46 thoughts on “Transwoman harasses women at International Women's Day

  1. As soon as I began to play this clip I just knew he was going to try to knock the camera out of the woman’s hand. Their behavior is so predictable at this point.

    1. Even the way he slaps at it is so mannish. Women usually knock things away just to put distance between them. Men do that apish grab-smash thing with the ugly expression.

    1. As one once said to me, if I was a woman with breasts I’d just lay in bed all day and play with them.

    2. Always with revealing/ill-fitting clothes that look like they came out of the juniors section too. AGPs are the worst.

    1. Exactly! He says “shut the fuck up” so many times I lost track. Pretty standard for the autogynephile. The male aggression is standard too.

    2. Because the most obvious way to show women you’re not a man is to tell them to shut up? Yeah, that’ll work.

    1. Here’s a video of Rowan, erm, laying bags of sand on women then slicing them open with a knife and putting snakes on them. What on earth.

      1. I know that trans is freaky as all get out, but this is something else. The trans can’t get enough kink. See freaky Rowan dancing with some girls. He puts huge old bags of sand on women sprawled out on the floor, cuts the bags open so the sand pours out, and then let some snakes crawl all over the place. The women just lay there with all this sand on them while the snakes crawl everywhere. Now, that is about as freaky as Stefonknee Wolscht or Riley Kilo the trans diaper lover.
        Shame on all those mean transphobic bigoted women for not worshipping his special lady penis at International Women’s Day.
        At the Vancouver Women’s March, a transwoman dominatrix was a speaker. I bet Rowan would love to do his special sand bag snake thing at the next International Women’s Day. Nothing says women’s liberation like women on their back on the floor covered in sand with snakes all over them. Women are silent props in his kinky ass fetish.
        Rowan should be on his back covered in sand with snakes crawling over him.
        He is one sick twisted dude. He is NOT a woman. Porn sick queer dudes like Rowan are a dime a dozen.

      2. No surprise he does creepy performance art–it’s what so many TIMs seem to think womanhood is.

      3. Ugh. A lot of dudes who identify as “trans-women” and/or non-binary are just covering for the fact that they have creepy sexual fetishes. It’s no different than the abusive misogynists who identify as “feminists” and virtue signal all over social media to compensate for the fact that they treat women like shit in their personal life.

  2. Sheesh, this man really is the real autogynephile deal–mean looks on his face–aren’t models supposed to smile at the camera. Seems like he is unused to being outnumbered by women who won’t put up with his crap on IWD. They come off looking reasonable, nobody tries to grab at his sign or get him removed, although having dyke security guards nearby would be advised. Rowan’s account was pretty disgusting overall, got through a few lines, he makes me sick.

  3. He said, “You don’t fucking know what a lesbian is”. In fact, he said this twice as he pointed to the women in the back. This was in the first part of the video. This looks like it was taken down, but that is what he clearly said.
    A transwoman is on trial in Oakland for slaughtering a lesbian family, shooting and repeatedly stabbing them to death, and not one useless trans and queer controlled LGBTQIAWTF+ organization even covered the story. Dana Rivers was part of the Camp Trans protestors that stalked outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival, an event run by a lesbian.
    He points to the women in the back and says, “They don’t give a fuck about poor people”. Yes, the idiot tells women that they don’t give a fuck about poor people when the world’s poor are women. Rich old white straight men like Bruce, “Caitlyn”, Jenner, James, “Jennifer”, Pritzker, and George Soros bankroll transgender.
    At least he didn’t pull a Hyde Park or Dana Rivers on them. I guess we should be thankful for that.
    I knew that a transwoman would show up at International Women’s Day to scream about something, or to hold up a tacky trans flags expecting to be the center of the attention. It always has to be about them.
    * On International Women’s Day, men tell women to “Shut the fu** up”. He must have said “Shut the fu** up” a dozen times or more. One “Shut the fu** up” wouldn’t do.
    * On International Women’s Day, men tell women that their signs should be burned. He said, “Your signs deserve to be burned”.
    How many witches were burned?
    * He says, “Shut the fuck up with your bullshit violent language”, when no woman was doing anything violent. I didn’t see a woman doing anything violent. Where was the violence? Women holding up a sign saying something he doesn’t like is “violence” to him. Refusing to say that males are women is “violence” to him.
    How many millions of women have died because of male violence in one form or another?
    “TERF” death threats have been going on for years.
    We know who is being violent, and it’s not women.
    Woman = adult human female
    Stand proud ladies.

    1. What particularly gets me about the whole thing is how he seems on the verge of gleeful laughter during parts of it, even as he’s yelling in that weird affected voice.
      He just seems to be revelling in his moment, smug, knowing that right now he’s got the world’s ear, he can tell women to shut up, he can abuse women and he will get praise and sympathy for his supposed “lashing out in pain” etc as a “marginalised minority.” He knows full well he’s socially allowed to tell those women to shut up, to take down their signs, but socially they’re not allowed to do the same thing back.
      I’d laugh if it weren’t so sad.

  4. Kate Millett had a great analysis of men’s use of sexual vulgarity and sexually profane language as an instrument of domination. Every eff word from this guy brought it to mind

    1. Stop the press! Did I see (very poor) drawings drawn onto the actual wall of what is (possibly?) Rowan’s own apartment / studio space that were like, self portraits of him? One of him being a delicate lady flower w. penis having sex with a big burly manly man and the other of him curled up on a lounge chair looking all, I guess, ‘girly’?
      Honestly looking at his entire output and his woke cheerleader friends I am so embarrassed on all their behalves at how utterly pretentious and lacking in any artistic skill any of them are. Also, are we supposed to not be able to tell who is male and who is female b/c of all the clothing swapsies in those photos? Because, um, it’s still really obvious.

      1. Did I see (very poor) drawings drawn onto the actual wall of what is (possibly?) Rowan’s own apartment / studio space that were like, self portraits of him? One of him being a delicate lady flower w. penis having sex with a big burly manly man and the other of him curled up on a lounge chair looking all, I guess, ‘girly’?

        What an asshole! I have spent my life trying to dismantle “girly, delicate” sex stereotypes of women and this one shows that those stereotypes are the only concept he has of what a woman is! I couldn’t despise him more if I tried!

  5. Apparently, he got the video taken down. YT is all too happy to cover up his violence. If you have 43 minutes to waste, here is a video from his channel showing a so-called “Queer Ensemble,” which is basically him blathering on incoherently, enjoying the sound of his own voice. At around 34:00, they launch into a truly awful song and dance routine called “Trans Forever.”

      1. There was a restaurant review in the New Yorker of a queer restaurant. They put bowls of Froot Loops and Lucky Charms on the tables as snacks: This is the new definition of queer.

      2. @Susan: Children’s food cutely served to adults in a restaurant? Yep, sounds right in line w/the indulgent, extended adolescence of so-called “queer culture” today 😂😑

    1. The ‘audience’ (? if that’s what those ppl sitting on the grass are meant to be) appears to be about 8 people, lol. Can’t imagine why there wasn’t a bigger crowd to appreciate this Stunning and Brave performance.

  6. Correction: The video of his violence is still up. The one that Gallus links to in her 1st comment is down.

      1. Riveting. The gall of these junior men to claim our sex. These porn-soaked and male entitled pricks are deluded and power-fueled beyond the pale.
        They are like poisonous snakes, The only thing that’s validated here is their venom.

  7. Transgender files complaint against shelter for abused women

    GM, I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet. A belligerent man with a criminal history and tendencies toward violence is suing a women’s shelter in Anchorage for not admitting him. The private, Christian-run shelter serves the homeless of both sexes during the day with meals, bathrooms, and showers, but only shelters women at risk of violence during the night, in one large room. They don’t want to take men overnight, but, if this account is correct, the first time he showed up (sent by a different homeless shelter!) the staff packed him off to the ER because he was injured, and the next time he arrived hours before they were taking women in for the night, so they didn’t technically violate his rights, but he’s claiming discrimination.
    If these cases continue, I can see a time when shelters for women will end up not only admitting men who claim to be women, but will be forced to treat them in a privileged way–like letting them in early or allowing them to break other rules–to avoid lawsuits charging discrimination, since not giving men special treatment is the typical male definition of discrimination.

    1. No. They will just shut down. Taking men increases your costs exponentially. Men are more likely to get violent and assault other men or staff. You can shelter a room full of women and children in relative safety (aside for theft) you can’t do that if you throw men into the equation so they’ll just shut down. Most of these places are operating on a shoestring budget to begin with. They have no money for security. Three hots and a cot is all they’ve got.

      1. And in many places shelters for women and children are vastly outnumbered by ones for men to begin with. I briefly worked with homeless populations in a major US city. There were at least four all male shelters in downtown and only one for women and children, which was horribly overcrowded and off the beaten track for other services such as free daytime meals, laundry, job counseling and other necessities which were located in the area of the men’s shelters. Men swamping the already strained resources in this area would be tragic for all involved.

    2. My sister who used to live in Anchorage knows the people who run this shelter. He husband volunteered at the shelter. People in Anchorage are really pissed over this.
      Anchorage, Vote Yes on Prop 1.

  8. Trying to silence born females. Typical response of trans people. Especially transwomen. The man looks ridiculous, and sounds very entitled on the idea of validation. Why should we have to validate them, or accept any transpeople as the gender they claim to be? I don’t know about anyone else, but the idea of being trans is not rational or normal.

  9. I’ve watched these utter jackass men infiltrate lesbian groups for years now, and they always bring weird hostility, violent sexual fetish energy or they are just plain crazy and it’s time for lesbians to totally stop validating them or playing into their delusions. At best they are obnoxious interrupters at worst potentially violent creeps.
    It seemed like the group of women there did give him a hard time and he wasn’t getting anywhere with them.

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