Watch here: the "Transgender Kids" documentary *BANNED* tonight from the CBC

Tonight’s scheduled airing of the documentary ‘Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?’ has been censored at the last minute by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation after a “over a dozen Twitter users” complained to the @CBCDocs account.
Watch the full *censored* documentary here:

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  1. Is there a url for that video? where is it hosted? can the TA’s get it removed? Wondering if we should mirror it …

      1. It’s such an important doc that has been censored around the world, that I had to upload it to DailyMotion. It has subs too (Click ‘CC”). I hope both Vimeo and DailyMotion will not ban it!

      1. Funny how both that and AN OPEN SECRET keep disappearing down the internet rabbit hole, and I don’t think it’s for copyright reasons.

  2. “Joshua M. Ferguson, an Ontario-born filmmaker who identifies as neither male nor female”
    Hurrah for thembys and their “I’m oppressed cause I say so” antics. I never thought I’d see anything that could top old AGPs when it comes to peak trans moments but wew lad…

    1. Joshua M. Ferguson, an Ontario filmmaker who campaigns to censor other filmmaker’s work. Pathetic.
      There’s a special place in hell for artists who clamor to censor other artists’s work.

    1. I seriously doubt it is a response to a few Twitter trolls, though it’s interesting that that is what CBC claims. Every one of us could tweet CBC about this and we’d be totally ignored: we don’t have what Gallus Mag so brilliantly terms “man money” and so hundreds of tweets from us wouldn’t carry the same weight as those “more than a dozen”.
      American transwoman billionaire Jennifer Pritzker donated to the Canadian University of Victoria to fund a chair of transgender studies. When is the last time a woman billionaire created an endowed chair in radfem studies? (checks history of universe, finds zilch)

  3. That was an excellent watch, and I can see why TRAs pissed their britches over it. There’s a lot to unpack.
    So much irony in their accusing Zucker of conversion therapy when they’re sterilizing kids for walking to the “wrong” section of the toy store. His methods and diagnoses seem extremely level, like allowing Kareem to simply choose toys regardless of gender or recognizing the little girl was trying to protect herself after her mother’s murder. He never expressed any thoughts that would suggest he was trying to make a child conform in either direction. In fact, he even says you don’t have to play with Barbies to be a girl, you can play sports, etc. To me, that is as ideal an attitude as you can get. So you have to ask what kind of people would take exception…
    And DiNovo is a self-congratulatory piece of work. Calling a biblical eunuch “trans” is pretty fucking repulsive if you know the slightest bit about ancient history (not that the kweer brigade has trouble rewriting history to suit their needs, ex: every woman who had to disguise herself is relabeled a trans man). Appropriating First Nations cultures to preach to her overwhelming white congregation is a hoot too. And I could go on forever about that TIF therapist LMAO
    Ella made me horribly sad in the same way Jazz Jennings does. He looks so strange and unhealthy. Even when clinics start administering estrogen after the puberty blockers, these boys still have very eunuchoid proportions 🙁 It’s awful to watch that same slow trainwreck about to happen with Warner. And poor Lou. I wish her story wasn’t so common.
    I’m so glad the other kids in this doc had loving parents who didn’t take their gender confusion at face value.

      1. It used to be about consent vs coercion but they’re working hard on getting back to the old ways. Stay tuned for your local high school’s castrati choir.

  4. Very disturbing. That Russell character is scary. She should be kept away from children. I can’t help feeling that this will all end in tears in the near future. Shame on the CBC for not airing this.

  5. I have also successfully submitted a comment to: The text which I sent was:
    “Transgender Kids: Who knows best?” by John Conroy was first broadcast on BBC2 in January 2017.
    Mr Conroy interviewed a number of children and young adults with gender confusion. One young woman regretted taking testosterone and having had a double mastectomy. The father of another young woman described his fights with his daughter who decided, after about 3 years of confusion, that she was finally happy with her body and was glad that her father had dissuaded her from doing anything irreversible. The mother of much younger boy was happy to take her child to see Dr Zucker for support. The documentary centred on Dr Kenneth Zucker, a renowned child psychologist in Toronto, who was sacked from his job in 2015 for questioning the “gender affirmative approach” which has swept through the psychiatry profession without, he says, sufficient attention to the particular history and circumstances of individual patients.
    It is worth bearing in mind that “good parenting” includes challenging a child’s mistaken beliefs in a sympathetic and supportive way. It is possible that failure to do so could lead a young adult to accuse parents and medical professionals in years to come of child abuse for failure to protect him/her from an obviously harmful behaviour. The future will judge us.
    Please visit the UK website for parents who question the trans narrative.
    The number of children who really do have gender dysphoria is minute (less than 1 in 30,000 approx). It is important not to lay the seeds of confusion in the minds of the vast majority of children who go through adolescence with normal questioning “Who am I?” They are not all transgender.

  6. CBC caved from pressure by about a dozen twitter accounts? They sure are moral cowards. Also, since when does the queer cult attack from only 12 sock puppet accounts? Couldn’t have been more than one or two disgruntled people, considering the way that group swings.

  7. Shouldn’t those who care about children’s well-being as much as the trans crowd claims they do be relieved that most GNC children can avoid the risks of hormones and surgery? And funny how it seems to be mostly trans-identified adult men protesting the documentary, given that high rates of childhood desistance cast doubt on their “born in the wrong body” narrative. I remember
    reading Autumn Sandeen’s opinion several years ago in one of GM’s posts ( about the importance of focusing attention on pre-sexual children, so people would be less likely to view adult trans identity as a fetish. (If the size 12 stiletto fits . . .)
    And now this article claims the media is “weaponizing” young children in its campaign against trans people. There was some controversy in the UK about an NHS survey question that was going to ask Year 6 students:
    “Do you feel the same inside as the gender you were born with? (feeling male or female).” They can tick a box then of what their ‘true gender’ is: boy, girl, or other.’ It was removed after enough parental protest.
    Some in the pro-trans crowd are claiming that those who say the question plants the idea that gender is a feeling are just like old-fashioned homophobes who worried about unhealthy influences on children. This made me wonder whether anyone here has ever heard of an equivalent survey question on sexual orientation being asked of children that young–10 or 11. I never have, and I suspect that even today it would be much more controversial than one about gender. The eagerness of so many to embrace the transition of GNC children illuminates the degree of ongoing societal discomfort with same-sex attraction.

    1. “Weaponizing” is a new liberal buzzword that means “talking about stuff that I don’t want you to talk about.” You could say “The beef industry is cruel” and I might reply “Stop weaponizing cows.”
      Also, did anybody have to pause the video and be violently sick when the father said how happy he was not to have a son who runs like a girl?

      1. Yes it absolutely made me sick and also the father who wouldn’t allow his daughter to cut her hair or wear utilitarian “boys” clothes.
        The mother of Warner had posted on her @Warnerismyhero twitter account stating that her son had cried for years after being denied barbie dolls and sparkly things which she denied him because she felt they were ‘girl’s things’.
        It seems like a clear thread of homophobia and ultra-strict sex role stereotyping which precipitated the “transgenderism” in many of these cases.

      2. Also add “dangerous” to that. I can’t see how the left has any credibility when they think calling ideas “dangerous”, or whining about how ideas make them feel “unsafe”, is supposed to be enough to shut down discussion.

      3. GallusMag, you are right. Warner was interested in boys. His mother is a homophobe and this is a human rights violation being sold as something positive and worthy of celebration. I couldn’t even watch more than 20 minutes. I wanted to put these parents in jail for crimes against homosexuality and the quack doctors, too.

      4. “Weaponizing” is a new liberal buzzword that means “talking about stuff that I don’t want you to talk about.” You could say “The beef industry is cruel” and I might reply “Stop weaponizing cows.”
        Or perhaps “making arguments I can’t refute because I don’t have the facts on my side” also called “weaponizing reality.”

    2. They avoided the possibility that anyone might know they were gay at a young age. I started questioning my sexuality at 12 and, after three painful and embarrassing years of denial, came out as gay at 15. They’re afraid to ask the question because it sounds creepy when adults ask it of children.

  8. Everything which raised alternative views to the official “received” ones, made so much sense, was thoughtful and reasonable in its presentation. No wonder it had to be censored. Loved the plain, direct facts from the expert brain scientist – about the male or female brain myth. Thank you for this posting.

  9. My husband, stepdaughter, and I watched this as a family tonight. It’s really been good fodder for discussion. What an excellent documentary, and what a shame it’s been censored here in Canada. My husband is a Canadian voter, and he’s not going to forget this decision at the next election. (CBC is owned by the government, after all.)

  10. Tough to watch but compelling.
    Cheri Dinovo makes me very very cross.
    I loved Lou’s advice to dysphoric girls – get in the mud, climb a tree, find a way to be in your own body. I have read other desisters talk about things like physical activity allowing them to connect with their own physicality in a positive way.
    I wonder if the best treatment wouldn’t be some deeply physical work that benefits others. Seeing your body’s action make a beneficial change in someone’s life.
    Forget about the narcissistic online obsession, all cerebral talking about yourself all the time, go and volunteer to dig through rubble in disaster relief. Work hard and feel the power coursing through a healthy body literally changing the world, be proud and awed. Rather than sickening and scarring your body and expecting the world to change around you.
    Thank you Gallus for saving and posting this video.

  11. xv
    An entire family has transitioned, after which the TiF mother found a TiM partner who taught her how to use power tools, while she helped him learn the stones in his ring in case a woman asked about them. The story paints them as some kind of heartwarming, transgender Brady Bunch, but, tellingly, the woman’s family has a history of GNC women to which several generations have responded by doubling done on femininity enforcement for daughters. She seems to have gone to the opposite extreme and taken her children with her.

  12. I don’t get it. 12 twitter posts were enough to get this doc cancelled? What about the majority of people who might have wanted to see it? Badly done CBC.

  13. Telling the truth saves lives, but who would want that?
    Thank you so much again, Gallus Mag, for all your work. YOU are saving lives.

  14. This was an excellent video, and I can see why transgender activists don’t want people to watch the video. Parts of the video make them look like loonies as well as being just plain sexist. They know they don’t have an answer to the rational and common sense logic coming from the opposition, so they have to ban the video.
    Transman Herhsel Russell is a most interesting character in a creepy kind of way. Russell is a gender therapist in Canada. Mother of two, she still sounds like a woman and has a distinct female voice, but looks like a bald middle aged male. Baldness is common in transmen as they age. Hershel tells us about an eight year old girl who knew she was a boy because the girl said, “I know way down deep where the music plays”. Then, she says something about it’s irrational and profound. Russell comes off sounding really loony.
    Poor Cheri Di Novo is just brainwashed. Like a lot of people on the left she has drank the kool aid. Some of the most hideous medical experiments throughout history were once supported by people who at the time thought they were being progressive and compassionate.
    There is no doubt in my mind that the “transitioning” of children will eventually go the way of lobotomies and other hideous medical experiments. Why do people today think that they are so superior to past generations?
    At about 21:30 of the video, it says, “In just 5 years the UK’s main child gender clinic saw an increase in referrals of more than 1,000 per cent.” Yes, people heard it right. There was a 1,000 percent increase of referrals to the children’s gender clinic. If any other medical or psychiatric condition saw a 1,000 percent increase, people would want to know what the hell was going on. Not with gender identity and children. It must be something special. If there was a 1,000 percent increase in the number of people seeking care because of heart disease or some other physical illness, people would be alarmed, and would be screaming what is going on. No, not with children and gender. We all know what is happening, and all we have to do is use our common sense. It’s a culturally driven phenomenon, and “gender identity” is unique in that it’s largely subjective. Parents are bombarded with messages from the media telling them that their child must be be trans if he or she picks up the wrong toy at four or five years of age. This is the reality when we are talking about young children. Parents are just projecting their views of gender onto their children.
    Although this is an excellent video, it doesn’t tell people that children are being sterilized and their developing bodies are being physically stunted. This is basically one grand medical experiment on otherwise healthy children. This is what we do know and what the video didn’t say:
    All of this has been covered before on gendertrender, 4th Wave Now, and other sources, but for new readers, this is a quick recap. I’m just scratching the surface here because there is so much information out there.
    *The prefrontal cortex of the human brain isn’t fully developed until the early twenties. There is a scientific reason why we don’t let teenagers buy alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or take out bank loans. The fact that some children feel different doesn’t mean that they possess the cognitive ability to choose whether or not they want to chemically sterilize themselves and permanately alter their body. Children lack the ability to give informed consent.
    *Children are being sterilized with GnRH analogues and/or cross gender hormones. The video doesn’t mention this, but people have known this has been going on for years. Sterilizing children is a human rights abuse because children lack the ability to give informed consent. Trans activists always say that the puberty blocker (GnRH analogues) are completely reversible. They are intentionally misleading people. What drug is completely harmless, especially in developing children’s bodies? And, they know full well that if the GnRH analogues are followed by cross gender hormones, the child is rendered infertile. Virtually all children on the puberty suppression end up on cross gender hormones. Some doctors are starting children out of hormones at age 13 or 14.
    The blog 4th Wave Now is a good source. Just google “4th Wave Now” and “puberty blockers”.

    Kingpins of pediatric transition confess: We have no idea what we’re doing

    When Transgender Kids Transition, Medical Risks are Both Known and Unknown

    Isn’t it strange that in the year 2017 we are sterilizing children because they don’t play with the rights toys.
    By the way, the use of GnRH analogues for what essentially amounts to a psychological diagnosis in children is an off label use for this particular class of drugs. The GnRH analogues are used to treat a lot of things including advanced prostate cancer and endometriosis. They are also used for precious puberty which is not the same as a psychological diagnosis in children.
    The age that children are given hormones keeps getting younger and younger. Gendertrender and 4th Wave Now are excellent sources.
    People that read this blog know all this information, but new people can google it.
    *Not only are children being sterilized, their bodies are being physically stunted. Estrogen fuses the growth plates, so males no doubt are physically smaller in height. Look at the photos of Jazz Jennings, and compare his height to the height of his brother.
    *People really don’t know the long term effects of GnRH analogues and cross gender hormones on brain and bone development.
    *We do know that children are getting hormones at younger and younger ages. Children do not have the cognitive ability to understand everything in an “informed consent” form. This is a typical “informed consent” form that an adult signs in order to get hormones. They are supposed to read it, check everything off, and then sign it at the bottom. There is no way that children have the ability to fully understand all the effects of hormones. This is being done to them.
    *Because their bodies are physically stunted, there usually isn’t enough tissue to do sex reassignment surgery even if they want it. Skin from the scrotum and penis are used to line the neovagina. Because they don’t go through male puberty, they often lack the tissue for SRS. In one of Jazz Jenning’s videos, people can hear the surgeons talk about this when discussing surgery.
    There is no way people can predict how this grotesque experiment on children will evolve. I eventually see it going the way of other failed experiments.

    1. The moment that really confirmed Russel was a creep (to me) was when she nattered about how transgender people “mess with” sociology and biology. The look on her face and the weirdly gleeful tone made me think she going to rant about a gender-based Helter Skelter next.

      1. >The look on her face and the weirdly gleeful tone made me think she going to rant about a gender-based Helter Skelter next.
        Ditto. Creepy AF.

  15. After watching the video and listening to the same nonsense for years, I often wonder if transgender activists and the parents who eagerly “transition” their children are capable of seeing how sexist they sound. The sexism just leaps out at people, and it can’t be ignored. It’s like other people can see, but they can’t. For example, the mother in the video who says that she knew her son was a girl because he liked pink and sparkles. And, the father saying that his son “threw like a girl”, therefore, he must be a she. Yes, the father really said, “threw like a girl” in reference to his son. No, nothing the least bit sexist about saying girls like sparkly pink things, and boys who throw like a girl are sissies, therefore really girls. I thought this level of sexism went out in the 1950s, but I guess not. When it’s broken down, “gender identity” and gender are nothing more than what people used to call sex stereotypes. That is, girls act and dress one way, and boys act and dress another way. One of the best parts of the video was when Zucker’s assistant said, “There are lots of ways of being a girl”. Then, Zucker says, “I don’t have to play Barbies to be a girl”. “I can play hockey or soccer”. This mean, intolerant, bigoted man has the audacity to say girls can play hockey or soccer, and don’t have to play with dolls. Zucker is painted as an intolerant bigot by the trans brigade, but they come off as being so sexist that they all would fit neatly into a 1950s sitcom. Mom in her frilly dress and makeup, and dad doing all the “manly” things around the house. Kudos to Chris and his daughter Alex. She was a boy, and after learning that girls could do a lot of things decided to drop the nonsense about being a boy. Once she started playing softball, she thought being a girl wasn’t so bad after all.
    The video was right about the 80% desistance rate. That is, the majority of children who have “gender dysphoria”, or feel uncomfortable with their sex eventually outgrow it. If left alone, most, but not all, grow up to be happy and healthy gay men or lesbians. Zucker doesn’t come right out and say homophobia, but he alludes to it. In the last part of the video, he says that some parents have told him, “At least they aren’t gay”. Iran has been carrying out gay and lesbian eugenics via sex reassignment surgery for years. In the west, we just go about it in a friendly faux progressive kind of way.

    President Obama, how is this not anti-gay conversion therapy?

    Parents are just projecting their particular views of gender on their children, and an element of homophobia could play a role. And, they are bombarded with transgender in the media. There are a zillion and one trans websites and blogs. Trans is lauded in the media as something progressive when, in reality, it’s misogynistic and homophobic.
    Finally, we can’t ignore the financial part of “transitoning”. There is a lot of money to be made in “transitioning” children. Pharmaceutical companies, plastic surgeons, and gender therapists all profit. In the US, the puberty suppressing drugs are very expensive. Think about it. This is a population of people who are tied to the medical system for life with a life time of hormones, surgery, etc.

    1. An element of homophobia? It’s one of the key components along with sexism. I just got called a f****t TERF by a Nazi-loving trans-identified male on Reddit,

      1. Trans nuts calling men “TERFs” is my favorite meme. As if we needed anymore proof that it has no real meaning beyond “witch” or “unbeliever.”

      2. “I just got called a f****t TERF by a Nazi-loving trans-identified male on Reddit,”
        as good as any other recap of 2017

  16. I guess this doc was just far too rational for some people.
    It’s true that you cannot combat irrationality/emotionality/mental illness etc with facts. Some people don’t think in facts; they think in feelings and facts are an affront to that thought process so docs like this will remain an affront as well.
    Looking forward to the similar documentary on teenage Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria, and the similar outcry.
    *56:00 was disappointingly ironic.

      1. The only ones saying this was “mischaracterized” (not denied) is the Trump Administration. If this is between the Washington Post versus the Trump Administration, Wapo is more credible, hands down, by light years.

        1. The same old bureaucrats work in these departments regardless of administration.
          My objection is to the knee-jerk outrage-fueled clickbait/Facebook news-cycle performative reaction to unclear, half-baked, badly reported, rumors.
          From the Washington Post:
          “At the CDC, the briefing was led by a senior career civil servant in the office that oversees formulation of the agency’s budget. She opened the meeting by telling participants not to use the words “vulnerable,” “entitlement” and “diversity” because documents containing those words were being “flagged” by others higher up the chain in the budget process, and documents were being sent back to CDC for corrections.
          The civil servant then announced the additional words — “fetus,” “transgender,” “evidence-based” and “science-based” — that were not to be used. Another senior CDC budget person told the group that agency budget officials conducted a search across the agency’s budget documents and found that “evidence-based” and “science-based” were used so frequently that they were essentially meaningless, the analyst recalled.”

          Who is this senior level civil servant? Are they a recent Trump appointee? Why can’t they be named by the anonymous sources? What was actually said at the briefing, and to whom, and in what context? Can this story even be substantiated? An inquiry is certainly justified. What isn’t justified is all the performative outrage and hand wringing before the facts are adequately presented.
          This story smells. I’ll be happy to learn more as the individuals making these claims come forward with more information. If, on the other hand, the story disappears after the next news cycle, we can be pretty sure that whoever said whatever they said to whomever they said it, was blown up into a fake story for profit about how the blowhole pumpkinhead-in-chief is pulling an Orwell.

      2. “The Times confirmed some details of the report with several officials, although a few suggested that the proposal was not so much a ban on words but recommendations to avoid some language to ease the path toward budget approval by Republicans.
        A former federal official, who asked not to be named, called the move unprecedented.
        “It’s absurd and Orwellian, it’s stupid and Orwellian, but they are not saying to not use the words in reports or articles or scientific publications or anything else the C.D.C. does,” the former official said. “They’re saying not to use it in your request for money because it will hurt you. It’s not about censoring what C.D.C. can say to the American public. It’s about a budget strategy to get funded.”
        A former C.D.C. official, who asked not to be identified, said that some staff members were upset because the purported ban suggested that their work was being politicized.
        “I don’t know exactly who said what in the meeting, but I have to assume this came from H.H.S. people, because they’re the ones who have to make the budget,” the former official said. “I’ve also heard that some of the words might have been a little misconstrued. “‘Science-based’ and ‘evidence-based’ might not have been considered as unusable as the others.”
        Some people also said that some effort to tone down language might make sense when appealing for funding from Republican conservatives in Congress.”

        So basically the “ban on words” originated from left wing operatives, not right wingers. Very chilling.

      3. There’s an MD at The Atlantic who did a “satire” today of other words that might be banned; it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, the liberal bubble creates its own truth and people react. It might have been the other way two administrations ago, but here we are. Because it’s satire, he only had to use one weasel word about whether or not the original story had been confirmed. And because it’s satire, it supposedly stands alone and needn’t be updated should the inspiration be discredited. All the right people got paid.
        It’s, afaict, the doctor’s second satire piece. He’s not well suited for the genre, but it doesn’t matter: he’s got an editor hat (so no one can stop him) and he has become their go-to guy for “anti toxic masculinity” content which he and the other paid “feministy dudes” are required to promote–because it’s a nice way of protecting gender as a fundamental truth while still stating the obvious and if no one states the obvious they’d look like even bigger tools.

      4. Trump Administration Bans CDC Officials From Using Certain Words?

        Snopes [re]published it not as an article of debate but as a news brief. Maybe some readers will make it to the bottom and see that it was always bogus, maybe not.
        Librarians are freaking out on twitter: “If we don’t RESIST, it’s the end of everything.”
        Never mind that there’s nothing less “science-based” than “transgenderism” and even regular folk are discovering that you can’t have accurate statistics on an amorphous affinity group:
        When SJW-caping backfires… But it’s hilarious trying to make certain populations beholden others due to privilege derived from stats made up via internet surveys, especially in a week where Judith Butler is campaigning AGAINST free speech in a desperate bid to remain relevant in an age where it’s not performance but magical thinking that determines gender.

  17. ‘Absurd and Orwellian’? How is this any different than the misguided folks in the brigade who have gone out of their way to give a newspeak paint job on science, let alone history, religion….you get the idea.
    But if this ‘leak’ and the ‘ban’ came from the left, then they have learned all too well from history HOW to move their agenda further ahead. As well as erasing others, in the name of ‘progress’.

    1. I am furious with all the atheist-guru scientists who will pointedly *not* comment on the genderist hysteria, and then point and hoot at anti-science rednecks about climate change, etc. Let’s hear the scientific facts about changing your sex, science establishment that is dedicated to “truth” and sets themselves up as rational objective non-religious experts on EVERYthing. Why are they so damn QUIET on this subject? Only Dawkins, movement pope, will dare to tweet about chromosomes unchanging–but just look at the spasms that one little tweet caused.
      Answer: they are quiet because they are as afraid of losing their jobs as everyone else. And that is what we tried to tell the scientists (we: us old reds) — that their famous “scientific objectivity” was just as based on market interests as any other occupation or special-interest under capitalism… oh no no, we are about TRUTH, they’d squawk back.
      This bullshit proves that no, they are about their own positions and jobs. Objective science and settling public disputes about important things like GMOs and gender? Ha, might piss some company off. And there goes the research grant!
      Bah humbug.

  18. I’m surprised that the CBC put this on their website. Debra W. Soh holds a PhD in sexual neuroscience from York University.
    From the article,
    “CBC’s decision against airing Transgender Kids doc should leave everyone unsettled Ideology is now taking precedence over science”
    “Zucker’s approach
    But first, some background: in December of 2015, Zucker was fired from his position at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), where he had served as head of the Child, Youth, and Family Gender Identity Clinic. Many activists who had petitioned for his removal claimed victory.
    What was so controversial about Zucker’s approach? In short, he did not blindly follow the current popular dogma of affirming young children who say they want to transition to the opposite sex. Instead, Zucker’s therapy was informed by research that shows that the majority of gender dysphoric children desist by puberty.
    Indeed, across all 11 studies conducted on this topic, including research published in the last five years, about 60 to 90 per cent of gender dysphoric children grow up to be gay in adulthood, not transgender.
    Zucker’s approach was not about “curing” transgender kids or conducting “reparative” or “conversion therapy,” as some of his critics contend. Rather, it was about recognizing that it simply doesn’t make sense for a child to undergo the challenges of a social or physical transition if they are likely to grow comfortable in the body they already have, on their own. That is the so-called “harmful” view the documentary explores.”
    The only “conversion therapy” being carried out is “conversion therapy” against gay men and lesbians. Or, rather, future gay men and lesbians. Historically, we know that sex reassignment surgery has been used as a form of gay and lesbian eugenics. It’s in Iran, and it happened under apartheid South Africa.

    President Obama, how is this not anti-gay conversion therapy?

    @ Matthew,
    “GallusMag, you are right. Warner was interested in boys. His mother is a homophobe and this is a human rights violation being sold as something positive and worthy of celebration. I couldn’t even watch more than 20 minutes. I wanted to put these parents in jail for crimes against homosexuality and the quack doctors, too”
    @ Gallus,
    “It seems like a clear thread of homophobia and ultra-strict sex role stereotyping which precipitated the “transgenderism” in many of these cases.”
    Absolutely, and that about sums it up.

    1. The CBC published a “counterpoint” to Zoh’s article, which is worth a click just to laugh at the name and picture of the author.
      (Yes, I’m basic).
      Also features gems like this one, inventing new terms “Transitude” LOL and the claim that balanced information on anything trans should always be censored because the reader will always be biased:
      “Given that transitude — the fact of being trans — is understood to be abnormal and undesirable by large swaths of the general population, we cannot expect viewers of the documentary to be unbiased in their assessment of the evidence presented. It is well known that people tend to favour information that confirms pre-existing beliefs. Even if data is presented in an unbiased way, viewers introduce their own bias by overvaluing data that confirms their pre-existing beliefs about gender being based in birth assignment.”
      LOLOLOLOL Can’t make this shit up!

      1. “Dr. Kelley Winters also pointed out that the intake criteria for those studies included many children who were merely gender non-conforming, but not transgender.”
        They are the masters of No True Scotsman.

      2. you can’t just let people see facts and draw their own conclusions! Come on! They need careful guidance from the Church oops I mean the State oops I mean the Transitudinally Correct.

      3. I don’t understand this ‘cis’ definition which assumes every male ‘conforms’ to a male identity, and every female a female identity. What is gender identity but a stereotype? Look around you. Most males accept being male, and females female without adhering to any social stereotype about what they should be like. And the photo looks like a male in drag even with his ‘gender’ identity.

      4. @May Loo
        “And the photo looks like a male in drag even with his ‘gender’ identity.”
        I know, right?
        For people who think “woman” = hair and makeup, they can never style in a way that doesn’t highlight their horsey man-faces and make them look like a walking sitcom joke LOL

  19. I talked to some lesbians in the late 20s awhile ago, and they mentioned their college friends—- out of a lesbian group of about 13, almost all decided to trans. All of the young women came from very repressive right wing christian families with VERY rigid gender roles— hmmm

  20. Found the doc, but only got audio. Couldn’t get past the first 5-10 minutes. It’s sad that parents are still describing their kids as male or female according to stereotypes. And the kids self-identify the same way.

  21. horsey man-faces … riffraff right on! Oh and the ugly hulking men flouncing around. The huge hands, the creepy faces made up, the ugly clothing, the stilted and creepy mannerisms— all how men “pretend’ to be women. Actually, male to trans role play women, this is actually how most men see actual women. The fake voices, one male to trans curtsys when he greets you— he’s a poet in town, and at the Dyke March, I watched as he lurked around the edges of the dyke festival. All the lesbians there just ignored him, we had critical mass and were NOT going to put up with these creepy guys raining on our wonderful dance under the stars. Didn’t hurt to have several police cars and a few dyke police officers protecting us. In other cities, these creeps paraded around wearing “Punch TERF T-shirts” very male very aggressive very Buffalo Bill…

  22. Did anyone else react at Warren’s parroting of what was undeniably adult pro-trans narratives? 9-year-olds definitely do not express themselves that way. They lack the cognitive and emotional maturity to intellectualize or reflect on complex issues such as gender identity and biological/reproductive sex. I barely knew what my genitals were for at that age!
    Hearing him state his reasons for wanting to become a girl was so strange and surreal, coming from a pre-pubescent kid. He doesn’t understand the magnitude of what he claims to want, and it saddens me that the adults in his life are undoubtedly pushing him in a pathological direction that will not only sterilize him but make him a permanent medical patient entirely dependent on doctors and pharmaceutical companies for the rest of his natural life.

  23. It’s interesting hearing Hershel dismiss the 80% desistance rate of gender dysphoric kids as not mattering because the remaining 20% spend the rest of their lives as trans, yet dismiss the number of people who transitioned and then regret it as merely 4% to 2%.
    The minority is both important and unimportant based totally on what they consider to be politically convenient. Why am I not surprised?

  24. These links don’t have anything to do the video, but an excellent book about the transitioning of children just came out.
    An article from Robert Jensen, a true feminist ally, appeared in Feminist Current.

    Life without limits: The delusions of technological fundamentalism

    Of course, the trans thought police went after Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans.
    Background on Heather Brunskell-Evans.
    Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans is a Visiting Research Fellow at Kings College London. Her research focuses on the gendering of the body by contemporary discourses of sexuality and medicine. In particular, she analyses the bio-politics of pornography, prostitution, the sex trade, and transgenderism as material practices that occur within the context of structural gender inequality, neo-liberalism, global capitalism and the proliferation of digital-technologies. She has published widely on sexual and gender politics, including Internet Pornography: Disciplining Women through Sexual ‘Freedom’ (2017). She is also politically active in campaigning for and advising on the Nordic model of prostitution, and is a trustee of the newly formed charity FiLia, where she is the Director of its Stop Violence against Women and Girls section.

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