who recognize that biological sex exists. It stands for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist” and is used to denote female apostates of the transgender philosophy which insists that reproductive sex should be defined by adherence to social sex stereotypes instead of biology. TERF is pronounced “turf”, a synonym for dirt or a substrate upon which one walks, as well as a contested territory to be controlled.
Jesse Lee Heriford, St Louis gay basher, threats

The territory that the transgender movement demands control of is every part of society that allows sex-segregated areas (what anti-feminist transgender theorist Dean Spade calls “carve-outs”) for the benefit of the welfare of women: The right of female prisoners to be housed in separate facilities from males. The right to request a same-sex individual for body search or medical care. The right of female athletes to separate but equal sporting leagues and opportunities. The right of females to separate but equal facilities where nudity and intimate biological functions occur: changing rooms, toilets, hospital bed assignments, etc. The right of female homosexuals to organize lesbian publications, events, gatherings, and groups which exclude males.
Affirmative schemes to promote female equality are especially contested “turf” by the transgender and other anti-feminist movements: Women’s Scholarships, Women’s Awards, Women-Only Shortlists, Women’s colleges, Women’s leadership initiatives, etc.
Increasingly, transgender movement adherents advocate violent attacks against those who support women’s rights, particularly lesbians, whose minority sexual orientation is a literal “carve out” which excludes male bodied people.
Homosexuals not welcome at gay bars or drag shows now run by hetero “queers”.

The women in St. Louis who coordinated a premediated hate crime assault of a lesbian woman who recognized that they are female are, ironically, extraordinarily gender conforming and femininity performing individuals. They despise lesbians but colonize gay bars and call themselves “queer”. They are the ultimate female conformists. Female chauvinist pigs.
St. Louis Gay Basher Caleb Fetsch:
Violent homophobe Caleb Fetsch of St. Louis

St. Louis Gay Basher Jess Heriford:
Violent homophobe Jess Heriford of St. Louis

St. Louis Gay Basher Katy Elizabeth Heselton:
Violent homophobe Katy Elizabeth Heselton

As usual, no LGBT websites have reported on this crime, because hate crimes against lesbians are of no consequence to the male LGBT media and because – as the LGBT media blackout on transactivist Dana Rivers’ ghastly murder of Michfest attendees last year shows- hate crimes (including murder) against lesbians committed by transgender terrorists are considered justified defensible political crimes by the men’s sexual rights movement now operating under the acronym LGBT.

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  1. I cannot believe that the St Louis police refused to treat these posts as a confession on their part of committing the crime of assault. Has anyone seen anything indicating they are treating this differently? And the anarchists getting all in a snit because the victim called the cops. They always care more about that than the crime committed.

    1. Yeah the kweerio anti-police sentiment is highly suspect, to put it lightly.
      Meanwhile they’ll drop their anarchist LARPing like a hot pan when they can’t get their way. See: women having the cops called on them for going to a pub after a WPUK event 😭

  2. What’s even more upsetting is that the victim is currently being accused of making it up on Tumblr (multiple references to the “everyone stood up on the bus and clapped” trope). Even with the evidence right in front of everyone, these scumfucks will still try to gaslight women.
    Fortunately she’s received a lot of support, including legal advice, so I hope there can at least be some form of legal consequences. At the very least, Natalie has been let go from her job:

    1. GenderSpeshul Natalie not only beat up a lesbian and bragged about it on Twitter, she went on to drag her employer into the matter by claiming that management supported the attack. What an incredible moron.
      It looks like her employer did not, as Natalie publicly claimed, support her gay-bashing activities.

      1. You’d think someone trained and who WAS working in business would understand not only public relations but liability 🤷‍♀️

  3. If I understand correctly this is female on female violence? What is going on?

    1. From 2011:
      “I’ve had both amazing and absolutely horrific experiences at The Grey Fox. Michelle Mccausland can make or break a Grey Fox experience. I’ve seen her put on a few wonderful shows, but for the most part, she is a detriment to our community. She makes fun of lesbians so viciously, she has silenced audiences. She really helps the divide between gay men and women in our community grow. It’s really a shame. To add to that, the bartenders can often be seen screaming at customers and ignoring the female customers all together.”

  4. Amazing that a bunch of gaybashers have ‘black lives matter’ you know an anti-violence movement posted on their signatures. Because you know people who gang up together to beat a defenseless woman are all about the nonviolence.
    They could face major charges (lying in wait is an aggravator in violent crime charges and could kick it up to MAJOR time in prison). Guarantee they’ll embrace being female when it comes to doing time. And people have screenshots of them bragging about this.
    And I hope she files a civil suit against that bar. They are very much complicit in this attack as well. They are also liable for kicking her out of the bar in the first place. What idiots.

    1. Yeah, no one is going to be holding rallies or “hunger strikes” to get these four in a male prison.

    2. If you read about the founders of BLM, they are trans and queer all the way. This is not to say that all people involved in BLM have the attitudes of the above trash, but trans/queer politics is very much part of BLM unfortunately.

      1. Were trans politics part of ground zero of BLM? Or was BLM appropriated by trans activists like gay rights, feminism, or intersex support groups? I don’t know the answer, just asking. I had assumed it was more appropriation of a successful movement.

      2. Oh I know that’s why I’ve never supported them. They’re totally phallocentric couldn’t give a damn about black women. Won’t speak out about the murders of black women because they’re almost always at the hands (and feet and guns and knives) of black men. I have no use for them, but as far as I know they’re opposed to violence.

  5. I try to stay out of the conversation regarding the way lesbians are treated by the LGBT. Being het this is totally not my lane, but ffs they totally act as though none of this shit is not happening. All types of violence against lesbians from within the community and they have nothing to say. It’s really disturbing. I’m not a lesbian and it pisses me off. Y’all must be incandescent with rage.

    1. I’m straight and I’m incandescent with rage! Any instance of women attacking other women makes me sick, and this context only heightens the foulness of their mentality. I hope so much that these young women pay in some way, preferably multiple ways, for their CHOSEN behavior.

  6. This is not going to end well for the attackers. It’s sad and disgusting that women are attacking lesbians. Luckily, these women are stupid and will be easily caught and prosecuted.

  7. Wow. Thank you so much for covering this story. I have not heard one word about this on any other site.
    What about the police? Please tell that the victim is following up with law enforcement on this. This is assault. There must be prosecution. Also, the victim would have civil claims against all of the perps and against the bar. The bar potentially could be held liable vicariously for the acts of its employee and for its own action in wrongfully expelling the victim from the bar and sending her into the ambush. She could retain a good plaintiff’s attorney on a contingency fee basis and it would cost her virtually nothing to proceed.
    This will never stop unless these people are held accountable and pay a price. The victim has a great opportunity to make a stand here and potentially take a lot of money from these trans activists to boot.

  8. Frightening really truly frightening. There goes Dyke Solidarity, dyke and WBW spaces, the level of violence advocated horrifying because disagreements or live and let live arent allowed…lock step or else…sorta like a bunch of strsight boys gay bashing except its females lesbian bashing resistant Lesbians!!

  9. “always down to smack a bitch if need be”
    the pot of misogynist shit at the end of the queer rainbow.

  10. Also, to the victim of this lesbian-bashing: I hope you are okay. We see what happened to you and we are noticing it even if it is not widely reported. Thanks Gallus Mag for your independent investigative journalism.

  11. I always wondered if transmania attracted psychopaths, and now I know for sure.

    1. well, we knew it did, but sadly we now see it being something that even the mentally ill females are being drawn towards. Some crave attention no matter HOW they get it, and they have seen how infrequently the pigs in wigs endured actual consequence for their violence against females.

  12. If one of them works for the bar and another employee threw her (the victim) out with the violent employee… I hope the victim sues the bar so hard they have to go out of business in order to pay her (the victim).

  13. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is female on female violence. When was the last time something like this happened? I can’t recall. I’m also trying to decide if this ideology attracts the worst people, or if it simply brings out the worst in the people it attracts.

    1. This could have something to do with it.
      Incidentally, can you imagine a lesbian or gay person using such a message to express GAY PRIDE? These are the sorts of messages the homophobes waved in anti-gay protest at Pride, not the lesbians and gays.
      The gay movement said: We’re NOT mentally ill. We celebrate our sexual orientation! We are perfect just the way we are.

      1. See, this is something about the Tumblrina/SJW/queer/trans/whatever sub-culture that I always found so weird and counter-productive: they literally brag about their psychiatric diagnoses (often self-diagnosed) and wear them like a badge of honor. Who does that??
        There have been several studies done confirming that mental health and self-confidence vastly improve for gay and lesbian people after they come out of the closet, but for trans, the opposite seems to occur. Of course there has been no actual research done to confirm this, but it’s evident when you read online accounts from parents of trans-identified people (especially girls). The trans ideology somehow devours their minds and suddenly EVERYTHING becomes about trans.

      2. I’ve noticed that current college-age students are very open about any mental health diagnoses, to dispel stigma, and are broadly supportive of any disabilities accommodations (including for mental health).
        So this publicity about mental health diagnoses by the trans* community maybe is an extension of that general tendency?

      3. @Ephemeroptera- Huh? If I held a sign up at Pride stating that 98% of trans people are mentally ill I would (rightly) be characterized as an anti-trans bigot. Or do you disagree?
        Seriously, are you a troll or what?
        In what way is holding up a sign claiming that 98% of a population is mentally ill a celebration of Pride in that population?
        In what way does that de-stigmatize either mental illness or transgenderism?
        “Gays Have Mental Health Issues” would be an appropriate Pride sign to you? “Trans Folx Are Mentally Ill” is a Pride sign?
        Are you fucking kidding me.
        Or are you just yanking my chain?

      4. Then again this is a movement that celebrates death with official death holidays and I once saw a “transwoman of color” wear a full length gown to Trans Day Of Remembrance with a train dragging behind him embossed with the phrase “Enjoy Your Mourning”. So who knows.

      5. @GM Signs like that def. come off as weird and don’t seem effective at destigmatization, but I’m trying to figure out the contexts/internal logic of their behavior, and how it might make sense to them in their heads and within the groups they roll with. Even the weirdest subcultures have internal logics where seemingly bizarre stuff makes sense to them, however weird it appears to outsiders. As far as I can see, someone holding a sign like that is probably only thinking in terms of SJW destigmatization, not the other ways you mention (the history of bigots saying lesbians & gay men have mental illness).
        btw I hadn’t considered it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if an early 20s LGBQ-er would march at Pride with a sign “coming out” as mentally ill. Just the sense I get from knowing young college students nowadays. I’m dead serious (no trolling).

      6. @GM I just spent forever looking through online pics from recent Prides & Dyke Marches, but I couldn’t find any signs about mental illness.
        A quick google search for “queer mental illness visibility” turned up stuff like this, though:

        How I Support Pride as a Queer Woman With Anxiety and Depression

        Coming Out Again: Why More Queer Folks with Mental Illnesses Need to Speak Out
        Lots of mention of destigmatization, none of the past association of lesbians & gay men with mental illness. In the 1st HuffPo link, one young gay guy even mentions how he’d like to set an example by running for office as someone who’s openly gay & experienced mental illness.

      7. @ephemeroptera I have a somewhat different theory. I think the message behind that sign was “it’s YOUR fault, cis people, that 98% of trans people are suffering from mental illness! Your transphobia and cis-het normativity is killing us!”

      8. These straight men and millennial SJW “queers” don’t care at all about LGB history, unless they have an opportunity to trans the dead. They’re all too busy navel-gazing and cultivating their “stunning and brave” fictions.

      9. One thing that always struck me as odd is that LGB fought hard to have homosexuality removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. The trans lobby on the other hand, fought hard to have trans symptoms included. Anyone, correct me if I’m wrong but that’s my understanding.

      10. The goal isn’t “destigmatization,” the goal is “freaking out the normies.”
        All these straight kids who call themselves “queer”?
        *25 years ago would have put on black lipstick and white foundation and dressed like the guest of honor at a funeral.
        *40 years ago would have spiked their hair and put a safety pin in their nose.
        *50 years ago would have grown their hair long, smoked dope, and worn ripped jeans.
        *90 years ago would have cut their hair short, listened to jazz, and danced the Lindy Hop.
        Fifteen years from now, these girls are going to be midwestern soccer moms. They’re going to tell stories about how radical they were back in the day, and at night they’re going to have missionary sex in the dark with their husbands.

      11. @MaryMacha That one’s not too hard to figure out: if trans surgical procedures were de-medicalized and treated as any other *elective* surgery, aka a lifestyle choice, they wouldn’t be able to justify having the NHS/insurance companies pay for it. Now they can insist that it’s not actually elective surgery but a medical necessity. Same goes with exogenous cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers like Lupron. There’s a lot of money to be made there, for the providers.

      12. @rikittiwake: I have a similar reaction to these young people. They’ll grow out their rainbow undercuts, move to the suburbs, and become the most annoying parents at the playground.

    2. Excellent question. We live in a society in which bullying is admired and encouraged (look! we elected the Bully-in-Chief!), and it can make you lots of money on TV shows. I would bet some serious money that these same young women were bullies in school and now they have found a context in which they can bully and assault other women, and be told they are some righteous SJWs to boot. Like other commenters, one can only hope that their bullying in this case will lead to some serious consequences.

  14. “Studied Public Relations” lol
    There might be openings at a Missouri White Nationalist group.

  15. Absolute f*cking COWARDS that clearly don’t have the backbone to take someone on one-on-one but will always be first in the queue bleating about intolerance! Hope these bitches reap what they are only too happy to sow in the fullness of time 🤘

  16. St Ursula’s?!? One of the most prestigious private schools in my home state, it jumped right out at me. What do people whose parents can afford St Ursula’s have to complain about?
    FTR, Natalie’s doting mama and daddy spent more on St Ursula’s than most ppl spend on advanced degrees. Just so you know the class of people involved in this attack.
    Affluent suburban kids ‘slumming’ and trying to show their revolutionary cred by being bad-asses are always very dangerous. They never have to face any real consequences for their self-indulgent drunken violence, since even if Natalie gets fired, sued or arrested, parents who can afford private prep schools that cost more than colleges can obviously pay their pampered little darling’s legal fees.
    The other perps who get fired (etc) may find that life is far more difficult when mama and daddy ain’t there to clean up your messes. I don’t think they ALL went to St Ursula’s.

    1. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=St.%20Ursula%20Academy
      St. Ursula Academy
      Referring to the high society, all-girls, Catholic, exclusive academy in Cincinnati, Ohio. Basically, the rich preppy girls that everyone wants to be. All the girls are overachievers who go to Yale and Harvard for school and will end up making millions in their future careers. They have an obsession with Starbucks and are even getting one built on campus. Popped collars are everywhere. Lacoste and Ralph Lauren tube socks are a must. UGGs are worn all year round. These girls are responsible and very hard workers. They are very gifted, and this school is only meant for the smartest and richest. They live in the swankiest neihborhoods with parents that make too much money. Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga bags are much too common. They often overwork themselves to the point of mental breakdowns. They strive for perfection. They want to be THE best.
      The girl in the brand new black Mercedes Benz is an Ursula girl.
      The girl whose dad drives her to school in his Rolls Royce is an Ursula girl.
      The parking lot filled with BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Hummers, Cadillacs, Lambourghinis, Porcshes, and Audis is the Ursula parking lot.
      The girl in the Dolce & Gabbana dress with the Jimmy Choo black pumps goes to Ursula.
      The girls with their Chanel bags and oversized designer sunglasses go to Ursula.
      The girls with 4.0 GPAs go to Ursula.
      St. Ursula Academy is the best.

      1. “Non Binary Queer” does seem to be a rich person accessory, like a Louis Vuitton bag of identitay for not-quite-gay genderspeshul millennials.

      2. There’s some pretty disturbing footage of Natalie doing some fucked up John Bennet Ramsey type dancing as a teen:

        She must have been about sixteen? It’s pretty disturbing. No wonder she is fucked up. Doesn’t excuse what she did but it does make me feel sorry for her.

      3. The drag king stuff is just a continuation of that. Same lame tired old pantomime of gender stereotypes, something that was kewl in hipster lesbian subculture about twenty-five years ago now perpetually reanimated by backwater “queer” normies in some sort of un-dead homage to the actual living who preceded them. No different than a rictus Honey Boo Boo hoedown performed by someone too young to know any better – or too old to escape it.

      4. @Daisy…Personally she reminds me of Shannen Doherty in “Heathers”…:P

      5. @junojones — ! LOLOL you just made me flash on Natalie saying something in a Doherty-90210 voice:
        “you bitches will help me beat up this dyke or NO PROM! and I will tell everybody not to speak to you!
        weeping/tears/gnashing of teeth
        (It’s probably not too far from the truth)

    2. SO f-ing glad I didn’t get into (private college that shall remain unnamed). Not only would I have dug myself into an impossible pit of debt and surrounded myself with an ass-patting hugbox, I would’ve also been surrounded by very similar sorts of spoiled genderist brats. I’m so not surprised that these smug, lesbian-hating assholes went there.

  17. A few years ago there was a gay-bashing incident in Philadelphia that received national attention. A group of privileged, drunk assholes assaulted a gay male couple. The lone woman of the group got the harshest penalty, despite no evidence she actually hit anyone, after the men in the group took plea deals. I wonder if these women will be held to the same standard.

  18. Apparently straight is the new gay, misogyny the new feminism, and intolerance the new diversity. My wife was pretty upset by this post as she’s already been harassed by “transmen” a few times including being called a ‘fucking dyke’ when all my wife was doing was eating a power bar on her lunch break outside a Whole Foods.
    The social justice bubble burst for us years ago when we started questioning certain narratives. So much antagonistic behavior come from those who “advocate” or are “allies” when on some other political issue we disagreed.
    All this consciousness raising, protesting, and fighting for scraps between minority groups and those who try to belong to such groups, is getting people hurt and killed. Isn’t it time we women stop hating each other when we don’t agree?
    All this radicalized anger seems to be the weapon of choice and it always is eventually used to tear apart our own. All this “progress” had led us back to barbarism. And all anyone can do is blame Trump. Sorry but Trump (and no I didn’t vote for him) didn’t smash into my wife or key her car or call her a disparaging term. A transwoman asked on a bathroom community board if ‘her’ fellow coworkers wore panties under their skirts, not Trump. If we could spend 10% of our concern for social justice on increasing safety rights for women and lesbians, much could be done.
    We’ll never get anything accomplished if we complain rather than organize a movement. Even if we don’t see eye to eye on every instance and ideology, even if our very own LGBT community disparages us we can make a positive change. What matters on this front is what unites us and I hope some here and other places will be brave enough to defend ourselves when necessary and protect each other without hesitation.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, but imo, in talking about “our very own LGBT community” you have entirely missed the point. There is no “LGBT community.” “LGBT” is a colony. The purposed, intent and effect of “LGBT” was to co-opt LGB people and the LGB movement, to expropriate our money, our political capital, our labor, our history and ultimately, our group identity, for the benefit of trans activists. That was how it was intended to work and that is how, in fact, it has worked. There can be no alliances unless “LGBT” ends.

      1. Just read it. Nicola Williams exposure of the statistics which should have been freely available is excellent work. The full report from Fair Play for Women is here…..https://fairplayforwomen.com/prison-data-confirmed/
        As she says……”Data isn’t transphobic. Evidence isn’t hateful. Facts aren’t bigoted. It’s a fact that men who abuse women have already broken the rules: why would anyone want to change the rules to make it easier for them to do it again?”

      2. ‘These men are not transitioning because they like women and want to be a woman, but in order to exert a new kind of control and dominance over women, a sort of infiltration.’
        If only someone had warned them this would happen…

    1. That’s crazy. Here in the States they give it to both because it protects both. Why would it be different in the UK?

      1. Males who transgender as teens are overwhelmingly homosexual which puts them at lowest risk for HPV exposure. Truly bizarre policy.

      2. We don’t protect both because the NHS can’t afford it. They are strapped for cash due to the fact that mastectomies of perfectly healthy breasts, carving holes in men’s torsos and calling them vaginas, distributing hormones and performing addadicktomes, are all free for everybody. Meanwhile, I am still waiting for a date for surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear. Five months and counting.

      3. So they choose unnecessary plastic surgery over a cancer preventing vaccine?!? That’s make no damned sense especially if the issue is cost. Cancer treatment is very expensive.

    2. @hogwash I feel you, sister. My country’s equivalent of the NHS (publically funded) is also struggling in much the same ways. I have a hormonal problem (PCOS) and I have been trying to get an appointment with an endocrinologist for 5 months. Nothing. But recently I found out that transmen who feel dysphoric because of fatty deposits on their female hips can get “hip liposuction” on the tax payers’ dime, through the public health care system.

  19. A “transman” who calls herself “[redacted]” and whose Tumblr is “[redacted]” has doxxed the victim, posting her social media info, employment information and telephone number. Absolutely vile. There is no depth to which these people will not sink. God, how I hope that the victim will go after each and every one of these beasts to the fullest extent of the law!
    I am not linking to “[redacted]” Tumblr because I don’t want to amplify the doxxing and also because her Tumblr is filled with pornographic pictures and disturbing imagery, a pretty scary window into the diseased mind of the transgender.

    1. The St. Louis police are currently investigating this hate crime so [redacted] can presumably be prosecuted as an accessory after the fact. It’s amazing that these rich trust funders seem to think there are no consequences for their actions. That being said, although I’ve preserved the victim’s privacy here her identity has already been widely posted online by her attackers as part of their boasting after their assault.

      1. I used to work for Catholic Charities and I know where lots of bodies are buried, as they say.
        Her parents are MAJOR donors to the diocese, and how did I know that?
        Might be able to work with this a bit. (giggles wickedly)
        As we used to say, Inquisitions R Us.
        Bad children are the bane of Catholic existence; ask Joe Kennedy. They can cost you a pretty penny, trying to stay in the good graces of the Church Triumphant, as your brats mindlessly carouse and get on with their bad selves… hey Mr Welage, look on the bright side, at least your awful nasty child didn’t drive a pregnant secretary off a bridge and disappear for 12 hours afterwards.
        But give her time, she obviously has great potential for patriarchal rape, murder, etc. She wants to be a man–but a certain kind of man…. the kind of man that is going to cost *you* plenty.
        Open the wallet, Mr Welage, or your entire family will be buried in unconsecrated ground. Pay, pray and obey.
        PS: Canon lawyer asking for donation for a new school gym on line 3.

      2. Many thanks, Daisy, for the Inquisitions R Us! My husband used to work for a Catholic hospital, and when asked he always told people he worked for the Roman Empire. And he liked working there; as bad as it was, it was more humane than the Corporations R Us hospital across town.

    2. I’ve noticed something.
      Just like trans women seem to think being a woman is dressing in pink and squealing at spiders, etc… these trans men seem to think being a man is all beating up women and porn.
      I would find this insulting if I was a man… where are the MRAs?
      This might be the next development: men who are as insulted as we are.
      Right now, I don’t think they even take them seriously as “men”–none of the men I know are even ‘aware’ of them. I had to tell my husband he was chatting with one at a comic con; he had no clue. After I explained about the distinctive beard-pattern, small hands and feet, short stature, well-disguised large hips, voice, etc… he said, oh yeah. But what’s not to like? Nice person, blended in fine, passed unobtrusively, friendly.
      Like the Miranda Yardleys, maybe it will have to be the “nice ones”, the non-crazy ones, who speak out?
      In any event, this is a new development–the trans men making a serious play to become the center of attention. They want their due as MEN too!

      1. I had to tell my boyfriend he was talking to one, too. The transgender female had a big swath of skin removed from her arm to fashion her neophallus.

  20. So the girl who gay-bashed a lesbian outside a gay bar is a dyed-in-the-wool member of the exploiter class. What a surprise. Many of us have long suspected that the worst aggression is coming from economically privileged millennials (not all of them!) who are affecting victimhood to deny or hide their advantages. If this girl wants to distance herself from her meangirl roots, maybe she could make an effort to be a decent person, with or without the Jimmy Choo handbag. This non-binary queer persona, used as a weapon to lash out at marginalized women, is just another ugly permutation of her robber-baron soul.

    1. People who are not economically privileged generally don’t have time to engage in this sort of crap.

    1. So a ‘lie’ is when the truth has consequences that the genderspecial doesn’t like?
      Probably expect to see more of this as SJW sheltered-university-campus enabled delusion meets the real world the rest of us live in.
      Wonder if they’ll all be demanding their gender identity gets respected and fight for the right to enter a men’s prison when they’re done for hate crime.
      Mind you, rich white people are usually really scared of poor people and Black people, so even in the women’s prison they’ll be terrified little cowards.

    1. Fired as a result of someone’s lies? I’m thinking she was fired because she was stupid enough to brag on social media about committing a violent felony. Then compounded the stupid by claiming her employer condoned her behavior and even gave her tips on being a more effective gaybasher. Since this class of white people only fail upward I’m sure she’ll soon have a 6-figure salary with a company paid black Amex and a Tesla.

  21. Gallus — good point…”something that was kewl in hipster lesbian subculture about twenty-five years ago now perpetually reanimated however, they were doing that drag king subculture lesbian stuff as early as 1988, didn’t like it then either…

  22. Hmm, I wonder if the state of Missouri is ok with licensing known criminals
    [natalie’s Linkedin profile removed by me-GM]

    1. Eh, I’m not going to post her Linkedin thingie, sorry. I’ve seen enough of her honestly, and people can look her up if they want. I know we’re all upset but lets let the police do their work or something.

  23. Does anyone know if the perpetrators are engaging in any crowd funding efforts? Whatever platforms they may use may not be amenable to allowing criminals to raise money for legal defense. Haven’t found any myself but still looking.

  24. Great commentary, Gallus. This blog will stand as a record of all the times the (L)GBT press ignored hate crimes against lesbians.

    1. Was just watching this and the cringe is almost unbearable. Ash is such a simpering pile of jello. Also A+ TQ politics of leveraging her special identity to secure her own comfort while the “cis” girls are screwed. I’m sure whatever shitbag corporation she works for appreciates the feel good testimony too.

    2. Trans what? Trans-chipmunk? All I could think was ALVIN, only Alvin would never be so stupid as to put a ring in his nose.
      All best wishes to Magdalen Berns — she is the best!

    3. Amazing. For a group of people who tear apart one another’s every word and gesture in a more-revolutionary-than-thou purity test, transactivists sure are into conformity.

  25. Obviously the trans insistance of ‘live and let live’ or safe spaces does not apply to lesbians or indeed anyone who believes in biological sex. This is horrible. I hope these people are arrested and punished. What makes the life of a transperson (usually transfemale) more important than the life of an actual born female?

  26. Have you seen this Gallus? Violent genderists getting bolder all the time. https://medium.com/@GappyTales/radical-feminism-banned-from-radical-bookfair-331f619ae0ce
    On Twitter, they’ve been tweeting “punch TERFs” like crazy since June 1 and Twitter is saying it doesn’t violate their policies.
    All the “pure and good” trans activists making San Francisco Public Library proud with their violence toward feminists. So much going on for “Pride” month the library is going to have to put together another exhibit.

  27. I read about this last Friday. I was in shock, and it took days for me to process it all. Dana Rivers gave me freaking nightmares, and then this attack on a lesbian.
    These cowards attacked her as she was walking out the door. It was one of her and three of them. The gay bar did nothing. Then, they went online and bragged about it. Both criminal charges and a civil lawsuit are warranted.
    As usual, the HRC, NCLR, and GLADD didn’t report this premeditated attack on a lesbian. I went to their websites. The HRC and National Center for Lesbian Rights are too busy with the transgender bathroom bullshit, trans in the military, etc. to be concerned about an attack on a lesbian outside of a gay bar. Letting grown men use the women’s restroom, women’s locker room, etc. is more important than a lesbian getting the shit kicked out of her.
    In the year 2018 trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA bury hate crimes against lesbians. We know it’s happening, and everyone on this blog saw it evolving before our eyes.
    All trans/queer run LGBTQIA are making a mockery out of the Matthew Shepard Act. We know hate crimes against lesbians are being buried, but it’s not just lesbians. It’s all women. Since “cis-gender” woman is a gender identity according to trans activists themselves, the thousands of TERF death threats should be labeled hate crimes, and inciting violence against “cis gender” women. Char the Butcher carries a baseball bat (trans love baseball bats for some reason and it’s not because they play baseball) and proudly shows off his “Die Cis Scum” tattoo. “Cis” is a gender identity, so saying “Die Cis Scum” is promoting violence against another person’s gender identity. We do know that transwomen kill “cis gender” women because they resent their ability to give birth and have families. Court records show that Douglas, “Donna”, Perry killed three women because he was jealous of their ability to give birth. He saw “cis gender” women as pond scum. In essence, he killed them because of their gender identity.
    *Trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA either have no opinion on the Cotton Ceiling, or they think it’s awesome that transwomen (heterosexual males) expect lesbians to suck their wanker. If straight men pulled this, they would be branded homophobes.
    * Online TERF death threats have been going on for years. Trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA remained silent.
    *When a 26 year old transwoman attacked a 60 year old woman in Hyde Park because he wanted to “fu** up some TERFs”, nothing from LGBTQIA groups.
    *Trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA had no opinion on the Degenderettes barbed wire baseball bats exhibit, and no opinion on the “I Punch TERFs” shirt covered in red paint to resemble blood that was worn at the 2017 SF Pride. (See gendertrender earlier post)
    * The HRC, NCLR, and GLADD were all silent on the Dana Rivers triple homicide of an interracial lesbian couple and their son in Oakland in 2016. Rivers is heterosexual male who transitioned in mid-life after a string of failed marriages. He was part of Camp Trans that protested outside Michigan Women’s Music Festival, a lesbian run event. This should have been investigated as a hate crime. Rivers clearly resented lesbians. (*See gendertrender earlier post).

  28. Maybe Gallus could clarify this for me?
    10 to 15 years ago, there was a U.S. bill making homosexuals a protected group. Crimes against them could therefore be federally prosecuted as hate crimes – which amounts to an extra 10 years being added to the sentence if convicted. Here’s where I’m fuzzy. As I recall, Congress said they would only pass the bill if trans were excluded. So trans were excluded and the bill passed. As far as I know, that bill was never amended to include trans. Do you know if it was?
    If it wasn’t amended, one can only wonder why all these crimes being committed against lesbians aren’t being prosecuted as hate crimes?

    1. It was ENDA the Employment Nondiscrimination Act for sexual orientation, not a hate crime bill. It was finally about to pass but at the last minute LGBT orgs insisted in tacking on “transgender” protections- with all their complexity. Transgender activists insisted that no sexual orientation bill should be passed without adding men’s rights to shower in female facilities, etc. This is when gay congressman Barney Frank famously said that soccer mom’s don’t want their daughters showering next to grown men’s penises. With “transgender” tacked onto the bill it suddenly lost any chance of passing and never did pass. There still is no national employment nondiscrimination bill on sexual orientation.
      This was the first major coup for the transgender movement goal of undermining the political good will and social capital of the lesbian and gay movement.

      10 years later, firestorm over gay-only ENDA vote still informs movement

    2. Sexual orientation was added to federal hate crimes laws in 2009. It doesn’t add 10 years to a pre-existing sentence. It gives the federal government jurisdiction to prosecute in the first instance.
      ENDA was a proposed federal law to protect workers from discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation. It would allow a worker to file a civil lawsuit against her employer for discrimination. It was not a criminal statute and would not be relevant to a street assault. As Gallus explained, it failed to pass because trans activists have now managed to get our own organizations to take the position that it is better to have nothing – zero protections for LGBs or Ts – than to get protections for LGBs alone. They don’t want LGB protections to pass on their own because the only value that LGB people have to trans activists is as a vehicle to get trans protections passed. LGB people in 28 states have no employment protections because of trans activism and the bogus construct of “LGBT.”
      Now, as to the assault in St. Louis. Could the thugs be charged with a hate crime under federal law? It depends. If they assaulted her because she is a lesbian, then yes. If they assaulted her because she is “cis.” then yes. If they assaulted her because she is a woman, then yes. But if they assaulted her because she is a “TERF” or is opposed to trans activism, then no, because the law does not cover crimes motivated by political views.

      1. It was my understanding that hate crime laws don’t apply to mere women. That is, violence against women is so common and so often motivated by hatred, the government has shied away from including “sex” in hate crime statutes.

      2. @kesher – The 2009 law covers hate crimes motivated by “gender” and that is listed separately from “gender identity.” So if she was attacked for being a woman (gender), that would be covered, and if she was attacked for being “cis” (gender identity) that too would be covered.

      3. FWIW , prosecutors HATE the hate crimes enhancements because it adds an extra layer to an easy-to-prosecute felony assault. As a result, it becomes easier to bounce the conviction on appeal because you are having to prove a mental state to the jury. You really would much rather have a jury reviewing the facts of an assault on the merits of the assault itself, especially since it is already often a felony by itself.

      4. Right. It’s an absolute dogfight to explain this to people. Labeling something a hate crime makes it harder to prosecute. All you need is one juror (or appeals judge) who has a beef with it and there goes your case. Much better to go with a simple lying in wait assault. Hate crime enhancements only help if you’ve got a weak case or one unlikely to get a heavy sentence. Otherwise better to not start peeling that onion.

      5. It is only an “enhancer” when the state is prosecuting. The state lodges a charge of assault and then has the option to pursue a hate crime element or not. In that case, it is extra work for the prosecutor. If the federal government is prosecuting, it is not an enhancer. It is the basis for feds asserting jurisdiction over the case in the first place. The feds don’t have jurisdiction over ordinary assaults. Federal law only gets involved where there is some federal interest, such as when the assault was perpetrated against a federal official or where it was motivated by bias. So for a federal prosecutor, a hate crimes charge is not extra work. The only way the feds could get involved in this case is if they pursued it as a hate crime.
        But here we are, 10 days after the original post, talking about hypothetical prosecutions and there hasn’t been any news of any response by any law enforcement agency. I would really like to know what is going on. I fear that this is all going to end up being a lot of posting on Tumblr with no real punishment meted out.

  29. Is there any update on this story? It’s been a few days. The St. Louis police should have made an arrest by now.

    1. (sigh)
      They will not be arrested.
      One of them is a graduate of St Ursula’s and those girls Are.Not.Arrested.
      I will be amazed if they are even questioned.
      She will be seen as instigating her own beating.
      You know: “she asked for it.”
      Please remember that we live in a country in which 5 communists were shot by kkk in cold blood, in front of a crowd of witnesses, and they were acquitted. Why? Because the communists “asked for it.”
      There is still a very strong sense in the USA (and particularly in the Midwest) that “political arguments” should be settled like a duel, since “they asked for it”… I will be surprised if law enforcement takes this incident seriously at all.

      1. This is why some sort of national women’s organization is important, even if we don’t agree with the entire agenda. Said organization could organize a boycott of St Louis on behalf of women in general, and lesbians in particular.

  30. I’m outraged at the conversations about Pride month this year. I’ve seen people claiming that all identities should be included, regardless of primary attraction, and that excluding straight people is bigotry (!?), while terfs should be banned, punched, or killed.
    So let me get this sorted–the narcissistic special identities of privileged, young, straight people should be celebrated at Pride, whlie lesbians should stay home or risk assault? Have I got that right? I find myself inclined to start a group of beyond fed-up, middle-aged women to protect our lesbian sisters. And I want a flaming sword.
    My favorite idiocy so far has been a TIM who told someone (possibly a lesbian) to stop trying to take credit for Pride, which transwomen started, followed by–and I quote–“you’ll never be able to change that. it’s canon.” Do they think gay history is just another one of their fandoms, so they can invent their own head canons?
    Maybe the combination of too much time on social media and weird hair dye causes brain damage.

    1. Everything is eating itself. Back in the 1970s and the 1980s the “canon wars” were about opening up the academy to include more women and people of colour among the the ranks of the Greats: adding Toni Morrison to the reading list alongside Shakespeare.
      Now “the canon” means rewriting women’s and lesbian history to centre (mostly white) men. Cripes.

    2. I saw a post on Facebook today, where the poster was pointing out that Pride started with Stonewall, and we know in trans-reality (daydreams that identify as truth) Stonewall was lead by transwomen. It was accompanied by a big ol’ pic of Marsha P. Johnson, the drag queen who has been portrayed as trans in recent years.

  31. At the end of their flyer, they say, “terfs will be hung by their necks”.
    Racists, homophobes, etc. are told they aren’t welcome, but the terfs need to be hung.
    TERFS will be hung by thier necks

  32. I was on this science blog and this little excerpt on the sidebar caught my attention: ‘”Feminists should challenge the ways patriarchy and fear violently constrain the ways being a woman can be embodied and enacted”. — [some bloke] on recent discussions in philosophy about trans women’.
    I thought I’d read it because (a) science and (b) and what kind of a fallopian-tube-ferrying-person would I be if I didn’t listen to a man telling feminists how to challenge the patriachy and women how to woman.
    As I forced my eyeballs down a pageful of treatise as useful as nipples on a fish on a mail-bicycle, I saw this sclera-scorching term: AFRET. That is, Academic Feminism Radically Excising Trans people. Because exclusion doesn’t quite do justice to the violence, the ‘carving out’, we to to the trans.
    And as I read it, all I could see was all those ubiquitous knife emoji filled ‘kill TERFs’ posts on every social platform, and all I would think of was this article, and all I could do was sigh.
    Just putting it here because at least you’ll read it Gallus and (a) it’ll be a heads up for the new term sure to make the trans circles and (b) it’s no fun being despondent by myself.

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