Human Rights Of Women Will Now Be Considered In Placement Of Male Transgender Prisoners: Trump Admin

Convicted serial killer Donald “Donna” Perry, now serving time in a women’s prison

On Friday, the Trump administration issued changes to controversial Obama-era guidance on placement of transgender prisoners.  Previous guidance prioritized the sexual rights of male offenders, allowing them to “identify as” female and be transferred to the female division, eliminating women’s longstanding international human rights to be incarcerated separately from males.
The new changes reestablish the sex-based rights of female prisoners to be housed in separate accommodations from males when confined by the state. Women’s basic rights to privacy from male inmates in vulnerable conditions of incarceration including sleeping, showering, and toileting were also acknowledged.
The Female Offender Branch of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which is tasked with implementing transgender policies, was re-named the “Women and Special Populations Branch”.
The agency will now use biological sex, not an inmate’s declared gender feelings, as the initial determination for placement of individuals who identify as transgender. Transgender inmates may still be transferred to opposite sex facilities under certain conditions, namely after significant medical and mental health “treatment”.  From the new guidance:

“The designation to a facility of the inmate’s identified gender would be appropriate only in rare

cases after consideration of all of the above factors and where there has been significant progress

towards transition as demonstrated by medical and mental health history.”

Basic changes in this section here.

Click here for full PDF of guidance:
The policy changes were first reported by Buzzfeed, which ran the headline: ‘The Trump Admin Just Rolled Back Protections For Transgender Prisoners’
Of course, this isn’t true. For women who identify as transgender (“transmen”) the Obama era guidance did not protect them. It put them at great risk as females potentially transferred to male prisons. There are ZERO transgender people born FEMALE who were “protected” by the Obama era guidance. ZERO.
But much like the Obama administration, the boys at Buzzfeed completely disregard the welfare, rights, and safety of the female half of the human population, including those who identify as transgender.
You can see this male bias in all the left and LGBT headlines regarding these changes. The welfare of all female inmates, including those who identify as transmen, is completely disregarded and ignored.
The Hill: ‘Trump rolls back rules protecting transgender inmates in federal prisons’
Pink News: ‘Trump rolls back protections for trans prisoners’
Chicago Sun Times: ‘Trump rolls back some Obama rules helping transgender prisoners’
LGBTQ Nation: ‘Trump strips transgender prisoners of protections against rape and abuse’
Common Dreams: ‘Absolutely Unconscionable: Trump Rolls Back Rules Protecting Transgender Inmates From Sexual Assault.’
And on and on and on.
Law professor Betsy Ginsberg. (twitter)

Lambda Legal, the former Gay Rights org that has been championing the rights of men to be housed in women’s prisons, issued a statement that is remarkable for its complete and utter disregard of the existence of female human beings, including those who identify as transgender:

In Rescinding Transgender Prisoner Protections, Trump Administration Again Targets the Most Vulnerable


Lambda Legal

MAY 11, 2018

 Today, the Trump Administration released changes to the federal Bureau of Prisons Transgender Offender Manual that undercuts constitutional protections and efforts in federal law – specifically the Prison Rape Enforcement Act (PREA) – to protect all prisoners from sexual assault and violence.

Richard Saenz, Lambda Legal Staff Attorney and Criminal Justice and Police Misconduct Strategist, releases the following statement:

“Once again, the Trump Administration is turning its back on those most vulnerable. It is well established that transgender prisoners – particularly transgender women housed in men’s facilities – suffer much greater rates of sexual abuse than other prison populations.

“A California study found that when transgender women are housed with men, they are 13 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than male prisoners in the same facilities.

“Conversely, it is increasingly common for correctional facilities to house transgender people consistent with their gender identity, and agencies have made these placements without experiencing any increase in abusive incidents or security risks.

“There is no justification for this policy shift; it is a deliberate recipe for violence against transgender people based in inexcusable prejudice.”

Truly remarkable.
Incidentally, that “13 times” figure you see bandied about originates from a 2007 California survey featuring a male transgender sample size of 39 individuals. THIRTY NINE individuals from ELEVEN YEARS AGO. “Transgender Sample -Not designed to generalize to larger populations” the study warns.
So Lambda Legal- the premiere authority and lobby group pushing for these policies- is citing completely worthless “data”. The National Center For Trans Equality uses the same study. So does the National Institute of Corrections [pdf]. But if you believe that figure you may as well also cite these, contained in the same study [PDF]: Men who are gay or bisexual suffer sexual assault in prison at 33 times the rate of heterosexuals. Small stature and mental illness are the greatest predictors of male prisoner vulnerability to sexual assault.
What is Lambda Legal doing about THAT? Not a damn thing. This isn’t about preventing sexual assaults of vulnerable males.
The male powers-that-be on the left keep pretending they’re trying to “solve” the issue of male violence: by subjecting women to more of it. It never works. It just harms women. (You know, women- the unmentionable half of the population not worthy of consideration except as a trash receptacle for men’s problems). Take a memo, fellas: if you think “MeToo” has been a “moment”, you haven’t seen the start of it.

63 thoughts on “Human Rights Of Women Will Now Be Considered In Placement Of Male Transgender Prisoners: Trump Admin

    1. I’m not an Evangelical Christian, but to answer this person’s question, I would have no problem being imprisoned with a female who had made body modifications, including the addition of body hair and lowered voice, if I were to be imprisoned. Females can’t rape me and rarely are violent. It’s not “trans people,” but MALES, that we’re concerned about.

      1. Buzzfeed reporter Dominic Holden claimed in his report that these changes were precipitated by a lawsuit filed by four female inmates in a Texas federal facility, which, if I recall correctly was initially thrown out of court based on inability to prove direct harm caused to the plaintiffs, and then reinstated on appeal.
        If I recall correctly, their suit was spurred by an impending but not completed transfer of a convicted violent male felon’s transfer to their unit.
        The women as I recall were represented by a right wing conservative law firm and one of the many arguments submitted was one of religious rights of the female inmates as Christians not to shower with males. My impression as recalled was that their legal representatives were submitting absolutely any pertinent argument that could possibly be applied.
        It is a disgrace that the only legal representation available to these women was a conservative group likely to oppose men or women who deviate from gendered social norms. A total disgrace of the left.
        However I’m not convinced that 1.) the plaintiffs were actually conservative christian women 2.) that they were acting out of political disagreement with “LGBT” politics or 3.) that the policy was changed solely as a result of their case.
        The broad reversal by the Trump administration of other quasi-legal Obama presidential edicts (“guidance”) which bypassed the legislative process and judicial review would seem to refute that analysis.
        Apologies that I don’t have time to pull links- folks can correct me if my recollection is incorrect.
        Anyway, like yourself and most (all?) feminists I agree that females incarcerated by the state should be housed in the female estate regardless of gender feelings, adherence to sex-stereotypes, or hormonal/surgical body modification.

      2. For those on the left who say women should never collaborate on specific cases or issues with the right wing who oppose women’s rights generally, I say: Your mom is not in a prison wing about to be housed with a violent deranged male offender with no one and I mean NO ONE on the left to defend her. So SHUT THE FUCK UP.
        (Not speaking to you, dear @purplesagefem).

      3. In all likelihood they went with ‘Evangelical Christian’ because religious freedom of inmates is already established case law. It’s probably the quickest route to relief.
        As for women allying ourselves with the religious right they have made it clear that they are Team Trans all the way. Indeed I don’t see this so much as allyship as fighting the same battle. Most conservative Christians have no idea that radfems exist and assume that all feminists are pro-trans.

      1. As to the Texas lawsuit, I actually read it. It was online, but I can’t find the link now. Yes, they were represented by an attorney from the conservative group Alliance Defending Freedom , but they did suffer at the hands of transwomen. A transwoman urinated in front of a group of female inmates, and even threatened some of the women. According to the lawsuit, he still had his male genitalia. I wish I could find the link with the actual lawsuit.
        No woman should be forced to shower with males and to share a prison cell with one.
        One of the transwomen mentioned in the lawsuit is a white supremacist who loves guns and robbing banks, lots of banks. Isn’t Aryan just another name for white supremacist? Before he became a “lady”, he was co-founder of the Aryan Republican Army, and he was called Commander Pedro. This link has a photo of Commander Pedro, white supremacist, before he became “Donna”. Donna must be a popular name for transwomen who love lots of guns and doing dangerous things.
        Dear Donna once talked about ethnic cleansing, but he tells us that he is reformed now.

      2. “”Has there ever been a transman convict demanding to be housed in a male prison?”””
        Of course not. Because trans-men, even in the midst of their delusions, know EXACTLY what would happen to them if they were outed in a male prison.

      3. I had a client here in Texas that was given the option…although in a male facility, they would have been single-celled for the duration of the sentence and NOT in the general population. They chose to go to a female facility, where they have functioned fine in the general population. At the time of sentencing, they had already gone through everything except the create-a-dick.

      4. @Capybara- not surprisingly that reddit thread had at least two ftm posters saying “women are worse!!”. When internalized misogyny and delusions collide.

  1. The male left is worthless and will continue to be worthless as long as they see women’s rights as expendable if men’s dicks aren’t centered. Women should not be giving one penny to women-hating organizations like Lambda Legal and the ACLU and in fact should be actively protesting against these outfits. The male left cares only about “sexual freedom” when it comes to women; otherwise, they hate women as much as the male right does.

    1. The male left cares only about the “sexual freedom” of men to access female people as sexual objects, unpaid labor, and ritualized performance of subordination (femininity) carried out under threat of violence.

    2. I’ve been trying to explain this to my left wing friends for years.
      Say what you will about the misogynists on the right; but at least they’re honest and they don’t try to veil their bullshit behind a facade of “social justice”.

  2. Looking at all of the male criminals claiming to be trans that you have discussed over the years, there isn’t a single one I would want to have anyone forced to share a cell or shower with. I agree with your assessment of the worth of that 11 yo “study” you mentioned.

  3. So real women were the dumping ground for “special populations” which means misfit males under Obama? And instead of asking for special population prisons or wings in male prisons for special populations, the left is upset that real women are not going to be that dumping ground until another Democrat takes the White House? Sad to see how badly the left has turned against women’s rights.

  4. I didn’t vote for Trump and have never voted for a Republican in my life, but I want to thank his administration for respecting the human rights of female inmates.
    The “gender identity” lunacy on the left is the reason for the justifiable backlash.
    It sickens me to no end when the more politically correct than thou left completely dismisses the interests of female inmates. Women inmates are often victims of sexual abuse and victimization, and they far outnumber males claiming “gender identity”.
    Hopefully, the State of California will get the message. It sent a man who tortured women with electrical wires before raping them to a women’s prison. The women didn’t want him there.
    Yes, they throw worthless statistics around that mean diddly squat. I guess they think by repeating something long enough makes it true.
    “Incidentally, that “13 times” figure you see bandied about originates from a 2007 California survey featuring a male transgender sample size of 39 individuals. THIRTY NINE individuals from ELEVEN YEARS AGO. “Transgender Sample -Not designed to generalize to larger populations” the study warns.
    So Lambda Legal- the premiere authority and lobby group pushing for these policies- is citing completely worthless “data”. The National Center For Trans Equality uses the same study. So does the National Institute of Corrections [pdf]. But if you believe that figure you may as well also cite these, contained in the same study [PDF]: Men who are gay or bisexual suffer sexual assault in prison at 33 times the rate of heterosexuals. Small stature and mental illness are the greatest predictors of male prisoner vulnerability to sexual assault.
    What is Lambda Legal doing about THAT? Not a damn thing. This isn’t about preventing sexual assaults of vulnerable males.”
    It makes sense that small nerdy guys who can’t fight, the mentally ill, and more effeminate gay men would be targets, but no one wants to talk about them. Let’s focus on the poor defenseless 6’2″ 200 lb. transwoman.
    “The male powers-that-be on the left keep pretending they’re trying to “solve” the issue of male violence: by subjecting women to more of it. It never works. It just harms women.”
    They have no intention of addressing male violence which is the real killer of transwomen. Don’t tell men to get their act together, and don’t demand more protection for all male inmates. Let’s just dump the problem of males assaulting other males on women.
    House transwomen (biological males) in a special section of a men’s prison. Don’t house them with female inmates. Huge 6’2″ 200 lb. transwomen are a physical threat to female inmates, and most are heterosexual or bisexual.

  5. In this coverage of the conflict between biological sex & gender identity, part of the reason that reporting seems slanted towards the latter is the progressive “protection” framing of the Obama-era rule to which the change responded.
    Even apart from the uneven focus on trans* women & not trans* men, by setting up the Obama-era rule as a “protection,” Buzzfeed created a ripple effect of sympathetic coverage (“protection” is not a neutral word, but implies that the rule is good and needed, vs. a word like “regulation,” which implies unnecesary harm).
    UC-Berkeley linguist George Lakoff covers these kinds of issues a lot in his popular writing:
    Ten points for Democracy Activists
    Maybe the Buzzfeed reporter or editors were using this framing purposefully, or they unconsciously absorbed it from the pro-trans legal non-profits?

    1. Well sub-lede of the Buzzfeed article read “The Bureau of Prisons is making the change after four evangelical Christian women in a Texas prison sued“
      The ever so helpful evangelical dog whistle- a description that writer Dominic Holden fails to contextualize anywhere in the actual article- clues you in to the politicized slant BF is taking with their garbage article.
      The comments are something else. For anyone looking for a bad time try reading the comments of one particularly deranged poster who referred to me and other women numerous times as c*nts, threatened violence and retribution against us, and stalked another female commenter’s fb page.
      The most dismaying part was when the mother of a seven year old girl er, “transboy” told this unstable misogynist that she hopes her child grows up just like him.
      However, same mom, when contemplating the idea of “transmen” I.e. females being housed in the male general population of a prison, said she found the idea “terrifying”.

  6. Those guidelines are remarkably reasonable, considering this administration’s tendency to go at everything with a sledgehammer. I’m relieved but also a bit bitter that the left has gone so pomo that the worst of the worst has managed to be more humane to women in this case.

  7. What a strange time we live in. The right-wing lunatic Trump, who wants to grab women “by the pussy,” is now more progressive in terms of women’s rights than the Democrats are. And don’t think this is an endorsement of Trump; it’s a denunciation of the Democrats.

    1. yes, this is really doing me in! I’m having a hard time accepting that the Trump administration cares about women…but it could not be clearer that the left does not care.

    2. Yes. There are so many issues on which the current political configuration of DNC vs. Trump has left lots of us with no place to take our votes.

    3. Don’t fool yourself into thinking they give one shi† about women’s rights, they don’t. This is about their anti-trans thinking.
      FWIW I agree whole heartedly with this, so I’m not spreading any “oh pro trans wooo” BS.
      I just know this is about them being anti-trans, not pro woman. As far as they are concerned women are still not people, just that trans are even less human in their opinions.

  8. Kudos to GenderTrender for taking a courageous stand in defence of the female inmates who sued the administration over this.
    From a Feb. 22, 2017 story in The Dallas-Ft. Worth Star-Telegram:
    “(…) The women claim that they are living in a degrading and dangerous environment by being forced to share showers and bathrooms with the transgender inmates, according to complaints and motions filed in the U.S. District Court’s Northern District.
    The most recent complaint was filed Feb. 15 by inmates Rhonda Fleming, Jeanette Driever and Charlsa Little.
    “The Plaintiffs have been forced to share intimate facilities with men, who allege they are women,” the Feb. 15 complaint states. “These men openly express their sexual desire for the women inmates, at times, in the showers, and bathrooms, while women are naked or partially clothed.
    “The men expose themselves, intentionally, for their own sexual gratification, causing the Plaintiffs to suffer disgust, embarrassment, humiliation, stress, degradation, fear and loss of dignity.”(…)

  9. That anyone could endorse housing male prisoners with female prisoners based on gender feelings is incredible. It is absurd on the face of it and horrifying when subjected to scrutiny. The men and women on the left who support this can only be doing so because they desire for women to be subjugated through male violence, including women they pretend to care about (poor women, women of color, drug addicts) who are over represented in prison populations. I don’t buy lack of information as an excuse. The information is out there, and anyone with a modicum of decency would do some research before endorsing this. They are hiding their sadism and woman-hating from themselves through faux progressivism, but they expose themselves to honest and decent people as horrible, rotten, and evil at their very core.

    1. “Quine and an accomplice kidnapped and fatally shot 33-year-old Shahid Ali Baig, a father of three, in downtown Los Angeles in 1980, stealing $80 and his car during a drug- and alcohol-fueled rampage.”
      This pig is not only still living but has been given thousands of (tax) dollars’ worth of surgery and is so cozy he can whine about a lack of razors. Certainly no white male privilege there.

      1. It’s pretty clear that Quine doesn’t want to be a female prisoner, he wants to be a *special* female prisoner. New transfers to the women’s unit aren’t allowed razors at first, until they demonstrate that they’re not a risk for suicide or violence, this applies to women who have facial hair due to PCOS or whatever reason, but he wants a special exception. He wants a private place to dilate, even though regular women prisoners don’t get a private place to change their tampons, etc. But he doesn’t want to be in seg, because how would that validate his womanhood?

  10. Why don’t they just house the trans people in separate facilities? Oh, right. The trans lobby would never go for that, just like with the bathrooms. The obvious solution is just SO unacceptable. Okay, so this is what they get. A little pushback. And from the Trump camp no less. For shame the right is showing up the left! Nothing like libfems and trans-allies to drive everyone a little further to the right. Congratulations wacktivists!

    1. That’s what they’ve always done. Trans, gay and other vulnerable inmates like cops and informants go in Administrative Segregation (AdSeg) NOT Isolation. Inmates in AdSeg interact with other AdSeg inmates. They’ve literally done this for decades. They claim otherwise because they want to be in women’s prisons. They’re in no more danger than any other inmate.

    2. It’s not about a safe place to whatever. Individual locking facilities do that and they’re everywhere.
      It’s about forcing everyone else to participate in and validate the fantasy.

  11. Gallus Mag, I don’t know how you do it, but this kind of information is so vital:
    “Incidentally, that “13 times” figure you see bandied about originates from a 2007 California survey featuring a male transgender sample size of 39 individuals. THIRTY NINE individuals from ELEVEN YEARS AGO. “Transgender Sample -Not designed to generalize to larger populations” the study warns.”
    I mean, I guess I do know how you do it – you look up the sources of claims and see if they actually support said claims. But what I mean is, you do it with such consistent clear calm energy. Thank you.

  12. “There is no justification for this policy shift; it is a deliberate recipe for violence against transgender people based in inexcusable prejudice.”
    Prejudice? PREJUDICE?
    That word means to judge someone before having the facts.
    If a man has been convicted of raping women, he’s a rapist.
    If a man has been convicted of murdering women, he’s a murderer.
    It’s not “prejudice” to say that; it’s been proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Legally, it’s a fact.
    These aren’t random men on the street that we’re treating oh-so-unfairly, these are men convicted of violent crimes against women and who should not be housed with women.
    What’s next, a pedo identifying as a 14-year-old girl so he can be housed with children?

  13. Question:
    Why is it called “Women and Special Populations”? The needs of female inmates are not the same as the needs of male inmates. Indeed, they are entirely different because many female inmates have histories of abuse at the hands of predatory males, and a lot of women prisoners are mothers. We are talking about two completely different populations. So, the “Special Populations” should be under male prisoners because transwomen are still biological male. And, it’s not correct to call it “Special Populations” because not all transgender identified people are counted. FTMs (biological females) are not mentioned as if they don’t exist. Most transwomen (females) never get “bottom surgery”, and are completely female below the waistline. Sending them to a men’s prison would endanger them. We should call it what it is. Biological males demanding to be housed with female inmates.
    The yellow highlighted sections are the changes.
    *The TEC will use biological sex as the initial determination for designation; (good)
    * The TEC will consider the health and safety of the transgender inmate, exploring appropriate options available to assist with mitigating risk to the transgender offender, to include but not limited to cell and/or unit assignments, application of management variables, programming missions of the facility, etc.;
    * The TEC will consider factors specific to the transgender inmate, such as behavioral history, overall demeanor, and likely interactions with other inmates; and
    * The TEC will consider whether placement would threaten the management and security of the institution and/or pose a risk to other inmates in the institution (e.g., considering inmates with histories of trauma, privacy concerns, etc.) (good)
    Biological males can still be housed with female inmates “only in rare cases after consideration of all of the above factors.” The trans propaganda machine makes it sound like no transwoman will ever be housed in a female facility. If I had my way, no transwoman (biological male) would ever be housed with female inmates.
    “The designation to a facility of the inmate’s identified gender would be appropriate only in rare cases after consideration of all of the above factors and where there has been significant progress towards transition as demonstrated by medical and mental health history.”
    “Hormone or other necessary medical treatment may be provided after an individualized assessment of the requested inmate by institution medical staff. Medical staff should request consultation from Psychology Services regarding the mental health benefits of hormone or other necessary medical treatment.”
    What constitutes “necessary medical treatment”? All inmates need basic medical care, but not elective surgery on their healthy genitals. Sex reassignment surgery doesn’t change one’s sex, and the complications can be gruesome. It’s basically plastic surgery on otherwise healthy genitals. There is no actual medical reason to perform surgery on healthy functioning genitals. This needs to stop. If male inmates can demand elective surgery to appear “feminine”, then female inmates should be able to get breast implants, etc. to appear more “feminine” too. This is sex discrimination. And, FTMs (biological females) could start demanding that states pay for their “bottom surgery”. “Bottom surgery” on a female can be very expensive, require multiple surgeries, and if it’s botched, it’s a horrid mess. This is what botched “bottom surgery” on a female is like.
    The damn State of California paid for sex reassignment surgery on a convicted murderer serving life, and then sent him to a women’s prison.
    After all the time and expense that was spent on this killer, he still complains. Look at his photo. Female inmates know he is a dude.
    Read the part of the article where it says that Shilo Heavenly complains about not having the privacy to perform “intimate post operative procedures”.
    People on this blog know what SRS entails. If he doesn’t “dilate” his artificially created cavity, it could constrict and close. Where and how does he “dilate”? The State of California pays for the surgery, the “dilation rods”, hormones, etc. And, any complications from the surgery. He still has his prostate gland because that isn’t removed in SRS. So, health care workers at a women’s prison might have to do a prostate exam on a “female” inmate. All in all it’s a lot of money, time, frustration, and a trouble for one murdering man to feel “womanly”.
    Besides the taxpayer funded surgery itself, special accommodations have to be made for “dilation”.
    “During the first year after SRS, we recommend you to do vaginal dilation 3 times per day (50 minutes in the morning – 50 minutes in the afternoon – 50 minutes before bedtime), which is considered better than 2 times per day (100 minutes in the morning – 100 minutes before bed time). ”

    Vaginal Dilation routine after sex reassignment surgery
    As to hormones, states should never have to pay for estrogen for biological male inmates to “feminize” them, or testosterone for females so they can grow a beard. Ever. There is no actual medical reason for it, and, as I understand it, the use of these hormones for a psychological issue is an off label use for these drugs. Google the side effects of these hormones. The states pick up the tab for the hormones themselves and any side effects from the drugs. This is how we got into this mess. The trans lobby pressured states to give hormones, surgery, laser hair removal, etc. to inmates. The insanity snowballed from there. Well, hell no. No more hormones to grow breasts on males or beards on females. Just stop it.
    States pick up the tab for the hormones and any and all side effects from hormones.
    With trans, give them an inch and they will take a mile. It’s just a matter of time before they start demanding taxpayer funded facial feminization, voice lessons, tracheal shave, boob jobs for man tits, etc. And, we know damn well that eventually they will be demanding hormones, puberty blockers, surgery, etc. for minors in juvenile facilities.
    Only necessary health care for all inmates is required. Just the basic Constitutional requirements. It’s fundamentally unfair that trans identified inmates get special treatment when women in prison have to beg for tampons. Hell, no. Stop it.

    1. FYI, my country already provides breast implants, voice training lessons, hair removal lasering, and many other “feminizing” procedures to MtF trans under public health insurance (which, like the British NHS, is already struggling). Facial feminization surgery or hair transplants for those balding laydees are not yet covered, but TRAs are campaigning for it.

  14. It’s painful to be grateful to the Trump administration when I despise them overall…but I am grateful to them for this one thing. It’s an excellent point that this protects all women AND HALF OF TRANS PEOPLE TOO!

  15. Below is a short list of sick, deranged killers and rapists of women who should never be housed in a women’s prison. Their hatred of women is why they carried out these barbaric acts. The list is very long, but these are the top picks.
    It’s hard for some people who have been brainwashed by trans politics to understand how the minds of these killers and rapists work. Serial killer Douglas, “Donna”, Perry straight up hates actual females. This is the reality. There isn’t anything under the sun that a so-called “cis man” hasn’t done to women that transwomen haven’t done to women.
    I’m not saying that all transwomen hate females to the extent that Douglas, “Donna”, Perry or Masbruch does, but there are transwomen who do hate women.
    * Is that murdering, stone cold killer of women, Douglas, “Donna”, Perry housed with female inmates? He is a psychopath who clearly hates actual females. The affidavit from a detective as well as court testimony said that he killed these women because he was jealous of their ability to have children. He described females as “pond scum”. How much hatred does a male have to have for the female sex to shoot three women and dump their bodies like garbage.
    If they are a psychopathic killer who is mentally deranged, how do we know that their “gender identity” is real? This killer of women who hates females should be in a men’s prison.
    (*affidavit from a detective who interviewed a cell mate of Perry says he killed these women because they were pond scum – they could breed and have children and he couldn’t)
    *Sadistic rapist Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch tortured women with electrical wires before raping them. Yes, he still had his penis when he carried out this barbaric act. He never did undergo SRS. He self-mutilated himself in prison and had to have it cut off. The State of California sent this monster to a women’s prison. Gendertrender did an excellent job of covering this story.
    *Apparently, sex reassignment surgery doesn’t always mellow them out. Transwoman Dana Rivers had SRS, and he is charged with going on a murdering rampage and killing a lesbian couple and their son. Rivers clearly hates lesbians. Like most transwomen he is a heterosexual or bisexual man, and like a lot of transwomen, he thinks lesbians are obliged to have sex with him. He was part of Camp Trans that protested Michigan Women’s Music Festival. If convicted of this triple homicide, Rivers should not be sent to a women’s prison. If he is sent to a women’s prison, he should be completely separated from female inmates.
    No female has ever killed a transwoman, but transwomen (biological males) have been convicted of killing a lot of women. What does this tell us about who is really the most vulnerable.

    1. Thumbs up, Skylark.
      Might add Douglas “Donna” Perry was convicted of serial murders of three women. He was in women’s prison after his “SRS” in Thailand. He bragged to his female cell mate with whom he was having sex in prison, that he’d murdered dozens of women. Perry is awaiting sentencing.
      I’m glad to know our state does not have to expose our female prison population to this murderous male. I’m awaiting his sentencing…..

  16. This question may have been answered before, but where are FTT “Trans males” housed in jails/prisons, where do they shower etc. I know there ratio of crime is much lower when compared to MTT “transwomen”.
    Partially relevant to this topic, I just read a story online that a FTT “trans male” is the first to graduate from Spelman College which is a black womens’ college. ‘He’ didn’t attend the nearby all male college because ‘he’ was in the process of “transitioning” (which would still mean a female graduating, not male). Many “trans males” don’t feel safe living with males, so they still want to live with women. I went to a black university in the same area before transferring to another college, and this is very angering to me as a black female and lesbian. These same black colleges (and other colleges in the U.S.) allow ‘trans women’ into female colleges, while not allowing ‘trans males’ into male colleges.
    Another story online said a “trans male” felt unsafe living in a male fraternity, and wanted to live in the female sorority. My point to all this is many “trans males” (some formerly lesbians) already know males are dangerous, they know how difficult it is to live and be stealth among males who may get violent if they find out they’re not bio males. They go back and forth between male/female space while still publicly claiming male status. Meaning they don’t believe their own lies.

    1. I’m always asking why the ‘transmen’ aren’t begging to be locked up with a bunch of males. I rarely hear about anything but ‘transwomen’ trying to get to the females.
      Not sure what’s going on with ‘Gavin Grimm’. Sounds like a lot of effort to be in a nightmarishly awkward situation.

      1. From what I’ve heard about Grimm, it sounds like she had no friends before turning herself into a quasicelebrity.
        Having no friends or social support at school likely meant that switching to the boys’ facilities wouldn’t have been much more awkward than the situation before (assuming the boys didn’t harass or harm her, and she claims they didn’t). Having been an outcast myself, I think sometimes the girls’ bathroom can be an especially painful reminder of one’s unpopularity since many girls socialize in there.
        And, once Grimm turned bathroom access into a legal battle, she suddenly became special and “loved”. There’s no way she was going to back down at that point.

  17. Posted for interest:
    Denver Post, CO, USA
    Transgender inmates at Colorado Territorial prison welcome reforms, but are outraged by behavior that sparked it
    Inmates housed in men’s prison ostracize woman who sued over rape, say she’s broken convict code of conduct
    By Kirk Mitchell | kmit… | The Denver Post
    May 16, 2018 at 6:00 am
    [Photo: Transgender inmate’s (from left) Taliyah Murphy, 34, Jessica Guitron, 58, Paula Thompson, 44, Monica Anaya, 44 and Acacia Lyndarr, 39, at the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility in Ca–non City May 4, 2018.]
    Some transgender inmates at Colorado Territorial prison want reforms — including the option to be jailed in a woman’s prison — that could result from Lindsay Saunders-Velez’s outspokenness. They just don’t like how she went about it.
    They say the transgender inmate who sued the state prison system claiming she was raped is making their situation worse by failing to follow an unofficial code of conduct that keeps safe people who identify with a gender other than the one with which they were born.
    “We call her a him,” Paula Marie Thompson said, using one of the most searing insults to trans people: using male pronouns when referring to someone who identifies as a woman. “Nobody wants to be around him any more.”
    Colorado lawmakers on May 7 cited Saunders-Velez by name in a resolution prodding the Colorado Department of Corrections to update their policy regarding transgender inmates, asking that “gender non-conforming” prisoners be housed according to their gender identity rather than genital configuration.
    “Transgender inmates are particularly vulnerable in U.S. prisons because of a general policy of housing inmates according to birth-assigned gender or genital configuration, regardless of their current appearance or gender identity,” the resolution says
    The resolution isn’t mandatory, but “we have officially asked them to update their policies,” Rep. Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo, said Friday. She was one of three sponsors of the resolution.
    The resolution runs counter to current policy at Colorado prisons, and to a recent decision by the Trump Administration to roll back rules for transgender prisoners that were adopted in 2016.
    Under the Obama Administration, Federal Bureau of Prisons officials were to recommend housing by gender identity when appropriate. On Friday, that rule was struck from the Transgender Offender Manual and replaced with rules requiring officials to use biological sex to determine placement, except in rare cases.
    All Colorado state prison inmates are placed according to their biological sex. Department of Corrections spokesman Mark Fairbairn, said that while the department does not currently have an overarching policy for the treatment of transgender inmates, all state facilities comply with the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, including standards for managing them.
    He said the the Inspector General’s Office is completing the review of best practices requested in the legislative resolution and will release its findings to the public.
    Regardless of official prison policy, convict code is a more practical consideration, Thompson and four other transgender inmates said in a series of interviews at Territorial in Cañon City.
    They say Saunders-Velez’s behavior, including showering with men when she could shower privately and repeatedly claiming she was raped, draws attention that is potentially dangerous attention to all of them.
    But according to attorney Paula Griesen, their condemnation of her client, Saunders-Velez, comes at a time when support and compassion are called for.
    “It’s reminiscent of the days when we told rape victims that they asked for it and we assumed they were lying,” Griesen said.
    She said the transgender inmates were offered preferred cell assignments after they spoke with The Denver Post. Fairbairn said they were not.
    “There are games going on,” Griesen said. “Lindsay is paving a path, but she’s also paying a price for being vocal.”
    Griesen said Colorado is on the brink of potentially dramatic reforms for the transgender community behind bars.
    Trans people want to be known by their chosen gender identity, not their birth names, Griesen said. They want access to female hygiene items and clothing, like bras that don’t hide their femininity, she said. They should be body-searched by female correctional officers. And they want to live in their own unit, whether that is in a men’s prison or a women’s prison, she said.
    Several of the transgender inmates who spoke with The Denver Post agreed that reforms are needed. What they said they are opposed to is Saunders-Velez being the poster child for them.
    Like many other prison subcultures identified by race, gang affiliation, crimes committed and religion, the gender identification group has a complex set of rules governed not only by the wardens who control prison gates, but by intricate unwritten rules dictated by the inmates themselves.
    The written rules are enforced by potentially withdrawing privileges, segregation and by reducing an inmates’ “good time,” all affecting how long they remain in prison. But the con code dictates whether inmates live or die.
    In July 2017, Saunders-Velez, 20, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Denver against the Department of Corrections and its executive director, Rick Raemish, wardens and correctional supervisors after she was transferred from female quarters at the Colorado Juvenile Offender Center in Pueblo into the adult prison system after she was convicted of assaulting staff at the juvenile jail.
    Her lawsuit says she is in peril in a men’s prison.
    Saunders-Velez, who began hormone therapy to transition to female at age 15, went to the Colorado Division of Youth Services in Pueblo in 2014 where she remained until 2017, when she threw a chair at a staff member. In May 2017, she was sent to Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility. A few hours after she arrived, a gang of male inmates demanded sex, some exposing themselves to her, she claimed in court records. She swallowed razors, hoping it would get her transferred, Griesen said. She ended up in Territorial in July.
    Saunders-Velez has claimed she was raped in December and then again on April 20, hours after Chief U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger denied a request to halt her transfer to a disciplinary pod in Territorial, ruling that Saunders-Velez failed to prove she was in imminent danger of assault.
    Hours later, an inmate grabbed her, slammed her head against a metal bunk bed and “brutally raped her,” Griesen said.
    The five inmates interviewed on May 4 blamed the rape on what they called Saunders-Velez’s provocative behavior or said they thought it was a consensual prison liaison.
    Each of them also said that being transgender person in a men’s prison isn’t necessarily fraught with danger, but said some behaviors can get them killed.
    To stay safe behind bars, transgender inmates must dress modestly and not flaunt their breasts, said Monica Anaya. Anaya said she fatally shanked a catcalling inmate at Limon Correctional Facility — “but only in self-defense.” She said the inmate had stabbed her twice after demanding her tennis shoes.
    Members of Territorial’s transgender dysphoria group said they have tried to teach Saunders-Velez the convict code, said Taliyah Murphy, 34.
    “He is extremely flirtatious,” Murphy said. “I believe he had sex and because he got caught he is turning it into rape.”
    Murphy was convicted in 2006 of four counts of attempted murder of Colorado Springs police officers. Murphy said she was in a “domestic situation” with her lover at the time of the shooting. Police answered a suicidal person call.
    “If you carry yourself like a ho you are going to get treated like a ho,” Murphy said of a class of transgender inmates that prisoners call “gay boys.” These inmates are extremely feminine and overtly sexual, she said.
    Prison isn’t a place for flirting, Anaya said.
    Acacia Lyndarr, 39, said when a transgender prisoner acts like a prostitute, it affects every transgender person on the yard. Lyndarr is serving life in prison for a 2012 Pueblo conviction for felony murder and arson.
    “She’s disrupting my home,” Lyndarr said, referring to Saunders-Velez. Lyndarr said she is intersex, meaning that she was born with male and female genitalia. “I don’t like people dragging my transgender community in the dirt because they are nasty.”
    Like other transgender inmates in a men’s prison, Lyndarr has been bombarded with taunts, catcalls and propositions. She wears her blonde hair long and often uses feminine hand gestures. But Lyndarr said because she carries herself with dignity and doesn’t verbally spar with her tormentors, she is given wide birth.
    Lyndarr also acknowledged that her reputation protects her.
    Lyndarr was convicted in the 2010 murder Robert Piserchio, 50, who was bound with duct tape, tortured, beaten and set on fire, according to the Pueblo Chieftan. Although Lyndarr said she was in Denver conducting a drug deal at the time, co-defendants told police Lyndarr poured deck sealant over Piserchio’s body and lit him up.
    Murphy added that Saunders-Velez is fixated on suing CDOC. The four other inmates recounted instances in which Saunders-Velez boasted about raking in large amounts of money from the lawsuit.
    “That one is always talking about suing guards,” said Jessica Guitron. But in accusing the prison of failing to protect her, Saunders-Velez is also violating a prison taboo by “snitching,” which can have deadly consequences in prison, she said.
    Griesen said the inmates were taking Saunders-Velez to task for things she has no control over. Her client doesn’t wear the sports “compression” bra offered by the prison because it disguises her preferred gender, she said. Griesen said the other transgender inmates have ostracized Saunders-Velez and refuse to speak to her.
    Prisons and jails that do not offer individual analysis of each transgender inmate in terms of the best location for them in terms of safety violate the Prison Rape Elimination Act, said Demoya Gordon, an attorney with Lamba Legal’s Transgender Rights Project in New York City.
    “Transgender persons are especially vulnerable to rape and sexual assault in prison,” Gordon said. For example, a recent California study found that 59 percent of transgender inmates in the California prison system are raped compared to 4 percent of other prisoners, she said.
    Although the five transgender inmates eagerly castigated Saunders-Velez, in many instances they agreed with positions Saunders-Velez had taken in her lawsuit.
    For example, Murphy agrees with Saunders-Velez that transgender inmates should be held in a female prison. She added that it is emotionally and psychologically damaging to repeatedly be called by her male birth name and male pronouns. Getting strip searched by male correctional officers is demeaning, Murphy said.
    “I can’t tell you how uncomfortable it is,” she said.
    Anaya said she is offended when correctional officers or fellow prisoners call her by her birth name.
    “I’m Monica,” she said. “I’m not Cuahutemoe.”

    Transgender inmates at Colorado Territorial prison welcome reforms, but are outraged by behavior that sparked it

    1. “It’s reminiscent of the days when we told rape victims that they asked for it and we assumed they were lying,”
      Thank goodness those days are long over, right? What planet do trans allies live on anyway?

    2. I wonder who’s going to come for them for misgendering.
      ““She’s disrupting my home,” Lyndarr said, referring to Saunders-Velez. Lyndarr said she is intersex, meaning that she was born with male and female genitalia. “I don’t like people dragging my transgender community in the dirt because they are nasty.””
      It’s amazing that a person who -splained intersex like that got to even write a feature article like that. I’m sure writing it will put them on the gender beat for life though and it’s good work if you can get it.

      1. Without a doubt it’s Lyndarr who describes his (fictional) intersex condition that way. Unfortunately many reporters don’t question intersex claims when they come from crossdressing men with completely normal, intact male genitalia.
        Although, actually, reporters don’t question *anything* a man in a dress says no matter how far-fetched or self-serving.

        1. Reporters should immediately query the specific medical diagnosis transgenderists allege when they trot out their fake intersex claims.

        2. Reporters should immediately query the specific medical diagnosis transgenderists allege when they trot out their fake intersex claims.

  18. I don’t know why they don’t house these guys in a separate section instead of expecting women to put up with them. They’re the violent ones, no woman prisoner should ever have to deal with this crap.

  19. This is actually pretty funny. Buzzfeed “reporter” (do we still have to call him that after this article?) Dominic Holden and ACLU nutter Chase Strangio (who personally gestated a child herself) argue that they don’t understand the meaning of the words “transgender” or “biological sex”, ergo no public policy may address these characteristics. The only category capable of being legally defined is “gender identity” which, although lacking any objective characteristics, can be evidenced by one’s declaration of faith towards it. Or something.
    Still beating that 1990’s Foulcaut/Butler drum that sexual dimorphism in mammals is oh so mysterious even though millions (billions?) of them produce offspring via female/male coupling every single day since the dawn of time and never, ever by any other means.
    Do they seriously believe that destabilizing the profoundly stable matter of mammalian sexual dimorphism in the public/legal understanding of science is plausible in any way in 2018?
    “B..but intersex!” may have worked briefly as a derailer of conversation in internet forums years ago before targets became informed of the tactic, but now? Seriously?
    I guess it’s all they’ve got. Erasure of sex as a protected legal status for those oppressed on the basis of it: Women and girls. Disgusting.

    1. I wonder if Holden wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if he came across a “gay transman’ on Grindr.

    2. It’s funny that these biologically illiterate people will argue that there are invertebrates and fish that HAVE TOTES CHANGED THEIR BIOLOGICAL SEX and by that logic, sexual dimorphism in humans doesn’t exist. No primate – no mammal, come to think of it – has ever changed it sex, and never will.

  20. Foulcaut/Butler drum” damn Gallus the Mag, you clever little thing with names, Foul-caut indeed, but being nice to Butler, very civil of you LOL. Who says Americans can’t write French well ooo la la lol.

    1. Talented Tom Wolfe has just passed (R.I.P.), and there is a hilarious passage in his novel, “A Man in Full”–wherein Charlie, old-school Southerner, is listening to an art expert and suddenly realizes he doesn’t understand a single word:
      “… As Michael Foucault has demonstrated so conclusively in our own time—the prison—the actual carcerel, in his terminology—the actual center of confinement and torture—is but the end point”—
      Who? thought Charlie. Michelle Fookoe? He looked at Serena, who was turned about in her chair drinking in every word as if it were ambrosia.
      —“the unmistakable terminus—of a process that presses in upon us all. The torture begins soon after the moment of birth, but we choose to call it ‘education,’ ‘religion,’ ‘government,’ ‘custom,’ ‘convention,’ ‘tradition,’ and ‘Western civilization.’ The result is”—
      Am I hearing what I think I’m hearing or am I crazy? thought Charlie. Why wasn’t somebody at one of these many tables hissing?

      I have never gotten “Michelle Fookoe” out of my head and think of it every time someone mentions Foucault … some people just had the knack. 😀

  21. You know me, I can spot a grammar mistake at 100 years, and I LOVE LOVE you subtle wit. It’s like these little treats you throw out there for us all! I put in a treat with this post hope you get a cheep laugh out of it.

  22. 100 yards and you got the missing r—- oh and Daisy Deadhead up above told about Tom Wolfe and Michelle Fookoe— and it was one of those moments of hysterical fun today. “Foul-cow” LOL LOL LOL Tom Wolfe I’m sure is with us in spirit today!

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