4 thoughts on “Mermaids before Sue Green

  1. I know I am starting to lose the plot after overdosing on Rad Fem material but does anyone else think the the red-headed mermaid, complete with womanly curves and visible breasts, appears to be shielding the other by strategic placement of hand over possible bulge and taking the gaze away from the strange breasts. That is a transmermaid. Quite frankly, I would rather have the guy from “The Shape of Water” and that’s saying something as a woman who has always been attracted to other women.
    I need to go to bed.

  2. Good Lord. This is like a modern version of NAMBLA. The only difference is that at least the child-raping perverts in NAMBLA have the decency to be honest about their desire to sexualize children for their own consumption. These creeps who advocate for “transgender children” are pretending that drugging and chopping up a healthy child’s body is a civil rights issue. And the modern leftists and democrats are eating this bullshit up!!

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