6 thoughts on “The Genderquake debate fiasco and the McCarthyism that followed.

  1. Does anyone have a screen grab of Munroe Bergdorf’s now deleted tweet threatening to sue Olivia? He took it down before I had a chance to grab it.

    1. Bergdorf threatened to sue her over this tweet:

      He claimed he never said half of those comments and if she didn’t delete it he would sue her.
      Here’s one of Munroe’s bully boys responding to the now deleted tweet and egging him on:

      Bergdorf must have realized belatedly that the meme has been published all over the internet for some time now. What an idiot. He really seems to have targeted this particular woman. What a dick.

  2. The Green Party crawling in bed with Big Pharma sure runs their credibility into the ground. Make no mistake. There is hella $$$ in all those GnRH analogues and hormones. Starting kids out on puberty blockers and hormones at age 11 or 12, and keeping them on drugs for their entire lives.
    What kind of environmental group doesn’t even believe that sexual reproduction exists in all mammals and primates. As we have seen on this blog and elsewhere, some transwomen (biological males) have dreams of uterus implant. Is the future that an environmentalist group envisions? That is, human beings are gestated in male bodies, or some other ghastly experiment.
    How can a political organization that is supposed to be all about the environment support drugging kids with GnRH analogues and hormones. It’s like, “We hate chemicals and hormones in our food, water, etc. but it’s okay to drug 10 and 11 year old kids, and keep them on chemicals for life.” If someone was chemically sterilizing other primates, mutilating their genitals, and rendering them infertile with no sexual functioning, PETA and the Green Party would be screaming. I’m sure all those GnRH analogues and hormones end up in the environment eventually, so let’s give our good friend Big Pharma who has more lobbyists than oil companies the go ahead to make a lot more chemicals to pump into kids.
    A woman raises her voice, and it’s a crime, but this has been going on for years.
    (1.) TERF death threats have been going on for years. We are talking about actual threats of violence. Not one word from the Green Party. https://terfisaslur.com/
    (2.) A transwoman is on trial in Oakland for slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house. Rivers was protesting outside Michigan Women’s Music Festival, a lesbian run event. Not one word from the Green Party.
    (3.) A 26 year old transwoman,Tara Wolf (also known as Tara Flik Wood), was convicted of assaulting a 60-year-old woman, Maria MacLachlan. This was about two months ago. Not one word from the Green Party.
    (4.) A trans group, Degenderettes, had an “art exhibit” with a “I Punch Terfs” shirt with red paint resembling blood. They were told to take down the “I Punch Terfs” shirt, but still kept their baseball bats with barbed wire. Other than to terrorize women, what are the baseball bats with barbed wire all about? Not one word from the Green Party.
    (5.) A sexual predator who falsely claimed trans status, Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook got into two different women’s homeless shelters in Toronto where he sexually assaulted homeless women. Not one word from the Green Party.
    No female has ever killed a transwoman (biological male), but transwomen (males) have been convicted of killing a lot of women. Just last June in Washington State transwoman Douglas, “Donna”, Perry was convicted of killing three women. Not one word from the Green Party. Transwoman Synthia China Blast is serving time for his part in the murder of a 13 year old black girl whose body was dumped in a box and set afire. Not one word from the Green Party.

    1. “There is hella $$$ in all those GnRH analogues and hormones.”
      Amen! Why can’t more people see that the trans machinery is primarily about capital engineering?

  3. Thanks for posting this Gallus. I’ve been watching it all unfold with a great feeling of alarm.
    Also worth watching is that boy Madigan who’s response to the resignation of 300 women from the Labour Party is to hold a party. The invites have that smirking photo of himself with Jeremy Corbyn. Any other women’s officer would be asking pertinent questions. Not holding a party!

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