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  1. Every time Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty burn up the screen in “Splendor in the Grass”–I get millions of hits on this:
    Everybody knows they are seeing a proto-feminist movie, but not sure why or how it is feminist. I like filling it in; read the comments too! Barbara Loden, who played Bud’s “fast” sister, was the wife of director Elia Kazan, which was also considered a bit shocking at the time.
    Writing it now, I would 1) add more about Bud’s sister and 2) point out how at the end, Deanie has taken full responsibility for her emotions and *grown up*–something beautiful arm-candy women of that era were actively prevented from doing.
    The author of this amazing play, William Inge, also wrote the highly-charged and highly-gendered PICNIC (also recommended!) which you will want to see for Kim Novak’s dance alone:

    (Holy God, I can’t breathe, did you say something?)
    Inge was gay and committed suicide; he understood the untenable nature of gender in our world very well. Like Tennessee Williams, many (most?) of his plays dramatized the unworkable positions women were placed in by men’s desires. I think it was Dworkin (a big admirer of Williams), who said gay men understood male desire and sexual obsession better than women did; and if they were empathetic (big if) might understand women’s social position. I think Inge instinctively did.
    Thanks Gallus! I love a chance to mention “Splendor in the Grass” which I think hasn’t aged nearly as much as it should have. <3
    I was nearly Deanie myself in high school and if it hadn't been the rockin 70s, I surely would have been. I identify far too much with this story, as I identify too much with "Hero Worship" by the B-52s. Thank god for hippies (actually Yippies), who snapped me out of my dopey Betty-and-Veronica-teenybopper-hood!

  2. Okay, as usual, tried to post that there, but it shows up here. (?)
    Grandma gonna go nutz with WordPress (sounds like the title of a cutesy country & western novelty song).

  3. Thanks so much Gallus! I loved that Julie Bindel piece and flattered to be in her company. <3
    (PS: animals misgendered for the win! My cat is just as upset as her Maisie is.)

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