A chat with Posie Parker on free speech, feminism and Mermaids UK

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33 thoughts on “A chat with Posie Parker on free speech, feminism and Mermaids UK

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve heard of Posie Parker but not that familiar with her work and will have to check it out. Great to see Magdalen out there doing so well too.

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize there is NO crime in the U.K. Or is this similar to park police in NYC harassing dog walkers while women are being raped elsewhere in the park?

  3. Finally got to watch this and thoroughly enjoyed it. Posie is a nice mix of well spoken and self aware and I love it.
    Side note: after I finished I peeked at Twitter and was immediately greeted with this timely nonsense –

    They discuss his genitals on the show, you hypocrites. They created the ENTIRE show around the idea his genitals supposedly don’t match his girlbrain. But yeah keep pretending it isn’t just a lead-in for you to start squawking about misgendering and how women should lose a space completely because of the nonbelievers in their ranks.

    1. They do discuss his genitals on the show. I don’t even watch it or watch TV in general, and even I know that. Somehow or other, I saw what I think was a promo for the upcoming season, and there were little short scenes. One was they were all in the Dr’s office and he was saying something about how because of the blockers, he didn’t have enough “material” down there to construct the fauxgina or whatever it’s called. I never heard any more about that. So this kid is going to be completely effed up after all that, not having a developed penis OR the constructed whatever. TLC is just vile.

      1. Not only that but there are adults (including his own grandmother) talking to him about orgasms.

        Preaching to the choir, they don’t give two shits about the exploitation of this kid or any other. They’re just looking for gotchas against Mumsnet.

  4. This may also be of interest to readers as it was an anti-lesbian event that happened at a queer event in Leeds in 2015 – A ‘Terf Dartboard’ that featured photos of real, actual lesbian activists and writers. Gives some more insight into the general political climate of the area where the police come from (Leeds in West Yorkshire).
    When Lesbians Become Targets: Leeds Queerfest 2015

  5. Add Linda Bellos to the list of disobedient women being investigated by UK police for thoughtcrimes.
    In her Facebook post about it, Bellos made the salient point that she never would have been able to have a racist criminally investigated for their speech. She’d have to take it to civil court.

    1. According to Penis News, Linda Bellos was also questioned under caution by the Yorkshire police- North Yorkshire in her case. Of course Penis News reporting is notoriously poor, so who knows.
      According to the twitterverse, a transsexual activist critical of gender was also questioned under caution (presumably Miranda Yardley).
      There are several transgender officers serving on the Yorkshire police force, including Sergeant Christopher Lamb (now Nicola), a late transitioner (49) who transitioned in 2001 after 26 years on the force. Another officer who transitioned in 1997. (from here:
      “NORTH Yorkshire Police has revealed it has two transsexual officers working for the force.
      Chief Constable David Kenworthy was joined by transsexual Police Sergeant Nicola Lamb, formerly Sgt Christopher Lamb, at a press conference yesterday, only days after colleagues were told she would be coming to work as a woman.
      It was also revealed that another transsexual officer, who has not been named, works for the force, having made the gender transition five years ago before transferring to North Yorkshire Police.”
      Female Constable Tanya Robbins (now James) also transitioned in 2002. (from here: https://www.scotsman.com/news/pc-to-tread-beat-as-a-woman-1-610791 )
      The Yorkshire police force has a long long history of sex discrimination cases against female officers and accusations of criminal harassment against female officers.
      It is terrifying to imagine law officers in possession of the mainstream transactivist mindset which advocates for the silencing of public gender criticism by any means necessary. Would they abuse their authority?
      It would be interesting to see what happened if every UK transactivist on social media who threatened women or incited violence (“kill terfs”) were reported to the Yorkshire police and the results tracked. Would they be similarly investigated?
      There’s a huge huge story here…

  6. From someone–named Aiden, of course–on the FB Labour forum: Women aren’t allowed to call themselves women or even female unless they agree they identify as their gender. Saying you’re female because of your body is transphobic in that it invalidates the identities of transpeople. The little jerk who wrote this provided the helpful explanation that it’s important to have a “system of language that allows everyone to validate their own identity.” I always thought the main point of language was to allow people to discuss reality with each other rather than live in narcissistic echo chambers, but my ideas are apparently too old-school for this brave, new “post-truth” world.
    But we all saw this coming. What’s next–barring us from the women’s restroom unless we agree to identify with being oppressed? Assuming there actually is a woman’s restroom that hasn’t been repurposed for “all genders.”
    The UK seems to be slipping into misogynistic fascism even more quickly than we are.

    1. So now gender (sex roles)
      1990 Are bad!
      2000 Are independent of sex
      2010 Are more authentic than sex
      2018 Are sex
      Do I have that right?

      1. Your list matches my memory of the last thirty years, but I have a reality-based approach to the world, so what do I know compared with woke gender specials who can’t remember life before social media and smartphones?

    2. It’s not just the UK. I just moved to a new state in the US (blue state) and the sign-up forms at the library and elsewhere now say “gender identity” instead of “gender” or “sex.” The term “gender identity” deeply offends me. I put myself down as “biological female” – I don’t “identify” as female.
      HOW did it get to this?

      1. For the last eighteen months I’ve been asking how we ended up in this dystopian hellscape.
        Psychology research shows there’s always a certain percentage of the population with authoritarian personalities, and people in general become more authoritarian in their beliefs when frightened. Those with such leanings tend to justify inequlity, prefer a “strong”–i.e., borderline fascist–leader, and cling to reactionary stereotypes about sex roles. I’m beginning to think that the transgender movement fits into this larger cultural trend.
        Huey Long is supposed to have said that when fascism comes to America, it will be called anti-fascism, which sounds about right given that trans people and their supporters claim shutting down feminist discussion is progressive and a mark of tolerance.

      2. @Oak and Ash thanks for this. “people in general become more authoritarian in their beliefs when frightened….”
        I’m interested in the connections between ecological degradation, climate change, upcoming resource shortages (water, oil, food), biophobia and transactivism. The nature-hatred of their movement is so strong, strong as their hatred of women.
        Susan Griffin’s 1978 Woman and Nature explored men’s compulsive need to kill women and the earth. Her analysis is needed now more than ever.

      3. Oak and Ash’s comment is A+
        Paying lip service to the trans movement is also easy mode for getting your Good Liberal™ badge. It’s less difficult to recite a few mantras and pretend the old is new than to tackle big injustices. Pretty much any other issue that’s historically addressed by the left requires a lot of critical thinking and laboring against social and capitalist monoliths.
        Trans activism, on the other hand, wants you to close your eyes and think of England (often in the original meaning of the phrase).

    1. Speaking of creepy, I don’t know if Shon has kids but I’ve seen an excess of party line TIMs with none who love putting “mom” in their handles or saying shit like “does this make me a hockey mom” while transitioning. #notalltrans are creeps but the ones who sound like pedo Norman Bates sure are.

      1. It’s a reference to the movie Mean Girls where the popular girl’s mom is the “cool” mom who lets them drink and choreographs a sexy Christmas dance for the four mean girls replete with sexy Santa outfits and crotch thrusting. The mom even joins in on the crotch thrusting while she’s filming the dance in the audience.
        It’s perfect for Shon, since his advice to children is to “get tits early” and suck as many dicks as possible.

      2. Could you imagine if gay men said this shit and were applauded for it by the gay community during the struggle for gay rights in the U.S.? Hell, imagine if they said such a thing now.
        In addition to trans being a way for straight men to abuse women without consequences, it sure looks like a way for extremely pervy, pedophilic “gay” men to say and do things they couldn’t say or do when they were merely gay men and not “brave straight women”. Ed Murray should have identified as a “woman”.

      3. This new mom-trend was also hyped by Zinnia Jones’ recent star turn on “I am Jazz” — wherein the infamous Queen of Horse Dildo Porn introduced themselves saying “I’m a mom” (i.e. they have a female partner with kids) and wearing a demure suburban turtleneck.
        Good work if you can get it.

    2. Does Shon know that MRAs say that? That criticizing a man for anything is “misandry”?
      These idiots would be hilarious if they weren’t systematically destroying women’s rights.

  7. I won’t call you a creep if you don’t act like one. I won’t call you a creep is you cease from perving on lesbians or insisting you are lesbian with a penis. I won’t call you a creep if you respect women’s boundaries and stop forcing yourselves on lesbians. So stop acting like creeps and you won’t be called creeps.

  8. From written evidence submitted by Trans Media Watch to the Parliamentary Committee inquiry on Hate Speech:
    “26. Social media in general and Twitter in particular is renowned for being a public space which is largely unregulated. While standard legislation around hate speech is supposed to apply, it is proving difficult for people to either report allegations of crime or progress them. Mermaids, a UK charity offering support to trans children and their families, comes under regular attack, as does their Chief Executive Susie Green. When reporting a recent allegation to her local police force, the initial reaction was that Twitter was not a UK-based company so nothing could happen. When assured that this was not the case, the next barrier was which police force would take ownership of the case, as the alleged perpetrator was in a different county. Finally, after navigating the process to ensure the case reached the Crown Prosecution Service, the CPS decided not to prosecute because Susie and Mermaids were not named in the tweets, despite being tagged in them and the comments clearly being directed at them. When reporting a subsequent allegation to her local police force, the initial reaction was that Twitter was not a UK-based company, and so the cycle started to repeat.
    27. Many of the hostile posts on social media could be interpreted as hate speech. The use of terms such as “trans identified male” or even “man” rather than “trans woman” aim to tie trans women to an identity that is psychologically harmful in many cases. Drawing attention to this usually brings the same response as complaints to the press – that one is attempting to suppress free speech.
    28. The section on hate crime in the Stonewall Trans report is damning. “Two in five trans people (41 per cent) have experienced a hate crime or incident because of their gender identity in the last 12 months. Three in ten non-binary people (31 per cent) have experienced a hate crime or incident because of their gender identity. Younger trans adults are at greatest risk: 53 per cent of trans people aged 18 to 24 have experienced a hate crime or incident based on their gender identity in the last 12 months. Hate crime against trans people is significantly underreported; most trans people – four in five (79 per cent) – don’t report it to the police. Some trans people who report a hate crime don’t feel supported by the police or experience even further discrimination.”
    29. The key thing to note at this point is the more-or-less complete lack of redress for the hate experienced by trans people and their families, whether it’s in the mainstream media, in social media, or in society at large – and also the lack of trust in authorities, be they regulators, police or the courts, to take any action, let alone appropriate action.
    30. The end point of this discrimination is often a suicide attempt. As the Royal College of Nursing notes in its document Preventing suicide amongst trans young people: “Suicide often comes at the end point of a complex history of risk factors and distressing events.”
    31. In 2007, the Engendered Penalties27 report stated that 34.4% of trans people had attempted suicide at least once, with 14% attempting it twice or more. The Trans Mental Health Study 2012 revealed that 48% of trans people had attempted suicide at least once. Other studies repeatedly show the figure is between 33% and 45%, with ideation (the visualisation or planning of suicide) being around double this. It needs to be pointed out that these are the survivors. The costs to the NHS are considerable, with one Department of Health paper indicating the total cost in 2011 to the NHS and society at large of a suicide were around £1.7 million.
    32. The current media landscape does nothing to reduce and probably enhances hate expressed to trans and intersex people. This then enables people to feel entitled to use social media for hateful speech, and when challenged claim that their freedom of speech is unfairly being curtailed.
    33. Far from being an attempt to garner sympathy, as claimed by some of those opposed to trans rights, suicide is a ghastly, costly and inhumane end result for too many trans people.”

    18. Of particular current concern is Mumsnet. Originally set up to be a support group for mothers, the website has expanded to have a variety of “boards”. The feminist activism board seems to have become an area for those opposed to trans rights to organise. 18 out of the latest 26 threads are conversations on trans rights, with a large number of posts alleging variations of “trans women are men”. The feminist chat board also has a number of threads on the “trans agenda”, containing posts such as “I have no hatred for transwomen, I just don’t want to be anywhere near humans who were born with a penis”.
    While concern is current, this does not seem to be a new phenomenon, as a piece published in Vice in 2016 reports:
    “Are you saying it shouldn’t affect us if a man walks in with cock and balls and expects us to just go about our business?” asked one user.
    “Where are these studies that prove trans women are more vulnerable to suicide and murder and all the rest of it? I’ve never seen anything convincing compared to the stark statistics on the female victims of male violence,” wrote another.
    19. This is despite Justine Roberts (the owner of Mumsnet) saying “Transphobia is against our guidelines and we delete and ban users who are repeat offenders”. On 15 April, Justine was quoted in the Sunday Times19 alleging that trans activists are pressurising
    advertisers to remove their adverts from Mumsnet, saying “What’s worrying to me is the thought-police action around speech and the shutting down of the right to be able to disagree and immediately labelling it as transphobic.”
    “10. Towards the end of 2015, a group of women who had good connections with the media started to question whether trans women were “real” women. Because such comments generally have an end point of removing rights from people, and reflected the comments made in the 1980s about lesbians, these views were considered to be transphobic.”
    Bolding by me.
    From here (PDF):

  9. I was involved in lesbian and gay rights activism in Britain during the eighties. I don’t recall that anyone at that time was suggesting that lesbians were not ‘”real” women’.
    The only people I have noticed making claims of that sort have been certain malevolent little trans-identified trolls who like to tell lesbians they are “transmen in denial”. And that, as far as I am aware, began quite recently.
    I will add that I cannot remember a time when there has been more abuse and aggression directed towards lesbians as a class than is happening at the present, and it is all coming from transgender people and their followers and facilitators.

    1. Lesbians were put in mental asylums in the 50s-70s, lesbians were arrested in bars and put in paddy wagons. For ages, male mental health professionals have accused lesbians of not being real women. Butch lesbians have been vilified for refusing to wear dresses or make up. Lesbians have been beaten up and attacked for decades now, and lesbians have had no civil rights until quite recently, including the right to marry, the right not to have your children confiscated by the court because you are in a lesbian relationship. This is the historical record, and this keeps happening. It never ends actually, because lesbians who don’t look or act like straight women are targets.

  10. Women have been systematically excluded from any debate on the GRA. Their attempts to gather and discuss this amongst themselves has been targeted by trans activists with violence and harassment…….here is Heather Brunskell-Evans view of what happened at Bristol…….https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/assault-free-speech-and-free-thought
    So what does the UK government do?……wait for it………Invites none other than Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner, courtesy of Channel 4 TV, to address the House of Parliament in a key note speech on “diversity” on 9th May.
    Just throw me under a bus now! Bruce Jenner, systematically betrayed no less than 3 women, who now have nothing more to do with him, in the most cruel and manipulative way, while he built up his career as an athlete. Here is a man who’s take on the problems that women face as having to decide what to wear in the morning. Here is a man who made jokes about masturbating in his daughters underwear. Here is a classic autogynephile. Lying, manipulative, misogynistic, cheating, narcissistic,,,,,,is that diverse enough?
    This is nothing more than a kick in the teeth to women, who go through a bereavement that is not acknowledged by a single official body, who gave the best parts of their lives to men like him, only to be left traumatised and penniless. A kick in the teeth to female athletes who now have to compete alongside men who like to put on lipstick and eye-liner whist they compete in women’s events, because it’s so affirmative! A kick in the teeth to party members who have their place on women’s short lists denied because a post-pubescent boy has huge melt downs on twitter if the cruel women, with years of experience and a track record of putting women first call him by the correct male pronoun. A kick in the teeth for lesbians who have no spaces left to call their own. A kick in the teeth for women who find themselves in prison because they made bad choices and took the rap for their abusive partners and now have to share a cell with a dodgy (to say the least) man. A kick in the teeth to the girl who wanted to go on her first trip away from home with the Girl-Guides, but now has to share her bunk with a boy and, oh shit, it’s when her period is due. A kick in the teeth to all women.
    Is that enough diverse female experiences? Apologies if I have left some out.

  11. Read “Baby You Are My Religion” about lesbian bar culture from the 40s to the 70s for the full story of just how attacked and oppressed lesbians have been in the past, way before the rise of second wave feminism. The Lavender Menace is what Betty Friedan called lesbians back in the late 1960s. And on and on this goes.

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