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  1. Sterilizing children is a human rights abuse, and lopping off healthy anatomy off teenagers should be a crime.
    Why wasn’t Green charged with child abuse?
    “It is not disputed that eight years ago Ms. Green took her 16-year-old child to Thailand to receive gender reassignment surgery, which was and still is illegal for minors in the UK and is now illegal in Thailand. (In fact, the legal age for SRS was raised to 18 not long after the Greens went there for the surgery.)”

  2. FYI on gendercritical at Reddit: Legal case in NZ about “TERF” as hate speech: Truth is the new Hate Speech | Skepticat_UK / Maria MacLachlan
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    In NZ lawyers recognise ‘TERF’ as misogynistic hate speech. I really hope others overseas may be able to do that too.
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    Can you elaborate on this more? I’m intrigued by this…
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    I’m yet to fully take the case through court so I can’t comment on the outcome yet (will make sure we put an article on feministcurrent or reneejg once it’s all go) but every lawyer I’ve interacted with while getting everything prepared has agreed it meets the legal definition of hate speech. Basically got doxxed etc., lots of harassment and threats featuring that word. What amazed me was when I first tried to explain the situation to a lawyer she was already familiar with the insult as a misogynistic, homophobic slur.
    I’ll message you a link for sliiightly more context, apologies for not being able to have loads of info. to share right now.

  3. We are no longer allowed to say anything over here so, much as I would like to comment, I suppose I should refrain. Okay, that’s tongue in cheek but I am so sick of this. I keep trying to explain to people that if someone decides they are in the wrong body, exactly which part of their body has decided? Does their penis suddenly announce “I should be a vagina”? Do a woman’s breasts demand to be removed? No. It is the brain. So the problem is in the brain and research should be done to find a cure for this – some way to turn off this clearly mental problem. But that won’t do will it whilst surgeons carry on making a fortune mutilating perfectly healthy bodies? Oh and before trans people start screaming at me, I suffer from depression and see a therapist to try and find the “turn off” switch whilst taking medication. Thank you for letting me comment.

  4. Sorry folks I’ve been AWOL for a week due to life stuff including a creepy stalker guy who’s been harassing me IRL because he objects to what I’ve written here. All is well though. Thanks for your private messages. x

      1. So glad to hear that….☺☺☺……sometimes life is full of crap. Best wishes.

    1. OMG, I had no idea this was going on. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help/support you.

    2. We worry to death over you… if they are ready to kill me for lil ole tweets, can only imagine what they are threatening to do to you. They are INSANE.
      xoxoxo do not hesitate to ask your readers for any assistance, we are here for you. I recently quit tumblr due to the endless harassment and have time on my hands.

      1. Eh. As an “out” lesbian I’ve been dealing with these same creeps all of my life. Long before the internet. Ain’t nothing new. But thank you. I will absolutely reach out for help if it is warranted. <3

  5. Hey all! Just wanted to let everyone know that Tuesday is a big day. In Anchorage, Alaska, for the very first time in the US (and probably the world), transgender rights will be voted on in a ballot initiative. The ballot question, Prop 1, is only about transgender bathrooms/locker rooms. It is not bundled with LGB rights and so it is the very first time that trans activists have had to make their case without using LGB people as human shields. This ballot initiative is also a test of how much LGB people believe in the concept of “LGBT,” as we can assess how much LGB money flowed in on this issue, which has no special bearing on LGB interests.
    How will it go? I have no idea. There has been no public polling. There probably has been private polling by the lavishly funded pro-trans PAC (called “Fair Anchorage”), but they haven’t released any numbers (which is itself a good sign). There are factors which favor the trans side (big money advantage, biased media, a liberal Democrat incumbent mayor on the ballot who is expected to win) and there are factors which favor the anti-trans side (low turnout for an April election, older voter turnout, the fact that the issue is limited to trans bathrooms). It could go either way. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed.
    As far LGB reaction, I am pretty satisfied. There is no evidence of grassroots LGB support for the trans side. There has not been a flood of donations from cities with big LGB populations. I saw only 1 well-known gay individual on the campaign finance reports. Overall, about 1/8 of the money for the trans side came from LGBs – from HRC, the National LGBTQ Task Force, and from 2 foundations. Obviously, there could be some additional LGB money from individuals that we have never heard of, but it is safe to say that, outside of the transjacked orgs, LGBs did not step up for this the way we have for LGB issues like marriage equality. The largest contributions to the pro-trans side came from Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Interestingly, trans-only organizations did very little. Like the parasites that they are, they were content to let others spend the money and fight their battles for them. A local blogger compiled a list of Fair Anchorage contributors since January 1. Feel free to take a look and see if you recognize anyone as LGB or as a trans activist.

    ACLU-Fair Anchorage trolls liberal voters

    Finally, we saw some feminists step into the fray, continuing the coalition efforts discussed in previous posts here on GT. This is an open letter supporting Prop 1 from feminist activist Kathy Sloan:
    Hopefully, we’ll get a good outcome. Think positive!

  6. Gallus, I was so happy to hear from you. I was starting to worry.
    Excellent letter in support of Prop 1 from Kathy Sloan. All privacy rights for women are being erased.
    Thanks for the information. This is very important. My sister used to live in Anchorage and they ran a business there for years. The last time I talked to her on the phone she was really, really pissed because a drunken transwoman with a criminal record filed a discrimination complaint against a women’s shelter. My sister’s husband used to volunteer at the homeless shelter.
    “The largest contributions to the pro-trans side came from Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.”
    WTF is going on with Planned Parenthood? What the hell does transgender have to do with reproductive health care for women? I’ve always been pro-choice, and I still get mail from NARAL. I used to have so much respect for Planned Parenthood. Now that they have jumped on the trans crazy train, even giving out hormones to trans people, and drugging kids with “puberty blockers”, they have lost all credibility.
    “In order to receive transgender services you need to be over 18 and capable of providing consent for services. We can provide services for younger patients in Santa Cruz with a parent or guardian’s permission.” (*sounds like they are giving out GnRH analogues to kids)
    Yes, Planned Parenthood is giving out GnRH analgoues to kids.
    Our transgender hormone services include:
    Transgender Female (MTF) Hormone Therapy including estrogen and spironolactone.
    Transgender Male (FTM) Hormone Therapy including testosterone.
    Pubertal suppression (use of puberty blockers to stop the changes of puberty).
    “We may be able to start or continue hormone therapy or pubertal blockers, and provide referrals for gender-qualified therapy and resources if needed. If you are on hormone therapy or pubertal blockers, you can utilize the health center for ongoing care and monitoring.
    In order to receive transgender services you need to be over 18 and capable of providing consent for services. We can provide services for younger patients with a parent or guardian’s permission. There are special consents for these services.” (*how can children give informed consent)
    The use of GnRH analogues for what is essentially a psychological condition in children is an off label use for this class of drugs.
    Logic tells us that Planned Parenthood could be sterilizing children. In most “gender clinics”, virtually all kids on the GnRH analogues end up on hormones. If the GnRH analogues are followed by cross gender hormones, infertility is a given. Surely Planned Parenthood knows this. Does Planned Parenthood discuss infertility with the kids it drugs? Gendertrender, 4th Wave Now, and other websites have a ton of information on “puberty blockers”.
    While Planned Parenthood is drugging children, possibly sterilizing them, the ACLU is demanding that any male can claim “gender identity” without hormones or surgery.
    It’s puberty blockers for kids, but grown men don’t need hormones or surgery. Being an old school anti-war liberal, it’s sad to see that the left has gone totally insane.
    Again, excellent post Margie.

    1. I’m wondering why Planned Parenthood thinks it’s a good idea to politically tie abortion rights for women to the “right” of parents to consent to sterilizing their minor children via puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones on the grounds that they don’t conform to sex stereotypes.
      How does becoming the second largest provider* of cross-sex transgender medical treatments in the US help preserve or fund women’s rights to terminate a pregnancy?
      I just don’t get the strategy here.
      (*The number one medical provider of cross sex hormone treatments in the world is the US taxpayer funded Veterans Health Administration)

      1. Planned Parenthood gets a ton of money from Jennifer Pritzker. Basically any nonsensical, irrational, overwrought support of trans by the non-profit sector ultimately comes down to who’s holding the purse strings. It wouldn’t surprise me if the neoliberal Gates Foundation is also pushing this farce hard.

    2. Hey Skylark –
      I have no idea why PP has gone full trans. The Anchorage election is not the first time. They were active in defeating a measure in South Dakota which would have protected women in private spaces. And the twitter accounts of their various state and regional organizations are always abuzz with bizarre trans-related tweets relating to pronouns and men having uteruses. There was one from a state PP organization a few days ago which read “We need a Disney princess who is trans.” After it got a lot of attention, it was deleted. But really, I can’t figure out why they are so enthralled with transgenderism. Annual abortions in the US have been dropping yearly. Maybe they see trans HRT as a replacement revenue source. There aren’t many transgenders, but if they go on hormones, they have to keep coming back.
      Looking forward to seeing the election results 48 hours from now. As a follow-up to my original message, I confirmed that Fair Anchorage did conduct a private poll in October at a cost of $30,000. But they never released or discussed the results. That’s a good sign. If they were crushing it, they would have made reference to that in the media. But this really could go either way. It could turn out to be a landslide for either side or a razor-thin win by either side. We’ll just have to keep fingers crossed.
      For those interested, I found some Prop 1-related videos. The first link is a talk by Mara Keisling against Prop 1. The “LGBT” and T-only groups flew in a lot of people for this. Much of their contributions to the campaign came in the form of donated staff time. I have no doubt that these people, who are accountable to no one, were happy to go on an all-expenses paid trip to Alaska. But to give credit where due, at least Keisling actually put in a little work.

      Mara Keisling, Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, is here to talk about the No On Prop 1 campaign!

      Posted by Fair Anchorage on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

      The second link is a panel debate on Prop 1 sponsored by a local news station.

      Saturday debate on Anchorage 'bathroom bill' Proposition 1

      The University of Alaska Anchorage is hosting a debate Saturday on the local ballot's Proposition 1, the "bathroom bill" which would restrict use of municipal buildings' bathrooms to people's birth genders.

      Posted by KTVA 11 News on Saturday, March 17, 2018

      Note the bizarre transgender (who calls himself “Mohagani Magnetek”) on the No side. “Magnetek” was in the news in 2013 when he tried to use the women’s room in a local restaurant, prompting multiple complaints. The restaurant checked his ID and then asked him to leave. Magnetek then made a big stink about it. The restaurant quickly caved and apologized. Magnetek, naturally, rejected the apology and kept on attacking and complaining. In an interview with a local newspaper, Magnetek described himself thusly:
      “Officially and unofficially I am 26. Biologically I am 37,” Magnetek said. Later in the interview she identified herself as a lesbian transgender female. She also attended East High School as a boy and left Anchorage about 20 years ago after graduating. “Technically, if you want to put a word on it, I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. It’s confusing for people, but nevertheless it is what is it. I am who I am,” she said.”
      The No campaign seems adamant about including transgenders like “Magnetek” in all of its TV ads and in presentations, regardless of whether that hurts their campaign. There is no possible way any professional campaign consultant would think it is helpful to have Magnetek as the face of the campaign. The final link is a bizarre rap from Magnetek on the Fair Anchorage YT channel, in which he fantasizes that Prop 1 will result in the mayor soiling himself because he would be denied access to a Port A Potty:

    3. Planned Parenthood should not have anything to do with the transagenda. The fact that ‘Jennifer’ Pritzker donated money tells me why they did it. Still don’t agree with it though.

  7. Didn’t Planned Parenthood sponsor that horrifying “Cotton Ceiling” workshop in Canada several years ago?

    1. They sponsored three Cotton Ceiling workshops: In Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. The Toronto and Ottawa workshops took place, and the Vancouver worksop was apparently cancelled due to public outcry.

  8. Good news from the UK; Kiri Tunks has been voted as president of the UK’s biggest teaching union, the NUT/NEU. A fierce critic of Maria Miller’s handling of the Equality Committee’s handling of the Trans Enquiry and active member of the SocialistFeminist.Network she writes……
    “The demand for self-identity has huge implications for all of us and how we are defined. And, because women are an oppressed group (whose fight for equality has never been won or sustained) it is women who are most affected by the proposals.”
    “It is also the women who have raised concerns who have been attacked as bigots for speaking out — often by men whose rights are simply not affected in the same way.”
    Taken from her excellent piece, “Sex Matters”, here…..https://www.socfem.net/2017/08/sex-matters
    The fact that she countersigned this letter in the Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/24/violence-against-women-transgender-debate
    and this one in the Morning Star https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/open-letter-labour-womens-network-and-jo-cox-programme-graduates
    has Pink News claiming…”The new boss of the UK’s largest teaching union is facing criticism over her controversial views on trans women.”
    I, for one, am glad that a strong outspoken feminist has raised legitimate concerns which affect all women and girls, especially those of a generation who are currently still in full time education.

  9. No pap smear for you if you don’t play their special gender pronoun games.
    I was refused treatment at Planned Parenthood for questioning trans ideology

    I was refused treatment at Planned Parenthood for questioning trans ideology from GenderCritical

    “I went in for an appointment today, and when filling out the paperwork there were several (repeat) questions regarding how I identify myself.
    Paper 1 Name, Age, M or F What is your sex? What is your gender? Etc
    Paper 2 How do you identify M or F? Preferred name Preferred pronouns Etc
    “So I asked the woman at the front desk if it was a requirement to fill in all the questions regarding trans ideology in order to receive treatment. I want to be clear, I never used the word ‘trans’ or anything. I called it “all this” specifically to avoid declaring my worldview, and asked merely if it was all necessary information.
    “Ma’am, do I need to fill all these out? (Gestures at pertinent questions on paper) Most of this doesn’t apply to me.”
    Because I don’t want to answer 20 questions about “my identity” just to get medical treatment. Wtf does it matter for a pap smear? You have the required body parts for such an exam, then you get the exam. I could identify as male and still no one can check my prostate if I don’t have one. Anyway…She said no, just fill out what applied to me. That she was sorry it was so redundant, blah blah blah.
    So I wrote female—> female in the sex and gender questions on both pages and left the rest about pronouns and names blank. Under sexual activity (this is important in a bit) I crossed out the questions because I’m not sexually active and haven’t been for almost a decade. I made one large X through the two questions (who do you sleep with and what kind of sex do you have).
    That’s it. It’s my understanding that this is a standard way to indicate that these questions are not applicable to me. It was multiple choice and there were no choices for ‘no one’ and ‘none’.
    Well, they called me up to the front to re-do the paperwork. A second woman said they had a problem with how I filled it out. Apparently they took female —> female as some kind of statement and not the answers regarding myself. I got a lecture on how other patients identify themselves differently, they have to be accommodated, and what I did was inappropriate.
    Because I make political statements on private medical paperwork y’all. It’s super effective.
    I protested this characterization of me and asked how I was supposed to answer these questions about myself if “female” was now an inappropriate answer. This fucking bitch scoffed at me and said to just leave it blank if I couldn’t answer politely.
    They gave me a fresh paper. I left the sex/gender question blank because now I didn’t know wtf they wanted, and again made one X through the sexual activity questions.
    They kicked me out! “You’re gonna do the same thing again?” Said it was inappropriate to cross out the questions, that I could’ve just left them blank. I protested, said I corrected their stated problem and that I had no idea they interpreted an X through a question as an additional problem. That it was my understanding that this was a standard way to indicate I had no answer to these questions.
    They just said they were refusing treatment. So I left.
    I have cancelled my regular donations to Planned Parenthood, I will no longer be volunteering in any capacity and I will never return to ANY Apparently the simplest question is so “triggering” to these garbage people that they will hunt for a reason to hurt you.
    I drove over 30 minutes to get to that appointment. I have nowhere else to go. I’m fairly certain I have skin cancer on my downstairs AGAIN and because I did not lick the asshole of liberal feminism without question, I do not have a way to get treatment.
    Their stated reason for denying me potentially life-saving medical treatment? I made an X on a piece of paper. Twice.
    If anyone knows a gender-critical friendly place to get treatment in the Denver area please let me know.”

  10. I met and spent the day with ThePosieParker at a London feminist conference – a mumsnet gathering. This is very worrying because as far as feminists go she was a very measured feminist, not radical at all, willing to hear all sides. She and I along with about 8 other mumsnetters began understanding the problems with trannyism and we learned about it together.

  11. Good to have you back on line, GM.
    When I heard about the female shooter at YouTube headquarters, my first thought was that the person might actually be a TIM, but I assumed that was wrong when reporters started talking about a domestic dispute. However, “vegan bodybuilder” Nasim Aghdam has a suspiciously ambiguous face and voice, and I’ve seen one piece saying this is a TIM.
    I’m sure everyone else here is just as shocked as I am at the possibility.

    1. Nasim definitely had the same creepy look TIMs get from feminization surgery though I suppose that could be from bad plastic surgery in general, with a poorly managed vegan diet explaining her build.
      Even if she is female, only a handful of stories mention how unusual that makes her act. So we’re still back to la-la-la’ing about who’s statistically behind violence.

      1. This website says transgender, and says it has photos.
        I don’t know if it’s true or not.
        There are ways to know for sure such as DNA testing, and looking at medical records. Maybe all people who are arrested for serious crimes should get a DNA test. This way we would know their true sex, and doing so wouldn’t skew the crime statistics.

    2. Interesting if true. I am sure I am not the only person whose first thought on hearing reports of this was “huh, that is normally such a male crime” (mass shooting of total strangers)

    3. It makes perfect sense to wonder, now that males are being reported as female, if she is actually trans, but I see no evidence that she is. Female mass shooters are very rare but they do exist. I can think of two others off the top of my head. One shot up a playground in California, another shot up a shopping mall.

      1. The Boomtown Rats song “I don’t like Mondays” was about shooter Brenda Spencer, the California episode you mention. (when asked why she did it, she said “I don’t like Mondays”)
        A major reason for the song (and its success) was the amazing unlikelihood of a female shooter. The chorus repeats over and over again: “tell me why! tell me why!”–and I remember thinking in passing that we never wonder “why” men are violent, while a whole song is asking why a woman would be. (i have always loved <3 the song!)
        In other words, the event was then so rare, it captured the punk imagination of the 70s:
        The silicon chip inside her head
        Gets switched to overload
        And nobody’s gonna go to school today
        She’s gonna make them stay at home…

        Popped in my head immediately when I heard it was a woman.

        1. @DaisyDeadhead- I saw the Boomtown Rats on that tour! That was their big hit. Honestly can’t remember a single other song by them now…I was fourteen.

      2. Hi GallusMag, also glad to say with others that you are here and things are going OK, sorry you had to deal with a creep. I have not commented in a while, but always come over to look and see what you have found.
        I was thinking this Nasim Aghdam thing was OT for this thread but then I thought maybe not. If it is the case of a TIM, and no one looks into it, that would be a creepy self-censoring kind of thing like the developing UK police state.
        Female mass shooters are so unusual, especially as a lone actor, that they tend to stick in the memory. I recalled one named Laurie Dann from 1988, although I had to search a little to recall her name and the exact date. In May of that year, she killed a second-grade boy at a school in Winnetka, Illinois, and wounded some other kids before eventually shooting herself. This was preceded by nearly a decade of increasingly bizarre and sometimes violent behavior. There is a book about it: Murder of innocence : the tragic life and final rampage of Laurie Dann.
        Have you watched any of the videos? The actual YouTube channel ones have been taken down, but if you search Nasim Aghdam you can find snippets. Mostly they are in news stories. I’ve watched bits here and there, and I know this isn’t scientific and maybe I shouldn’t speculate, it’s more just a feeling I guess — but they don’t seem like the kind of videos that you see actual women doing. They look more like some of the videos you have shared on here of TIMs doing their ridiculous things. The thought I had watching them, and I suppose it’s not a nice or polite way of putting it, but there was a certain “drag queen” vibe to them. She is trying so hard to be this “hot” sex kitten. As you said, there’s no proof.

        1. Women invented drag. She certainly was a strange and gifted content creator. It’s a shame Nasim never got her due as a grade A weirdo and decided instead to maim a bunch of innocent people and destroy their lives.

  12. Any time a women’s organization caves to trans pronoun mania or women erasing demands, check the donor list— male to trans are donating money, or some powerful person with money made off of the trans cult is the answer.

  13. I’m so glad people hopped on this. The idea that rape is “overpowering lust” really is “the most male shit” (quoth burger king foot lettuce lol) and doesn’t do much to disprove so much of this is AGP and fantasies plucked from trap porn.
    And the notion that trans women are more likely to be killed by rapists… When a female murder victim, no matter time or place or age, ISN’T sexually assaulted it’s considered unusual. It’s almost like the author is another clueless member of the sex that thinks wearing short skirts (aka your proper lady suit) makes you a target 🤔

    1. Just heard about a death in Redmond, WA of a 26 year old female killed, suspicions are at the hands of her wife. Apparently, the body was discovered by the couple’s roommate, at least several days post-mortem, though no missing person report had been filed. They haven’t released many details yet, except to say the death appeared to have been quite violent, including multiple stab wounds, as well as the body being rolled up in a carpet. They have yet to disclose the identity of the victim or her wife, who was just arrested. Not to say that lesbians aren’t capable of murder; that said, any more, I’m always suspicious when a woman is implicated in a violent death. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one!

      1. It’s the fault of the damn trans activists and politically correct media that now we have idea when a crime is committed by a male or a female. Even when they know that the suspect is transgender, mainstream news sources always say “she” or “her”. I At the bottom of the story, they might have one sentence that says that they are transgender. It’s insane, and sometimes I think I’m living in an alternative universe where up is down and words have no meaning.
        Damn them all for making a mockery out of accuracy in reporting. Damn them for insulting the victims. And, common sense tells us that this could really fu** with crime statistics.
        Are crimes committed by transwomen counted as crimes committed by females? How the hell does this work? Criminologists have known for decades that most violent crime is committed by males. Fuc*** with crime statistics for purely politically driven reasons does no one good. We need accurate data to give us some idea as to what is actually happening. How can we have accurate statistics when words and categories of persons have been rendered meaningless? Sometimes a woman is an actual female, and sometimes a “woman” is really male.
        Accuracy in reporting:
        It’s rather sick and hilarious at the same time when politically correct media constantly refer to male murderers as “she”. For the sake of the victims, at least they could dispense with all the politically correct bullshit.

    2. “Overpowering lust” definitely sounds like male fantasy. The person who made the comic seems to think rape usually looks like a scene from a bodice-ripper romance, where the woman is won over by the man’s forceful seduction.
      And I thought nothing could make me as angry as Jane Fae’s recent comments about most instances of murder being boring, with a high proportion “domestic violence gone wrong. A blow struck one time two many: an eggshell skull.”
      Because when domestic violence goes right, the woman shuts up and does what the man wants after the first slap so there’s no need to kill her?
      Actually, now that I think about it, the comic is basically claiming that the murder of transwomen is often rape gone wrong. Both Jane Fae and the comic’s author have the typical male assumption that men’s violence toward women is normal and expected; it’s only a problem when it “goes wrong” and someone dies.

      1. Nothing can describe the visceral reaction I had to seeing “gone wrong” in that pig’s tweet. His dick was on full display the minute he started describing murder as “boring” and “pedestrian” but he really brought it home with the domestic violence comment.
        Your assessment is spot on.

      2. It’s only a problem when it goes wrong, and a real human (aka a man) dies. That’s why they go into hysterics about the incredibly low risk MTTs have of being murdered. They’re special men, and special men should never suffer anything unpleasant.

      3. I was reading this tweet as the work of a violence fetishist.
        The word “pedestrian” implied disdain for vanilla violence, and the “blow struck one time too many” & “eggshell skull” bit seemed like suggestive erotic writing working someone up for descriptions of worse and more protracted and more intentional forms of violence.

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