51 thoughts on “Julie Bindel on Womens Suffrage and self ID

  1. Bindel is a living treasure of our generation. Someone should give her millions immediately to disperse as she sees fit. She should have every resource she requires, at all times, for the good of humanity.

    1. Agree completely! She goes straight to the point and always manages to say the thing that needs to be said…in this case when she said that men are the perpetrators, I thought “yay! she got that in there!” and I cheered.

  2. What a gem Julie is. There’s no way anyone can twist what she said and claim she’s a hateful bigot. They’ll try of course but any sensible person will see that she presented logical and coherent arguments that should make people realise that questions need to be asked of gender identity ideology. Thank you Julie, again.

  3. Julie was articulate and poised. She is such an intelligent and brave woman.
    All this lunacy started when the word sex was replaced by “gender”.
    The first thing that people should do is stop using the word “gender”. I’m so sick of the word “gender” that I could scream. Everyone should go back to using the word sex. Stop saying “gender” because no one knows exactly what it means.
    The word “gender” erases the real life experiences of the female sex, and makes a class analysis of the oppression of women impossible.
    The word “gender” itself is the problem. “Gender” can mean biological sex, or gender can mean gender as in gender identity. How can it mean both at the same time? How can the female sex exist and not exist at the same time?
    I do not have a damn “gender”. To hell with the word “gender”. This noxious word needs to be scrubbed from our vocabulary. I am a human female. Dump the word “gender”.

    1. The word gender, for feminists, in it’s current form means everything imposed on people by culture based on sex, but not actually related to sex. Gender encompasses sex stereotypes of behavior (masculinity and femininity), socially enforced grooming standards, sex-specific clothing norms, everything that is not sex-based that is overlaid and imposed on people based on their sex. We do need a word for that, obviously. What we haven’t done effectively is educate the populace about how offensive gender is, and to what extent it should be undermined and disrespected.

      1. There are terms to replace the weasel word “gender.” It used to be called “sex roles” and “sex role stereotypes.” Those were the terms used by the original second-wave feminists. Those are terms I STILL use fifty years later. Those terms need to be returned to general usage, and the word “gender” abandoned. Feminists started using it in the 1970s, and it has been twisted beyond all recognition. Time to ditch it.

    2. Did you notice how the government representative avoided using the word SEX at all? Despite the pornification of our cultures, despite sexual exploitation being used to sell everything, including women, the word SEX seems to make an awful lot of people very uncomfortable.

  4. Brilliant, Julie Bindel is so great. The other woman with her bullshitty, oh the menz care about changing the laws. Hell no! She described SEX class very well. The other woman struck me as smarmy and very in sincere, trans male supporting, male pleasing, sheesh, these women seem like fembots I swear.

    1. All these liberal feminists re-focusing all their energy towards the plight of transsexual men remind me of that scene in The Stepford Wives where the main character recoils in horror when she finds out her radical feminist friend has been brain-washed to behave like a docile slave to her husband.
      This push to coerce women into sacrificing hard-earned rights and protections just to placate mentally ill men is so upsetting. But the most upsetting thing about it is how EAGER so many women are to play cheerleaders for the trans movement. At least the women in The Stepford Wives put up a bit of a fight before their brains were replaced by robots.

  5. Half the human race, and women get derailed from a massive social revolution by everything patriarchy comes up with, the whole male to trans I’m a woman with a penis brigade is just the lastest thing, trying to please men, cajole them etc etc what a bloody waste of time, women the 50% could be the ultimate game change, the vast anger of women unleashed the labor party dissed the women just NOT supporting men, and only then would males back down, they do this when women push very HARD, the key is massive push back on the part of women. I sure hope British women wake up to the dangers of the male to trans invasion soon before they open the hen house door to let all the foxes in.

  6. Don’t just ditch it abolish it! Can I use this line GM, so many situations in which it would be golden LOL!!

  7. Whether it’s called gender, or “stereotyping roles,” or “role playing,” the main point, to me, is that it can’t go both ways.
    This is what men have the social power to do to women. If men seem to do this to other men, I think it must have a distinctly different meaning… I mean do whites or the rich stereotype themselves? No, because it doesn’t serve them and diminishes their power. So, neither do men.
    Those males who follow male roles, do so mainly voluntarily. And do so because it benefits them and increases their individual prowess. The role is less constraining than it is empowering.
    This is why I keep hearing here and elsewhere that there is “only one gender.” And that gender is enforced in the lives of women.

  8. Agreed, Julie Bindel is a wonderful writer, speaker and practical campaigner for women; particularly for the rights of women who have been the victims of male violence.
    Back in 2004 she wrote a piece in the Guardian which, amongst other things, warned against men self-identifying as women working in women’s shelters. She didn’t mince her words and, despite apologising since for the tone of the article, it is trotted out by campus SJWs to have her successfuly no-platformed.
    The issue of TIMs working in shelters is again rearing it’s ugly head. Even ahead of any reforms to the GRA, Women’s Aid, which runs 300 women’s shelters in the UK, is considering taking on self-identifying staff.
    Interestingly, Justine Greening (the other woman in the video), as Women and Equalities minister (she is now sitting on the back benches after being pushed out of/resigning as Secretary of State for Education not long ago) was pushing through the proposed GRA reforms. According to the Times article she is now saying that women’s groups should be listened to. A shame that she wasn’t saying this when Maria Miller was refusing any participation by women in the trans equality inquiry.

  9. Julie Bindel is one of my heroes for her courage and straight-talking brilliance. Her arguments are so solid they can’t be countered with pomo talking points.
    Of course, she has an unfair advantage–it’s much easier to be straightforward and solid when everything you say is unvarnished truth.

  10. This clip has such a good vibe about it- three highly intelligent women having a conversation about a serious topic without any men (in womanface or otherwise) butting in and wrecking it.

    1. Yes. I hope Julie and Justin Greening continued to have a productive conversation off camera. They were all listening to each other. Fantastic.

  11. Brilliant. Julie Bindel has fantastic ways of framing these.issues. I need to watch this a few more times and try to remember her lines – talking points, how she puts things. Very effective. And helpful. She is very polished in her presentation and arguments.

    1. Also, I agree with Skylark Phillips that we need to stop using the word “gender,” and just use the word “sex.” I also agree with GM that there are situations when saying “gender” is unavoidable. For those situations, I suggest that we always explain and qualify what it means. Defining terms is crucial to any effective discussion, on any topic. It is also empowering in the situation, a way of taking the power back in the conversation, by not letting the other party get away with fuzzy language by their referring to “gender.”.
      When I must use the word “gender,” or someone else has used it, I explain that the word “gender” refers to the effects of the process of newborns being socialized into male-dominant, female-subordinate sex roles from birth, onward. It’s not genetic, and it’s not a choice. I state that psychologists tell us 80% of the personality is determined by age 5, because by that age, 80% of our neuropathways have been laid down. We still have some neuroplasticity, roughly the remaining 20% of neuropathways to be laid down. And I state that sex-role socialization is something done *to* us, based on the sex people know or perceive us to be up until age 5, primarily, when most of the neuropathways are being laid down. Therefore, sex-role socialization isn’t something we choose, it is some thing done *to* us by others. Nor is it something we can change much. The basic building blocks are already in place by age 5.
      Also, when people misuse the word “assigned,” I say that our sex isn’t “assigned” at birth (unless you believe in some Great Assigner in the sky.) Our sex is *acknowledged* at birth. The only people who have a sex “assigned” at birth are some intersex people, by their doctors, and this is controversial.
      At least, that’s how I explain these things.
      While on the subject of sharing how I talk about trans issues, I also handle the pronoun issue by simply saying I refer to people by their biology. (And that if someone fools me by their presentation, so be it. (Until I may find out their actual sex.)
      (I’ve never understood why people who ID as trans keep saying so. Isn’t the whole idea to “pass,” if they can?)
      I’m curious how others here explain all these issues to others. The more we discuss how to communicate these issues, the more effective we become.
      Glad to read everyone’s discussion here about using “sex” instead of”gender.”

      1. In discussions about allowing transwomen in women’s spaces, I tend to provide the data that transwomen commit rape and other violent crimes at the same rate as men, but mostly I ask questions, such as: How did “man” and “woman” ever become categories in human society if the concepts weren’t based on reproduction? Why have human languages had different words for male and female animals at least since the beginning of herding and farming? What was the reason behind women’s need for separate restrooms and changing rooms in the first place? I don’t know that these sorts of historical questions would work outside the (over)educated circles I travel in.
        My working-class and conservative relatives haven’t lost the ability to distinguish between the sexes, so there’s no need to figure out how to talk to them about the topic. Now that I think about it, though, most of the people in my life seem to be either anti-gay OR unthinkingly pro-trans (which also means I get a fair bit of practice in arguing about these issues). Has anyone else noticed a similar pattern?

      2. “How would I know if my cat is trans?” is my favorite question.
        I mean it. How would I know?
        I have *seen* animals (monkeys, cats, dogs, horses, mice, hamsters) engage in homosexual activity when hetero options were available, so its clear that homosexuality is a natural behavioral deviation, albeit a minority one. I have also seen neurosis, psychosis, depression and elation in animals; some show symptoms of PTSD after they are abused, just like humans. (I once saw a mama cat grieve for her lost kittens and stop eating.) Humans and animals are alike; we are mammals too.
        So humans are the *only* mammal that trans manifests in? It is completely unknown in the animal kingdom?
        The only mammal on the entire earth to manifest this particular (primarily western, first world) syndrome, when we share so many other characteristics with other mammals?
        Why and how could that be?
        PS this is the argument that finally convinced me.

  12. What a breath of fresh air! So enjoyable to listen to smart women. I am sick to death of youtube styled morons spouting narcissistic crap.

  13. Fantastic piece in the Spectator. Thanks for posting. So glad that the author stated that Maria Miller’s trans enquiry was badly managed and not worthy of serious consideration. I don’t have 20 years journalistic experience, but I certainly came to the same conclusion. The rest of the article is spot on too.

  14. Hi Gallus! More child abuse on “I am Jazz”. The adults push him into having sex and Marci Bowers told him to get ORGASMS!! Imagine how many castrated boys he told the same horrible crap.
    Fucking unbelievable and disgusting! The parents should be in prison along with trans activists and quacks who enable this gross shit.

    1. Sorry wrong video – but this is also horrible. Turns out Jazz is more attracted to girls. Ugh I hope his parents don’t push him and Victoria (his date) into having sex since they are so obsessed with him getting an orgasm. *shudder*
      Anyway here is the video I was talking about. Warning: Child abuse and sexual coercion.

      1. Poor kid would be quite a good-lucking young teen boy if idiots hadn’t screwed him up in the head. Fine set of shoulders on him. He’s definitely not much of an advert for using puberty blockers on some sort of spurious feminizing aesthetic basis. What a disaster.
        Side-note: I’ve noticed that film makes it really obvious how difficult it is to pass, I’d seen pictures of Jazz where he looked like he passed pretty well, but when you see him in a film, it’s not close. I assume the pictures must be worked over quite a bit beforehand.

      2. This reminds me of another trans kid (14 years old) that came up recently because he guest starred in an episode of The Good Doctor. I looked him up out of morbid curiosity and it was just as awful as I expected.
        The first video I randomly clicked on his YT channel opened with him sticking his ass out at the camera to show off the results of estrogen. His Instagram is a mess of the same:
        These kids are honestly being straight up groomed at this point and it’s equal parts upsetting and scary.

    2. Bowers got burned on that show. Jennings was told by his regular doctor that there could be complications in his case, so he went on various consultations. Bowers gave him an optimistic forecast, suggesting that a standard procedure could be done. Fast forward a few months and Bowers calls them and sings a whole different tune, raising all sorts of problems, including Jennings’ excessive weight and the lack of genital tissue to “create” a vagina. (Jennings is on hormone blockers, which prevented his penis from growing normally, thereby reducing the amount of tissue which could be used to construct a fake vagina.) So the family got upset at Bowers for overpromising in the beginning and they criticized Bowers on the show.

  15. Just wanted to share this really disturbing story which hit the news today about the first “transwoman” in the world to “breast feed.” The whole thing is horrific. It’s basically an experiment on a baby. The doctor gave the “transwoman” injections of a hormone used to prevent nausea, and which is not approved in the US, but which wa anecdotally linked to a boost in milk production. Th injections induced changes in the man’s breasts and allowed them to secrete a liquid, which the doctor and the media are calling “milk.” But the substance has not been analyzed in a lab. No one knows what it is or what it contains. They don’t know whether it meets the infant’s nutritional needs or whether it contains anything harmful. But hey, the “transwoman” wanted to feel like a lady, so they fed that baby the “milk.” Here is an article from The New Scientist, which unlike the other media, at least deals with the risks to the baby: There is even a quote from a trans doctor who says that he would not do this procedure out of concern for the infant:

      1. Shitshow indeed. The article stated that the birth mother “had no interest in breastfeeding.” Sounds like both of them have no interest in anything but themselves. How motherly and womanly. (I need a doctor now because I sprained my eyes from rolling them too hard)

      2. How much do you wanna bet the mom has “no interest” because Frankenstein’s Momster decided he wanted to do it as ultimate validation of his womanhood? We’ve seen how they act when told “no.”

      3. Yeah, I bet that angle holds true, too. The experience of breastfeeding is just wasted on we boring “cis” women, who are just trying to feed a baby. I am not against public breastfeeding, but I shudder to think how often he might seek out opportunities to do so, in order to have an audience.

      4. I doubt the prospect of breast feeding fills any actual woman with excitement. Yes, I was happy and in awe of my body’s ability to nourish my children unaided. And glad to be able to provide good nutrition without the outrageous expense of formula, but there is nothing thrilling or exciting about nursing. For the most part it’s endless drudgery accompanied by physical pain and exhaustion. Like much of early infant care. How could it be otherwise? Nursing around clock every two hours is in no ways fun. My husband would get the baby up and do diaper changes and a few times was actually able to get the baby latched on and fed without waking me. I was privileged to be a full-time mama with both my children so I could put in the time, energy and effort required. I had a supportive spouse who did all the housework and a lot of the cooking after my babies were born. Even so, it’s damned hard work.

      5. As a patriarch who believes in intersectionality, it wasn’t just bad for the child, it was bad for the economy and what’s bad for the economy is bad for ALL children.
        When you have a product that is so unique that whole sections of the internet can’t stop talking about it, with all the white people who matter gasping and thinkpiecing about your special place in history, you don’t just GIVE that shit to some kid who has no fucks to give…
        You sell that shit on ebay to some rich dude who is an even bigger freak than you are — and then you buy your kid a goddamn pony. That’s how America is supposed to work.

      1. I would be fascinated to see an analysis of this alleged breast milk. Aside for the concern about giving a newborn tranquilizers and hormones did anyone bother to test the quality to ensure that it had both nutritional value and the miraculous antibodies that are so important for infant health. Breast milk is customized for each child through a connection a father is unlikely to have given that the infant’s DNA goes to her brain not his.

    1. So it’s perfectly fine for a transwoman to pass on a cocktail of drugs with unknown effects to a newborn in order to indulge their fetish of being a woman, while nursing women are routinely raked over the coals for drinking coffee, having a piece of chocolate, or eating fish, dairy, wheat, citrus, cruciforms, spices, etc. Anyone who thinks a woman enjoying bread and cheese puts a baby at more risk than what was given to this guy would seem to believe some sort of transubstantiation takes place in male bodies that can neutralize dangerous substances.
      (@kfb3–Lately I find I have to do eye muscle stretches before going on-line . . . listening to the news . . . talking to men and their handmaidens . . . )

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