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  1. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/01/22/the-womens-march-was-made-unsafe-by-terfs-transphobic-signs-and-pussy-hats/?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=PinkNews&utm_source=Twitter
    Headline from Pink News: “The Women’s March was ‘made unsafe’ by TERF’s transphobic signs and pussy hats.” This was above a picture of that amazing silver-haired woman with the pink hat and the “TRANSWOMEN ARE MEN” sign. Apparently, a fair number of men feel not only “unsafe” but “horrified” by our alluding to the facts of basic biology. If they’re still showing up, though, it seems they’re not yet frightened enough, so let’s keep those knitting needles clicking!
    Could The Onion have somehow taken over the Pink News site?

    1. The ultimate transphobic plot engineered by…. the Onion LOL LOL and it keeps on getting more and more idiotic as the cowardly men in dresses are so afraid of women calling them MEN, that they are so scared, that they keep on showing up at women’s events…. yup, women pose a violent threat because we carry knives, we carry mega-guns, and we have been arrested by the hundreds for chopping off mens’ penises at women’s marches, and getting paid a bounty for each penis turned in to lesbian feminist towns—- last I heard on the Onion.fake news net–that was what was going down LOL
      Hey, if I found a penis on the sidewalk after a women’s march, how much could I claim in bounty money? Just asking hypothetically LOL.

      1. Since posting this comment, I’ve seen a few tweets mentioning The Onion when talking about the story and others referring to it as a parody. When multiple people come up with the same comparison independently, the editors at Pink News really ought to think about why that joke was so obvious to all of us.
        Most men are so impressed with themselves they have no clue how absurd they sound.

      2. “Then he threatened me with a lawsuit when I posted his statements. LOL”
        I remember–fun times! To be fair, maybe the first statement was actually made by his “immature younger brother,” as Lily/Liam Madigan claimed when rape jokes he’d tweeted were revealed. Cohen might have an evil twin or an alter–it’s so hard these days to keep up with the identities of people’s imaginary friends.

    2. I love Pink News! It is so utterly shit. The photo of the woman was reproduced about 5 times, probably to fill up space, because how much can you meaningfully say about it, if you cant have any kind of discussion about the meaning of her sign and her hat. The trans cult is all about silencing debate, denial of facts, and suppression of discussion of real issues. (What should a girl do if a man exposes his penis to her in a changing room? How will she know if he’s transgender or a pervert? Is there actually any difference?) So that leaves them with a problem when it comes to filling up an article.
      It’s the Guardian I really hate now, and they are much cleverer and far more influential. They are right behind the trans activists and their coverage is very manipulative.

      1. Yes, and the Guardian is relentless about deleting all comments that don’t support the trans cult, no matter how respectful and well thought out. You can have any opinion you want, as long as it’s theirs!

  2. Very clear, very strong and very to the point! Good work posting this info. Finally, we see some push back with clarity and woman proud words.

  3. It’s great to see women of all ages speaking up courageously at women’s marches. May this courage only spread and grow.
    When one person has the courage to say “Enough. This is misogyny and insanity,” (thank you, GM! Thank you, Thistle!), it gives more people courage to do the same.
    Let’s keep it going, sisters. In whatever ways we can, large or small, let’s keep speaking up.

  4. My ex used to ask me on a fairly regular basis why I didn’t wear high heels. My stock reply was that high heels weren’t a part of my lifestyle. What he was really asking me was “I get a kick out of wearing high heels and they make me “feel” like a woman, is that how you feel too?” What I really meant was “I don’t need to feel uncomfortable, restricted and sexualised by my footwear. As a woman I’ve got more important things to think about”.
    So now when I wear my teenage sons cast off jeans and hoodies I still am female; a practical one who can’t bear to throw out perfectly good clothing that fits me.
    Kick Ass!

    1. ‘Woman is not a feeling” — I still cannot believe how co-opted and male serving liberal feminist groups have become. The mere mention of gender critical commentary causes the cult indoctrinated to go berzerk trying to shut down all opinions. The constant chant of “transwomen are women” becomes this sickening fascist enterprise. Women expose their groveling handmaiden qualities… and all the fake news that only old dykes who everyone has always hated and dissed are gender critical. well, the young women in these marches are actually beginning to realize that the genderqueer life and culture has nothing to do with women.

      1. Seriously. I’m on a college campus atm and I’m like “if somebody sees gendertrender on my phone I might get called into an office and grilled”

  5. “One of my teachers at Columbia was Joseph Brodsky…and he said, ‘look, you Americans, you are so naïve. You think evil is going to come into your houses wearing big black boots. It doesn’t come like that. Look at the language. It begins in the language.’”
    Marie Howe

    1. Yes indeed, and the chants of transwomen are women is the hijacking of language and the silencing of women, and the best way to police women is to have handmaidens do it, while the men in dresses just laugh at what they can get away with, and how they are conning women yet again. It’s very sick, very creepy, and very fueled by the porn industry, the big pharmaists…etc. but they are hijacking language very effectively.

  6. Why can’t some of these bright young women convert my teen daughter, who insists she’s a guy and is going to start injecting T? It’s enough to make a parent despair…

    1. I hear you, the online trans cult is very very powerful, and sadly there are not enough lesbians out there really presenting the idea that gender is fake.

      1. @davek699–In addition to 4thWaveNow, look for Lily Maynard’s story, which is also a post on the 4thWaveNow site. Her daughter came to believe she was a boy, but Lily managed to wrest her away from the transcult before she damaged her body.

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    Hell yeah! I didn’t attend the woman’s march because of last year’s trans backlash, I couldn’t deal with it again…I now regret that decision and totally wish I was there with my don’t “cisgender” me sign! Kudos to these women for standing up!

  8. This cult and it’s attacks on any women or girls who question this ideology is very very brutal. And the massive sexualization of girls and women, the use of women’s bodies in porn, the insanity of saying a shirt is male or female, or shoes are male or female the utter ridiculous nature of gendered rigidity fuels this stuff. Social media is relatively new on the planet, and these are magnified peer group pressure systems out there. Parents need to be VERY aware of just how creepy the cult is, how it tries to undermine parent / children relationships.

  9. Off Topic:
    Weird story. David Spain is the guy in the flattop and trench coat in this “cultural appropriation” viral video:

    Person not charged in DV case
    Published 01/25/2018
    by Seth Hemmelgarn
    Public Defender Jeff Adachi took a photo of people gathered in front of the Hall of Justice who rallied in support of Davia Spain. Photo: Seth Hemmelgarn
    San Francisco prosecutors opted this week not to formally charge a gender nonconforming person who’d been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and other charges.
    Davia Spain, 23, who works at the city’s LGBT community center, was supported by many LGBTs after she was booked into custody Friday after an incident involving someone she’d dated.
    Authorities said that Spain reported that she and the complaining witness had had an amicable dating relationship for about three months.
    But Spain reportedly changed her mind about the nature of the relationship and went to see the complaining witness. A confrontation ensued in which both Spain and the complaining witness suffered visible marks. Spain is reportedly several inches taller and about 65 pounds heavier than the other person.
    Witnesses gave differing accounts of what happened, according to the authorities.
    Public Defender Jeff Adachi said that based on his office’s investigation, he was “confident that Davia acted in self-defense and is innocent of these charges.”
    Spain, who declined to be interviewed for this story, had been “forced to defend herself” and was “not the attacker or the aggressor,” said Adachi, who didn’t have more detailed information to share.
    Along with felony domestic violence, Spain was also accused of misdemeanor battery and first-degree residential burglary and booked into custody at about 4:30 a.m. Friday, according to the sheriff’s department.
    But Monday afternoon, Alex Bastian, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office, said that the agency had decided not to file charges in the case.
    “We make our charging decisions based upon the facts and the law,” said Bastian.
    Spain’s case drew about 100 people to the steps of the Hall of Justice Monday morning. More than 1,800 people signed an online petition urging the DA’s office to drop the charges “due to lack of evidence and based on systemic prejudice,” and activists planned to deliver signatures to the DA’s office after the event.
    Trans activist Jordan Davis, who attended the rally, told the B.A.R. that she doesn’t know Spain, and she doesn’t know the specifics of the case, but she said Spain “is a transgender woman of color jailed on bullshit charges. That’s all I need to know. … She survived an abuser and she was punished for it.”
    Many supporters held signs that said “#Free Davia” and posed for a group photo. One activist read a statement from Spain in which she said, “I am magic. I am power. … I am capable of achieving great things in this life.”
    Despite the public nature of the large rally, organizer Danielle West said she was “not interested” in having the B.A.R. cover it, citing unspecified complaints about the past work of the reporter who approached her.
    Others at the rally included Adachi, transgender school board candidate Mia Satya, gay City College of San Francisco trustee Tom Temprano and Rebecca Rolfe, executive director of the LGBT community center, where Spain works as a trans employment program associate. Temprano and Rolfe both refused to speak to the B.A.R.
    Other activists told the reporter not to photograph the rally, followed him around, and interrupted him as he tried to interview people.
    Spain told the B.A.R. in 2015 that she identifies as gender nonconforming, but supporters have referred to her using feminine pronouns.
    Records indicate that she was released Monday night, and she was jailed under the first name “David.” Her Facebook page says her name is “Davia Amerasu Spain.”

    1. So a home invasion and assault by a trans person won’t be prosecuted because, trans. What surprises me about the story is that the Bay Area Reporter (a gay publication) was inclusive enough about the facts (“Spain is reportedly several inches taller and about 65 pounds heavier than the other person”) for us to draw conclusions. I also liked the gem about the protester who admitted knowing nothing about the altercation other than that the accused was a trans person. I wonder about the sex of the assaulted person. That shouldn’t matter, except I wonder if there would have been a rally if the trans activists didn’t think the complainant was someone who didn’t matter (biological female or “cis” gay man). Maybe the facts about the victim aren’t known to anyone and the rally is just a measure of the power of the LGBT community center where Spain works. At any rate, this where your money to support LGBT organizations goes.
      Thanks for the update on Dana Rivers btw.

      1. You’re welcome.
        “… liked the gem about the protester who admitted knowing nothing about the altercation other than that the accused was a trans person…”
        That is Jordan Gwendolyn Davis, a well-known loon with a long history of stalking feminists. Can be googled for voluminous receipts.

  10. Just wanted to share an internet find with you all. One of the biggest transgender Youtubers, with over 1 million subscribers, is a “transman” named Miles McKenna. Just 2 years ago, she was a beautiful young woman named Amanda. But after coming out as “trans” and changing her name, she went on testosterone. Now, her voice is husky, she has aged noticeably, and her skin is riddled with acne. Her videos, which were always frenetic and annoying, are now just bizarre. Her latest video shows her spraying graffiti all over the walls and bathroom fixtures in her rental apartment. While she is vandalizing the property, she opines that she wants children to do “whatever inspires” them. Her fanatically loyal following is finally waking up and is posting lots of comments expressing concern, worry and disappointment, and asking whether she is OK. Others commenters are noting that “Miles” is getting “top surgery.”
    Here is the video. It’s not violent or graphic, but IMO, it’s disturbing to watch. Also be prepared for lots of pointless noise, a manic speaking style, and endless rapid jump-cut edits.

    1. She could have autism or be bipolar. Young women with autism, bipolar depression, and even Down Syndrome are being “transitioned”. That is all we need. FTMs who are a tad off for some reason taking testosterone.

    2. Wow that is a lot of expensive damage. The first time her landlord comes in to fix something she is fucked. Hope she likes going to court.

    3. It’s shocking how the Foo Fighters have managed to sweep their HIV denialism (“it doesn’t exist or have anything to do with AIDS if it does”) under the rug to the point where someone who is seen as a LGBT “community leader” can promote them like that.
      Or maybe self destruction is the point.

    4. The lunatic fringe lives….and @SkyLark Phillips is right, because those conditions, mixed with the FTM testosterone cocktails, is in the same ballpark of some person making meth in a ‘Beavis and Butt-head Lab’.
      As for the ‘art’ this person is ‘displaying’, it is not even good enough to be shown in a darkly lit section of the MOMA. Where many of us adults come from, that is called ‘vandalism’.

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