Congressional Candidate confronts male who claims to be female in California Denny's restroom
I expect we’ll be seeing more and more of these incidents in response to “Gender Identity” legislation.
Jazmina Saavedra is a Republican candidate running in the 44th District, which represents communities from South Los Angeles to San Pedro.

Facebook post.

From ABC Channel 7:

 “You cannot put together a man and a woman in the same bathroom. No way,” she said. “This is not about gender. This is not about being gay or something. This is about I hear a voice of man in the ladies room. This is all about that.”

It is unclear if the man in the video identifies as transgender only that they told a waitress they were female. In a 2016 survey, nearly 60 percent of transgender Americans said they avoid public restrooms out of fear of harassment or assault.
In the election, Saavedra is challenging the Democratic incumbent Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragan.
Barragan issued a statement about the incident: “I was appalled by the treatment that this woman received for simply trying to use the restroom. Everyone has the right to their own identity, and the right not to be discriminated against for who they are.”
But Saavedra said the video was not political.
“This is so stupid…this is nothing to do about gay or nothing. This is about how myself and the other customers feel in danger by hearing a voice of a man inside,” she said.
She added that she does not regret anything she said in the video.”

60 thoughts on “Congressional Candidate confronts male who claims to be female in California Denny's restroom

  1. As a moderate and a non-American, I would still support the Republican candidate. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck… The ‘female’ looked and sounded like a man. Are we now supposed to ask everyone we encounter in a public washroom whether they were born with male or female parts? Personally I don’t care about anyone’s jenduh feelz.

    1. Yeah he was definitely one of the least passing trans “women” I’ve ever seen, outside like… footballers or Muscato lol. I guess all you have to do is wear skinny jeans and talk in a stupid nasally voice to count as female.

    2. The big problem is that leftist politics refuses to go against the thinly veiled sexual freedom demands by porn addicted men for their sexual rights. This already crossed into the right to violate the right to privacy and safety to access women and children while they publicly role play a sexual fetish.
      The additional campaign to genderize grade school kids and lower the age of consent is nothing more than a campaign to ‘prove’ children are sexual enough for these men to approach as sexual ‘teachers’ and remove a mothers’ right to protect them from rape or being used by any man off the street to express personal adult male sex fantasies – in a first world country.
      The democratic party only supports the male right to sex with Any women, or keep asking and trying when they are told ‘no’., and chips away at consent and pedophilia laws as gender bias against men. There are ‘milk-fetish’ men that want to claim women breastfeeding their own infants are really just raping them, and males should have the right to rape children in their own way too. Questioning this, is insulting a man’s god-given sex rights in leftist politics.
      I would vote for her or any republican banning these men perusing sex encounters from women and children as a civil right. Right now, they are the only ones with power willing to defend our constitutional rights and take on this issue.

      1. Voting republican means supporting racist nazis who would kill us if they could. It means voting against women, Lesbians, basic rights, healthcare, our environment, etc. One republican congressmen publicly says that it’s fine to rape/marry a 13 year old girl because the bible says so.
        I will keep voting democrat because some are trying hard to improve things. Otherwise, we’ve only seen the beginning of what it means to have an increasingly nazi government.
        The problem is that democrats are liberals, and so they support those they think are more oppressed, which is why they have supported Lesbians and women. We need to demand they learn what the trans cult is doing and hold them accountable, just as we do with many women and Lesbians.

        1. Well, isn’t being thrown in jail for using the wrong pronoun on a male, or males marching behind you with bats at your own march, or losing your rights for male entertainment
          -pretty much a sign that your political party no longer supports you as having constitutional rights as a human and you are living in a tyranny?
          I have met quite a few conservatives -gay, black and the woman running is Hispanic. The Democratic party fought against black equality from the civil war up until the 1960s.

      2. Bev Jo, the Republicans I know are lesbians, blacks, Hispanics, and yes, some conservative Christians, but they are far from the scary stereotype you just painted them out to be.
        The people I know who are avidly pro-life are not men, but women who are extremely pro-women, they just think abortion is bad for women and, among other things, a way for men to just use women for sex without consequence. In other words, it is possible to have a feminist argument against abortion.
        Who are the real Nazis right now? Who wants to throw you in jail if you “misgender” someone? Who is actively setting up that legislation? It’s not conservatives.
        If you are a woman now in Europe and want to speak out against the abuses against women by a certain religion, and you tweet about it, you will be thrown in jail. Literally.
        The people right now pushing to shut down free speech and freedom are not mainstream Republicans or conservatives…but far left “social justice warriors” who promote “transgender rights” over women’s rights.
        Did you see a lot of conservatives go and march and threaten to shut down the country over gay marriage being legalized? Nope. They honestly don’t care what you do sexually as long as you don’t force them to approve of it or do it in public.
        Dehumanizing people (conservatives) like this was precisely the tactic of Nazis with the Jews…so be careful here.
        Trump is the most pro-gay Republican ever elected to office. There’s a lot to dislike about him, but his stance on gays and lesbians is not one of them.
        Frankly, you have a much better chance, with the way things are going, with being ostracized, labeled, or even thrown in jail for being a lesbian who “discriminates” against transgenders or other men who want access to you sexually, than you do being harmed by any Republican elected to office.
        And mark my words, with the way the far left is going, it will soon be a moral crime, and then a literal crime, to discriminate sexually in any way.
        In other words, they will ultimately remove the LGB from the T and make lesbians into the “white nationalists” of tomorrow, and they are currently brainwashing the kids to accept this.
        Most modern Conservatives and Libertarians will fight for your freedoms, even if they disagree with your lifestyle. These new Libertarian Conservatives are not the Moral Majority of the 90s.

      3. Just to clarify something in my post – when I said “do it in public” I meant having full on sex (butt naked) in public. OK, some conservatives may not be happy seeing lesbians kiss in public but they aren’t going to stone you for it. They would not be happy about straight sex in public either.

      4. I think the far left has been looking like a totalitarian fanatic cult the past few years.
        Turning into 1984. Thought crimes, don’t question the narrative.
        That’s what some of this “leaving the left” stuff is about.
        Lindsay Shepherd was mentioned on gendertrender last November:

  2. First thought: Love this no-nonsense call-out.
    Second thought: Wonder who will be the first female politician to be assassinated by a psycho dude in a skirt for speaking so plainly against this bathroom bs?
    (Bc you know they’d lash out at a female politician who dared to object while just grumbling about the males who object, like ALWAYS.)

    1. Let me be clear, let her hear support for women’s legal sex-based protections. I know this is an R. We need everybody questioning. Gender ID is not a partisan issue.

      1. True. Gender identity is not a partisan issue. Some issues go way beyond the old liberal vs conservative dogma. Somethings impact all women everywhere. Gender identity is one of them.
        Trans activists have stolen the narrative and made it appear that only far right people oppose gender identity laws. This is not true. In fact, it’s far from the truth. The opposition to the erasure of rights of the female sex as a legal class of people spans the political spectrum. In the real world, liberal versus conservative isn’t clear cut. It’s more nuanced. This is why the majority of Americans have given up on the two corrupt political parties.
        If we could tap into the millions of centrist independents, we could clean up.
        Eventually, as gender identity becomes so bazaar that it’s too strange and extreme for the general population to swallow, gender identity laws will turn on the Democrats. It’s just a matter of time.

      2. Exactly. I’m in shock that so many here are saying they would vote for a republican who might actually want to make being a Lesbian illegal, ban abortion, keep Trump in office, etc.
        Of course some will instinctively react with saying a man is not a woman. We need to reach the well-meaning democrats who are all we have to stop in increasingly nazi government.
        We need to keep reminding democrats how many of the public trannies are literal nazis/white supremacists, like the man in a dress who led the nazi rally in Berkeley last summer.

      3. Bev Jo, I don’t know any conservative who would ever try to make being a lesbian illegal (even the very conservative Christians), but as I said above, I absolutely guarantee that if Trans Inc. is not stopped, the “left” will legislate against “sexual discrimination” eventually…
        Meaning, being a lesbian will be illegal because it discriminates against transgenders and people with penises.
        They are already on that train with the “cotton ceiling” crap.
        It will start slowly, but just wait…some transgender will file a lawsuit against an online dating service for the gender categories.
        First, you won’t be able to filter your preferences…you won’t be able to say “woman seeking women” because that will be discriminatory.
        It’ll snowball from there. Just look at how they are brainwashing our kids in school these days. Eventually any sort of sexual preference will be deemed discrimination.
        IF these jerks get their way.
        But no, you don’t have to fear being gay or lesbian being made illegal from conservatives. Any “conservative” who wants that is super fringe and the majority of conservatives today would not go for it, especially considering some of their major voices (Milo, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, Tammy Bruce) are gay/lesbian.

  3. Thanks for posting this, GM.
    It sucks the only female politician speaking honestly about this issue is an anti-choice, pro-wall republican in a Trump tee-shirt.
    It sucks that the democrat (Diaz-Barragan) then has to counter punch, whether she is a true believer, or just needs to toe the party line. I hate seeing women pandering to men who hate them.

    1. It sucks that this conception of the ‘conservative other’ persists…
      It sucks the only female politician speaking honestly about this issue is an anti-choice, pro-wall republican in a Trump tee-shirt.
      We could probably unify more & really get stuff done if my lefty sisters would only hear the prejudice in their own voices. I am way up on the ‘intersectional’ ladder & am also a Republican, pro-life, and whatever else you disagree with. But I came to this place after I began to think more about the sociological/leftist activist activities and beliefs I believed were “right.”
      My butch wife & I travel often to small towns & are nearly 100% treated better than city liberals. My wife recently has received more homophobia from transmen than in her whole 40+ years than from straights. The idea of these conservative boogymen simply doesn’t hold up in my experience. By focusing on what we have in common and minding our business on the rest, even if we disagree, we can unite to protect one another on this issue.
      No matter what we disagree on, I would protect you sister.

      1. To add to what Mrs. Q says…I’m straight and have had a lot of dealings with “liberal” guys on the dating scene. My advice to young women is, if you have a choice between dating a young “progressive” guy and a young conservative, go for the conservative.
        I don’t think this is quite as true of men from my parent’s generation, but young “progressive” guys these days (in general, this is a generalization) are typically not respectful of women when it comes to actual dating. They just want cheap sex right away…let’s have “drinks” they’ll say, no dinner invitations…
        Their main interest in abortion rights is having an “out” if they accidentally get you pregnant. They don’t give a damn about your body or your rights otherwise.
        The conservative men I have dated are always far kinder, more respectful, and less trying to use me for sex. Some of the more conservative ones will actually wait to have sex rather than trying to push you into it. Who actually respects women more?
        Now, I haven’t gone out with a total right wing fanatical nutjob with a bunch of AR-15s in his closet and a Dixie flag on his car…actually, the only guy I ever dated who had those types of guns was an Asian guy and I don’t think he was right wing.
        But I’ll go for “leans right” over “leans left” now if I had to choose on these days.
        Just look at #MeToo and all these guys who were supposedly into women’s rights who were outed. How many of them are “pro-choice” liberals?

      2. I have never been a Leftist but that does not mean I’m Right Wing either. I’m a Lesbian Separatist and Radical Lesbian Feminist, and what I’ve seen from the right wing (they are not “conservative”) is that they do want us dead. I think there is a very fine line actually between Leftists and Right Wing about a lot of issues.
        But besides being able to survive as a Lesbian, I want to survive in terms of a place to live, a way to eat, and getting health care. The Right Wing is trying to return the US to the “good old days” of slavery and genocide and women with no rights, and yes, to take back whatever rights Lesbians have gotten.
        I can’t believe anyone would support these people with their hypocrisy, racism, etc. A republican congressmen says that it’s fine to rape 13 year old girls because the bible says so?

  4. I live in California, and this state has gone way, way, way, way overboard on the whole gender identity thing. It’s crazy in la la land. And, I’m not saying this because I’m a conservative. I’m moderate/liberal, and an Independent/Green. I used to vote Democrat, and still would if the DNC didn’t shaft people like Bernie Sanders.
    He looked like man, and talked in a male voice. He was just a tall guy with long stringy black hair. With California’s “non-binary” madness, who the hell knows. Anyone can identify as anything at any time. No hormones or surgery are required. Just show up and claim that “I’m a woman”. It’s utter madness.
    I checked out her website. She is pro-life, and that is hard for me to accept. I’ve always been pro-choice. She does say she “will not support legislation that allows abortions after 20 weeks like our current Representative does.” So, does this mean she is sort of pro-life? She sounds like a Trump supporter, and I’m not fond of Trump. Trump is a pompous ass, and his record on the environment, etc. is atrocious.
    If she wasn’t pro-life, I could support her. If she says she is pro-life on a personal level because of religious reasons, but wouldn’t challenge Roe. V. Wade, I would consider voting for her. I know some people are opposed to abortion because of religious reasons, and I can respect that. I can’t accept Roe v. Wade being challenged, and I don’t like states chipping away at Roe V. Wade trying to outlaw all abortion. Abortion still needs to remain legal and safe. Churches should be able to do as they please.
    I don’t know how conservative her district is because I haven’t had time to check it out.
    We need a moderate female politician who is pro-choice and against “gender identity”. One who has a plan for health care, jobs, etc. She could win it from the far left non-binary loonies and the conservatives. “Gender identity” is just going to be crazier and crazier. A level headed moderate is what we need, and don’t tell me that there aren’t millions of women out there who are just damn fed up.
    *I love this woman’s courage. Don’t tell me that there aren’t a lot of Democratic women who feel exactly like she does.

    1. She’s hard right. Anti-abortion, wants to build a wall to keep out Mexicans, etc. She’s a dark horse candidate, unlikely to win. If she did win, it would be directly as a result of this viral bathroom video. Seems unlikely. It would certainly be a wake-up call to politicos on both the left and right if she did.

      1. Thank you, Gallus Mag, for letting us know.
        PLEASE, women here, do not vote for this right wing woman. Keep trying to reach democrats because that is all we have to stop the nazis in power now. It will get much worse if we don’t. (And please do not waste your vote on another party since we do not have a parliamentary system.)
        It’s the African-descent democrat women in office or running who seem to be the most practical and caring and brilliant. African-descent women also seem to be more wary and critical of the trans cult than other women. So perhaps one of these candidates could be reached, especially since the trannies are primarily white racist men, some of who are committing racist murders. But how to get the word out?

  5. It’s some Orwellian bullshit to call that dude a woman without even the trans qualifier. I also love how the only things that indicate he might identify as trans is his purse and his pathetic “feminine” affectations.

  6. Partisan politics aside, can’t waaaaaiiiit to see all the “justified” racism flung at this woman 😒

      1. Indeed. As if they aren’t dangerous.enough to us in there, or anywhere. Won’t it be nice, though, if the public find out one of these lovely, pure as the driven snow, innocent men claiming to be women, is shooting up in the women’s room! Oops! There goes their image that they can do no wrong.
        They say they’re miserable and suicidal for not being allowed in the women’s room. Well, he got in there, and was still shooting up anyway.

      2. @fmnst–The trans crowd would likely claim he’s forced to take drugs to deal with the pain of being such a sensitive flower soul in a world dominated by cruel TERFs who deny him the use of the women’s restroom and his chosen pronouns. So because we don’t want him in our restrooms, he has no choice but to shoot up there. That’s the usual pattern of trans logic.
        On the other hand, still more non-snowflaky people who play along only to be kind and politically correct may reach peak trans, and that would be good.

    1. Yes exactly, they were not just trying to pee, they were shooting up and took long enough that a manager was called and responded and this video was made. It looked to be a single stall bathroom, so he was taking it up to do drugs while women and children at a crowded restaurant couldn’t use it.

  7. This is from the article where Dennys replies,.
    “We are extremely disturbed by the incident that took place at our Los Angeles restaurant this week. At Denny’s, we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation.
    We are dedicated to providing a welcoming dining environment for all our guests and believe that our transgender guests and team members should be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. Our restaurant teams attend training which covers our policies against discrimination and promotes respect for all guests.
    In this particular case, the video of this incident does not tell the full story. Our manager was approached by a guest complaining that a man was in the women’s restroom. Once a female team member checked that no one else was in there, the manager entered. Before seeing the guest, the manager observed drug paraphernalia on the floor near the guest and asked the guest to leave based on that observation, and not on her gender identity.
    There is no place for discrimination of any kind in our restaurants. We do apologize to our transgender guest and others in the restaurant that had to endure another customer’s disrespectful behavior.”
    A man with long hair who might have been doing drugs was in the women’s restroom. Aren’t Denny’s restrooms awesome! Dudes with long greasy hair carrying drug paraphernalia are in the women’s restrooms, and the only person being attacked is the mean “transphobic” woman who clearly knows he is man. She isn’t blind. WTF is wrong with this picture. Denny’s has to kiss the guy’s ass, grovel, worship his gender identity and sparkly special lady penis. Denny’s had better beg for forgiveness for knowing that a man is a man. All this poor woman wanted to do was use the women’s restroom without a male in there doing God knows what with drugs, or whatever. Before too long, transwomen will be joining other transwomen/non-binary dudes for a little one on one private time in one of the women’s stalls. Gay men have been known to have sex in men’s bathrooms, so I wonder if transwomen/gender bender type men do the same thing. At the rate this is going,expect anything. Men do all kinds of nasty things in restrooms. They pee everywhere, and leave the toilet seat up. Men’s urine stinks. Women have to put up with a big puddle of pee from a 6’2″ 200 lb. transwoman, and they better not complain. I’m sure men masturbate in restrooms too. Don’t tell me it hasn’t happened. Men’s urine and semen is just what we need. Let’s bring all that sh** to women’s restrooms, and, some drugs are cool too. Don’t forget the drugs. Just don’t get caught with drugs, and it’s all good.
    By the way, Denny’s is overpriced crappy food, and the service is tolerable at best. If I were starving, I would eat there. If they state “our transgender guests and team members should be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.”, boycott them. Males have no right to be in the women’s restroom, and in states like California, they don’t have to take hormones or anything. They just say, “I’m a lady” even though Stevie Wonder could tell they are male. Boycott Denny’s might not work very well in parts of California, but it sure as hell would work in southern states.

    1. Boycott Denny’d because they are cruel to their workers. When I once spent 30 days workng in one the managers refusal to shut down for an hour to allow the refrigeration guys to repair refrgerated drawers on the cooking line resulted in my recieving second degree burns on my arm when I tripped over this guy laying prone beneath me while flipping eggs. Despite the severity of the burn and their negligence they refused to let me go to a hospital (likely would ruin the boss’s bonus for being injury free so many days). I finished the shift in pain, clocked out and went to the ER. I have never set foot in Denny’s since.

      1. For real. I wish corporations were as scared of paying/treating employees like garbage as they are of transtrums.

    2. In addition to everything you said, that non-discrimination statement Denny’s put out is especially rich considering that Denny’s was notorious for decades for discriminating against black people. There was incident after incident where a party of black people would go in and simply be ignored. In my own city, a little girl had been by the Denny’s and thought it looked nice and she wanted to eat there on her birthday and they got that treatment. They got nationwide attention for an infamous case where a group of black Secret Service agents was ignored for 45 minutes to an hour! Don’t remember where that was; they were along on a Presidential trip and went in for lunch. They supposedly finally addressed the issues, but I wonder.

    1. I mean… by all definition of “transgender”, this man qualified. It’s interesting that they suggest this situation would have somehow been different if he’d been wearing a skirt. On the one hand I understand why they think that way, but it’s such a childish means of determination that I don’t understand how more people(especially on the left) aren’t calling it out.
      She comes across as genuine, at least on this issue. I doubt I’d agree with her on much else, but I like the honesty and non-nonsense of her reaction.

  8. Hard right conservatives have been part of what’s driving this mess. People like Steve Bannon, correctly gauging that most Americans are not onboard with all of trans politics (like a male-presenting so-called trans woman entering a public women’s restroom), have used the issue to push a larger agenda. An agenda that is anti-choice, anti-immigrant, anti-gay. The larger public is not onboard with this agenda either. I think alt-right conservatives are part of what has kept this issue in stasis for so long. That’s why Hands Across the Aisle and other coalitions are so important. The trans narrative needs to be dislodged from tribal politics and addressed on its own.

  9. Like you say in the article, Gallus, we don’t know how this male-presenting person identified, though the feckless Democratic candidate predictably got on the horn with the “this woman just wants a place to pee” trope. Maybe the slogan should be “we just want a place to do drugs too illegal even for California.” What was probably wrong with the men’s room in this instance was that the dude spotted a male cop.

  10. “She added that she does not regret anything she said in the video.”
    THANK YOU Jazmina! I support her for not groveling. The trans activists get a huge kick from withholding “forgiveness”, which is why they usually target liberals or other progressive people, or even people within their own ranks (usually women) where “transphobia” is the ultimate thought crime. If you don’t grovel and beg, they can do none of this.

  11. Protections for females in our private spaces is a basic human right. Gender identity is not the same as sex, and there are no definitions of being a women in transgender ideology except to just say you are. With violence against women so pervasive, to hear a male voice in a bathroom is fear inducing, no matter if the male identifies as a woman. The fix? Stop violence against women and protect sex-based private spaces. Read the anthology, FEMALE ERASURE. Go to

  12. Saw a news item about a man’s body discovered in the ventilation shaft of a women’s public restroom, behind the vent utself. Apparently he’d crawled in, gotten stuck, and probably suffocated. The piece was like, “we don’t know why he went in there!” 🤔🤔🤔JEEPERS, I WONDER WHY /s

  13. Hmn…well I am not trans but I am a very butch dyke and straight people (and some lgbt) usually see me as male. I am tall with a very low voice (only half white) very broad shoulders and relatively narrow hips. I have had cops called on me when I try to use the women’s restroom. So I am not a fan of men in the ladies room but I am beyond tired of getting thrown out of the correct restroom myself. Where do I get to fit into the world? Seriously it’s over 50 years now of straight women panicking over a butch dyke trying to take a piss in peace and I am beyond tired over the nonsensical gender panic. I don’t agree with all of the trans ideology but they don’t bother me by taking a piss in whatever restroom…I just don’t care…take self defense lessons and learn situational awareness – that will protect you far better than stressing about other people’s choices.
    Let people piss in peace and mind your own fucking business when you go to do your business. I will call the police on the very next straight woman that decides to freak out on me and I will sue the fuck out of her.
    I am tired of all of the bullshit surrounding this issue.
    Not every woman looks like a straight feminine barbie for fuck’s sake! Fucking get used to it.

    1. It’s so sad to see a female selling out her own sex for the trans agenda. That is, if Cyndy is really female not a transwoman. There is something suspicious about this post.
      Cindy, I’m sorry that you have had problems in women’s restrooms. All my life I hated wearing dresses. I don’t even own a dress now. When I was younger and had shorter hair, people would ask me, “Are you a boy or girl”. It bothered me, but I would say, “I’m a girl, and they would leave me alone.” My voice sounds female. I don’t have all the answers. Maybe more gender neutral restrooms are needed. I’m talking about a restroom that has just one toilet and a door that locks. In addition to more gender neutral restrooms, why not ask a female friend, sister, mom, aunt, etc. to walk into the women’s restroom with you and say, “She is a woman”. Once they know who you are, I don’t see how it could be a problem.
      Cindy, have you read rape statistics? What are the statistics? Is it one in five women have been raped or sexually assaulted. It just seems that you are so eager to blame women who might have been raped for being fearful of someone they perceive as male. I don’t believe women are doing this intentionally because they hate butch lesbians.
      I’m a lesbian who is a bit on the “butch” side and I have never had problems in a women’s restroom. I sure as hell don’t look anything like Barbie. Butch lesbians have been using women’s restrooms since forever. Stop acting as if you speak for all lesbians. Most butch lesbians have something about their appearance that is a give away as to their sex. For example, the voice is always female. Small hands and feet are another clue. I can spot a butch lesbian. Sometimes it’s something in the eyes and the attitude. Women don’t carry themselves like men. The dude in the Denny’s video definitely had a male voice, and anyone could see he is male.
      As a lesbian who loves my own female sex, my first commitment is to other women. The justified backlash and outrage is the fault of transgender activists. Trans activists have shoved this down people’s throats, and women aren’t happy. The backlash won’t stop.
      It’s deeply disturbing to me that trans activists are using lesbians to promote their agenda that would grant any male with a sexual fetish access to women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, women’s homeless shelters, etc. Trans only pretend they care about lesbians if lesbians can be used some way to further their agenda. Cindy, what is your opinion of the Cotton Ceiling? Cindy, if trans really care about lesbians, why did every trans and queer controlled LGBTQIAWTF organization remain silent when a transwoman was charged with slaughtering a lesbian family? Not one word from trans people. Cindy, did you know that Dana Rivers was part of Camp Trans that protested outside Michigan Women’s Music Festival?
      So, Cyndy are you saying you would have no problem if your little sister, mom, or any five or six year old girl shared a restroom with these men in dresses? And, if you can’t tell by looking that they are male, then please get glasses.
      (1.) Stefonknee Wolscht
      He is the 52 year divorced father of seven kids who identifies as a 6 year. Stefonknee is a huge line backer sized man with an age play sexual fetish. He has an adopted “mommy” and “daddy” he met in a fetish club. It’s not like he denies it.
      I know this was posted before on gendertrender, but this has to be the very best transgender bathroom video of all time. And, Cindy who calls herself a butch lesbian wants women to STFU and welcome a grown man with an age play sexual fetish in the women’s restroom. Stefonknee has conversations with Strawbeary, his stuffed pink bear.
      Cindy, what do you think of Stefonknee?
      I Just Gotta Pee with Stefonknee and Strawbeary

      Is Stefonknee the only strange man with peculiar fetishes claiming “gender identity”? No, there are a lot of them out there.
      (2.) Paul, “Paula”, Witherspoon
      Not only does Witherspoon look like a dude in a dress, he is a registered sex offender who served time in prison for molesting girls. Cindy, what do you think of registered sex offenders in women’s restrooms? Witherspoon isn’t the only one who likes to wear a dress.
      (3.) Gregory Phillip Schwartz
      Dressed in a stolen pink Barbie outfit, he terrorized a woman in a women’s restroom at a Big Lots store. The poor frightened woman should have just kept her mouth shut instead of screaming.
      (4.) Cross dressing Jason Pomare
      Cindy, how can self defense lessons protect girls and women from cross dressing males secretly taking photos and videos of women in women’s restroom? Logic tells us that for every cross dressing man in a skirt who is caught, there could be more out there who aren’t caught. Dressed in a skirt and wig, Jason Pomare recorded hours of videos before he was finally discovered.
      (5.) Cross dressing voyeur Mario Morales-Herrera
      Cindy, are you aware that transwomen and cross dressing men in skirts, makeup, etc. have been convicted of all sorts of crimes in women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters?
      I know most of the women who read this blog have seen these videos before, so I apologize to them. This is for Cindy.
      As for self-defense lessons, I imagine only a woman with a black belt in karate could protect herself from 6’2″ 260 lb. transwoman Patrick Hagan aka Patty Lou Hagan. He punched out a woman’s five teeth for questioning his presence in the women’s restroom. How could an elderly woman or a small girl protect herself from a Patrick Hagan (aka Patty Lou Hagan) sized transwoman? I’ve seen some huge transwomen. Males are taller and stronger than females. And, why should women have to get a black belt in karate just to use the women’s restroom?
      Besides safety issues, women who have been raped or assaulted by males can be harmed emotionally by the presence of a male in their private space. Women have been raped in restrooms. Google it. One of my best friends was almost raped in a women’s restroom. When she was homeless, she fell asleep in a women’s restroom and was attacked by a man.
      Cindy, if you really think trans activists give a rat’s ass about lesbians, you are delusional. Blame trans politics for the backlash. Are women supposed to remain silent when an obvious looking male walks into the women’s restroom? As more and more Stefonknee Wolscht sized transwomen invade women’s restrooms, women won’t be silenced. Telling women to STFU and suck it up won’t work.
      Again, as a lesbian who sure as heck was never “feminine” and doesn’t own a dress, I will always support my sisters. I won’t sell out my own sex to pander to transgender activists who remained silent when a transwoman was charged with slaughtering a lesbian family. I won’t pander to trans activists who think the “Cotton Ceiling” is a good thing, and lesbians are bigots if they don’t suck a transwoman’s willy. Yes, they really do believe males are lesbian, and “cis lesbians” are bigots for not having sex with them. I refuse to pander to transgender activists who have colonized and co-opted every single things lesbians once had, gleefully destroying it all. I will not pander to transgender activists who are redefining the word “lesbian” itself. Males calling themselves “lesbian” is the ultimate form of lesbian hatred. To me, protecting girls and women is more important that a few stares I might get in a women’s restroom.
      Cindy, I wish you well. I just think your anger is misplaced. Blame trans activists for throwing open the women’s restroom door to any man and expecting women to just STFU.

      1. @Skylark: That clip with Stefonkee – I’m scarred for life. What the fucking fuck did I just watch?? Did he make it? What’s the point of it? Is he trying to draw attention to his “bathroom dilemma”? Is he mad there isn’t a designated bathroom for little girls? I feel my lunch coming back up.

      2. Great reply, Skylark. Much appreciated. My adoptive sister is 70 yr old lesbian, def on butch end. She says she’s never had problems in RR, she does her business quietly and quickly.
        Cindy sounded to me like a trans. Totally devoid of women’s awareness and concerns for our safety. Using trans lingo “just want to pee” is telling.
        It’s not about just peeing. It’s requiring us to play their sex fetishes out in public without our consent. No man’s self ID trumps my rights as female class of persons who earned our sex-segregated spaces the old-fashioned way.
        Hell no, trans are not sending women back over a hundred years and taking away our public facilities and endangering all of us. Sex frauds pose a danger to women just like any man, just by demanding all men can enter our spaces.
        I think you covered the gamut, Skylark, but this one.
        How dare anyone demand I adopt their personal beliefs? How dare they require that I must lie. How dare they mock us with their fears of men’s restrooms while expecting women to suck it up and let in any man who says so?
        I smell a skunk.

  14. As far as I know, little girls won’t be able to take on a 200 pound adult male in a dress, nor will a lot of women be strong enough to stand up to any man. It’s why women the world over are dominated and terrorized by men, and now women have to contend with these men in dresses who demand access to all women’s spaces, and we need to stop going along with this! I’ve had run ins with stupid straight women who think I’m a man off and on, but my way of handling them is to brutally yell at them. They see that I’m not a man and I just blast them. One time when a security guard challenged me, he realized his mistake and I threatened to get him fired. That said, NO MEN should be allowed in women’s space NONE, and sure as a butch lesbian I have to put up with crap from ditzzzy fritzzee feminine women… you just learn to deal.

    1. It’s strange to me that a lesbian would ‘brutally yell’ at women who mistake her for male– it’s happened to me many times over the years & I instinctively try to make them feel comfortable by being kind and then they realize I’m female.
      (But I also don’t dislike ‘feminine women.’)

      1. Last time I thought a teenage guy had entered the toilet… she saw I was momentarily taken aback, sweetly chirped “hey!” at me (in a southern soprano voice), grinned and went into the stall … and that was it. 🙂 Two seconds to clarify.
        Really, IME, it is usually as easy as that.

  15. She asked for a political donation but this wasn’t political? How right-wing. Don’t fall for it. Tossing our own daughters bodies under the bus for this right winger will not work out in the long run.

  16. I was both glad and sad at the manner in which the candidate went about pointing out the very real problem that lefty politicos have foisted upon women.
    I had to laugh at her whole selfie-stick thing (you could see it at the beginning of the video) but felt as though she lost a lot of the potential impact long-term when she made more of a spectacle of herself than did the dude in the ladies room. By going about it in the manner that she did, she allows the male to play the victim card and potentially garner some manner of sympathy from those who might have been on the fence about the issue.
    I am curious what led her to the discovery in the first place…unless I missed it, that was not covered in the video. Unless she followed him in and noticed the very obvious male in her midst, I am left wondering if it was the OTHER usual tell, specifically that dude had his feet facing the wrong way as he tried to pee…
    Sadly, the way she went about pointing the issue out comes across as a campaign stunt by a candidate that likely does not have a chance in hell of prevailing in a general election. Someone in a different thread that discussed this issue noted that the district is something like D+35.
    It is one thing to let a manager know and to document the problem…it is quite another to make yourself out to be a bigger spectacle than the drug-addled male who is nasally claiming laaaaady-feeez.

    1. “I am curious what led her to the discovery in the first place…”
      She said “two asian girls” alerted her by saying they couldn’t use the bathroom because a man was in there. Apparently he was talking on his cell phone in the stall and they felt unsafe. It was his male voice that alerted them. If he had just gone in and used the toilet discreetly and left it’s unlikely he would have been noticed or confronted.

      1. What a concept…just go in and take care of business…but that gets in the way of their whole ‘look at me- I’m in the laydeez room’ schtick.
        I had not caught the bit about the two girls who heard him on the phone. Thank you for pointing that out…
        I never got the whole ‘using the phone in the bathroom’ thing to begin with…something things fall in the category of what I just don’t want to hear while having a conversation LOL!

  17. After dealing with snotty uptight feminine straight women and teenage girls for decades, I no longer tolerate their crap. I’m totally fed up with them, and figure if you yell loud enough they will eventually cease their butch hatred I’ve ceased to care about their feelings anymore, because obviously they never cared about mine.

  18. Skylark: That clip with Stefonkee – I’m scarred for life. What the fucking fuck did I just watch?? Did he make it? What’s the point of it? Is he trying to draw attention to his “bathroom dilemma”
    Who the hell knows.
    Yes, Stefonknee made the video himself, and I’m sure he is very proud of his creation. Gendertrender was the first to cover this story, and did an excellent job of exposing him for what he is: a 50 year old man with an age play fetish. Actually, he has all kinds of freaky interests, but dressing up as a 6 year old girl and playing with stuffed bears and dolls is his favorite thing. His ex-wife had to get a restraining order, and he is too busy having play time with his adopted “daddy” he met in a fetish club to care about his seven kids.
    In uber liberal states like California and countries like Canada, it’s considered discrimination to tell middle aged men with sexual fetishes to stay out of women’s restrooms, women’s homeless shelters, etc.

    1. I’m aware of sweet little Stefonknee’s proclivities, and I have read GT’s documentation of him. I gotta wonder, though, if he’s doing this “trans-little” thing partly out of financial reasons. He was up over his ears in debt and pretty much destitute when his wife kicked him out, and something he said about “not wanting to be an adult right now” struck me as… *drumroll* a dead-beat dad dodging his financial responsibilities toward his family. He escaped a mortgage, alimony and child support by becoming his adopted “parents'” 6-year-old trans daughter.

  19. Provide, Protect and Defend the Privacy of Women Only Spaces! Society is not required to participate in these men’s delusions and sexual fetish.

    1. I came here to post about the same issue. This link includes a text article:
      “Legal analyst Tony Capozzi says the status is protected and the person’s claim puts the charity in a tough spot.”
      “The women say they repeatedly complained to staff members, but were told if they didn’t respect the person’s decision to identify as a woman, and if they refused to take showers at the same time, they’d get kicked out of the shelter.”
      The guy was harassing them IN THE SHOWER! Is that really something the staff are powerless to do anything about? I suspect they’re more worried someone as entitled and aggressive as the harasser would assault them or file a lawsuit if not allowed to expose himself to the women and make lewd comments. It galls me that so many people are willing to sacrifice the well-being of the most vulnerable women to indulge some fetishistic jerk and protect themselves.
      And this may veer off-topic, but why can’t we let homeless people have some degree of privacy and dignity in the shower?

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