12 thoughts on “Are All-Women Shortlists Transphobic?

  1. I would add that the men who identify as transwomen are overwhelmingly anti-lesbian as evidenced by their attempts to outlaw lesbian dances, music festivals, clubs, book groups, support groups, activist meetings, films, literature, music, etc etc.

    1. Especially since the results of the trans activists’ agenda when it comes to children seems set to basically erase the next generation of lesbians, by transitioning them to be “straight men” instead 🙁 I am not a lesbian myself but I find that hugely problematic, and it’s very worrying that it’s not being discussed anywhere in the mainstream.

    2. I refuse to disppear. I am seething with anger over the fact that there is such a widespread effort to make me invisible. Invasion of intellectual and physical space once occupied by lesbians has apparently become pervasive in Western patriarchy.
      I say “apparently” because I live in Urban Appalachia. Very rarely do you find a lesbian who knows what a radical lesbian feminist is. If you find one, she is probably a student at the university who will be here today and gone tomorrow.
      The whole disappearing lesbian issue is nonexistenr in this cultural context. Something that has never existed (radical lesbian feminist space) cannot diappear.
      So while I am concerned, indeed horrified, by the total war tactics currently used against the radical lesbian feminist community and lesbians in general by the men who believe they are women, I have been hesitant to pontificate on that subject in the past because I have such little experience with it.
      For now, I continue to read and learn.

  2. “Many women have been happy up till now to refer to trans-identified males as women, largely out of courtesy and respect, sometimes out of sympathy, but not because it’s actually true”.
    (*the bold letters were put there by the writer herself)
    Deep down all women know that transwomen (biological males) aren’t women. We know that women don’t have a penis. We know that a male who fathered six children by three different wives and is worth $100 million is really not a woman. He hasn’t a clue. Because women are socialized to be polite and non-confrontational, a lot of women felt sorry for transwomen. This was our biggest mistake because now it’s biting us in the ass. There might be a few women who are so brainwashed that they have bought into the whole trans agenda. The majority of women know it’s utter nonsense.
    What did women get for going out of their way to be courteous and respectful to transwomen? This “gender identity” lunacy has gotten totally out of hand. Women are afraid to speak for fear of being branded “transphobic”, or worse. Women have received death threats. They attack sixty year old women, and a transwoman is on trial for slaughtering a lesbian family. They vandalize women’s bookstore. Males convicted of rape and murder are being sent to women’s prisons. Women’s sports are being destroyed. It’s truly Orwellian in its scope, and it’s only going to get crazier.
    There is another thing I’ve never understood. Transwomen get their own events, and demand to recognized as a distinct group of people, but transwomen demand to be called women too. How can transwomen be both transgender and females at the same time?
    They demand that the government or private insurance pay for their hormones and surgery. They even force the military to pay for their hormones. Males prisoners serving life for murder claiming “gender identity” have forced states to pay for their hormones and sex reassignment surgery. Are female inmates suing states to get state funded boob jobs? Sometimes female inmates have to beg for tampons. As to SRS, any rational person knows that sex reassignment surgery doesn’t actually change one’s sex. An artificially created cavity in the human male body that is lined from skin from the scrotum and penis is not an actual vagina. The ‘neovagina’ has to be dilated for life or it will close. Males will never have a uterus or ovaries. Even after SRS, they retain their prostate gland. The health care needs of transwomen are entirely different than the health care needs of females.
    If transwomen (biological males) are exactly like women, then they would have no need for government funded female hormones or any other trans surgery. Get rid of all state and private insurance funding of all trans surgeries and hormones.
    Transwomen demand to be recognized as a distinct group with the government and private insurance paying for their hormones, etc., and pitching a hissy fit if someone says the wrong pronoun. They have their own transgender events and organizations. Women don’t show up at trans events to harass the living hell out of them the same way that transwomen stalk, harass, and threaten women who want our own events. They are entitled to have their own activities. Then, because they are supposedly “women”, they take over all women’s spaces, and take awards, slots, athletic scholarships, etc. that were reserved for women.
    I’m so damn sick of them having it both ways. Its’ kind of like the old saying, “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine.” Or, is it, “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine”. I’m entitled to everything.
    Transwomen because they are still male, take, and take, and take. It’s never ending. That is, unless someone stands up to them.

  3. Male to trans have always targeted lesbians and lesbian spaces, even dating back to the first west coast lesbian conference in the early 70s. They’ve attacked everything lesbians have created for decades and decades. Hetero women have deeply benefited from lesbian feminist activism for 40 some years now. It is time for hetero women to step up and DEFEND lesbian rights with passion, with financial support, and help us stand up against the male to trans attacks on our very bodies. I expect straight women to finally get loud in support of lesbian rights, spaces and culture. And ignorance is no excuse. I saw a lot of hetero women’s silence as we struggled to create space just to be together as lesbians, a lot of contempt and hatred directed at butch women.

  4. I’ve seen a few very courageous straight women create born womyn only space, even when they were attacked by the trans mob, and I am encouraged by this. So all straight women who are taking a stand and realizing that lesbians are being KILLED, and attacked by these men— the murder of the lesbian family in Oakland by Dana Rivers— there should be thousands of women showing up at the courthouse every day during the upcoming hearing and trial, that would be a real activist power source.

  5. Please encourage as many people as possible to read the 48-voice anthology, FEMALE ERASURE – What You Need To Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights. http://www.femaleerasure.com
    This is the dialog needed with the information usually suppressed.

  6. Great article. The argument are well put and informative. Thank you. We need a lot more women speaking out in the mainstream because we are getting relentless pressure in the once cohesive LGBT community. Now its war and lesbians are out on our own. We are so fed up with the constant attacks that many dykes are asking how we extricate ourselves from the movement. It’s men against dykes. And everyone, it seems, is taking their side.

  7. There needs to be a way to unite for the rights, privacy and protection of all authentic women.
    Even if it means associating ourselves with a political view or religion we don’t share.
    I resent having to qualify my statement by using the word authentic.
    I resent the term cis.
    (I’ll quit calling them trannies when they stop calling me fish and cis . . . until then).
    I resent tranny men and their threating bullying tactics.
    I resent how they attempt to reduce womanhood to nothing more than a cheap crusty wig, hooker heels and poorly applied make-up.
    I resent how they mock and impersonate women with unwomanly behavior.
    I resent their intrinsic misogyny.
    I embrace being a TERF even if I am straight and hardly a radical : )

  8. Lily Madigan’s article in The Independent, where he constantly, shamelessly compares himself to Harvey Milk, is narcissistic to the point of hilarity. Next week he’ll be Jesus, Gandhi and Joan of Arc, all rolled into one.

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