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  1. This is really beautiful and incredibly brave of her.
    IME, what she describes is the rule, not the exception. I’ve yet to see anyone improve from transition. At best, there’s a kind of stasis, but most have only become more stressed, more paranoid. Even if they haven’t made it to hormones or surgery, they’re still bogged down by pronouns and names. Their sense of identity relies totally on the perception and compliance of others, things that can never be truly controlled, and they go into an emotional and mental tailspin and/or completely surrender to abusive tendencies.
    Porn has definitely played a huge part too. Most of the TIFs I’ve known got to that point due to internalized misogyny but there have been a few helped along by fetishizing gay males. And every TIM I’ve encountered started out with an interest in photographic or fantasy (like transformation) porn.

    1. I’ve actually know a few TIFs in the past who are into Yaoi (gay anime subgenre). In my experience, they are almost just as bad as the narcissistic TIMs.Not because of their geeky hobbies, but because of their conceited behavior and their internalized misogyny.

  2. Fantastic. She is so brave to be speaking out and saying such rational, factual, truthful things. Is it only in the Netherlands, where i believe this took place, where a woman can speak her truth, and The truth, about the trans debacle with a respectful, silent audience? Here in the united states we are so far behind. No debate or dialogue is happening. Women and those who question the insane trans narrative are totally silenced in public, in the media.

  3. Listen to this woman. She is speaking the truth, so bravely and eloquently. Another transwidow whose husband was taken away from her. No room for compromise once the transborg have done their work. Even the past and treasured memories are no more. I’m too numb to care about my ex anymore. Listen to those statistics. It’s those men who seek to justify their sexual fetishish by dragging gender questioning children down into the cess pit with them who are beyond forgiveness.

  4. I was most struck by this passage:
    Jamie cross-dressed and called himself a gender nonconforming man. Then Jamie started frequenting queer message boards where he saw transgender people lauded as beautiful and brave, and he saw cross-dressers disparaged as kinky or too cowardly to transition.

  5. It’s so sad and scary that some people are so easily influenced by others, trends and the media and so weak minded that they will deny reality to be trendy or popular, accepted, etc. They’re like the people who voted for Trump or support Roy Moore denying the reality of their corruption and hypocrisy. Finally, this guy is just trying to sell his music video.

    1. My parents were atheist before I was born in the early 1960s. That was pretty unusual and unheard of in our west coast suburb. Not wanting me to be influenced by peer pressure into becoming religious, because they had found religion to be very damaging, they taught me and my brother critical thinking skills before going into elementary school. Every night at the dinner table, we’d be trained regarding questioning religion, having the courage to go against trends, and not conform, and to question anything. So it was very apparent from a young age, upon entering elementary school, how many of my peers had never gotten critical thinking skills training. Sadly.
      As I became a feminist and was taught to trust my gut, this became another opportunity to recognize when I needed to apply critical thinking skills, when my hunches were to be skeptical or suspicious of something.
      I wish more people were taught these tools from a young age. To not be so afraid to think for oneself and go against the herd.
      It’s amazing that with even the popularity of the well-known children’s book, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” so few people have been able to intellectually resist the trans propaganda machine and the many intellectual manipulations being used on us to pressure us to buy into transgenderists’ beliefs or messages.
      One last tool that I’ve found helpful was the book, “Cults in Our Midst,” by UC Berkeley psychology professor Margaret Singer. She died perhaps 10 years ago. She had been considered the world’s leading expect on deceptive mind control techniques. In her book, she exposes numerous deceptive manipulation techniques used in various full-on cults: those that exert almost complete control over the thinking of others they have deceived into joining their groups, despite many of whom being of above average intelligence.
      Once having read her book, it’s a lot easier to recognize a whole host of deceptive manipulation techniques being used on oneself or others. Singer’s message was that cults (the full-blown mind control kind) are far more common than most realize, and that as more and more people have gone in and out of various cults, they have learned these techniques, and are using them in ever more contexts. Some of these are definitely being used by transactivists. Reading Singer’s book, available through library systems, is excellent consumer protection for one’s mind. I highly recommend it for gender critical feminists seeking to recognize and expose the manipulations being used on the public.
      That, and in general, encouraging everyone to read from all perspectives on any particular issue, and reading from across the political and ideological spectrum as one’s choices of daily news sources. Reading from or listening to a an ideologically different news source every day, from the hard right (Breitbart, etc.) to the extreme left, and from viewpoints not on the left right spectrum. And to pass critical thinking methods along to one another, and especially teaching critical thinking skills to young children. So that they don’t end up going through the psychological hell this man in the above video is going through. Thank goodness some brave feminist transitioned, and sources like this blog, are making it safer and more possible to question transgender.

  6. Trans/queer are tearing the heart out of women and young impressionable gay men and lesbians.
    It took courage for the woman in the first video to speak in front of a crowd about her experience. Notice the ugly trans symbol in the background. It’s a miracle that they even let her speak. She said she spent one third of her life with her ex-husband. How are married women supposed to react when their husbands decide that they are “women”? It wrecks their marriage, and everyone focuses on the husband, and expects their wives to support their husband’s “transition”. The husband sounds like the typical middle aged autogynephile married to a woman for years, and “transitioned” at age forty after living all his life as male. She says he liked Johnny Cash and liked to go camping. After visiting tranny porn sites and queer websites, he decided it would be cool to “transition”. How his wife of fifteen years feels about it is of no significance. He quit his job and stopped doing work around the house, and it was all about his “transition”.
    The way that the woman in the first video starts her speech seems strange to me. I don’t see how it is connected to the rest of her speech. Just because she kissed a woman once doesn’t mean she is a lesbian. Maybe bisexual, but not lesbian. Actually, she doesn’t say she is lesbian, or even bisexual. Watch the video. She says she is queer. By the way she talked, she was still sexually attracted to her husband. Their sex life went out the window now that he thinks he is a “woman”.
    She makes it clear that she entered the fifteen year marriage as a heterosexual woman. Frankly, I don’t know what the whole I kissed a woman, and now I’m queer is all about. Since “queer” can mean heterosexual, or anything for that matter, I don’t believe for a moment that she is primarily attracted to women. It’s just interesting that after her ex-husband of fifteen years “transitioned”, and declared that he is a “woman”, she suddenly identifies as queer.
    At any rate, she is courageous for standing on a stage with a trans symbol in the background speaking truth as to her experience. Women who have been married to these middle age “transitioners” for fifteen or twenty years do suffer. They entered the marriage as heterosexual women, and they fell in love with a male.
    The young man in the last video is very sad. He is just another young gay man who no doubt was bombarded with all the trans media messages that said he must be transgender because he liked to cross dress and experiment with clothes, etc. Thankfully, this sensitive and brave young gay man didn’t decide to take hormones or get his penis whacked off. He thought that because he wasn’t like other men, it meant that he was transgender, and eventually he would “transition”. At the end of the video, Trevor says that it’s fine if some people “transition”, and goes on to say that he knows a lot of “brave” transgender people. There is nothing “brave” about being transgender. The people who resist this insanity are the courageous people. “Transitioning” is the easy way out.
    Kudos to both people in these videos. I hope they don’t get harassed for speaking. People have to totally submit to the trans agenda, or risk reprisals.

    1. I’m more familiar with her background than is presented in the TedX talk, and she claims that she was bisexual with a preference for women before she met her husband.

      1. This might be the reason why she tried to save the marriage for 18 months. A 100% hetero woman would have divorced him way sooner.

      2. There are plenty of wives who stay with MTTs, and I’ve never had any reason to doubt those women’s heterosexuality. Many of them are trapped due to finances, children, or even just the fear of being alone. But in Ms. Thrace’s case, I think you probably have a point regarding why she stayed for so long. She doesn’t have children, and she wasn’t financially dependent on him. Bisexual women are in something of a double bind since I’m sure most don’t find male larpers attractive, but, since they’re bisexual, it’s even more taboo for them to publicly admit it.

      3. She found out the hard way that a relationship with an actual woman is completely different to a relationship with someone who pretends to be a woman.

    2. I think she was using that experience to draw a distinction between her experience making love to a woman (lovely!) and the nightmare of trying to have a sexual relationship with a man who wanted to pretend he was a woman (a horrible pantomime bearing no features in common with the former.).
      I think she was trying to say (paraphrasing) ‘I’ve actually touched a woman, and female physiology exists and isn’t something a male can identify as, and the distinction is quite apparent even with just a kiss’.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. I too am a transwidow, and her story could be my own.
    I am grateful to her for sharing this, and so eloquently.

  8. I’m glad she spoke about this. I was in a relationship with a man who later became a TIM. I was alright with it at first, but then he lost interest with our relationship, became more in love with himself, and heavily relies on the attention he receives from his transition.He broke up with me afterwards and I felt bad about it for a while, until I got over it. He’s an aspiring animator and dreams of creating a cartoon based on his trans journey.Yeah, he has narcissistic tendencies. Not just that, he also developed bulimia and has mental health problems.
    As someone who experiences dating women and a TIM, I prefer to be with a woman anyday.

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