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  1. How disgus – I mean trendy. Yeah, that’s the one. I’m going to celebrate the beauty and creativity of that woman so that all of my friends know how cool I am. I will keep pushing down that logical voice in the back of my mind that keeps bugging me about how people like that need mental help. <—–Sadly, most people these days.

  2. So he mentions tucking…..which means he still has his male genitals. And mentions messaging lesbians online….so he is harassing real women for sex under false pretenses. He whines on and on about understanding real women’s fears but then mentions how he goes into women’s spaces with no regard for the fears of the real women.
    And then he goes into ranting narcissistic male rage mode with talks of smashing and destroying. All of this done in his male voice with his male body and his male entitlement clearly visible. Disgusting man, this one is.

  3. As a writer and editor, I watch these performances with the kind of fascinated horror some people feel at traffic accidents, wondering just how terrible the carnage might be. “The hole tucking has worn in my favorite jeans” is medevac helicopter level bad.

      1. Even the Vogons might shake their heads at this crap. The guy performs like a bad imitation of Julia Serano (whose “poetry” definitely struck me as Vogon-class).

      2. ahahahahahah high fiving you from outer space for the spot-on Vogon reference 🙂

  4. Left at the youtube page: “I’m a 25 year old 125 lb woman. Anyone who says I am REALLY a 70 year old 225 lb woman is an AGEIST pig. I’m going to get laws passed so they have to pay me $100,000 everytime they deny I’m a GORGEOUS 25 year old 125 lber.” I’m SO naughty!!

  5. I really like the terf on his shoulder better than I like his whiny, manipulative ass.

  6. He claims straight guys are trying to stick their tongues down his throat, implying that they find him attractive as a female? Riiiiight. If so, a lot of those guys must be constipated, because he “passes” about as well as a watermelon up the ass.

    1. LOL. I know right! I find it hard to believe his stories of being followed home and kissed against his will because there is NO WAY a straight dude would clock him as a woman (no matter how drunk they were)

      1. And it’s always the same story with these guys, have you thought about that? The notorious Andi Dier has claimed the same thing, and so has Daryl “Sophia” Banks (who coincidentally passes even less than this Riley dude). Dan “Katie Charm” Davis – featured here a while back – also made up this incredulous story of having been roofied at some Vegas hotel.

      2. @Henrika
        That story you posted from the tranny claiming he was drugged and no one helped him seems….dubious at best. It really does feel like he’s crafting a victim narrative just to prove he’s a real woman. For instance….
        1) I’ve had to call 911 for incidents FAR less serious than an attempted drugging/rape. You don’t need an exact address to request assistance from 911. Especially in a place like San Francisco (which is full of tourists who get preyed on precisely because they don’t know anything about the city aside from landmarks). Also, 911 operators aren’t going to hang up on someone who claims to be DYING just because they can’t remember an address
        Hell, if someone dials 911 and hangs up the phone without speaking, they will call back and/or trace the call and come over. My mom learned this the hard way once when she accidentally hit the 911 speed dial button on one of our old phones
        If this incident really happened, the tranny in question could obtain the phone records and sue the city. I’ll believe this story when he does that.
        2) As someone who has worked in a bar and had ABC training, bar employees and owners have to take incidents like druggings seriously. Not only because a dude running around with roofies is a danger to patrons and employees. But also because they could lose their liquor license if they are proven to have acted irresponsibly and indirectly caused a criminal act like drunk driving, a roofied person being raped or killed after begging bar employees for help, etc.
        3) I find it hard to believe that the tranny’s luck was so bad that, after ALL the other shit he went through, he also ended up being stuck with an uber driver who was the laziest asshole in the world. Like, even under normal circumstances, most uber drivers don’t just dump your ass on the side of the road because they’re scared of having to make a slight detour. And most people aren’t heartless enough to drop a sick person in the street when they’re BEGGING to be taken to a hospital (even if only because that would kill their review score on the Uber app)

      3. That roofied-in-a-restaurant story… Never in my life have I ever seen Gatorade on a restaurant menu. I’m 44. I’ve been to lots of restaurants. Also, a real woman sitting by herself in a crowded restaurant would freak out if a guy sat at her table suddenly, even if briefly, and certainly would not look away long enough to let him drop something in her drink glass. Also, this entire piece reads like bad fan fiction.

  7. There is nothing new here. We have heard it all before. It’s sad and pathetic in an amusing kind of way.
    First of all, he is not a woman. Second, all women are waking up to the “gender identity” train wreck and how it is harming women, endangering women’s safety and well being, erasing all our privacy, destroying women’s sports, erasing our very female existence. It’s not just a TERF or rad fem problem. Liberal women, moderates, and conservatives all can bear witness to the constant abuse and all the threats. Does this poor fool really believe that it’s only “TERFs” who are keeping track of all the trans lies? Women know what is happening, and more women are waking up.
    He talks about oppression he gets from men as if male on male violence is something new. This loon is something else. The crazy loon talks about “receipts” or some other bazaar nonsense. It’s, “I’m oppressed too”. He says,
    “One for every time a strange man followed me home holding my safety in the palm of his hand. His male gaze singeing the hairs on the back of my head”.
    If he is worried about male violence, why doesn’t he confront men instead of blaming TERFs. Women have no control over male violence. Dumping the problem of male violence on the female sex is not acceptable. Women know men are violent, and this is why we don’t want males in our private spaces. Females aren’t killing transwomen. Transwomen (males) are killed by other males not women.
    Besides, he looks pretty big, and looks like he could take care of himself.
    What does he mean when he says, “When I hold the hand of someone who is not a man”? Like most transwomen, he is a straight dude, maybe bisexual or “pansexual”, and a good sized man that. He just can’t understand why lesbians don’t want his penis. He says, “Every time I message a lesbian on tinder”.
    The rapey “Cotton Ceiling” is the most lesbian phobic thing every invented by straight men.
    Someone needs to tell this poor loon that having a ‘TERF on the shoulder’ keeping track of all the trans lies is nothing like actual death threats.

    ‘TERF’ isn’t just a slur, it’s hate speech

    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
    And, someone needs to remind this creepy loon that transwomen (biological males) offend at the same rate as other males. This includes the same rate of violent crimes, and the same rate of sex crimes.
    A transwoman is on trial in Oakland for slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house. Rivers is heterosexual. We know that he was protesting outside of MichFest, a lesbian run event.
    Just last June in Washington State, transwoman Douglas, “Donna”, Perry was convicted of killing three women.
    No female has ever killed a transwoman, but transwomen (biological males) have been convicted of killing a lot of women. The cases in this video are only scratching the surface.
    “Women Decide for Yourselves” Jane Williams.

    1. Thank you for sharing this information. You are totally correct about women waking up to this threat. I’m just an average fairly liberal heterosexual woman who always considered myself a feminist and open-minded, supportive of LGBT rights, (though honestly, I’ve typically had more support/sympathy for lesbians, given I’ve always felt they get shafted). I never really thought much about liberal v. radical feminism or the interplay between competing rights. Recently, I started exploring the transgender issue for professional reasons. (As a physician, I’ve had a surprising number of trans-identifying patients in the last year.) In exploring this issue, I’ve now fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole and my eyes have been opened. I am incredibly alarmed. I’m also scared. Speaking out seems to result in profound backlash and the real threat of violence. I have young children. I have a practice to maintain and a reputation to defend. For now, I’m quiet…but what will all of this bring?

    2. @Skylark Phillips I thought about you when I saw/read the following link. And then shook my head, if only because there is no record, be it here in PDX or ANYWHERE that any female has killed or attacked a member of the brigade. These deranged punks…..and that is the kind term for it [I gave up using a lot of the others for Lent] have attacked, have disrupted, have killed in the name of their collective crap.But the other way around is not the case in the least.

      This may attract heat, but I said what I said. TERFs should be stripped of the feminist label just as much as they want…

      Posted by Raquel Willis on Friday, March 9, 2018

      1. “..we must truly embrace a politic that does not define us by our bodies..”
        So no political movement at all for women- who are oppressed by males entirely on the basis of our female bodies (specifically our reproductive capacity). Okay “Raquel”. Thanks for chiming in, dude.

  8. So he wants to smash women? He knows Pinocchio is a story right? Fiction. Like his ‘womanhood’
    Grow up.
    Also, I don’t ‘woman bleed’ from my hand.
    It’s not about the blood. The blood isn’t a magical woman anointing oil. Learn some basic biology and basic respect.

  9. I’ve been viewing some of his youtube poetry slams. In one idiotic rant he talks about super gluing his genitals, and in another video he compares using the wrong pronouns with police brutality. Go to youtube and type in “Riley Zahn”. Then, type in “Ryan Zahn”. It sure looks like the same man. This “Ryan Zahn” video is August 2015. He wants us to know that since 2015 he went from regular straight dude to a poor oppressed woman. Indeed, he is way more oppressed that actual women.

    In this “Cotton Ceiling” type video, he talks about his creepy male sexual obsession to be with lesbians.
    Ode to Flannel

    This pathetic loser teaches school, and likes to pretend he is a lesbian. Lesbians exist for his sexual pleasure and porn soaked sexual objectification.
    It’s makes me want to vomit watching this guy grin like a jackass and joke about “being underneath lesbians” in an obvious sexual sort of way when transwomen harassed the hell out of Michigan Women’s Music Festival until it closed it’s door. Transwomen straight up hate lesbians who won’t suck their tallywacker, and have been making death threats to lesbians for years. And, a transwoman who was at Camp Trans is sitting in an Oakland jail for killing a lesbian couple and their son.
    Lesbians aren’t even human to men like Ryan Zahn.
    Ryan, leave lesbians alone, and you aren’t a woman. After what transwomen have put lesbians through, don’t even joke about it. Ryan, you have no right to colonize and co-opt lesbian identity, and lesbians owe you nothing.

  10. The “TERF on his shoulder” is his own awareness. It’s the little voice inside him telling him the truth. He is aware that he is a man and that everything women say about him is true. He doesn’t want it to be true though, so he is looking for validation that what he wants is actually real.

    1. He literally blames women/TERFs for the voices in his own head. It doesn’t get anymore misogynist than that!

  11. Violent fantasies of harming women lead to self-inflicted violence. He needs help.
    Psst… dude. That “TERF” on your shoulder? It’s the small voice of sanity trying to drown out your male ego.

  12. LMFAO! “…or don’t disclose my transness”. Too late. What a violent putrid pathetic MAN. There is nothing womanly about him – the gall. All directed at women when the hatred is clearly coming from himself and being deflected towards the women who’ve done nothing more than spoken the truth. Bad poetry too. But since he’s trans, he’s oh so brave and special for his lies. Plus generally, women wash their hair before public appearances.

    1. Lmao re: we wash our hair before public appearances.
      Dead giveaway he’s not only a dude, but spending too much time fighting his dysphoria (“TERFs”) in his head, to join the real world and wash his hair before showtime.

      1. As in loser-dude. Even most men would wash their hair before going out, especially on stage. At least, I hope.

      2. For real. I’ve seen people harangued for making fun of these pricks’ appearance, but 99.9% of the time it comes down to hygiene. No one wants to be around someone who looks and smells like they rolled in McDonald’s trash.

    2. He reminds me of every Nice Guy I’ve met growing up who blames women for not dating him (and claims ALL females only want to date assholes, so you might as well treat them like shit). 99% of the time, these dudes knew deep down that their lack of a sex life was mostly due to their social awkwardness and refusal to dress/clean/groom themselves properly. But they chose to direct their hatred towards “shallow women” because its easier than improving themselves.
      Basically, trannies and male trans-trenders who whine about the cotton ceiling are this generation’s “Nice Guys”.

  13. “But I’m oppressed too!!!!! I’m a victim! So that makes me a woman! Doesn’t victim=woman?” These creeps are so appalling.

      1. Naturally. No matter how gross they seem at first, they are always even worse on closer inspection.

  14. What a piece of work. Violent creepy man, and why are people in the audience even clapping for this woman hating creep? No you’re not a woman Mr. Creep, and stop messaging lesbians ….

    1. Could be you’re referring to Riley J. Dennis who is also a transwoman, but not the same person.

  15. No woman on earth in all of history has had a hole worn in her jeans from tucking their cock away.

  16. I hate to say it but this is very clever, it is brilliantly well done propaganda and I really don’t know how to counter it.
    While I completely understand and share the anger expressed here, that won’t change the audience’s mind
    As Purple Sage said. ‘The “TERF on his shoulder” is his own awareness’ and for that reason he will never find peace claiming to be a woman.
    To find peace he needs to accept himself as a feminine man, to stop hating women.
    He needs to understand that he is a man who, for whatever, reasons wants to be take on the trappings of femininity. And that’s fine if he doesn’t demand that others deny reality

  17. I wonder why the autogynephiles can never even style in a way that would make them look remotely like a woman? I’ve met some homosexual transsexuals who manage to pass quite well, in terms of appearance, unless their voice or exaggerated drag-queenish mannerisms give them away. But the AGPs? Most of them present on a level of, like, Saturday Night Live cross-dressing. No one would ever mistake them for a woman even long enough to throw a second glance.

    1. I don’t think many of them really do want to pass as women.
      First, If they managed to pass to the degree some gay transexual men do, they’d simply be treated like ordinary women and could no longer demand the special considerations they do as a supposedly ultra-oppressed subset of women.
      And then, for some of them, forcing actual women to acknowledge someone obviously male as a woman seems to be part of the fetish.
      Finally, they wouldn’t have anything to inspire their self-pitying excuse for poetry.

      1. I think you’re right. When I first tuned in a few years ago and realized that the perverts had taken over that was my first thought. Most of the TIMs back in the 80s at least put forth some effort. Many of them did pass or at the bare minimum wouldn’t scare the All living hell out of you in the locker room. These blokes don’t bother to even maintain basic hygiene. They all look greasy and in dire need of a decent astringent. That can’t be accidental. Most have been married. They know the changes their wives go through. They know that their dime store wigs, 5:00 shadow and “breasts” set 6” apart don’t look womanly they look freakish. It’s part of a sissification fetish.

      2. @Oak and Ash –
        “I don’t think many of them really do want to pass as women.”
        You have a good point. Most don’t even bother with voice training anymore. They speak in a fully male pitch and throw fits when they’re referred to as “sir” by service staff. They put absolutely zero effort into their “transition”. If you compare the standard AGPs with a well-passing HSTS such as Blaire White, you can really tell the difference. You could argue that Blaire White was naturally a good candidate for MTF transition, BUT I say it has just as much to do with styling. For example, you never see Blaire with his hair up, and the reason for that is the fact that male and female skull shapes are different and long hair is a good way to hide it. Pull back the hair, and you can more easily see a masculine face.
        The AGPs just always look like unwashed ogres. I totally believe that they do get off on making women uncomfortable.

  18. What an entitled man. Look at me! Look at me! This isn’t comedy. This is a man venting at people who won’t accept him as a woman.

  19. He’s a real man. Sounds like he could be the nerdy dude on a sitcom.

  20. Are you serious? He probably enjoys being the target of sexism (when he is mistaken for a woman), because it affirms his “womanhood.”

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