Full Audio of 'Transgenderism and the War on Women" event at House of Commons

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Full audio of the Wednesday March 14 “Transgenderism and the War on Women” event at the House of Commons, London, UK.
Sheila Jeffreys
Julia Long
Anne Ruzylo
Parker Posey
Venice Allen
David Davies
The audio on the first few minutes is a bit rough, but this is otherwise an incendiary listen. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Full Audio of 'Transgenderism and the War on Women" event at House of Commons

  1. Thanks Gallus……I’ve been searching for a recording/transcript everywhere since Wednesday. Looking forward to listening later.

  2. It’s a pity it’s not a video. The screen presentations (images) the speakers were showing made for clarity and humour. Without being able to see those, much is missed.

  3. Hi! I was there, for this meeting. The reason it wasn’t live-streamed, is because UK Parliament has very strict rules about photography and video use.
    The official TV camera are allowed to broadcast the House of Commons, House of Lords, and Select Commitees. There is no video allowed at meetings that fall outside of those categories. We weren’t even allowed slogans on T-shirts, never mind videos!
    We had to go through airport-style security, to get in. But once we were inside, we were made to feel so welcome! All the staff were professional, courteous, and helpful. It was an incredible feeling to attend a radical feminist meeting, and not have to run the gauntlet of masked protesters hurling abuse, or punches!
    This debate *will* happen, and women *will* be heard.

    1. That would be super! It is very difficult for me to hear what is being said even further along in the tape, and I would LOVE to hear these incredible women speak!

    1. I don’t think so. From what I understand, Labour are now saying they will delay the announcement until June. Not at all coincidentally, UK elections are in May. So Labour are hoping women will vote for them, b/c they think they’re finally being listened to, and then once in power Labour will be able to proceed to chuck women under the bus and bring in all the Self-ID stuff. Don’t think UK women are falling for it though. Labour have really shown their true disgusting misogynistic colours now in how they have bullied, targeted, abused, excluded etc. Labour women and Labour supporting women in ever increasing numbers for exercising their right to participate in the political process, and discuss an issue that gravely and seriously disproportionately affects the female sex.
      Plus they’ve already shown what their decision is, in the appointments of Lily Madigan and others. An announcement is irrelevant at this point, Labour is just hoping it can dupe women for a bit longer until they get into power. I don’t think they realise how smart and organised women are, haha.
      UK women out there – you’re amazing! So much hard and courageous work being done by so many right now.

    1. Thanks for linking that. In the absence of a transcript, it is fantastic (and lovely sketches!).
      “Check your table” lol lol lol… thanks to this link, you didn’t have to be there to get it!

  4. Thank you so much for making this available. Although it is difficult to hear at the beginning, hearing what all the speakers had to say was fascinating and inspiring: after hearing Julia Long I will always refer to trans identifying men as male (unless I am talking to an individual I know personally) and I will try to avoid the use of the word ‘trans’ altogether.
    About the Labour Party: it is far from unified on the issue. The more intelligent amongst the leadership can see clearly that they have walked blindly into a trap on this issue and they are looking for a way out, so putting the NEC statemtn off, again, is buying them time.
    For information: Lily Madigan was not ‘appointed’ by anyone in the Labour Party, he was merely the candidate who was successful in the election for the post of Women’s Officer, this year, in his Constitiuency Labour Party. He didn’t even win by that many votes and the word on the ground is that he is unlikely to get another term of office when their AGM comes around again this year.

  5. “The more intelligent amongst the leadership can see clearly that they have walked blindly into a trap on this issue and they are looking for a way out”
    Well said, Bronwen. It’s what the trans lobby do best: lay right wing, corporate big-pharma traps for the left to fall into. Women are smart and are fighting back. So the lobby have begun to focus on utterly destroying the left. They shoot down left events like clay pigeons: left bookfairs, Marxist networks, herbalist gatherings exploring alternatives to big pharma, everything. Being male dominated, the left are a bit dim…(sigh) But at least women know what’s what.

  6. Thanks Transwidow for the Lily Maynard article, it was so excellent, and it is really cheering me up! British lesbian feminists do us all so proud, and the sheer epic win of getting a seat in the House of Commons just shows that the trans don’t just shut our debate down, and it made the big bad tough football club me seem like, well not very tough at all. Irony, drama, and wit, and Julia Long, Sheila Jeffreys and the rest were wonderful! So much laughter and applause and love– I’ve been sending it to my liberal pro trans lesbian friends….

  7. I would humbly submit that a ‘left’ so prone to these apparent ‘right wing traps’ because of being blinded by its own arrogance and shortcomings as a male supremacist organisation, is clearly going to be part of the problem of the system of world-wide oppression of various disenfranchised groups, particularly the oppression of women, and most particularly of all vulnerable women like the poor, lesbians, immigrants, victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation and many other examples I’m sure. Left wing and right wing politics are a pissing contest between men, neither group cares about women, they just disagree about how they want to exploit us.
    I get it, it must be hard to wake up and realise that the Left and much of what it has wrought is as male supremacist as any other part of society, full of misogynistic arseholes, after years of believing they actually cared, after years of investing time and energy into their useless male supremacist causes.
    But now more than ever, women need to realise that if they look to male politics to save them, they are fucked. Join with women. That’s the way to create change. That’s the only way things have ever changed and improved for women.
    People really need to revisit Robin Morgan’s work. She said all of what I’m saying already 40 years ago.

    1. Feminists on the left are fully apprised of left sexism–no ‘waking up’ involved–but many chose to fight feral capitalism, further corporate deregulation, dismantling of workers rights, austerity, etc. which kills women. Trans extremism is part of a larger anti-democratic ethos which needs to be fought on every front. But in the UK, it’s clear that feminists in the Labour Party and unions have been central to the fight against self ID. Many chose to fight self-ID/anti women policies within unions, eg, because trade unionism is *our* politics, not ‘male politics.’ And because the alternative is far worse for females.

  8. Dear Prudie today: ” Gender questioning: I’m 21 years old, and for the last few months I’ve been questioning if I might be a transgender man. In a lot of ways it makes sense, but I don’t relate much to the stereotypical trans narrative, and there are some other things I can’t seem to get past. It’s not something I considered before now, and I don’t feel like continuing to present to the world as female would make me so miserable I couldn’t live a reasonably good life.
    I’ve asked my girlfriend and a few close friends to try using a different name and pronouns for me, but when they refer to me that way it mostly makes me feel fake and anxious. I have a referral for a clinic that can provide therapy and/or medical transition, but due to the medical system in my country that won’t happen for at least a year. If I haven’t decided for sure by then if I want hormones, it will probably be another year after that before I can access them.
    Do you have any ideas for trying to work through what I’m feeling? I feel like I’m not making progress with this at all.”
    Someone commented in “RE: Gender questioning: You need to know it is perfectly acceptable to be a “butch” lesbian. Liking “guy” things, short hair, etc. does not mean you are trans. It seems that more people are pressuring both butch lesbians and femme gay men into considering if they “really are” trans. I’ve faced it.”
    Her response “I do not believe the letter writer betrayed any sort of belief that it was not acceptable to be a butch lesbian (or even that they have ever identified as such). It is absolutely true that what clothes one likes to wear, or what activities one enjoys, does not make anyone cis or trans. Suggesting, however, that there is some sort of implicit, sinister trans agenda attempting to pressure gender-non-conforming gays and lesbians into transitioning against their own desires unnecessarily pits queer identities against one another, and ignores the existence of trans lesbians and gay trans men (and all manner of trans people who remain gender-non-conforming!).”
    God frickin forbid a little caution be advised before taking body altering steps.

  9. The thunderous applause at the beginning of the recording got the heart thumping, and almost blew out my ears because I didn’t turn the sound down.
    It was an impressive list of brave women. I listened to part of the recording, but it was a bit scratchy, and there was an echo. It is hard to concentrate with an echo sound.
    Kudos to Lily Maynard for the write up, and transwidow for giving us the link.
    This is what is at stake,
    “Ruzylo went on to discuss the possible consequences of removing our current legal sex-based protections and replacing them with gender-based protections and how this could harm women and girls from a legal standpoint. These are just some of the rights we could lose:
    The legal right of women to assemble outside the presence of men and the right to organise politically against sex-based oppression by males.
    Educational programs, athletics programs, sports competitions, grants, scholarships, board and trustee designations created for women.
    The right to be free from the presence of men in areas of public accommodation where nudity occurs.
    The right to create female-only reproductive clinics, rape crisis services, support groups or other all female organisations.
    Self-identification is already being used, said Ruyzlo, and men are already manipulating situations to gain access to women. She worked in the prison service for nearly 19 years in both men’s and women’s prisons and only ever came across one woman who wanted to transition and three men who did.
    “Now our prisons have in the region of 125 (trans-identified prisoners) It’s is thought that approximately half of those are serious sex offenders… we already know of two male born prisoners were placed in women’s prisons and subsequently sexually assaulted the women there.”
    Professor Sheila Jeffreys is right when she says that for most men it’s a sexual fetish. Autogynphilia, “age play”, BDSM, whatever. Gendertrender has example after example of all sorts of fetishes.
    “If anybody has doubts whether this is about sex or about a gender that floats down from the sky with the stork and just lands on unfortunate men I do suggest that you look online.”
    Jeffreys spoke of pornography where men are forced to put on clothing associated with women or ‘become’ girl children or pregnant women; of pornography concerning breastfeeding, where prostituted Asian boys express milk that has been brought on by female hormones.
    The creepy rubber “women’s suits” are repulsive. They are creepy as all get out, and remind me of the serial killer Ed Gein who used parts of dead women for his “woman suit”. To get some kind of weird sexual kick, grown men slip into a full length rubber “woman” suit.
    We do know that men with nothing more than “age play” or BDSM fetishes are claiming “gender identity”. The mainstream media won’t go there, but all we have to do is look with our own eyes. Like Sheila Jeffreys said,
    “If anybody has doubts whether this is about sex or about a gender that floats down from the sky with the stork and just lands on unfortunate men I do suggest that you look online.”
    Unless a person has a very strong stomach, I don’t suggest doing this, but we know it’s out there. A sexual fetish is not some kind of civil right.
    There is no doubt that autogynephilia exists, and there was a video online of Jenner joking about sneaking into his 10 year old daughters bedroom to try on her clothes.
    And, the sterilization of children and the mutilation of disabled women are human rights abuses. What other civil rights movement advocates for the sterilization of children? The “transitioning” of children is just one hideous medical experiment.
    At the same time that children are being medically “transitioned” at younger and younger ages, trans activists are pushing through laws that let any man claim “gender identity” without hormones or drugs. Children are being used to push an agenda that gives legal status to a grown man’s sexual fetish.

  10. I am partially deaf so couldn’t follow the recording but thanks to the other commentators/links etc I got the gist. I look forward to reading a transcript if and when someone is kind enough to produce same.

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