Transwoman who heckled Rose McGowan is a ‘known sexual predator’ claim women

Andi Dier (facebook)

A male audience member who self-identifies as a ‘transgender woman’ disrupted a New York booksigning by the #MeToo movement’s Rose McGowan on Wednesday night.
See the footage here:
And here:
The event was to promote McGowan’s new memoir ‘Brave’. McGowan is best known for exposing the crimes of serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.
Now the transwoman involved, identified as Andi Dier of Long Island, NY, is being accused of serial sexual assault by multiple women who claim Dier sexually assaulted them when they were teens.

One of the women posted a message to Rose McGowan today:

122 thoughts on “Transwoman who heckled Rose McGowan is a ‘known sexual predator’ claim women

      1. I do not know of any JudeoChristian radfems. I know of one who has Conservative political beliefs, but she is more small-c Conservative.
        All of the transloons will attack Linda Bellos at any opportunity, but they rarely acknowledge that she’s a black woman.

  1. Reblogged this on aunt polly's rants and commented:
    But it’s all about they “like like women” so they are women & yadda yadda yadda
    once a predator, always a predator … changing your gender doesn’t change a fucking thing
    Rose McGowan was FABULOUS in this exchange

  2. “I am MORE of a VICTIM than you are, how dare you talk. How dare you talk about anything that isn’t ME”.

  3. It’s great that this scumbag is being exposed but very annoying that he is still being referred to as a woman sexual predator. Making victims of male-on-female hate crimes call their abuser a woman is the ultimate Orwellian power-trip.
    The usual suspects are all over Twitter, calling McGowan a ‘white feminist’ as if that’s the worst thing on earth. I remember when white feminism referred to feminism that prioritised how women could climb the corporate ladder and ignored the more pressing issues affecting the majority of women. Now it’s a term used to shout down any feminist who doesn’t prioritise the needs of men over women.

    1. It was super depressing to see his young victims go along with his delusion of being a “woman”. Even though this awful man violated them, they still fear being labeled “transphobic” so much that they cannot bring themselves to call their attacker out for what he is. They probably know that, if they don’t use his preferred pronouns, people will care more about shaming them than shaming the rapist with the shitty pink wig.
      I want to believe that they know he’s just a dude claiming “LADY BRAIN” to get out of answering for his creepy past. But I fear that many younger women have been so thoroughly brain-washed into playing hand maidens that they honestly believe that not validating EVERY transsexual male makes them bigots.

    2. “Making victims of male-on-female hate crimes call their abuser a woman is the ultimate Orwellian power-trip.”
      Very astute observation.

  4. Lol. Why does every single one of them have a Gofundme, without fail?
    He’s so great we should pay him to do activism! Help Andi save the world! And harass rape survivors!
    Hmm, so just wondering – Would it be possible to report this guy to gofundme for his behaviour? I mean, is what he did to Rose an example of the ‘activism’ that he’s using his funds to pay for?

    1. A lot of them are basket cases, and lacking any other viable options for revenue, they try to monetize their self-declared “marginalized” status by setting up GoFundMe, Patreon, and Paypal pages. It would be interesting to see an analysis of a broad sample of these pages. From the ones I have seen, it doesn’t seem like they make a lot of money. People love to virtue signal by giving them “support” on social media, but far fewer are willing to support them with cash.

    2. A continuous parasitic lifestyle is a component of cluster b personality disorders. The attention seekers of transactivism really seem to display NPD/ASPD behaviors more than the general public.

  5. “them” newsletter interviewed this troon and he claims to have saved his community from a sexual predator. Couldn’t make this up honestly, hope lots of folks hit peak trans over this.

  6. So he’s an attention-seeking professional victim who also happens to be a predator. It’s as if the trans community isn’t even trying.
    I find Rose McGowan’s anger refreshing, much like that of the Hungry Hearts in the Vagina Anthem. She’s only getting hammered and told she needs help because she refuses to constrict her emotional expression to the narrow range comfortable to men and get on with centering their wishes regardless of her own pain.
    Also, can we make it a rule that only non-white people are allowed to accuse others of white feminism?

    1. That’s part of the crazy making that narcissistic personalities specialize in. So there’s a basic disconnect between a white guy accusing women of white feminism for basically anything that doesn’t please him. Makes the target feel a little off-kilter, which is the intent.

    2. I know, right!
      Is it really that hard for them to find ONE trans-woman figurehead who hasn’t assaulted and/or raped anyone!?
      As far as we know, Blaire White didn’t rape anyone back when he was presenting as a boy. But he doesn’t really count since most trans activists hate him for saying things like, “It’s not a good idea to transition toddlers who shop in the wrong gendered aisle at Toys R Us”

      1. Yeah and Blaire White isn’t afraid to say “I am biologically male”–and the trans activists lose their minds over it. (BW says that statement is far more controversial in the trans community than even backing Trump!)
        I was recently watching BW’s meetup in DC and I have to say: It is upsetting to me that the right wing trans (many of Blaire’s fans) seem like regular sensible ppl while the left wing trans seem categorically insane.
        Most of BW’s trans fans can pass undetected and blend in, which is undoubtedly one reason… but do you think there are any other reasons for this phenomenon? Is there something about left wing politics that does this to ppl specifically? Or does the right wing element (conformity) keep them from going off the rails?
        I am having a political crisis over this whole thing…also, the left’s abandonment of science (re: women’s bodies), while acting superior to the right about science (global warming) has me similarly stymied. Ideas welcome.

  7. Rose is just great, she handled that stupid man perfectly, and the audience supported her. This was a heroic come back, hope it is shared widely!!!! Thanks, made my week!!!!

  8. Now if we could just get them to stop referring to this creep as “she” and “her”, that would be great. You don’t need to defer to his fetishized delusions, ladies!

    1. All of his victims are likely younger than us (I’m assuming late teens or early twenties). So, sadly, they were probably fed the trans Kool-Aid back when they were impressionable teens and/or had it forced down their throats when they entered college. So they’ve been conditioned to defer to “preferred pronouns” in ALL instances.
      It makes me legitimately sad and terrified that some people are so brain-washed that not even SEXUAL ASSAULT can trigger Peak Trans.

  9. Thanks to Gallus, we got to learn about this unfolding story before almost anyone else. One reason why this site is indispensable.
    I have no idea who the transgender on the video is, or if he is Andi Dier, as some are claiming. However, if anyone is interested, I note that Dier has a YT channel with a bunch of videos posted between 2014 and 2016:

  10. The online magazine (a trans/queer publication funded by Conde Nast) has interviewed Dier, So that’s confirmation that Dier is the heckler.

    1. Ha, of course that piece was written by Katelyn “WEH MY MASCARA IS RUNNING AT MY FRIEND’S FUNERAL BEING A TRANSLAYDEE IS SO HARD” Burns.

    2. It is a consistent amazement that that people such as transwoman Dier can lie when there is film footage that shows a whole different story. Does he think no one will watch the film?

  11. “And you can label this thing as a breakdown. That, motherf*******, is a breakdown. Maybe not for me, but for you. I might have information you want. I might know shit that you don’t. So f****** shut up. Please systemically. For once. In the world. You know what I’m talking about. Just tell the God damned truth. Stop boxing everybody into shit. I didn’t agree to your cis f****** world. Ok? F*** off.”
    Rose was fantastic. Let out that anger and tell it like it is. Applause!

  12. Trans homicides in the UK: a closer look at the numbers

    I know transactivists like this guy go off on histrionic rants about how transwomen are disproportionately likely to be killed, but the people who run this website looked at the numbers for the UK and found that just 7 trans people, all of them male, were murdered in the decade from 2008-2017. In that same period 12 trans people–again, all male–committed murder.
    For comparison, in six years, 900 women were killed by men in England and Wales (but at least they were killed for being seen as their gender rather than not being seen as their gender, right?):
    For issues with U.S. numbers, there’s this article in Slate:
    The 1 in 12 statistic repeatedly cited as dogma seems to be a misuse of a study limited to San Francisco two or three decades ago, in which many of the transwomen were working as protitutes–so those numbers would be irrelevant to AGPs working in high tech–but I can’t locate the source I read a few years ago. (I’ll worry about doing a more extensive search once transactivists can cite a source for their own numbers.)

    1. The “one in twelve” figure was published by the kooky HBS writer Kay Brown in the Washington Blade, December 10, 1999. It was then widely cited by mainstream LGBT rights organizations, including HRC.
      One in Twelve
      Debunked here:
      One in Twelve

      1. Thanks for the links, GM.
        It’s funny how “one expert estimates” turned into established fact over two decades. And if what I read–and can’t now find–several years ago was true, the “estimate” may have been a misreporting of a very limited study of men in SF who would have been male-attracted, early transitioners. That narrow result is clearly inapplicable to the female-attracted, middle class, usually middle-aged, guys who are constantly repeating the false statistic and would be the equivalent of white, middle-class, middle-aged women in the suburbs making demands based on the probability of rape for a fourteen-year-old girl in a refugee camp.

      2. Kay Brown invented the 1:12 estimate. He explains his ridiculous process and the studies he used to derive his estimate in his post “one in twelve”( linked above).
        “That math was based on two numbers available to me at that time. First that the estimate of how many “profoundly transsexual” transwomen there were was one in 11,200 male births, from a study in the Netherlands; second that at the time I made the estimate, that approximately one “early / transitioning” transwoman was murdered a month in the United States. Either number may have been wrong, or subject to change over time. However, with those numbers I estimated that of the 260 million US residents in the late ‘90s, 11,600 would be such “profoundly transsexual”. I defined “profoundly transsexual” as those born males living full time, or nearly so, as women socially since an early age. This by definition excluded private cross-dressers and part-time transfolk, who would not be exposed to transphobic violence in their daily activities, and those who transitioned later in life, that is to say, that it excluded the majority of so called “transgendered” people.”

      3. Calling me “kooky” and “HBS” is both unneccessarily insulting and false. First, “HBS” is a made up concept from the autogynephilic transsexual community in an effort to provide emotional cover and distancing from the autogynephilic (non-transitioning) heterosexual cross-dressers. Yet, GallusMag misuses it as a slur on those of us who acknowledge and write about the Fruend/Blanchard two type taxonomy of MTF transfolk.
        The “one-in-twelve” meme was a misappropriation by the “transgender” (vastly larger) autogynephilic community in order to be able to say that they were the victims. In the link GallusMag provided I tried to correct this misappropriation.
        As to “kooky”… well… that’s just an aspersion to cast upon me before clicking on the link, lest when you read my essays you might gain any insight… and horrors… empathy.

        1. Kay- HBS, as you well know, is shorthand for what the kids now call “TruTrans”. It communicates your position succinctly to informed readers. It was not used as, or intended as, a slur. As for “kooky”, I’m sorry that hurt your feelings. Hope you are well.

          1. Actually… “true transsexual” was a term coined by the psycho-analytic community in the ’60s… interestingly, they also divided the gay community into “true” and “pseudo” homosexuals. The “trutrans” as you have used it is an slur on those who a given person dislikes their political position, most notably against those who discuss the two type taxonomy who fall into the “homosexual transsexual” taxon by some… and used as a sarcastic and vengeful perjoritive by some in the autogynephilic taxon. (Amusingly, some of those who fall victim to the slur are in fact aslo autogynephilic). Your use of HBS is inaccurate history… as I already pointed out. It was and continues to be used by autogynephilic transwomen in an attempt to differentiate themselves from the heterosexual cross-dressors. As your disingenuous apology… you did NOT hurt my feelings… in fact, over breakfast this morning, my husband and I were laughing about when he noted that I should wear it as a badge of honor. I’m “kooky”… and proud of it ! Yes, Sir… I’m proud that you have called me that.

          2. So you’re proud, yet you complain. This is why no one talks to you. You just go on and on with your own internal sperg and are seemingly incapable of having any sort of interesting or rewarding exchange. Dear god you can’t help yourself. You bore people senseless. Hence the “kooky” moniker.
            What is interesting is how such an absurd victimhood equation authored by an individual with obviously disordered thinking was immediately embraced by mainstream multi-million dollar LGBT lobbying groups as “fact”.

          3. Your ability to cold read is TERRIBLE ! Still looking for a way to get me emotionally upset, when I’m smiling so hard. Apparently, you haven’t dug very deeply, even though I pretty much spell out my CV on my blog. I’m routinely invited to speak at international conferences as well as local events, that have nothing to do with trans issues. If I was boring, that wouldn’t happen twice. You just struck out blindly and missed. Interesting that you thought that I had low self-esteem.
            As to LGBT misappropriating one minor part of a point on one powerpoint slide found on the web back when I was teaching a class on TransHistory twenty years ago… and it morphed from the retelling (game of “telephone”…) is evidence of how memes work on the internet. It’s NOT the only meme that came out of my work. My work on TransHistory is a very minor part of my life’s work and interests. However, when I see people clearly misrepresenting elements of transhistory and socio-political matters as you clearly do, the best I can do is point out the errors as factually and as unemotionally as possible… so blame me for believing that facts matter, especially when the exchange is begun by someone simultaneously dissing and misrepresenting me (not to mention attempting to provoke an intemperate response as it proceeds), being careful in one’s words and tone is only prudent. Frankly, we all know that you relish upsetting transfolk, then using their pain filled words as part of your vengeful sarcasm. But sadly for you, I grew up in an era when my sexual orientation and presentation earned me not only words (and deeds) that are FAR more dangerous than yours. When you are verbally belittled for being obviously a queer boy, even by one’s own family as a child and disowned to become homeless as a teenager (but having created a satisfyingly successful life none-the-less), your insults mean little. So, If I’m boring you… you may stop the effort of attempting to insulting me anytime.

          4. I’ll let your words speak for themselves you crazy bastard.
            Also, the uptake of your ridiculous murder rate claim wasn’t a result of confusion but the desire to frame gender nonconformity as dangerous, abject, and tragic.

          5. I see it is you who has now descending into incoherent rage and vituperatude… as expected of someone who enjoys seeing others in pain, when frustrated.

  13. Rose McGowan getting angry and fighting back, forcefully, is considered crazy. If a man defended himself forcefully that would be just fine. What a bunch of misogynistic crap. Women sitting around in shock and not knowing what to do or even if they are supposed to defend her, shows just how deep our own weakness goes. The fact that they all sat around while Rose McGowan was getting abused by that nut case shows how abuse can continue. We are socialized to do nothing shaking in our little booties, second-guessing ourselves, because a male bodied person is shouting at us and telling us how we need to think and how we need to move over to accommodate the abuser’s need. I hope Ms. Mcgowen reconsiders her tour, I hope her managers speak up and defend her, apologize for their fecklessness, and we have a real conversation about how this nutcase was allowed to just derail a feminist talking about her book. And how popular media just spat all over the author to defend the nutcase.

      1. Weinstein didn’t attack trans women; this is simply not. about. them.
        I got so angry when I saw these clips, I couldn’t see straight and had to back off social media. I am still furious over this.

    1. agreed. Too many of us are conditioned to be “nice”. People need to wake up to just how dangerous these “trans” are.

      1. “Trans people” aren’t dangerous. Males are dangerous, whether they identify as transgender or not. People need to wake up to that.

  14. I’d question just about every statistic that comes out of the trans mafia. Everything they say about women is simply a pack of lies. I hope Rose gets some significant security and continues her book events nationwide. Women need to show up by the hundreds at her events, and we need 30 tough dyke security officers in case some nut case woman hating male to trans decided to act up on her again. These guys are violent creepy domineering frauds, and Rose could expose them to mainstream public scrutiny—

    1. @Medi…very, very very few of the stats which are used by the brigade have any actual fact checking associated with them . As in what all of us folks of a certain age, were told to do for and with term papers, homework assignments, work-related reports. Make sure that the numbers and resources add up.
      What the brigade has learned all too well, from the Orwell playbook, is how to conflate and misdirect facts, with made up terms. Which in turn, justify their twisted view of reality, like how some claim there is no damage done by the HRT to the primary functions of the body. That of course, is a lie.
      An example of the above: in doing research to bolster my own case to get early consideration to be placed on the kidney transplant waiting list…due to some damage to the pipes caused by medications, which were used to take care of some long term inflammation illnesses [in doing same, there is some rather scary data, but real life is like that, not the fantasyland that the brigade engages in], it came up in several medical articles/reports, that the HRT WILL DAMAGE the kidneys/renal functions of those who were born male. Yeah…in black and white, that fact was there and it is based on that the HRT will tax and harm the nephrons and membranes. While there are some medications that can stop/slow the damage to same [as in ..Lisinopril], due to other issues [taking ibuprofen, drug addiction, etc] those will not reverse the destruction of those items due to abuse to the organ. That abuse includes the HRT.
      The brigade will never say this is the case [after all, science and fact are phobic], just that they will encourage those who are vulnerable to not go the underground route to obtain the medications for the cocktail …barring that ‘doctor shopping’ does not pan out. AND that they will publish, have conferences and of course…tout online that this is safe to do. Very few peer-reviewed studies, very few long term ones, to bring some veritas to their argument. Like the Kanamit from the classic ‘Twilight Zone’ episode, ‘To Serve Man’, the brigade asks that you ‘trust them’ on the data.

  15. Male to trans, like all patriarchal enforcers never use the facts, never analyze them, you never know who they actually are, since the big lie they tell is that they are women, and chant this over and over and over again. That big lie sets the stage for everything else they do to attack feminism, to hound lesbians, to co-op the entire LGB.

  16. Harvey Weinstein wasn’t sexually harassing transwomen, so why show up at McGowan’s book reading at Barnes & Noble?
    I don’t know who is creepier. It’s a toss up between Andi Dier and Harvey Weinstein. They are both sick misogynistic slime balls.
    Rose McGowan was one of the first women who had the courage to out Harvey Weinstein as a serial abuser of women and all round dirt bag. The moment that the Harvey Weinstein story came out I thought to myself, “I bet some creepy transwoman is going to hijack this in some twisted way and make it all about the trans”. Sure enough, it happened.
    I wonder if Harvey Weinstein or one of his cronies paid this little creep Andie Dier to harass McGowan with the intention of discrediting her. Weinstein is a very powerful man, and powerful men don’t go down quietly. Speaking about her fear of Weinstein, this article states,
    “McGowan, who publicly accused Weinstein of rape in October, has a basis for her fears. As Farrow has reported, Weinstein hired private investigators—including former members of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency—to track down accusers and journalists. One investigator from Black Cube, a corporate intelligence agency run by mostly ex-Mossad, met with McGowan under the pretense of being a women’s rights advocate, while secretly recording the meetings.”
    Buy McGowan’s book “Brave”. McGowan is truly a courageous woman.

    1. As for Weinstein and trans, in 1998 Miramax bought the US rights to a trans-themed film from Asia called THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT and released it uncut; meanwhile, they toned down the gay parts of the movie 54 which they actually produced (sabotaging the career of its openly gay director, Mark Christopher, in the process) and those scenes were not restored until after the Weinsteins were gone from Miramax and after it was no longer part of Disney.

  17. Just bought Rose’s book “Brave.” All women need to support her, and her take down of that idiot narcissist was so powerful. It’s about time women started taking down in great debate those trans idiots, FINALLY. I need to watch this video at least once a week, and I hope more and more women start stepping up to end this nightmare of male to trans aggression, attacks and hijacking women’s lives and stories.

  18. Kay Brown’s blathering babble, I just can’t read this nonsense anymore. Ugh the genderists at it again.

    1. Agreed……I was reading through this crap posted by Brown this afternoon and none of what was stated makes sense. Just another example of the mental disconnect among many in the brigade.
      By the way, the attitude towards young women, displayed by that other SJW scumbag Dier, would fit in very well with the mindset of that shit Nassar in Michigan. The really sickening part of this is, that ‘doctor’ will never see the light of day again and Dier is still able to walk freely. If anything, that creep and those enabling same should be in jail.
      Rose was and is right…….and she should not ever back down from any of these punks.

  19. Elizabeth Pisani’s book The Wisdom of Whores says something about why transcismen have a a relatively high rate of being perpetrators and victims of violence. High risk life styles are often a factor, “catfishing” is another. Note In “the crying game” Dil gets off the first shots and kills Jude. Transcisman Dil risks violence playing the “Catfish.” But it’s the misogynistically portrayed woman Jude who gets killed – by the transcisman. The Crying Game is a prime example of sexist propaganda. The woman is the villain, while the transcisman is a sympathetic hero. Why are transcismen so violent and enraged when people won’t. recognize their delusions as fact?

    1. Can you repeat what you have just said in plain English ?
      No clue what a transcisman(etc.) is supposed to be.
      (Hint: ditch the cis-speak)

    2. Dil is a trans woman living 24/7 as a woman, they aren’t a “transcisman”–whatever that is. Dil only becomes violent when he sheds the women’s clothes and “changes back” to a man. The clear implication is that he must morph into *a man* to execute Jude, and can’t possibly be violent while still presenting as a woman. (I notice the wikipedia account of the movie overlooks this detail of the movie–that Dil came back into Fergus’ apartment armed and dressed as a man, see film clip.)
      Throughout the film, Jude (Miranda Richardson) is shown to be far more forceful, decisive, merciless, radical and “masculine” than Fergus. Both are unapologetic terrorists, but Jude is killed (punished) for her gender transgressions, while Fergus is forgiven his (becoming all mushy and falling in love with Dil) and gets to live. (and when I first saw the movie, THAT is what pissed me off about it.)
      One of the most pro-trans movies ever made. (?) Not sure I get your point.

    1. He’s a g-damn man acts like a man, shouts at a woman author in a fit of me me me male me me me male, pigs, fakes , frauds, male to trans act like men are men are full of b.s. oh and the real indicator is they try to shout down a woman at HER own book event, women don’t do this to other women, only males in crazy dresses and their handmaiden supporters do this stuff. It really is THAT simple to understand.

    2. How about we meet you halfway and say that anyone who assaults kids gets to go by it/its…

    3. Got news for you this is typical male behavior they are MALE to trans, they like to be the center of attention, they are nothing like women, and the creepy invade the lesbian community and claim they have a female “penis” so sick of men doing their porn numbers and MEN who invade lesbian worlds. So f—k —g sick of the male to trans in all their arrogant me me me ism on a good day. And when they perve on lesbian dating websites, you know the drill heterosexual men who say they are women, and have the penis, and totally violate lesbian life, so what else is new with porn addicted mentally ill heterosexual men?

    4. Oh, yeah, the last thing anyone wants is for victims to misgender a pedophile! That would be mean, like, for realsies. 🙁

    5. He assaulted underage girls and publicly displayed a scat fetish, but that’s OK in your book. Duly noted.

    6. “At least these assault victims call the man a woman, which is more than I can say for Rose and her supporters.”

    7. I suppose its more than possible that you’re a different teresainpa than the one I knew online many years ago but the tone is the same so I’m pretty sure we’ve interacted before. Interestingly I’ve thought of you (or at least that teresa) in recent years as I’ve become closer to a radfem perspective. Back then you or your namesake wrote me off as too young and too libfem to have a conversation with and I’ve often thought recently that you were (mostly) right back then. I had also assumed you wouldn’t have bought into the female erasure and MRA bullshit that is most of trans activism. Guess you’re the libfem now.

  20. Google Mississippi Rainbow Center and Andi Dier. He was behind a hostile take over of a GLBT group, where the gay man that started the group was set up. Of course one of Abdi’s trans buddies has been running the group ever since.

    1. Interesting — good find, thank you. I remember when that happened…*years ago*.
      The gay male who founded the GLBT non-profit in Mississippi (of all places) left his own organization because he refused to be called “cis.”
      Andi Dier was associated with that ‘coup’…? Hmm…
      “T” really is for Trojan Horse. The gay & lesbian community has been successfully infiltrated by our enemies, and our enemies are destroying us from within (MichFest being an early strike; the murders of two lesbians and their son by Dana Rivers more recent…Nov 2016).
      GenderTrender reported on a “Drop the T” petition that a few anonymous gays & lesbians put together on a while ago. Google initially blocked the petition in its search results, and Change refused to display the donor comments. Gay Media, Inc. viciously attacked the petition, and the only media who covered it were “right-wing,” which the Ts used to brand the “Drop the Ts” as right-wingers. People, understandably, were reluctant, maybe even afraid, to attach their names to the petition. So it fizzled out.
      Gay, Inc. is just as responsible for this infiltration as the homophobic misogynists are. Gay, Inc. does not reflect the grassroots, but imposes upon us. Gay, Inc. condones (profits from?) experimenting on a generation of gaylings & baby dykes…who are risking sterilization…for something that is biologically impossible: changing sex. 🙁
      Not only is the gay community suffering at the hands of Ts now (murder, rape, assaults, etc.), but we will also receive the brunt of the backlash when it *dawns* on the “intersectionalists” that it’s impossible for men to become women, and that transwomen are mentally ill men, and that the last people who should be in women’s spaces are mentally ill men.
      How many women & children must suffer before the “woke” wake up? Because they will eventually. T cannot withstand scrutiny. It will not survive, but many will suffer before we get past it.
      It will go down in history like McCarthyism, Jim Jones Cult, Salem Witch Trials, etc. And so many of today’s T supporters will claim that they never agreed with it at the time…*eye roll*
      GenderTrender will also go down in history: as being on the right side all along.

  21. A young relative of mine is attending Wellesley right now, a women’s college where a big fuss was made in the press about the fact that they have two “out” transwomen in the latest matriculating class. Both are in the older students program so she doesn’t have to interact with them too much, but, this term, she has one of them in her computer science class. She reports that this man is constantly interrupting the professor, talking over her, challenging her, and mansplaining constantly. At a women’s college like Wellesley, you don’t usually have to put up with that, as the women tend to let each other speak, and the rare man from Babson or MIT is quickly silenced if he tries that crap. But this rare specimen of male privilege is allowed to behave like this because people are afraid to be called TERFs and treated the way so many are treating Rose.

  22. Because someone asked if I could find a better example than the Barnes and Noble video of what Dier’s voice sounded like, I ended up looking at a couple of his youtube videos, which are filled with self-pitying claptrap. In one, he talks about how cis people have their privilege handed to them on a platter, including the right bodies, and don’t have to worry about being killed the way trans people do!
    Seriously, what planet ARE these people living on? Statistics for the U.S. show that trans people actually had a slightly lower murder rate than women in 2015 and a much lower one than men:
    If transactivists’ claims about “transwomen of color” being murdered at especially high rates are true relative to murder rates of white trans people, and the entire trans community has a lower risk of being murdered than the average, then very few white trans people are being killed. I’m starting to think these guys find a kind of narcissistic gratification in the histrionics about their chances of being murdered that they wouldn’t if they were really at risk.
    Maybe math is just as transphobic as biology?

  23. I’m not on Twitter, but maybe someone who is could suggest to Andi Dier’s accusers that they should take these accusations to the Suffolk County sheriff and the district attorney.
    Just to be clear I’m not saying they should shut up on social media. I’m just saying that they should additionally consider taking their accusations to people who can do something more impactful than expressing moral outrage.
    One of the posters said that she was 11 at the time Andi Dier molested her. If that’s not pedophilia what is?
    I’m not saying they should do this just to punish Dier but a successful prosecution might give them some closure. And it would help protect other young women and girls from similar abuse.

  24. Apparently India Willoughby’s response to visiting Karen Ingala Smith’s web “Counting Dead Women” where she commemorates women killed by men was to feel sorry for men on account of their “demonisation” by feminists.
    Woman: These 138 women were killed by men.
    Transwoman: Oh how terrible for the men!
    And, of course, if a feminist criticizes Willoughby for these comments, she’ll be accused of transphobia, which now seems to mean mere disagreement with a guy in a dress. (Compare the similar use of “misandry” by MRAs.)
    Hasn’t the trans trend reached its sell-by date yet?

    1. Gads, isn’t it the truth.
      One of the many stepping stones on the way to peak trans was realizing how much all these beautiful strong trans women sounded just like a whiny manosphere dweeb I used to know. Same twisting of statistics and laundry lists of “oppression” (which always included some form of “how dare women reject our dicks” hmmmm).

      1. Just the new version of MRAs so predictable in the mansplaining man-derailing tactics we all know so well.

    2. Willoughby has now referred to Karen Ingala Smith’s “Goebbals-esque crusade” against transwomen–because a woman who advocates against the murder of women is obviously the equivalent of a Nazi? Godwin’s law strikes again.
      This guy is a walking example of narcissistic insanity. It’s too bad we can’t vote him off the internet.

  25. Hey, everyone! I wanted to share some good news I just heard about. On April 3, the transgender bathroom issue will go before the voters in Anchorage, Alaska. This is historic. It will be the very first time in the US that transgender rights will go to the voters without being bundled with LGB rights. The measure, Proposition 1, establishes that municipal facilities will be segregated by biological sex, and it allows private entities to make their own rules without fear of being sued. It removes transgender bathrooms from the city’s non-discrimination law.
    In the past, LGB people have suffered because conservatives would send the combined sexual orientation/gender identity provisions to the voters, where we would lose (in no small measure because we were linked to gender identity). In 2012, we lost 58-42%, and most of that margin was because of transgender bathrooms. Now, for the first time, the conservatives have given up on attacking LGBs and are drawing a distinction b/t LGB and T, choosing to focus exclusively on the T. This is becoming a trend across the country, and we should welcome it. The more people distinguish b/t LGB and T, the faster “LGBT” will die a well-deserved death.
    Anchorage will be the first test. In November, Massachusetts will vote on the same thing. There is also a possibility that Montana will vote in November as well. Sadly, other efforts in Washington state and South Dakota fell short. For those interested, here are the web pages of the pro- and anti- groups in Anchorage. The pro-trans group is being funded in part by HRC (i.e., with LGB money) and by a group created by distressed debt investor Paul Singer (a straight billionaire with a gay son).

    Fair Anchorage

    1. Go Alaska! My sister lived in Anchorage for years, and her and her husband owned a business in Anchorage. I think one of their boys still lives up there.
      Alaska – tough and independent people – an awesome and beautiful state. Great fishing!

  26. Another unhinged trans pedophile with a self-pity fetish:

    Transgender pedophile blasts prison officials ‘for refusing to give her tampons’

    A six-foot-two, 230-pound guy awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to transporting a minor across state lines for sexual acts is demanding to be housed with women inmates. He has also demanded hormone treatment, women’s underwear, and feminine hygiene products (?), because he’s “transgender intersex.”
    A county commissoner told him, “You’re making this stuff up.” If only that were everyone’s response to trans lunacy . . .

    1. He is not “transgender intersex.” Transgender and intersex are two different things. Most intersex people are infertile. This article says he fathered a child with one of his victims. This pedophile is dangerous, and he doesn’t belong in a women’s prison. Lock him up in a men’s prison.
      “Fly, convicted of abusing a girl since she was at elementary school and fathering a child with her, also wants moved to a women’s prison.”

      Transgender pedophile blasts prison officials ‘for refusing to give her tampons’

      1. “a dilemma”. It’s amazing how when men request something totally unreasonable of society everyone is in a real pickle about how to respond while when women request the tiniest scraps of decency (DV, rape, reproductive autonomy, child care) it’s never a problem to just say NOPE.

      2. @Kathleen Lowrey–Exactly. Under the gender hierarchy, there has to be a compelling reason to tell men “no” and an even more compelling one to say “yes” to women.
        The only “dilemma” here is the psychological one for transwomen, if they truly believe they’re just like other women. I mean, not telling them “no” would be misgendering and should trigger dysphoria, right?
        It doesn’t though. Funny that–it kind of looks as if they’re operating out of standard issue male entitlement.

    2. I’m gonna make a rough estimate here and say that 99% of transgender identifiers who also claim to have ‘both male and female sex organ’ are lying.

      1. I’ve seen that too. Pink News ran a story re two TiM in prison. One claimed to be intersex and to have indeterminate genitalia, but said was “boyish” looking. A quick google revealed an adult totally male person, that had been married and fathered several kids (deadbeat father of course) . Wife amazed at the trans thing. Never a whisper of any such thing while they were married. She made no mention of unusual genitalia.

  27. Katelyn Burns, who interviewed Andi Dier for, recently replied to a young radfem’s tweet of “I’m not cis” with, “You can’t force me to change my language for your delusions.” I loved Harvey Jeni’s response.

    Burns claimed afterwards that he was being sarcastic, but, assuming that’s actually true, how could we possibly tell when his comment sounded like too many serious ones by transactivists? Some of these people are so batshit they can’t manage even a plausible imitation of sanity.

  28. Thanks for posting about the public vote. This does seem like it could clarify the issue for many.

    “I spoke to five people who have accused Dier of wrongdoing, three whom I contacted via social media and two who came to me directly. Most requested anonymity, and their stories were similar: Dier, who at the time presented as male, met pre-teen and teenage girls, either online or at the Smith Haven Mall on Long Island. Then, they allege, she offered them weed or alcohol before coming onto them. Some said they accepted the pot or drinks; some did not. None of them reported Dier to the police or other authorities at the time, saying they felt ashamed and embarrassed.
    One of the accusers, Felicia Piciullo, now 19, said Dier hugged, kissed, and sexually touched her without consent when she was 14. She believes that Dier was 19 or 20 at the time. Afterwards, she said, Dier harassed her by sending explicit messages for months, and the experience made her anxious and unsure of herself for years.
    Another accuser said Dier preyed upon, flirted, and nonconsenually touched her and other young girls, and the experience left her “tormented.” “Andi used me for personal pleasure while preying on my weaknesses to keep me wrapped around her finger,” she said. “Andi is no hero. I tried for so many years to see her as an activist. Because, yes, we need that in this day and age—real trans rights activists. But she is a disgrace to the entire LGBTQ community. Andi needs to sit back and accept that she is wrong.”
    Another accuser who met Dier when she was 14 says at first she thought Dier was her age because “why would someone who had graduated high school be hanging out with us?” Their relationship, she says, was flirty, and she initially enjoyed the attention. “She did a lot to make us feel special and cool, but then when we were alone she was forceful. She would try to kiss me and that made me uncomfortable,” she says. One day at the mall, she alleges, Dier shoved her between two vending machines and put her hands inside the girl’s pants. “That was probably the last time we had contact,” she says, “but I heard she had become an advocate for feminism and trans rights. I thought maybe she had changed but after the Rose McGowan incident, I got really angry. I saw a lot of hypocrisy. She made it about her.”
    None of the accusers I spoke with said they are opposed to trans rights or trans people at all. One identifies as non-binary; others said they were pansexual, or attracted to people of all genders.”

    1. How can one make up and round up data that was published by the creep in question in the first place? Really….It’s there and the idiot is proud of posting that crap.
      By the way, if anyone does check the overall majority of tumblr sites that are brigade centered, if the bad grammar does not get one pissed off [like in the first sentence of the ‘Daily Dot’ piece], let alone the lack of any logic in same….then the content will. Even feral cats are not as crude and overtly displaying their genitals, like these folks. This is on top of people like Dier using it to set up grooming sessions….and that is the kind term for it.

    2. Rounding up accusations? So, fact finding is now transphobic if it makes a transwoman look bad. Good to know. I expect to hear any day now that breathing while female is some sort of transgression.
      Thanks for all the information wrangling, GM!

      1. @GM–Maybe Google was declared transphobic this week? Along with math, biology, everyone’s grandmother . . .

    3. Nuance was lost? What nuance is there is discussing the attempted and actual drugging of girls between 11-16 by an adult man for the purposes of sexual exploitation?

  30. Gallus always does an excellent job of exposing these frauds. Kudos to the women who screencapped his online photos before he deleted things. It’s kind of funny in a sick way to see them scurry like roaches, deleting all their creepy and pervy online activities. Why would all those teenage girls lie? No, Dier hasn’t been convicted in a court of law, but nothing ever goes away completely online, and his online photos of girls have creepy pedo written all over it. The photo of the girl in the braces looks like she is fourteen or fifteen. Transwomen love their porn just like other males, perhaps more so.
    The transwomen who screech the loudest, rant, strut about, and stalk women are the ones we need to keep an eye on. Dier isn’t the only transwoman who harassed and stalked women, and then was outed as a predator. The transwoman “terf tracker” turned out to be a sex offender.
    “Terf Tracker” Allison Woolbert : outed as violent sex offender, resigns, citing his “unconscionable behavior as a human being”
    If they display outrageously loud and abusive behavior, check their background. Males who bully and intimidate women probably have bullied and abused women in the past. Showing no respect at all for women who have been raped is a sure bet that they have no respect for women at all.
    I have to admit that attacking a well-known actress is something new for transwomen, but eventually they would get around to it sooner or later. If it doesn’t focus on poor transwomen, then it’s hell to pay. Transwomen are like spoiled children, stamping their feet to get. They still retain their adult male sense of entitlement. Transwomen deliberately attack women, especially liberal leaning women in order to guilt trip them. If they can’t guilt trip women, then they use bullying tactics.
    Females, half the human population, have to get permission from trans activists before we can speak. Judging by their past behavior, eventually an abusive, narcissistic transwomen would get around to attacking an actress.
    I know all this has been covered before on gendertrender and other blogs, but people need to realize that it’s a pattern with transwomen. It always has to be about them. Always. Otherwise, it’s scorched earth, “TERF” death threats, and even vandalism. If transwomen aren’t the center or attention, they go out of their way to destroy, disrupt, and shut down any and all events. Half the human population, females, can’t do anything without transwomen whining, stomping their feet, and taking over the event.
    Trans activists were rather proud of themselves for harassing Michigan Women’s Music Festival until it shut down. This music festival was held on privately owned land. Women can’t even do as they please on their own land. Transwomen from around the U.S. would meet at Camp Trans that set up outside Mich Fest
    A transwoman who was protesting outside Michigan Women’s Music Festival is now on trial for killing a lesbian couple and their son. Rivers is not a gay man. Like most transwomen he is heterosexual or bisexual. Dana Rivers was married a couple of times and transitioned in midlife.
    Every useless trans and queer run LGBTQIA organization went out of its way to bury this bloody triple homicide as if it never happened.
    Gendertrender tells us everything we need to know about Dana Rivers.
    Vulva Cupcakes provoke “transmisogyny” and discriminate against transwomen.

    Students Condemn Project Vulva for ‘Transmisogyny’

    It’s “transphobic” and mean to say the word mother. Instead, it’s “pregnant person”.
    Even midwives can’t say “mother”.

    Are we women or are we incubators? An interview with MaryLou Singleton

    Who is a mother now? We can’t call females mother because it’s mean to the poor transwomen, but biological fathers (human males who impregnate a female) are “mothers”.
    They will rip posters off a wall and vandalize a bookstore if it doesn’t focus on transwomen. All books written by women, or books read by women must be trans approved.

    Vancouver Women’s Library opens amid anti-feminist backlash

    Sixty year old women can’t speak openly in public without being surrounded by trans and roughed up.
    And, females are so helpless and ignorant of what it means to be a woman that we need a transsexual professional dominatrix to speak for us at women’s marches. What would a women’s march be without a transwoman dominatrix. And, any woman at a women’s march who has the audacity to say transwomen are actually male had better watch her back.

    Vancouver Women’s March becomes opportunity for misogynist threats against women

    Women need to be reminded:
    No female has ever killed a transwoman. Transwomen are killed by males.
    Transwomen (biological males) have been convicted of killing a lot of women.
    Rose McGowan is lucky that they didn’t pull a Hyde Park or Dana Rivers on her. Tiny women like McGowan and sixty year old women are all fair game.
    It was so awesome to see Rose McGowan roar like a lioness.

  31. This is truly bizarre. I’ve never done a single post on this man, nor have I discussed him at any length, even though he regularly publishes falsehoods. I’ve certainly never accused him of being a sexual predator in any context.
    Is Katlyn Burns truly insane (as in psychotic), or just a pathological liar? As far as I know he’s only trolled GenderTrender once:
    What drives him to wholly fabricate such a brazenly libelous claim?
    Truly bizarre.

    1. I’d heard of Andi Dier before he harassed Rose McGowan. There’s been a post about his predation circulating on Tumblr for quite a while now.
      The thing with MRAs, regardless if they’re in drag or not, is that they’re allergic to the truth.

    2. I’ve honestly never seen anyone accuse him of “sexual predation.” Given his penchant for whiny, narcissistic rambling, I have a feeling he just wants a slice of the drama.

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