Tanis Wolf / Tara Flik Wolf / Tara Flik Wood GUILTY AS CHARGED

Tanis Wolf / Tara Flik Wolf/Tara Flik Wood

Justice prevails in the case of the young man who punched and beat Maria MacLachlan in Hyde Park on September 13 of last year as she was en route to a discussion of changes to the legal rights of women caused by a proposed re-write of the UK Gender Recognition Act. The discussion was hosted by women’s group We Need To Talk.
Tara Flik Wood (born Tanis Wolf) had posted on Facebook his intent to inflict violence on feminists before committing the attack, and his assault was captured on video by at least three people.
Assailant posted statement of intent. (Facebook)

Wolf launched a public defense campaign#FreeTheSheWolf” apparently based on the Nazi “sexploitation” B-movie “Ilsa: SheWolf of the SS”.
The transgender community widely supported Wolf/Wood’s violent actions, including many high profile trans activists such as Roz Kaveney, Ruth Pearce, Owen Jones, Shon Faye, Katelyn Burns, Bex Stinson, Zinnia Jones, among others, who considered the assault of Maria MacLachlan as a type of male “honor” crime against a woman they suspected of not adhering to their gender beliefs. No transgender rights organization, LGBT group, or transgender activist publicly condemned his assault.
Wolf was accompanied to court by Ananya Jaidev, an Oxford graduate in Literature who is reportedly herself under investigation for assaulting a woman outside a different February 2018 discussion on the impact to women’s rights caused by proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act. She allegedly struck and snatched the eyeglasses off the face of a woman exiting the event.  Ananya Jaidev is a member of fringe group Sister’s Uncut. The group was started in 2014 as a direct action protest against government cuts to women’s services, but rapidly degenerated into a venue for posh young people to demand that strangers affirm the indefinable “gender identities” of those who believe reproductive classification should be determined by personality.
Ready for his closeup: a newly blonde Tara Wolf with Ananya Jaidev on left.

Other supporters of Tanis/Tara Wolf/Wood outside the courtroom included the unidentified blonde woman who told Times reporter Janice Turner “I’m happy they hit her” as well as a throng of Antifa men wearing masks to conceal their identities. Worth mention were a couple of basement dwellers outfitted in full combat gear who brought their pit bull for support.
Ready for combat, #FreeTheSheWolf trial attendees.

The transgender warrior tried to claim in court that he was terrified that photos of himself would be used to horrifically “out” him online as shamefully trans, but he had a public Facebook account where he was “out” and also a crowdfunder e-begging for plastic surgery money. The day after he attacked Maria he posted a succinct update to that crowdfunder, a death threat to feminists: “#DeadTerfs“.
On the first day of the two day trial, District Judge Kenneth Grant ordered the victim to pretend in court that the man who punched her was not male.
Judge Kenneth Grant ordered a woman who was assaulted by a man specifically because she is female to pretend she believes he is also female, because the male perpetrator identifies as transgender.

The Telegraph reports:

He said: “The defendant wished to be referred to as a woman, so perhaps you could refer to her as ‘she’ for the purpose of the proceedings.”

Ms MacLachlan replied: “I’m used to thinking of this person who is a male as male.”

Even the prejudicial court couldn’t hand wave the overwhelming evidence though, and so:

Guilty verdict. Women held in court due to danger from violent trans activists.

There it is. If you’re a 26 year old man with a hairdo and some lipstick you can punch a 61 year old woman in the face whenever you suspect she doesn’t really believe you are actually a woman. LGBT lobbying orgs will support you, and trash your victim. Transgender activists will embrace you and contribute money to you. The male judge will order the woman you punched to pretend she thinks you are female. You will pay a £400 fine and serve no jail time and no parole. Consider it the price to pay for your honor.
On the other hand, as @MayDay4Women opines:

A £430 doesn’t seem like much. No community service. No jail time. But, importantly, it means this violent man is barred forever from working with vulnerable groups, so blocked from working in schools, care homes etc. and now has various travel restrictions.

So at least that’s something. Until he changes his name again and gets a Gender Recognition Certificate and his records are sealed to “protect his gender identity”.
No wonder these guys hate their “dead names”.
But we’ll remember. And in time, we’ll undo the harms legal “gender recognition” perpetrates on all of us of the female sex, all of the Maria MacLachlan’s of the world.

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  1. Statement by Tara Wolf:
    Today Tara flick wolf was fined £150 for an assault which, according to the district judge, Tara had “low culpability” for and in which “low harm” was caused.
    The district judge described the behavior of maria mclunnahn, the complainant in the case, as “aggressive”, and her provocative and aggressive behavior was taken into account in the choice to issue such a low fine.
    Throughout the trial, the claimant and witnesses in support of her spitefully referred to Ms. Tara Wolf using “he” pronouns, despite being instructed to desist in this behavior by the district judge. These bigots were offered the opportunity to refer to Ms. Wolf as “the Defendant”, an inoffensive gender neutral term, but persisted in their campaign of harassment against Ms. Wolf by repeatedly misgendering her, intent on continuing to cause psychological harm against the defendant.
    Throughout the trail, witnesses were harassed and intimidated by friends of the complainant, including an incident in which a supporter of the prosecution followed a vulnerable woman into the toilets and screaming “liar”.
    Tara Wolf said “This ruling, that my actions were provoked and for which I hold low culpability, is a victory for trans people against violent trans exclusionary “radical feminists”. My ongoing harassment at the hands of these transphobic bigots has been taken into account in the sentencing. I stand proud of my actions in defense of my lesbian partner and queer people everywhere.”

    1. “mclunnahn”
      I’m cackling at this very professional “””article”””

    2. I’ve never heard of levels of culpability being an official thing in British courts. I’m British. You’re either guilty or not guilty. This guy was found guilty.

      1. Exactly. And for him to ADMIT that he was ‘provoked’ just further reinforces the very real concern that females are permitted to hold for the ongoing male violence that exists when the tranny brigade is permitted into female safe spaces.
        He is, quite honestly, very fortunate he is not in the States, because HERE, someone would not hesitate to exercise a right to self-defense using items we are permitted to carry. I can GUARANTEE you that Tanis “Tara” Flik Wood would NOT pull this shit in Texas…and if he tries, it would be the final act of his pathetic life.

      2. There are lots of MTT antifa douchebags in the States though. I assume they don’t get much traction in Texas, but in Portland and Berkeley? Absolutely.
        A white antifa MTT in Portland attacked a black man for filming antifa activities, although the black man shut him down fast. Another MTT in San Francisco provoked an interracial couple with racist slurs and ran crying to the cops when they fought back. I don’t think that guy was affiliated with antifa, but he fits the model of straight white male larpers writing checks their asses can’t cash. That’s not just a UK phenomenon.

  2. I’m so glad this is over for Maria and can’t begin to say how much I admire her. I had hoped for a short prison sentence, but at least now he has previous. He won’t get a GRC……he’s not remotely interested in doing things by the book.
    The thing that bothered me the most was that District Judge ordering Maria to refer to her attacker as “she”. I have never referred to my ex as anything but “he” during all our court hearings. He doesn’t turn up to hearings anymore, it hurts his feelings.
    My son, looking over my shoulder, just asked me why I was looking at pictures of “that Emo guy”. LOL.

    1. was it actually an order from the judge, or a request? The way it was written in the article it sounded more like a request or suggestion to me, not an order. Of course the power differential between a judge and a witness can make a request sound like an order, but I belive there is a legal difference.

      1. Without seeing an official transcript from the court proceedings I am unable to definitively answer your question. My view of the matter, and this is pure conjecture, is that there would have been some discussion in chambers between the judge and the legal representatives of the crown and the defendant on the question of pronoun usage. (I have worked in the court services for many years and you would be surprised at what is discussed in chambers before the trial.)
        Given that the judge publicly took the victim’s inability to follow his request/order into account as a mitigating factor during sentencing, I am very sure of my premise. The last thing he would have wanted was an appeal from the defendant that the judge had allowed the victim to misgender the defendant and, perhaps be accused of bias.
        By the way, pronoun usage and identity has been a thorny subject in my own protracted civil proceedings. I have never referred to the man that I married as anything other than the correct 3rd person male pronoun in court.

  3. Excellent reporting Gallus.
    He should have gotten jail time. A punk like that roughing up a 60 year old woman. Like all bullies, he chose to attack someone weaker than he is. How brave of this coward…
    Aren’t there hate crime laws in the UK? He should have also been charged with hate crimes. He posted that he wanted to “fuck some terfs up”. He deliberately chose to surround and attack a 60 year old woman based on her gender identity. That is, her “cis gender” gender identity. “Cis” is a gender identity. Isn’t age also a protected class of people? Isn’t sex a protected class? This definitely was premeditated. Did the judge see his tweets that he wanted to “fuck some terfs up”? So, he came spoiling for a fight.
    A couple of months in jail would send the right message.

    1. Only race, religion, homosexuality and transgender are covered by hate speech/hate crime. If they included women they would have to shut down all porn sites.

  4. So Maria Mac’s assailant was less culpable because she was too aggressive, while the Ulster rugby players weren’t guilty because their victim was too passive. From here it looks a lot like a double bind, but maybe someone can mansplain the type/amount of assertiveness women should display to avoid male violence?

    1. Did someone call? Let me mansplain it:
      The law is an ass – a Jack, of course, not a Jenny.

  5. I used to think my age would protect me. Obviously, we see that isn’t true.
    Love the Jean Harlow impersonation! … although JH always managed to look cagey and smart, not like some drug-addled freak. JH would never have left her house with shitty hair and lipstick and would have entered that courtroom like a boss instead of a bag lady.
    Sorry Tara, you flunk out *most spectacularly* once again. Just stop trying, its painful. (averts eyes)

  6. In the wake of this trial The Times has published two articles…….the first is entitled “Trans attacker is a thug, says feminist”…….no, Wolf is not a thug because some random feminist decided to call him one. He is a thug because he assaulted a woman who had peacefully gathered with other women to discuss matters which affect women, and which the government and the opposition have decided to ignore. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/trans-attacker-tara-wolf-is-a-thug-says-feminist-maria-maclachlan-pq0bwvthv
    The other article is an excellent piece by Janice Turner entitled “Trans activists think debate is hate speech”. She puts recent events in court, the inability of WPUK to meet peacefully without trans activists harassing venue organisers, the crazy situation in sport, the threat to free speech on Mum’snet, and the hounding of Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull by Susie Green of Mermaids. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/trans-activists-think-debate-is-hate-speech-hsh7vpmzt
    All of this goes back to the fact that Maria Miller denied women a chance to air their views and enter into the debate at the Trans Enquiry. If women had been given a voice then much of recent events would of had a different outcome.

    1. Janice Turner:
      A friend wants to organise a public debate on changes to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) with speakers from both sides: trans activists and sceptical feminists. Good luck with that, I said. It was probably easier to get all parties to the table for the Oslo accords.
      How do you debate when one side believes no debate can exist, that to ask questions is hate speech and must be silenced even with force? Yesterday the trans activist Tara Wolf, 26, was found guilty of assaulting the 60-year-old feminist Maria MacLachlan in Hyde Park before a meeting on the GRA. I witnessed it. A young, angry 6ft-plus hooded person punched her around the face. After the verdict police warned Ms MacLachlan’s supporters not to leave court because masked activists were waiting outside.
      On Thursday the Mercure Hotel in Cardiff cancelled a longstanding booking for a meeting to be held that day by the group A Woman’s Place, on the grounds it “does not tolerate any form of racist, sexist or bigoted behaviour”. Bigoted? The speakers, including a feminist writer and a former Welsh Assembly member, were there to defend existing law. It is hardly a far-out position to uphold the 2010 Equalities Act which permits female-only exemptions for rape crisis and domestic violence refuges.
      A Woman’s Place has six demands, including “respectful and evidence-based discussion” and for impact assessments on how proposed changes to the GRA, allowing natal men to self-ID as women, will affect data-gathering on crime, health and the gender pay gap. Pretty extreme stuff. This was the latest event to be cancelled after trans activists bombarded venues with intimidation and abuse. Glasgow, Lewisham, the Conway Hall . . . even Millwall FC, famed for their slogan “fear no foe”, withdrew a recent room booking after their switchboard was jammed and protests threatened. A Woman’s Place must ticket an event without revealing its location until a few hours before the start. Even then, as in Cardiff, it must secure a back-up venue. (A primary school whose governor activists are now hounding).
      How does this happen? This is a complex debate but on the phone to meek receptionists and scared middle managers, trans activists keep it simple. They say: “These evil women are social conservatives who hate trans people. They’re like Tory bigots who brought in Section 28 and hated gays. They want to eradicate trans women; they incite violence against them. They deny their humanity and want them dead. Do you want your company to be part of that?”
      It is ludicrous, of course. The feminists, including many lesbians, have fought for LGBT rights: without exception they believe trans people should live free from violence, indignity or discrimination. (A Woman’s Place has trans members and speakers.) Moreover gay people sought only the right to love who they wished and for that love to receive equal recognition: gay rights had no impact upon the rights of anyone else.
      Gender self-ID has serious implications for women’s rights, yet the Tory minister Maria Miller led an inquiry that proposed it should become law without hearing from a single women’s organisation. Hundreds of women have contacted me expressing concerns they daren’t raise in public. They were incensed that self-ID would allow a rapist with intact male genitalia into a women’s prison; infuriated that male-bodied athletes, like the New Zealand weightlifter, Laurel Hubbard, can enter women’s sporting competitions; fearful that predatory men (NB not genuine trans women) will exploit self-ID to prey upon them in changing rooms or dormitories; outraged by an ideology that insists a penis can be a female organ. Above all they are sick of being told, mainly by left-wing men who love lecturing feminists from presumed moral high ground, to shut up and make way for “progress”.
      Yet the simplified trans version cuts through because it plays to a company’s worst fears: being hounded on social media. Mumsnet is a rare forum where feminist anxiety about trans ideology is allowed to be aired. The website takes no position, it merely upholds free speech. However, activists are now threatening Mumsnet advertisers, telling them to stop “funding bigotry” or face a Twitter storm and possible boycott. They hope that, fearful of losing revenue, Mumsnet will delete and ban the debates.
      Even the police have leapt in to silence feminist dissent. A Wiltshire woman, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, was questioned under caution by West Yorkshire police. They had received a complaint that Ms Keen-Minshull had tweeted that Susie Green, chief executive of Mermaids, a trans charity for children, had her son “castrated” when he was 16. Ms Green complained of hate speech and Twitter had handed over Ms Keen-Minshull’s location to police.
      Ms Green has often spoken publicly about how she took her child to Thailand for genital surgery at an age when it is illegal in Britain (and indeed is now illegal in Thailand). Perhaps Ms Keen-Minshull’s tweet was unkind and crude but was it hate speech? Or, given that Ms Green campaigns to lower the NHS age limits for prescribing cross-sex hormones and surgery, is it a matter of public interest? The Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute.
      A proper debate on the GRA is essential: what is proposed is nothing less than changing the very definition of man and woman in law — biology replaced with identity. The trans lobby does not represent the vast majority of trans people, quietly getting on with their lives, who understand women’s concerns and are willing to discuss political red lines. (Many of them write to me.) Most feminists are desperate to find common cause, to have that “respectful and evidence-based discussion”. I hope my friend is right: let’s talk.

    2. The Twitter comments on the second article are a hoot. Lot of WELL WHEN WILL TRANS GET A PIECE IN A MAJOR NEWS PUBLICATION. 1) they do and 2) is having society tiptoe around your feelings to the point misgendering is considered “violence” or incitement worth violence not enough?

  7. So, male government will encourage dudes to punch uppity women for the bargain basement fee of 400 pounds.
    There are a lot of dudes that would gladly pay 400 pounds to punch a woman.
    Also, it is fucking animal abuse to turn a dog into a fucking weapon. But dudes weaponize everything. Violence is the only thing that males understand.

    1. If that dog’s anything like the bully-breed I’ve been looking after today, the only dangerous thing about it will be its intestinal gas. This dog also enjoys sitting on random strangers’ feet until they stroke him.
      Seriously though, poor doggo had no water and shouty, confrontational places aren’t good for dogs. Arseholes.

      1. It is rare for a pit to be people aggressive. They were BRED to be dog aggressive.
        Women didn’t breed any dogs to be aggressive. We don’t do that.
        I have a pit that is a rescue. He was turned into the rescue by a male that turned him in for not being aggressive enough.
        Generally speaking, most women want dogs for companionship. Males want a dog to weaponize in some way. Of course, I bet those dudes with the dog and faces covered would insist that the dog is for PROTECTION, THO. And that would be yet another male reversal, as if they need protection outside of the courthouse from the 60 year old violent lady. The dog just adds another layer to their intimidation.
        Pits have been ruined, as a breed. Males did that. And the dogs did not deserve it.

      2. We do. They are really poorly and unevenly implemented, but it’s officially illegal to breed pit bulls.
        I don’t think that’s a pit. It’s a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross of some sort.

  8. So the word “uncut” in “Sisters Uncut” refers to budget cuts? I learn something new every day. Feel free to laugh at my ignorance: I assumed “uncut” referred to their penises, because these male “sisters” all still have their dicks and balls.

    1. 😂😂🤣 I first heard the name of that group I guess in a non-trans context and I thought it was an anti-female genital mutilation charity. Seemed kind of good, in-your-face name if it had been that. And yes I only learned recently it’s about budget cuts. And they’re a fake anti-VAW group. 🙄

    1. Sadly, probably inevitably, Mumsnet has been forced to change it’s moderation policy on trans related issues. Terms such as “trans-identified male” will be moderated, and pronoun usage monitored. On the other-hand, the use of “cis” and “terf” will also be deleted. Those who persistently report non contentious posts will be suspended.

  9. I was also thinking that female allies and lesbians who are concerned and fighting for biological female only space, events, groups etc could go back to having these private meetings at their own homes and apartments in small groups. Similar to what women did many years ago when fighting for our rights. Its also ironic that women and lesbians seem to have less rights now than they did many years ago. Declaring lesbian groups/events a religious organization for female protection etc.

    1. I’ve been thinking about starting my own gang! Stuck here in the UK, I can’t find any other women, gay or straight, who want to join except my eighty-seven year old mother who admits she has quietly “dropped out” of society because she can no longer follow what’s going on.
      Also, I had a thought about the whole “drop the T” thing. Since most lesbians seem to support the trans movement, it’s the “L” that needs dropping. Take those of us who have reached peak trans out of the group and you are almost left with “BGT”. Shove a couple of vowels in and there you go.
      Leave the BIGOTs and start our own group because they sure as hell don’t want us in theirs.

      1. I like the way you think! I’m almost as old as your mum and was active during the Second Wave, and I just can’t take it any more, the way “transgender” has embarked on its quest to take away the few dignities and rights women have and substitute themselves so that women are reduced to whatever transgenders say we are–nobodies and in their “reality”, non-existent.. The “queer” crap doesn’t get it, either. It makes me want to throw up my hands because these people actually think they *know something* and they’re just ignorant.
        The real problem is that transgenders have invaded every public space and institution because so many people have allowed it due to their own ignorance about what sex and gender actually are, even those in govt who can be stubbornly ignorant because it’s women complaining about it. This comes from THE TOP of any of those institutions and there is absolutely no scientific basis for it. What is needed is more mental health facilities and care and a snapback to reality for people, esp who have embraced cyberspace to the exclusion of other humans in our lives, a poor substitute and one in which there is much ignorance and posturing.
        The cry from all quarters about giving transgenders “respect” for their “humanity” when there is none forthcoming from them rings hollow, imo. You don’t live a long life and elect to suffer humiliation and abuse from men of any kind, no matter how they present themselves, just to excuse their misogyny and torture of your own self. This is what men want. They won’t get it from me.

    2. This is also what happened during the Reagan 80s in America, the “just say no”, hang-the-junkies era.
      Once upon a time, I smoked weed on a greyhound bus in the middle of the country, in the middle of literally nowhere; on a commercial airline in the smoking section (not even in the toilet!); in the middle of Fifth Ave; right beside a police station in DC… and so on… and guess what? Nobody cared. Really! And then, suddenly, a bad actor was in charge and tolerant hippie USA turned fascistic regarding drugs (so they could whip up support for the drug war that made their GOP friends rich) and started considering pot smokers on the level of heroin dealers, and recommenced jailing potheads (they had lightened up under the Ford and Carter admins) in droves.
      And the whole scene went underground. Invitation only.
      Deadheads endured by going into tents, vans, buses and SUVs during shows, emerging smiling… but no smoking where one could be photographed or viewed. If someone asked you, you didn’t know shit, just like the early 70s. Only people you knew and already trusted. Edibles came into being at this time. Everyone was super-protective and gave everyone else warnings and heads-up, as needed.
      This is what is required. We must start to consider ourselves outlaws. (Ironically, Mary Daly already said that a long time ago and I thought she was being soooo alarmist, lol.)
      We can’t even brainstorm about counter-insurgencies since all our brainstorming is in public; trans women are extremely STEM-savvy and can seemingly invade any private online space. (And how do we know online-participants are even who they claim to be?) We have to meet and plan in person, in private.
      The thing is, re: the potheads, it all happened organically. People just DID it, there was no real coordination necessary. It was instinctive. I wish women (as a group) were as instinctive about saving themselves as men are.
      We need to go back to private enclaves, as in the early civil rights, feminist and gay movements. Its hard to stuff the genie back in the bottle, but as we believed during Reagan: think of it as temporary, a battle in the overall war that we have momentarily lost. It will give you the impetus to go on!
      We can do it… but first we have to convince other feminists it is necessary, which might be the hardest part. 🙁

    1. Thank you for catching the misspelling! I managed to get her name right in the photo caption but misspelled it in the piece. Corrected!

  10. I was struck by the similarity between this story from the Middle Ages and what Wolf and other TIMs have said about the Hyde Park incident. It’s also the excuse of a domestic abuser–that the marks left on the victim are simply an artefact of his self-defense against her violent and unprovoked attack.
    “In Malleus Maleficarum, the landmark medieval treatise on witchcraft, a 13th-century folk story is recounted, whereby three witches turned themselves into cats, attacked a man on the street and accused him of assault in court, showing the marks on their bodies.”
    Men have been telling the same lies for centuries–only the word chosen to demonize women changes.

  11. You got one name slightly wrong. It’s Ananya Jaidev. After the great privilege of a private education followed by Oxford University, she is a senior consultant at ComRes, a big and respected London firm, on a big, fat salary. At the weekends she’s a hobby class warrior, a fake-anarchist and enjoys standing around holding banners for men in lipstick who are doing the pub having a few pints.

  12. Wonderful. So the person who commits the crime, gets a light sentence. This won’t deter Mr.Wolf from bad behavior in the future, will it? No, he’ll be free to punch anyone who dares to question his ‘femininity’, and worst part is, he will likely get away with it. Because you know, he’s trans and his rights are more important than that of any lowly born female.

    1. Yes he certainly got off light for such an ugly violent attack. On the other hand, thanks to Maria’s tenacity and courage Tanis has a criminal record now. The next time he commits a crime against a woman (and I believe it is only a matter of time) the sentencing will take his record into account as a pattern of offending.

      1. Yes and then he will get sent to the Laydees Prison. I am sure they will welcome him with open arms.

  13. Even after all that ‘misgendering’ of him, the sky hasn’t fallen, the earth hasn’t exploded, the end-times haven’t arrived, the sun is still rising, Spring is still on its way…

  14. Tanis-root is now on record. And attacks on women by the anti-fa trans mafia need to be well documented. This case went better than expected because the filming of the event proved the truth and exposed the lies. The whole misgendering thing that the judge brought up was ridiculous and Maria didn’t go along with that either. Good work on the reporting internationally of this trial, and the whole event at Speaker’s Corner from the very beginning.
    I’ve been reading this blog for many years, and gained a very valuable insight on just how dangerous the trans cult really is. All mainstream reporting of “bathroom bills” doesn’t even come close to the issue in mainstream liberal land. If you don’t think about this stuff, and see what is happening to actual women who challenge these men, it becomes yet another hidden movement for male supremacy and violence against women’s freedom of speech. Thanks for the consistent reporting Gallus and thanks to all the brave women who step up worldwide.

    1. I know not everyone is in a position where they can use their own names, but one of the reasons I do is I don’t want to be surprised by getting in trouble. I want to be ready.
      I often think about the way abortion became legal in North America: many, many women went public about their own abortions. It became impossible to sustain the conversation in a way that suggested only some kinds of women got them — women nobody knew. When women went public, women realized “I am not alone” and men realized “I had better stop grandstanding about this because it’s about lots of women I do in fact know; I didn’t know what I was talking about”. I do think at present a lot of trans politics is about sustaining the illusion that “everybody” [except a few religious nutters] is on side. So just coming across evidence that someone whose name you recognize and whom you otherwise consider sensible thinks otherwise can be really powerful.

  15. How old does a woman have to be before her assailant is charged with elder abuse? The police in the US have tasered 70-something women who were just making a verbal fuss, not making physical contact with anyone..
    I want some fake 20 yr old “woman” to punch me or push me down so I can pull out my weapon of choice. I have the right to defend myself against harm.
    The male version of “society” is just out of control with all this transgender bullshit which gives men the right to continue the war on women and to engage in theft and deception.
    They want war? They’ll get it, the sniveling cowards.

  16. Fascinating courtroom report from the Tanis/Tara Wolf/Wood case:
    Trans-identified male, Tara Wolf, charged with assault after Hyde Park attack
    Jen Izaakson reports from the courtroom, as Tara Wolf is tried for assaulting Maria MacLachlan.
    APRIL 27, 2018 by JEN IZAAKSON
    Tara Wolf, about to strike Maria MacLaughlan at Hyde Park, September 13, 2017.
    Earlier this month, Tara Wolf (also known as Tara Flik Wood), a trans-identified male, stood trial for striking 60-year-old Maria MacLachlan three times in Hyde Park on September 13th 2017, where women had gathered to attend a meeting called “We Need to Talk About Gender” at a yet-to-be-disclosed location. Wolf was found guilty of “assault by beating,” more commonly known as “battery.”
    The two-day trial began on 9:30 a.m. on April 12th.
    Two dozen individuals — mostly men with masks on, some in full combat gear — accompanied Wolf to court. Many were wearing the all black uniform of Antifa, replete with bandanas and sunglasses. Most were recognized by a member of our group as belonging to Class War, an anarchist organization that Wolf is also a member of. Others were members of Sisters Uncut, a group originally formed (ironically) to fight cuts to domestic violence services but that now focuses its energy on protesting and trying to shut down meetings women have been organizing, of late, to discuss gender identity legislation and women’s sex-based rights. Many of those present on the first day of the trial had also been at the original Hyde Park incident where MacLachlan was attacked. Three of Wolf’s supporters brought fighting dogs (Dobermans and Mastiffs), as well as a huge sound system blaring death metal. Half stayed outside the court, half came in. The machismo of it all was palpable.
    Tara Wolf and some of his supporters, outside court.
    Two of Tara Wolf’s supporters outside court.
    A few of us who were attending to support MacLachlan arrived at court at the same time as this motley crew, which meant standing in the security queue alongside them. Despite appearances, they were a very tame bunch. A masked duo behind us were the only ones who gave us any trouble — one woman took our photograph without permission, then asked, “Who is your feminism even for?” The three of us responded, “Women!” The man standing next to her (his face covered by a lovely knitted scarf) said, “You all just hate men.” We responded, “Yes, we hate men!” Another of MacLachlan’s supporters in the queue clarified, “Well, I hate sexism.” After telling him, “Get lost, you bloody Nigel!” the knitted man said no more.
    Outside the courtroom, we waited to be let in. Wolf’s supporters didn’t engage much with one another. MacLachlan’s supporters hugged hello, smiled, joked, and chatted. Wolf had bleached his hair blonde for the trial and wore leather boots with heels so high he could barely walk (there were a few strange, laboured minutes in court where Wolf would take his big boots on and off, making us all watch this strange ritual). He
    Read the rest of this report here:

    Trans-identified male, Tara Wolf, convicted of assault after Hyde Park attack

    1. There’s a bad link here, if anyone from that site is reading…
      ‘Devawn Wilkinson, a woman who is on film harassing Miranda Yardley’
      I believe this is the correct link:

      1. I’d like to know who is “final defence witness.. Katherine Higgins. Video showed Higgins at Hyde Park, watching as her friend is shoved by the man with the ponytail after he attacked MacLachlan.” Could this be the young woman in the powder blue that Magdalen Berns had a few things to say about? Starting at the 4:18 mark:

        Maybe. Interesting that Higgins is the only defence witness who didn’t use the word ‘TERF’ on the stand.
        I was always more curious, though, about the young woman being shoved. Her body language starts out gentle as she tries to get the transactivist to calm down. Then as he turns on her she shrinks in terror and looks utterly shell-shocked. It’s the moment in anybody’s life where theory meets practice.

  17. Um ladies!! If your judge is male and is acting out in the behalf of the criminal and being bias… Report it. All you have to do is say you dont believe he has your best interestes at heart and would like a less bias judge. And hello go get an appeal. Keep bringing him to court and get a restraining order.

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