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  1. These men are so pathetic. I couldn’t help but laugh at them especially when they try and tell women what Feminism is and how women ought to be. The “six year old man” was hilarious (and sad.)

  2. Brilliantly done as ever by Peachy! I’m going to nominate Willoughby for a runner-up award for most-realistic-trans-tantrum.
    That scene in the kitchen when he yells that he is a woman could be taken from my last months with my with my ex. More yelling and bashing of fists on the table would finish off the scene. It’s also the mouth open, startled rabbit expression of the others that deserves a mention. That would be me and my kids. The other contestants complained of walking on egg-shells and he got voted off early in the series. If only divorce and refiguring your life were that easy.

  3. Oh Peach 💖
    And I will never ever get over how the exquisite Lady Jenner sounds like the Jim Carrey Grinch.

  4. I think it would be hard to be in the church community with Steph-on-knee’s parents. Steph-on-knee obviously has more than a few screws loose, but the enablers would be harder to deal with. I would have to find a new church.

  5. Peach Yogurt’s work is amazing!
    It’s a tough field, but Stefonknee definitely blew away the competition. You don’t see talent like that every day.

    1. Yes, Stefonkee, the 52 year old divorced father of 7 kids who identifies as a 6 year old girl, is hard to beat.
      Some mainstream news sources picked up the Stefonknee story because it was so bazaar, but it was gendertrender that first exposed this creep. Trans age, now that is a new twist on the whole trans thing. In reality, Stefonknee is just a freaky dude with an age play sexual fetish. He has a special “mommy” and “daddy” he met in a fetish club. I didn’t know what “age play” was until I read about Stefonknee at gendertrender. Seriously, I thought WTF, do people really do this?
      Everything that people want to know about Stefonknee is on this blog. And, there are some very good Stefonknee videos embedded. Make sure to watch the “I Just Gotta Pee” video, and the video of “Barbara Hall and Stefonknee Wolscht – The World Pride Human Rights Conference 2014
      June 25-27, 2014 – Toronto, Canada”. Stefonknee is a “social justice speaker and activist” so they say. LGBTQIAWTF + Pride is all about 52 year old divorced dads with freaky ass age play sex fetishes.
      Mainstream news sources that covered Stefonknee didn’t go into the age play fetish. A lot of people probably suspect some weird sex fetish, but mainstream sources won’t go there.
      “Gender identity” laws make men with age play sexual fetishes, or some other kinky fetish a protected class of people. And, they can access all women’s spaces.

  6. Willoughby trans-tantrum and male threatening body language yelling at women…. definitely a runner up. Wow Lily was so dull by comparison, I don’t think he should have been in the running LOL. Just pure comic gold here! Thanks GM we needed a good laugh!

    1. “Lily was so dull by comparison, I don’t think he should have been in the running”
      It isn’t surprising that an ingenue can’t compete with seasoned grandes dames. (I can see Stefonknee as the Bette Davis character in “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”)

    2. What is it with transloons and their supporters having to repeat phrases over and over again like a toddler? They all do it, especially online.

      1. It’s attempted brainwashing. Repeat something often enough, and people might start to believe, even the ones saying it.

  7. Ugh, please look at this article by a trans-identified man. He also references this site and feministcurrent. He also states that many “terfs” are attracted to “trans lesbians.” Sorry to not be more coherent, I have just recently woken up to what is happening. This shit has gone too far.
    “I doubt that any of us transition simply because we want to “be” women, in some abstract, academic way. I certainly didn’t. I transitioned for gossip and compliments, lipstick and mascara, for crying at the movies, for being someone’s girlfriend, for letting her pay the check or carry my bags, for the benevolent chauvinism of bank tellers and cable guys, for the telephonic intimacy of long-distance female friendship, for fixing my makeup in the bathroom flanked like Christ by a sinner on each side, for sex toys, for feeling hot, for getting hit on by butches, for that secret knowledge of which dykes to watch out for, for Daisy Dukes, bikini tops, and all the dresses, and, my god, for the breasts. ”

    1. Gross fetishism and sexist thinking aside… what a fucking dullard. This is a bog standard, pretentious college essay. It just rambles and rambles in flowery language and wanders off into weird dead ends then finishes with nothing other than “TRANS GIRLS WANT THINGS TOO.”
      Yeah, we get it. We probably all got it when you mouth-breathing over the girls on the bus or describing the fanfic vision of your high school crush. No need for paragraphs about how “feminist transphobia” was just a symptom of silly girls trying to figure out how to be “political” or purple prose about your inner grudge wank with Germaine Greer.

    2. What a load of utter garbage on the TIM writing about feminism, and his creepy reporting on being on the girls’ team bus in high school. These men are so incredibly creepy, and terrible writers.
      He seems to not know that second wave feminism was a huge social justice movement, that feminists were connected to the civil rights struggle, that whole fields were opened up to women—massive amounts of legislation was passed, Title IV Title VII– all part of the trans cult’s target to destroy women’s rights. And his crazy idea that lesbians would ever be attracted to male to trans penis bearers…. there are a very few women in relationships with these guys— heterosexually married before they turn into trans, or bisexual gender fluid type women who aren’t lesbians at all. He seems to not get that being a lesbian is about SAME SEX attraction, it is not about his stereotypical male attitudes about women. Just YUCK on his b.s. rambling man crazy cult.

    3. I tried to read it but had to quit for fear of a toxic adjective overdose. The paragraphs I did plough through came across like a lot of male writing, with impressive-sounding words and opacity masquerading as depth.

    4. Ooh, he’s going to magnanimously let women pay for his dinner. lol
      And women are supposed to carry his bags when he’s the stronger one? Men are wild.

  8. @Kesher That is an old advertising trick that is still being taught in MBA and media classes, let alone something learned from the ‘Talking Heads’. [‘Same as he ever was……Same as he ever was……..Same as he ever was’]. But saying the brigade mantra multiple times does not make it true, it makes it more annoying and juvenile.
    @squarepeg I could not read that article, due to the lack of logic in ANY part of it. One could almost expect the author of same, to channel their inner Charlie Sheen and say ‘WINNING!!’ It was the same type of creepy BS.

  9. Maybe there should be three categories. I propose three categories.
    (1.) One category for most unusual, and truly awe-inspiring unique.
    It’s Stefonknee in this category, but Riley Kilo, the transgender diaper enthusiasts could be runner up in this category.
    (2.) Another category would be the scariest. The transwomen that give people nightmares, and the reason women carry pepper spray.
    Transwoman serial killer of women Douglas, “Donna”, Perry or the axe carrying Australian transwoman, Evie Amati, should have been nominated. Wife killer transwoman Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek, or child killer Synthia, “China”, Blast could have been nominated too.
    I nominate Douglas, “Donna”, Perry, or the axe carrying transwoman, Evie Amati, but Synthia, “China”, Blast is a good pick.
    (3.) The most blatant homophobic should be another category.
    Drew DeVeaux, the trans porn star who came up with the lesbian phobic “Cotton Ceiling” ,should be in this category.
    Redefining homosexuality is the ultimate form of homophobia, and no one does it better than Dennis Riley and Zinnia Jones. Homosexuality is based on same sex attraction, not “gender identity”.
    Dennis Riley who believes lesbians are bigots for rejecting lady penis and Zinnia Jones are good picks. Riley thinks “genital preference” is transphobic, and lesbians need to get with the program.
    Zinnia Jones and his girl friend are lesbian hating and disgusting. While introducing his girl friend, he says, “Why do you call yourself a lesbian if your girl friend has a penis”. His girlfriend goes on to describe her sexual relationship with Zinnia, and says, “My name is Heather McNamara, and I’m the dick suckingest lesbian you will ever meet”. She looks like she is wired on crack cocaine or something when she says it. Queer women sometimes get a thrill from saying outlandish things to insult lesbians.
    No, Zinnia and his girl friend are not lesbians. They are, in fact, homophobic people.
    Heterosexuality is based on sex not “gender identity” too. Zinnia Jones did say that straight men are transphobic bigots if they don’t date transwomen.

    1. Skylark— this quote from you is SO TRUE— “Queer women sometimes get a thrill from saying outlandish things to insult lesbians.” They try to pull this crap all the time with me, I just look at them and say you are not a lesbian, you are a bisexual woman, a lesbian is not gender fluid, a lesbian doesn’t have a penis, and a lesbian is about same sex attraction, get a dictionary and look it up. When you come down directly and clearly and draw a very clear picture of lesbian– “It is not for every woman who sleeps with men, it’s not a style, it’s not a role.” They try to show gender queer porn to me on their damnable iPhones sheesh the stuff I have to deal with these days, they all make me sick with this stuff.

    2. I find Heather extra repulsive because she has kids. I can’t even imagine how wretched it is to have a step dad who flashes his ass at Twitter with a full arsenal of Bad Dragon dildos while mom guffaws about dicks and smears fudge pops on her face.

    3. Queer women making jibes at lesbians is a similar phenomenon to straight women claiming they prefer male company because women are bitchy and ugh – the “cool girl” trope. It’s all about trying to make out you’re somehow different and superior, and sucking up to a dominant group.

    1. Aw shit. I’m glad I watched the video when I had the chance.
      Peach, Magdalene, and other RadFem video makers need to start posting on other video sharing sites in addition to YouTube (if they aren’t already). Sadly, YouTube is drowning in the trans/leftist Kool-Aid and is quick to shut things like this down.

      1. As far as I can figure Peach decided not to challenge a fake copyright claim from some dude. Very perplexing. You can’t do this work without challenging constant false claims from disgruntled internet dudes. I LITERALLY just today won another challenge against this blog from some disgruntled person who submitted a false claim. I was fully cleared and materials reinstated. You have to fight them constantly. They never stop. If you don’t fight the false claims they will silence you as they’ve tried and continue to try here many many many many many many many many many many many many many times. #Fight

      2. Correction: apparently Fox Fisher and Ugla Stefania of My Genderation own the crazy Alex Drummond footage. They are a super thin-skinned heterosexual couple on the transgender crazy train.

  10. apparently Fox Fisher and Ugla Stefania of My Genderation own the crazy Alex Drummond footage.

    I would think Peachy could challenge based on Fair Use. I’m guessing the owners are British (where Fair Use may not apply), but is peachy in the US? Isn’t youtube a US corporation?
    What I’ve been meaning to do (and others should as well) is to find some good software for grabbing youtube video. Then when it’s taken down, it can constantly get re-posted by multiple people..

  11. @lilith1022
    Good idea…
    I checked it out. I went directly to youtube and went to Peachyogurt’s channel. I could still watch it, but they made me say I was over 18. I don’t know what the over 18 was all about. Maybe it’s Zinnia’s girlfriends dirty mouth.
    I liked video “Terf Awards”, and thought it was one of Peachy’s best.
    Speaking of videos, this is a very good video.
    “This never happens 100 Crimes by trans women”

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