The Most Entitled Young Man In The World

Mr. Madigan

The UK Labour Party ‘Women’s Officer’, nineteen year old male Liam “Lily” Madigan, explains how he’s no different than the women he claims to represent:


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      1. Oak and Ash, I don’t believe it is being ‘non-binary’ but rather ‘being inclusive’ to apply BOTH of those options 🙂

    1. Liam is a trolling —> basically having a laugh that he has gotten away with so much and figures he can ride this trans scam much farther. All the while, laughing at the real women he insults and steals from.

  1. Has no one mentioned to this delusional young man that a uterus can only be transplanted into a biological female? Or does he think since transplant has the prefix trans it must apply to him? Stupid and delusional, with a great gob of male entitlement for savor.

      1. Hey anon male, thanks for the link to the Salon article. That Dr. Richard Paulson is the one who is quoted as saying, “You could do it tomorrow,” implanting a uterus into a man. No one seems to have thought out the logistics of getting a Lily, er, a man pregnant, but let’s put that aside for a moment.
        I dug a little deeper, to Salon’s source, The Telegraph UK, which quotes Dr. Paulson again, in this article, Sex-change men ‘will soon be able to have babies’, claiming that “trans medicine had now become mainstream”. The article then lists a zillion reasons why it would be medically, ethically, and economically unfeasible for a man (transgender or otherwise) to have a uterus transplant. A bioethics professor at Oxford (sanely) observed that every year, there are 7000 genuine biological women who are born without a uterus or have hysterectomies due to disease or injury in the UK. He said that public resources are scarce and should be used to fund uterine transplant procedures for women, not for transgender guys. Finally, Telegraph links to a news report via Live Science, Could Men Really Get Pregnant? Why Experts Say It Won’t Be Anytime Soon.
        Uterine transplants are difficult in women, and no one has even considered doing them in men. There are numerous insurmountable hurdles that would make it nearly impossible (not to mention unsafe) for a man to carry a child to term, even if a uterine transplant were possible. Liam will NOT be getting pregnant.

  2. A very clever sociopathic deluded liar, on the trans train spectrum choo choo. Yes, I can have a baby as a biological male, but not just now…. not just now….. and on and on the delusions go, and women who are supporting men like this??? He looks so ugly in that nerdy pock marked gamer type male style.

  3. I guess our uteruses can be sold, too. I mean, male economic systems create and insure a lower caste of women who make the “choice” of prostitution, or selling their eggs and breast milk. Their other “choice” is to go without food, utilities, housing, etc.
    I hope that he does get a uterus. Because if he ends up giving birth (LOL, I can’t even believe male stupidity, sometimes), and it doesn’t break his hips or shatter his pelvis, and he doesn’t get some kind of infection from the Frankensteining of a female reproductive system, he will still end up with a child that needs to be cared for.
    There’s a reason that males can’t create life. It takes a lot of qualities that males don’t possess, but it takes a lot of love, selflessness, patience, dedication, etc. It also takes a lot of intelligence. That is why males don’t do it.
    Which is good because they shouldn’t be doing it. With their violence issues so out of control.

    1. Women don’t “create life.” It does take two to make a baby, but a pregnancy is not a creative activity. It is a biological process, not a creative act like writing a play, painting, writing a novel, acting, and so forth. I always balk when I hear and see opinions that women “create life.” That basically denigrates women to think they can’t do anything else but get pregnant and have kids. All women are is their biology, which lies at the root of sexism. A biological process is not an act of creativity.

      1. Disagree.
        It is always funny to me when a woman expresses pride in something that we can choose to do, and there always seems to be someone to knock us down a peg, lol. Or to say “if you say only women can do X, you are reducing them to X!”
        The assumption that all of us have the ability to create life is the basis of our oppression. Providing the world with every person in it is pretty fucking special. Especially since the act can kill the woman doing it.

      2. I see it as the following: it takes two people (female and male) to *create* a life (as in conception), but only the female to sustain it.

      3. :)Sweetie, whether we acknowledge it or not, men know very well that they can’t birth new life AND that birthing and sustaining a new life is NO trivial “brainless job”, and were/are seething with envy. For millennia, they hid that envy by pretending that birthing is sour grapes and convinced us that even trivial jobs (even those were kept away from women) like polishing shoes or grazing cows were so much superior to the woman’s (enforced) work of “simply sitting” at home (and having a keen insight into their baby’s physical and emotional needs, discovering home remedies, wisely coming up with new remedies, training her child’s mind, managing the home economy, etc) and “eating from husband’s pocket” (even if the husband does nothing other than rubbing shoes or gazing at the sky while the cattle graze in the meadow and spends most of the wages on liquor. Not all their jobs needed a brain.) Now that women have clearly demonstrated that they can do anything at least as well as a man, they can no longer plactate themselves, and their envy is showing up. With statements like this guy’s and those of that Ryan terry chap below, it is becoming even more clear.
        Secondly, our biology is nothing to be ashamed of. Estrogen is very good for the brain, in contrast to testosterone. So, even if some patriarchal chap comes and tries to “reduce” us to our reproductive system (radfemspiralling is Not doing that), he’ll end up with egg on his face because our female “reproductive” hormone has far more functions than just reproduction AND is closely tied to a better brain! (Of course a lot other factors too influence brain health, like nutrition, stress, sleep and others. But all else being the same, estrogen gives a strong advantage for the brain) So, our biology does make us smarter:)
        I agree with radfemspiralling’s reply – women can do X does NOT mean that they can do _only_ X or that X is a trivial thing. As she said, bringing a new life taking up risk to your life is something very special. If men were birthing, they would have demanded an entire kingdom or more in return for birthing one child.

      4. Also, women do create life. It is the egg that divides and multiplies into every cell of the baby. The sperm just starts off the division and conveniently downloads its DNA inside. It is possible to make the egg to divide without a sperm and it does result in life, but not viable ones. Cloning and birth of Dolly the sheep is one example – all eggs NP sperm, though Dolly didn’t live for too long due to immunity issues. Also lookup parthenogenesis – virgin birth – which still happens in some animal species. On the other hand, a male gamete on its own can do nothing at all.

    2. >> “I hope that he does get a uterus….”
      Exactly! I felt the same and was like “sure, please start right away with some animal embryo, (since I don’t think experiments are allowed with human embryos), subject to the following conditions:”
      – the animal must weigh at least 3-4 kg near the end of gestation. So no cheating with mice embryos etc.
      – animal must have a big head at least ad big as a healthy human baby’s
      – bone and cartilage density and texture should be similar to human baby’s
      Find such an animal, make its embryo in a test tube, get one of his female supporters to donate a womb (else they’ll be called trans phobic and should leave his club) and please start right off… Can’t wait.
      And after that ask him how much maternity leave he wants and enforce that ad the minimum maternity leave in the law.

      1. Pam, I meant that the animal should have a big head (at least as big as a human baby’s) when it is born. New born bagder is way too small and can fit into a human’s palm. It would be a breeze to birth one. We need an animal that is similar in weight, size and texture to a human baby when or before that animal is born in order to simulate a woman’s gestation and labor pains.

      2. I was not being exactly serious. Just liked the idea of that little black+white snout creeping out of an inappropriate opening.

  4. Yes I was thinking the same. Knock yourself out. Surgery, drugs, more drugs, surgery. Not just “expensive” , but life threatening, painful, and disfiguring; risks of permanent injury or death, and with a poor chances of ever achieving a live birth. Living the dream!

  5. LOL You could use the same argument this dude is using to claim that there is a cure for cancer or perhaps even an immortality serum, just not yet. Pathetic.
    Also, does this asshole not know that pregnancy is not only about having the right plumbing, it also requires the right CLIMATE – something that dudez will never ever have.

    1. Exactly. “Someday we may be able to reanimate cryogenically frozen bodies. Therefore we “can”. Therefore it’s okay for me to murder you and shove you in this freezer.”

  6. Conversations like this make it so obvious that men like this use ‘transphobic’ to hide their own misogyny. Only men are allowed to exist in his world, and they can do everything the non-men can do.

  7. Most entitled man is a tough field, but this guy’s certainly in the running.
    You have to wonder about the hubris of those who think they can easily match millennia of female evolutionary adaptation for pregnancy and childbirth. Does medical science really know enough to artificially recreate the delicate endocrine balance needed to maintain a pregancy? Along with the hormonal and vascular sustems, even women’s spines are different–we have a section of wedge-shaped vertebrae that allow the lower back to curve as pregancy progresses (which is why men who gain weight in the abdomen are more likely than women to end up with back problems).
    And the ones who think they’re actually going to be able to give birth through a male pelvis and a pseudo-vagina are certifiably insane.

    1. “Does medical science really know enough to artificially recreate the delicate endocrine balance needed to maintain a pregancy?”
      Not even close.
      Then again, there are plenty of “trans women” who believe that taking estrogen is going to make them menstruate, so I wouldn’t expect them to know what being female actually means – biologically OR axiomatically.

  8. Young dude better get a clue that implanting uteruses (uteri) into male bodies will never happen, certainly not successfully. Pregnancy involves a woman’s entire body. Men are simply not made to carry babies, period.
    The chances that SRS/GRS and hormone treatments are outlawed as medical quackery and human rights abuses are vastly more likely than uterus transplants will happen to men. Not possible any more than it is possible for women who want to impersonate men and go through surgical butchery can ever produce sperm and impregnate.

  9. This display of biological illiteracy is mind boggling. A uterus is not a stand-alone organ, it’s part of the reproductive system. A uterus on its own is completely useless!

    1. These people see humans as Mr. Potato Head dolls, where you can just mix and match parts on a whim. Then since women’s bodies are objectified and commercialized, it seems logical that you could just buy women’s body parts and use them for any purpose.

      1. Exactly. We are seen as just a collection of parts, and only the in-sight, superficial(in the most literal sense) ones matter to men. That’s why male to trans, once they’ve had breast augmentation, grow their hair, put on makeup, voila! They think they are women.

      1. Yeah, you’re right, he is a mechanical engineer not a biologist. Nevertheless, if those science shows had sane/radfem women as the hosts, even if mechanical engineers, we wouldn’t have this nonsense. There are plenty of women in science (including mechanical engineering), but that’s conveniently ignored by television show casting.

      2. @Ellie: yeah I just meant that I don’t expect shit from him w/regard to biological accuracy bc he’s just another dude on TV and it’s not even his field. It sucks that ppl take him seriously 🙁

  10. This immature, self-absorbed, misogynistic 19 year old male became “women’s officer” by doing what trans activists do best. That is, strategically discredit, destroy, silence, and bully actual females until they leave in disgust, or are pushed out, thus leaving only him and his supporters in power. This is how he became “women’s officer”. He knows it, and women know it too.
    He denies it, but one of his 2013 Twitter links to “”, a reference to sexual predator and TV personality Jimmy Saville. There is definitely a link to “” on one of his earlier tweets, but he says it’s not true, and it’s the work of his enemies. This was when he was a student, so I guess it doesn’t matter now. Boys will be boys. I mean silly male students who link to sexist rape joke sites are really “girls” if they say they are. He wants us to believe that he is a mature 19 year old “woman” now, even though he was still living with his mother until recently. This brave 19 year old “women’s officer” used to have his mum pick up his dirty socks, and was reportedly living at home up until a couple of months ago. When did he move out? It wasn’t that long ago.
    His dream of a uterine transplant is something out of Dr. Mengele’s lab. Putting a uterus in a biological male reminds me of Dr. Frankenstein. Why do this? What about the health of the baby? Is this safe?
    Even if privileged white males in wealthy developing countries could spend a small fortune for a uterine transplant via some Dr. Mengele, Frankenstein type technology, what does this mean for the majority of females on the planet? It means absolutely nothing. To the vast majority of females on the planet, this means zilch. Nada. This is the reality. The majority of women in the world don’t even have access to basic gynecological and obstetrics care.
    * Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.
    * 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries.
    * Maternal mortality is higher in women living in rural areas and among poorer communities.
    * Young adolescents face a higher risk of complications and death as a result of pregnancy than other women.
    * Skilled care before, during and after childbirth can save the lives of women and newborn babies.
    Even poor women in developing countries don’t have the same level of health care as wealthier women. In the US, research has shown that poor women of color have higher maternal and infant mortality rates.
    * What about abortion? What does he know about abortion, or is he going to say that transwomen need abortions too? Abortion is a serious women’s issue, but I guess it’s a trans issue now. Well, hell no. I don’t think so.
    * Access to birth control is a serious women’s issue. Is this little 19 year old twit going to say that males who “identify as women” need the same type of birth control as females? How exactly does this work? Explain this to me. Some transwomen (biological males) are fathers.
    * What about menopause? What does this silly, selfish little 19 year old boy know about menopause?
    *What about rape? What does he know about this issue?
    *What about female genital mutilation?
    Let a 19 year old transwomen explain all this (abortion, contraception, menopause, etc.) to us stupid females because we are all too dumb to think for ourselves. He doesn’t know sh** about women’s issues. The only reason he is “women’s officer” is because he is trans.

  11. @OakandAsh To answer the question, medical science does not, in any way shape or form, have the ability to override evolution, no matter what the brigade says. All one has to do is look at those who have had the HRT, but then, over time had the original DNA programming fight same, which results in the bodies partially reverting to what they would have been otherwise.
    I will make a bet right now, that these attempts to fool nature will fail miserably and as was stated by @radfemspiraling the child will end up being a ward of the state..on multiple levels. And the ‘parent’ who gave birth may end up not being a parent, but one who will see this as a trophy, like crooks do so prove to themselves they can ‘do it’.

  12. Number 11. “Do lesbians offend you by excluding males?” This is huge with the male to trans crowd who are never ever satisfied with being allowed to hang out with lesbians…. nope, they then get made because lesbians SHOCK are actually attracted to a biological female body, not femininity, but female. The fact that they perv on lesbians and try to guilt trip young lesbians into the whole pornified “genderqueer” scene kind of gives their game away. They could date straight men, bisexual women, gay men…. but no, they continue to be their same old male selves wanting to violate lesbian bodies, definitely a hallmark.

    1. They couldn’t date straight men either. Straight men don’t want to have sex with men, if they did then they would be gay, not straight.
      Gay men usually don’t want to have sex with anything that looks like a woman either. Even if it’s a man.
      But it’s impossible to guilt-trip a man into having sex when he doesn’t want to, so the trans always target lesbians.

  13. I had cystic acne when I was his age, and I never looked that bad. Is it because men don’t bother taking care of their skin? So much for ladybrain.

    1. No, actually that is due to testosterone. Hence why women with PCOS tend to get severe acne as well.

    2. henrika85 is correct, but she is referring to biological females. I have read on GenderTrender that the cross-sex hormones used by FTM and MTF can have all sorts of undesirable side effects. Hormonal therapy is usually administered by endocrinologists for legitimate medical conditions, not (cosmetic, sorry, harsh but true) transitioning purposes.
      Both women and men can get terrible acne from abuse of anabolic steroids for competitive athletics. PCOS can causes women to get severe acne, as well as hirsutism. However, some oral contraceptives cause acne to worsen or exacerbate cystic acne in XX women. That’s what happened to me. (However, oral contraceptives often alleviate acne for women). It depends on the amount and type of hormones in the oral contraceptive, e.g. all progesterone (mini-pill), or a combination of estradiol and progesterone, etc. Gynecologists have decades of experience with this, and can fine-tune medication based on patient response. Of course, the patients are XX chromosome women; there are no studies, nor protocols for use of such cross-sex hormones on pubescent and post-pubescent XY chromosome males in order to artificially induce female secondary sex characteristics!
      Bad acne and greasy, lank hair seems quite common among the Lily/Liam trans MtF crowd.

  14. I really doubt any TIM would ever really want to be pregnant unless it was some kind of a fetish thing. TIMs *never* want to be matronly female stereotypes like nuns or grandmas, they always want to be sexualized stereotypes of women. What one of them would want to deal with physical aftermath of a pregnancy? What one of them would want to actually have to parent in the intensive way that mothers are expected to? I’m going to guess zero. TIMs just want pregnancy to be a hypothetical option so they can shut up women who are bringing up regular old pregnancy (because it matters politically that women are impregnated against their will or kept pregnant against their will).

    1. There are some MTTs who want to be nuns, but that’s really more a part of the obsession they have of going where they’re not wanted and trying (and failing) to force everyone to validate them so they can whinge about muh oppreshun.
      And I’m sure some MTTs want to get pregnant and give birth in the context of the same delusion. They want validation. They can’t handle being told “no”, even when the “no” comes from freaking Mother Nature. But any kids they give birth to would either be passed off to any female partners or family members unfortunate enough to be in the MTTs’ orbit (since everything revolves around them) or the kids would be tremendously neglected. Think Mommy Dearest on steroids.

      1. Exactly. I get the same vibe when “cis” incels start hooting about artificial wombs. Most men can’t even wipe their own asses (literally) and so much of our oppression is based on getting us to provide free childcare for their “legacy.” I’ll believe these entitled snots can (and want to) take care of a screaming, puking, shitting baby when they look like they’ve figured out shampoo and laundry detergent.

      2. The incels probably assume they’ll have nanny-bots to go along with the artificial wombs.

  15. Mr Madigan’s mother must be so embarrassed.
    The staggering arrogance and disrespect is just infuriating. Go home, pathetic little boy, let the actual women talk.

  16. Uterine transplants are still very much in the experimental stages. Of 8 transplants, to young females of childbearing age at Baylor, only one resulted in a live birth. There have been a total of 9 live births with uterine transplants (the one in the US and the rest in Sweden) over many years of experiments. Most attempts at uterine transplants have ended in failure. This surgery is complicated and has significant risk for both mother and child. This young man is truly misinformed and/or delusional if he thinks this procedure is perfected or adaptable to a male body. They have a hard enough time making it work for a female person who is related to the donor.

    1. Penile transplants work much more often and are way more relevant to trans surgery in the future, but of course that’s just for trans men so no one cares.

      1. And it still won’t make those pathetic women any more of a man.
        That kind of surgery might be useful for men who want to reverse the surgey that lopped their penis off.

  17. That is quite offensive, to say that he, as a male with a normal male reproductive system, is comparable to a woman suffering from a disorder which prevents her from becoming pregnant. I feel really sorry for any woman who is being represented by this guy. Zero understanding of women’s realities. Zero compassion for the fact that women’s health is so often not taken seriously by medical practitioners, which results in women suffering undiagnosed for years from painful conditions, including conditions which can impact their changes of successful pregnancy.

  18. Is anyone else following the bug brother uk w India Willoughby shouting “I’m a real woman!” At 80 yr olds? A drag queen has been brought on to live in the house and it’s obviously threatening for the resident TIM.

  19. Since this is the Labour Party UK, I wonder if the 19 year old male “women’s officer” has ever done any actual labor as in being employed somewhere. I respect the labor movement because I come from a working class background and my father was a union man. I’m not opposed to trans in a labor party, but they have no business being a “women’s officer” because they do not represent the interests of women or female employees. Indeed, the interests of transgender are in direct opposition to the interests of female employees. The Labour Patry UK has a LGBT group, but it’s not good enough because they have to dominate everything. They are trans and “women” too. How can they be both, and how can they honestly represent two different groups with competing interests.
    This is a link to Martine Rothblatt who was the highest paid “woman” CEO in 2013. He is a wealthy heterosexual male who calls himself a “woman”. Like a lot of middle aged “transitioners”, he decided he was a woman after making a ton of money. We are supposed to believe that being white and male had nothing to do with amassing a great deal of money. Females are still underrepresented in STEM, and this no doubt has a great deal to do with how girls and women are socialized as well as sexism in the educational system and the workplace. Transwomen who “transition” in midlife bypass all of this. They get to use their male socialization and male privilege while climbing the corporate ladder. Then, they can “transition” later. The beauty of trans is that males can identify as “women” at any age, and under most “gender identity” laws, they don’t have to undergo surgery or take hormones. Instead of hiring actual females, all corporations have to do is hire a lot of transwomen like Martine Rothblatt. Then, for statistical purposes if the government asks how many women they hired, they can always say that they hired or promoted so many “women” even though the “woman” is a male, divorced father of three, who “transitioned” at age forty.
    Where transwomen are employed and their particular job tasks definitely impacts females in women’s prisons, health care facilities, etc. I’m not saying that transwomen should be denied jobs. I’m not saying this at all. The rights of the female sex do collide with trans rights. And, it’s only going to get more Orwellian and insane.
    A lot of women feel uncomfortable having a pap smear, legs spread apart, and a stranger looking at their crotch. Some female patients specifically request a female nurse to do the pap smear. This recent article in the UK Sun is about a female patient who asked for a female, but got a transwoman who is clearly male in appearance.
    “She described the nurse to The Sunday Times as “obviously male appearance…close-cropped hair, a male facial appearance and voice, large number of tattoos and facial stubble.”
    She added it was “weird where somebody says to you ‘my gender is not male’ and you think: ‘well, what does that even mean? You’re clearly a man!'”
    The female patient refused to let him do the pap smear. Good for her.
    Why would a transwoman (biological male) who must know that he still looks male have the audacity to try to do a pap smear on a female when the female patient specifically asked for a female nurse? All transgender organizations in the US and UK are pushing for laws that would allow any male to claim “gender identity” without hormones or have surgery. It’s basically self-identification.
    Then, there are women’s prisons, jails, women’s domestic abuse centers, etc. Normally, males do not do strip searches on females. How does this work? Do pre-op transwomen who have no intention of surgery of hormones do strip searches on females?

  20. I would like to follow up on this 19 year old nitwit’s Dr. Mengele type ghastly desire to have a uterus inserted in his human male body. Even if it were possible (and we are a long, long, long way from it actually working), where would the uterus come from? If such a Frankenstein experiment were possible, the uterus has to come from somewhere. Are transwomen going to use females as some kind of high tech biological parts factory? There might be some weird Crispr cas 9 gene technology to grow a uterus in a lab, but the cells, tissue, and organs have to originally come from a female. Currently, there is a moratorium on using this gene technology to enhance humans. Half the genes would still need to come from a female and they need eggs for that. I can’t see wealthy women standing in line to offer up their bodies to be butchered or experimented on to fulfill the delusional dreams of males who want a man uterus. Wealthy people in western countries already use poor women in developing countries as surrogates. I could see trans taking this to an entirely different level. I could totally see some rich old transwoman breeding a line of females specifically for the purpose of extracting organs, tissue, cells, etc. Don’t tell me that these ghouls wouldn’t try it. Even if the transwoman and his male uterus almost died, or the baby comes out retarded or with two heads, whatever, they wouldn’t care. They would do anything to fulfill their desire to become “womanly” via technology. Sterilizing children means nothing to these ghouls. Lopping the breasts off disabled women means nothing to them. Using women as a parts factory couldn’t be too far off.
    They really don’t see females as distinct biological entities. The female sex to these ghouls are just pieces and parts and a consumer product. Taxidermy us and use our uterus for their special lady feels.

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    I swear to God Dr. Mengele must have been a transwoman.
    Freaking ghouls!

    1. Omg Skylark- imagine “transing the dead” but reality-check style: instead of declaring that gender non-conforming ppl in history like Joan of Arc and Oscar Wilde were secretly trans, retroactively label all sociopathic butchers as closeted transwomen 😂

  21. I went to a seminar by a woman who is probably the UK’s expert on womb transplant surgery, and one thing she made very clear was that this would not be possible with a male body. One reason for this is a policy reason- uterus transplant recipients must produce their own eggs which are implanted by IVF into the womb after transplant. The other reason is the obvious one, the anatomical difference.
    It was also clear that this is an incredibly difficult and complex surgery (very few countries are even running trials, and only a couple of countries have actually had success). But just in case anyone is interested, here are some of the facts about womb transplants (or UTx):
    – first UTx attempted in human woman in 2009 (after trials with mice in 2002 and 2003), the womb was removed after 99 days, no pregnancy attempted.
    – second attempt in 2011, two early miscarriages reported.
    – 2014, first live birth from UTx in Sweden (note that birth is always by C-section)
    – since 2014, there have been 9 transplants in Sweden, 2 failing early, and 8 births from the other 7.
    – 2016, the Baylor Medical Centre US attempted 4 transplants from living donors, 3 failing very quickly.
    – Womb Transplant UK have had HRA permission granted for clinical trial, first attempt predicted some time this year.
    – Counselling
    – VF (recipients must produce their own eggs)
    – Finding a donor
    – Extensive testing of recipient and donor
    – Surgery (hysterectomy for donor and transplant for recipient)
    – Recovery period
    – Recipient must take immunosuppressant drugs (for the period they keep that uterus), extensive testing and checks to make sure the uterus is not failing), multiple medical appointments
    – Embryo transfer (after a year, in Sweden), pregnancy and ongoing prenatal care (they have to go to hospital every 2-3 weeks)
    – C-section birth (the uterus is not connected to the vaginal tract – the uterus is unlikely to be able to withstand contractions in a vaginal birth)
    – Possible 2nd pregnancy
    – Removal of uterus (?) subject to the consent of the recipient, as until it is removed the recipient has to stay on immunosuppressants, with associated heightened risk of cancer and other health problems.
    The recipient of UTx will not experience a ‘normal’ pregnancy or childbirth. The transplanted womb is not connected to any nerves in the body, nor is the uterus connected to the fallopian tubes or vaginal canal – the recipient’s own eggs are implanted by IVF, and any resultant child is delivered by C-section. UTx is an experimental surgery (several surgeries in fact! removal of scarred uterus, transplant of donor uterus, C-section, and then removal of uterus).

    1. @Melanie What makes this even scarier is that the brigade ignores the scientific facts, which would make such a transplant/implant an unnecessary procedure to be performed on anyone who does not have the natural circuitry to use same. That is not being mean, cruel, sefl-hating…it is science, which at times, is not pretty, cute or even PC.
      Along with the fact that the VF in the procedure section SHOULD in a rational world, stop the process in it’s tracks. No amount of HRT, etc is going to allow for egg production by those who cannot do so in the first place.
      But knowing the brigade members, whose knowledge of science is about the same as my cat has of the procedure to produce jet aircraft wings, via the layering and curing of carbon fiber layers, they will attempt to rationalize this, by saying that it has been done in ‘hard’ [meaning there is some borderline scientific fact in same] science fiction. Like those scenes from ‘THX-1138’ or the first NBC version of ‘Brave New World’.[or if one wants to get a more ‘technical’ write-up on this level of strangeness, AC Clarke had something really close, in his book, ‘Imperial Earth’] As in ‘artificial wombs’ that were more like assembly lines of test tubes…and if those can be done outside the body, then why not do so for someone who does not have the actual piping.
      One last thought: if these folks are that anxious and hard-up to want to raise children, gee…why not look into adoption? That is, unless of course they have a problem with the fact that there are quite a few children waiting for homes, who are either not infants or have characteristics that would not match their myopic view of the world.

    2. @Melanie,
      Thanks for the excellent post. This is what rational scientists, medical professionals, and bioethicists would do. Most transwomen are not rational, and I could totally see some transwoman holed up in a lab somewhere carrying out God knows what kind of experiment. They are that obsessed.
      Human male bodies do not need a uterus, and it’s ridiculous to believe that it’s possible to just pop a uterus into a male body, and from there, a baby will magically appear. I could totally see some transwoman pulling some weird Ed Gein experiment. After all, males have been using female anatomy for years for the sole purpose of fulfilling their special desires.

      10 Gruesome Items Ed Gein Made From Corpses

      Or, with stem cells or other technology, they might try growing something in a lab, and then try putting it in a male body.
      Gallus, I’m sorry for bringing up Ed Gein (a previous post mentioned Gein too). Women need to know that some males do, indeed, have a strange fascination with possessing female anatomy.
      Never underestimate their capacity for the uniquely grotesque.
      They just don’t get it, and they probably never will. Females are not things to possess. My uterus is not a consumer product.
      Females are complex and marvelous living biological beings.

  22. Can you imagine what would happen to the internal organs in a TIM pregnancy? Women’s bodies are designed to move the organs in a specific way as the expanding uterus causes displacement. A pregnant TIM would probably have all sorts of trouble with organs crushing and blood supply cutting off.

    1. >> “A pregnant TIM would… cutting off”
      Yeah, but I don’t think it is a bad thing really 🙂

  23. There are a lot of comments on how a male body couldn’t sustain a pregnancy – womb or not. But no one’s mentioning the brain’s role, which is even more crucial. Throughout pregnancy there’s a whole symphony of chemicals orchestrating the gestation process and all these hormones are modulated by the brain in the pituitary and other brain structures. There is 15 to 40 times more progesterone and estrogen exuding from the brain during pregnancy as well as other hormones like oxytocin and prolactin produced in the female xx pituitary and related brain structures. Yes Liam there really is a ladies brain and you’ll never have one because it took millions of years to evolve our brain’s and body’s integration, but it seems like you don’t believe in science or evolution. As a corollary to women’s physical and chemical reproductive capacity we have also evolved the psychological prerequisites to nurture our young without which the human race would have long ago ceased to exist.

  24. I just heard a reporter for an NPR program repeatedly use “person” and “one” instead of “woman” throughout an interview about the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

    40 years after the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, pregnant employees still face workplace discrimination

    The lawyer he was interviewing stayed fast to “woman” and “her” (thank goodness, for now)
    The difference stood out to me like a lightning bolt, but I wondered if the average joe would even notice…so is it possible that the “pregnant person” thing can just slowly seep in and take hold?

    1. Funny how transactivists only give a shit about the “misgendering” of TIF’s and standing up for them when it’s at the expense of other females.

    1. LMAO
      Every time he tries to debate in public, it becomes more evident that being trans and a sneaky shit are the only traits that got him there. I’ve never seen such a stuttering, timid mess, even in small-town politics.
      I love when he starts getting flustered with reality and hits the “teenage boy who’s just been asked to let his sister play the Xbox” pitch.

    2. The sad thing is that if “Lily” really had been a 19-year-old FEMALE with that level of competence, he would have never been elected “women’s officer”. Not now and not ever. Being trans is the only card he has to play.

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