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  1. Note: The 4 Part videos linked above were posted online by a man who identifies as transgender, who apparently took the time to visually highlight the times when female audience members spoke, either independently or in response to questions from panelist(s).
    This man (Sarah Louise Davis of SLD Models) characterized female audience members speaking as “heckling”. Of course it has since emerged that producers encouraged audience members to speak out in such a way.
    Apparently they felt the live audience was too unresponsive at the start of the show and they wanted more drama.
    Channel 4 gave the audience an open bar before the show and then “repeatedly encouraged us to heckle” on program breaks (@theposieparker).

  2. It always has to start with the special pronoun nonsense. It’s basically a form of coerced speech in that people are required to participate in another person’s ideology. If everyone refused to play the pronoun game, there is nothing they could do about it.
    Male = he or him
    Female = she or her
    When asked about pronouns, Jenner made me laugh when he said, “She all the way baby” in that horrid deep voice. Jenner is not a “she”. This “she” is the father of 6 kids by 3 different wives. Why not ask his ex-wives if they thought they were sleeping with a “she” or “he”. A rich old white dude thinks he can buy womanhood with a boat load of plastic surgery and expensive dresses.
    I get the creeps every time I hear Bruce Jenner speak. He sounds like Lurch with that deep voice. And, all that plastic surgery just makes it even more creepy. He has that I got too much plastic surgery Michael Jackson look, and then he speaks with that gawd awful voice. Those big old man hands and the voice. If Jenner really were a woman no one would even know who he is because no female athlete of his generation ever made as much money from endorsements, etc. The fact that he is male and white is the main reason he is worth $100 million.
    They continue to deny the fact that transwomen (biological males) offend at the same rate as other males. This includes the same rate of violent crime and the same rate of sex crimes. Saying that male violence doesn’t impact the female sex is ludicrous and insulting. Criminologists have known for decades that most violent crime is committed by males, and there are far more male registered sex offenders.
    We do know that males have already used “gender identity” to prey on women, and I’m sure there will be more Hambrook cases.
    What they are basically doing is dumping the problem of male violence on the female sex. They are basically saying that women should STFU because there are already laws against rape and assault.
    There is no reason why a male, especially a male who still has his make genitals, can’t use the men’s restroom or men’s locker room. If he is assaulted or harassed, there are laws against it.

    1. Are you sure they offend (sexually) at the same rate as other men? I seem to recall reading that out of the UK’s male prison population, 5% were doing time for a sex crime, while the percentage was over 20% amongst the trans-identified convict (ergo the ones actively demanding to be housed in women’s prisons.)

      1. According to the (then) largest survey of transgender people of all time, the 2011US “Injustice At Every Turn” report produced jointly by the NGLTF and Trans Equality, both male and female transgender-identified people are more likely to experience incarceration in their lifetime. No information is given on type of offense.
        [PDF ]
        General US population:
        Males- lifetime 4.9%
        Females- lifetime 0.5%
        Trans US population (by “Gender Identity”). Survey respondents were 83% white:
        Males- (“transwomen”)- 21%
        Females (“transmen”)- 10%
        Sex unknown (“GNC”)- 12%
        When the survey was repeated in 2015, lifetime incarceration questions were removed. Only those incarcerated in the last year were measured (2%) and the results were not divided by sex.
        General population: 0.91%

      2. The Dhejne study found that MTTs commit violent crimes at the same rate as other men, but that’s when controlling for mental illness. When not controlling for mental illness, they’re 2.7 times more violent than other men.

  3. Sarah Ditum raises the issue of legal sex using the example of Mary Deans, a male serial sex offender against women who applied for transfer to a women’s prison. Part 2 Minute 3.
    ( )
    Seems a very reasonable discussion.
    Munroe’s response: “I feel that it’s extremely unfair to speak about trans people and then instantaneously speak about sexual predators in the same sentence.”
    So women can never raise the issue of male violence according to Munroe. Because “Not All Men”, apparently?
    If it is “extremely unfair” for women to even speak about males and sexual predation in the same sentence- if one of the males self-ids as transgender, then how will any discussion at all of the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act take place?

    1. Women: We’re concerned about male sexual predators using self-ID under the GRA to access female victims.
      TRA: That would never happen! Male perverts would never sign a statutory declaration in order to legalize their activities!
      Women: What about Mary Deans?
      TRA: That’s just one case! Incredibly rare!
      Women: Okay look, I found hundreds of other cases.
      TRA: Oh my god you’re calling us all sex predators!
      [Endlessly Repeat]

      1. Wow! This is analogous to the way many people defend predatory men in general. If a single woman complains about a man, it’s her word against his or an isolated incident. If more than one complains, it’s a conspiracy. I’m sure one of the rules of misogyny is that women aren’t allowed to say anything that might make men look bad, even if it’s true.

      2. “I’m sure one of the rules of misogyny is that women aren’t allowed to say anything that might make men look bad, even if it’s true.”
        No, no. One of the rules of misogyny is that women aren’t allowed to say anything AT ALL.

  4. The imperious demand by the TIM, the pinnacle of haughty male-dominant entitlement, that the gender critical audience member should be removed from the audience was the strongest moment for me.
    Sounded just like a man.

    1. Yeah that was a real power play. “I’d like this woman to be removed” “Isn’t anyone going to do something?” LOL, like, no, sir.
      Then he sicced his forty thousand twitter troops after her by name. Then he threatened to sue her (since deleted). There is something really wrong with this guy.
      Let’s be frank. Some of these guys seem to really lose it after they get a bunch of “gender confirming” surgeries. They get really brittle and freak out whenever their sex is observed. They hit a downward spiral when there’s nothing else to do to “progress” on their “gender journey” and everyone still clocks them. If they’re lucky they reach self-acceptance of their sex and move on.
      Transition does not cure sex dysphoria. The transition industry claims it does but it’s mainly a carrot on a stick, just always out of reach if they do the next procedure. Perfect affirmation is impossible, even if they go stealth (which is also nearly impossible and becomes less so in the internet age.)

      1. I was just in Costco w my daughter. A 6’5″ TIM shopping w a woman, he was dressed in makeup, long hair, skirted, a giant obvious man in drag, scowling, looking really uncomfortable in his own skin. I resent the fact that because he has an invisible gender ID but looks just like a giant barely post-juvenile male, I am forced to lie, to go along with pretense. He was acting like a man, not like two women shopping for food together. The female was doing the product close ups for freshness and value, he just pushed the cart like other husbands – a generality but my observation today.
        Demanding that I LIE Sticks in my craw. Beskirted males are still beskirted males.
        The PLOS Swedish study that’s never been retracted or corrected does show suicide peaks 10-20 years after transition, when they can’t run away from their sex fraud anymore.
        The guy in Costco today looked tense and unhappy. I forget which author said, “These are emotionally unhappy people”.
        It sucks that he needs external validation, it just isn’t healthy to demand others lie in order to make yourself feel better.
        I resent being required to lie. I won’t do it.

      2. Bergdorf is extremely self-hating. It’s wild that he’s trying to monetize being black in addition to being trans considering that he’s gotten extreme skin bleaching done, even more so than Laverne Cox.

      3. @radfemisphere The doctor who said “there is too much unhappiness in these people” (referring to MtF trans individuals) was Charles Ihlenfeld, an endocrinologist originally on board with Harry Benjamin’s medicalization of transsexualism. Ihlenfeld, who was a gay man himself, realized that the people treated for transsexualism in the 1970’s through cross-sex hormones and surgery did not go on to flourish emotionally, socially or psychologically. Rather the exact opposite occurred. Ihlenfeld based his opinion on the longterm outcomes of close to 500 patients, to whom he personally administered hormone therapy at the original Johns Hopkins gender clinic. Ihlenfeld later quit endrocrinology and retrained as a psychiatrist.
        The exact quote was ““There is too much unhappiness among people who have had the surgery. Too many of them end as suicides.”
        Read more about it here:

      4. “There is too much unhappiness in these people.”
        What Ihlenfeld seems to have recognized is exactly what’s eluding so many trans activists and supporters these days–that the chronically unhappy tend to look for concrete reasons that explain their unhappiness and simple fixes that will make them feel better. People who are mentally ill, traumatized by misogynistic abuse, porn sick, or being mistreated by a society that rejects their sexual orientation and/or general non-conformity are leaping onto the trans bandwagon in hopes of feeling better. In another time and place, they might have latched onto demonic possession and exorcism as the problem and its solution–or recovered memories and psychoanalysis, karma and past-life regression, heresy and inquisition, witchcraft and witchhunting.
        The perpetually miserable have always been among us looking for someone or something to blame.

  5. This whole TV show was very frustrating, the moment that guy said “Remove the woman” it was entitled male speak. They never addressed the fact that there are laws protecting all people from sexual attack, so if these TIM get attacked by men in a restroom, they can call the cops, just as women are expected to do if some creepy man harasses them. The laws are in place, these guys just want to invade women’s privacy.

    1. It’s the old double standard.
      Transsexual males claim that they NEED to use female facilities because they fear assault from other males in the men’s room. But then, when the real women express concern about males accessing their spaces and assaulting them, the transsexuals just cry, “Assaulting someone in a toilet is already illegal, you dumb TERFs! So if someone tries to rape you in a toilet stall, you can just call the cops!”
      We’re expected to coddle them and treat their fears as valid. But we get ridiculed when we express concern about our safety being compromised.

  6. The show was annoying and gender critical feminists were not allowed equal time, men dominated this discussion and kept interrupting the gender critical women. It seemed like the TIMs were given about twice as much time to speak.

    1. I agree. Sarah Ditum in particular was almost never allowed to complete a point, or even a sentence, before Munroe Bergdorf started talking over her. Since Bergdorf has a deeper and louder voice this all but drowned her out.
      Jenner was given all the time in the world to go on and on, which seemed odd to me because she is not very articulate and tends to wander off on personal stories.
      There was one exception, though, to female people being interrupted by male people. Germaine Greer was allowed to speak much of the time. I love Greer’s incredibly original mind; she doesn’t think like everybody else and it’s a delight to hear what she has to say. However, I don’t think that was very effective on this particular show. Her tale of being “too tall” for a girl growing up in Australia was interesting but she didn’t tie it in to the subject clearly, and even I got frustrated when she said she didn’t remember saying things that I’ve seen her on video saying. But what a wonderful mind she has. I’ve somehow never read The Female Eunuch and I think it’s time I did.

  7. Most of these have been taken down already so I only got to watch the trailer and the first video, but I loved what Germaine Greer said about women having to take care of fragile masculine egos. Sarah Ditum made some good points, too.
    That trailer, though. If these hadn’t been posted here, I would have stayed as far away from this show as possible.
    Is “Prince was trans” on a bingo card anywhere?

    1. There’s a long list of transed dead people along with another list of historical events and revolts led by transwomen. Dontcha know?

    2. Its so gross and creepy when people try to attach a trendy modern gender identity and/or sexuality to dead people who never consented to it. Prince started getting a ton of that after he died (even though he has given no indication of being anything other than a flamboyant man). But I’ve also seen it done to Joan of Arc and Anne Frank.

      1. Amongst the post-mortem transed we can also find Amelia Earhart, Queen Elizabeth I, Radclyffe Hall, Harper Lee, Florence Nightingale, and basically every other woman who flouted conventional sex stereotypes of their time and made a name for themselves.

    1. That you so much for that link! That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read!

    1. FYI for UK people: Youtube says that Channel 4 have asked them to make these videos unavailable in the UK. However, the show is available directly from the Channel 4 website,

    2. Between his voice, and his frozen, grotesquely fabricated face, Jenner is reminding me of those guys who wear rubber “lady suits” and masks. I kept expecting to see his hands in big, white, satin gloves.

  8. On the data on the percentage of trans people in prison. Didn’t they do a study in Scotland that revealed 25% of TIM in male prisoners were in for sexual offenses of some sort, or rape, or sexual harassment. So if those TIM protested and wanted to be let into women’s prisons it means it could be a few hundred men inflicted on women prisoners. Wish I had the link, but this is no small thing, and no it is not rare for TIMs to do all kinds of things–Jenner himself was creepy with his daughters underwear, the whole dress up routine, and he actually killed a woman in a car accident, for which he totally had no punishment at all, nothing.

    1. “On the data on the percentage of trans people in prison. Didn’t they do a study in Scotland that revealed 25% of TIM in male prisoners were in for sexual offenses of some sort, or rape, or sexual harassment.”
      YES I remember this data as well, I just can’t remember where or how I accessed it. The percentage of sex offenders in the trans-identified male convicts was 4-5 times higher than in normal “cis” males.

  9. It was one big male talk over women fest, very very frustrating. Greer was brilliant, but I agree, her not being able to remember her comments (I saw those videos) was frustrating. Still the moment she said “Well I wrote The Female Eunuch” was such a brilliant parry to the brainless TIMs on stage— I could almost see that little mischief glint in her eye LOL.

  10. The TIMS are actually fearful of a regulated debate, with rules and regulations for speaking, they know they’d lose big time.

  11. Any woman who refuses to obey patriarchy and refuses to dress in conventional ways is deemed trans now. Kind of like how the Mormons baptize people after they have died. It’s a never ending attempt to erase powerful women —- ask any butch lesbian today what a nightmare the whole trans cult really is….

    1. It angers me that people are claiming so many female role models were really men, whether lesbians who’ve lived in male-free non-conformity or any women regardless of orientation who were strong, courageous, brilliant, original. It’s the form sexism seems to take in the 21st century–deny the womanhood of anyone female who’s done something great, presumably to support the stereotype that women never accomplish anything.
      I notice no one seems to trans their own departed mother or any woman who cleans up after others. The caretakers and housekeepers aren’t deemed sufficiently interesting to include. And another thing–why is it TIMs never express their supposed womanhood by taking care of people and doing housework?
      Oddly enough, there’s no rush to claim Lizzie Borden and other violent women, however exceptional they might be.

      1. LOL, If they can dead-trans our foremothers and dead lesbians, so can we dead trans our serial murderers. Was Lizzie Borden trans woman like Donna Perry and Dana rivers?
        Maybe poor Lizzie AFAB really popped a gender cork when they didn’t like her ladyclit?

      2. Oh, but they never want to be the nurturing, matronly type of female (unless it somehow involves fetishizing motherhood), it’s always the porn star vixen type. Unfortunately for everyone, these guys are more often than not aesthetically tone-deaf, so instead of looking like the hawwt slut their brainsex tells them they are, they look like ogres with make-up.

  12. Someone misgendered Lizzie Borden and she took an ax and gave her father 40 wacks…. or maybe she time traveled to the SF Library, stole one of the degenerett’s axes and baseball bats and killed her Mom with them— a new plot of Dr. Who??? Who knew LOL.

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