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    1. I’ve been wondering when trans women would find a a way to make the wave of honesty about sexual harassment all about their special worse-than-anyone oppression. It’s taken them a very long time to funnel attention about an ongoing news story their way. I think maybe they are losing their edge.

    2. The woman helps in the fight for marriage equality… you know, an actual human rights issue… and they’re squealing because their “girl” dicks aren’t being put front and center. Seems familiar 🤔
      If only Matt and Roy had put on mascara…

    1. Will other media hosts acknowledge Ms. Nessel? I’m doubtful. Tangentially related: if the one dood on planet earth who wasn’t the subject of some poor gal’s #metoo tale could please stand up that would make it a fuck of a lot quicker to dismantle the patriarchal bullshit. Society is waiting and experiencing feigned SHOCK when these fuckers get called out.

  1. I think “Katelyn” is forgetting that study that showed that MTTs retain male levels of criminal behavior, along with their “girl dicks.” Science is so transphobic!

  2. The ad is wry. Look it up if you don’t understand it. Women don’t have a penis, unless they are the .02 percent of the population who are intersex.

    1. Even intersex women don’t have penises! Intersex conditions aren’t chimeric. Most are relatively minor.

  3. This is the boldly honest campaign ad I’ve been waiting for. Best of luck to Dana Nessel!
    But after two months in which one story after another of sexual harassment and assault has surfaced, the trans crowd’s main objection to the ad is that it insults their penises? Seriously? Next big hashtag–#notallpenises. Because no woman has ever heard any variation on “But mine’s special!”

  4. From what I’ve read, there are four candidates running for Attorney General in Michigan. There are two Democrats and two Republicans. Since I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, I tend to support Democrats. I would vote for a good independent with common sense and a good track record on women’s issues. When the choices are only Democrats and Republicans, it’s just more corruption because both parties are corrupt to the core. The vast majority of Americans have no faith whatsoever in the two party system. Which Democrat is best? The problem is Democrats have tossed the entire female sex under the bus for their precious “gender identity”. It’s very sad to see educated women like Nessell so mis-informed, or just plain brainwashed. “Gender identity” laws do harm women.
    Political ads mean nothing. People have to take the time to do their own research. This is extremely important for women.
    Who can you trust most to NOT show you their penis?
    Answer: Actual females
    Actual females don’t have a penis whereas males, and this includes transwomen, have a history of showing their penis, and using their penis in every inappropriate way imaginable. Most transwomne are fully intact males, penis and all. Transwomen (biological males) show their penis to females too. And, transwomen have been convicted of raping women and molesting children. Transwomen have been convicted of killing girls and women. And, “gender identity” laws make it possible for transwomen to expose their penis to females and endanger girls and women. At least “cis” men aren’t demanding access to women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, women’s homeless shelters, and women’s sports teams.
    I know women on this blog have seen this link before. I apologize to regular readers. See where it says “her legs open and her male genitalia showing”.
    Who can you trust most to NOT show you their penis?
    Transwomen do show their penis, and because of “gender identity” laws, they have more opportunity to expose themselves. Or, does she believe that a penis on a transwoman really isn’t a penis? I want her opinion on this issue.
    As much as I like this woman, the problem is she is either mis-guided, or has drank too much of the trans kool aid. Until women get a better understanding of her views on “gender identity” and how much she is willing to sell out the female sex to pander to the transgender activists, I wouldn’t vote for her. I would look for an alternative.
    Her ties to Fair Michigan, a LGBT organization, are rather scary and warrant intense scrutiny. Sexual orientation is not the issue. Women on this blog have no problem with sexual orientation and support the rights of gay men and lesbians. For the most part, women on this blog lean liberal to moderate. The problem is “gender identity”, and “gender identity” is only going to get crazier. In fact, “gender identity” is so Orwellian in California that even some liberals are starting to notice.

    Welcome to Fair Michigan

    (1.) As Attorney General, would she house males who are convicted of raping, torturing, or murdering women in women’s correctional facilities? The State of California has a long history of housing violent males who have raped, murdered, or tortured women to women’s prisons. People on this blog know about Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch who tied two women up, and proceeded to torture them with electrical wires before raping them? So, if the male whined about his “gender identity”, would she send him to a women’s prison. Currently, transwoman Dana Rivers is on trial in Oakland for slaughtering a lesbian family. If convicted, don’t be surprised if the State of California doesn’t send this sick murdering bastard to a women’s prison. People in Michigan have a right to know Nessell’s opinion on housing convicted male rapists and murderers in women’s prisons.
    (2.) As Attorney General, does she believe that the State of Michigan should be forced to pay for hormones and sex reassignment surgery (it really doesn’t change one’s sex) for inmates? Does the State of Michigan do this? California taxpayers pay for hormones and sex reassignment surgery for criminals, even convicted killers. Other states also pay for hormones, and some states pay for hair removal, etc. People in Michigan have a right to know Nessell’s opinion on taxpayer funded “transitioning” hormones, surgery, electrolysis for hair removal, etc., etc. for convicts.
    (3.) As Attorney General, what is her view on crime statistics? I only bring up crime statistics because accurate crime statistics matter. If crimes committed by males are counted as crimes committed by females, how will this impact crime statistics? For example, as people on this blog know, just last June in Washington State, transwomen Douglas Perry was convicted of killing three women. Is this counted as a crime committed by a female. If convicted of the ghastly triple homicide in Oakland, will this be counted as a crime committed by a female? If words have no meaning, and female and male are rendered meaningless, what is the purpose of categorizing crimes based on sex? We certainly need to see accurate crime statistics because that is how the government can measure violence against women.
    (4.) Does she know that transwomen (biological males) offend at the same rate as other males. This includes the same rate of sex crimes and the same rate of violent crimes. I don’t care how much of the trans kool aid she has drunk, but someone needs to tell this woman the truth. Most transwomen still have their penis, and transwomen (males) retain a male pattern of criminality.
    If Nessell actually believes everything transgender activists have told her, especially the lie that transwomen (biological males) are harmless and would never hurt girls and women, she is mis-informed.
    If Nessell actually believes another trans lie that only conservatives oppose “gender identity”, she is mis-informed. Women across the political spectrum, liberal and moderate, know that “gender identity” harms women and girls.
    Again, I like this woman. The only problem is how devoted is she to the transgender agenda. If the other Democrat isn’t totally onboard with the trans agenda, perhaps women should consider him. I do want women in elected positions, but I vote for what is best for the majority of women. “Gender identity” is not in the best interest of all girls and women.
    I don’t like her ties to LGBT organizations because every woman on this blog knows that “LGBT” really means trans and queer controlled. All LGBT organizations are trans/queer controlled. A lot of lesbians have abandoned these “Cotton Ceiling” lesbian hating organizations. And, the majority of women in the middle (moderates and independents) are so sick of this “gender identity” insanity that we could scream.

    1. @SkyLark Phillips:
      Agreed. As much as I love her tongue-in-cheek ad; we need to see how she handles the backlash from triggered trannnies before we throw our support behind her. I know I will be very disappointed if she grovels to the trans/queer lobby and apologizes for making the true statement that people with penises (regardless of which gender they “identify” with) are FAR more likely to be sexual predators than biological females
      “”””If Nessell actually believes another trans lie that only conservatives oppose “gender identity”, she is mis-informed. Women across the political spectrum, liberal and moderate, know that “gender identity” harms women and girls.””””
      THANK YOU!!
      The one silver lining to all this trans insanity is that I’ve seen it bring together women from all sides of the political spectrum to speak out on how allowing males to violate female spaces puts ALL females at risk.

    1. That article is infuriating. Who the hell is ‘Tallulah’ – he’s earned womanhood more than a cis-woman?
      Mr Dawson was strikingly dismissive and inarticulate.
      They really hate us. Assholes.

    2. Those two MtTs are just vile. Their entitlement and lack of sympathy for the female perspective proves that they don’t deserve to be called “women”.
      And screw TopShop for throwing female safety and privacy out the window just because one young man threw a temper tantrum when a clerk wouldn’t allow him to creep around the area where females were getting undressed.
      And it’s really depressing that Miranda Yardley gets labeled a “fruit loop” by most of the trans community simply for saying: “We should respect the boundaries of biological females because they have valid reasons to be wary of us”

  5. Reality, biology and science are SOOO transphobic LOL. Happy Holidays everyone, ooppps that phrase may be triggering LOL.

  6. Since this is Michigan and the subject is males acting inappropriately, exposing themselves, and violating the human rights of women, what happened to Cormier in a women’s locker room was sexual harassment. She was honestly frightened of a strange man in the women’s locker room, and didn’t want to undress in front of him.
    No woman should be forced to see a man’s penis, but it’s perfectly fine to cancel a woman’s paid gym membership if she refuses to undress in front of a huge linebacker sized “male slut in training on a leash”. The man calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska called himself “male slut in training on a leash”, and even went out of his way as if to advertise it online. Only months before the incident at a Michigan Planet Fitness women’s locker room, the man calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska was all over the internet talking about his rather unique sexual interests.
    Nessell is president of Fair Michigan, a LGBT organization. Every trans and LGBT group in Michigan defended poor Carlotta and ridiculed Cormier and called her a “transphobic” bigot. They did this without taking time to do any research, I want to know Fair Michigan’s opinion on Carlotta Sklodowska and Planet Fitness.
    A female paying member of a Michigan Planet Fitness lost her gym membership because she complained of a male in the women’s locker room. She didn’t want to undress in front of him. Look at his photos. He is built like a linebacker, obviously male, and at the time he was just dressed in baggy sweatpants and a shirt. He wasn’t even a gym member, and entered as a guest.
    Every LGBT group in Michigan quickly came to the rescue of poor misunderstood “male slut in training on a leash” Sklodowska. They didn’t take time to research anything, but gendertrender did some serious research. This dude is just a freaky man with some serious interests in BDSM and kink, and he is heterosexual or bisexual. Gendertrender did an excellent job on Michigan’s own Carlotta Sklodowska.
    Look at his photos. He looks like he could play linebacker or center for the Detroit Lions.
    Thanks to gendertrender and other sources, this is what we do know about the incident at a Planet Fitness women’s locker room.
    Prior to this incident, the man calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska wasn’t on hormones and had no surgery. He wasn’t even a gym member when the incident happened. If he wasn’t a paying member, what was he doing in the women’s locker room? He was just a guest of some one. The guy is heavily into BDSM kink. He took down most of his only freaky sexual interests, but not before gendertrender and some other sources screencapped it.
    Before the locker room incident, this creepy dude made his sexual interests known online. For example, he said, “I’ll do either, but I charge men while I do women for free”. And, “I’ve always said that there is only one requirement to have a perfect body – a pussy between the legs”.
    A “sincere self-reported gender identity” I don’t think so. This would be hilarious if Ms. Cormier wasn’t terrified of the thought of having to undress in front of this man, and if Planet Fitness didn’t cancel her gym membership. This is just one creepy freaky ass man who, for some reason, despite not being a paid member, decided he wanted to visit the women’s locker room at a Michigan Planet Fitness. He said he wanted to retrieve his purse.
    A conservative group filed a lawsuit on behalf of Cormeir against Planet Fitness, but it was rejected. Planet Fitness has powerful corporate attorneys, and Planet Fitness has been sued numerous times for a lot of different things not related to this case. Some Planet Fitness lawsuits involved hidden cameras in areas where women undress. Google it. At any rate, they bring out their corporate attorneys and always come down hard on anyone who sues them even if they are in the right. The group representing Cormier is taking it to the Michigan Supreme Court. Trans activists attacked the conservative group, but will never acknowledge that women were outraged, and it wasn’t just conservative religious women. What happened to Cormier was so over the top offensive and wrong that a lot of women are outraged. I don’t know any woman who would want to change her clothes in front of this freaky huge man. Cormier lost her gym membership for complaining. She was right.
    What exactly is a “sincere self-reported gender identity”? No one knows exactly. Males don’t have to undergo surgery or take hormones. Just take their word on it, even if he has no intention whatsoever of taking hormones or getting surgery. How can a person working for minimum wage at Planet Fitness determine “sincere self-reported gender identity”? Males like Carlotta Sklodwoska and Stefonknee Wolscht are just kinky straight or bisexual men hiding behind gender identity laws and policies. Since when is a male’s sexual fetish a civil right that gives him permission to watch women undress. I don’t care how these men get their sexual thrills, but it should not give them access to women’s locker rooms. This is the reality. Males with nothing more than sexual fetishes are using “gender identity” laws and policies. Women need to stop listening to the propaganda and lies from trans activists, and start researching it for themselves. “Sincere self-reported gender identity” my ass. Freaky man who was in the women’s locker room for god knows what is more like it.
    The Planet Fitness incident was bazaar. If he calls himself “male slut in training on a leash” only four or five months before entering the women’s locker room where women were undressing, going all over the internet describing his peculiar sexual interests in detail, how can he claim “sincere self-reported gender identity”? He calls himself male slut, and then he claims he is a “woman”. He didn’t say he was a female slut. He said male slut.
    I wonder what “male slut in training on a leash” is doing now, and if he is still in Michigan.
    Cormier was a victim and women know it, and any woman would have done the same thing. What happened to Cormier is a form of sexual harassment.
    Again, what people need to know is here.

    1. Cormier was also torn apart by the trans cultists in the media for warning other women about the creepy dude lurking in the locker room. If I recall correctly, that was the primary reason her membership was revoked without a refund. Cormier was punished for trying to PROTECT the other females in the gym.
      This detail got to me because I was once yelled at by superiors when I lived in a dorm and warned other women about some dude being creepy with me. They got on my ass because I made HIM feel unsafe by telling other girls not to be alone with him. Keep in mind, I am only five feet tall and I only weighed 110 pounds at that time. The man in question was nearly twice my size and could easily pick up any girl in that dorm and throw them over a wall if he wanted to.
      This shit happened to women even BEFORE this transgender nonsense became trendy. Just imagine how prevalent it will become once young girls have to live with the knowledge/fear that their lives can be ruined via social media (or they could get charged with a hate crime) if they express fear upon seeing a strange dude in an intimate space. Imagine how awful it will be once we are no longer allowed to tell other women, “Hey! Don’t let Steve follow you into the bathroom. I don’t care if he wears a dress, he’s still a creeper!”

      1. I’m well convinced that any woman who accuses an MTT of wrongdoing will be relentlessly attacked for it. I already know of a few lesbians who were raped by MTTs who were cast out of the GBT and blackballed by so-called feminists for coming forward. This is the brave new world we’re living in where once a man puts on a dress he’s even more immune to criticism than he was before.

  7. Nessell is president of Fair Michigan, a LGBT organization. People in Michigan have a right to know her opinions, and what she plans to do if elected.
    (1.) What is Nessel’s definition of woman? If she makes a video about sexual harassment, how does she define woman.
    (2.) Does she consider a transwoman’s penis a penis, or is it something magical and other than an actual part of the male reproductive system.
    (3.) Does she believe that transwomen who expose their penis should be treated like other males who expose their penis?
    Transwomen have exposed themselves to females in women’s locker rooms, and logic tells us it’s likely to happen again. First, under most gender identity laws, sex reassignment surgery is optional. Most transwomen have fully intact male genitalia. Second, any male can claim gender identity.
    (4.) Does she believe that “gender identity” is the same thing as sex?
    (5.) Fair Michigan wants to amend the Michigan Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include “gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation”. This is from their website, and keep in mind that Nessel is president of Fair Michigan.
    “….There has been little to no progress from the established statewide organizations who are representing the LGBTQ community. The consensus from these organizations is that with lobbying efforts, the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act will be amended to include gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation. ”

    Purpose, Mission, and Vision

    The Elliot-Larson Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in Michigan on the basis of “religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, familial status, or marital status” in employment, housing, education, and access to public accommodations.
    Is Fair Michigan going to do what every LGBT group in the US has done? That is, ignore the real harm to girls and women by including “gender identity”? Sexual orientation is not the issue. LGBT organizations slip in gender identity with sexual orientation, and they do it all the time. Sexual orientation is not the same as gender identity, and most transwomen are heterosexual not gay. Forcing females to share locker rooms, showers, and restrooms with anatomical males is the issue, and this issue won’t go away. Human privacy rights for women matter, and the opposition isn’t just coming from conservatives.
    It’s a fact that transwomen (biological males) have used their penis in the same way as “cis” males. This includes rape and sexually molesting children.
    (6.) Since she is running for Attorney General, people in Michigan have the right to know her opinion on housing males in women’s correctional facilities.
    If Nessel can’t see the harm from gender identity, I don’t see why any woman would vote for her. Maybe it would be better to choose another Democrat or an independent. This woman is president of a LGBT organization. They have always put “gender identity” before the human privacy rights of women. Show me one LGBT organization that hasn’t put “gender identity” before women’s privacy rights. Show me one LGBT group that doesn’t automatically tar any woman who speaks out against the impact of gender identity on women with a “transphobic” or “TERF” label. I won’t automatically vote for a woman who is willing to sell out the female sex. And, someone needs to remind her that there isn’t anything that a “cis” man does with his penis that a transwoman (male) hasn’t done. This includes exposing himself as well as rape and sexual molestation of children.

  8. This is the other Democrat who is running. He has a lot of experience, and he is very strong on prosecuting child sex trafficking cases. This man’s education and experience is stellar. There really is no comparison.
    Nessell’s pitch for votes sounds like, “Vote for me because I’m a woman”. It’s in the best interest of women to put rapists and people involved in child sex trafficking behind bars. Who can do a better job of doing it? Frankly, it’s kind of insulting to women to expect them to vote for another woman just because she is female. And, I don’t like the fact that Nessell is president of Fair Michigan, a LGBT organization. All LGBT organizations put gender identity first.

  9. Well if I lived in Michigan you bet I would vote for her. We can’t expect people to perfectly align with all of our needs. This one is pretty good. Give her some prop for going there. A man won’t now, will he?

    1. They both need to learn that “TERFs” doesn’t take an apostrophe unless it’s possessive.
      *I identify as a grammar nerd.

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