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  1. I did watch the trailer. The transgender is such a flaming sex fraud and gender liar I have to wait until more coffee girds my constitution before viewing.
    The trailer rocks!
    Castrating boy children does not make a boy into a woman.
    Yes, Mermaids, sex reassignment surgery for young males is legitimately the definition of castration.
    Boom this trailer convo nailed it. Cutting off balls IS castration. They can’t pirate all the words in our dictionary.
    The worst thing about this gender cult is their high-jacking of language. That’s got to stop today.
    I’m glad the charges were dropped against Twitter claimant who stated sex reassignment of boys is castration. She’s dead on.

    1. The worst thing about this gender cult is their high-jacking of language.
      They have done, or are trying to do, an Orwellian reversal on the term “conversion therapy.” It has always meant trying to change the sexual orientation of a person from gay or sam-sex to straight. Now they are calling it conversion therapy if someone advocates a period of counseling for a gender-confused or -questioning individual before going ahead with transition hormones, surgery. They want it to be done right now, no questions asked.

      1. The first thing Transreich did was roll out journalistic guidelines that defined their high-jacked terms for us, straight from GLAAD.
        They’ve been busy with the nurses and midwives about “pregnant persons” and “chest feeding”, but have not confronted urologists that all people that are men don’t have prostates….LOL
        Just pure sexism from the get go.

      2. Oh god “chest feeding” always makes my skin crawl. I just picture like… fucking lamprey monsters stuck all over their torso lmao
        It’s also one of their dumbest and most baldfaced terms. That part of the body is still called “breasts” in males, including in rare instances of cancer. But they have to find every way possible to draw people into their head games.

      3. OMG You mentioned “period”!! That is SUCH a trigger word. Please make sure you give a warning first 😨.
        Now, where are my smelling salts?

  2. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK????? Is this one kidding us, no matter which side of the fence one is on…..is that scientifically ignorant creep kidding us?????
    In addition to the arrogance in the ‘documentary’, now there is the audio outtake displaying the robotic, Springer-crowd, inspired stupidity of what that cretin from Mermaids did and that the brigade member sees nothing wrong with it.. No matter if the child is male or female, taking them ANYWHERE to have an operation, which in effect mutilates or removes a part and ‘replaces’ same with an artificial one, that cannot, will not and never will function as the genital body part that was made by DNA, etc…IS CRIMINAL. No sugarcoating it. And a child has no goddamned idea, as to what is going on, more than likely will not know until they are old enough to read and reason in full, that they were part of some sick ‘experiment’ on the part of the adult.
    At the risk of invoking Margaret Atwood here [she was dead on in her most famous book, now a Hulu series, in advance of what the MRA types act like, even if they have work done on the body and ingest as many chemicals as an athlete does to cheat]….what is being created by the brigade will be ‘unpeople’. As in people who had body parts created, in the name of aspiration contagion and imitation. But the parts will not work as intended and in turn….will be no better than mannequins or even the robots being created to provide…uh…uh…’company’ for those who cannot relate to anything that does not have a silicon chip.

  3. oh my heavens, right off the bat he’s doing air quotes when he says “male puberty”! He is talking about a facial bone that develops a certain way in MALES during MALE puberty. I cannot fathom how this makes sense to him…does he think that bone developed because he was assigned male at birth? If the doctor had told his parents “ignore the penis, never mind, this one is a girl” the bone would NOT have developed? More likely I think he just throws air quotes every time he talks about male/female man/woman to show his disdain for biological reality. Hah, and I am only about 2 minutes in!

  4. They’re coming on hard, trying to normalize Facial Feminization Surgery. Here we get blood and guts close-ups from inside the OR. In March, we were subjected to 100,000 words on FFS in the New Yorker. A NY Times op-ed last year argued that FFS is necessary to keep MTTs safe from male violence. They want us to know all the gory details about FFS but admonish us that genital surgery is none of our business.
    Bergdorf is incapable of defending his ideology. He can only repeat the quasi-religious mantra ‘transwomen ARE women’. He tries heckling the GC feminists but leaves rather than participate in the Q&A. He dismisses the non-believing focus-group women as ‘old’. All he can say in response to Venice Allen is that the world is changing and Allen’s views are falling from favor.
    It’s startling to listen to his tale of being raped because you’re aware that he’s offering it as one of his bona fides for being a woman. But Bergdorf was raped by an ex who presumably knew, and was attracted to, Bergdorf for being a feminine male. Bergdorf was not raped for being a woman.
    The photos of him as a teenage gay boy were heartbreaking.

    1. I think they’ll find that a good self defense class will do a lot more to help them feel safe than surgery.

    2. Facial feminization surgery is such snake oil too. Even the very best results are in the uncanny valley, and not many even approach that “quality.” You can only shave so much and that does nothing for the rest of the body’s proportions, especially the neck, shoulders, and hands. Bergdorf is a prime example of its failings. I honestly think he looks more mannish post-op. (RJD is another case where slimming his face and trying to tame his Adam’s apple just highlights his gangly male build.)

      1. @Riffraff There is also the issue that thanks to genetics, the bones will try to regenerate. Granted, it will not be a fast regrowth, but it will happen slowly over time. After all, no matter how much is shaved or removed, ATG&C will insure that, even with gaps there will be an attempt to resume the original profile.
        It is no different than the promise of nearsightedness being repaired via lasik/laser surgery. The improvement and restoration to 20/20 via this is only temporary, due to age, as well as that funny little thing called….gravity. The eye shape will change over the years, which will necessitate ‘touch-ups’. No different than plastic surgery touch-ups every few years [not on the level of those in ‘Brazil’, but you get the idea]. But, bring that up among those who are snake oil purveyors and one will get the same type of flack, one gets for pointing out the biological obvious in the FFS.
        Oh yes…for some reason even looking up FFS and bone regrowth post same seems to not show up in Google searches, or is deeply buried in the search hinterlands. Makes the case again, for the brigade having poisoned those waters as well.

      2. Wonder what increased risks exist when a man who has had his facial and skull (?) bones shaved thinner gets into a car accident or falls or gets in a fight? Seems like a stupid risk to take.

  5. I wonder how many of us here would have “trans” brains. Lesbians, autistic women, feminists – we’re an androgynous bunch. It would be funny if the average TERF and the average trans had the same degree and same kinds of androgyny in the brain. (There has been research on autistic women that has shown this androgyny.)

    1. Also, there have been brain scans done on gay men (I don’t know about lesbians). I wonder how his brain compares to other gay men. Will the researchers look at this? They ought to.

  6. So now there are trans brains, not just human brains–brain research suggests that gender plays little role in the development of brains. Love the part where he says a vagina doesn’t define a woman, so I assume the guy still kept the penis— Venice was onto him in the interview. He negates all women’s rights, just another tiresome narcissistic gay man who is so self hating. He was raped by a man— but the good news, he probably still is attracted to men, so he won’t be perving on lesbian dating sites any time soon one would hope. Didn’t have the guts to stay for the Q & A at the Bristol meeting, nor did he point out that the male to trans were blocking the entrance and that he was advocating male rights to shut down women’s speech. So done with these idiots.

      1. They just have the usual male brains, with most having dangerous het male brains.
        Female brains are very different. We’ve been bullied into saying there is no difference, but that is women who never learned original Lesbian Feminism trying to prove that female are equal to males. But as always we need to go further. Going along with something we know isn’t true, does not help us.
        Males having different brains proves that men claiming female identity are simply men.

  7. Watching this video, and I have to admit I jumped bits when the narcissism became too much, I recalled many years ago in my late teens being fascinated by Quentin Crisp. There were many interviews, and, of course the film starring John Hurt. I recalled a man who had lived his life as he wanted to, but with great dignity and self awareness. I am not well enough versed in gay history to know how Crisp is perceived now within the LGBT community. As an antidote to the full on narcissism in Bergdorf’s film I revisited an interview with a middle-aged Crisp and he is much as I remember.

    QC: When you’re young you can wear as much make-up as you like, and what you can’t wear you can carry!
    INT: It (the film) portrays that effeminacy, but it makes it quite clear that you had no desire to be a woman.
    QC: Well, I suppose when i was very….when I was a child. when I lived almost entirely in a dream world, I suppose I thought of myself as a woman, but later on you have to realise that you have to live in the real world, but you are not a woman. You are only in some senses effeminate or feminine and that you must make this compromise. You must learn to live in a world where statistically you are a man, whatever you may think about yourself.
    INT: If you did not want to become a woman, what did you want to become?
    QC: I didn’t want to become anything. Once I’d accepted the world all I wanted that the world should understand what kind of person I was, so that there would be no misunderstanding, so thatI should never be offered friendship or hospitality, or even employment, on anything that could be called a misunderstanding. I laid it out so that everyone would know what they were getting.
    Have Bergdorf’s generation not taken this on board? You can be an effeminate gay man, dress up as your fantasy woman, but you can NEVER BE A WOMAN.

    1. They’re young. They think the current decade is the most androgynous ever. Also, old people don’t know anything.

    2. I lived in the same neighborhood as Crisp and one day I saw a very nice-looking old lady outside a shop. It took me about two seconds to realize it was Quentin Crisp.

    3. Sting’s lovely song, “Englishman in New York” is about Crisp, who is also featured in the video:
      Modesty, propriety can lead to notoriety
      You could end up as the only one
      Gentleness, sobriety are rare in this society
      At night a candle’s brighter than the sun
      Takes more than combat gear to make a man
      Takes more than a license for a gun
      Confront your enemies, avoid them when you can
      A gentleman will walk but never run
      If “manners maketh man” as someone said
      He’s the hero of the day
      It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile
      Be yourself no matter what they say

    4. QC was so cool. At least, I’m not aware of anything really objectionable about him. He always, and often, described himself matter-of-factly, without shame, as “an effeminate homosexual.”

    5. Great little clip.
      It is further evidence that “trans kids” are for the most part likely to be gay or lesbian.

  8. Woman = adult female
    I will never call a male woman or she. A woman is a human female not an artificially created object. Womanhood is not created via surgery and chemicals.
    I could care less if people want to spend money on plastic surgery, and I don’t care how people dress, etc. It’s not going to turn a male into a woman or a man into a dragon.
    Bergdorf is not a woman, and neither is this transwoman, ex banker and father of two, who thinks he is a dragon.
    Former banker gets her ears and nose removed so she can look like a dragon
    “…She says on her website: “I am the Dragon Lady, A pre-op M2F (male to female) transgender in the process of morphing into a human dragon, becoming a reptoid as I shed my human skin and my physical appearance and my life as a whole leaving my humanness behind.”
    At about 39 minutes into the video, he says, “I don’t base womanhood around a vagina.” How does he define woman? His “womanhood” is in a pill bottle and a surgeons scalpel. So, makeup, clothes, a boat load of plastic surgery determines womanhood, but not a penis and balls. Actual women really do base our womanhood on our anatomy. Women live with our anatomy our entire lives, menstruating, giving birth, and passing through menopause.
    Bergdorf is not a woman. Just like the transwoman who thinks he is a lizard, Bergdorf is an artificially created caricature.
    He resigned from Labour LGBT after his “hairy lesbian” and “You have to admit she did look like a butch Lezza though” tweets surfaced.

  9. His anti-lesbian tweets is very typical of gay males and their hatred of lesbians. He’s a very self hating gay man, who wants to endlessly be the center of attention, exhausting just listening to him, and they seem to love being indulged by medical people, academic people, all of it tiresome to death. I’m glad he did get forced out of the Labour LGBT group because of his lesbian hating comments, I guess they have some standards of conduct even for these royal “princess pain in the asses.”

    1. They really have no problem eating their own. Even the most batshit tradwives and Palin wannabes are still women and I’d never think of terrorizing them like TRAs do trans people who won’t play along.
      Disgusting lot.

      1. Looks like Venice’s personal account AND Mayday4women :T
        I’m glad Twitter is protecting us from mean old women n gays while the normal stable of violent males gets to bray away.

      2. FYI — twitter thread for feminists about these events:

      3. Who are the Nazis again? If these trans activists get their way, you may be thrown in jail someday for being a lesbian who “discriminates” against “women with penises.”
        Their ultimate goal is to shutdown all debate and gaslight everyone, forcefeeding their garbage down every woman’s throats like oral rape, and you can bet they probably fantasize about that too.

  10. What is a woman? Wednesdays. Wednesdays is enough:
    Labour suspends male activist who stood as women’s officer ‘because he identifies as a woman on Wednesdays’
    A local Labour party has suspended a man who previously made it onto the list of candidates for women’s officer because he “identifies as a woman on Wednesdays”, under their “self-id” rules.
    In order to stand for the women-only position, the candidate has to self-identify as a woman, but there are no other stipulations about gender.
    David Lewis, a Labour activist, told the Spectator he identifies as a woman “on Wednesdays, between 6.50am when my alarm goes off and around midnight when I go to bed.”

    Me too! But I didn’t get the raise on Wednesdays to go with it. Funny how that works!
    How about the rest of you? Which days are your favorite lady days?

    1. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2018/05/the-catch-22-of-labours-gender-policy/
      James Kirkup has written an excellent analysis of this incident, which he quite rightly calls a Catch 22. If Labour is truly permitting self-ID, then no one’s gender identity can be questioned. If they’re questioning the gender identity of David Lewis, then they’re admitting they don’t actually believe the self-ID crap they’re spouting.
      I would suggest that–surprise!–the Labour party is deciding who’s a woman based on adherence to gender stereotypes. Their next move will probably be to question non-feminine women’s right to be women’s officers. Now that I think about it, isn’t that basically what happened to Anne Ruzylo?

      1. @Oak and Ash,,,”the Labour party is deciding who’s a woman based on adherence to gender stereotypes.” Yes, I’m sure that is what it comes down to. Just look at Eddie Izzard. He had always dipped in and out of cross-dressing in his life as an entertainer. For his 2018 US tour he presents as quite macho, goatee beard and side burns. https://www.wilmingtontheater.com/theaters/playhouse-on-rodney-square/eddie-izzard.php
        Now with a senior Labour Party position, he is apparently trans and presenting a very different image. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/04/01/trans-comic-eddie-izzard-lands-key-labour-party-role/
        Izzard, of course, isn’t applying for an AWS place. He doesn’t need to as one of the biggest private financial contributers to the LP. Even so, if no one inside the LP is questioning Izzard’s gender-identity, what difference is there between Izzard and Lewis?

        None it seems to me.

      2. I guess the Labour Party UK is saying that some are more “self-identified” than others. If it’s self-identification, then everyone who self-identifies should be equal.
        The Labour UK accepted his “self-identification” as a woman. And, then, being the transphobic bigots they are, they passed judgment on his gender identity. The Labour Party UK is basically saying that it can determine when “self-identification” is genuine and authentic, and when “self-identification is not genuine. Or, in other words, some people are more “self-identified” than others. What determines genuine “self-identification”. The Labour Party hasn’t a clue.
        This is from the Spectator article.
        The only way to conclude that David Lewis is engaged in a “stunt” or is “abusing” Labour’s self-ID rules is to make a judgement on the validity of his declared gender identity. If you adhere to a position of accepting self-identified trans women as women (and thus entitled to women’s legal rights) then you have to accept David Lewis is a woman – because he says he is a woman. In this position, anyone who says they are a trans woman is, by definition, genuine. Indeed, there can be no other sort of self-identified trans woman.
        You can only criticise or reject what David Lewis has done by saying he is not a “genuine” trans woman. And by doing so, you proclaim your own right to pass judgment on the declared gender identity of other people. That is to reject self-identification and accept the need for gatekeeping.”
        @Oak and Ash
        “I would suggest that–surprise!–the Labour party is deciding who’s a woman based on adherence to gender stereotypes. Their next move will probably be to question non-feminine women’s right to be women’s officers. Now that I think about it, isn’t that basically what happened to Anne Ruzylo?”
        They have no way of determining genuine “self-identificaiton”. It could very well go by who wears pink and who wears blue. PIck the stereotype of “feminine”, and go with that. Isn’t basing womanhood on a stereotype sexist?
        Yes, David Lewis should sue for discrimination. The transphobic bigots questioned his gender identity.

      1. We can all be thankful, he did not explain ‘Who’s On First’. By the way….using the lack of logic there, my cat can claim she is the CEO of Microsoft. An entire wing of Bellevue can call themselves the ‘Knights Of The Round Table’. etc….
        And to think, there are a couple generations out there, right now, who have learned from the brigade, that science is irrelevant, truth is a menace and who one has aspirations to be, is to be copied in the worst possible terms. With few out there saying ‘one can live as they see fit, but there are just certain little constants out there, that can never be changed’. Let alone showing respect for those they wish to aspire to be like, without breaking it down to as many characters to describe who one is, as are in the spelled out definition of ‘DDT’.
        With June coming up….the airways will be filled in the US with more of this spoken manure. If not visually, then via the persons who run NPR, who are aiding and abetting the ‘dudebros’ out there. Cringeworthy at best…..reprehensible at worst. Damn…..

  11. This powerful piece brought tears to my eyes……
    The Trans Ego: Why Allies are becoming TERFS
    Women know “what makes a woman”, Bergdorf
    They wanted to support you and offer you understanding, but you threw it all back at them. You and all your trans cronies. Women will stand together. Women know the truth. Women have had it up to here. Women are saying ENOUGH.

    1. Medium has now removed it as “hate speech”.
      Too well written, too spot on, too much attention paid to it.

      1. Yes, I just became aware of that. I have it saved to Pocket. The link from my comment above has gone. Didn’t realise that they could do that. It has been published on Maria MacLachlan’s site, Peak Trans here……..http://www.peaktrans.org/olivia-broustra/
        Please read, SAVE and share.

  12. Still working my way through this but meanwhile wondered if you had seen this…
    Bloody fantastc.
    (Gallus, sorry not sure how to contact you direct so hope this it is okay to post link here.)

      1. I stopped by to post that very link and a comment. Interesting that men complained and police escorted the women out, rather than lecturing the men on transphobia and tolerance. This is exactly what I’ve been saying about the reason women’s restrooms are always the ones designated all-gender while men get to keep their own–men won’t put up with the sort of incursions into their space that activists demand women accept.
        The only reason David Lewis got hammered is that he was competing for a limited good–a specific position–rather than entry into a space which could be shared. I doubt transactivists would have made as much of a fuss if he’d declared himself female to swim in the women’s pond at Hampstead.
        And they’re not concerned someone like Lewis might take a post that could go to a woman, but one that could go to a transwoman. It’s well-known that many people prefer men over women in political positions, which is the reason for all-woman shortlists in the first place. TIMs who demand to be placed on these lists probably know people will favor them over the women candidates because they see them as male, and this becomes a way for them to get ahead in politics without having to compete against other men. If more men start declaring themselves women, TIMs lose that advantage, especially since some of of those other men are probably better candidates–more competent, less insane–than they are.
        It isn’t really that different than the TIMs who demand to take part in women’s sports because they have no chance of winning against other men, and it’s why they protest other men self-declaring in any sort of competition but not when they enter women’s spaces like changing rooms or swimming pools.

      2. The police came! Imagine that. When women said they “identified as men” and tried invading a men’s-only space, the men got mad and the women got kicked out by the authorities lickety-split.
        Why could that be? I’ll be over here, staring at the sky, pondering that eternal mystery.

      3. We were there. Police were all: ‘criminal offense’ ‘breach of the peace’ ‘contravening park by-laws’ on single sex spaces (which apparently only apply to men’s pond, not women’s pond).
        A woman showed them the official parks email she’d received, confirming that self IDed men could swim in men’s pond; whereupon cops calmed down. ‘You’ve made your point ladies,’ we won’t do you this time.’
        They clearly hadn’t yet received the self-ID memo.
        It was mostly the younger queer men at the pond who were angry and disgusted at our ‘transphobia.’ Because we weren’t real men. Go figure? Almost as if self-ID only works one way…
        But the park calling the cops was a definite result.
        Public invasions of male only spaces are a great tactic.

      4. This is pretty funny.
        I didn’t read the “article” but the recording is pretty damn funny.
        Amazing how well informed the interviewer is. All of our (sometimes tedious) work educating the public really IS having an effect.

        Being LGBTQI+ Blog

        The transman participating in the interview is Ramses Underhill-Smith, who runs a small home care service staffed by LGBT carers. She was formerly known as lesbian Rita Smith. She directed a lesbian film in 1996 called “A Short Film About Us”, described as “An honest exploration of how cultural identity effects the way you feel about being a lesbian. Issues of difference are explored within the community and in terms of sex and relationships. The camera colourfully reveals the joys of sharing and play.”

  13. Always thought it would be simpler to just put the new definitions everywhere. Like at the top of the page anywhere something about transgenderism is written, so there’s no misunderstanding.
    Not reproductive biology as it has been for all of human history? Whatever could it be?!?
    “Likes stiletto heels” or whatever.
    Then everyone could chuckle and not waste any more time on it.

  14. OT:
    I’m putting this here for readers “amusement”.
    What this is, is a thread by a man who identifies as a “transwoman” responding to the following situation: A gender critical woman on twitter had her tweets tagged by GPS with a location at a particular post office in the US. Transwomen responded in the usual fashion- by attempting to doxx her so they could harass her in real life for posting opinions they disagreed with, and they hoped to get her fired from her job, as well as terrorize her by stalking and threatening her in person offline.
    In this thread, a manswoman blames the woman for “baiting” the men into acting as a stalking terrorizing mob, by “leaking information” to them about her own identity.
    One more time, just to be clear. This manswoman accuses women of “leaking” information about themselves in order to weaponize the “natural” tendency of deranged transwomen to stalk, harass, and terrorize gender critical women whom they are able to doxx.
    Hope that makes sense. This is so utterly twisted and deranged it nearly defies description. I’m not even explaining it well.
    Not only do these transwomen think it’s completely natural to stalk and harass women in real life who post opinions they don’t like online, to doxx them, terrorize them in person, etc, like the crazy insane violent men that they are, but they blame the women for “baiting” them by providing “clues” to their location to the violent men who stalk them.
    Anyway, here’s the thread. Enjoy!

    1. Archive:
      Ms. Penny Oaken

      Follow Follow @PennyOaken
      I’ve been thinking about MargretXX and TerMirY and that gang of Anti-Merry Anti-Pranksters and GPS tech and false flagging
      And why that whole thing happened.
      I think I know why.
      9:04 AM – 25 May 2018
      8 Retweets 18 Likes Jack Tori🏳️‍🌈⚡Gloria – Trans Giant⚡🏳️‍🌈Bronwyn Amelia DriverSammie 😉Weird and Pissed OffThe Real Potato SaladThe Anarcho-PunkistJasonUseless Sapphic
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      New conversation
      Ms. Penny Oaken

      May 25
      So, I think that MirY and her band of jerks were trying hard to bait trans women into acting the fool on Twitter, to gather “examples” of bad behaviour that could then be thrown into a Lurid Dossier to be released to the public
      1 reply 1 retweet 9 likes
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      Ms. Penny Oaken

      May 25
      This was in order to get the accounts of trans women suspended and silenced.
      Another goal I believe that was happening, specifically with regards to MargretXX:
      I think they were trying to bait trans women into showing up in front of a camera in Ince.
      2 replies 3 retweets 9 likes
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      Ms. Penny Oaken

      May 25
      The fact that MargretXX blocked and ignored anyone who responded maturely and reasonably is the first clue to that.
      That she refused to turn off her location and blamed it on “hacking” is another clue to that.
      1 reply 2 retweets 11 likes
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      Ms. Penny Oaken

      May 25
      I think that someone who wants to get video of trans women being a mob, or being a protest group, or being intimidating towards people on the street, or Acting The Fool in public – wanted to bait someone into snapping –
      has security cameras (and other, better cameras) in Ince.
      1 reply 2 retweets 8 likes
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      Ms. Penny Oaken

      May 25
      Or has access to good-quality security cameras in Ince that are aimed at the street around the front of the Post Office.
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      Ms. Penny Oaken

      May 25
      Or just reasonably believes that there’s sufficient law-enforcement security camera coverage of the area in front of the Ince post office that any altercation that occurs there would become immediately entered into an official record.
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      Ms. Penny Oaken

      May 25
      They put a lot of work into trying to depict the assault of trans women at Speaker’s Corner as an assault /by/ trans women of transmisiacs.
      They put a lot of work into trying to DARVO in any conceivable way any incident of their bullying.
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      Ms. Penny Oaken

      May 25
      We, as human beings, have a natural desire to see the people we are talking to, to be present in the room with them, to humanise them and us, especially when they’re treating us as objects and less-thans.
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      Ms. Penny Oaken

      May 25
      I think that MirY & whoever was operating the MargretXX account were working together to exploit this impulse in order to publicly ambush, isolate, and bait trans women, individually or in groups, into being material for their narrative.
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      1. “They put a lot of work into trying to DARVO in any conceivable way any incident of their bullying.”
        That is galaxy brain levels of projection right there.

      2. Bait?? Are these folks serious?
        As was seen in the US in the past 24 hours, let the past few years, the lunatic fringe does not need to be baited. All that it takes is a silo dweller with a PC and a net connection, to spout forth with unstable rabble. It is that these folks have turned this into a sickening art form.

    2. The part about “gather[ing] ‘examples’ of bad behaviour that could then be thrown into a Lurid Dossier to be released to the public” sounds like a riff off of the rightwing’s Steele-dossier-as-fake-news slant, but I haven’t heard any conspiracy theories yet, to expain how anyone baited Trump into the pee tape!
      Maybe Russia somehow exploited Trump’s natural impulse…?

    3. @Gallus Mag:
      Once again, they’re operating out of the domestic abuser’s playbook. Some abusive men claim their partners deliberately provoke them to physical violence in order to make them look bad or have an excuse to call the police–and then present themselves as the real victims of her manipulation.
      I came across this when looking for information on narcissism and circular conversations:
      20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You
      Most of these tactics are used by transactivists.

    4. It’s so twisted!
      Quote: “We, as human beings, have a natural desire to see the people we are talking to, to be present in the room with them, to humanise them and us, especially when they’re treating us as objects and less-thane.”
      Translation: It is natural for angry men who have their feelings hurt online to hunt down and terrorize internet strangers in real life. Perfectly natural! It’s what human beings do!

      1. Thank you for the translation, because when they start talking like that (*we* are *the good guys*), I get very triggered and can’t reply to it, since I don’t know for sure what I am seeing.
        I once wrote about a (large) white male leftist “shaking” me very hard during a meeting (guess: did any of those hard-core revolutionaries object to that?) and this is the kind of drivel that was coming out of his mouth–I was attacking HIM and making HIM question his basic goodness.
        This IS an abuser’s tactic, and they know exactly what they are doing.

    5. As a Deadhead, my official tribe, I hereby officially vomit when one of them invokes the sacred Merry Pranksters, even in passing. Keep your mouth off my peoples, please.
      They don’t just appropriate womanhood, but everything else they come in contact with: Cultural Imperialisms R Us.

    6. PS: can’t read the thread because I’ve already been blocked by someone I never even heard of!
      Its like when the Secret Service came up to me at the Reagan rally in 1980 and called me by my name… you can’t help but be a wee bit flattered by that! 😉

  15. What makes a woman?
    According to some TIM who deleted his original remarks–probably because he realized how terminally stupid they sounded–it’s having cramps in your prostate once a month that are so bad they leave you bedridden for a day or two. He also claimed most of the symptoms of menstruation were due to being female rather than having a uterus. I didn’t think I’d hear any supposed period symptoms from TIMs weirder than morning sickness and hot flashes, but that just shows how wrong a person can be. The idea of prostate pain as proof of womanhood nearly had me rolling on the floor.
    The other odd threads I’ve been encountering are TIMs bragging about how weak they’ve gotten on female hormones–they have difficulty with sliding doors, carrying chairs, taking out the trash, opening jar lids, etc. When I come upon these discussions, they always strike me as a bizarro-world version of typical male competition. They seem to be vying for the title of weakest–and presumably therefore the most feminine?
    Can they really be that feeble? I mean, I’m a smallish woman, no longer young, with chronic health issues that affect my strength (which I’m fighting to keep rather than boasting about losing), and I don’t have trouble with most of the things these guys say they can’t do anymore–even very tight jar lids if I use something that gives me a better grip. It couldn’t be they’re fetishizing physical weakness as a feminine trait?

    1. Oak and Ash, I know all about that weakness nonsense. My ex could no longer lift a frying pan to toss an omelette. Strangely he still maintained that male ability to step over the cat puke on the door mat without a second glance as he left in the morning. Every woman knows that if you don’t clean it up it will still be there when you get back. That ability to pick and choose how to demonstrate his new found inner woman was infuriating.
      Sad how I lost my rock climbing lead.

      1. “Strangely he still maintained that male ability to step over the cat puke on the door mat without a second glance as he left in the morning.”
        atranswidow–Maybe he’d misgendered himself and was actually some sort of non-binary in male phase shift at the very moment he crossed the mat?
        Although the guys willing to declare themselves transwomen seem to include a startling percentage of abusive narcissists, I see a potentially more widespread problem in men figuring out they can call themselves genderfluid and not lose even a smidgen of male privilege while offloading most traditionally male responsibilities. The yard needs attention? Sorry, they’re in feminine mode and too weak to do it. House is a mess? Oh dear, now they’re in masculine mode and cleaning would trigger dysphoria.
        A clever man might be able to avoid all work entirely, which would leave him plenty of time to leer at young women in the changing room at the gym before going out for drink with the guys.

    2. I’m 5’4″ and not exactly ripped yet can still move 40 to 50 lb bags of feed. Meanwhile I’ve seen shit as silly as a ~trans gal~ supposedly not being able to open soda bottles after HT.
      It’s such a blatant bimbofication fetish.

    3. While testosterone is good for building muscle, estrogen is good for maintaining muscle strength. So they’re completely full of shit when they claim to suddenly be that weak.

    4. My personal example is a dude who looked like a bulldog from looney tunes whoses arms were huge from pumping in his former life complaining how weak he was anymore to get out of heavy work while his smaller female coworkers would pitch right in lifting fifty pound boxes, etc.
      I’ve worked hard, like many other women to prove that I can do anything at my job a man can, they’re not female, they’re just fucking lazy.

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