San Francisco Public Library hosts transgender “art exhibit” featuring weapons intended to kill feminists

If you thought the age of scold’s bridles and dunking pools designed to torture and kill disobedient women were a thing of the past, you would be wrong. The San Francisco Public Library unveiled an exhibit this week featuring blood stained t-shirts encouraging patrons to “punch” feminists, along with several installations of deadly weapons painted pink: baseball bats covered in barbed wire, axes, among others, all designed by men to kill feminist women.

Display case of weapons

More weapons to be used against women who harbor what the designers call “oppressive belief-sets” against males, defined in the accompanying literature as lesbians.

The male creators of the exhibit also included a helpful manifesto, blaming lesbians, feminists and other uppity women for causing more deaths (by “harassing” men with their dastardly opinions!) than all the actual real murders committed by violent men.
The display, launched mere days after the mass murder of women in Toronto by “incel” terrorist Alek Minassian and echoing his philosophy, was funded by the non-profit Friends of The San Francisco Public Library and created by The Degenderettes, led by Scout Tran Caffee, founder of Trans Dykes: the anti-lesbian Antifa.  The group specifically targets lesbians as “oppressors” of men -because they exclude males from their dating pools. The men in the group identify as transgender and consider themselves to be male lesbians.
Materials include riot shields inscribed with the slogan “Die Cis Scum”. Cis is a transgender community term, generally used as a slur, for non-transgender people.
From the exhibit manifesto:

“The Degenderettes are a humble and practical club, fighting for gender rights within human reach rather than with legislation and slogans. Their agit-prop artwork has come to permeate internet trans culture, national television, and headlines as far as Germany.”   [From the San Francisco Public Library website here: ]

Posted at the exhibition, MRA/incel complaints of “reverse sexism”: The fact that violence against feminists and lesbians is considered more likely to be perpetrated by males (as evidenced by all crime statistics worldwide throughout human history) is a conclusion that discriminates against men. Hmm. Never seen that one before. (sarcasm). Explicitly states that acknowledging male violence against women is “anti-transgender”.
Followed by bizarre claims that feminists “induce suicides” of men and threaten to kill them.

Posted at the exhibit. Part one.

Part two.

The largely heterosexual “heteroqueer” group’s claim that they created the slogan “Your Apathy Is Killing Us” in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub shooting is incorrect. It was created by gay male Reagan era AIDS activists who were fighting for their literal lives demanding medical treatment for a deadly epidemic.
The Degenderettes slogan “Die Cis Scum” was popularized in 2012 by transgender White Nationalist “Char The Butcher”.
Char The Butcher (Clinton James Crawford) 2012

The San Francisco Public Library has scheduled a panel discussion for the “artists” to discuss their exhibit on Saturday May 12, from 2:00-4:00pm at the LGBTQIA Center, Main Library, 100 Larkin St.
Panel participants:
Mya “I Punch TERFS” Byrne (Jeremiah Birnbaum)
Gender-conforming “NonBinary” and heterosexual but “queer identified” Wedding Photographer Tristan Crane
“Male butch dyke” Uriah Ezri Sayres Cantrell
“Consent culture” activist married to an alleged sexual predator Kitty Stryker
Scout Tran Caffee
with moderation by Mason Smith.

Following complaints and negative feedback on social media, on April 25th the San Francisco Public Library removed the T-shirt that called on patrons to punch feminists:

“Due to concerns raised by library patrons, we are altering the degenderettes antifa art exhibit at the Main Library to remove a shirt, a piece of artwork that could be interpreted as promoting violence, which is incompatible with our exhibitions policy.”

At the time this report was published, the weapons as well as the anti-feminist and homophobic materials remain.

Men punching feminists.

292 thoughts on “San Francisco Public Library hosts transgender “art exhibit” featuring weapons intended to kill feminists

      1. I just heard the term “transcels” and it seems quite apt in this case. To say axes and bloody shirts are art is disgusting. Lesbians will be assaulted at the next San Francisco pride, mark my words.

      2. @ MichFestLover: I loved San Francisco and Pride when living there. I had hoped to move back when my wife finishes nursing school. Seeing this, I know the trans have driven me out permanently. I support WBW space as does my wife. I am horrified by the pcitures in this story. I am too old and sick to try to deal with this at Pride–or any other time.
        And what the trans did in getting MichFest closed down was a crime against WBW.

    1. SFPL (like the rest of the world) seems ok with female exclusion though. Silent re the hundreds of all-male spaces run by/for males, from clubs and saunas to (gay/straight) political networks and business associations where power is consolidated, deals are cemented and whole cities re-shaped to erase women and poor communities.
      Female Exclusionary Pricks (FEPs). What would happen if females protested FEP space–or policy–with axes and bats? Would SF Library celebrate such a protest?

    2. Her whole comment is beautiful and that last line is chillingly true.
      But hey maybe their next display can be Elliot Rodger’s manifesto and some pastel AR-15s.

      1. Exactly! This is so enraging. And it opened AFTER the mass killing in Toronto? 10 people were killed. He deliberately targeted women. One of the women was 94 years old. She made it that many years without being murdered by a man. 😢
        Also “die cis scum“. Are the Library people just in a trance or something? Did they not know that
        1) cis is not a term that means bigot like a cracker or redneck. It means almost all of us. And yet I bet they wouldn’t have allowed an exhibit that used cracker or redneck.
        2) if it had said “die white scum” would they have allowed that?

  1. No weapon designed to injure or threaten another person can ever be described as a work-of-art in a civilised society. NEVER. This is sickening on so many levels. Sickening that the weapons exist, sickening that an exhibition has been put together, sickening that a public library should give space to them and invite the public to view them.
    Do the people connected with this exhibition have no concept of the fear, the terror and the trauma that rule by the mob produces? Are they really glorifying in it? The only reason for this “exhibition” is to trivialise women’s justified fears; to keep women silent.
    My response, I realise (hope), is that of most decent people, but there is a sub-culture (I just learned about incels) who are fuelled by connection on the internet and united by their sense of entitlement to the object they despise, women.
    This week I have read about the sexually motivated, sadistic killing of the journalist, Kim Wall, by a man, Peter Madsen, whom she went to interview alone. She was not aware that he collected videos of women being tortured and just the night before had downloaded a video of a woman having her throat cut.
    The exhibition in San Fransisco is complicit in normalising this dangerous group of men’s way of thinking. SICKENING.

    1. American Legion, VFW and those guys display guns in these exact types of reverential ‘pseudo-art exhibits’ at gun shows throughout the South…the guns are treated respectfully, under lights, etc… exactly like this. Bikers also display weapons (that have actually been used, sometimes the signs will tell you where) in this manner also; lighted display cases in biker-club hangouts or biker bars. They are like religious artifacts or relics.
      These trans women have obviously seen lots of these exhibits and admire them and of course wanted to create their own masculine weapon display.
      I can imagine them whining to the library people: “But moooom, all the other guys are doing it!”

      1. Thank you for this fascinating, disgusting information. Yes, obviously this is where they got the idea. 🤦🏻‍♀️ There is no history of art even about actual political resistance and protests that has weapons! It’s pictures of you protesting and maybe the cops harassing you or hitting you. It’s not this shit. Mayhem trophies. 🤮

      2. Perhaps women should do a performance piece on genital realignment surgery for men.
        They could donate the machete and blowdy sheets for a permanent exhibit.

      3. Well at least one could marvel at engineering of a fire-arm. But not a painted club lol.

      4. Similarities, yes. But the differences are larger. A public library is a public place. And even if anyone can just waltz into a gun show or a biker bar, it will be public in just a legal way. Because a gun show or biker bar isn’t supposed to for the whole public.
        The second difference is that these weapons have probably not been used in anger (I hope!) Anyway, this does not belong in a library. Read some history books if you want a daily fix of atrocities.

    2. You ask, “Do the people connected with this exhibition have no concept of the fear, the terror, and the trauma that rule by the mob produces?”
      Yes, they know it perfectly well and it is what they promote. They want biological women to stay in their places, subservient and obedient to men. It’s just that simple.
      I am going to write to the library and object to this exhibit.

  2. I love that there’s currently a noodle-armed attempt to frame Woman’s Place UK (and of course all “TERFs”) as “BFFs” with Nazis because a British nationalist bought a ticket to the Quaker-hosted event. And yet they have the likes of Char and this fascist shit in their movement.
    Roaming around spaces meant for oppressed groups with obvious weaponry and trying to silence any discussion that opposes a very specific ideology? Totally defenders of the free world. Having a dodgy guy attend an event and get a few Twitter follows? YOU’RE ALL LITERALLY HITLER.

  3. “Their work is organized and appears most frequently as interventions in public space and protests. The Degenderettes use all available means of production; from appropriating merit badges and reclaiming their gendered history in order to honor queer life skills, to photographing their interventions to document and post them online, the Degenderettes blend aesthetics and praxis in order to foreground their right to exist in a world where Queer and Trans people are continually threatened with erasure.”
    I guess “interventions” and “aesthetics” are code words for threatening women with violence? The rest is just word salad. Or maybe they were playing trans activist madlibs.

    1. What the fuck is a “queer life skill”?
      Is that like wearing nail polish while having a penis? I mean, I am SURE that whatever that skill is, it MUST involve a dick. Because otherwise, it would be EXCLUSIVE.

      1. Maybe starting a campfire by rubbing two dicks together?
        Macramé, too, probably.

      2. A queer life skill is putting bowls of froot loops and lucky charms on the table at the queer restaurant in NYC (for snacks). And you wonder why their brains are fried.

      3. Knowing the names of all Meryl Streep’s characters, like that gay bear-dad on “Modern Family” does. I tell you that IS impressive.
        I’ll bet none of them could name a single one–or even bake you a decent cupcake or sing “If mama was married” from GYPSY. Queer skills ain’t what they used to be. 🙁

      4. A queer life skill is the ability to invent & pronounce words of five or more syllables.

  4. Wait, I thought they weren’t going to use “Degenderettes” because it makes it sound like they go around degendering people, which is much much worse than making violent threats towards women.

  5. One more comment, then I’ll quit spamming! Sorry GM, this has me all riled up.
    About 10 miles away from the San Francisco public library, is the René C. Davidson courthouse, where trans activist Dana Rivers is (eventually) being tried for the brutal murder of a lesbian couple and their son. Male violence is on display on both sides of the bay.

    1. 😧 That’s true isn’t it. And so perfectly underlines the disturbingness of all this. I see the Library thing as the as nitwits at the San Francisco public library not vetting, how White House-like 🙄, the “protest“ group that wanted to use the library space. Meaning the San Francisco public library administrators are so fucking stupid they don’t know that there are right wing groups out there trying to spread their message and that they portray themselves as the underdog! What next a white pride exhibit?

      1. No, an exhibit of ropes and knives used for lynching and the torture that often preceded lynching.

  6. I think its great. I’ve already showed it to 3 people and I am only on my 1st cup of coffee.
    We’ve been telling everybody how insane and violent they are… and now, we can just let their own art exhibit speak for itself. No words necessary.
    And a major library in a major city! They don’t even TRY to hide their violence, so now we can prove that harming biological women IS their active agenda. They are proud of it.
    Share, share, share.
    Great work, trans women, we could not have asked for better.
    PS: Why are the trans men pointedly left out of this display? Hahaha, pretty funny question, but thought I’d ask anyway.

    1. I feel the same, that this is doing our work for us. Though I do worry that there are people who won’t be able to parse this. And what do you tell the little kids? I hope this exhibit isn’t anywhere near the children’s library.

    2. I so appreciate your perspective, Daisy, to lighten what is an otherwise an.almost unbearably heavy matter.
      Everyone, please link this stunning post by GM, and the petition, to your local and national tv and print news organizations. Then let the talking heads have at it on national television.
      This b.s. may fly in pseudo-leftie circles, and with frightened library administrators in San Francisco, who probably are terrified about what to do, because they know they’ve screwed up if they read the petition comments, but also rightfully fear crossing any males in the LGBT, especially trans-snowflakes.
      And this may fly in similar circles in Portland, Seattle, NYC, and Boston, but would not on national TV news programs. Hopefully it would bring out the #metoo advocates.
      So if each of us could please drop the link to this to our local and national news organizations, and give this as much publicity as possible, the violence, misogyny, lesbophobia, and trans crazy could get the exposure, sunshine, and questioning it rightfully deserves.
      It would help break the fear and silence that few have been willing to broach, and help make it more a acceptable to question trans politics and delusional beliefs.

  7. I’m all for free speech in most cases, but promoting violence from vigilante groups is where it stops. This wasn’t just an exhibit the library allowed to happen: they endorsed and promoted it. Shame!

    1. “they endorsed and promoted it”
      Exactly. They aren’t just curating history; they’ve invited the creators and proponents to speak on this with no visible opposition. I’m all for being open about current events and discussing ripples in our culture but this is the opposite of that. The message is people who say/believe the “wrong” things should be hurt and, if you believe the “right” things, you’re justified in hurting people too. A library, of all places, should not be giving that mindset a platform.

      1. I want to go protest at the library, and at this event, but am frightened to. I will be writing to the library, and sharing this. Does anyone else want to make plans for a response? We need to have as big and diverse of a response as.possible. And by diverse, I not only mean diversity of people, but diversity of strategies: snail mail, email, phone call’s, complaints on the library FB page, letters to the editor of every Bay Area and San Francisco paper, and to every LGBT paper, calling this in to tv stations and writing to them to cover this hate and promotion and threat of violence against women, lesbians, and every one who doesn’t agree with trans ideology. Who wants to work on this with me, please?

      2. I am in the UK but I will email/write/repost etc. I think this is the peak of my trans peak moments. On top of which I have now discovered incels. There is something very poisonous in the way men are being brought up. Just this week I learnt of the London idiot who, when a young female intern politely refused his advances, super imposed her face onto porn and told their employers she was an amateur porn star. Police forensics proved otherwise. Man got five years.
        I did cheer up when that young girl who was slut shamed by her boyfriend over her prom dress kept the dress and dropped the boyfriend. I wrote and told her that I was proud of her.

  8. Reblogged this on RadFemSpiraling and commented:
    Ok, so keeping in mind that women oppress males in all kinds of ways, such as when we refuse to fuck them on demand, when we refuse to call their penis a “ladydick”, etc., which ultimately causes males to murder each other because males claim that it does, please have a look at what this library is calling art.
    Anyone remember the feminist bookstore a while back that was stormed by ladymen And their friends? And how there were dudes standing in the faces of women there, screaming in big manly voices about how they were a woman? And they demanded that the TOTES MURDERY BIGOTY books of radical feminists be banned from that library? And they proceeded to tear shit up and throw wine on things?
    Well, dudes are now claiming that weapons made to kill women (terfs) are ART.

    1. That happened at the Vancouver Women’s Library, which I’ve heard tends toward liberal feminism anyway, just not the popular iteration of “liberal feminism” that burns books like fascists do.

  9. Reblogged this on ANTHRO FEMINISM and commented:
    Wow, just how. They swung those pink bats around at dyke marches to make sure everyone understood that you either accept them as lesbians, or you will get pummeled. This is truly disgusting.

    1. Spinster, great question!
      When we get organized and expose the heck out of them.
      Please post the link to this to your local and national TV and print news organizations’ social media sites. Connect them to this story.
      This will be a publicity disaster for San Francisco, letting trans get away with this.

      1. A “major publicity disaster”… only if presented in the proper context. Most trans allies / handmaidens are professional virtue signalers. Their purpose is to tow the party line, in order to get the kudos; it’s not to think deeply and critically. In dealing with the general public, the context that these transwomen (biological men) have made good on these threats and murdered, raped, and beaten women has to be centered. That will challenge many individual’s beliefs and preconceived notions. They are given a single narrative by sexuality alphabet groups, civil liberties orgs, and Huff Po types and probably exist within ideological silos. I love this blog because everyone here knows all of this already. However, it’s a mistake to assume others will parse it correctly, especially in a culture that blames and devalues women generally and automatically.

        1. I agree. You’re absolutely right. Hopefully if the journalists get the link to GMs post, they will grasp and convey that.

      2. Spinster, you’re.welcome. I understand and relate completely how frustrating and endless this seems.
        The trans cult, and the LGBT have become powerful in part by plastering every organization and media outlet they target with phone calls, emails, snail mail, protests, and by leveraging the media. We, too, can use those strategies, and are just getting started with how much weas can do there. So I see a lot of reason for hope. GM, primarily, and other.bloggers and activists have been doing their building work for years, and the rest need to do our part to to all contact those being pressured by trans to silence us. We will prevail, because reality is on our side.

  10. Dyke March organizers should have banned those men from even being in the marches to begin with. They’re violent angry men who refuse to leave lesbians alone in our public places, the pathetically few public gatherings of lesbians around the country once a year.

    1. I say we go underground like the resistance in WWII. The Terf Resistance. We need to look after ourselves and each other.

      1. Total agreement… everybody needs to read about that stuff, like when the Weathermen started bombing, their fellow-travelers in SDS/PLP all went underground too, even though they really didn’t have to. But to be visible/above-ground was to be followed, questioned, subject to surveillance, etc. It was an amazing act of comradeship as well as a very cold-blooded decision.
        Similarly, we all must provide cover for the people like Gallus and Feminist Current, etc. They are the truth bombers!
        In a discussion about this art exhibit, I noticed many older women my age (60) act like these are naughty, silly little boys–and maybe they are. But so was Alex in “A Clockwork Orange”–and they don’t see the resemblance. They act like silly boys “shouldn’t be taken seriously”–as if you are giving into a 2-year-old’s temper tantrum. (The difference is that we are bigger than the toddlers, who do not yet have the motor-skills to wield baseball bats.)
        The task is to get women to see these threats as coming from dangerous men, not silly boys in costumes acting like cartoon characters. Anthony Burgess made Alex’s gang look cute/cartoonish on purpose to make them even scarier; the juxtaposition of cartoons/playfulness/sociopathic violence was disorienting–almost impossible to see where one stopped and the other began. That’s the goal of the degenderettes too. (I can totally imagine them dancing a side-step to “singing in the rain” as they beat a ‘terf’ to death, ala Alex.)
        Sorry to talk so long.. I blogged about this too and expected to be blown off the map, but no one has so far.

  11. @Gallus Mag–Spot on comparison to scold’s bridles, etc.–the photos reminded me of a museum display of torture implements from the Inquisition that I saw years ago.
    “. . . the double standard placed on trans women to conform, to be silent, and to never fight back . . .”
    Double standard? Because women are NOT expected to conform, be silent, and never fight back? Obviously they’ve been too busy threatening radfems to actually hear what any of us are saying. For the last couple of decades, I’ve been repeatedly astonished that men who want to “live as women” don’t bother learning anything at all about women’s lives. I now realize that may be intentional, because reality would ruin their fetish.
    And I can’t believe the SFPL permitted this sort of display after all the mass murders committed by men in recent years and a mere two months after a man actually stabbed a woman to death in a library:
    This may be off-topic, but I’m also tired of hearing that men who hurt women are mentally ill. That may well be true in some cases–probably in Jeffrey Yao’s, for instance–but women with mental illness aren’t attacking people and comitting mass murder at anything like the same rate, so it isn’t a sufficient explanation, nor does it account for why so many mentally ill men choose to target women. Emotional and cognitive issues always exist within a cultural context, so men with severe mental illness, personality disorders, or autistic spectrum traits are simply more rigid in their sexism and express the culture’s misogyny more openly than other men.

    1. Not to derail further, but do you have any solid data to point to mentally ill or autistic men being any more rigidly sexist than other men? My experience with them is that they run the whole spectrum of misogyny like everyone else. (I’m not going to argue over personality disorders.)

      1. I’ve had far more hair-raising experiences with mentally ill men than with neurotypical men. I doubt it’s because their mental illness makes them hate women more, it’s probably more that their illness removes most of the filter that keeps regular men from vomiting their misogyny at inappropriate moments, and I think it’s because mentally ill men see women as easy targets for whatever their issues are. And, in fairness, we are easier targets. We’re smaller, have less physical strength, and are less violent than men, and many mentally ill men, despite lacking the filter that keeps most men from abusing random women for no reason, still undoubtedly have some instinct of self-preservation. I’ve had numerous experiences of mentally ill men screaming at me and trying to physically assault me, but that has never, ever happened to my 6′, 300-lb. boyfriend.

      2. I can see your point. I haven’t had problems with mentally ill men bothering me. Maybe we’re in different countries? I’ve heard horror stories of mentally ill homeless people in the US, but I don’t live there and you don’t find much of that in Canada. My concern was the stereotype that mentally ill people and autistic people are dangerous, given we’re more likely to be hurt by others than to hurt others.

      3. I’m in the U.S., and I’m sure the situation is more dire here since we make approximately zero effort to treat the mentally ill.
        I also get irritated with the hand waving that all men who mistreat women are somehow mentally ill, as if violent misogyny isn’t a universal scourge on humanity and as if controlling women through violence isn’t an extremely common desire among men, regardless of their mental health. Even many “nice” men who haven’t harmed women I think would very much like to. It’s ingrained in them to react to noncompliant women with violent rage, only some of them act on that violent rage.
        At the same time, however, I get fed up with good liberals who hector me and other women for being “mean” to men who are genuinely mentally ill and act out their internal demons almost exclusively on women.
        In the U.S., good liberals have adopted the moronic “analysis” that any man who’s disadvantaged in society must be harmless and innocent by definition, which means women aren’t allowed to criticize violent men as long as they belong to a marginalized group. So women are to be collateral damage to misogynistically violent men who are mentally ill and homeless, who are poor, who identify as trans or non-binary, who are immigrants, who aren’t Christian, or who belong to any race or ethnicity that isn’t white. Any woman who accuses of wrongdoing a man who belongs to any of those groups must grovel for forgiveness or, better yet, should keep her mouth shut. None of this, of course, has any connection to straight white men identifying as anything other than straight and white as a means to abuse women without consequences.

      4. The problem is that even just ONE of these men can be so much more scary and unpredictable. I had a homeless man in a large city ask me for money; I was standing at a light and unable to get away (also very distracted about another situation, otherwise I might have ignored him). Instead I said “no” and he called me a bitch. I rolled my eyes and mumbled something (didn’t say it loudly or embarrass him) like, “yes, all women are bitches who won’t give you what you want”… and he literally followed me for two blocks screaming “yes! all women are bitches! yes! all women are bitches!” nonstop and only stopped (and walked away quickly) when it looked like another man was going to intervene.
        Just one instance, but of course its the kind of thing you never forget… a “regular guy” is not usually going to respond in such an extreme fashion.

        1. I live in a tiny town. There is a male here, maybe 40ish years old, mentally challenged and mentally ill. He was born this way.
          We have 2 gas stations. He hangs out at one of them most of the time. I was pumping my gas the last time I was there, he approached me and just out of no where, began rubbing my ass. I grabbed his wrist and pushed him and very loudly told him to never touch me. He started crying and went to get the manager, and she told me that I had no excuse for making him cry.
          He has never had a job, he can’t learn anything. But he has somehow learned that he can sexually harass women. Almost every woman I know refuses to go to that store because he pervs on all of us. I am not the first or only woman he has touched. And all of us are told to not be so mean, that he can’t help it.
          Which is pretty much the same excuse that they ALL use. All males have the potential to be violent. We should be avoiding them as much as possible.

      5. @Anemone–I intentionally said men with certain issues were “more rigid in their sexism” not “more rigidly sexist” because I agree with those who claim that racism, sexism, classism, etc., are societal and cultural characteristics, which means it doesn’t make sense to refer to individuals as being more or less sexist. What is true is that not everyone is influenced by the societal programming to the same degree or expresses the same amount of bigotry.
        The one study I’m aware of compared stereotype acquisition in neurotypical children with those on the spectrum. The researchers were surprised to discover that children with Asperger Syndrome were just as likely to acquire sexist and racist stereotypes and held them more rigidly.
        I think that men with mental health or cognitive issues tend to act out societal misogyny toward women, while women with similar issues tend to enact that misogyny on their own bodies, in the form of starvation, cutting, or–these days–transition. Adolescent girls on the autistic spectrum are statistically more likely to engage in all three forms of self-harm, along with girls who have mental health problems or a history of trauma.

      6. @radfemspiraling–
        I had a similar run-in with a man who had some form of cognitive disability, except that I was five and he was a neighbor in his early twenties. Whatever his deficits were, he still knew he was doing something wrong, because he looked frightened and loosened his hold when I told him my mother was looking for me (a deliberate lie) so that I was able to wrench myself out of his grasp and run. When I avoided going anywhere near him after that, I was, of course, scolded for not being nice to “the poor man.” One person to whom I told the story of the incident as an adult had far more sympathy for the guy than he did for my child self, and even suggested I should feel bad that he was frustrated enough to attempt to grope a little girl and risk going to jail! All this “poor guy” sympathy was based on what people felt he was entitled to as a man but unable to get because of his disability.
        But isn’t that what we’re always told about abusive men–that they can’t help it, so we shouldn’t be mean and instead feel sorry for those who hurt us because they supposedly have it worse than we do? That’s certainly the story we keep hearing from and about TIMs.

        1. I have something similar directed at me concerning a sexual assault I experienced a few years ago.
          I live in a poor area in the south. I was sexually assaulted by a male that I had known and trusted for a few years. He is about 15 years older than me. I never saw it coming.
          More than a few white women have told me that I am a racist. Because he is black. And I am white.
          So somehow, a black male sexually assaulting me, a male that I had known for several years and considered unthreatening and even liked, makes ME a fucking racist.

      7. @Oak and Ash
        I can see the difference when you clarify it. It’s a sensitive issue for me, because of all the times the police in Montreal stopped me when I was just minding my own business because they thought I was mentally ill and needed policing, so I probably didn’t read all that carefully.

      8. @radfemspiraling–I’m so sorry that happened to you. Because I’ve seen people react similarly and the mindset of those who called you racist seems inexplicable, I’m curious what they claimed was racist about your part in the incident. That it happened? That you refused consent? That you spoke about it and called it out for the assault it was? Something else? Obviously their conclusion wasn’t contaminated by excessive moral reasoning, but I do wonder what bizarre beliefs they held.
        One of the reasons I ask is that I came to realize those who defend mentally ill or cognitively impaired men in the situations we’ve experienced always represent their sympathy as being for disability rather than maleness, but it’s a lie, because they don’t show anything like the same amount of sympathy for mentally ill or cognitively impaired women who are assaulted by non-disabled men. After the 1989 Glen Ridge incident–in which a developmentally delayed teenaged girl was gang raped by members of the football team, several of whom faced serious jail time for their actions–many people seemed much more concerned about the the boys’ prospects than the girl’s trauma. The parents of some of the accused made very clear that participation in an egregious assault on a disabled girl was no reason to ruin their sons’ bright prospects.
        And, to bring things back to a place nearer the topic, women assaulted by TIMs have reported the same reactions we’ve received for being groped or assaulted by men seen as members of less privileged classes. In fact, some TIMs have claimed only someone with privilege over another can actually rape that person–in other words, if a TIM forces himself on a woman, it shouldn’t be called or prosecuted as rape. The patriarchal logic at work is that we owe powerful men access to our bodies because they deserve it and should provide access to less privileged men out of sympathy for their thwarted entitlement. Men’s “logic” always seems to lead to the conclusion that they should get whatever they want. Lately I’ve been telling female friends that the most important part of feminist praxis is saying no to men, whether they’re demanding housekeeping, emotional labor, or sexual service.

      9. Oak and Ash said,
        ‘The one study I’m aware of compared stereotype acquisition in neurotypical children with those on the spectrum. The researchers were surprised to discover that children with Asperger Syndrome were just as likely to acquire sexist and racist stereotypes and held them more rigidly.
        ‘I think that men with mental health or cognitive issues tend to act out societal misogyny toward women, while women with similar issues tend to enact that misogyny on their own bodies, in the form of starvation, cutting, or–these days–transition. Adolescent girls on the autistic spectrum are statistically more likely to engage in all three forms of self-harm, along with girls who have mental health problems or a history of trauma.’
        This rings so sadly true. I know of several young women who align with this picture.
        Oak and Ash, are you able to give a link to the study about acquisition of and rigid clinging to stereotypes?

      10. @EndTheHarms–
        I have to look for the references you want–Google seems to cough up more irrelevant crap than it did when I first found them. If I get them, may I send them to you through the contact link on your blog site? Gallus Mag has been very tolerant of this sub-thread, but I don’t want to go too far off-topic for the post.

        1. Hi Oak and Ash,
          I have never used it for anything except as a sign-up to comment, but presume it would work if you posted there, so yes please, I’d appreciate that very much.
          Sorry to ask for the study, I’d be very grateful (it’s personal). I hope you don’t have to hunt, and if it’s elusive, nevermind about it.

      11. Oak and Ash,
        Thank you very much indeed for the fine, thought-provoking links. I am very grateful, am learning from them.
        Sorry for delayed thanks, I have been away from online-land. I may try to message you privately as well, rather than derail further here.

      12. I was on the bus once when an autistic young man, about 18, who was sitting next to his caregiver, reached over to grab me, saying, “I wanna f*ck this b*tch.” Humiliating.

  12. Is anyone else interested in an organized response? What would that be, and how public would it be? Individual emails/calls? Online petition? In-person picketing/protest? In-person panel attendance?

    1. I can’t come to SF, so for me it would be email, snail mail, calls, petitions, letters to the editor.

    2. Yes, I am certainly interested. I’m not in the SF area, so can’t do anything in person, but anything else, I can do.

  13. I posted this post to the Ask a Librarian feature at SFPL. I’ll post the response, if I get one.

    1. I emailed the SFPL “Ask a Librarian” protesting this exhibit while Dana Rivers is on trial nearby, Douglas Perry convicted of triple serial murder this year, the Hyde Park assault by Tara Woods, and asking for women’s counter-exhibit on why women have sex-based protections in law.
      Tomorrow I’ll make phone calls to this list in these comments asking more questions.
      This exhibit stinks of male violence against women.

      1. Thank you. I think it’s smart you’re asking questions. Always an effective strategy, to encourage dialogue, challenge people to think, and it seems to me, there’s usually a more gratifying outcome. Thank you for reminding me to approach this with questions.

  14. Also, I am still waiting for any proof at all that a woman has ever killed a trans person.
    And by WOMAN, I mean actual, real WOMAN. AKA, without a “ladydick”.
    Even as enraged as I am over this nonsensical, penis driven bullshit, I have not even had a thought of hitting/punching/killing anyone. But then again, I don’t have a tiny dick and a huge sense of entitlement combined with a vile hatred of women.

    1. I can’t imagine a woman killing a man identifying as a woman, even in self defense, but I wish we knew how many of these men have killed and attacked and raped women. We know some, but considering how the media protects them and censors the news, it’s amazing we know any of the horror stories.
      radfemspiraling, I keep wanting to like your comments, but can’t find out how to do it.

      1. Males are hiding behind us. They are using us to erase their own violence. Pretty soon, we will have absolutely no way of knowing how many of them kill or rape us.
        I was looking online at how women were doing in the most recent Boston marathon. I recently learned that males and women compete separately in the same marathon, because there are strict physical requirements to qualify, and there are substantial cash prizes. At least in the Boston marathon.
        Well, 4 dudes signed up to run as ladies, dontchaknow. Now, I have no interest in running. But I am interested in women that worked hard to qualify for something that they just recently got the right to do. So as the women were finishing, I was checking to see if women actually beat the males that tried to cheat them out of what is rightfully theirs.
        That was around the time of the YouTube shooting, which was a person that appeared “feminine”, but some people were questioning about whether that person was actually male.
        This is Where we are now. This is what males want. The women who were questioning if the YouTube shooter was actually female were told to shut up and asked why they were so interested in the genitals of the shooter.
        The male media is already reporting that women are doing things when it is actually males. And we aren’t allowed to ask.
        Last year, I wrote a blog post about a male beating his wife, and when she went to get a restraining order, ICE picked her up. In reality, it was 2 males, 1 LARPing as a woman. So it was actually 2 dudes fighting. Which I have absolutely no interest in. But the truth was so fucking buried, there was no way for me to know until I saw it mentioned in a comments section, and then I had to dig to find it. We are disappearing. Males are disappearing us.
        As a side note, I heard a podcast that you did on WLRN and I very much enjoyed it. I have just recently discovered them, so I am working my way through all of the podcasts. About liking posts, in order to do that, you have to view WordPress through the app. If you view it through your regular internet, there is no option to like.
        But thank you for the encouraging and kind words.

    2. I doubt you’ll ever get one, unless it’s a clear cut case fo self defense in which the male initiated assault that left the woman with no other choice. Even then you’d not likely see one because women don’t often live through encounters where deadly force would have saved their lives anyway.
      To the same point I have been waiting on what “feelings” makes a man a a woman, and no one can answer than either. Personally I feel like a woman when I fear for my life each time I leave my house, choose my clothes based on how likely I am to avoid assault while wearing them, and all the times I’ve needed tampons and wondered if I could afford tampons and groceries at the same time.

    3. I only can be online through my computer, but thanks. Just know I would “like” your comments!
      Yes, we are being disappeared and it’s hard to tell what is the worst thing the men are doing. I suppose when they kill us is first, and then attacking, but also having their high level of violence included as “women being violent” is extremely serious. And then taking over our last spaces, re-writing our history, etc.
      One thing I’ve suggested to make the men even more visible is for all women to stop feminizing in the direction of male-identified femininity. If women stopped looking remotely like drag queens, the men would have nothing to fetishize or hid behind. But most women won’t give up the privilege, though it could help stop the marginalizing of all the women who look like Dykes (and some het women support us in this.)
      I think that would help girls and isolated women who are pressured to “transition” because they hate what they are told women should look like (dresses, high heels, make up, etc.) If they stopped thinking they look like freaks they would realize they just look like real girls and women.

      1. i live in Hong Kong and girls already look like this. Can’t remember the last time i saw high heels, and girls only wear make up for nights out. Office withers might wear a touch, no more that five minutes effort
        This is a world almost entirely without gender. And it’s been brought about by the daily domestic burden being lifted from women… either grandparents or domestic help… and before that’s criticised, the women come from Indonesia or the Philippines and working as helpers gets them away from patriarchal societies, puts money in their own pockets, which they send to sisters and aunts to invest…. the men often squander it…. many of these helpers are now women of property, and their children, including their girls, are educated… It is not exploitation.
        Women can follow their careers just like men. W have a female leader nobody even commented on her sex. It’s all because families stopped telling girls to marry and began having the same high expectations as for boys.
        Over the last 20 years, courses in previously male sciences, like engineering, have become half female or nearly. Girls aren’t sexualuzed, either, nobare stomachs here. They dress like the boys in comfortable practical clothes. Boys don’t talk over them, they mingle easily.
        Hong Kong mendon’t prey on women, they look you in the face, they converse with you and listen. American men boast, lecture, and want you to say how great they are. Exhaustung and boring.
        as a women it’s amazing to live in a place where you are a full human being

      1. With apologies to Scott McKenzie…..and a previous generation, now older and wiser…..
        If you’re going to San Francisco
        Be sure to wear some kool-aid in your hair
        If you’re going to San Francisco
        You’re gonna meet some violent people there
        For those who come to San Francisco
        Summertime they’ll fuck some terfs up there
        In the streets of San Francisco
        Violent people with kool-aid in their hair
        All across the nation
        Such a strange vibration
        People in motion
        There’s a lost generation
        With a new explanation
        People in motion
        People in motion
        For those who come to San Francisco
        Be sure to wear some kool-aid in your hair
        If you come to San Francisco
        Summertime they’ll fuck some terfs up there
        If you come to San Francisco
        Summertime they’ll fuck some terfs up there.

      2. They are millennial incels with blue hair?
        Scary how the latest generation of males is so focused on forcing women to play along and how homophobic and how much gay-bashing they do.

      3. Trans Widow – don’t apologise for the brief comic interlude. It is much needed and I am still singing “be sure to wear kool aid in your hair.”

      4. I visited San Francisco twenty years ago and thought it was wonderful. I wouldn’t go now and thanks to Trans Widow’s parody I now have Scott’s song aka San Trancisco playing as an “ear worm” 😊.

      5. Some of those are women. They need to be ashamed of themselves. The men posing as women and destroying our community and re-writing our history wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the support of women.
        If only there was a way to put them on the spot and demand accountability. In the Bay Area, women are absolutely terrified, not even of the trannies, but of the women promoting them.

    1. They seem like a bunch of (mostly) white men using the idea of an oppressed minority to enact, and protect themsleves from the consequences of, their violent hate for that which they envy…..women.

  15. Thank you SO much for this, old friend! This is perfect to send to the local news media who I’m writing to tomorrow about this travesty.
    I have been locked out of facebook yet again for 30 days for daring to post mild comments at the SF Library site. I knew it was risky after being stalked and then banned repeatedly all last year, but it seemed important. (So now I can’t moderate our groups or continue sharing support with other women about these men threatening us.)
    Meanwhile, everyone I know who hasn’t been banned has gotten a threatening fb warning.
    I’m also calling the SF Library asking them to not only remove this terrorist threat to murder women, but to apologize and also to provide another exhibit about the triple Oakland racist and Lesbian-hating hate crime murders, as well as an exhibit rebuttal about what real feminism means.
    By the way, much of this exhibit of female-hating was carried in the SF “Dyke March” last year as well as the Oakland women’s march.
    I had contacted the fb page for the SF Dyke March recently to tell them how harassed we were by men during the march. When I said I didn’t just mean the men they call “cis” but also the men they call “transwomen,” got an incredibly insulting response about how we Lesbians should be ashamed because the “transwomen” were on the front lines and helped us “come out of the closet.” I’m positive that was a man so I told him he needs to learn Lesbian history to know those men harassed and stalked us and did nothing to help us, and that I’m a Lifelong Lesbian and was never in a closet for a man to help me come out of.
    The erasing of our lives and history is as dangerous as this library exhibit death threat towards all women.

    1. Bev Jo, can you share the comment you got banned for, and the facebook sanction notification? the library has sent me a message request, and if I can get someone worth speaking to, that might provide a very immediate example of how dissent is shut down.
      Some pretty substantial and challenging responses are now being left in place . I suspect (have heard second hand) it may be because a dialogue-defending person at the library queried to facebook about the comment-disappearances they kept being blamed for. Libraries can be sensitive to appearing to censor. Which adds to many reasons why a demand for a visible response included in the exhibition space, and inclusion on the panels (plus media presence) is a better approach than asking them to simply end the exhibition early or to PR edit and sanitise it.

      1. Georgina, sorry I don’t get notices for responses and only just saw this.
        Unfortunately, I was so upset by the facebook message, which involved saying they thought I might have been hacked and showing me lists of things they wanted to know if I had actually said or “liked” or joined, that I kept going to the next page and was told I was out for 30 days. So I didn’t save the actual comment, but it was quite mild and basically asking them if they really intended to promote men attacking women.
        Everyone else I know was just reprimanded, including some who had been banned before. This time it did seem to come from fb itself as opposed to a stalker.
        The lock out notice was their form:
        “You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature. For more information, visit the Help Center.
        To keep from getting blocked again, please make sure you’ve read and understand Facebook’s Community Standards.
        If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.”
        But no matter how many times you ask what was wrong with what you wrote, they won’t answer.
        Samantha Bee on her political comedy show said how fb allows horrific violent racism (like a page called “Black Lives Splatter”) but deletes or bans women objecting to men.
        I agree the library needs to not just take down the exhibit or “sanitize” it but to be held accountable.

  16. That is absolutely brilliant to contact the mayoral candidates. I contacted the current new mayor today and was sent to the “library commission,” who did not call back, but yes, let’s put them all on the spot.
    This could be the divide we have been working towards where women in power realize they cannot keep supporting these threatening, violent and murderous men and still expect to have the support of women. Finally.
    Why not put all the SF Supervisors on the spot also?
    A friend in another area recommended we picket, but we do not have the numbers at this time.
    If anyone wants to reach me now that I can’t be contacted on fb, email me or message me on fb (I can see comments, but can’t respond) and I can email back. Or contact me through my blog:

    1. We have the numbers. What we don’t have is the willingness to be assaulted, harassed, stalked and possibly murdered by trans criminals.

      1. I understand that. But I don’t see the numbers here at all. No one even wants to go to the Warfield/Rivers triple murder trial.
        The thing is, if we go to the Dyke March in June, we’ll be seeing these gloating men.
        But unlike my friend who said she wouldn’t go then, who came out comfortably because we build a community for her, I don’t want to give up on all we have left.

  17. I tried posting this on their facebook page but they deleted it:
    Your new transgender exhibit celebrating violence against feminists that happen to disagree with transgender idealogy is beyond offensive. It is abusive and dangerous. With the epidemic levels of violence against women, to celebrate weapons intending (even symbolically) to beat and kill women promotes the dangerous idea that transgender people threatening harm to women who happen to disagree with them is a noble and museum exhibit worthy activity.
    It’s difficult to imagine an exhibit more sexist and demeaning toward women. I’m appalled that you would exhibit and even promote this expression of hatred and glorifying violence against women. Shame on you.

    1. A library censoring women objecting to an incitement to violence against women. Adds another layer to the whole thing. Unreal.

  18. Here is the text of the email that I sent to Michael Lambert, the director:
    Mr. Lambert,
    Even though I am on the east coast and not a patron of your library, I am writing to ask that you consider removing the art exhibit that is currently on display at San Francisco public library by the degenderettes. 
    You may be unaware that the term “terf” is applied only to women, never to men. There is not one single case of a woman killing a trans woman, it is men that murder them. Yet, transwomen routinely threaten to rape and kill women that protest allowing transwomen into our private spaces based on them being biologically and physically male. (If you would like to see proof of this, please visit These threats are well documented and there are a lot of them).
    So the art exhibit that you are displaying and helping to fund is nothing more than a bunch of weapons that are being displayed as intimidation at women for refusing to acknowledge biological males as women and refusing to quietly allow them into our private spaces, onto our sports teams, etc. 
    In our country, 3 women are murdered every single day by males closest to them. Men routinely target women for violence because we don’t behave in the way that they want us to, like Elliott Rodgers, and most recently, Alek Minassian. Dana Rivers is in your area, he is a trans woman that murdered 2 lesbians and their son. 
    This art exhibit is nothing more than men threatening women who refuse to bow to their demands. It is almost unbelievable that a group of men are being permitted to display axes and baseball bats in a library as weapons to be used against women that have never threatened or attacked them. 
    It is not violence or threat of violence to transwomen that women want to distance ourselves from transwomen. Take a look around your library. Those t-shirts with our fake blood on them, the bats and the axes. THAT is why women want to keep our spaces private to only women. 
    A bunch of weapons displayed by men for use on disobedient women is offensive. I hope that you remove it.
    Hekate Jayne (signed my real name here)

        1. Sorry to put this here, bev jo. This looks like a good place on the screen, though.
          Here is the reply I got from the library, which was blind copied to at least 3 other people………….
          We appreciate your feedback. The Library provides a venue for community groups to exhibit and spark dialogue on timely social issues. The exhibit in the Hormel LGBTQIA Center showcases artwork created by a local community organization, the Degenderettes Northern California chapter, who are using their artwork and performative art activities to bring visibility to the violence that occurs against transgender people and to generate conversations about this often overlooked issue. 
          We have altered the exhibit, removing artwork that could be interpreted as promoting violence. Now looking at this exhibit as a whole, with both the artwork and the accompanying descriptive text, the exhibit is within our guidelines.
          For more information, please see the attached photograph which describes the purpose of the exhibit. 
          Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.
          City Librarian’s Office
          San Francisco Public Library
          100 Larkin Street, Suite 600
          San Francisco, CA  94102
          415-557-4236 – Office
          415-557-4239 – Fax

  19. General Questions about Library Services?
    Email or call 415-557-4400
    City Librarian’s Office
    Michael Lambert, Acting City Librarian
    Chief of Main
    Thomas Fortin, Chief
    Chief of Branches
    Catherine Delneo, Chief
    Chief Information Officer
    Michael Liang, Chief
    Community Programs and Partnerships
    Michelle Jeffers, Chief
    Facilities Division
    Roberto Lombardi, Director
    Human Resources
    Lori Regler, Director

    1. I emailed all of them. On Monday I will call each of these people.
      It’s time to drop the “T” and “Q” from the LGB. The “T” and “Q” is a cancer that is eating away at the LGB, and eviscerating the human rights of women. It just gets more terrifying each day.
      Way back in the day gay men and lesbians didn’t carry baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire to parades. Gay men and lesbians would have never put these weapons in any “art” exhibit and called it LGB.
      I’ve been googling photos from LGB history. The ACT up protesters who were fighting for funding for HIV never carried around baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire. Look at some of the old photos. Gay men were dying, but they didn’t parade around carrying baseball bats. They didn’t wear red splattered shirts saying “I PUNCH” people. Look at the faces in these old photos and compare their faces to the faces of these misogynistic violent thugs. Gallus is right. The “Silence = death” was from ACT Up.
      Dressed in white angel costumes, the lesbians and women who were at Matthew Shepherd’s funeral joined hands to keep homophobes from disrespecting Matthew’s memory. Look at the old photos and compare their peaceful faces to the misogynistic “I PUNCH TERFs” shirt and hatred that seeps from the barbed wire wrapped bats carried by thugs.
      The Degenderettes shit on everything good that gay men and lesbians have peacefully done through courage and love. They shit on the memory and graves of gay men and lesbians. Hell, they even murder lesbians.
      Degenderettes aren’t even gay. The Degenderettes are heterosexual or bisexual males (pansexual) who carry bats and wear “I PUNCH TERFs” shirts. It’s terrifying and it reeks of violence and misogyny. They are straight men carrying around baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire because they think women oppress them.
      They have the audacity to do this when a transwoman is on trial in Oakland for slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house.
      And, we do know that they will swing anything at the heads of people, both men and women. Watch the video of the axe carrying transwoman, Evie Amati, who walked into a convenience store in Australia and started swinging an axe to the heads of people.
      Frightening and stuff of nightmares.

      1. I wrote a blog post about this issue recently. I actually don’t think the LGB can be salvaged either at this point – I think lesbians need our own movement, and if we team up with anyone, it should be other women in a strong resurgent feminist movement. Provided that het women can actually acknowledge us and support us in having space to discuss our issues for once (which granted they’ve been pretty shit at doing historically speaking). But lately I’m starting to see a lot of non-lesbian women finally starting to speak up on behalf of lesbians. Most likely because the transborg has started to attack a much greater cross-section of women, using the tactics they perfected on lesbians. So more women are getting it as they’re being targeted.
        Forget the LGB: 21st Century Gay and Lesbian Politics is Like a Return to Ancient Greece

      2. @weirdward: I read your essay which was very good. You might be amused to know that in 1972 at the Cambridge (Massachusetts) Women’s Center women were already talking about how gay men — with their far larger incomes and privilege — would leave women in the dust.

      3. No, actually. They don’t really believe that “women oppress them.” They are enjoying the reversal and recruiting useful idiots (handmaidens) for their evil cause.

      4. I agree that Lesbians need to not be part of “LGBTQ” at all, ever.
        I never asked to be included with my oppressors, but some of us have been protesting this mess for years, and we are ignored.
        I guess we just keep saying it, including in conversations.
        And also to keep saying “Don’t give them our names or pronouns. ‘Transwomen’ do not exist. They are simply men.”
        By the way, Rachel Dolezal is identifying as “trans-racial” in the recent Netflix documentary about her, and one woman reviewer sarcastically referred to the “cis-racial.” If the outrage over that would spread, that could help all women.

    2. Also, I don’t generally expect any support from gay men and will never forget about how they called Lesbians “dirty” in our local “Lesbian and gay” newspaper, The Bay Times, years ago that was also full of male porn images but the only way we had access to find out about upcoming Lesbian events.
      But I only found out a few months ago that many are fully supporting the het men in the trans cult against us.
      At an event for a new Lesbian anthology I was published in, one of the gay male sponsors proudly told me about the book he was writing that had as the main characters, a Lesbian and “transwoman” couple.” Clearly he was trying to be “in” and write something that could make money. I told him he was harming Lesbians since “transwomen” are erasing our history, taking over our last organizations (we lost our spaces years ago), and advocating attacking and killing us, while gay men have enormous resources, with cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. and entire neighborhoods they control.
      I also said he was actually writing a het/bisexual book since the “Lesbian” was not a Lesbian or she would not be with a man.
      But no way was he going to change it. I haven’t yet seen a gay man who supports us. One I know who insists he is, continues posting referring to “LGBT” and how oppressed “transwomen” are. Del Martin and so many others wrote decades ago about how working with gay men doesn’t not help Lesbians.
      So Lesbians work with het and bisexual women (it’s all a choice) who also hate us….

      1. Let’s see that gay male write a book with the main characters a gay man and “transman” couple. You and I both know he’d never do that. Hypocrite. He should put up or shut up.

      2. In fact, Branjor, he told me that there was a woman who would try to look like a gay man who would go to gay bars and target the drunkest-looking gay men to bring home and then would lay naked on the bed for them to fuck her. But no, he sure wasn’t writing about that. Much more money and career opportunities in writing about het men posing as Lesbians.

    1. Omg I just checked it out and it’s glorious! I am continually impressed by and proud of my fellow radfems’ clever and well worded comments!

      1. Now it seems to be flooded with fawning comments supporting the library and Degenderettes’ misogynistic, mendacious display, all with 5-star reviews? The few dissenting comments from GC people, feminists, lesbians, others (several saying their earlier comments had been deleted) all seem to have one-star.
        I wasn’t able to up/downvote, presumably b/c not a Facebook member? Those who can, please do.

  20. When facsim comes to this country, it will be holding a pink baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

    1. Fascism is here and it’s driving a tank, wearing SWAT gear, and carrying an assault rifle.

  21. The nerve of these disgusting transwomen. And they think we radical feminists are the problem? Are people that ignorant? And for the library to do this? Sheer lunacy.

  22. For anyone wishing to collaborate on any organized responses, I’d like to help. I live in the Bay Area. I can be found via “Jade Praerie” on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    1. I’m not on Twitter and am locked out of fb, but am in Oakland. If you message your email to me at Bev Jo Von Dohre on fb, I can see it and send you my email.

    1. Do you know where this was?
      I was realizing with the massive media support for these dangerous men, most women will ignore their first reactions of fear from seeing a huge swaggering man in drag, making them more vulnerable.
      A few years ago, I was at a packed public but Lesbian-owned cafe in San Francisco to see friends playing music, the same night as the trannie march and rally, which was right across the street. A couple came in that was a hulking man in a dress and heels who just stood like a zombie, but with him was a woman who looked like a Lesbian who was exuding the most palpable hatred I’ve ever witnessed. She was glaring at everyone around her as if daring someone to say anything. (I’m guessing that the rally was about how victimized the trannies are so had worked her up.) Ironically, if she had some something about being trans, most women there would have immediately genuflected to them, but they were ignored.
      I hadn’t really thought of them as a danger, but I would now.
      So, after all these years of women re-training themselves to get back to our instincts of wariness when near danger from men, the pressure is to give it all up on behalf of the most dangerous men.

      1. It was in Sydney.
        Thankfully the judge didn’t buy it, but notice how the barrister tried to get this lunatic out on bail because “she” neeeeeeds ~HORMONES~ and she wouldn’t have been dangerous if her meanie endocrinologist hadn’t disappeared and someone hadn’t broken up with her and she… didn’t have trauma from the surgery that’s supposedly totally without risk..?

  23. After hearing back from friends, it seems that fb warned anyone who posted criticizing the library “exhibit,” but banned anyone who had previously been banned repeatedly (like I had for objecting to the trans threats and erasure of our history.)
    I’m guessing there’s no point in trying to reach them, though it seemed to work when they were banning women saying “Dyke.”
    Perhaps something could be organized there?
    We’re now going to try to contact local television media, though Rose Aguilar supports the trannies. I’m hoping some will realize.
    We’re also going to contact not just SF city officials, but state, federal, etc. Everyone we can think of.
    What is working for us is that the trannies will never stop pushing and provoking. Let’s hope they threaten someone with more power than we have.
    Media info:
    NBC TV email form on their website:
    Investigative Tips: 888-996-8477
    ABC 7, KGO TV 877-222-7777
    KTVU Fox 2 874-0242
    KRON 4
    KPIX 5 (CBS) 415-362-5550
    CBS TV website email form: (not local)
    KCBS radio AM/FM 106.9 “all news” (news tips)
    KQED News 415-553-2361 (not sure this is news desk; website page missing)
    Rose Aguilar, Your Call Radio

  24. So now, while those of us who protested the SF Library exhibit advocating women be beaten to death have been banned from facebook, this violent man who was charged guilty in British court for attacking 60 year old Maria MacLachlan is allowed to post as his sub-name on his facebook page, “Tara the terf Slayer.”

    Trans-identified male, Tara Wolf, convicted of assault after Hyde Park attack

    1. Thank you for all that you do, and you know facebook is a slime pit of misogyny.

  25. Thank you so much for covering this obscenity. I wish I were in San Francisco and could take part in a public protest (I have written emails to above addresses). And the liberals screech about the violence of right-wingers!

    1. Could the exhibit and/or the group be reported for domestic terrorism, or could such action put those who report into legal trouble if the gov’t would consider the perspective invalid (anyone have an attorney who would know)?

    2. I sent information and linked here to KRON, KTVU, KQED, KCBS, KNBC, etc. yesterday. We’re trying to reach MSNBC.

      1. Yes! I posted Gender Trenders article here on the public comments areas of at least 3 of your web addresses. I’m banned from Twitter so can’t tweet them, I hope others do.
        PS: I think GM deserves a $10/month recurring monthly donation, don’t you?

  26. Statements from the Degenderettes.
    From yesterday- Scout Tran Caffee on Instagram explaining how they are trying to “triage the narrative” of the violent incel exhibit in the wake of public outcry from women:
    Public post. Instagram:
    From today- Scout Tran Caffee publishes a Facebook and Twitter statement, complete with a bizarre incel self portrait of himself, kneeling, as a martyred knight, with a “dyke” belt buckle above his apparent erection, inscribed with the words “May TERFs” (lesbians who exclude men from their dating pools) “Wither Cold and Alone”. Pure Incel stuff.
    Oh, also, the weapon he’s holding in the portrait is a Labyris- the main symbol of lesbianism, adopted from Amazon lore. Disgusting.
    Public post. Twitter:

    1. From a placard on the ax display at the San Francisco Public Library (visible in photo above):
      “We first started painting our trans flag onto modern day labryses (woodcutting axes) to aggressively reclaim this historical women’s symbol that our detractor’s have held so dear”.

    2. Unbelievable. They are such noble martyrs, horribly oppressed by women who have opinions and won’t suck their “ladycocks.” They are just MRAs with a cross-dressing fetish and narcissistic personality disorders.
      And liberals are buying into it, wanting to be nice and support the underdogs, who make sure to tell everyone that they are the most oppressed people ever. While carrying baseballs bats with barbed wire to put those uppity feminists lesbians in their place. Because life is so unfair to trans”women”.
      They are so so so oppressed, like the most oppressed group to ever have been oppressed in the entire history of oppression. So we all need to shut up and suck them off so they can live out their lesbian porn fantasies. Or face their rage and their bats and their axes.

    3. Buy a transgirl lunch? Help “her” with paying rent? Because the evil terfy terfs had the fucking audacity to protest weapons meant to intimidate women?
      Wow. They never miss an opportunity to beg. Or refer to themselves as “girls”.
      How dare our uppity asses demand that clothing that was covered in the “blood” of a disobedient woman, created by a dudebro, be removed.
      My entire fucking life, I have NEVER been a fucking human. I was raised in purity culture and taught from birth that my body was not my own, it belonged to a fucking male god that made it to service some asshole male in sexual and domestic fucking servitude.
      We are NEVER human. We are sluts, whores, maids, incubators, menstruators, uterus havers. We are always some object that is pressed into fucking male service.
      I guess we can add punching bag to the list. Since males and their systems are allowing this bullshit. A fucking sledgehammer suddenly becomes a fucking work of art if you paint the handle pink and say that it is for beating the fucking Bitches that refuse to suck your “ladycock”.

      1. “They never miss an opportunity to beg.”
        They really don’t. The vast majority of TIM Twitter rants I’ve read end with “BTW HERE’S MY PAYPAL/KO-FI/PATREON IN CASE YOU DIDN’T NOTICE THE LINK SMASHED BETWEEN MY PRONOUNS AND KINKS.” I’ve never seen a demographic so committed to being absolute parasites on a society they claim hates them.

    4. What a sniveling shit. They’re allowed to keep weapons on display but they’re going to boohoo about losing one ugly piece of “art.” Even if you blind yourself to the violent message, it’s a cheap shirt that has less skill than tie dye at a kid’s party. Yet they’re going to act like someone just bombed the Louvre.
      Even knowing what I know, I still have days where I can’t believe people buy this shit.

    5. I am not sure how coherent or understandable that I can make this, and it doesn’t matter in the end I guess. But this fucking picture.
      I have always had an interest in Amazon lore. I mean, how could I not? It is all about women, WARRIOR women.
      It is difficult to find any kind of information on Amazon culture and some people don’t even believe that they ever existed. Any evidence that was found was largely found by WHITE MALES, and interpreted by them the same way that they interpret everything, which is with males in the fucking center. So essentially, when they would find evidence, they wondered where are all the dudes at? There is obvious evidence of female warriors, but we ALL know that ladies prefer to bake pies and give blow jobs, so the dudes must have been wiped out by disease, or something, because female warriors is UNNATURAL AND WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.
      And of course, there were no female archaeologists, because this was when women were kept out of education, and besides, all those dude archaeologists had to have a domestic and sexual servant to clean their houses and raise their kids while they were out doing the manly work of misinterpreting and erasing female cultures.
      And amazingly, all of the archaeologists had a fucking penis. And their domestic servants were female. Because women could not identify out of a fucking lifetime of slavery and fucking servitude.
      My point is that it is annoying to me that any information on Amazon culture/lore was originally created by males and interpreted through their narrow, biased lens. And males are fucking ignorant and severely lacking even basic intelligence in most areas.
      And now, some trans makes this painting, and it is a fucking mockery. Dudes took Amazon culture and made fucking Wonder Woman. And they named a fucking capitalist, parasitic company after it. And then this picture. Of a fucking male. In a caricature of an Amazon warrior.
      It is straight up offensive. There is nothing that they won’t take. We are allowed to have not one fucking sacred thing.

      1. Please take comfort that we can all see that that painting is kitsch trash. Any high school student in art class could have done that. It’s not art. Amazon’s have been spared 🙂

    6. Children’s spirits have been uplifted? I wouldn’t let a child anywhere near this display and anyone who does wants locking up.

    7. “the SFPL was targeted this week by our enemies…”
      Wow, that is some epic spin going on!
      Why oh why do those mean feminists hate the library?! It is a bastion for homeless youth and undocumented immigrants, therefore they must hate those people, too! Evil, classist, racist TERFs are trying to get the library shut down!

    8. How dare they play victim and include Butches as their supporters? They despise Butches and do the most grotesque appropriations of us, like Tobi Hill Meyer, male pornographer who posts videos of his prick being wanked, who was brought to MichFest as a boy and is now on the Butch Voices board as a “Butch,” censoring real Butches from having a workshop.

  27. San Francisco’s Wendi Deetz – handmaiden award.
    Public post. From here:
    Wendi Deetz is apparently the Operations and Human Resources Manager for the Global Fund For Women.
    “Wendi came to the Global Fund for Women after working in various capacities for the National AIDS Memorial, Frameline and the Women’s Safety Project. Since moving to the Bay Area in 1997, she has volunteered as a board and teaching collective member for several feminist, anti-violence organizations, has interned with the Institute on Aging and Queer LifeSpace and serves as a Finance Coordinator for Women Cross DMZ. Wendi holds bachelors’ degrees in English & Women’s Studies and a minor in Queer Studies from UCLA and a Master’s in Social Work from Cal State University, East Bay.”
    From here:

    1. So let me get this straight–our protests against threats of male violence traumatize men. As the young people say, I can’t even.
      Remember that mean kid who bullied the other children and then went crying to the adults when someone stood up to him? These days he seems to be calling himself a trans lesbian.

    2. Indeed. I was going to ask if I could throw in an honorary Doormat Award. Until reading her bio. I’m so glad I didn’t donate to the Global Fund for Women, recently. Based on that essay of hers, calling feminist independent thought “violence,” while these men’s axes aimed at feminists’ heads are “bravery,” I fear that some of those global funds for “women” will be used not as microloans for women entrepreneurs in Nepal to feed their families, but for their husband’s penis inversions and facial feminization surgeries. Maybe even throw in an axe for him. Because theirs is the real crisis, the real need: violent men with a gender identity crisis. Causing a need to terrorize women, to ease their nagging dysphoria. Those are the true brave souls.
      I wonder at what point feminist (and library, and Planned Parenthood) organizations are going to see such easily manipulated, liberal (pseudo-feminist) handmaidens to men as real or potential liabilities to their mission statements, who make their donors wary by having anti-feminist priorities.

    3. Does anyone else smell real and novel desperation in these people’s reaction? It’s like they’ve just noticed the writing on the wall for the first time and are panicking. The rhetoric seems suddenly unconvinced to me, like for the first time they don’t believe it themselves, they don’t know what to do, and are panicking.

    1. I signed, and allowed my name to be published but the petition still showed zero signatories. I made a donation.
      Thanks for starting the petition, since I’m not on Facebook and permanently suspended at Twitter for gender critical words, I hope others share this petition widely.

  28. The San Francisco Public Library’s ghastly murdering women exhibit has made the international press.
    From the Guardian:
    “And further demonstrating that misogynistic tropes are by no means the monopoly of resentful male virgins, curators at San Francisco library are currently staging an exhibition featuring a display of dissident-silencing weaponry (axes and bats) and other hate-advertising artefacts.
    Photographs of one vitrine, featuring a red bespattered T-shirt reading: “I punch terfs!” (trans-exclusionary radical feminists/women who disagree with me), may have struck a chord with anyone following the current UK debate about the government’s self-ID proposals. To date, threats, from one side, which echo, inescapably, some of those in the pro-Rodger playbook (“die in a fire terf scum”) have yet to generate comparably widespread concern, even after a woman was punched. Her assailant had earlier expressed the wish to “fuck up some terfs”.

    1. Again, fantastic work Gallus. And this Guardian opinion piece is so long in coming to the Guardian. What this SF exhibit is, what the mass male murders are, what the trans-terrorists are, what all violence against women is: is a WAR ON WOMEN. This sickening library display makes it so visible. We should never be distracted from remembering and calling it what it is: A war on all women.

      1. Not to pour cold water on the deserved welcome for this piece, but it’s actually in the Observer, by an Observer columnist, not in the Guardian. The Guardian continue to seem to police against allowing gender critical perspectives or GC commenting.
        The joint ownership of the two papers and therefore the appearance of amalgamation online is confusing. The Observer is the long-standing Sunday paper, with a different editorial team and perceptibly different stance from the Guardian, it seems?
        Might some at the ‘sister’ Guardian take notice, dip into a little GC thinking?

  29. Note Tran Caffee’s cynically strategic descriptor of work to “triage the narrative”. Note also Tran Caffee’s sociopathic characterisation of all who contradict his work as enemies. I think the narrative actually needs some integration and context, and a few important and neglected details need inclusion. Including the fact that the Tran Caffee promotes extending the weapons project to guns….and apparently many are going for concealed carry permits. That will be a good test of how badly the filtering process excludes obviously visibly violent and antisocial people.
    “‘For trans women feeling alone against the world, armed self-defense can start to feel like a very appealing option, though sometimes a frightening one.
    “I was so traumatized by guns by my 30s that it took three very patient queer gun instructors in a private living room to coach me through my first firearms training,” says Scout Tran-Caffee, a non-binary trans woman and multidisciplinary artist from Northern California.
    Whether women are pursuing training and licensure for the purpose of accessing conceal carry permits, or spending time with fellow LGBT people on the range to learn more about gun safety and fire a variety of weapons, gun ownership can also create a sense of solidarity and community.”
    Jade and Jo, you may want to include this in any response. I’ve got some screen grabs of the machine gun threat trans flag logos somewhere too.

  30. hmmm…wonder if any of the white boy billionaires funded the SF library group that put this on? They do like to fund the trans-patriarchy whenever they can. Also, perhaps some good may come from this terrible display, because, though it will encourage more violence against women, it also so viscerally exposes the misogyny/homophobia inherent in the trans cult. Perhaps it will push some over the peek trans line and begin a public dialogue, finally. What will it take till that happens? How much more evidence is needed til the truth of transharm to women and children is investigated and discussed????

  31. In a way, it’s good that this exhibit came about. It demonstrates in a sickening but very visible way just how violent and hateful they are. Hopefully it will wake a lot of people up to the danger and misogynistic, hateful agenda of these trans activists. They couldn’t have possibly laid out their philosophy clearer that they have in this exhibit.

  32. It was occurring to me the other day that the “TERF” label is kind of like saying “bad lesbian” as opposed to “good lesbian.” The parallels would be “bad Jew” vs. “good Jew” or “Respectable Negro vs. “the other kind.” The “good” ones make no waves, respect their “superiors,” mimic the culture and expectations of their “superiors,” do as they are told, never voice a thought unless spoken to, and that thought must closely mimic what the “superiors” say it must be. In return, the “good” folks get some vague promise that the violence meted out to the “bad” folks (the folks who insist on holding onto their own culture, their own opinions or beliefs or ways of living, who won’t kowtow to anybody else, especially on demand.) Of course, it’s a false promise. You can follow all their rules, and they will still attack you, rape you, kill you in the end. It’s a valuable strategy, really. It’s a trauma strategy that helps keep the “good” ones off-balance, and fearful of what would happen if they even imagined stepping out of line. This glorification of violence against “bad lesbians” or “TERFS” is not just a threat against them: in someways it is a warning to all the “good lesbians” that they better shut up, do as they are told, or the baseball bat will be turned on them next.

    1. Silverstone, this makes so much sense.
      It reminds me of Susan Brownmilller writing in her book, “Men, Women, and Rape,” that “Rapists are the shock troops of patriarchy.”
      She explained that shock troops are used first by a military, to terrify people in the town they are invading. They ensure the compliance and obedience of the townspeople for when the rest of the troops arrive.
      Brownmiller explained that all men benefit from rapists and the fear of rape that they create, by keeping women compliant, obedient, and in line, out of fear of being raped if we don’t obey men.
      The SFPL exhibit, and the weapons these trans-losers carry and display, serve as shock troops for all feminists, radfems, lesbians, and all women, warning us that we will be raped, assaulted, or murdered by these losers, or other men, if we don’t agree to date, agree with, and otherwise comply with them. Thus all MtTs, and men, profit from the existence of these overtly woman-hating men threatening to rape (owed sex) and murder us.

    1. WTF????? Are these ‘people’ …and I use the term ‘people’ loosely serious???
      This looks like a really bad Monty Python skit on acid, but for some reason, these folks have not gone off the air. And yet…..they are lauded by the brigade and their financial backers. Shit….
      By the way, as if these folks have not shown they were brownshirts already, there was a time in the runup and during WWII, when the Nazis in their libraries, etc. did similar. The encouragement of violence, alongside the burning of books, censorship of anything that did not put forth their twisted mindset in the forefront, is just like what these waste of cells have on display.
      If these idiots want to do this, then they can buy or lease a building of their own…..and fund it themselves. Like those private clubs, where some go to perform their dastardly deeds.

      1. There is a photo somewhere I wish I could locate again of early brownshirts marching with clubs and shields with slogans. I’m sure they too claimed fear of their intended victims.
        Antifa my ass.

  33. Seriously? About 100 years of rights rivendication … and I have to see this. People never learn.

  34. I am deeply shoked! How can you as a public place accept this as art? From an active lesbian feminist point of vju – we have been fighting for freedom for many years, but not for violence. We can unite if we have goals that liberate all parts involved. But this movement is based on aggresion and fuels even more hate towards women and lesbians. And we have had enough of this! You say you adress timely social issues – but this exhibition is propaganda. Where are the other voices in our time in regard to this? And can anything level with and/or balance violence? Please shut this down – please! Do not give haters room. They will hate you too 🙁

  35. Why is the SF Public Library inciting violence against women?
    G. Anderson
    SF Examiner
    I am writing to invite you to look into an exhibition currently held at the SF Public Library, entitled “Degenderettes”
    I am shocked that t-shirts, slogans and actual weapons inviting violence against women can be considered “art” and publicly funded. This constitutes a smear on the reputation of San Francisco and has generated protests from hundreds and women and men throughout the Internet. Letters have been written to Mayor Farrell and to the SFPL Commissioners.
    For your information, you will find a detailed summary of this issue at
    Also look for the #SFPublicLibrary hashtag on Twitter
    At a time when antifeminism is contributing to killings such as those committed by Elliot Rodger at U of Santa Barbara and Alek Minassian in Toronto last week, The SF Examiner would do its readers a service by questioning the poor taste of this exhibition and reminding them of the scourge of violence against women.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Martin Dufresne
    Montreal, Canada

  36. I don’t know why women are putting up with this crap. Even suffragettes practiced civil disobedience and smashed windows and risked beatings and arrest to make a point. So just break the glass, take one of those bats, and smash the display. Then have yourselves a bonfire and toss it all in. Don’t forget to toss in your bras so HIStory can later pretend it was all about bra burning.

    1. If I lived in San Francisco, I would do as you say. Unfortunately, I am severely disabled and cannot travel. I think you make an excellent point, something definitely worth getting arrested for because it would cause public attention to be focused on this atrocity.

      1. I don’t think that would be good. These violent men would say, “See? TERFs are the violent ones, and we legitimately need these weapons for protection from them!” Don’t give them ammo.

      2. I live too far away as well – otherwise it would’ve already been done. Let’s just say it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve encountered “art” by TIMs and made it go poof.
        I was hoping the Guerilla Girls might show up at the SFPL and leave their mark – especially since they specialize in “art.” For those who hesitate to break glass, GG tactics might be more appealing. Basically, GGs leave notes on exhibits and all over the damn place. Feel free to be creative and use a really heavy duty glue on the notes so they need a jackhammer to get it off.

      3. The whole point of civil disobedience is that no one gets hurt. I like the Guerrilla Girl tactics. Yes, these men (Bev Jo said there were women in that photo above; I am horrified) will say using the wrong pronouns is violence, but I think most people get that words or smashing a glass case are not the same as beating women up.

  37. SO: I’m an Art History major specializing in museum exhibitions. Im on track to an Art History MA followed by an MLIS. I’m also a detransitioned female from the West coast.
    The library complained about and had my criticism regarding their exhibition removed from their Yelp reviews, apparently because I haven’t schlepped my ass to SF to see it in person.
    So: the “degenderettes” (whatEVER) & their “allies” get to create & publicize & photograph & wring their hands etc etc regarding everything about this exhibition, then spread it all over the internet/internationally, and terrorize women to the point that opinion pieces are written in THE GUARDIAN et al. But someone with lived experience in such things who is a burgeoning expert in museum and library exhibition is silenced and erased. (Not that ANY woman needs to be a fucking scholar, or even a goddamn grade-school graduate, to push back at this OBVIOUS VIOLENT BULLSHIT. But just saying: I write A+ papers on the fuckin Guggenheim- which I’ve never visited- but it ain’t enough for Yelp to be like “nope this exhibit ain’t shit”)
    Messaged received, loud & clear. Yelp hates women and the Degenderettes and the library are classist as fuck.

    1. This makes my blood boil.
      Would you consider making a post about it somewhere? A letter to editor? GCReddit post? Feminist Current? Other guest rant on a blog?
      If a detransitioned apostate (hope you’re ok with that) – someone who has personal, inside, hard-won experience of what is going on around trans ideology and women, and whose areas of knowledge are directly what yours are is prevented from even having their opinion be viewable by anybody….. holy shit, where does that leave us all?

      1. I’m a local and a detransitioner (male) and Yelp removed my review with the same claim that it didn’t describe my experience as a customer.

      2. I’d consider it, but I’m so tired of the inevitable “if you detransitioned you were never really trans.” And, you know, it’s fuckin Yelp, choose your battles, etc. I’m sure they’ll just say “we don’t think you visited and it’s our policy blah blah blah.” But it’s CLEAR what this exhibition is about. All I wrote was “I’m going into the museum field, and after seeing this, I’ll always remember this library as ‘the one with exhibitions that promote killing women.'” It wasn’t even hardcore radical or political or academic or anything, but poof! Gone. What the fuck ever

    1. I posted a rambling overly generous explanation but you really cut to the point: this commenter is revealing that they think women deserve to be “targeted” with threats, bloodied propaganda, beatings with baseball bats, and axe murder. Not the “supremacist institutions” that radical feminists supposedly support (lol what????) just….the women. The women themselves are the targets. Punch women. Beat women. Axe murder women. These guys are just incels with wigs on.

  38. This is about objectifying disobedient females and targeting us for censure, by males, because we are not going to take this patriarchal mind-fuking trans party line.

  39. This is NOT REPESENTATIVE OF TRANS COMMUNITY. This is psychopathic violence under the heading of trans. A small minute group of “trans” people who are only there to incite prejudice, hate, fear and violence against transgender people who are already a much dispise minority, 41% who are vulnerable to make a serous suicide attempt and many are killed simply because they are trans. This screams of a weird, sick, twisted way to create more far and hate towards an already vulnerable people. It truly is crazy that this is exhibited. You would not see an ant i-black display of any version. This is an anti-transgender display of the worst kind.

    1. “A small minute group of “trans” people who are only there to incite prejudice, hate, fear and violence against transgender people who are already a much dispise minority, 41% who are vulnerable to make a serous suicide attempt and many are killed simply because they are trans….”
      Cry me a fucking river! Looks like you are believing your own lies. You know who’s vulnerable to suicide? LG kids who are gender nonconforming. That’s where that statistic comes from. Trans propagandists redefined those kids as trans long ago.
      And if they’re getting killed left and right, where are the bodies? About 15-20 trans males a year get killed by violent men including by trans-identified males. Sure, any’s too many, I’ll grant you no one should be getting killed. So, where are your tears for the 3 women and girls who are murdered by violent men EVERYDAY in this country?
      If you are so concerned that your movement is (supposedly) getting hijacked by a teeny minority, why doesn’t the trans industrial complex do something to reign them in?
      ” way to create more far and hate towards an already vulnerable people”
      Oh, you mean against women and feminists? Or do you really think they have other trans people in mind when swinging their bats at the Dyke March? Oh, I get it, the worse thing about all of this is that it makes you look bad.
      “This is an anti-transgender display of the worst kind.”
      Of course you waste no time in making this all about the poor widdle twanzies. Who gives a fuck about the women who are being threatened and harassed every day, losing sex-segregated safe-spaces, programs and opportunities, etc? Go to hell!

    2. Going to echo Mary here and ask, if these people aren’t representative or endorsed by the trans community, why have the loudest voices not condemned them? At best, they ignore it; at worst, they justify it because “TERFS” supposedly create “violence” with their ideology. When asked for proof of the latter, they parrot the same old tenuous connection between Janice Raymond’s The Transsexual Empire and the Reagan era’s hatred of everyone not male, white, rich, and straight (as if old WASPs ever gave a shit about what radical feminists have to say).

    3. Not representative of the trans community you say? Then go yell at them about it instead of coming here and posting #notalltrans apologia .

    4. “anti-transgender display of the worst kind”
      I call Dana Rivers the worst kind of transgender display. Douglas “Donna”: Perry hid in women’s prison so his DNA would not be discovered.
      How many transwomen have killed females? MANY
      How many females have killed transwomen? ZERO.

    5. @WoodySnowowl- Did you make this statement to the “artists”? Or to a single transactivist defending them? Or is the only place you made this statement a feminist blog objecting to it, as an attempt at damage control/apologia?
      I think we all know the answer to that question.

      1. I think we all already know the answer, but I’d like to hear it just the same. Oh, and a link to a pro trans blog where they post this same condemnation against the exhibit too. That would be great. Anticipating crickets, but . . . yeah. Let’s see if they respond!

    6. In my experience of being stalked, threatened, and bullied by the “trans community” since the Seventies, this is EXACTLY how they act. Of course this is representative of what they do. It is It’s not an isolated small group. It is exactly what a group of deranged men and a few male-identified women do, considering that “trans” is not even a real category, but completely made up. (No one is “trans” anything, whether “trans-paraplegic” or “trans-racial” or “trans-species.”)
      How about dismantling the entire charade and con, and, men, stop identifying as women and Lesbians, and women, stop identifying as men? Simple. Stop playing narcissistic games, stop invading our Lesbian and women’s communities, stop taking over our last spaces (and then making rules where we are not allowed to even discuss “trans-lesbians,”) stop parasitizing women into doing your bidding to harm girls and women. Give us reparations for all the harm you’ve caused, and our communities back.

  40. The San Francisco Public Library is making a TERRORISTIC THREAT against every women and girl in the Bay Area.

    City Librarian’s Office Michael Lambert, Acting City Librarian
    Chief of MainThomas Fortin, Chief
    Chief of Branches Catherine Delneo, Chief
    Chief Information OfficerMichael Liang, Chief
    City Librarian’s Office
    Chief of Branches
    Catherine Delneo, Chief
    Chief Information Officer
    Michael Liang, Chief

      1. President of the F&FSPFL, Dr. Huang is Helen Mikiko Huang, a pediatrician in practice in SF. Pediatrician!
        Here’s David Veneziano’s twitter handle, perhaps someone on twitter can question him there why the Friends of the SFPL promote violence towards feminists:
        This foundation has $7 million in assets, someone should sue the board members for allowing this gender terrorism exhibit against feminists.

  42. No offense to anyone, but I simply can’t keep up with all of these comments. If any response to the exhibit and/or panel is planned (public or individual), I’d love to contribute. Please create a response-focused online event/page/group (public or secret) and ping me, or ping me on how to create such an online forum focused on response. I can be found under “Jade Praerie” on most networks. Thanks very much.

    1. …the comment, I mean. It’s passive aggressive af. I simply can’t keep up with a list of people to “ping” or instruct lol. Is this for real?

      1. No aggression is intended, simply concise, polite, sincere communication. I apologize that otherwise was perceived. Also, I don’t understand your sentence “…to ping or instruct…”, please re-phrase, thanks.

      2. Jade Praerie, the problem (as I see it, anyway) is that you’re dismissing the discussion happening here, while asking for someone else to work on something you want, and for them to make sure to find and include you. Whether you intended it or not, your comment reads as very passive-aggressive.

    2. I didn’t read Jade Praerie’s comment as passive-aggressive at all, just someone asking to be notified/included if others plan anything concrete, or for advice on how to herself do the organising and including others, in any action that might take place. Seemed pretty public-spirited, actually.

      1. Jade is a man.
        Everyone please stop this derail. No more comments related to Jade’s statement will be posted. Thanks.

  43. The artists are not “male creators” as you say – they call themselves degenderettes because they are gender non conforming and they oppose transphobic and oppressive people and institutions, not “lesbians, feminists and other uppity women” as the article says. If certain feminists happen to be transphobic and uphold supremacist institutions, then they are targeted by this exhibit. That’s the point.

    1. Yes, straight men in dresses wish to beat disobedient women with bats and murder us with axes. That is *exactly* the point.
      These “disobedient” women include women who think Scout Tran Caffee is ugly and a joke, which he is. Women who wish not to have sex with ugly Tran Caffee and all of his equally ugly friends. Women who dare to say the words “menstruation”, “uterus”, “pregnancy”, or “mother”.
      Take your standard issue trans lies back to brainless liberals who think you donning a costume (which you can take off at any time) makes you “oppressed”. We’re a little too familiar and fed up with trans bullshit to buy what you’re selling.

    2. I’m too tired to school you properly so I’ll try to be brief and to-the-point.
      Sex = XX or XY chromosomes with few exceptions. It is biological and our species’ reproductive strategy.
      Gender = Socially agreed upon norms governing personal human aesthetics and behaviors. It is an optional presentation, a variable, a Social Construct (look it up).
      You can present any way you want but you can never change your sex.
      You’re welcome.

    3. Oh, Bernadette, silly Bernadette, you can’t identify your way out of being male, and neither can the degenerate degenderettes. Their maleness is written into every cell of their body, and this will not change no matter how many dresses they don, hormones they inject, or barbed wire baseball bats they wield. They will never escape their maleness.

    4. So, you believe that a woman deserves to be killed or beaten (“I PUNCH TERFS!”) if she is “transphobic”? Aka, if she is an “uppity woman” who refuses to agree with you, and doesn’t keep her opinions to herself?
      You are aware, that if you do not identify as trans, the Degenderettes are calling for your death with “Die Cis Scum”? Even if you do identify as trans, then the Degenderettes are calling for the deaths of most of your loved ones–your mother, grandmother, sisters, friends–with “Die Cis Scum”?

    5. I’m a feminist who wants my sex-based protections in law to be respected and upheld.
      I got suspended from Twitter and my free speech squelched for stating an obvious, biological fact, that penis is male.
      Having not had the privelege in this life to identify out of childhood molestations, gang rape and sexual assault as a 28 yr old – at least I got that last violent male put in prison for a year.
      I don’t identify as a rapee.
      I will never say a biological male is a woman.
      My sister is a 70 yr old butch lesbian, and our brother is 60 yr old lovely gay man. We fought for homosexual, women’s, blacks and disabled civil rights.
      These posh heterosexual, intact males are threatening women who dont buy the gender ID being used to destroy our women’s human rights.
      There’s not been a single transwoman killed by females. Look ten miles from SFPL you’ll see Dana Rivers trans activist being tried for murdering two lesbians and their 17 yr old son.
      We need accuracy in data collection laws. Douglas Donna Perry is not a woman, he’s a male triple serial murderer convicted this year.
      How many females are being murdered and raped by males? And, you condone this male violence towards women who fought for our sex-based protections in law?
      Are you aware the increase in sex crimes documented by nonprofit researchers – the gender ID loophole is allowing double the number of arrests in Target stores what became ” gender neutral”.
      I might have been raped and fuked by penis, but they can’t mind-fuke me to ever say penis is female. Hell no.

    6. “certain feminists”
      So it’s okay to threaten/beat/kill women if they don’t believe the “right” things? I’d hate to hear your opinions on other oppressed groups who don’t fit the Degenderette vision.
      Who am I kidding? They’re all “TERFs,” regardless. Even the trans women who don’t back this nonsense.

    7. These dudes are gender-nonconforming? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!

      1. LMAO right?
        A bunch of penis havers LARPing their paramilitary fantasies. Truly unseen.

    8. “Gender Non-conforming” is used as a euphemism for whatever men and their supporters want it to be, as well as being a way to enforce male rules for appearance, so now even some feminists are using it since they believe it’s a way to support Butches. But it’s not.
      “Non-conforming” implies the person is being bold and brave to go against the rules. But men in drag who are pretending to be women or Lesbians aren’t “Gender Non-Conforming” because they are the standard. No matter what game they play or what variation they pose as, they are the norm.
      For men who create the rules about how women are supposed to look, it’s another way to marginalize women who refuse to obey those male rules. By calling Butches and Dyke Fems “GNC,” then we accept the gender conforming as the norm to be measured against.
      At a recent reading of the letters between two beloved dead Lesbian Feminists that also included readings from their work, all five readers were clearly Fem, including the one who read the work of the Butch writer. But she was introduced as “Gender Non-conforming” because she was slightly less feminine. If she is “GNC,” are actual Butches considered unmentionable freaks to be hidden? Why not have a Butch read her work? It felt like one more erasure of Butches. And that plays into what the trans cult is doing to us.

    9. But they are *extremely* gender conformist.
      A “gender non-conforming” person with a penis (for example) would have no problem saying “While I am biologically male, I don’t have to engage in the typical stuff that people associate with men. I dont conform to gendered expectations. I’m a male because mammals are sexually dimorphic, but that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the way I dress or behave. I am male-sexed but I don’t have to conform to gendered expectations of men. I’m male but I live and think differently. I am a gender non-conforming man.”
      Instead, these men are saying, “Since I have a penis but don’t engage in stuff typically associated with men, *I must not really be a man*. There is (and this is KEY) such a thing as typical non-male/ woman stuff, and I’m into it, so I’m a woman (or non-man, enby, whatever.)”
      These people believe that “not sterotypically manly = not actually a man.” How that any different than what some violent homophobic redneck would think before he beats an effeminate dude’s face in? How is that any different than some MRA asshole calling some guy a “beta?”
      (Not to mention the flip side: women who aren’t ladylike enough… what, must be men?? Hmm, nothing sexist or lesbophobic there, right? Nothing going on with “supremacist institutions” there, right? Nothing that sounds exactly like what your awful drunk Uncle would say at Thanksgiving, right? Why is that kind of sexist shit suddenly okay just because people insist they *feel* it? Yeah, a lot of people “feel” self-hatred and disassociation and internalized sexism. It doesn’t mean it’s an identity or reason to cut up your body….or, as seen here, *threaten to cut up anyone else’s.)
      It would be much more radical, much more revolutionary, for these men to say “I’m going to show people a radical different way of being a man.” Instead, they are reproducing gender conformist ideas.
      But the thing is, the “degenderettes” in particular are not misguided effeminate men in need of affirmation. They won’t be helped with reassurances that it’s ok to be a different kind of man. Why? Because unlike effeminate dudes or masculine women who just need reassurance that We’re Free to Be You and Me, these guys and so many transactivists FUCKING HATE HATE HATE FEMALES. Open your *eyes.* Misogyny and homophobia hurt all gender non-conforming people, and yet they’re NOT TARGETING misogynist or homophobic groups! They’re targeting FEMALES. They consistently target FEMALES (and especially lesbians, who will not recognize them as female by letting them into their spaces or beds except through fear, coercion, and rape. Also trans men, because these men hate females and don’t actually give a shit about gender non-conforming people.)
      One more time: THEY. HATE. WOMEN. It is not an accident and it’s not a mistake. These dudes realize that through their activism, they’re able to systematically shut down and silence women, invade their spaces, insist on having a right to their bodies and sexuality (especially lesbians and also young vulnerable people in the radical community) , obscure and erase records of male violence, derail conversations about reproductive rights and the safety of women and girls, and the list goes on…and on…and ON.
      And what supremacist institutuons are you even on about?? What, academic? Sports-related? Psychiatric? Tech? Medical?
      Because those all can be shown to cater to, bend over backwards for, and/or live in fear of genderist bullshit, while feeding women into a goddamn meat-grinder. Try again.

      1. The reason I laugh at their claim to be gender-nonconforming is that they look like typical males engaged in typical male violence. And in my comment below I will add how else they utterly conform to male stereotypes.

  44. Targeting women for violence is about male supremacy, it’s how it works. These men aren’t women and can never become women, and they have no right to attack women for refusing to go along with the deluded beliefs.

  45. Censorship!
    “I’m reaching out to let you know that our moderators removed your review of San Francisco Main Library because it wasn’t clear that your review described your firsthand experience as a customer of San Francisco Main Library.”
    Yelp is removing reviews on the SFPL page that do not conform with the transagenda. I mean, that do not state somehow that the experience is firsthand. So repost your comments with the correct wording here:

    1. As if yelp always maintains such a high discretionary standard. It really would be so interesting to know how these decision chains get activated. I have a feeling we will sooner rather than later. Apart from anything feminist watching trans activism is an object lesson in how a few phone calls from rich dudes really can make a lot happen.

  46. I have been following transgender activism with increasing alarm for some time (thank you Gallus Mag) but have never been so horrified and sickened. I think the only solution may be lesbian separatism because I fucking give up on this world where a LIBRARY is a primary promoter of hatred and violence against lesbians. ENOUGH!!! Meanwhile I am calling every fucking number on the list above and hope everyone does the same. Please also weigh in on the SFPL’s chat line: I love all of you who are standing up for lesbians in this lesbian-hating world.

    1. AMEN. Wen I suggested on Facebook that the T be REMOVED from LGVT (or LGTBQIetcXYZabc) the post ignited a FLAME WAR and unfirneding and blocking of me by dozens of LGBTs and their allies for even THINKING such a thing LET ALONE *** POSTING *** such an thing.
      Funny, NONE of ’em WOKE UP on my hudnreds of posts of the years about NUCLEAR WAR and GLOBAL HEATING and MEDICARE FOR ALL and US EMPIRE GENOCIDE. But on the trans thing, well the KNEEJERK TRANS MILITANT INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX BILLIONAIRE FUNDED IDEOLOGIICAL JUGGERNAUT, went c]ballistic. And cowardly. Posting a snarky insult and then blocking me so they could not read my response, really yellow belly cowards skunks.
      My logic was this: L, G, and B are sexual ORIENTATIONS. T is NOT. For that matter, I for Intersex is NOT a sexual orientation either.
      Plus I don’t know what the word “queer” means anymore. A bunch of bourgeois self-loathing male academics with all kinds of mental health, FOO and sexual orientation issues stole the term to normalize it among bourgeois academic discourses — and they get a real T H R I LL out of each time they use the term. Like slumming for sex on a Saturday night.
      The bourgeoi academics who stole the word QUEER are like the towers-in-the-sky debates in the Vatican about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and the same but WORSE discourses by orthodox Vatican-style Marxists.
      Separatism I think would be a good approach because the fake unity, — the like fake unity of Yugoslavia and, well, the good ole USA are fragile, frail, artificial, plastic, and, well, fake. lol..

    2. Lesbian Separatists like me have been in the SF Bay Area since 1972 and are still here, though lied about and vilified.
      If all women joined us, patriarchy and the trans cult would be over.

  47. The primary way in which these awful men are totally GENDER-CONFORMING is their obvious fear of other males — you don’t see them protesting the actual men who murder trans-identified males, do you? — which is expressed through their need to intimidate and harm women. Like most all men, they are SNEAKING, SNIVELING, WET-THEIR-PANTS, COWARDS.

  48. So the canned reply I got from the SFPL after emailing and phoning them includes this: “We have altered the exhibit, removing artwork that could be interpreted as promoting violence.” There are thousands of signatories to the petition now and (hopefully) hundreds of people who are calling and telling them that WE INTERPRET BATS AND BLOOD AS PROMOTING VIOLENCE (obviously no interpretation is necessary, but I am being generous). How fucking dare they gaslight us. Do they think we are lying? I am more enraged than before.

    1. This truly is one for the history books. A public library displaying baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire, intended to beat disobedient women with, proclaimed as a show of “inclusivity”. I think this will come to be a notorious example of early 21st century misogyny.

      1. Agreed. It’s a fucking trip to study history and then read this kind of stuff because you just know this period of time will go down as “mass delusion, self mutilation, and hatred of women” in the books

  49. Thank you again, Gallus Mag, for all your work. What would we do without you? You even provide a way for women across the world to meet to support each other and to fight the most dangerous men, those who appropriate women’s and Lesbian identity.

  50. I’m in Canada and it’s sad that I can’t do something about this. I live in a conservative city where thankfully our municipal library system would never put something so disgusting on display. Nope. The major attraction in our central library is a big red fire truck. My God, what kind of library would do this considering all the kids who will visit the library.

  51. “Much more money and career opportunities in writing about het men posing as Lesbians. –Bev Jo you couldn’t have said it better, males make money off of posing as lesbians or appropriating lesbians. Follow the money as they say…

  52. radfemspiraling Says:
    May 3, 2018 at 2:14 am
    In response to the above awesome comment (to which I cannot “reply”)…
    …my late mother started my city’s only state-certified DV shelter in 1976. The very first thing she did — which I think is very important & overlooked — is DOCUMENT incidences of DV.
    Prior to that, DV incidents were seen by police as “private family matters.” So there were no STATISTICS to illustrate why DV services were even needed.
    BTW, it sounds so simple — recording DV incidents reported to the police. But she got hell for it back in the day.
    And here we are…it’s 1976 again. Women don’t count. Literally. 🙁

    “Transgender people are far more spiritually attuned, grateful and selfless than the general population, maintains a Vancouver-based researcher.” –who just happens to be a TIM.
    Well, yes, those ARE axes and baseball bats in the SFPL exhibit, but TIMs use them in a spiritually attuned way, are grateful to have them, and have selflessly allowed them to be put on display. So their story coheres, right?

    1. So let me guess : next thing you know, these ‘persons’ will quote Elwood Blues and say: ‘we’re on a mission from God’.
      What is worse, is that come June in the US, that level of verbal strangeness will be all over the place. With very little in the way of questioning the lack of logic, lest one is called phobic. Damn, damn, damn.

    2. I couldn’t even slog through the narcissism in that.
      And of course “Santiago spent the first decades of her life as a married, heterosexual man, father of three children.” Being a deadbeat dad has never been so trendy.

  54. It is akin to the fanatical defense of burkhas and chadors in the wake of the Tump election. Tolerance of ideological systems oppresive to women (or womyn wtfe!) is de rigeur. Just a few years ago, we were decrying the treatment of women in the more iron age sections of the Islamic world, now it’s celebrated as proof of ‘tolerance’. I guess the civilization is in a self- destruct mode- including the Islamic portion of it.

    Amati update (speaking of axes), the asterisk on pronouns was an interesting part of the article:
    “Note: This article refers to Amati as male because that is his biological sex. Whatever his transgender identity, Amati has a male body. Especially given his insistence that his body, not him, was involved in the crime, the idea that gender identity should trump biological sex seems rather suspect.”
    Amati wrote himself into a narrative corner with his demonic possession + drugs claim.

  56. This ‘exhibition’ is a stroke of genius. It manages to fan the flames of hate under the guise of free speech. This will hurt women, hurt trans folk and fuel men’s rights activists. It can only cause division.
    Could it be funded by the CIA or a right wing Christian group I wonder.
    I presume this library will extend ‘freedom of speech’ to white supremacist groups too. Perhaps they could enable an exhibition of lynching.
    The only antidote to this, is to see cis women, trans women and men march in solidarity against misogyny and violence.
    What was this library thinking?

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