'Stop Giving Sex Hormones To Kids': Auckland Pride Protest

Auckland Pride

Some courageous women marched in Auckland New Zealand’s Pride March yesterday, representing for lesbian, gay, and gender non-conforming youth and protesting against the medicalization of sex-roles in these children.
In order to avoid the wrath of violent transwoman or triggered non-binaries who support the medical “correction” of gender and seek to silence critics by any means necessary, the feminists cleverly stepped into the parade at the last moment just behind the traditional ‘Dykes On Bikes’ contingent.
Watch closely on the right side of the screen (timestamp):
“Straight cis chick” isn’t pleased.

More displeased heteros.


Men discuss lesbian visibility (they don’t like it).


88 thoughts on “'Stop Giving Sex Hormones To Kids': Auckland Pride Protest

    1. @Carol Moore,
      “It’s great they had the chutzpah to do it!! Aussies don’t take sh*t”
      They aren’t Aussies. They are Kiwis, but there could be some Aussies there. Neither take shi*. I love the Australian spirit, and New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
      It’s summer down under when it’s winter up north, so it makes sense that they would have their pride at a different time than people in the U.S.
      The medical “transitioning” of children is a very serious subject. Gay men and lesbians could always say that our rights don’t come at the expense of others. We can no longer say this. The sterilization of children is a human rights abuse. When the medical “transitioning” of children goes the way of lobotomies, I don’t want anyone to blame the “L” in LGBT. I don’t want this on my conscience.
      Brave women, and smart too for sneaking behind the Dykes of Bikes.

      1. They are two different countries with very different cultures, and Aotearoa/New Zealand has been one of the strongest in the world in terms of Lesbian community, and one of the first to get the vote for women.

  1. We all need to kick that hard. I can’t believe we live in a world where “Stop giving sex hormones to kids” is a “controversial” statement.
    A gender critical float would be amazing!

    1. Agreed.
      I went to pharmacy school (I started before the trans fad blew up. So my study materials didn’t cover this nonsense). So it angers me when trans activists act as if hormone blockers are harmless, magical time-stoppers that have no detrimental effects on young kids. Blockers are dangerous even if the kid wises up and decides not to transition.
      And don’t even get me started on the fact that we currently have no long-term studies on how the blocker + cross-sex hormone combination replacing natural puberty effects people long term (so we’re basically doing Doctor Mengele level experiments on mentally ill and gender non-conforming CHILDREN).
      I’m honestly wary of finishing my degree and going into the field because I see the trans fad growing here in California. And I know that I could never in good conscience give cross sex hormones to a child or a young adult now that I am educated on what they do to the body.

    2. Exactly, and I can’t believe “protect lesbian youth” is considered anti-LGBT Pride. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, to see women at the bottom of the totem pole (or completely removed from it) yet again.
      I’m very thankful to these two women for marching and getting their message out!

      1. He was polite, but he couldn’t get rid of them soon enough once he’d realized what they were saying.

    1. Whereas the only place for this het feminist is endorsing my lesbian sisters – even though I can’t march at Pride. I support other women against men and rape culture.

  2. What a fantastic protest, but I am so pissed! I just tried to share this post on facebook and the picture which showed up to illustrate this entire post was that drivel by the “straight cis chick.” So I didn’t share it!

    1. You can post a link to Facebook and remove the photo. When you go to post it, before hitting the button, there should be an x or something you can click to remove the photo.

    1. Oh please, don’t call them “breeders”, it’s not right and it just makes *us* look bigoted. The last thing we need now is associating support of lesbians with anti-het bigotry.

      1. I agree. Many LGBT persons are parents, and I hate the term “breeders.” It shows a real contempt for the hard job of raising kids.

      2. I’m straight and I call us breeders (I have no children). I got a good laugh from another breeder who has no children when I used the word. And breeder sounds pretty mild compared to CIS or CHICK.

      3. The term “breeders” brings two things to mind:
        1. Women are p much just animals built for fucking & reproduction
        2. LGB people don’t have kids
        Maybe it’s time to let the term go.

    2. What good would hurting and angering other women do? When faced with the trans agenda, all feminists need to band together. Lesbians are a small group, and need allies. Het feminists like me are eager to help.
      Calling us “breeders” ignores the lesbians who have kids. It also degrades the hard work and love that being a parent demands. I wouldn’t slur you. Please don’t do it to me. You sound like an MRA denigrating mothers like cattle.

  3. Wasn’t it interesting how much more comfortable the interviewer was when he moved on to the boys in ladyface. He handled the lesbian protest moment well and attempted to stay neutral–with a caveat to those whose enraged politics cater to the penis-born that he realized this was politically sensitive. The drag issue is more what should be uncomfortable for people, because it’s a complex issue with some decent arguments for and against. Medically transing lesbian teens? Like Oak and Ash said, why is this even controversial in gay/lesbian communities, to the point where it’s scary to bring it up.

  4. Drugging and sterilizing healthy children is not a “TERF” issue. It’s not even a feminist issue. It’s a human rights abuse. There are people across the political spectrum (liberal, moderate, conservative) who are concerned.

    1. It really is terrifying that “don’t chemically castrate kids for shopping in the ‘wrong’ aisle at the toy store” is now considered hate speech. It makes me somewhat afraid to have children (especially since this trans dogma is being taught in public schools to impressionable kids as young as FIVE).
      It especially frightens me because I went through a very extreme butch/androgynous phase when I was in my early teens. And I bet that, if I was a teenager today, people would be trying to influence me to identify as transgender or non-binary or whatever is trendy right now

    2. it’s weird how they consider the increasing number of kids getting admitted into trans health clinics as some sort of civil rights success. how is it a “success” if more people are dependent on hormones, surgery, and society lying to them about what they are? it’s absurd.

  5. No! It is not actually “all about loving each other.” It is not actually “all about having fun.” or any o the other inane comments. It is about lesbian and gay LIBERATION, at least it was, until it turned into Mardi Gras draped in rainbow flags. Jayzus!

  6. Heh, “Homos Against Pomo”!
    But i won’t be surprised if the organizers of the parade issue an apology with words like “not authorized”, “does not reflect our inclusive values”, and “will take steps to ensure”.

  7. This, THIS is radical. Radical, getting to the roots, not asking pretty please but just getting it done. YES.

  8. Amazing, they showed some real guts putting it out there. I hope they spark some people out there to do some research into this. It only takes a short while for most when they do a bit of reading into what is happening to have the distinct feeling everything is off.
    Also in NZ, they are looking to do amendments to the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Act to change from the current situation of a full court hearing, usually with the requirement of full surgery to change to application only based on self declaration of nominated sex with supporting evidence of medical treatment. Medical treatment is not defined, and the provision for children allows for sex marker to be changed back.
    This obviously could have a range of effects, from having the ability to change what are facts about a person. The ability to maintain sex-segregated services and spaces will be impacted and as prison accommodation is based on birth certificate, males could be placed in with females routinely (at least at the moment it’s on a case by case basis with restriction if they’ve got sex offence convictions). There is no restriction placed on anyone doing this even if they have convictions.
    Submissions close 2 March at midnight and this is going under the radar with the exception of one political party calling for supportive submissions, if anyone is interested they should have their say. The submission process is simple and if you don’t want to speak you can check the box saying so. The select committee can be found in the link as well as the text of the bill and it is clauses 68-72 that is concerning.

  9. Watched with delight. Go Aussie women!
    A taste of placard and banner power to come?
    Terf float! Every parade needs one.
    Couldn’t help notice drag queen in turquoise flipping open his skirt many times to show off his crotch, anybody else clock that little public exhibitionim?

  10. They are brave, but it shouldn’t require bravery for 2 lesbians to express themselves at a Pride parade. The parade belongs to them and to all LGB people. How did we get to the point where lesbians have to “slip into” their own parade in an attempt to avoid detection? The fact that everyone understands that these women would never be given permission to hold their sign only points out how colonized we are by trans activists.

    1. This is a really good point when it’s stated plainly. A couple of lesbians with a banner regarding basic human rights and the protection of children have to sneak into a pride parade. Jfc.

  11. Australia and New Zealand are actually different countries…And I bet there are so many New Zealanders reading this thread right now and being pissed at being subsumed into Australia for the millionth time.

  12. Everyone stop saying breeder and stop thinking New Zealanders are aussies- SWEET CHRIST ON A CRACKER!
    My beautiful thread SHE IS RUINED!!!!

  13. Actually, lesbians have been shut down by gay men since the beginning of the movement. I’ve been a part of many brutal fights against gay men to get lesbian space, to have lesbian speakers at events, to gain freedom of speech for lesbians when gay male idiots have attempted to block, censor or erase our efforts. So gay men have never really stepped up to support lesbian free speech or culture. It doesn’t surprise me at all that lesbians have to sneak into a pride parade to get heard. Pride parades have always been largely white gay male events anyway.

    1. Yeah, gay men paved the way for their trans brothers. But, now even gay oppressiveness to lesbians/feminists, almost seems to pale in comparison to the current menace. In arguing my points against trans, I find myself claiming gays almost as allies or, at least I find myself pointing out that there’s a minority of LGBs who want to separate from T and Q. And, of course, when I argue that most trans guys are not gay, this once again seems to making allies of them.
      I guess this is something like claiming the best of the Right groups and arguments when searching for anti-porn allies.

    1. The really shitty part of Dennis’s “definition” of “terf” is that he totally twists what intersectionality is (they all do) and the radical feminist practice of it. Just complete and utter dishonesty. Disgusting.

    2. What we think patriarchy is? Yeah we probably need some male narcissistic asshole to tell us what is really is.

  14. http://thefederalist.com/2018/02/20/rich-white-men-institutionalizing-transgender-ideology/#.Wowv0yZ9WWE.twitter
    I’m probably not the only commenter who’s wondered how the push for trans rights has managed to overtake–or even leap ahead–of LGB and women’s rights in the last decade. This is an excellent “follow the money” article which discusses in detail those who’ve provided the support that’s allowing transgenderism to become a profitable part of the medical-industrial complex, with a focus on the Pritzker family.
    We’re treating trauma, autism, and same-sex attraction by permanently damaging children’s bodies and making them reliant on the medical system for life. What’s being done now will some day be listed with medical horrors like forced sterilization, lobotomies, and Mengele’s experiments.

    1. It started around the time the movie TRANSAMERICA came out. That was a Weinstein Company release in 2005. Seven years earlier, when the Weinsteins were still at Miramax and it was still part of Disney, they released a trans-themed Asian film called THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT uncut while the gay-themed 54 got the gay parts cut out, and the result was an incoherent mess. The latter film was not restored until Disney sold Miramax and the Weinsteins were out of the picture, and they had to resort to VHS tape for some of the cut scenes, including a gay kiss between Breckin Meyer and Ryan Phillipe!
      And it doesn’t surprise me that the Pritzkers are behind Planned Parenthood supporting it. However, it does encourage me that there are conservatives and liberals who can see the emperor’s lack of clothes. Or more appropriately, we can see that the emperor’s new clothes don’t make him an empress.

    2. “What’s being done now will some day be listed with medical horrors like forced sterilization, lobotomies, and Mengele’s experiments.”
      Someday is today.

    3. This is why I can’t take any “communist” or “anti-capitalist” who transpanders seriously. The pharmaceutical industry has shipped millions of opioids to SINGLE towns with barely four digit populations; it’s not going to balk at the opportunity to start seven years old on a lifetime regimen of puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and antidepressants. Trans activism is a robber baron’s wet dream.

    4. The most valuable takeaway from that article is almost buried: “The massive medical and technological infrastructure expansion for a tiny (but growing) fraction of the population with gender dysphoria, along with the money being funneled to this project by those heavily invested in the medical and technology industries, seems to make sense only in the context of expanding markets for changing the human body.”
      It depresses me that this excellent article is in the Federalist rather than say, Mother Jones or the Nation. It can be read as a commentary on the state of the American Left, thoroughly and completely co-opted by capitalism.

      1. Bingo Hearthrising! Exactly, it is the left’s capitulation to body modification capitalism. This follow the money article needs to be followed up by Mother Jones and Amy Goodman.

    5. @Oak and Ash There is a rather frightening parallel to what is in that article, which has to do with the overall run-up to WWII and American industry.
      In the years leading up to the war, there were some US industrialists who were in ‘philosophical’ , if not economic league, with the growing Nazi movement in Germany. Ford being one of them, another company [of all things] being Kodak [they, along with a couple German firms were working along similar lines, in the area of creating color film and an affordable development process and they do have a shared, worldwide patent on same]. When these items are mentioned in a historical context, it is usually during a PBS documentary, discussing the genius of those who have created these companies and if they did anything nefarious, it is seen as being a minor ‘character flaw’ which was corrected/made up for later. So what we are seeing here is nothing new.
      Also….the article and facts in same confirm that, contrary to what the brigade says, this is really a ‘whites are truly preferable’ movement, with those of color welcome if they are entertainers, hookers, child traffickers or felons of other varieties . And as what happened in the final years of WWII, when those in the latter category have served their purpose, they will be pushed to the background, or have them erased for the record. But those melanin deprived creeps, who want to act like Mengele, etc, towards children and those who are somewhat not able to understand what is going on with them, they will use their money and media to convince a dumbed-down public, there is nothing wrong.
      No different than the brownshirts did….

  15. A few weeks ago I read an excellent essay on how “choice” feminism undermines womens’ resistance in India that I’ve just found out was written by one of the women with the sign. (She’s been very open about her actions, so I’m not doxxing her by mentioning this.) Her website is full of solid, thoughtful writing on feminist issues, including the trans trend. Here’s one sample from a post called “Get your story straight on the bathroom debate”:
    “So sorry, to those who want to encroach on our territory, but you will have to make do with toilets, domestic violence shelters, starved midwives’ associations (forget looking in Te Anau), and grassroots abortion rights groups. Perhaps if you’re lucky, maybe you can find a lesbian library you could colonise. No, it’s not that glamorous, but if you don’t mind, it would be polite not to point that out while you’re trying to destroy the very foundations on which these spaces were built in the first place. It’s kind of like sidling up to the poor kid at school, stealing her lunch when she’s about to tuck in, and then eating it in front of her while grimacing that it’s pretty average, a bit poos, and not actually all that good. Pack your own lunch next time?”
    If you’re looking for something new to read in between posts by Gallus Mag, you can find Writing by Renee at https://reneejg.net/

  16. I am woman. Hear me roar. This is a serious issue. Why should we not exercise freedom of speech? Trans can dish it out, they can’t or won’t accept criticism.

  17. http://www.starobserver.com.au/news/international-news-news/anti-trans-protesters-led-auckland-pride-march/166537

    Anti-Transgender Protesters Target Auckland Pride Parade

    “Auckland’s Pride Parade wasn’t without protest this year, with two people protesting access to hormone therapy for transgender youth at the very front of the parade.
    Walking in front of the Saturday’s parade were two people holding a sign that read “stop giving kids sex hormones, protect lesbian youth”.
    The pair, who call themselves “feminist activists”, have since sent out a press release in which protestor Renée Gerlich, from Wellington, says “Organisations like RainbowYouth and InsideOut, as well as the Pride Parade, must stop endorsing medical experimentation, child abuse, sexist stereotyping, and the destruction of female-only and lesbian spaces.”
    A blog written by Gerlich shows a large number of transphobic articles alongside anti-prostitution articles.
    RainbowYOUTH says the banner reflects a wider conversation around trans people within the rainbow community “that focuses on challenging the legitimacy of their identities and posing gender diverse issues as being something directly opposed to feminism and women’s rights.”
    The organisation says its services are geared toward informed decision making, building the resilience of young people and equipping them with the skills they need to navigate life.
    Rainbow Greens have also released a public statement regarding the protest in which the co-convenors of the Rainbow Greens say they are “aware one of the trans-exclusionary radical feminists who protested at pride against the availability of hormone therapy for trans youth is a Green Party member.”
    “Their actions do not align with the Green Party kaupapa of non-violence, or the Green Party kaupapa of responsible decision making by way of scientific accuracy,” they wrote.
    “The Green Party stands with the transgender community.”
    express has contacted Auckland Pride Festival for comment.”

    1. “’Their actions do not align with the Green Party kaupapa of non-violence, or the Green Party kaupapa of responsible decision making by way of scientific accuracy'”
      Uh huh.
      Also is “kaupapa” common in the NZ lexicon or is this another case of white people ganking native words/concepts to feel more woke and one with the Earth?

      1. That sentence jumped out at me, too. So inflicting unnecessary medical treatment on children and mutilating their bodies is now “non-violence,” while denying the reality of male and female reproductive differences is “scientific accuracy.” And didn’t they talk about men and non-men a few years ago?
        The Green Party has gone compeletely around the twist. If someone tried to give puberty blockers to baby seals, they’d be the ones protesting.

      2. Why are people surprised? All LGBTQIA are trans and queer controlled. Trans and queer control them all. Women are only tolerated as long as they fall in line behind the trans agenda. Why they drug the Green Party into this hot God awful mess is beyond me. The Green Party doesn’t want to lose its credibility by jumping on the trans train. Forcing the Green Party to defend the sterilization and drugging of children and the mutilation of disabled women is really not something that respectable Greens want to touch with a ten foot pole. Old school Greens know better, and we built the Green Party.
        What Green Party are they talking about? What are Rainbow Greens? Being a Green Party member means diddly squat. It doesn’t mean that they run the Green Party, or speak for the Green Party. Are these fools official speakers for the Green Party of New Zealand? I voted for Jill Stein in the last election. Hell, I even voted for Ralph Nader way back in the day when he ran as a Green for president with Winona Laduke. Does this mean that I can speak for the Green Party?
        “Their actions do not align with the Green Party kaupapa of non-violence.”
        Two women carrying a sign is “violence”. The sign says stop giving hormones to kids.
        This is real violence as in actual death threats to women.
        1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
        This is real violence as in actual dead female bodies.
        A transwoman is on trial in Oakland for slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house. Rivers was protesting outside of a lesbian run even, Michigan Women’s Music Festival. There was total silence from all trans and queer controlled LGBTQIA organizations.
        This is real suppression of free speech.
        A 60 year old woman was roughed up in Hyde Park London for having the audacity to open her mouth and speak.
        They cheapen the word “violence” and make a mockery out of real victims of violence.

    2. “The Green Party has gone completely around the twist. If someone tried to give puberty blockers to baby seals, they’d be the ones protesting.”
      Let’s take baby seals and give them powerful drugs to prevent them from sexually maturing. Then, after we have physically stunted their growth and development, give them hormones so we can pretend that they are the opposite sex. Look at us! We turned male baby seals to female baby seals through chemistry. Aren’t we marvelous! Well, we really didn’t change their sex, but it’s really cool to pretend that we can actually change the sex of species. We don’t care if they are chemically sterilized, or even if the drugs have powerful side effects. Keep these seals on hormones for the rest of their lives. Don’t forget to surgically alter the genitals of the seals. They don’t need their genitals and reproductive systems anyway. We surgically create new genitals for the seals.
      If people google it, the Green Party says it’s opposed to the unethical treatment of animals. That is what it says. Drugging healthy animals and preventing their normal development, wrecking havoc on their reproductive systems is animals abuse.
      Humans are mammals and primates, and if it can be dangerous to humans, it could leech into the environment. Does anyone know how much of these drugs (GnRH analogues, estrogen, testosterone, androgen blockers) end up in rivers and streams? Amphibians and fish are very sensitive to even small amounts of these chemicals. Google estrogenic pollutants. Let’s give our friend Big Pharma the green light to produce a lot of puberty blockers and hormones. We know that sooner or later some of it is going to leech into the environment.
      Does the Green Party really want to crawl in bed with Big Pharma? Big Pharma has more lobbyist than the oil companies, and they are just as devious, perhaps more so. Their lobbyist spent at least $200 million last year. Make no mistake. There is a shi* load of money in “transitioning” kids. In the U.S., the GnRH analogues are very expensive. The pharmaceutical companies, quacks who drug kids, gender clinics, “gender therapists”, plastic surgeons, etc. are profiting from this ghastly experiment. Think about it. They start these kids out on drugs when they are 9 or 10, and they are on drugs for the rest of their lives. Big Pharma loves life time customers.

      1. All excellent points, as usual, but the first attribute of being a trans supporter is to have NO INTEREST IN FACTS or REALITY. Trans supporters remind me of the suburban assault vehicle (aka SUV) plastered with environmental bumper stickers.

  18. Paris Lees’ hit piece on Nick Robinson following their BBC4 interview. Now deleted.
    Paris Lees: My interview with Nick Robinson highlights everything wrong with debate about trans people
    Paris Lees 21st February 2018, 1:00 PM
    I recently took part in Nick Robinson’s podcast Political Thinking. Nick was the BBC’s politics chief for many years and also Political Editor at ITV. People take him seriously, and it was on that basis that I agreed to take part.
    The producers said they wanted to “discuss both political ideas and some of the personal experiences and reflections that have shaped [my] politics.” Cut to me sitting in a studio, jaw on the floor, while Nick tells me about “blokes who’ve had sex changes going into girl’s changing rooms in schools” – despite the fact there is no evidence that this has happened, anywhere, ever. 
    Where do these bogeymen exist? In the pages of the Times and the New Statesman and now, seemingly, in the mind of Nick Robinson. Like the yeti or the Loch Ness Monster, it looms in people’s imagination, despite a complete lack of supporting evidence.
    I was astounded that a journalist of his calibre seems to have accepted such sensationalised stereotypes at face value, expressed in the language of the gutter press. “Sex change” is not a medical term or one that I, or any trans person I know, would use to refer to the various complex processes of medical transition. It’s rude, misleading and reductive: like referring to a mastectomy as a “tit chop”.
    The interview that followed is a prime example of everything that’s wrong about the way some very senior journalists approach trans issues.Nick didn’t want to discuss the fact that nearly half of trans children in Britain have attempted suicide. When I raised this urgent issue, he responded by changing the subject: “Hmm. But just deal with some of the gritty issues because you know they’re causing a lot of debate”.
    And these more pressing issues were? Ah yes, the gritty issue of radical feminists who wish to exclude trans people feeling insulted when people refer to them as Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. They don’t like being called bigots in the same way racists don’t like being called racist. Clearly far more important than what to do about children, in modern Britain, feeling so desperate and alone that they want to kill themselves.
    The BBC pays Nick between £250,000-299,000 a year. He is extremely well paid and should be extremely well-informed. He seemed completely unaware, though, that the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act – which will make it less difficult for people like me to change the gender on our birth certificates – won’t make any difference to changing rooms and public toilets.
    There are no laws in this country on which facilities people can use and there never have been. I tried to inform Nick of this simple fact several times. I explained that I don’t have a Gender Recognition Certificate, so my birth certificate still says I am male, yet I’ve been using female toilets and so on for the past ten years, without causing any problems.
    In response, Nick kept telling me that “human rights laws” could be used to allow predators to enter female-only spaces. This is simply not true. I will repeat it, again, for the avoidance of doubt: the Gender Recognition Act has absolutely nothing to do with toilets or changing rooms.
    Nick framed people calling for anti-trans discrimination as a “debate”. I have no idea what “transgenderism” is and Nick refused to explain what he meant when he used this term, but it seems to imply that the push for trans rights is a belief system. He also introduced me as a “transgender activist” before going on to say that “transgender activists” are at “war” with “trans-exclusionary radical feminists”.
    Ah yes, like the “war” between black people and the BNP, or the “debate” between gay people and the Westboro Baptist Church. I am a person who doesn’t think that people deserve to be treated like shit just because we are trans. It’s mind-blowing to discover that this now constitutes a political ideology.
    Nick made me feel interrogated and when I objected to this he informed me that as someone pushing for a change in the law, I have questions to answer. But as I pointed out, I’m not pushing for legal reform. I support the proposed changes to the GRA, but I campaign to keep kids safe from bullying.
    A quick Google will tell you that I’ve been using my voice this past year to call for an urgent public debate about who and what is causing so many trans kids to feel suicidal, not a change in the law. Is that controversial? Of course, as a trans person, I’m all too familiar with being expected to cough up answers and justify the fact I exist.
    But apparently, we must debate whether trans people deserve rights because there’s this horrible criminal who was born male who now wants to be transferred to a women’s prison. As I pointed out, that’s nothing to do with me or the rights of trans people more generally. Prisons have to deal with violent prisoners, both male and female, every day.
    This will always be decided on a case-by-case basis and violent women sometimes have to be placed in the male estate. It’s incredibly depressing, but the truth is that there are awful people from all walks of life.
    A woman called Mitchelle Blair murdered her 13-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son and put them in a deep freezer a few years ago. Sarah Nicole Henderson shot her two little girls and then called her husband to say, “Babe, I just shot the kids”. After these crimes, did we have a public debate about whether or not women should have children?
    I was disappointed with the way Nick presented the podcast on Twitter: “Do rights for trans-women raise questions about the status & safety of women?” That was not what I was invited to discuss and framing it that way, without any evidence, opened up a barrage of abuse with people calling me a man and implying that I’m a sexual predator, which Nick has so far failed to condemn. As a trans woman and columnist, I’m no stranger to unpleasantness online but the response to this was particularly nasty.
    Various countries have had the very sensible approach to gender identification that Britain plans to introduce – Argentina, Belgium, California, Denmark, Mexico Norway and Ireland. So for several years millions of people have been living in countries where people can change legal gender fairly easily. And there’s no evidence that it’s caused any problems.
    In Ireland trans women have been able to declare themselves women and have the state change their documentation to reflect that declaration since 2015. Hundreds of feminists there recently signed an open letter, stating quite clearly: “The sky has not fallen. Cis [non-trans] women have not lost anything whatsoever from this.
    If anything, all of Irish feminism has gained.” The full letter is worth reading. The Guardian investigated the situation for women in Ireland and reached the same conclusion: “there was no evidence of the legislation leading to… men falsely declaring themselves female in order to invade women-only spaces.”
    Feminist organisations in Scotland also back trans equality, despite the rhetoric of a vocal minority. “Scotland’s national feminist organisations (Close the Gap, Engender, Equate Scotland, Rape Crisis Scotland, Scottish Women’s Aid, Women 50:50 and Zero Tolerance) have scrutinised the facts carefully and have freely chosen to support our Equal Recognition campaign to reform the Gender Recognition Act 2004…
    “Scottish Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis Scotland became trans-inclusive on a self-declaration basis several years ago, thanks to pragmatic discussions that identified sensible ways to uphold safety and dignity for all. It is incorrect to claim that Gender Recognition Act reform is a threat to women’s services.”
    So the question is: who cares if some people are “concerned” about trans rights? Some people are racist. I don’t want to hear from them. And I feel exactly the same way about the anti-trans bigots that journalists seem so keen to indulge.
    We’ve been here before, haven’t we? When gay people were asking for their rights, you’d have been forgiven for thinking it was the end of civilisation – one of the most pernicious lies told about gay people in previous decades was the idea that treating gay people with respect put children in danger. And not so long ago, many people opposed women’s suffrage on the grounds that it threatened the family institution, was against God’s will and that the government would be weakened by introducing stupid women into the electorate. What utter rubbish.
    The assumption that trans people pose a problem to the rest of society is rubbish, too. All the evidence suggests that it’s completely the other way round. The real “transgender issue” is the horrific violence, discrimination and stigma society forces on people like me simply for being trans.
    Despite all the terrible problems that trans people apparently pose to the rest of society, the fact is that we are less than 0.1% of the population. So I don’t blame Nick for not knowing any trans people and getting all his information about us from other journalists, people who probably know as much about the reality of what it means to be trans as he does.
    But I do blame Nick for trying to ram the prevailing media narrative down my neck without questioning how his own assumptions affected the way he was choosing to frame the discussion. Now I’m just posing the question here, but Nick, do you think that, just maybe, you’ve got this all wrong?
    Paris Lees is an English journalist, presenter, and transgender rights activist. Follow her on Twitter @parislees.
    [ archive https://web.archive.org/web/20180223112824/http://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=Nick+made+me+feel+interrogated+and+when+I+objected+to+this+he+informed+me+that+as+someone+pushing+for+a+change+in+the+law%2c+I+have+questions+to+ans&d=5494598814653&mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US&w=cNcHs3MIE3UO5KX7KBWqEPYXRlOGmHYP ]
    The interview:

    1. Wait, what? Paris Lees objects to being introduced as a ‘transgender activist’ when his byline says ‘transgender rights activist’. Oh so different. lolololol. I guess no cis person can ever call a trans person anything, even labels they take for themselves! He just sounds overall mortally offended that he was being asked to answer reasonable questions. And scared. The bullshit aint working quite as good as it used to, is it buddy?
      People are starting to finally see what a crock transactivism is. Oh noes!

      1. “Paris Lees objects to being introduced as a ‘transgender activist’ when his byline says ‘transgender rights activist’.”
        Snicker. Yep. What a moron.
        ” I’m not pushing for legal reform.”
        Goes on to expound for a page doing exactly that. Sheesh.
        Wonder why the piece got pulled.

    2. Is it just me, or has there been an uptick in UK coverage of these issues?
      It seems like mainstream media there is starting to hype up a “trans* vs. TERF” battle in order to draw readers and viewers.
      If so, that coverage of radfem views could easily radiate outwards in the Anglophone world.

  19. Good posts in the comment section of Feminist Current. Check out the posts and click on some of the links.

    What’s Current: Radical feminists protest the transing of kids at Auckland Pride Parade

    In the U.S., not only are children being sterilized, disabled women with autism, bipolar disorder, and even Down Syndrome have been medically “transitioned”. It’s bad enough that kids are being sterilized. Lopping the healthy breasts off of disabled women should be a crime. An autistic woman got her breasts lopped off after two visits to the “gender therapist” Damn these ghouls. “Top surgery” is basically elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples. They do this to teenage girls and disabled women. There are surgeons in the U.S. who do “top surgery” on teenage girls.

    Social work professor speaks out on behalf of her FtM autistic daughter


  20. Hi GM,
    This is off-topic (a bit), but in case you hasn’t seen this, a Cincinnati judge just gave custody of a 17-year old girl, who identifies as trans, to.her grandparents, who support her getting hormones, which her religious parents objected to, and who don’t think it’s best for her to be in their house as an influence on her younger siblings.
    Anyone reading this, be sure to read the judge’s opinion, linked in the article. The facts the judge cites in the case are jaw droppers. Thankfully, though those facts are NOT being covered in what I’ve read so far in the media, the judge clearly expresses scepticism about more than one issue in the case.
    According to the judge’s recitation of the girl’s medical herstory, the girl had always presented as female and not expressed issue with her “gender,” until her parents sent her to.receive counseling for.anxiety and depression at a local hospital, at age 16. There she was also diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria. And the head of the hospital’s transgender department claims, to the judge’s seeming disbelief, that 100% of the patients referred there are in need of transgender treatment! I’m paraphrasing here while on my cell phone, but go take a look. It’s quite sickening. Thankfully, the judge ordered that the girl be evaluated by an independent source not affiliated with the hospital, before she gets treatment.

    1. The facts in the case sure make it sound like this girl got into the hands of psychotherapists who have zealously adopted the “gender affirmative” model routinely discussed in the 4th Wave Now blog. Therapists convincing this girl she’s trans, a suicide risk, and in dire need of “transgender treatment.”

  21. Good news from Scotland! Apparently, last year, the Student Union at Heriot-Watt University voted to create a separate transgender officer and to make that position separate from an “LGBQ+” officer position. The trans activists apparently had demanded BOTH a Transgender officer AND representation under an “LGBTQ+ officer” but the Student Union rejected what was essentially a demand for double representation and instead made it T and LGBQ+. Trans activists are now griping on Twitter. I am not sure why this is only becoming public now, months later.
    This might be the 1st time we have seen the T removed from LGB since the early 1990s. Some of you might think that this is a trivial story, since it is just a decision by a student organization. I would remind all of you that “LGBT” – one of the worst calamities to be visited on LGB people – began in academia, and in particular among student organizations in the early 1990s. Hopefully, LGBT’s demise will now happen the same way.
    Let’s celebrate! Of course, we are still saddled with a “Q” which refers to “queer” – a postmodern term for which no one can provide a consistent definition. And we still have a “+” sign, which refers to who-knows-what. But the removal of the T is a victory, nevertheless.
    Here are the HWSU minutes. If you want to look at the original document, it is the minutes of 8-31-17 (a docx document):
    6.1 ED explained why she felt the need for a Transgender Officer as well as an LGBT+ Officer. ED informed the meeting of current thinking within NUS Scotland and UK. DC asked how she imagined the two Officers remits would be structured and how it would work within the Student Union. ED gave her thoughts on this matter and AF explained her thoughts.
    6.2 Various questions were asked by the Officers at the meeting and discussions ensued on how it would work and why this Officer role is needed.
    6.3 Exec were advised that we cannot change the roles and remits mid-term and that the new roles would need to wait until the next Election in June. The changes need to be made from a democratic standpoint.
    6.4 Executive agreed to change the LGBT+ Officer role to LGBQ+ and create a Trans Officer

  22. Thank you so much for this. We need every hopeful bit of news we can get, and I hope those Lesbians will be safe. We still haven’t heard what happened about the interracial Lesbian couple and their son murdered by a white trannie in Oakland. The danger is so real…

    1. I have been googling Dana Rivers in recent weeks but have been coming up with nothing. Since this is triple murder happened about 5 months ago, and since the accused is in custody, it is not surprising that nothing has happened. The defense and the prosecution are preparing their cases so any court dates get postponed by mutual agreement. So the lack of court action isn’t surprising. What is sad and horrible is that there have been no media stories following up on the murders or on Dana Rivers and his motives.

      1. It is frustrating to a small number of people that there have been no follow-up stories. But the reality is that there is rarely coverage of ANY murder case, regardless of whether it was a tranny slaughtering a family or whether it was just some gang-banger wannabe that kills a clerk in a Stop-and-Rob to get $20 and a carton of cigarettes.
        Trials move at a snails pace, and this is even more true when there is an issue related to mental health (and nobody can advance a claim that a tranny who commits a heinous offense has multiple screws that are not just loose but they fell completely out). And when there is no compelling story, the SMART attorney isn’t going to let any reporters get NEAR their client. And there is NO compelling reason/story for the actions here…
        Unless an accused killer is high-profile (ie. OJ) or is viewed by some as conventionally pretty (Arias), it does not get national coverage much less local coverage. After all, look at how little media coverage there was of Michael Jace (the black cop from The Shield) after he killed his wife. That case was close to two years from arrest to conviction/sentencing and, as I recall, he was not released to bond supervision. But aside from the arrest and the conviction/sentencing, there was next to no coverage of interim proceedings.

  23. You can read the latest from Pink News about what they’re calling a transgender chicken (although from the vet hospital’s description, it pretty obviously has an intersex condition):
    Against my own better judgment, I took a quick glance at the comments. The very first says that “TERFs” would claim the chicken shouldn’t have been treated with hormone blockers (although, speaking for myself, I’m all for anything that stops obnoxious, male-pattern crowing) and a trans-intersex dispute breaks out a little later on.

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