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    1. It looks like about 10 people. The fear that people have of these trans thugs far outstrips their actual numbers or power. I’d bet that in the entire US and Canada the serial harassers and screamers are no more than 200 people and in the UK maybe a few dozen.

      1. Really? Then why are two police officers traveling across the UK – even staying in a hotel room- to conduct a compelled interrogation under caution of a woman who tweeted her disagreement with the CEO of Mermaids arranging her son’s castration on his 16th birthday? Why are trans activists illegally gathering data on feminists using their access to forums as IT professionals? As someone who has personally received thousands of threats from thousands of distinct individuals who consider themselves transgender activists for the crime of running a blog analyzing trends in gender, I find your comment laughable.

      2. Well, I was intending to comment only on their numbers (not the extent of their craziness) and only on the ones who show up IRL (not the ones who skulk online). I don’t doubt that the harassers are capable of doing harm and that they should be taken seriously. But I question the notion that the mob – the ones who actually do the harassing and assaulting – is all that large.
        I say this because, in all the years I’ve been following this, I’ve never seen any any in-person trans mob action which has involved more than a handful of people to at most a few dozen. Examples: “Camp Trans” at MichFest, which was probably the largest and best organized trans harassment campaign, involved only a few dozen people. Dr. Michael Bailey’s harassment, to the best of my recollection, involved maybe 10 people. Rose McGowan’s harassment involved 1 person. The Hyde Park incident involved a handful. The serial harassment of Dan Savage involved maybe a dozen to a couple of dozen combined. The 2015 harassment of a children’s hospice in the UK was the work of 1 individual. The harassment of the Vancouver Women’s Library involved maybe 10-12.

        1. I disagree with your deflation of the numbers of individuals who identify as transgender who are actively involved in harassing and threatening women, especially lesbians and feminists. It is laughably absurd. The idea that Dan Savage was harassed by only a dozen or so activists is grossly incorrect. As is your ridiculous claim that only five transgender activists were involved in the Hyde Park “incident”. Your lie is easily disproven by video evidence. Your claim that Rose McGowan was harassed offline and off her book tour by a single individual when the historical record shows a coordinated campaign by hundreds of activists including organizations and media sites shows your agenda of covering up the events as they occurred. The best of your examples are similarly laughable, including the campaign against Michfest which included many thousands of individuals sponsored by well funded mainstream so called “LGBT” groups.
          There were enough thugs at the We Need To Talk About Sex program in Bristol to line the stairway to the event and block all the doors to the venue, not to mention the thousands of supporters egging them on, including well funded mainstream organizations.
          It’s interesting that you disregard the power of the state, the funded orgs, the “LGBT” rights groups, the mainstream media, and the hundreds of thousands of men involved in destroying women’s events including Michfest, women’s sports, the elimination of sex based rights for women.
          If you were trying to show that even the tiniest fringe male expression of hatred towards women is amplified and celebrated and supported by the institutions of law, the press, the government, police, formerly “LGBT” orgs, and the public at large you would have a point, but that isn’t the point you are making. What you are trying to do is minimize and erase the documented massive campaign of violent terrorizism conducted against women by many hundreds of thousands of people under the guise of trans activism.

      3. Maybe only a paltry handful of seemingly ineffectual TRANSQUILTBAGHJKLLYFXDF group members bother to show up at a college basement meet-up. Maybe they serm to say very little, and get even less done.
        And yet: there is a professor two floors up from that meeting of morons. She will get blacklisted if she dares to question the philiosophical inconsistencies of “preferred pronouns.”
        I wish we could dismiss these clowns so easily. But this madness goes up to high levels. These are just the footsoldiers.

      4. I understand the temptation to regard this as a handful of people who are just a little too loud but definitely watch the whole video above. The speakers offer a lot of insight into how deep rabbit hole goes and where it originates.
        The problem doesn’t just lie with the bullies who show up in person. As Gallus mentioned, there’s been several harassment campaigns run almost solely online, where they can both stay safe behind their screens and pretend they’re guerrilla heroes while they try to wreck (mostly working class) people’s lives.
        There’s also the fact that the current gender nuttery has something for everyone. The right gets to see gender roles reinforced and homosexuals “converted” (i.e. sterilized and/or pressured into hetero relationships). The left gets to feel good about standing up for the little guy (even with rich capitalists behind his.. her… zir back) while doing fuckall because it’s ultimately just the status quo with rainbow branding.

    2. Yesterday I saw a thread started by an “ally” in Bristol offering to escort trans people who felt threatened by those attending the meeting and suggesting others do the same. Some trans folk claimed in response that they were, in fact, frightened to walk around that evening.
      Are these people for real? What exactly are they afraid of–an assault of logic and reason? It’s almost as though they’ve figured out that most people don’t really consider misgendering and disagreement to be violence, so they’re pretending gender critical feminists are out to literally kill them (as opposed to “literally kill” them by committing thought crimes) in order to drum up sympathy.
      Or they’ve worked so hard to paint TERFs as monsters that they’ve scared themselves stupid. The whole thing’s ridiculous; they should grow up and protest a real threat.

      1. People who don’t conform to sex-based stereotypes and roles, both men and women, are subject to profound overt and covert marginalization and harassment, sometimes violently, by normies. This effects one’s daily life ranging from negative everyday interactions to lifetime career trajectories. Women and men are truly monstered and hated when they fail to fit the gender box, even within communities that used to support them (see “effeminate” males and “butch” females in the lesbian and gay communities).
        Some of them seek relief by adopting transgenderism- the idea that sex role nonconformity is a disorder of sexual development requiring correction. This idea that sex role nonconformity can be “corrected” by changing sex is wildly popular among the general public (and the medical industry) as it preserves the power imbalance and cultural norms of dominant males (masculinity) and subordinate females (femininity).
        When feminists expose the existence of a social hierarchy (male dominate, female subordinate) based on sex, transgender people who sought normalcy by denying or disguising their sex find their world upended and they feel vulnerable to the very social forces (hatred of sex role deviants) they “transitioned” to avoid.
        Those of us – lesbians, gays, and others- who have been “gender outlaws” for our whole lives, paying the price and fighting for a better world where gender is abolished- tend to be unsympathetic to the conformers, similar to the attitude of “out” gay people who endure homophobia towards the straight pretending closet cases who do not.
        The terror of the trans person towards having their actual sex acknowledged is the terror of a self-hating closet case being outed. The terror of being revealed as a woman trying to pass as male or a man trying to pass as female.

      2. @GallusMag–
        The experiences of non-conformity that you describe aren’t unfamiliar to me, but at first didn’t seem to fully explain the fear I was observing in people’s comments on that thread. I had two gay male relatives in my parents’ generation who came of age before the push for gay rights, when they were at real risk of being jailed. One of them died early in his old age (at a later, supposedly “more tolerant” time) of injuries sustained in what was probably a gay-bashing incident. Moreover, as a woman who, although straight, has refused to perform for the male gaze or defer to men and who has been standing up to abusive males since I was (literally) five, I’ve had a few brushes with the sort of hostility and marginalization you mention.
        What puzzled me were those who claimed to fear walking the streets of Bristol merely because gender critical feminists were in town. Radical feminists didn’t assault my dead relative, and they’re the last people I’d expect to threaten anyone for gender non-conformity, so I honestly wondered whether the fear was real. On rereading your reply, however, the second half struck me as analogous to something from my own experience–when straight, moderately conforming women who call themselves feminists have suddenly looked frightened and then avoided me after we’ve discussed feminist issues. Over the years I’ve come to realize that most of the self-declared feminists who seek to curry favor with men desperately wish to believe in the possibility of a kinder, gentler patriarchal system in which men would treat women a bit more fairly if only individual women worked to earn it or figured out how to ask nicely enough.
        Your comment has led me to see that trans-identified gender non-conformists afraid of radical feminism are similar to those “feminists” frightened by discussions of male entitlement and violence who choose to avoid radical feminists (but not men), in that their response to being members of groups marginalized and threatened by patriarchal male entitlement is not to oppose the system but to find a way to work within it to get a somewhat better deal for themselves (whether by means of exogenous hormones or eyeliner sharp enough to kill). They then view those who do challenge the foundational assumptions of the system as undermining their strategy for surviving within it, which leads them to consider radical feminists rather than powerful men as the real threat to their existence. The need to have their views validated results from a realization on some some level that what they believe is a consensual delusion, and a need to maintain their own delusion may also be why so many liberal feminists have allied themselves with transactivists.
        Thank you for the illuminating reply–it really helped make sense of what I’ve been observing.

      3. Oak and Ash, brilliant comment. TIMs and some women’s strategy ‘not to oppose the system but to find a way to work within it to get a somewhat better deal for themselves (whether by means of exogenous hormones or eyeliner sharp enough to kill).’ And viewing RFs ‘as undermining their strategy for surviving within it, which leads them to consider radical feminists rather than powerful men as the real threat to their existence.’ Brilliantly said, and has advanced my thinking on this. Thanks to everyone here and to Gallus Mag for continuing to tread where liberals fear to go!
        BTW but have just seen this:

      4. @sirenpress–
        I looked up that exhibit at the SFPL. It’s horrifying–they included an “I punch TERFs” shirt, complete with graphic blood splash, and at least one item saying “Die cis scum.” Complaints seem to have persuaded the library to remove the shirt–or so I’ve heard–but this is interesting in light of what we’ve been discussing:
        “TERF is an acronym for ‘trans exclusionary radical feminist,’ an oppressive belief set that attempts to delegitimize trans women– not just theoretically, but by inducing suicide through internet harassment, public release of personal information, calls to employers and landlords, legal action and substantiated threats of death and physical harm (a couple word that are too blurry to read) against minors. it is possible that more trans deaths have resulted as a result of TERF harassment than by cis male homicides.”
        “It is possible”–weasel words to live by. So feminists are the real existential threat, not violent men, because trans women are like Tinkerbell, apparently–if we don’t applaud and believe hard enough, they die. Imagine narcissists complaining of oppression by those who refuse to provide sufficient narcissistic supply! At least they’re admitting something close to the truth here, though, rather than pretending it isn’t safe to walk the streets because TERFs might attack them with baseball bats and axes.
        And India Willougby’s gotten loose again, with a TERFS-are-Nazis article in Pink News comparing Mumsnet to a Nuremberg rally:
        According to him, they’re “hounding trans women in the same way Hitler went about stigmatising Jewish people” and he fears for his life. Of course.

  1. This was a long listen, but I’m not sorry I did it! The first 24 minutes are about logistics and getting permission for the television team to use people’s images, so I suggest skipping that.
    For me the most valuable listen was the last hour and eight minutes or so, when the main speakers were done and I got to hear some opinions I hadn’t heard expressed before. And about 17 minutes from the end someone asked if there is a local group in Bristol and a woman I don’t know stepped up to say that the group exists and people can contact her on facebook about it. I am nervous about attracting unwelcome attention to her. At the same time would love to make local contact with some gender-critical people. If anyone has a way to put me in contact with her without endangering her, I would be very grateful. -Jill

      1. I’ve sent Bristol Radical Feminists a message. Thanks for the suggestion. Like many good suggestions it seems obvious in hindsight but I was fixated on finding that particular woman in the video. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this Gallus. I believe it’s the 6th event organised by Venice Allen for #weneedtotalk and the first event to go ahead at the original planned venue. Even so there were TAs and police outside. The first speaker, Heather Brunskell-Evans was visibly shaken by the hostile atmosphere outside, but went ahead, It’s the first time that I’ve heard Miranda Yardley speak. Brilliant! As was Nicole Jones and Posie Parker. I still have to listen to Sheila Jeffries and the Q& A session at the end, but what a fantastic event.
    Ruth Hunt of Stonewall has invited MPs to a meeting at Speaker’s House in collaboration with Maria Miller and Pink News on 15th May. Venice is also organising a meeting at House of Commons in May specifically for MPs, their staff and journalists. There is no way that the Stonewall event will be unbiased and Maria Miller has shown herself to be totally opposed to any input from women and concerned parties. MPs must hear both sides.
    I am so thankful to all the women involved for their time, commitment, energy and bravery.

  3. This was great…. I am fairly insulated in my day-to-day life from this issue, so this was eye-opening. Great to hear their perspectives.

  4. Watched the whole thing. The harassers obviously were a bit intimidated by the fact a trans actually was found guilty of something. Thus the masks. But they still didn’t touch anyone. It was unclear if they were eventually booted from the room. Anyway, it was great that everyone who came did speak their minds and many great points were made! And, as said above, they didn’t get booted from their venue.

  5. To address the woman who said very few men attack women at these events, or at parades etc., let me point out that Camp Trans was aggressively attacking, threatening, defacing property, carrying spears around the perimeter of Michigan since around 1999. A man who was part of Camp Trans later killed a lesbian family in Oakland just last year.
    The Human Rights Campaign, a multi-million dollar LGBT lobbying organization in D.C., advocated an economic boycott of Michigan, so did the trans invaded National Center for Lesbian Rights, and the Task Force, another very well funded LGBT advocacy group. The Human Rights Campaign is run by Chad Griffin, a very rich white gay man with an annual salary of well over $400,000— HE supported an attack on a lesbian cultural touchstone that had international power and inspiration.
    We are talking about many LGBT orgs with millions of dollars supporting a boycott of Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival because it centered born womyn. GBT coordinated a massive attack on this lesbian cultural venue that was successful for 40 years. GBT groups are destroying every bit of lesbian only space and culture all in the name of men can become lesbians. Oh, and to add insult to injury, The Indigo Girls also boycotted Michigan as well, the very festival that made them famous.
    It is not just a few anti-fa men in black masks attacking lesbian feminist space and supporting Gender laws in many countries, it is a massive attack on all women by the GBT– let’s not forget the few billionaire autogynophiles funding gender clinics and activism as well. Gallus has endured massive attacks, character assassination and huge financial hardship to keep this blog going.

    1. “A man who was part of Camp Trans later killed a lesbian family in Oakland just last year.”
      Yes, I was going to underscore this… Dana Rivers was a Camp Trans regular.
      I think those types of resentful, violent demonstrations make them worse too… I think the identity-solidification of Camp Trans brought this out in him. I am an old lefty, and I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this same thing happen. (Dana Beal, one of my mentors, called it “lighting the fuse”.)
      Somebody comes to a demonstration who is rather excited and new to politics, and next thing you know, they are planning a bombing and wanting to kill somebody. Its like they’ve been “waiting for this my whole life!” and sometimes they will even say that… its like an ignition. Likely this is the psych phenomenon of displacement, projection, etc… and they have finally found a place to park all that inchoate rage. BOOM. Lighting the fuse.
      People who go to demos will go to more. Protests bind people psychologically to their beliefs, as religious ritual does… Jonathan Haidt believes these are the same psych processes at work; check out his videos. This is a BELIEF SYSTEM, and just as true-believers didn’t stop during the Crusades, they ain’t gonna stop now. And the fanaticism is the same.
      Its the ZEAL you gotta watch, not the numbers. Ever heard of Weatherman? How many were there–16? 30–if counting fellow travelers? They even blew one third of themselves up in the Greenwich Village Townhouse Explosion (Dana’s famous headline: “Weather Underground blows self up”–and lots of people never forgave him for that) and the survivors kept right on truckin. The list of explosions is on Wikipedia. They actually were far more effective in a small cell… so consider that too.
      The trans activists keep announcing “this is war!” over on tumblr and I think we would be wise to believe them. They should know.

  6. So this is what we are up against worldwide. In England, in Canada, in the US, in Australia, in New Zealand— the trans lobby is VERY powerful, is backed by millions of dollars of grants and academic research associations. There is nothing in lesbian land that comes close to this kind of institutional power and influence, nothing. So wake up women, this is the latest greatest woman hating woman erasing men’s rights movement to emerge in the 21 st century, and one of its goals is to DESTROY lesbians, to trans butch girls, to erase us. And if all women can’t wake up to this threat, well, get a clue and get one now!

  7. Thank you for posting this ❤
    This is the first time I’ve heard most of the participants speak and they were all impressive. Watching people expressing conflicting views without namecalling or knockdown dragouts is also so refreshing.

    1. This is a crime. Males wearing black masks over their faces to prevent people from recognizing them are physically blocking the entry way in order to keep females from entering. These goons in black masks say, “You’re free to go” as if they have to right to tell women when they can stay and leave.
      They actually think they have the right to block women from entering a public venue.
      Maybe they are wearing masks over their faces because some of them have a criminal record. Or, they have the intention of committing a crime, and they don’t want to be recognized. One even has sun glasses on as well as a mask.
      It’s also a clear violation of one’s freedom of speech. These males in masks don’t want women to speak. The whole idea is to shut down another person’s freedom of speech. This is repugnant in a civilized society.
      I swear to God it’s like the Nazi Brown shirts.

      1. An honest question: What is wrong with these people that they are so emotionally wounded by something so meaningless as being referred to with the “wrong” pronouns? They must have a very weak sense of personality, I don’t understand where this reaction comes from. Does anyone know about psychology and can explain this?

      2. I’m so glad I didn’t watch that in public lol. She can go down with India’s “I AM A WOO-MIN” as another gendermeme.
        Also loving the sass being fed to the fascist piglets in the first video.

  8. “Shouldn’t you be at home with your Mums?”
    “Just move away posh boy!”
    I love Julie Bindel!

  9. OMG, I used to be so jealous of yall… and now just a few years later, I am grateful I live in the American South.
    I look at those clips and hear automatic weapon fire… not necessarily to hurt anybody but “just to clear the joint out”–as a friend of mine likes to say.
    It’d work too.

  10. I know Bill Maher isn’t a favorite of many here, but he occasionally coins a decent term…and one this week fits the tranny thugs perfectly: Emotional Hemophiliacs
    I may wind up appropriating it to mock those idiots…ought to also throw a curve to the censoring bastards at Twitter.

  11. So many fantastic women speaking in that video. I found it hilarious though that a lefty dude got up at the end all dismayed about how upset women were with Labour. He was all like think of the refugees! Put yourselves last again, women, and stop acting like what’s happening to you is as bad as the REAL ISSUES. He had no idea that he was mouthing verbatim every clueless mansplaining beardy revolutionary dude who’d come before him, lol.
    Also hilarious as taking away sex-based protections for women and girls disproportionately affects those who are most vulnerable, which for sure would include female refugees and asylum seekers trying to navigate their way through the legal systems/healthcare systems etc. of the UK or other European countries who have gone down similar paths.

    1. That guy made me laugh too because men are generally the first ones to flounce from a political party or election. Berniebros are a prime example of it. Whatever Clinton’s faults, her worst is still better than the Malignant Cheeto’s best, but since white men generally have little to lose, they were perfectly comfortable with frumping over Sanders’ loss like it was the be all and end all of politics.
      But when women bail because we’re losing needed protections and being called bigots for acknowledging the reality of our oppression, we’re selfish bitches breaking up the family 😢

    2. If lefty dude is that upset about it then he’s free to try to convince his bros in Labour that losing the women’s vote is bad for business. But of course he doesn’t give a crap about women’s concerns, and he especially isn’t going to hector other men for bad politics. Only women get to be the beneficiaries of his concern trolling and mansplaining.

  12. The entire event was so well done. THANK YOU British radical feminists for your courage, your incredible humor and for exposing the fraud that trans women are women–their pathetic cultish chant. Their covered faces, these men are violent threatening cowards, and this video will help all women understand just how woman hating the trans cult really is, and how they are afraid to debate actual feminists. They could have asked questions, they could have tried to explain and debate, but all they do is chant and threaten like the biological men that they are.

  13. Commenting on the above— brilliant analysis comparing gay conformists or closet cases wanting to just fit in and not confront the system and the people who trans who are also trying to fit into the same old patriarchal power structure. I’ve met a lot of closeted people in the corporate world, they are still there. Straight women who totally sell out to men, and hate on lesbians who refuse to conform. Then when you add very powerful drugs like T and other hormones to the mix, you get this weird male trans rage— because we are pointing out their delusions that they are mainstream women.

  14. It also explains why butch lesbians, who have never gone along with the femininity system get so little support in the lesbian community. Again, there are the conformist lesbians, the corporate types, the Kate Kendalls of the world who have totally sold out radical lesbian feminism to get pats on the head from the trans cult. Wow, we are getting places in this discussion sisters THANKS!

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