'Anti-Capitalist Queers' Fail to Shut Down Glasgow Women's Discussion on the Gender Recognition Act

Protesters against women’s rights to discuss the legal status of women.

A branch of Glasgow’s ANTIFA calling itself ‘Anti-Capitalist Queers’ tried and failed to shut down a women’s discussion last night on proposed changes to Scotland’s Gender Recognition Act. The ‘Anti-Capitalist Queer’ group objects to women’s right to publicly discuss potential changes to the legal status of women and the elimination of sex-based protections, which the group believes are an impediment to male rights. They seek to eliminate “sex” as a protected category under law.
Flyer from the women’s event being protested:
Event Description (Yardley cancelled due to flu)

The targeted discussion was sponsored by the Feminist ‘We Need To Talk’ UK and Ireland Tour. Featured speakers were Heather Brunskell Evans, Kate Graham, Ruth Greenberg and Stuart Waiton. The event was held at the Grand Central Hotel.
The ‘Anti-Capitalist Queers’ were formed by the individuals arrested at Glasgow’s Gay Pride this year as they protested against police protection for lesbian and gay marchers. They are largely heterosexual members of the “kink” and “queer” community who are concerned that women’s initiatives such as sex-segregated prisons, women’s scholarships, etc. discriminate unfairly against men.
Feminism Kills Male People!

The activists seek to reform the Gender Recognition Act, which was passed in an attempt to help transsexual people integrate into society, in order to allow anyone to change their legal sex at any time, merely by declaring a desire to do so. The protesters also maintain that women have no right to discuss or critique proposed changes to women’s legal status.
Emergency Demo Against Women Organizing

You can read an interesting autobiographical portrait of one of last night’s anti-women protesters (a heterosexual and gender-conforming ‘polyamorous queer’ female) here: https://fleabite.wordpress.com
Event Protester Alice

Statement from the ‘Anti-Capitalist Queers’:


On the 10th January 2018, a large group of Trans Exclusionary Reactionary Feminists met in Glasgow at the Grand Hotel under the name of the ‘We Need To Talk’ tour. They met to discuss the Gender Recognition Act as well as other ‘issues’.

ACQuee Scotland organised against them, first by putting pressure on their first booked venue to the point of cancellation. A couple of us then infiltrated the meeting itself. One of our activists were violently pushed by one of the TERFs speaking on the panel and another had water thrown on her. We then joined the small but loud emergency and last minute publicised protest outside where we stayed for three hours chanting and leafleting. We had a lot of good chat with passers by who were mostly on our side and believed that trans bodily autonomy should be respected. Despite coming close to it, there were no arrests.

We did attempt to get the booking at Grand Central Hotel cancelled, however the managers remained complicit in their transphobia and took to hanging up the phone on people calling in.
We, the transfemme members of ACQuee, took this action alongside allies both from ACQuee and from other friendly groups, because we believe that it is neither possible nor desirable to compromise with those forces that would deny our existence as women. In taking such a stance, the “Gender Critical” or Trans Exclusionary Reactionary Feminists (TERFs) ally themselves with all the reactionary forces that would deny us rights and freedoms, and as such they must be opposed.
We do not intend to enter into civil discussion with any institution or person that proclaims our erasure, because to entertain such a discussion is to put our existence, and therefore our annihilation, up for debate. We have no kind words for the system of ideology and repression that aims daily to throttle us, only the defiant assertion that we are here, and that we too, are women. TERFs are servants of oppression, for they privilege a rigid and oppressive gender binary over the simple demands of transgender people for the dignity and compassion that we have been denied by the world. We have nothing to justify or apologise for in our determined opposition to TERFism.
We have a right to identify and exist as women. It is as simple as that.

A recent Wings poll declared that the proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act is “The least wanted legislation that the Parliament will have ever seen“. All demographic groups polled- including members of the LGBT community- were against the changes.

The law that nobody wants

The ‘We Need To Talk’ Tour has held previous events in London, Brighton, and York.
The next public discussion scheduled on proposed changes to the legal status of women under the Gender Recognition Act is sponsored by Woman’s Place UK. Titled ‘A Woman’s Space is Speaking Out’, it will take place in Bristol on February 8, 2018.

30 thoughts on “'Anti-Capitalist Queers' Fail to Shut Down Glasgow Women's Discussion on the Gender Recognition Act

  1. “We have nothing to justify or apologise for in our determined opposition to TERFism”
    Um, actually, yeah, they have a ::lot:: to apologise for. Like demanding the abolition of the rights of women, for a start.
    They may have a right to identify as women – but that doesn’t extend to anyone else’s obligation to recognise them as such. I could identify as a cabbage if I wanted to – would you get on board with that?
    Anyone else notice that they’ve replaced ‘radical’ with ‘reactionary’ in the ‘TERF’ acronym? Seems they’ve realised that ‘radical’ is associated with the left; and they want to portray themselves as progressive and socially aware, so being against ‘radical’ feminism just won’t do. Never mind that their thinking is in line with that of most MRAs and gender essentialists…

  2. As if we needed anymore clues that “antifa” groups do jackshit for fighting actual fascism.
    Also LOL @ Alice’s South Park icon (a show that, for all its faults, has mocked Bruce Jenner, bathroom nonsense, and transgenderism itself).

  3. This morning, read through the ‘Wings Over Scotland’ link and it was like looking through tumblr…on a bad day. I mean a really bad day.
    Several things came to mind, not the least of which is that, this is more erasure, being done by those who look [and I will bet the rent for the next few months on the next] act no different, than the worst possible fetishist [if there is such a thing]. ALSO, how in the hell do these creeps get to claim any type of minority status, seeing that it is through their abuse of privilege, that has denied rights to women and racial minorities for YEARS/DECADES/CENTURIES. Of course, this is not about a simple matter of dignity. If it were that as in ‘freedom of expression’, without the usurping of rights/laws [Title IX in the US for example] that were meant to correct previous wrongs, perhaps that would work. But this is more about some folks, who have some rather creepy visages, wanting to claim as their own turf, such places as lavs, locker rooms…and even private social gatherings, to fulfill some rather odd need. Under the banner of ‘we are equal to you and demand to be admitted’.
    The article also reminds me of a rather scary line from an old Twilight Zone script called ‘He’s Alive’. In same, there is a shadowy figure [spoiler alert: this figure is later revealed to be the ghost of Hitler] telling a wannabe Nazi that in order to gain some sympathy with the WASPS he is talking to, there is a need to say that ‘we are the minorities’, when trying to persuade the crowd. The brigade has taken that tactic and refined it for their own nefarious means.

  4. “Anti-capitalist queers”…down with capitalism!
    Billionaire, white heterosexual transwoman Jennifer Pritzker.
    Question: Has there ever been a billionaire “TERF”? I don’t think so.
    “Anti-capitalist queers”…down with capitalism!
    Jenner is worth about $100 million and has always been a Republican. In fact, Jenner whined because Trump wouldn’t invite him to the inauguration.
    The main reason why trans have so much power today compared to “TERFs” is because they are backed by rich white heterosexual men. Some of these rich white men just happen to get a sexual thrill from wearing skirts and lace panties.

    1. I remember when josh alcorn died, lots of tumblr commie/anarchist/anticapitalist peeps were trying to make care packages for trans youth composed of either binder & briefs, or lipstick and bras! Where are you kids gonna buy your transitions when capitalism is defeated? Lol or do they think the socialist workers utopia will collectively decide that the packer/breastform factory is a vital means of production to utilize w the earths finite resources? Lmfao

  5. @Gallus,
    “The ‘Anti-Capitalist Queers’ were formed by the individuals arrested at Glasgow’s Gay Pride this year as they protested against police protection for lesbian and gay marchers. They are largely heterosexual members of the “kink” and “queer” community who are concerned that women’s initiatives such as sex-segregated prisons, women’s scholarships, etc. discriminate unfairly against men.”
    Yes, that about sums it up. Gay men and lesbians are evil if they don’t openly embrace middle aged straight men with a kinky diaper fetish, age play, BDSM, whatever, you name it. Trans/queer run LGBTQIA is totally colonized by the kinkster queer.
    And, since women in general don’t matter, all women need to just STFU.

  6. This really shows the kinds of ‘people’ that we are dealing with here. They only deal in hatred and oppression, and they dare to call it fighting for some sort of justice.

  7. This is just ridiclous. First historical Antifa against nazis. Then Antifa fight with nazi skins, neonazists, far right or simply with rasism or chavunism. Now what fight against few women debating state act. What the hell? Anarchism stands for freedom of speech and no cenzoship, Stands agaist state&law and this antifa is defent it. I’m consider myself as an anarchist and don’t think like you that transexualism is sickness or perversy. But what i saw transactivist doing in USA, UK going just got too far. Talk a lot of cisexism and using lesphobia, sexism, erasing women and word feminazi for silence feminism. I don;t understand who some many MTT choice anarchism, just being against freedom of women, against date choice (and homoseuality orientation) – how this is anarchism ffs. They just think about their most opressed in world and nothing less – ters so bad, Chelsea Manning such hero (serve in state special service, so anarchist…), puting on memes against form opressions with three big word on miiddle – transphobia or cisexist and third similar word (narcist as hell) or some shit about feminism white supremacy (white supremacist are antifeminism and after conservative roles of women).They called themself as queer but looks looks like old manarchism.

  8. They would have nothing to wield over women if they had not stolen Lesbian Feminist politics to use against us and manipulate their collaborators. They wouldn’t even have anything to invade if we hadn’t built our community that they want to destroy.
    They remind me of the animals that parasitize other animals and devour them from the inside out.

  9. They can never name a single trans killed by any woman anywhere. I ask for a name, one name, and they never ever have one. They just spam that stupid “50k transwomen killed by Janice Raymond” article as though 50,000 Americans could die of something without a single named individual being mentioned somewhere or known to someone else online. It’s pretty pathetic.

  10. Your website has been banned from Reddit by the admins

    Your posts have been silenced from one the largest groups of gender critical people on the internet.

    1. Considering that the admins of this subreddit banned me in 2016 for laughing with another woman about some neckbeard’s Facebook picture IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE BETWEEN US THAT WAS PRIVATE because they were monitoring my PRIVATE, PERSONAL conversations WITHOUT notification and WITHOUT MY CONSENT, I suppose having the entire catalogue of my published work banned is, in it’s way, a step up.
      Also note the weaselly way the moderator @flapyourwings:
      1. Claims that it is “links” to my work that is banned, when what they are actually banning is any discussion of or mention of my work whatsoever (linked or not).
      2. Buries this notification on a locked and censored thread which is not visible to forum members except by direct link.
      3. Continues to allow discussion of and links to other sites which document the same PUBLICLY POSTED Facebook and Twitter posts which they find problematic when documented by me.
      GenderTrender NO PLATFORMED by a self-described “radical feminist” forum in 2018, folks. Can’t make this shit up.

      1. That’s totally outrageous. When I think of the weird and vile shit that spews out of Reddit every minute of the day, and GenderTrender gets banned? As you say, can’t make this shit up.

      2. @purplesagefem- They banned me for a private message laughing about a dude with another woman. They had been covertly monitoring my private correspondence and banned me on that basis of private laughter in 2016. Now they have quietly, weaselly, banned all discussion of my work entirely. So radical feminist! /s

      3. Reddit, once the proud home of Violentacrez (for anybody who followed that whole kerfuffle), can’t hang with GallusMag. She is too objectionable for them, you see. Creepshots are okay. Gender criticism? Come on, we live in a society. You have to have some standards about what is simply beyond the pale.

      4. I’ve talked about research you’ve found and haven’t had those comments deleted. Although I guess that might change if I try to directly link anything.

        1. Well considering they locked/censored threads rather than removing a direct link it doesn’t look promising. Thanks for the feedback though.

  11. I am so thankful for these brave women who are speaking out against these sick men, who want to take away our spaces. And I’m glad the hotel they were meeting at didn’t cave into the demands of these men, like so many businesses have seemed to do lately. I hope their next meeting goes very well:)

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