69 thoughts on “Chelsea Manning launches 2018 PEAK TRANS campaign

  1. Not too long ago, we were told that he was suicidal because the prison wasn’t allowing him to wear makeup and panties. Now, months later, his mental health is sufficiently robust to allow him to run for Senate? It’s almost as if he and his “transman” lawyer, Chase Strangio, used suicide as a tool to get what they wanted.

    1. This Telegraph UK link is from an earlier gendertrender post.
      Why wasn’t he thrown in the brig or court martialed for striking a female superior? Bradass87, all 5’2″ 120 lbs. of him, flew into a hysterical tizzy and had to be pinned to the ground by his female superior. Did he show any remorse at all for striking a female soldier? Hell, no. He brags about it by saying, “i punched a dyke in the phace.” And, he goes on to say, “i got sick of these dykes and their drama..”
      “Bradley Manning ‘attacked female soldier and sent picture of himself as a woman’
      “Bradley Manning attacked a female soldier and sent his superiors a picture of himself dressed as a woman in the weeks before he was arrested on suspicion of handing thousands of classified files to WikiLeaks, a military court heard.
      Captain Casey Fulton, who served in the same unit, said on Sunday that during one late night shift in May 2010 she found Pte Manning pinned to the ground by his female superior, Specialist Jihrleah Showman.
      “[Showman] said he had struck her and she had a big red welt on her face,” Captain Fulton said.
      The incident came weeks after Pte Manning sent an anguished email to a sergeant, where he said his gender identity issues left him unable to work or think and even attached a photograph of himself dressed as a woman. The young soldier, who was forced by military regulations to conceal his homosexuality, sometimes referred to himself as “Breanna”.
      But rather than alert his superiors, Master Sergeant Paul Adkins tried to deal with the situation himself, and only told his commanders of the email after Pte Manning was arrested at the end of May 2010, the court was told. ”
      Bradley Manning (I will not call him Chelsea or “she”) originally came out as a gay man. After he declared he was really trans and a “woman”, every LGBTQIA organization started treating him as if he were some kind of freaking rock star or a living saint. It was disgusting.
      Bradley Manning aka bradass87 is not a woman. He is an emotionally unstable manipulating coward who has serious issues with actual females. He is just pathetic.

  2. What’s there sex, gender or sexual preference got to do with it? I’d vote for a dog if it was opposed to neo-liberalism, its military-industrial complex and its wish for total domination.

    1. What’s that little bump embedded in the ground there? Oh, it’s just an incredibly low bar

    2. I’d happily vote for a dog, just about any dog (dogs generally being without human viciousness), but not Manning. Do we really need another entitled, delusional male in the U.S. Senate, a body filled with them?

    3. “I’d vote for a dog if it was opposed to neo-liberalism, its military-industrial complex and its wish for total domination.”
      Scroll down to read my earlier post.
      I’m an old school anti-war activists who has was out on the streets in 2003 with my anti-war sign. This was before Bush dropped the first bomb in Iraq. We knew it was bullsh* way back then. Where was Manning? He was playing computer games in his mom’s trailer in Oklahoma. The Abu Graib prisoner abuse scandal surfaced in 2003/2004. Where was Manning? Bradass87 joined the Army in 2007 and was sent to Iraq in 2009, or was it 2010. No one, and I mean freaking no one, needed Bradass87 to tell us that war crimes were going on in Iraq. What does Manning know about depleted uranium or cluster bombs? Probably diddly squat. People knew this years before Manning showed his face. So, I’m not buying this whole b.s. about Manning being some kind of anti-war hero exposing war crimes.
      There are a lot of very good people who are honestly opposed to the military-industrial complex, and these people have a long track record of anti-war activity. Manning aka bradass87 is not one of them. Don’t be fooled by this mentally unstable manipulating fraud.
      *What foreign experience does he have? None.
      *What does he know about economics? Nothing.
      *Does he have a plan for health care? No.
      We already have an emotionally unstable man in the White House (Trump). We sure as heck don’t need a manipulating unstable senator. And, this idiotic stunt is not going to give Democrats the majority in the senate.

      1. January 16, 1991 Operation Desert Storm was launched, the first fighter aircraft flew out of Saudi Arabia towards the Persian Gulf and while thousands upon thousands of women & children were blown apart and burnt to death as bombs fell on Iraqi hospitals an civilian shelters, I marched alone with my 5 month old infant daughter swaddled against my back with my hokie hand-made anti-war, anti-Bush (George W.) cardboard sign up to the Uni campus quad every fucking day for weeks, tears streaming down my cheeks and wondering what kind of fucked up world was it I had just brought this little girl into. The universe changed for me that winter of 1991. I as 20 years old.
        Yeah, We fucking knew.
        *report also found that 46 per cent of the victims of US air strikes whose gender could be determined were female and 39 per cent were children.*

  3. I thought he was on the verge of suicide, wonder if they’re going to mention how he punched a woman officer in the military? Oh, and he must have gone to the same surgeon as Lily of London—sheesh. Can a felon run for Senate to begin with?

  4. Didn’t even listen to the audio, just watched the imagery … turns out it’s a wonderful demonstration or how NOT to edit stock footage for personal gain.

  5. Just double checked and anyone who is 30 years old can run for Senate in Maryland, they’ve had to have been a citizen for 9 years, and have to live in the state to run. LOL Ella, I saw the pussy hats too. Bradley punched a female officer when he was in the military, he also stabbed a female relative, and threatened suicide. No doubt the cult indoctrinated trans supporting left will back him or cheerlead for him.

    1. I wonder if the Trans PAC is funding him. And if not, why not.


      Bryan “Brynn” Tannehill is on their advisory board, also Monica Roberts. Both military dudes who hate Manning.

  6. Transcript:
    We live in trying times.
    Times of fear.
    Of suppression.
    Of hate.
    We don’t need more, or better leaders.
    We need someone willing to fight.
    We need to stop asking them to give us our rights.
    They won’t support us.
    They won’t compromise.
    We need to stop expecting that our systems will somehow fix themselves.
    We need to actually take the reigns of power from them.
    We need to challenge them at every level.
    We need to fix this.
    We don’t need them anymore.
    We can do better.
    You’re damn right we got this.

      1. @GallusMag Saw Rush that same year. Blue Oyster Cult opened for them. Rush definitely was not only a headliner but in an entirely different class than big hair, bubble-gum pop metal.

        1. Oops! I thought you were commenting on the Rush video in a different thread, not the Twisted Sister video. That’s what happens when you approve comments on the fly from the admin panel folks! #PROTIP
          My bad. 🙂
          I saw Dio with Megadeth opening and Twisted Sister with Dokken (free tickets for the latter). Come to think of it, left early from both shows due to a previous engagement. 😛
          Megadeth was

  7. Oh my god. That video looks and sounds like an art film made by a teenage boy that “totally gets it but no one else does!”

  8. I am angered beyond belief that this criminal is allowed to run. He is a disgrace to our country, a traitor, a felon, a flake, and a woman-beater.
    I wonder how much money from some rich TIM will help fund him? I can say this: as a vet and as an activist if I can, I will work against him in any LEGAL manner I may, ASK ME.

  9. I posted this in 2013. It’s from an earlier gendertrender article on Manning. The video of the Apache helicopter shooting a wounded person was about the only real war crime exposed by Manning: 99% of the 700,000 leaked documents had nothing to do with war crimes. How in the heck could he have known what was in each of the 700,000 leaked documents? He didn’t. His actions amounted to a confused angry kid dumping as much as he could. And, by the time that bradass87 joined the Army and was sent to Iraq, people already knew Iraq was based on lies. The real heroes are Sgt. Joe Darby who leaked the Abu Graib prison scandal, Scott Ritter, Joe Wilson, and all the ant-war protesters who were out on the street in 2003 and 2004 while bradass87 was still playing computer games in his mom’s trailer in Oklahoma.
    From my earlier post on Manning,
    “In February 2003, I was standing in the rain with hundreds of other people screaming, protesting, carrying my anti-war signs, and begging the Bush administration to stay out of Iraq. People knew months before the start of Bush’s illegal war that it was all based on fabricated lies. Indeed, thousands of people took to the streets worldwide, and this was before March 2003. I continued to participate in anti-war rallies up until the later part of 2004. We were right. Where was Bradley Manning, and what was he doing then?
    The horrific abuse of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib surfaced in late 2003 and 2004. Again, I protested, wrote emails, and expressed my outrage. People were aware of the Downing Street Memo. Former U.S. Marine Major and U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter said that Iraq’s ability to produce biological and chemical weapons was all but destroyed after the Persian Gulf War. As a weapons inspector, Ritter knew Iraq had no WMDs in 2003 and he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth. The yellow cake uranium from Niger was a bald face lie. IAEA chief Dr. Mohammed el-Baradei said this information was based on crudely forged documents. It didn’t take people too long to figure this out. Basically everything that came out of George W. Bush’s mouth was a lie. Where was Bradley Manning hiding, and what was he doing then?
    Manning joined the Army in 2007 partly for money for college. There hasn’t been a military draft since Vietnam. Bradley voluntarily joined the Army. In 2007, people certainly knew that there were no WMDs in Iraq, and it was all a pack of lies. People knew about Abu Ghraib and the massacre in Falluja. When Bradley ends up in Iraq, he is shocked at what he sees. He becomes disillusioned and bitter. He enlisted in 2007, and Bush’s immoral and illegal war started in March 2003. What was Mr. Manning doing in those four years when the rest of civilization had figured it all out by then?
    Manning is not a hero. The real heroes are the war protestors, and the people who knew it was all based on twisted neoconservative ideology and fabricated lies from the very beginning. Manning is intelligent and can read, so where was he at all these years?. To me, Manning is just a scared, frightened, confused young man from Oklahoma who volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army, then deliberately disobeyed orders. He was convicted of multiple counts of violating the Espionage Act and was sentenced to 35 years in a military prison.* He will also be reduced in rank to private, forfeit all pay and allowances and receive a dishonorable discharge. Manning released 700,000 documents from classified computers. As people have pointed out, how could he have known what was in each of these files? Some of these were State Department cables.”
    (*President Obama commuted his sentence.)
    My uncle is a disabled vet. It really pisses me off that the military paid for this little twit’s female hormones and surgery. Disabled vets have to fight the VA all the time for basic things they need. Why in hell should the military pay for hormones and sex reassignment surgery (it really doesn’t change one’s sex) for a prisoner sentenced to 35 years in a military prison? Jesus freaking Christ. This little piss ant is sitting in a military prison, sentenced to 35 years for leaking 700,000 classified documents. Then, he whines that he needs female hormones and lacy panties. Trans organizations rush to his rescue.
    I’ve always been anti-war, but I have relatives in the military who served in Iraq. I don’t always agree with my relatives, but I don’t want any service member harmed. Wars based on lies are started by very powerful people at the top, not the common man.
    Bradley Manning is a joke and a disgrace. I won’t call him Chelsea or “she”.

    1. I agree. I had a dear Vietnam War vet 100% disabled Agent Orange, given his disability 100% fuking six months before he died after lifelong diseases, lymphoma, shithead VA. Given lump sum, and pension six months before he died. Calculated.

    2. I feel you. I have relatives who have to constantly fight with the VA, even for things as small as a knee brace. So watching that little shit snivel for horse piss was hard to stomach even before I hit peak trans.

  10. And the criminal class wants to ride again. Here I thought that being tried for treason [to hell with the Obama pardon] would PREVENT someone from being considered electable. Let alone the fact that as @GallusMag and others have posted, has shown a violent track record towards others, in particular women. Along with the fact, that the creep is less stable than a toothpick cabin on the San Andreas Fault.
    In other corners, some in the brigade are happy this cretin, mess of cells, piece of shit, waste of organic material is running. Even saying that if Trump can get away with the shit he has done, then Manning should as well.
    What does that say???
    That the criminal class wants to ride again….and to those who say that term is mean, please read through this site again. The evidence has been shown, in rather graphic detail.

      1. Yeah….that he did. Dar,n I was so mad in reading and seeing that public access video level ‘ad’ [the only thing missing were the obligatory artificial plants in the background] for the creep, I forgot that it was a commutation.
        Scarier still…at the time Obama did that, there were some who practically went out of their way, to say that both were equal. As the little one reminds me on a daily basis, these are some crazy-ass humans.

  11. So this twerp thinks he’s qualified to go from prison to the U.S. Senate. GM, I hope your title turns out to be predictive. Perhaps he’ll do for the U.S. what India Willoughby seems to be accomplishing in the U.K. Too bad Manning isn’t doing reality television instead!
    I noticed the pussy hat scene, too, but I can’t figure out whether it’s in there to support women’s rights or as a sign of the apocalypse.

  12. Bradley Edward Manning is not only a teensy- weensy spy for the Emperor, he is the Emperor. God, what BALLS! And to think we 1970s pro-feminsts marched together at the very end of women’s marches, and thought that might be a little invasive. What a monstrous reversal.
    Now we know in an all too graphic way what Janice Raymond was referring to when she said the trans-sexual (transgender) Empire was COLONIZING.

  13. Running for SENATE no less, not starting out with County Commissioner or Board of Supervisors or even State Legislature. Trading on that fame that comes from treason to run with the big dogs.

  14. His voice is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying. Why doesn’t he just speak in his normal voice for godssakes.
    You don’t sound female when you talk like that, Chelsea. It just sounds grating. Just talk in your normal voice as you did at your trial. #PROTIP

  15. oh the male to trans annoying fake voice…. but notice how the male to trans operate, they go for every job they have no qualifications in, as do a lot of men actually, even Sarah Palin actually was governor of Alaska.. I can’t think of any women running for Senate or the Presidency who didn’t have solid credentials. So Bradley, go run for dog catcher and work your way up to toilet cleaner.

  16. It’s interesting that bradass87 starts out his little video with violent riots in streets. Legitimate anti-war, civil rights, and environmental rallies don’t need violence. Trans Dykes just love riots, especially when they are carrying their baseball bats and shields. There is nothing more frightening on earth than a transwoman or gender queer male with a baseball bat wearing a red paint splattered, “I Punch Terfs” shirt.
    When it comes to trans, we aren’t talking about some old school peaceful rally. What is bradass87 going to do about violence at protests? Is he going to give the Trans Dykes more baseball bats or bigger “Trans Dykes are Good and Pure Shields”. The distinctive “Trans Dykes are Good and Pure Shields” were present at the Berkeley riots where people were injured and thousands of dollars of property were destroyed.
    All we need is more Trans Dykes and their pink baseball bats and armed transwomen.
    “Not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you” – queer and trans gun club
    * Bradass87 brags that he “punched a dyke in the phace”, feeling no remorse whatsoever.
    * Transwomen wear “I Punch Terfs” shirts at gay pride parades. See link above. Other than to terrorize women, what was the purpose of wearing a blood red painted shirt, “I punch terfs”.
    *Transwomen have been making death threats to women for years.
    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
    *Trans Dykes shields are usually around when violence erupts at protests.
    Trans sure as heck isn’t the old school Martin Luther King non-violent protests.
    I’ve been to many anti-war protests that never turned violent. I’ve been to protests against Monsanto and other environmental protests. Nothing turned violent; probably because no gender queer dudes or transwomen were around.
    We live in trying times.
    Times of fear.
    Of suppression.
    Of hate.
    We don’t need more, or better leaders.
    We need someone willing to fight.
    We need to stop asking them to give us our rights.
    They won’t support us.
    They won’t compromise.
    We need to stop expecting that our systems will somehow fix themselves.
    We need to actually take the reigns of power from them.
    We need to challenge them at every level.
    We need to fix this.
    We don’t need them anymore.
    We can do better.
    You’re damn right we got this.
    Notice the “We need to actually take the reigns of power from them.”
    This sounds like a deranged person who thinks he is some kind of “revolutionary”. Actual human rights works takes a tremendous amount of measured discipline. Discipline and integrity that bradass87 lacks.
    What is his plan? No one knows, but we need to take the reigns of power. Now, hand out the baseball bats.
    What a frightening man!

  17. Transcript:
    We live in trying times.
    Times of fear.
    Of suppression.
    Of hate.
    We don’t need more, or better leaders.
    We need someone willing to fight.
    We need to stop asking them to give us our rights.
    They won’t support us.
    They won’t compromise.
    We need to stop expecting that our systems will somehow fix themselves.
    We need to actually take the reigns of power from them.
    We need to challenge them at every level.
    We need to fix this.
    We don’t need them anymore.
    We can do better.
    You’re damn right we got this.
    *What is his plan for health care? He will figure it out later. Bradass87 has no experience whatsoever.
    *What about foreign policy? He will figure that one out later too. Again, bradass87 has no experience whatsoever.
    *Does he have a plan for education? No, he hasn’t a clue.
    *What about the economy? Any experience here. No, nothing.
    Bradass87, resume
    I sued the military and I’m trans. I dumped 700,000 classified files. I should have served my full 35 years, but Obama felt sorry for me.

  18. When a member of the military strikes a superior officer, and it was not an act of self defense or an attempt to prevent that superior from committing an unjustifiable act of violence against someone else, my worldview pretty much interprets that as not even fit to be elected dog-catcher.

  19. There is already a malignant narcissist living out his delusional dreams in the presidency. Both Trump and Manning are cut from the same woman-hating cloth.
    We don’t need this woman-beating misogynistic fraud, who is in dire need of real psychiatric therapy (not the “trans cure”) in the WH.

  20. Transcript
    There’s stuff happening!
    People have got stuff and are doing stuff.
    If I got elected we are going to do stuff about all the stuff and the people that are doing the stuff!
    It’s going to be really wild, and just like your favourite Xbox live game.
    He might have a chance if they introduce online voting, but his target demographic are going to struggle to step away from their games consoles and go out and vote.
    Still, at least no one will ever be able to accuse him of reneging on his election manifesto.

  21. Bradass87 (i punched a dyke in the phace and leaked 700,000 classified documents) is running as a Democrat. I’ve been doing some googling, and Democrats really aren’t too enthusiastic about him running for senator. Of course, Democrats and the LGBT have a long history, and for the most part it has been good in terms of rights for gay men and lesbians. The “T” and “Q” who control the LGBTQIA are like spoiled, petulant children. The more they are given, the more they ask. The Democrats have given them basically everything they wanted, even at the expense of women’s human rights. The Democratic Party has basically tossed the entire female sex and our human right to privacy under the bus for the sake of “gender identity”. If anything, Manning is their creation. Again, it’s not sexual orientation. It’s the “T” and “Q” who control every LGBTQIA organization. It’s the “T” and “Q” who are running roughshod over the rights of women. It’s the “T” and “Q” who are sterilizing children and mutilating disabled women. The “T” and “Q” are out of control. Unfortunately, the Democrats haven’t gotten the message.
    Why should it surprise anyone that an emotionally unstable, manipulating, misogynistic transwoman who a lot of people say is a traitor has the audacity to run for the senate as a Democrat? Why would Manning who has no experience think he is qualified to be a senator? The Democratic Party has given the “T” in the LGBT everything they wanted basically with no questions asked. It’s as if the Democrats have declared that transgender are special snowflakes, and to deny them anything is tantamount to committing a heinous crime. It’s like a spoiled child who continues to ask for more. Eventually, they start to think they are entitled to anything.
    Why can’t an intelligent gender critical feminist run for a senate seat as a Democrat? The Democratic Party desperately needs gender critical women. We don’t have to call it “gender critical”, or even feminism. It’s just using one’s common sense. It’s saying enough is enough to the trans agenda that is steamrolling over the rights of women, and getting crazier with each passing year.
    Why can’t a smart liberal or moderate female run as a Democrat? The majority of women know that this “gender identity” nonsense has gotten totally out of hand. Women know that women really don’t have a penis, and we can see the utter insanity of how “gender identity” has evolved. We see the privacy rights of women being eroded. There has to be millions of very smart middle of the road women with common sense who will say no, “gender identity” has gotten out of hand. We will not stand for it anymore.
    I don’t mean to bash the Democrats. After all, I voted Democrat for most of my life. I’ve never voted Republican for anything. Lately, I’ve been calling myself an independent. It’s frustrating as heck to see the Democrats bending over backwards to pander to transgender when all trans do is ask for more. And, then Manning pulls this stunt.
    The Democratic Party is dead wrong if they think only right wing conservative women oppose the trans agenda. Millions of middle of the road moderates are fed up.
    I voted for President Obama twice. He should have left Mr. bradass87 in a military prison where he belongs. Now, the Democrats have a mess on their hands, not knowing exactly what to do with their precious little snowflake. And, veterans are really, really pissed off, and most rational people are stunned.

  22. Off topic a little 🙂 LOVED Blue Oyster Cult back in the day— maybe we need a new rock band titled No Trans Cult …

    1. BOC! All right!
      I’m feeling a bit at home here. First concert ever was BOC and Sabbath (Dio years). Saw Rush twice too.
      A ex of mine was from NY and had the coolest concert poster with art depicting Patti Smith rocking out in a BOC t shirt. Don’t miss him much, but wish I still had the poster around…

  23. Chelsea Manning showed up at a far-right pro-Trump bash, infuriating the far left
    “Hours after hundreds of thousands of pink-hatted marchers pounded down New York streets to protest President Trump’s first year in office, a different sort of one-year anniversary party kicked off in a Hell’s Kitchen nightclub Saturday.
    “A Night for Freedom” was billed as a “gathering of patriots and political dissidents who are bored with mainstream political events,” in the words of Mike Cernovich, the far-right activist and conspiracy theorist who organized the party. The $139 general admission fee got attendees hors d’oeuvres and tickets for three drinks. DJ duo Milk N Cooks handled the music. As the event shifted into high gear, it featured an all-star lineup of fringe Internet celebrities, Trump backers and media trolls, including, reportedly, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe and the Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich.
    But an unexpected guest, neither a Trump die-hard nor Internet provocateur, ended up dominating the news coverage of the event. Chelsea Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst who spent seven years in prison for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, was spotted “smiling and socializing with attendees” early in the evening, BuzzFeed reported.”

    1. God, it really is all about outrage and attention. Showing up surely got him all kinds of attention from attendees, plus leftist outrage afterward. How exhilarating it must be for him (barf). Anything to get in the news and keep people talking. Dude ought to be committed to inpatient care, not hanging out at fucking gala events.

      1. ‘Inpatient’ like Bellevue, Pilgrim State, Creedmoor? Nah….the patients there would throw this creep out for giving THEM a bad name.

      2. the trans cult needs to really create a new “narcissism inc.” politics, it’s always about attention grabbing, crocodile tears, and I hope outraged veterans everywhere take on this mentally ill man, including women veterans.

      1. “”Everyone was respectful,” a different partygoer said. Another claimed that not a single person in attendance misgendered Manning, who is an openly transgender woman.”

    2. Everything that dude does is to feed his narcissism. I’m surprised he doesn’t livestream his taking a shit.

      1. Don’t give him ideas! The “Rose City T-girls, ” who Gallus has written about before, like to take and post pictures of each other, sitting on toilets in public restrooms.

  24. I was reading a few “Military News” type sites and it sounds like Manning is still technically active duty military on “excess” leave, meaning it would be illegal under military law for him to run at all. If this is correct and he goes for it anyway, it would leave the military with no choice but to
    A. Discharge him (in which case Manning gets to declare his freedom and triumph as if he’s a hero)
    B. Officially waive the law in his case (making him an exception to an important law in which case he can pretend to be a hero somehow)
    C. Unofficially waive it, ie ignore the issue (I can’t imagine they would but kind of hope they do because Manning would hate being ignored)
    D. Charge him. (And the cycle of Manning deliberately breaking military law then acting like a political prisoner could begin anew.)
    Suddenly his run makes a lot more sense strategically for a narcissist, and not just random flailing for attention.

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