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    1. Gallus, you were the first resource I found when I realized that there was something very off-base about the transgender movement and starting Googling around for info. I felt so grateful that someone had documented the harms of this dangerous ideology (and I still do). Thank you so much for your illuminating commentary and your hard work!

  1. Congratulations, you’ve done an incredible job archiving all this material over such a long period. More than any other source, this website really converted me from a staunch trans ally to a critic. Your dialogues with TIMs opened my eyes, as they would start off sweetly reasonable but then reveal their raging misognyny as you debated with them.

  2. Congratulations Mag from another Mag! I read this blog everyday, many times a day. I learned so much from you and the other amazing women here, thank you! 😊

  3. So grateful for all of the excellent work that you do with this site. Despite all of the abuse and harassment and attacks, you persist. Thank you Gallus!
    My impression is that GenderTrender has really taken off in the last year or two.
    Do you have any statistics on the trend in page visits?

  4. Thank God for you! I send you to all my liberal friends AND my conservative ones too! Ironically, they’re the ones who GET IT.

  5. Congratulations on a brilliant seven years! And thanks for all the great work you’ve done for women.

  6. In an insane gender queer world, this has been a life line for me. Painful to see who much ground women are losing, but information is power! Just congratulations Gallus!!!!

  7. Amazing work!! Thank you for your brilliance and dedication, your example, your tireless efforts, as well as a no-b.s. attitude that is reaching as legendary a status as your namesake.

  8. Congratulations! You have opened the eyes of so many women. I am grateful to you for opening mine.

  9. Congratulations and thank you so much for your perseverance <3 This blog has been such an invaluable resource and helped me not feel overwhelmed in the current cultural insanity.
    It's also A+ to have receipts on the most malignant TRAs when they do they try to cover up n' gaslight.

  10. You are on the frontline, our heroine, straining to hold back the flood of trans cult, woman erasing and hating, insanity. Like the courageous suffragists before us, you are an inspiration. Your integrity and tireless work is an example of what we all should be doing in order to defeat this latest attack on women. The struggle for liberation from patriarchal domination goes on and on. Yay to GallusMag.

  11. Happy Anniversary, Gallus! Thank you for all your hard work in making this blog the invaluable resource it is today! πŸ˜€ <3

  12. Mazel Tov!! Your hard work helps those of us “out in the field”. I have used this resource time and time again in my challenges to the trans juggernaut. I wish you could know how many women’s minds you have changed from handmaiden to fighter against insanity and how many gas-lighting nasty trans upon whom you have helped to shine the light of day and truth. Thank you.

  13. Congratulations Gallus. It’s an achievement to keep a blog going this long. Thank you for your hard work and persistence.

  14. It has been a privilege to post on this blog. The women on this blog are the smartest women on the internet. This blog is a gold mine of information.
    Gallus, congratulations. You are amazing!

  15. It seems like it has gotten easier lately, but I can only imagine how scary and lonely it must have been 7 years ago. I would have considered you untouchable then, before I read more widely (including in your archives!). 21 broom salute πŸ™‚

    1. I used to get between 5 and 10 hate comments and/or threats, on average, for every publishable neutral or supportive comment. For years. Every day. It was tough constantly wading through it all. That level of violence and hatred really does mess with your head. Sadly, I think much less kindly about men in general after this experience.
      Worse in some ways were the ongoing attacks from a wealthy and powerful individual calling herself a Radical Feminist who did everything in her power to silence me and shut down the blog for reasons that still remain known only to herself. That whole experience was beyond surreal.
      Multiple organized campaigns to get WordPress/Automattic to shut down the blog occurred, resulting in hundreds (thousands?) of complaints, various petitions, etc. WordPress locked the blog three times. Thoughtful appeals to Automattic administration by many wonderful women, by people involved in the WordPress community, and by a handful of transgender people (also a twitter campaign) are the only reason the site was ever restored. It was very touch and go. You literally could not say these things (report on public campaigns by transgenderists and question gender ideology) much less use pronouns based on sex, not gender. People were shocked!
      Many men were really shocked to see women saying what we really think, possibly for the first time. Suddenly the internet had released women to speak their truth, to each other, in ways that could be witnessed by men. Men were scandalized. They couldn’t believe women were “talking back” and they sure didn’t like it. And women were amazed, and relieved, to see these conversations.
      Many women, transgender people and others especially troubled by gender found great relief in understanding the true nature of gender as revealed by the feminist analysis of our foremothers. I discovered gender critical feminist analysis after becoming frustrated by women in my lesbian community refusing to refer to me with female pronouns and constantly asking me when I was going to start testosterone. This feminist history, women’s work, was not easy to find. And it wasn’t immediately easy to understand, at least not by me. It took quite a bit of searching and reading. And when I finally understood what feminists had explained, decades ago, I said WOW! That makes SO MUCH SENSE! The sky cleared and I had a long cold glass of that crystal clear water. Finally I understood. It was like that scene in ‘They Live’ where Rowdy Roddy Piper puts on the glasses. Incredible stuff.
      The least I could do is pass it on. So I started a little blog for other people searching for answers. I never promoted it in any way. Never evangelized. Tiny little corner of the internet, etc. Started posting on various trends and news stories about gender through a gender critical feminist lens. Turns out this was like kryptonite.
      I remember telling a friend that I thought I had plateaued at 800 views a day. It can’t get any bigger. Such a niche, single subject blog. Haha. That was wrong.
      Men who identify as women started three different copy-cat “GenderTrender” blogs in an effort to siphon off search engine traffic and divert potential readers. They eventually tired of defending themselves from the “friendly fire” of hate comments and violent threats intended for me. I have documentation of all of this. I have two huge files of hate comments and threats which I started (and then stopped) collecting at some point. It’s pretty funny to read now.
      Ah well. I could go on and on about all that happened. Long story short, at some point I realized I was getting only three hate comments to every neutral, publishable, or supportive comment.
      Then eventually a 1:1 ratio. Now I only get a few a week! I got one yesterday from a man who identifies as a woman calling me a stupid person who should “DROP DEAD BITCH!”. Pffft.
      Good times.
      Anyway, we really did change the world, or at least the things women can speak about (like the mechanisms of our oppression, fancy that). Overton Window, etc.
      It isn’t much.
      But it’s a lot.
      THANK YOU!

      1. Thanks for writing out this historical record! It’s interesting that your blog got shut down by WordPress. That’s never happened to me and I had no idea it had ever happened to you.

      2. Yes! They shut me down three times.
        Dirt’s blog was also shut down by Blogger/Blogspot/Google a few times, years ago. So it’s not unique to Automattic.
        What WordPress/Automattic does when they want to censor a blog is suddenly “lock” it. That way readers don’t know what happened and they can try to weasel out of difficult conversations about censorship. They lock you out of making posts (or editing posts) and approving comments. You may or may not be able to post your own comments.
        I guess they hope you will just go away, or pay them to transfer your blog to a private host. Publishing GenderTrender on a private host was never an option for me because autogynephilic male IT professionals constantly tried to hack it. Only the top notch security experts at Automattic were capable of fending off the attacks. Every high profile radical feminist /gender critical blog hosted privately up to that point had been hacked. Woman’s Place is a good example. The contents were replaced with pornography. Several other privately hosted blogs have been hacked, including Pretendbians.
        Another concern was my ability to reliably pay annual subscriber fees etc. in perpetuity, since I am a low income working person who struggles to pay my bills. RadfemHub was brought down when a wealthy woman renegged on her agreement to sustain annual hosting fees after she was asked to step down as temporary editor. Unless you pay for skilled transfer, you lose all your post images and formatting. You can’t simply export your blog to a new host. Everything has to be reformatted and images replaced. A huge task even for a skilled IT person. It took more than six months for the RadfemHub archives to be recovered.
        GenderTrender was locked by Automattic three times.
        The first was in January 2013, courtesy of a campaign led by Janet Mock and friends. Mock took offense at being referred to by myself as a “homosexual male”. You can read about that incident here:
        The second was in March 2013, in response to a giant of a man named Joelle (Joe) Ruby Ryan. If you ever see the meme “No Feminism Without Joe Feminism”- that refers to him. Joe says that the word “female” itself is hate speech against men like himself. Joe is a six foot three and 300+pound male who has never taken hormones. He worked as a Women’s Studies lecturer at The University of New Hampshire. Joe and his friends maintained that women do not have the right to use the YouTube embed feature to post official, public, state university educational materials on websites for discussion. Joe objected to my post of an official University of New Hampshire video using the YouTube/Wordpress “embed” function. Regardless of the absurdity of this claim, Automattic locked my blog and outright censored that post. That post still exists, locked as “private” in my post archives. It cannot be restored and is permanently censored by Automattic/Wordpress.
        You can read about that here:
        The last time GenderTrender was “locked” was in April 2014, courtesy of convicted rapist Twitter executive Dana McCallum and friends. McCallum’s rape trial and conviction received a near total media blackout, not only among “LGBT” sources. McCallum’s tech friends at Automattic locked GenderTrender over my coverage. Only an extended campaign by many women and some men restored my access to the blog.
        You can read about that by following links here:
        When Automattic/Wordpress censors you by locking your blog, they don’t communicate about it. It just happens. You get a big notice in red at the top of your dashboard. They do not respond to your inquiries or explain anything. You are just locked out for weeks on end with no explanation or response to appeals. Like the hand of god. (If god was a man controlling your blog). They don’t tell you when they do it, you just log in and see a big red notice at the top of your dashboard telling you that you cannot post or approve comments. They don’t respond to inquiries. They don’t tell you when you are restored. They offer no explanation. You just sign in one day and the notice is gone and you can post again and approve comments.
        I am 100% certain that without the women and men (some of them “transwomen” ! ) taking the time to campaign to have me restored, Automattic would simply have turned the lights off on GenderTrender, silently and forever. I think of particular help was a male with a long history of identifying as a transwoman who had been instrumental in supporting and funding the original WordPress open forum platform going to bat for me amongst the dudebros running Automattic, who all knew him. (Not sure he wants to be identified, probably not).

      3. I have to add to the thanks. I think it was Colleen Francis that led me to this blog, and at that point I was still on the fence, thinking that MTTs are just so oppressed, but of course I also recognized that young girls shouldn’t have a middle-aged fetishist imposed on them. This blog was the beginning of the end with my perception that women owe MTTs anything.
        And I love that the copycat blogs got a taste of their own medicine.

      4. A substantial autobiographical essay by you would be awesome, some day, for interested people at large & for future historians. When it’s safe(r).

      5. @ephemeroptera
        Not sure there’s an audience for that. Pretty sure a component of the success of this blog has been the lack of autobiographical content. πŸ™‚

      6. Just seconding ephemeroptera — you are a part of feminist history, though! As are all the really unfair machinations against you that you just described. Maybe now doesn’t feel like the time but getting your story down eventually should form part of the feminist archive.

      7. @GallusMag I’m imagining it like the end of the Lord of the Rings, where years after the end of the long war, you reveal your backstory, instead of leaving for the Land of the West with the elves…
        Currently, it’s a bit like the ending of “Spartacus,” where whenever I meet a radfem lesbian, I think, “Could *she* be Gallus Mag?”
        Anyhow, congrats on the 7 years & the fruits of perseverance!

      8. Agree w/Kathleen. People may think these are the rag-tag, makeshift, emergency communications that seem to be in the background while shit is going down. But 10, 20, 50, 100 years later, they’re remembered as vital centers the crystallizing voice of reason.

      9. If you do an image search of Joelle Ruby Ryan it is… Hilarious!
        Gallus, you are my hero and you have taught me SO, SO much about trans-everything. I truly admire your composure when dealing with the troons and your level of research and incredible knowledge and compassion for all females.
        I can only hope one day we’ll all be able to chat without fear to one another, as ourselves. Until then, just know you’ve made such a wonderful difference to so many females, most certainly to me. Love you and love this blog! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  16. Gallus, I wish you knew what a lifeline you have been. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Thank you. It was such a relief to find your blog. As you described the β€˜cool clear water’: that’s it!
      Sending you a small monthly donation in gratitude, and an Xmas present on top. If every reader sent you $1 a month, I bet you would be able to do amazing things!

  17. I have recently found this website. I am a (“real”!) man and I fully support what you are trying to do. All (“real”!) women need to fight back against this new form of oppression by men in frocks. I will help where I can.
    Best wishes
    Steve Hoilmes

  18. Lying in bed with flu. Just discovered your blog. Its such a relief to read someone simply say these things! That are true! Keep on keeping on!

  19. “..I’m imagining it like the end of the Lord of the Rings, where years after the end of the long war, you reveal your backstory…”
    “I can only hope one day we’ll all be able to chat without fear to one another, as ourselves…”
    I’m not a big fan of the Female Confessional Writing genre. I am writing as myself, and what I prefer is satire and critique. It’s interesting that after seven years I’m seen by some readers as an unhatched egg. I think this is a sexist expectation.

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