Women to sue UK Labour over refusal to honor protected legal category of “sex”

The Labour Party in the UK is facing a legal challenge from women over the party’s refusal to recognize the legally protected class of “sex” which allows women to form single-sex initiatives and shortlists.
From the campaign:

“Comrades, we are a group of Labour women who want to ensure all-women shortlists stay reserved for females and that women’s representation in the party increases. We believe that the election of transwomen as women’s officers and their inclusion on all-women shortlists is reducing and undermining female representation in the Labour party.

We are absolutely committed to trans people, as a marginalised group, living free from discrimination and violence: we need trans representatives, trans councillors and trans MPs in our party. We are socialists and we are egalitarians. However, trans representation must not happen at the expense of female candidates and we are furious that we are having to fight another battle for women’s representation, just 100 years after the suffragette victories.

We have been advised that a legal challenge to the Labour party on this could be winnable. The party has recently allowed males to be elected as women’s officers and males to be selected over females in all-woman MP candidate selections. This has happened because Labour, in practice, has started to define ‘women’ by sex AND by self-identification. Self-id is not legally recognised (as defined by equality act exemptions) whereas sex IS but Labour, nevertheless, relies on these two antithetical definitions of ‘woman’ which is causing a conflict of interests which needs resolution.

As socialists we understand class analysis and we know the most meaningful way to classify women is by sex. Sex, along with poverty, age, disability and race, is one of the major oppressive hierarchies in the world today. Women’s biology has always been the basis for our oppression worldwide BY MEN. Feminism is defined as the movement to liberate all women from sex-based oppression.

Self-id also impacts on lesbians and gay men who, by definition, are not homogenderists but homosexuals. Lesbians and gays are currently afforded legal, sex-based  protections from discrimination and these are already being diluted by self-id. We believe gender is a manmade, toxic set of stereotypes, used to restrict men and women and we want to see it abolished, not codified into law. We support all gender non-conforming people: be they lesbian, gay or trans. Feminists have always been at vanguard of the fight for people to live their lives in a gender non-conforming way and will continue to do so – but never at the expense of women’s rights and representation.”

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  1. So there’s apparently some effort by facebookians to record and report the names of contributors to the labor party, even though you can sign whatever name you want to appear on the page. Someone donated as lily Madigan, lol.

    1. We’ll just go under our Awesome Trans Trans Gal names.
      (Just make sure it sounds like a mashup of a 70s porn actor and someone’s D&D character.)

  2. Women have always fought hard, we’ve earned what we have, nothing was given to us freely and we are more than used to fighting. Im proud to be a part of this and glad to be fighting back

  3. Excellent! Thank you so much for posting this clear call to arms to defend SEX-based protection for women. Protection for all, yes! just not on our patch!

  4. I’ve been following this campaign with interest, and from subsequent statements released, it seems that the group is not going to sue to keep the shortlists in question all female, but only to stop those who self-id as women. This update in particular is the relevant one:
    It seems they’ve received a preliminary statement from their legal representative who is telling them that based on the current 2010 Equalities Act, someone who has a gender recognition certification (what is currently required to be legally recognised as the opposite sex) would legally be able to stand as a woman for any Labour shortlists, but that someone who only has self-id wouldn’t. The group seems happy enough to go along with this conclusion, I guess.
    But the tension with the Equalities Act has always been that both gender reassignment and sex are listed protected characteristics. Personally I think there needs to be a challenge to actually delineate that boundary of sex very clearly, and to assert that these government agencies / organisations like the Labour Party need to actually honour the Act by treating sex as a distinct category. Stopping the self-id stuff from taking root is great and a step in the right direction, but I think it is kind of falling short by not also challenging the whole idea of legal gender reassignment being exactly the same as biological sex.

    1. Agree with your analysis and conclusion.
      The 2004 Gender Recognition Act establishes “gender reassignment” for “transsexuals” as a protected status. It also allows men to change their birth certificate to “female” if they meet certain criteria (medical psychiatric diagnosis, two years living “in role”, etc.)
      Transgender activists are currently lobbying to change the GRA into a protected category of “self declaration” for “transgenders” (to change legal sex with no objective requirements).
      The 2010 Equality Act lists both “sex” and “gender reassignment” as (conflicting) protected categories:
      What the Labour Party is doing is allowing men to use “self declaration” to apply for All-Women Shortlists, although “self declaration”, unlike “gender reassignment” is not (yet) a protected category. Therefor they are clearly in violation of the 2010 Equality Act.

      1. Yes. Given the current push to change the GRA to self declaration, the other problem with the approach this group is taking, is that if those changes to the GRA pass, then any successful challenge that they’ve made will quite possibly become moot anyway. (Since their campaign hinges on the fact that self-declaration is not currently legally recognised by UK law).
        Of course, the GRA has been running into a lot of opposition in the UK, far more than its champions expected, so it’s far from being a done deal at this stage.

        1. I agree.
          Of course, forcing the Labour Party to desist in illegal discrimination against female candidates is, in itself, a good and noble aim, especially in such a clear cut case.
          In addition, such a campaign has other valuable effects, such as raising public awareness of the conflict between women’s rights and “genderist” rights. This is particularly useful ahead of a possible reassessment of the 2004 GRA itself.
          All in all, it is a very clever and cost effective action.

    2. They’ve succeeded. Laboury has agreed to restrict access to those with a GRC–not ideal, but better than letting any Tom, Dick, or Harry onto the shortlists because they claim to be female.

      1. Thanks for the update! Looks like Labour Party knew they were holding an illegal position.
        Now to get males with no GRA restricted from Women’s Officer positions (Madigan).
        The funds could be used to press the courts for an “exemption” of men with GRAs to exclude them from shortlists. Might be better spent to lobby against proposed “self declaration” in general, and perhaps for increased restrictions to the GRA itself- banning male GRA holders from taking female sex-specific protected slots.

  5. The typical transmaid is a heterosexual woman (or man) with no close lesbian or gay friends who sees butch dykes and flaming fags as “the other”, and slightly distasteful. Yet they support gay rights- oh lawd, yes of course they do. “Those people” deserve rights!
    But now trans- the handmaid can really understand. Trans people stay in role. Masculinity for men, Femininity for women. Transmen are the keep your chin up gals. Man haircut? Because Man at heart! Man clothes=because men. Desire to fuck women=what men do. As for Transwomen, awwww, the status of womanhood becomes abject and tragic when occupied by a man. What could be more vulnerable than a subhuman role inhabited by a fully human (male) person? Why, that’s the saddest status ever. How degrading for “her”. The most vulnerable, sad, pathetic, abject woman ever. Far more than any actual woman subjected to sex-based violence and discrimination. There is only one type of woman human enough to deserve empathy and care. The male type.
    This is your transmaid.

    1. Totally, totally, totally. I have continually asked myself why liberals are so pro-trans and besides the self-righteous quotient (very high) all I could figure is that they are actually disgusted by homosexuality though they claim not to be. You do not change overnight from being homophobic to being supportive of gay men and lesbians without a lot of careful self-examination.
      Someone here might get a laugh from a story my brother-in-law told me. He and my sister were out to dinner with my cousin and her Methodist minister husband. I’m not sure what the current stance of the Methodist church is, but at that time they were definitely condemning of homosexuality. My cousin announced VERY LOUDLY at the dinner table that their daughter was a lesbian. My sister and brother-in-law were like, okay, what’s the big deal? but my cousin obviously had to assure the world that despite their past abhorrence they were now okay with lesbianism.
      I’m sorry, but that doesn’t happen without a lot of thoughtful consideration. And when you are truly accepting, you needn’t announce it loudly at a table in a restaurant.

  6. “Transmaid” damn GM, you just nailed it again. Explains why straight women get so freaked out at butch lesbians— because hey, we don’t role play the way they feel comfortable. But a man who plays the role of a woman or vice versa, totally heteronormative and conservative. And of course no man in his right mind would ever willingly “choose” to be a pathetic second class citizen, so the poor thing must be given priority over all born women. Oh, and HE is the most oppressed by evil violence, and MUST be let into all women’s spaces because well MEN do get to do anything they want to and Transmaids ever the compliant male pleasing branch of hetero normative women still want to vent actual contempt for lesbian feminist worlds, institutions and culture.

    1. And this is for all those parents out there who claim to raise their children in an atmosphere of “gender” equality — what a load of old shit! You just know if they say that, that they are precisely not doing so.
      I have no comprehension, other than cerebral, of the discomfort that people feel at femme men or butch women.

    1. The one trans-identified male I came into contact with in the 1970s was everything these obnoxious loudmouths are not: quiet, retiring, totally taking a backseat to women.

    2. Someone really needs to cut back on the Koolaid. When people first started claiming that Stonewall and the modern movement for gay rights was spearheaded by transwomen, I thought they’d eventually be given credit for feminism. What’s next–transwomen are responsible for the space program? The internet? Sliced bread?
      A lot of these unthinkingly pro-trans young people seems to have absolutely no grasp of historical facts–or biological ones, for that matter. I don’t know what the hell is going on in schools. Maybe the push for emphasizing basics like reading and math has left no room to teach critical thinking skills.

      1. From what I have observed ‘common core’ does nothing but quench all desire or curiousity for further learning/academics.

    3. I was reading the comments on that subject and aside from this, the “you’ve been terfed out hyuk hyuk” from transallies and the the news that they formed witch hunt lists on a Facebook group about which terfs they need to oust out of the party, I came across this little gem on a reddit regarding the suspension for saying women don’t have dicks:
      “Damn right she should be suspended. If anything women should be more respected when they have a penis”

      Send help. I think I cracked a rib laughing.

      1. Some guy thinks people with penises should be given more respect than those without. What a shock. I’m torn between laughing myself sick and hoping aliens destroy the planet.
        If sex is replaced with gender in laws against discrimination, men will claim there’s no legal bar to preferring people with penises to those without in hiring, politics, etc, as long as they don’t discriminate against those who call themselves women (but women’s attempts to create penis-free spaces, even in their personal life, will, of course, still be wrong somehow).

    1. No. Not excluded as a result of women fighting to be represented. Excluded by racist white men. Minority men need to put in the hard work to campaign for their own minority shortlist/s, to raise issues of racism within politics etc. This attitude is everywhere these days in what passes for ‘activism’ and it’s so toxic. A minority group fights and fights and fights, and finally, because of years, decades, centuries, of hard work, gets some degree of success and changes things for the better for their group, and suddenly they’re the worst people in the word who are trampling all over the other minorities. No. It’s still the powerful white men who are trampling you. Fight them. Don’t tear down what some other group achieved. The way the trans movement claims that gays and lesbians are privileged for having rights and social acceptance that we fought decades to be able to have is another prime example.
      Also the perennial what-about-the-men??? Response. Not original these folks.

      1. “Minority men need to put in the hard work to campaign for their own minority shortlist/s..”
        Minority shortlists are illegal. The only reason there are women’s shortlists is because female citizens are the underrepresented majority.
        This is also why trans don’t even want shortlists. A trans shortlist would only promote trans candidates to represent 0.3% of labor seats. Which out of the current 259 seats is only 0.7 seats for full and complete transgender representation in the party.
        There are only 47 All Women Shortlists currently. By population, none of those seats (or only 0.07%) would be “transwomen”(even if you believe transwomen are women). 0.07% means one transwoman candidate running “as a woman” maybe once every 15 years. But of course transwomen are men, so they are already overrepresented and they can take over the scant slots allotted for female candidates now, which is what they are now trying to do.
        And I mean, how on earth would a guy like Heather Peto – who took a women’s slot in a labour vote and a female slot in the Jo Cox initiative- ever even get considered on his merit? He claims that he has a rare sleeping sickness and that he would be incapacitated for extended periods of times and unable to serve. It would have been extraordinarily difficult for him to even run a campaign, one would think.

      2. Same math on the Labour Party Women’s Officers. There are 650 Parliamentary Constituencies and one Labour Party Women’s Officer for each (someone correct me if I’m wrong).
        So even if you believe “transwomen are women” only 0.975 Women’s Officer posts should be “transwomen”. Therefore Lily Madigan has more than represented the entire transwoman population for the entire country.
        By population, one transwoman MP elected from any party would successfully represent the transgender population of the entire country, proportionally. That individual was previously Nikki Sinclair, who served as an MP from 2009-2014 until he was arrested for fraud.

      3. How many transgender Labour candidates are/were there this year?
        Sophie Cook
        Heather Peto
        Eddie Izzard
        Emily Brothers
        all men of course….
        who else?

      4. Thanks for unpacking all that info, really interesting. Campaign is up to nearly 21 and a half thousand pounds now. In a mere 16 days. What I’m curious about is what all the young libfems and handmaids are making of all this. Like, it seems part of the reason Corbyn is wanting to be all trans friendly and pro-self ID is that it’s what younger sectors of the party want (or so he’s claimed I think, or perhaps it was a reporter who speculated that was the case) – are all the libfems watching Lily Madigan & co (including a bunch of regular ol’ ‘cis’ men) targeting all these feminist women and not even having a twinge of misgiving? Esp. as, thankfully, there has been some sympathetic reporting that has highlighted the regressive, controlling and misogynistic nature of the hit-lists and purges. I would love to know what’s going on in the libfem community right now.

      5. If at most one trans MP is needed for proportional representation of the trans population, it’s no wonder trans identified men prefer to be included on all women shortlists–where, if they act as usual, they’ll demand to treated preferentially on the grounds that they’re more oppressed than other women. Given that they’ve done this in other arenas, there’s no reason to believe they’ll behave differently in politics.
        First they insist they’re no different from women and should have access to women’s resources, but once they have that access, they whine that poor oppressed trans people should get special consideration. In other words, they’re “just like other women” only until it’s time to divide the–always smaller–women’s pot, at which point they feel entitled to a disproportionately large share.

      6. 2017 Transgender UK Candidates:
        Liberal Democrats Helen Belcher
        Chippenham 2nd place, 25.6% (-3.8%)
        Majority: 29.1%
        Green Party Aimee Challenor
        Coventry South 5th place: 1.3% (-2.6%)
        Labour Sophie Cook
        East Worthing & Shoreham 2nd place, 39.3% (+19.8%)
        Majority: 9.3%
        Green Party Andrew Creak
        (Non-Binary) 6th place, 1.1% (-1.2%)
        Liberal Democrats Charley Hasted
        Swansea East
        (Non-Binary) 5th place, 1.8% (-2.4%)
        Green Party Dom Horsman
        North West Durham 5th place, 1.1% (-2.6%)
        Green Party Lee-Anne Lawrance
        Runnymede and Weybridge
        (Non-Binary) 5th place, 2.6% (-1.5%)
        Zoe OConnell Liberal Democrats Zoe O’Connell
        Maldon 3rd place, 4.3% (-0.1%)
        Labour Heather Peto
        Rutland & Melton 2nd place, 22.7% (+7.3%)
        Majority: 40.1%

  7. Do yall know Jenn Smith? Great stuff, check him out. You would not believe what he puts up with simply by saying he is a “female presenting male (transgender)” and it drives them all around the bend. He is under almost-constant attack and of course, as someone in his 50s, he has also been doing this longer than most of them have been alive. They arrived at “trans identity” last weekend and are attacking someone who has lived as an actual minority person in a minority community, for decades.
    So their “trans identities” are sacrosanct, but Jenn’s isn’t. This is how you know its all bullshit. Blaire White says their video “I was born male” is the most controversial thing they have ever said in the trans community, even more than being pro-Trump.
    Its all really unbelievable to me.
    PS: You have reminded me, I miss when it was gay boys who were “trans” (i.e. dressed in drag and did the drag shows), with great wit and excellent musical tastes. So much fun!!!! I think Miranda Yardley is the only one left? I admit I miss the way it was in the 70s 🙁 … there were Diana Ross/Streisand/Bette Midler impersonators in almost every good-sized city, and they all looked great and did an amazing job. (sigh) Sometimes they would introduce themselves with male names, i.e. Bobby Streisand. One called himself Diana-Donny Ross.
    It was all some of the best times of my life.

  8. The Labour Party has suspended Jennifer James.
    Lily Madagan and Aisling Musson have formed a closed Facebook page, “Labour against Transphobia”, in order to take screenshots of “transphobic” comments with the aim of doxxing anyone within the Labour Party with gender-critical views.

  9. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/labour-suspends-activist-in-transgender-row-cdjvhpldb
    The founder of a crowdfunding campaign to bar transgender women from all-women shortlists has been suspended from the Labour Party after her name appeared on a “secret hit list” submitted to party officials.
    Jennifer James, 51, a Labour activist, set up the campaign this month to fund a legal challenge to the decision to open all-women shortlists up to “all self- defining women” regardless of their legal gender. She says that she supports greater representation of transgender people but that that should not mean fewer places for those born female.
    Two days after setting up the group, the names of Ms James, a former physics teacher from Liverpool, and dozens of other supporters appeared on a list compiled by members of a closed Facebook group called Labour Against Transphobia. The group is run by Aisling Musson, a political science student at the University of York and disabled students officer at the university’s students union. Its members include Angela Rayner, the shadow education secretary, and Wes Streeting, Labour MP for Ilford North.
    In a post seen by The Times, Ms Musson explained to members that the “intention of the spreadsheet was only ever created to hold evidence of transphobia, which could be emailed to compliance to get people kicked out of the party”. The evidence included links to social media posts and invitations to public meetings to discuss proposals to change gender identity laws.
    Within 11 days of the list’s circulation Ms James received notification from Labour officials that she had been suspended from the party, which she joined in 1990. At least two of the women on the list have reported the matter to police. One said that she was expecting “a brick through the window any minute”.
    Lily Madigan, a women’s officer for the party, who is transgender, admitted being “vaguely aware of a list” but screenshots seen by The Times show her discussing it in detail with other members of the group.
    Ms James said: “Labour has, essentially, a secret police group with a hit list, picking off crowdfunder women signatories one at a time. I have been suspended for saying women don’t have penises and men don’t have vaginas.”
    Emma Salmon, 51, whose Labour membership number was also shared among the group, called it “a vigilante witch-hunt to collate evidence on those who were trying to stand up for women’s rights, [which is] seemingly endorsed by the party I was a member of”.
    Helena Wojtczak, 59, who has never been a Labour member, found herself on the list, having supported the crowdfunder. She said she felt “great empathy for trans women”, who she felt were being used as a “political football” by misogynists to launch a covert attack on women.
    The list includes many other campaigners who have raised concerns over the implications of allowing people to self-declare their gender.
    Ms Musson declined to respond to questions about the list. Ms Rayner could not be reached for comment.
    Mr Streeting said he joined the group “because a group against transphobia sounds like a good group to be part of” but said he did not condone the “tactic” behind the list.
    The Labour Party refused to say whether its officials were aware of the list, or what they planned to do with the information. A party spokeswoman said: “The Labour Party takes all complaints seriously, which are investigated in line with party procedures.

  10. Labour dirty tricks in Trans Terf war: Transgender activists draw up hit list of party members who say that men identifying as female should be barred from all-woman shortlists for parliamentary candidates
    The secret list details 32 party members targeted by transgender activists
    Trans teen Lily Madigan is administrator of the group that drew up the list
    Corbyn is torn between traditional feminists and a fear of offending trans lobby
    PUBLISHED: 19:01 EST, 27 January 2018 | UPDATED: 19:04 EST, 27 January 2018
    View comments
    Thousands of women Labour Party members will quit if men who believe they are female are allowed to join all-women shortlists, a leading party figure has warned.
    Labour veteran Linda Bellos – once notorious as the far-Left leader of Lambeth Council – spoke out as The Mail on Sunday revealed that her name was on a secret hit list of 32 party members targeted by transgender activists.
    Transgender teenager Lily Madigan, who was controversially appointed as women’s officer for her local Labour Party last year, is an administrator of a secret Facebook group called Labour Against Transphobia which drew up the list.
    A Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist hit list has been drawn up by a number of Labour activists including trans teen Lily Madigan (pictured with Jeremy Corbyn) +4
    A Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist hit list has been drawn up by a number of Labour activists including trans teen Lily Madigan (pictured with Jeremy Corbyn)
    Taxpayer-funded transgender lobby group demands free…
    All Labour officials on local committee resign in support of…
    Amid reports of an escalating battle raging in the party between feminists and transgender activists, it can also be revealed:
    Two women have been suspended from the party after being named on the ‘hit list’
    Sources on the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) say its ruling council is passionately divided over the issue
    Leader Jeremy Corbyn is paralysed with indecision, torn between traditional feminists and a fear of offending the transgender movement
    Labour’s plans to open up female-only parliamentary shortlists to ‘self-identifying’ transgender women – which have yet to be ratified – have been met with a bitter backlash from feminists.
    Stephanie Davies-Arai (pictured) formed a parents’ group concerned about the number of children being allowed to change gender +4
    Stephanie Davies-Arai (pictured) formed a parents’ group concerned about the number of children being allowed to change gender
    They in turn have been branded Terfs – Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists – by transgender activists.
    The Labour Against Transphobia Facebook page invites members to name anyone in the party they believe to be ‘transphobic’, and to supply evidence of their supposedly anti-transgender views.
    The damning dossier has been passed on to Labour officials with the aim of having the accused members expelled. Two women on the list – Jennifer James and Venice Allan – have been suspended.
    Ms James said: ‘Labour has, essentially, a secret police group with a hit list. I have been suspended for saying women don’t have penises and men don’t have vaginas.’
    She has launched a crowdfunding campaign which has raised more than £20,000 for a legal challenge against transgender women on the shortlists.
    Ms Allan said claims she had harassed transgender women in person and through social media were ‘ridiculous’. It can also be revealed that Ms Bellos – a friend of Mr Corbyn – is on the list.
    Condemning the list as ‘Stalinist’, she said last night: ‘If Labour is foolish enough to allow trans women to be selected for all-women shortlists they will lose thousands of women members who will resign from the party.
    Jennifer James launched a campaign to stop men who self-identify as female being accepted on all-women shortlists +4
    Jennifer James launched a campaign to stop men who self-identify as female being accepted on all-women shortlists
    Linda Bellos is a renowned activist. She was barred from speaking at Cambridge for ‘questioning trans politics’ +4
    Linda Bellos is a renowned activist. She was barred from speaking at Cambridge for ‘questioning trans politics’
    People who grow up with the privileges of being boys or men are not women.’
    Another woman on the list, Stephanie Davies-Arai – who runs Transgender Trend, a parents’ group concerned about the rising number of children being diagnosed as transgender – said she was shocked at being called transphobic, adding: ‘I’m not even a Labour member. I’m furious to be put on that list.’
    One Labour insider said: ‘This self-ID situation is problematic for Corbyn. With the advent of Momentum, the biggest growth in party membership has been from young people.
    ‘Self-identification and safe spaces are very much part of the millennials demands, and he is held hostage to that.’
    Ms Madigan, the women’s officer in Rochester and Stroud, says she is only ‘vaguely aware of a list’, but it is reported that there are screenshots of her discussing it in detail with other group members.
    A party spokeswoman said: ‘All-women shortlists are and always have been open to all women, which of course includes trans women.’
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5320733/Labour-transgender-activists-draw-Trans-Terf-hit-list.html#ixzz55T7mI6Z5
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    1. Jeremy Corbyn has been drinking the same kool-aid as Theresa May. 16-22 to 18-41 in the Andrew Marr BBC interview.

  11. This is the relevant portion of the UK 2010 Equality Act as pertains to women’s shortlists:
    104Selection of candidates
    (1)This section applies to an association which is a registered political party.
    (2)A person does not contravene this Part only by acting in accordance with selection arrangements.
    (3)Selection arrangements are arrangements—
    (a)which the party makes for regulating the selection of its candidates in a relevant election,
    (b)the purpose of which is to reduce inequality in the party’s representation in the body concerned, and
    (c)which, subject to subsection (7), are a proportionate means of achieving that purpose.
    (4)The reference in subsection (3)(b) to inequality in a party’s representation in a body is a reference to inequality between—
    (a)the number of the party’s candidates elected to be members of the body who share a protected characteristic, and
    (b)the number of the party’s candidates so elected who do not share that characteristic.
    (5)For the purposes of subsection (4), persons share the protected characteristic of disability if they are disabled persons (and section 6(3)(b) is accordingly to be ignored).
    (6)Selection arrangements do not include short-listing only such persons as have a particular protected characteristic.
    (7)But subsection (6) does not apply to the protected characteristic of sex; and subsection (3)(c) does not apply to short-listing in reliance on this subsection.

    (8)The following elections are relevant elections—
    (a)Parliamentary Elections;
    (b)elections to the European Parliament;
    (c)elections to the Scottish Parliament;
    (d)elections to the National Assembly for Wales;
    (e)local government elections within the meaning of section 191, 203 or 204 of the Representation of the People Act 1983 (excluding elections for the Mayor of London).
    [bolding by me-GM]

  12. I have donated, written to two local Labour councillors, and am trying to think of an address in Islington (from which I can write to Jeremy Corbyn MP!!) I have watched him on the Andrew Marr show yesterday: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05wbxhl
    relevant bit is between 16-22 and 18-41

  13. I appreciate the actions of these Labour women. Sadly, I’ve read articles that leader Jeremy Corbyn fully supports the right of transwomen (and transmen) to self-identify.
    Not a good day for British born females. The 2004 (?) GRA was a mistake. And didn’t the government consultation only involve groups like Mermaids who are part of the translobby? Real women’s groups were not invited to participate. No wonder the British government passed the GRA.

    1. It doesn’t matter what Corbyn “supports”. Only the protected category of sex is permitted to be represented by shortlists under the 2010 Equality Act. What Corbyn “supports” is illegal.

      1. Gallus, I totally agree with you that what Corbyn supports is illegal. But what people like Corbyn say does matter and people generally assume that someone in his position have informed themselves of the facts and the law. There is a tremendous trickle down effect which allows bullies like Madigan to start up witch hunts.
        The UK news and debate is followed in other countries that haven’t yet started to tinker with protected categories and the erosion of women’s rights (such as they may be). For trans activists everywhere his words are ammunition.
        It is incredibly important to be aware of the law and what it actually refers to as you have pointed out. I have been locked in a legal battle with my ex. I have a court order that states that he has changed his identity illegally in the country in which we now reside. He is undeterred by that and refuses to recognise the court. Every time we have to sign documents together in relation to joint finances or the kids most people take Corbyn’s view and I am back to square one. They “see the person in front of them”, to use Corbyn’s words, and that out-trumps a court order in their eyes. If i am seen at all it is probably as an hysterical women or a cold-hearted bitch.

  14. Probably a lot of people have seen this already, but Corbyn discusses his position on the Self ID issue about 16 minutes in. What’s interesting (and predictable of course) is how everything is focused on validating the identities of transwomen. No discussion of transmen at all. Gee, why might that be, I wonder??? It’s almost like sex-based oppression dynamics don’t disappear with a change in gender identity.
    Very telling when he says something to the effect of he sees the individual in front of him and treats them as they want to be treated. Because when he’s talking about ‘individual’ here what he really means is a man – i.e., he will treat other men the way they wish to be treated, even if what they want is occupying the stereotypical sex-role of a woman. He has a rather telling blind spot in not being able to treat actual females as ‘individuals’ who also have the right to be respected and listened to.

    1. Weirdward, I thought exactly the same as you about that comment of Corbyn’s. What he says is……”…..I look at the person in front of me…..I see that they have…..that’s their identification, that should be respected.” So if I stood in front of him, not identifying a a women, but actually being a woman, he would have no respect for me. Are 50% of the population invisible to Corbyn? He obviously doesn’t see us.

      1. We’ll *listen* to women. We’ll *respect* men.
        Good to know, Labour Party. Good to know.

    2. And that weirdness about ‘we would treat them like we treat women’. That rings so strange to me, like there is one way to treat men and another to treat ‘women’ and obviously some women are more equal than others.
      Not brit, but corbyn keeps digging himself deeper here from what can see, not like the pols in my country are doing better…

      1. Right? The entire feminist movement exists because men have insisted on treating women differently, in really shitty ways. So obvious what Corbyn means is more like, ‘we’ll play along with their fantasies because they’re bros and we’re bros and bros have each other’s backs’.
        I don’t think he realises that line about ‘treating them like women’ is something that would put up the hackles of so many actual women who have been ‘treated like women’ by being subjected to violence and abuse, denied education, denied jobs, denied promotions, laughed at and dismissed, receiving worse health care, sold off in marriage, forced to carry unwanted pregnancies and a million other horrible things.
        Like, if he was really going to treat transwomen like women, he’d be subjecting them to hit lists and crap like the actual women in the party have to deal with when they challenge male power, lol.

      2. Yup. As Orwell might have said, all women are equal. But some women are more equal than others…
        Corbyn may well be afraid of the trans lobby. But many wish he’d put consulting with ordinary female Party members first, before allowing this right wing movement to destroy Labour like it is methodically, intentionally destroying the rest of the left.

      3. Corbyn’s empathy for TIMs reminds me of all the synpathetic comments by men for Aziz Ansari and others accused in the #metoo movement (or even Larry Nassar). For those lefty misogynists, treating TIMs like women seems to mean referring to them with female pronouns and forcing women to share resources with them, such as changing rooms, athletic competition, and shortlists, all of which costs men precisely nothing.
        Although TIMs claim that trans people kill themselves when misgendered and not treated just like their target gender, none of them ever seem to be triggered to suicide when granted male levels of deference. “If you defer to my wishes, I’ll kill myself!” is not something they threaten. In fact, they make threats of all sorts when we won’t defer to them–just like men.
        Interesting catch-22 they’ve created for themselves. I wish there were a way we could use it against them.

    1. “This disregards a) the existence of trans-masculine and non-binary people, b) the fact that trans-women are women, and c) the fact that trans-people are and always have been a part of feminist struggles.”
      what? who are these feminists, please?

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