59 thoughts on “Degenderettes Q&A, San Francisco 5/12/2018

  1. Got as far as 15 minutes into the first podcast. They only care about coming first in the oppression olympics. The guy who tied to answer the question about QTPOC had no idea where he was going.
    Tell me Degenderettes, in your ivory towers so surrounded by a forest of hateful Terfs, did these girls in India even begin to have the luxury of questioning their “identities” or had the patriarchal society they lived in already make that decision for them when they were raped and burned alive? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/11/teenage-girl-dies-after-being-raped-and-burned-alive-in-india?CMP=share_btn_tw

  2. How does one listen to all the male self-congratulation accompanied with starry-eyed handmaid-giggling, without vomiting? I’m not even to 10 whole minutes. Do they ever stop the appreciative, adoring giggling/snapping their trendy fingers compulsively? Personally, I haven’t giggled like that since I had my childhood crush on George Harrison. (translation: The Degenderettes are their Beatles! They are rock stars!)
    1) Where is this “constant harassment by terfs” they refer to –? Does this actually happen? Where? Could someone link to this enormous epidemic of violence by terfs against trans women?In San Francisco?
    Color me skeptical, since everyone is terrified of them.
    2) Now at 20 minutes, and still not a single reference to the current regime. Do they live in the same country with the rest of us? They seem to think terfs are running the country instead of a reality-TV star. Did they follow the last election? Is this a problem with the California educational system?
    Maybe remedial education is the answer.
    3) One woman asked in a teenybopper-fawning voice: “Where can we send fan mail?”
    Reminds me of how much I loved George. I sent him lots of letters.
    4) Why the glut of baritone/basso profundo voices? I thought these were trans women? Apparently, these guys haven’t even started transitioning yet, so why are they even on the panel in the first place?
    Why do they go to so much trouble with makeup, clothes, changing names, coming out to everyone, etc etc etc… yet they pointedly keep those intimidating, authoritative man-voices?
    Gee, I wonder: could there be a major benefit to owning such a voice in this world?
    Those voices are a hedge against actually being treated like women–sorta like “winking”: letting folks know you have the respectable, fully-human XY chromosomes–even if you ARE momentarily slumming right now.
    5) Why don’t they just transition and blend in unobtrusively? Is there something about the way they were raised and their egos that does not allow this? Trans men do it easily–and btw, were there any at this panel? The voice-fu made it hard to know who was speaking. As usual, it was overwhelmingly baritone/bass voices who talked the most, of course.
    I cried when I moved from SF and periodically feel very nostalgic… but this has cured me. Thanks to Gallus and non-finger-snapping, non-handmaidens of the world.

    1. George was the coolest Beatle, but I was always partial to Ringo.
      I’m a terf and a product of the California public school system, so I’m hesitant to blame this phenomenon on that. A good quality education is only as good as the student’s willingness to learn.

      1. You’ll be happy to know Ringo’s a cool guy too, FOF, etc is his cook in LA. Have heard tell he’s OK and very funny. 🙂

    2. “1) Where is this “constant harassment by terfs” they refer to –? Does this actually happen? Where? Could someone link to this enormous epidemic of violence by terfs against trans women?In San Francisco?”
      This is a lie clearly meant as a misogynistic justification for any violence on their part. It’s basically the same way some abusive men claim they had the right to beat their wives or girlfriends because of supposed constant nagging or criticism. Whether or not the female victims of abuse have actually said anything negative, men–and too many women–are predisposed to believe women often do harass, nag, or criticize men into hurting them.
      I remember reading about a domestic abuse hotline for men established in the UK. It was discontinued because almost all the calls were from men complaining their wives wouldn’t do what they wanted. They considered things like not cooking their meals or doing their laundry to be abuse! Basically, men consider us abusive when we won’t submit to their will, so male violence is just self-defense.
      So many words used against us just mean “she won’t submit”–bitch, witch, nag, TERF, etc. A woman who doesn’t get called at least one of them sometimes isn’t trying hard enough.

    3. A friend wanted to go to this. I wouldn’t unless we had numbers, which of course we don’t.
      But I’m not leaving my home in the Bay Area, and no, almost no woman here dares say anything against these vile female-hating pricks. I can’t forget the Lesbian who I had met in the early Seventies when she was an adopted disabled little Girl of Color in our community, now a middle-aged Butch, who came up to me at a Lesbian memorial, wanting to find out if she was alone in not believing these men are women. She was terrified and crying because she felt so isolated and did not have friends who supported her to say what is obvious to everyone — that men can never be women.
      I told her I agreed and that there were others of us who will never genuflect to the fucking trans cult. We will never obey these men and their collaborators, no matter how much they threaten, dox, slander, stalk us….
      All women do know the truth, as do all men, which is why these most female-hating men keep insisting they are more woman than us. NOTHING about them is female. Nothing. And no matter how they rant and lie and demand access to us, they will NEVER know what it’s like to be intimate with a Lesbian because by definition any woman who agrees to be fucked by them is simply not a Lesbian.
      They hate us so much for that, which explains the threat to kill us, the weapons, etc.
      Our real problem is the Lesbians and women too afraid to say no to them and too cowardly to support us against them.

    4. Same same Sister. After this last attack on 12 Dykes at SF Dyke March for speaking up BY AND FOR Dykes and PHYSICAL and verbal violence visited upon them and their signs, the Bay Area holds very little attraction for me anymore… I fought it for 25 years there, and given up here…-FeistyAmazon

  3. “I made this I made this” in this disgusting little girl voice, sounds like the end of the X-Files where this little meme came on saying “I made this…” These people are nuts, what the hell were they at the dyke march for in the first place? What lesbians attacked and threatened them or kicked them out of the march? There have never been violent idiots at dyke marches for years until these men decided to invade, with the 21 st century version of fag hags I guess…. giggle giggle giggle aren’t we just so special…

  4. I can’t listen to any more right now. They drain me. They really have no idea how life is for us. I can’t even feel angry right now; it’ll come later. These people are a million miles away.

  5. It’s hard to even know what to say. Did these people graduate Junior High? Because they talk like they never opened a book. This would be embarrassing if they weren’t glorifying violence against women, a very giggle-worthy pursuit.
    I especially like how it makes more “sense” if you read the b.s. on the cards, (If you just read this monograph, the bloody shirt and the baseball bats will make sense. Embrace the Lies. Feel the Hatred! Win a Merit Coin!)
    The San Francisco Library should be ashamed.

      1. Good thing I didn’t…because that would have been all over the screen and the table where the PC is located.
        That said, the fact that PUBLIC funding was involved in getting this crap displayed [after all, this is a public institution, not a library the campus of Stanford or USC] means that folks, who have very little to do with or would want to have any connection to same, funded this.
        Years ago, if one wanted to see a display like this, it was usually at some ‘counterculture’ hole in the wall gallery. Like those that were in every other storefront in Greenwhich Village, many years back. [As in, the same places where one could find paintings that look like they were done, while someone was listening to ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, while eating those ‘funny brownies’]. At least in those galleries, this would be funded by those who wanted to have ‘protest art’ shown, with little in the way of public dollars being involved.
        Add to this, that what is being done/on display by these creeps, is very much in line with what went on in Germany during WWII. Just do a quick online search and one will find in Nazi art, the same view of supremacy, the same need to punch or destroy those who are not like them and the same warping of science and religion, to justify those views. No difference between the two, just that the modern day neanderthals, instead of wearing brownshirts, wear masks and badly placed mascara.

  6. Queer and trans is a curse upon the female sex and the LGB. The “T” and “Q” should have been dumped years ago.
    I listened to most of it, but it was nauseating. It’s just a bunch of bullies and thugs making excuses for their violent behavior. The fact that there was a queer identified female excusing their behavior is of no significance.
    It was like listening to a schoolyard bully making one excuse after another. The poor trans can carry around baseball bats and be as violent as they want because of “transmisogyny”.
    Why on earth would women feel threatened by the Degenderette’s and their baseball bats with barbed wire?
    * No female has ever killed a transwoman, but transwomen (biological males) have been convicted of killing a lot of women. This and other blogs have a lot of examples.
    Transwomen are killed by males not females. Just like misogynistic incels blame women for every thing, cowardly Degenderettes and Trans Dykes blame everything on TERFs. Make no mistake. There is little difference between the way that the minds of incels work and the Degenderettes. They claim they are the victims, yet commit acts of violence. They don’t attack men. Their vile sexist threats and violence are reserved for females.
    *Online TERF death threats have been going on for years.
    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
    * Less than a month ago, a man suspected of having incel ties deliberately ran a van into a crowd of people in Toronto. Eight of the ten killed were women. Prior to this, he posted about an incel rebellion and said, “All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”. Elliot Roger is the man who went on a shooting spree at Isla Vista close to U.C. Santa Barbara.
    * A transwoman is on trial in Oakland for killing a lesbian couple and their son. Rivers was part of Camp Trans that protested outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival.
    *Former queer student activist at U.C. Berkeley, Pablo Gomez Jr., is on trial for murder of one woman and attempted murder of another woman.
    That is one transwoman and a queer identified male currently on trial for murdering women, and both are in the bay area.
    *Trans Dykes are tied to Degenderettes, and Trans Dykes have a history of violence . We are talking about ties to Antifa. The distinctive “Trans Dykes are Good and Pure” shields were seen at the U.C. Berkeley protest that turned violent. I detest Milo Yiannopoulos, but there was $100,000 in damages, and some people were injured.
    Four people who say they were injured are suing U.C. and the city of Berkeley.
    The damage was not caused by students. Outside agitators and thugs showed up to break some windows, thump people on the head with whatever they could find, light some fires, and raise hell. Again, I detest Milo, but U.C. is being sued because outside bullies destroyed property and injured people.
    I wonder how much damage was caused by the Degenderettes baseball bats and the Trans Dykes thugs. Several photos from mainstream news sources show the “Trans Dykes are Good and Pure” shields. Google it, and look closely at the photos.
    What mayor would want Degenderettes/Trans Dykes even in their city? Maybe they need to be banned from every city in the bay area and every U.C. campus.
    These thugs are dangerous.

  7. One of the questions was, “Why do you mask up”? Mask up means putting a mask over the face. They said some b.s. about not wanting to be seen and outed and some other nonsense. Who else routinely “masks up” with a black mask? The answer is Antifa when they are going window smashing.

    1. They don’t want to be outed as the violent, misogynistic liars they are. As well as really substandard artists.

      1. Laughed at that last line because it’s painfully true. They’re literally splashing cheap paint on stuff most likely bought from a big box store (i.e. made overseas by exploited workers to save billionaires some pocket change). Such brilliant revolutionaries.

      2. If I remember correctly, there’s a thread about Scout Tran-Caffee on Kiwifarms where they claim that the baseball bats were essentially factory rejects that Tran-Caffee got for cheap, painted blue and pink, and has turned around and sold for way more than they’re worth. If true, I wonder if those bats would actually be capable of beating a “terf”, or if they’d splinter after one hit.

    2. They don’t want to be prosecuted for their illegal activities. That’s the only reason for “protesters” to cover their faces.

      1. Exactly. Most strikers and protestors don’t do this shit.
        I remember when so-called “antifa” groups were claiming that they covered their faces because neo-Nazis would supposedly dox them. This is the same excuse except they’ve swapped out other violent males for a nebulous “group” that could include any woman.

    3. It’s pretty hard not to be outed as a transwoman when you’re 6’2″ in pink ballet flats.
      Unless, of course, transitioning and trying to live as a female isn’t the goal and never was the goal.
      Maybe the goal is to retain all the privileges of being a heterosexual white male & gain all the liberal oppression points, benefit of the doubt, and access to women’s spaces afforded to those poor, unfairly maligned transwomen who have it worse than anyone?
      Sounds like a good gig if you can get it.

      1. YES–I agree this is the goal. It has to be.
        They are deliberately trying to be as manly and masculine as possible, while daring anyone to say they aren’t women.
        Can you imagine a group of AFAB trans men acting like this? Its hilarious to consider.
        I wonder: do they realize that here in the South, trans rights are not a given and is still hotly debated? In that, light, do they think this violent display helps or hurts trans women?
        Do they think conservative Christian women who saw this reblogged on Free Republic, et. al. will feel comfortable with the DeGenderettes in the bathroom with them?
        Do they know that these women vote in droves, and easily outnumber the southern trans people? Check out the way Michelle Duggar’s robocall swung the bathroom-vote in Little Rock, literally overnight… they thought they had won and didn’t even know what hit them.
        This library-stunt of theirs is making the rounds of right-wing blogs. It has already deeply harmed the cause of trans people in the South: “see what happens when you give them rights? it doesn’t stop” is what the Freeper comments say.
        No, they are certainly not revolutionaries, who actually KNOW and CARE whether the repercussions of their actions hurt or help the ppl they claim to represent. This has already harmed them A LOT and they had the chance to walk it back… they chose to double down instead. Message received.
        Those constantly-voting fundies hear you loud and clear; terfs don’t have to do shit, you just did it to yourselves. Well, not YOU–you live in the hyper-liberal Bay Area where this is all just fun and games. Its Southern trans women who will bear the brunt of your assholery and whom you pointedly don’t give a shit about. (So you have also just badly-splintered your movement.)
        Keep up the good work.

      2. Correction: Duggar robocall was for the bathroom bill in Fayetteville (big-ass college town) and not Little Rock.
        Even more surprising they lost.

    4. Bear with me, because this is important to know when responding to their defense of masking up:
      I remember when masking up was a black bloc tactic directly related to dealing with police. Everyone wore simple black clothes and had a mask available just in case. If, in the chaos of an anti-globalization or anti-police brutality demonstration, you were targeted by police (as street medics or anyone seen to be a leader frequently were) or were able to get away from them in the process of being pursued, questioned, or zip-tied for arrest, you could theoretically slip away into anonymity because of the season of black clothing. It worked if a lot of people dressed this way.
      Masking was also a reaction to police who would often remove or cover their identifying markers at these events (!) which was probably illegal and definitely intimidating and ominous on the part of armed riot cops.
      Anyway, regardless of what you feel about these types of tactics or protests, I was once a street medic, I have witnessed raw police brutality coming at non-violent persons from behind, I’ve seen arbitrary arrests and illegal use of “non-violent” rubber bullets (point blank, which can be deadly) and tear gas (in confined spaces, on subdued and zip-tied people, for no apparent reason). Some masked protesters are idiot thugs, but you you can imagine how some people might feel they have thoughtful, tactical reasons for masking up.
      The point I’m making, the reason I’m explaining all this, isn’t necessarily to defend the practice. It is to show you that these TRAs, these clowns, *aren’t masking up in order to become an anonymous crowd* during engagement with the police. They hint at and appropriate those old black bloc reasons when questioned about masking, but it is NOT what they’re doing. It is NOT with concerns for their own safety or to escape to freedom. If that was the case, they wouldn’t be COVERED in other identifying markers. They wouldn’t have their own personalized baseball bats/weapons and shields, ffs. They wouldn’t want to show their dyed hair or patterned stockings or vests covered in patches. They’re very, very public about being involved in these events, so it isn’t to avoid being “outed” or whatever bs.
      A mask in that case doesn’t help you at the demonstration at all. It helps you later, when you deny having been the one to beat the shit out of a “terf.”
      These dudes wear masks in order to intimidate women and in order to avoid individual identification if and when they beat them. They do it so they can threaten you and brandish weapons on Monday then order a fucking latte from you on Tuesday.

      1. Masking was also a legit tactic during the anonymous protests of scientology. There was a legit fear of ‘fair game’ tactics by a cult that had attacked critics and former members in life-destroying ways.
        However there was great care in making sure these masked protests stayed peaceful, a point was made of dancing, refreshments and non-violent activities. (Although the oft-played Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up” might just be construed as noise pollution…)

  8. Wow. It seems like Mya? Is always asking questions? No need to train your voice! Just take on an air-headed affectation to seem like a real girl!
    The “No recording” amendment to the “no photos, no live-streaming” rule was real cute. A meeting at a public library isn’t a secret society event.

  9. 6’2″ wearing pink ballet slippers— nope he’s not a guy. These deluded men keep thinking they pass as women. Just because women never say anything to their faces, for fear of being punched by these guys, doesn’t mean we don’t clock them and avoid them if possible.

  10. The female handmaidens in these recordings are just as frustrating and infuriating as the transsexual males.
    I can see how misogynistic males would be blind to why actual females aren’t keen on t-shirts that promote punching uppity women who have the “wrong” opinions. But real women (ESPECIALLY those who claim to be “feminists” who care about “social justice”) should know better.
    It’s depressing how far some people will go just to fit in with the current trendy victim group.

    1. I’ve long been more disgusted with the enablers than the actual men in dresses. The men in dresses are doing what women-hating men do. Women-hating men usually only take their women-hating as far as others let them, and the moronic trans enablers on the left are letting them get away with murder because harassment, assault, and rape are only bad when the male perpetrator *isn’t* wearing a dress.

      1. I don’t have a problem with men wearing dresses. Why would I care? It’s only a problem when they insist they are women for it and try to gain access to women-only space. From bathrooms, to sports, our women-only institutions are being destroyed. I blame the handmaidens. Without them the TIMs would not get too far.

    1. What a crap article. That the author compares The Degenerates’ own so-called art to La Guernica just goes to show how out of touch these people are with reality.

  11. Zinnia Jones is back in fine form. I can’t decide whether his primary problem is psychopathy or lack of intelligence.

    Transactivists yesterday: Trans women pose no danger in women’s spaces.
    Transactivists today: Don’t confront trans people in your spaces, they might be dangerous.
    I linked this version because Shoeless Joe’s comment was spot on. At least the Degenderettes’ exhibit doesn’t try to hide the obvious threat: If you won’t pretend we’re not violent males, we’ll hurt you.

    1. Is there anything about Zinnia that isn’t thoroughly repulsive? There’s nothing even that scandalous or interesting about him; he’s just GROSS. If it weren’t for ~kweer~ culture, that whole threesome would be just another set of the weird greasy people who fight in the Dollar General parking lot.

    2. How anyone can take Zinnia (nee Zach) Jones seriously when the dude brags about how much he can shove up his asshole and compares his bloated enema stomach to pregnancy is honestly just beyond me.

      1. Why whatever do you mean? Zinnia was on “I am Jazz” and is considered a decent role model for teens!
        Yes transgender teens, when you grow up, you will be unemployable and have to shove horse dildos up your ass for a living. This is why we put this person on this tv show, to let you know what awaits you and what your life will be like.
        Isn’t it great?
        They seem to think Zinnia is the best lifestyle-commercial they have, which ought to tell you something.
        PS: Zinnia reads here! I know because he blocked me and I have never answered/interacted with him on twitter, so he can only know me from reading here. HI ZACK! That 4 foot purple hose you posed with (photo on kiwifarms.net) and bragged about shoving up your ass was formidable indeed–but you might want to get a colonoscopy and make sure you haven’t done any lasting damage. I mean, that hose was almost as long as you are, and that is worrying.
        (Sorry, can’t help sounding like a concerned grandma, its my socialization.)

  12. Supposedly, a genderqueer identified woman by the name of Yolkai LeFierce made the “I PUNCH TERFs” shirt, but the shirt she is shown wearing in the photo found by this website doesn’t have fake blood (or maybe real blood) on it. It sure as heck looks like someone altered the shirt to make it more threatening.
    This woman went to the Degenderettes panel.
    “I made the piece that was removed.” (The audience EXPLODED into cheers and applause.) “It says I punch terfs.” (There was more cheering and applause.) “It means… if you want to get to my friends… you fucking come through ME first. Violence… is fucking DEFENSE! Now… I’m not going to actually punch them, but if they want to get to my friends, come at me! By the way, no one said ANYTHING when I wore it at a march! It was fine when I wore it!”
    (I tried looking for a picture with Yolkai wearing the shirt, and this was the only image I found. Notice the lack of blood):
    (*not one drop of any blood on this shirt – look at the photo)
    (And I think it’s also worth noting how much bigger Mya is than Yolkai. That and, well, he’s a male.)
    “Mya: “But when a TRANS person wears it, it’s suddenly a problem! Anyway, the blood represents TRANS people’s blood! I am tired of us and our art becoming recontextualized in a false manner!” (I found this response particularly baffling because it’s obviously NOT supposed to be trans people’s blood. Everyone knows it is “terf” blood. No one reads “I punch so-and-so’s” and expects bloodshed from anyone except maybe the people being punched. Any idiot can tell you this. If by chance it actually was supposed to represent trans people’s blood, then Yolkai is a moron who didn’t get her intention across at all (and I don’t think she’s a moron). Moreover, is the shirt supposed to be “violent” or not? Yolkai’s very first comment about the shirt was that violence is defense. But Mya seems to be saying that the shirt was “misinterpreted” as violent. Which is it? Actually, don’t answer that. We all know the answer.
    Yolkai: “I made this shirt! So stop attacking trans women! The shirt isn’t the problem, the problem is transmisogyny… and it’s DEADLY!”
    The only photo of Yolkai wearing the shirt shows a white shirt with not one drop of red paint of any kind. When Mya Byrne wears it at SF Pride, it is covered with what looks like red paint to resemble blood. Or, maybe it is real blood. This doesn’t add up. Then, poor little Yolkai says the blood on the shirt which wasn’t on the shirt when she wore it represents trans people’s blood, but the shirt says punch terfs. The blood is supposed to represent TERF blood.
    Look at the photo of Mya and Yolkai. If this huge man told me to say or do something, I would be terrified of saying no to him.
    Question: Who put the fake blood on the shirt? Was it Yolkai or Mya or someone else?
    Question: Who really made the “I PUNCH TERFs” shirt?
    Get a good look at the panel. This is one frightening bunch of people.
    Thanks, http://4thwavefeminists.com for the photos.

    1. Yolkai LeFierce? Good god. Another stripper/porn/dom name? Really, what is wrong with these people? Do they think we are going to take a porn-persona seriously, like Zinnia Jones’ “satana kennedy”?
      If this stuff isn’t all about fetishism, why do they deliberately choose all these porn names?
      Daring Daisy, Daisy Domme, Daisy LaDangereuse, etc.

      1. What about the ones who use “affirming” social media names:

      2. Don’t forget nerdy references. In one day I saw two TIMs who had named themselves after Dax hosts (from ST:DS9) LMAO And I’ve just lost count of the ones who use their elf princess tabletop names.
        I never thought I’d miss the bimbo-RPing neckbeards that fully admitted their maleness.

      3. Josh Alcorn also wanted to name himself after a cyclops mutant human from Futurama. And obviously his identity had to be sincere because he put so much thought and care into the womanly identity he adopted. /s

  13. There have always been men intruding in the SF Dyke March, often with their girl friends, videoing the half-naked Lesbians, sometimes grabbing the more vulnerable-looking Lesbians.
    But this is on a whole other level. A discussion about the Dyke March is coming up, but again, I will not go on my own, because the organizers are already telling us we should be grateful to the trannies for “helping us come out of the closet.” Seriously. And we “should be ashamed for not acknowledging their help.” Carolyn Gage agrees Lesbian Feminists owe them “reparations.”
    This might work with Lesbians who don’t know our history, but I do and I have answered in detail that no man helped me or any of us come out. The men posing as Lesbians has done horrific damage to our community (not to mention the murders.)
    I’ve had enough abuse from men and their women, but I still plan to go to the Dyke March. If enough of us go, that will help. And if enough of us go to this event we might be able to stop their re-writing our history. Open to anyone but real Dykes:
    “This project is open to all dyke-identified people. The Dyke March understands dyke identity to include those of us who are questioning and challenging gender constructs and the social definitions of women: transdyke, MTF, transfeminine, transmasculine, genderqueer and gender fluid dykes.”
    Fundraiser | Introducing the Dyke March Oral History Project
    Friday, June 1
    7:00–9:00 p.m.
    The GLBT History Museum
    4127 18th St., San Francisco
    Admission: $5 – $20 (sliding scale)

    1. OMG, the same playwright Carolyn Gage who used to write for Off Our Backs?
      I used to think she was too hard on us women who slept with men… and now she wants to give men reparations????????
      Excuse me, but I need to sit down a minute. (where’s my southern old lady smelling salts!?!) This shit can literally make you dizzy when it happens over the course of one lifetime… like if you saw Vladimir Lenin become a born-again Christian… something like that.
      PS: Good luck to the SF Dyke March!!!! <3

      1. @DaisyDeadhead–But is Gage really as inconsistent as she seems on the surface? Since she both criticized women who slept with men and now says women who don’t sleep with men owe TIMs “reparations,” it just sounds like she’s one of those women who disdains other women, and, if that’s so, then her behavior is coherent.
        If Lenin became a born-again Christian, I’d simply assume he’d found a new way to oppress people. It’s similar to those parents who took drugs to expand their minds as young adults giving their own children Ritalin, etc., so they can sit still and do what the teacher says. It isn’t really a contradiction–they simply believe drugs are an easy way of achieving whatever their desired outcome might be.
        That’s also why so many misogynistic men have become supporters of transwomen–it’s a socially acceptable form of misogyny.

        1. “It’s similar to those parents who took drugs to expand their minds as young adults giving their own children Ritalin, etc., so they can sit still and do what the teacher says. It isn’t really a contradiction–they simply believe drugs are an easy way of achieving whatever their desired outcome might be.”

      2. I friended Carolyn Gage on FB a few years ago because I thought she was a Gender-Critical Feminist (GCF) because of her article years ago in the site, Questioning Transgender, in which carefully laid out that the woman in Boys Don’t Cry was never trans-identified as the movie portrayed.
        But 2 years ago, Gage was rabidly anti-Hillary, and pro-Jill Stein. I asked her, “What if Trump wins?” She arrogantly replied, “Trump will never win.”
        I unfriended her arrogant @$&. She’s full of herself.

      From lesbian feminists to (mostly white) men.
      This does feel more and more like a mass psyop — like how absurd can it become before people push back?

  14. I actually attended this and took to taking notes on my phone, haha. I wish there was more organization in the gender critical attendance, it was easy to feel lonely in there, even though I know now there were other gender critical people there.

    1. We need a way to connect to go together. How to do it?
      Even more important is to take back our Dyke March. This seems to be the first year that the men are actually in charge.

      1. Lesbians are chomping at the bit to be recognized, heard and respected. Some of us are mobilizing behind the scenes. Every single lesbian I know is aghast at what is happening these days. Some of us will be more visible. I will be going to LA Pride for the first time in a VERY long time. Look for the large lesbian flag with things written on it!! That will be me!! Wish me luck.

  15. Thank you for the pictures. Looking at the guy in the Anarchy shirt, it became as plain as day to me what these fuckers are. These are neo Skinheads.
    Skinheads (and an assortment of hardcore bands and their horrible violent fans, not nice punk fans, mini gangs of really awful males) used to harass women in clubs like no one’s business (when men weren’t around of course). These bands had some horrifically misogynistic music that they defended as “ironic” and those of us females that had problems with it (and I was one of the only ones that spoke up in my scene) were harassed and “accused” of having no sense of humor. (Who would, after getting grabbed by strangers?)
    But that was an excuse. They were just violent fucking assholes using music to piss on women. Rush Limbaughs in punk clothes.
    Those women who are with these assholes? Those are just the girlfriends or wannabe girlfriends who think the guys are cool. I hate to use the term but they are much like groupies or simple minded fangirls. Moreover, some of them know they are wrong, bet on it, but are too fucking afraid of men to stand up to them.
    Of course women who stand up to violent men can be lonely. There are too many women dependent on them for their own identities. Some things never change.

  16. Carolyn Gage is just a narcissist, it’s all about her all the time. I fell asleep at one of her boring histrionic performances. She’ll sell out to get ahead or to grab more attention. A lot of the lesbian sell outs to the trans are like this. And quite a few lesbians who are old now are completely onto the sell outs, the profiteers, but there is not enough of a structure to call out the betrayals. I went to an event today, and was surprised at the number of old dykes who could rattle off the list of lesbian sell outs from back in the day. It was an interesting conversation, and lesbians in groups are starting to talk and take back space.

  17. Is anyone else getting really scared that the Degenderettes, who now are on YouTube shooting their (apparently) AR-15s, and whose head moron, Scout Tran, was recently quoted saying they are acquiring AK-47s (I know nothing about guns, and don’t care to know anything about them, except that these two are apparently the preferred weapons of mass shooters), could at any time commit a mass shooting / mass murder of lesbians, feminists, or women?
    Is anyone else worrying that this would happen at SF Pride this weekend?
    I am contacting the SFPD, SF Mayor, Board of Supervisors, and SF Pride, urging them to “DISARM THE DEGENDERETTES.”
    NO ONE at SF Pride or any other march should be allowed to carry weapons, especially a group that professes to use violence against anyone else, especially people who might be at that event. These transmisogynists are openly an anti-lesbian, anti-feminist hate group threatening to kill us.
    This has got to stop before they commit murder.
    Please join me in contacting all of the above, and tell them to Google terfisaslur.com, this blog’s articles on the Degenderettes, the YouTube of the Degenderettes doing target practice, and any other evidence you can think of.
    Including the YouTube of the Australian MtT who brought an axe down on the heads of two 7-11 customers in 2017 after feeling rejected by his lesbian date earlier that evening.
    And if course, GM’s article on the Oakland lesbian household murdered by Dana Rivers.
    Let’s prevent a senseless potential tragedy this weekend, and send a message to the Degenderate hate gang that they are going to have limits set on them, and they can’t just do whatever they d@mn well please, threatening, bullying, and intimidating women and lesbians.

  18. I’ve always had a great deal of respect for rad-fems. You guys name the problem as you see it and you stick to your guns. Rad-fems/lesbians are nothing if not honest.It pisses me off to no end that these people are threatening to harm or kill rad-fems. How has progressive feminism gotten to a place where they think it’s perfectly okay for people with dicks to threaten women with baseball bats? I seriously am confused.
    If I did any of this stuff, any of it I’d be called a terrorist. If any rad-fem talked about beating the living shit out of a transgender folk they’d be called a terrorist.

    1. I think there’s a broad social panic in response to the changing social role of women afforded by medical birth control as well as the legal and cultural destabilization caused by the feminist and gay rights movements.
      The social order has been breached, perhaps more profoundly than ever in history. Women have seized control of their own reproduction (via birth control, dna parentage). Women can now husband each other (gay marriage).
      No one knows where this will land, but for now this means a hyper embrace of all the artifacts of the sexual subordination of women: pornography, segregation of clothing and grooming standards, strict sex stereotyping for children.
      Transgender doctrine operates as a safety valve to prevent the collapse of traditional social sex roles which sustain the male over female hierarchy upon which our society is based.
      Transgender doctrine (temporarily) siphons off an impending social upheaval by attempting to reintegrate potential change agents back into the existing traditional sex hierarchy. It then markets this as a pharmacological and medical miracle. The great cure.
      Obviously this cannot hold.
      But the mania characterizing the defense of the (regressive) transgender doctrine is an expression of the anxiety surrounding our impending yet mysterious social evolution as a species.

      1. “Transgender doctrine operates as a safety valve to prevent the collapse of traditional social sex roles which sustain the male over female hierarchy upon which our society is based.” What do you mean by that? That transgenders perform a stereotypical woman to reinforce the stereotype of a woman?

      2. Men who identify as transgender perform a stereotype of women because it brings them pleasure to do so. Largely they are the men we used to call transvestites or crossdressers, and they pantomime the trappings of female stereotypes for erotic satisfaction (see: autogynephilia), a minority are feminine gay men who fare better sexually and socially if they pass as female.
        Transgender Doctrine says these men are actually women. Transgender Doctrine says that boys who want to play with dolls and/or be pretty, cannot be male. Transgender Doctrine says that various personality traits should be classified as femininity (submissive behaviors) and masculinity (dominating behaviors) and related to reproductive sex.
        Transgender Doctrine redefines sex as one’s desire/willingness/ability to adhere to the performance of traditional sex stereotypes which ritualize female subordination to males.

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