I'm Not What Is On The Outside: world's first "Trans Racial" children's book

The world’s first transracial children’s book for transracial children. Brought to you by TransFilipino TransWoman ‘Ja Du’ (otherwise known as white male Adam Wheeler), who runs a Trans Racialism Support Group on Facebook. Enjoy!



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  1. That… is a really horrible children’s book. It makes no sense, and even though it’s written for, idk, 4-year olds, it’s not age appropriate. I have no idea why Jake is “mean”, what he does, or what my response should be other than to hide from him in my safe space. Is that the message? Just… wow. And children that age are not going to understand what he means by ‘girls are meant to like boys’, etc. They probably still think boys are icky, and will end up being confused as hell. On the upside, it’s so inane I can’t imagine a child getting anything out of it anyway.
    Transracialism is not like transgenderism, lol. They just use the exact same language, arguments, and reasoning to make their case.

  2. What’s next? A book for otherkin toddlers telling them they actually ARE whatever species they feel like on the inside, even if that’s a fairy tale creature, superhero, or anime character? Clearly what children need most at that stage of development is support in solidifying their fantasies into unshakeable delusions.
    And I suppose his tuktuk is Barbie aisle pink because anything else would trigger dysphoria. A white guy identifying as an Asian woman–no fetish or appropriation there.
    Who could have seen this coming? #toldyouso

    1. After reading about the Indian-woman-cyborg combo in CA, I was hoping it wouln’t get ẃorse, except now it has.
      Is it me or do those two have a certain round faced simiarity?

      1. There is some similarity, but I think it might come from a facial expression that reveals an utter lack of character or empathy, making them read as creepy. But exogenous estrogen could be partly responsible for the roundness. My intuitive reaction to both is to stay as far away them as possible.
        As for it getting worse, peak trans is a mountain range–every time I think I’ve reached it, there’s another looming in the distance.

  3. The internet popularity of convoluted social justice narratives has certainly been a boon for the tragically untalented. I’ve yet to see anything of this style that wasn’t a pile of shit artistically.

  4. Ugh. Not only is this book logically fallacious (I can be whatever I want, and so can you) it is so poorly written that my hair spontaneously combusted. Too many apostrophes, in inappropriate places. Ridiculous. And another thing–no one deserves to be happy for no fucking reason — we deserve to be useful. pffft.

  5. There’s a lot of awfulness here, but somehow my favorite part is the way apostrophes are scattered at random. Did he not show this book to one single other soul before publishing it? Or were they all too scared to point out that he’s at best semi-literate in what I presume is his native tongue?
    Ah well. Im sure the boy’s and girl’s will appreciate what this book tell’s them.

  6. His children’s book is one sick little book. Just when people thought Jazz Jenning’s “I am Jazz” was a strange way of messing with children’s minds, they come out with a trans racial children’s book telling kids that,
    “I’m like the sky too! and behind my skin I can be whatever I want”
    If a boy has blue eyes and is white, he can magically become a Filipino girl, or pick a race, any race. Can a white transman become a black man? Who knows, but notice how it’s the white dudes who think they are “women” who are really into colonizing and sexually fetishizing other cultures.
    Transgender trans racial white dude who identifies as a Filipino woman. We knew that this “gender identity” b.s. where people can identify as anyone or anything would eventually lead to something this crazy.
    “A white guy identifying as an Asian woman–no fetish or appropriation there.”
    It is a fetish and it is cultural appropriation. Maybe he has some kind of weird sexual fetish for Filipino women, or gets a thrill from dressing in their clothing. A transgender white dude who gets a thrill from dressing up as a Filipino woman. I can totally see it happening.
    If we exclude Rachel Dolezal, most of this nonsense is coming from white males. White men have been colonizing the hell out of other cultures for centuries. The fact that some of these white dudes like to wear a dress doesn’t make a difference. A white blue eyed transgender guy identifies as a Filipino woman. This guy is clearly Caucasian with blue eyes. They really do believe that they have the right to identify as anything.
    If he respected Filipino culture, he wouldn’t be appropriating it. With him, I bet he gets a sexual thrill from pretending he is a Filipino woman.
    They want to make all this kinky weird stuff legal. Hell, it’s already legal in some states and countries. Identify as anything or anyone. In California, transgender lizard woman, or Adam Wheeler, trans Filipino transwoman, could call themselves “non binary” which is a new legal category. It’s just a matter of time before California adds “trans racial” to its “non binary”. Let people identify as anything. Don’t forget to add some more pronouns to the 30 pronouns and counting that already exists.
    *Divorced 52 year old Stefonknee Wolscht identifies as a 6 year old girl. A male’s age play sexual fetish is now considered a civil right under “gender identity” laws. In California, a divorced father with an age play sexual fetish can identify as “non binary”, a new legal category of people.
    *Transwoman lizard woman even had his ears and nose chopped off. Males who get their ears and nose chopped off so they can look like lizards or dragons are now a protected class of people under gender identity. Or, they can identify as “non binary” in California.
    *Transwoman Riley Kilo likes to wear diapers. His sexual fetish is now considered a civil right under “gender identity” laws. Or, in California, he can identify as “non binary”.
    This guy is a creepy, but he isn’t any more creepier than other transwomen.

    1. Um, according to that article, dragon man uses “body modification” specialists. This is way deeper than piercings, so i hope that at least one is an actual plastic surgeon and that he’s being monitored for subcutaneous infections.

  7. All the above, and the grammatical errors too. Oy. This “writer” needs an editor…desperately. Well, that and a lot of other things too.

  8. So, logic, right out the window.
    Transracialism is what helped me see through the transgender propaganda (I was a handmaiden to a MtT partner). No racial minority on this planet would accept a white person claiming a non-white identity with a straight face! So why is it ok for dudes to do lady-face? It isn’t right!
    Side rhetorical question: If I or any other white person decided to go out in public in black-face, could we claim transracialism as our defence? Men in lady-face only need to claim “feelings” to be validated, so I wonder how it would play out with race.

    1. “””Side rhetorical question: If I or any other white person decided to go out in public in black-face, could we claim transracialism as our defence? “””
      That only works if you’re a man. Shaun King is still able to claim a black identity despite his white heritage being well known and documented. But if a woman does the same, she becomes a social leper (see: Rachel Dolezal)
      And I totally agree that lady-face isn’t much better than black-face. ESPECIALLY when men in dresses claim they have a right to steal services, opportunities, and spaces carved out for actual females

  9. Like riffraff says, these are memes. This isn’t even a real book. Yes I think we’re supposed to hide from mean Jake in that cardboard box.
    This should move things along nicely. The promoting of “transracialism” onto kids, not just this shitty book. We’ll start seeing some pushback now. And where are the sociologists? When they were subcultures like Goth the sociologists came in and talked about what that was. Where are they on this? This is sociology gold.
    Put this together with that other new trend, drag queen booktime for toddlers at the library, and we’re all soon going to reach peak skeve. 😝

  10. So one of the first things he does is produce a children’s book. He also expresses his identity in a juvenile way that strikes me as kid grooming. These edgy trans dudes trying to get attention seem to have a barely hidden pedo thing going. He is charting new territory though. Most of these transracial guys think they’re Japanese.
    But white-to-filipina transracial is nothing like transgender. In transracialism, someone from the privileged racial caste appropriates a non-privileged cultural identity, whereas in male-to-female transgenderism someone from the privileged sex caste—oh, wait.

    1. Thank you, it was pinging my pedo radar too. Men who ‘connect’ with Filipino/Thai/Vietnamese etc. immediately make my brain go ‘sex tourist.’
      Mr Wheelan, please keep your skeevy self and skeevy barely-passes-as-a-book away from children.

  11. I have become so dulled to this craziness that I am most offended by the rampant apostrophe /possessive case abuse in that mess

    1. Funny, but I had the opposite reaction. This is so horrific my internal editor couldn’t work up any irritation about the apostrophes.

  12. What’s with all the apostrophes in the book? Do the stars, boys and girls identify as singular possessive? Also, I don’t think Jake should be labeled ‘mean’ because he thinks people are like books…I happen to like books (nothing said about him judging a book by its cover).

  13. I’ve noticed a few people making this mistake. This person is a trans identifying male. “Trans woman,” born male. There seems to have been some confusion.

      1. I think this is the first time I’ve seen an American use the word “daft”. Maybe Mr. Burns identifies as British.

      2. Americans do use “daft.” I’m American and I’ve used it. I’ve also heard other Americans use it.

  14. Notice how in that storybook he uses bullying of gay youth as a way to justify his mental illness. As if pointing out that he isn’t Filipino is like bullying a gay kid. Trans activists see LGB people and LGB youth as nothing more than a resource to be exploited for their own gain or a tool to be used for their own agenda.

    1. Either that or he is (unintentionally?) confessing that transgender people are gay people who don’t want to accept their sexuality, and that transgender-ing is conversion therapy.

  15. You know, every day I am grateful to be female. And that is for a lot of reasons.
    In this instance, it is because white male privilege makes for some white male idiots. WTF? Only a white dude can literally say “I know that I am different and special” with a straight fucking face and expect the world to agree.
    Would this work if, for instance, a black male decided that he was a white guy on the inside? I am guessing that this only works for white males that have their white male systems behind them, to back them and insure that they get whatever idiocy that they are demanding.
    I am sure that dudebro is super special. But probably not in the way he thinks.

  16. I feel obliged to point out to everybody claiming that he has apostrophes in the wrong place, that he’s obviously trans-grammar. Stop being meanies and judging his words by his, uh, words! Just because you think the apostrophes shouldn’t go in those spots doesn’t mean his special feeling inside that they do is wrong!

      1. Maybe he’s actually tran(‘s)- Hawaiian and doing that just as poorly as he is doing the tran(‘s) woman. I really wis’h there were more s’s in my s’entance

    1. Oh, you’re saying he identifies as a good writer. I now realize how transphobic I’ve been toward the trans grammatical, the trans eloquent, and the trans interesting while reading people’s work. Thank you for helping me become a better ally.

  17. Frankly, I don’t know that little kids of this age would ever know what he was talking about. A lot of their imaginary play involves being a tiger, a mouse, a big tree. Or being a ballet dancer or a fire fighter. But then you have lunch and a nap, and you’re on to something else. A lot of preschool kids this age only have a vague sense of race anyway. I was astonished when my son asked me what race he was. He really wasn’t sure what any of that meant. Race, like sex or eye color, is a fact about you. But it shouldn’t limit you, which is what these crazy activists don’t get. So you like Filipino food or culture. Big deal. Still doesn’t make you Filipino.

    1. “Ms. Roth alleges the student sexually harassed at least half a dozen women at two of the university’s campuses over approximately a two-year period, starting around 2015. She said the school failed to take quick or meaningful action.
      “Steps must be taken in a timely manner and they have to be effective,” she said in an interview.
      Ms. Roth added: “There is no law in Canada that I know of, either in legislation, in policy, in human-rights case law jurisprudence, that would require women to endure or tolerate having a male impose his sexual fetish on them. That’s unreasonable.”

      1. “Ms. Roth added: “There is no law in Canada that I know of, either in legislation, in policy, in human-rights case law jurisprudence, that would require women to endure or tolerate having a male impose his sexual fetish on them. That’s unreasonable.””

      2. The university fired Roth for investigating! So women aren’t supposed to complain, and, if they do, other women will be mistreated for helping them. That’s how the system seeks to divide us. I admire Roth for doing what’s right even when it cost her.
        And now it’s a potential human rights violation not to indulge the fetish of some diaper-wearing, middle-aged creep who claims he’s three with “special needs?” This sounds very like the world Reddit incels want. Are we also going to allow people to declare their legal age as well as their legal sex? I mean, this guy wants to be three, but I’m sure there are eight-year-olds who identify as sixteen and wish to drive, not to mention how many teenagers would like to identify as old enough to drink.
        Once again, this is where so many of us thought the push for special trans rights would lead. #toldyouso

      3. And then, Ms. Roth was *fired*. Because the university presumably took the position that women [yap yap, whatever] but
        “the university official later told her the student was threatening to file a human-rights complaint and was arguing he was being “discriminated against on the basis of his exceptionality.” ”
        & this has to be taken SERIOUSLY. Because a man is talking. About how he is exceptional.

      4. unless his fetish is exposing himself in a locker room, or listening to women pee, or getting breast implants I guess? Then its a human rights issue! lol

      5. “I will say I am special needs and 3, so I am not in my 40s,” he wrote to CBC.”
        – Maybe Stefonknee could counsel him to the point where he can identify as 6.

      6. Student at a university wants to be treated as an infant? Fine, go the hell home because no infant has the capacity for academic study.

  18. Well its about goddamn time. I have been Vietnamese since the antiwar movement. I just… always knew I was one of those people. My father told me how I silly was and demanded I speak Montagnard, which he knew a few words of and could order people around in… but of course I am not a colonizer giving orders so NO I don’t speak Montagnard like a common OCCUPIER! I told him that too.
    Anyway, in addition to being Pope Daisy I/Pope Joan 2 over on tumblr (unfortunately I can’t canonically be Pope Joan 2 until they admit #1 existed first), I am also Vietnamese and this makes me the first Asian American female pope.
    Am I cool or what?
    (they used to call it psychosis)

  19. These “trans-women” exude their maleness in a far more obvious and violent way than the Average Joe who doesn’t need to parade around in a dress. And it’s telling that the men who indulge in this fetish are mostly white.
    This is their way of getting back at feminists, and it is one hell of an ego boost for them to be considered an “oppressed” class, which gives them the leverage to ostracize anyone who doesn’t yield to their pyschosexual pathology.
    The “trans-racial” thing is also their means of imposing their fetish onto women of other cultures. Resistance against these men and their attempts at redefining reality can only come from women of color.

  20. There seems to be a pattern with some of these narcissist/sociopaths/etc. men where they first say they are women or Lesbians to get attention, and then when they still aren’t the focus of adoration from the world, they announce they are trans- racial or trans-paraglegic or trans-dragon, etc. The trans-paraplegic trans-Lesbian, Mr. Jennings-White, got to be on television several times and in magazines, so it seems he succeeded with getting attention. I wonder how many other racist, ableist, etc. men appropriating the identity of oppressed people first began appropriating female and Lesbian identity?
    I just hope that the women who still feel sorry for them and enable them against us will finally realize how disgusting and oppressive these men are.

  21. A full-scale bathroom rebellion in a high school in Alberta, Canada. The transjacked school administration, compelled by a transjacked Canadian ministry of education, converted all but 6 bathrooms in the school to “gender neutral” in order to make transgender students feel more comfortable. The stalls have openings in them where anyone can peer through. This left hundreds of students with only those 6 gender-specific bathrooms to use. As appalling as this is, the story of the rebellion is pretty awesome. Here’s the story and a FB group started by parents:
    After gender neutral conversion, Sturgeon students ask for more gender specific bathrooms

    1. I have sent one op-ed piece and one letter to the editor regarding the trans steamrolling in Alberta education to my city newspaper, the _Edmonton Journal_. Neither has been published or acknowledged. This is fine, except that every previous op-ed I’ve sent the _Journal_ has been accepted and published (I’m a prof at the University of Alberta). I then wrote a columnist at the Journal who said I was making good points, he’d take it up with his editors. Never heard back.
      I feel 100% sure if I had written a letter that said “God is coming for you all, you sinners!!!!!!eleventy!!!” it would have been published right away. But a thoughtful critique from a feminist professor? Doesn’t fit the narrative that this is gay and lesbian liberation 2.0 so is silently deepsixed.
      *Multiple* op-eds and friendly-interview columns have appeared featuring trans advocates, including U of A profs.

      1. I am sorry that the Edmonton Journal treated you that way, Kathleen. Canada is becoming known as the place where dissent is smothered, particularly when it comes to trans activism. Don’t give up. The information can still breaks through, as we see in the Global News piece I linked to above.
        Maybe Gallus would let you submit your op-ed as a guest item on GenderTrender?

      2. @Kathleen Lowrey I’d totally be interested to read your denied op-ed here on GT, please do share if you can!

        1. While I would be delighted to host her piece, Kathleen must consider which outlet would be most useful and also best for her own career. We all look forward to reading it, but lets not pressure her to do so here. 🙂

      3. I never saw this invite to submit — which is super kind but it would be wasted on this audience. My piece retreads stuff anyone who read GT already knows. I submitted it just really in hope of making the point to a general audience that there is a critique of trans ideology from the left. I think many people have no idea: they think either you are groovy or you are a reactionary with regard to trans issues and they don’t want to be on the side with the Confederate flag wavers and zombie Jesse Helms, and what else is there? So just hearing some cat lady professor who fulfills every stereotype of irritating lefty academic taking a critical stance would shift the conversation. Exactly why it wasn’t acknowledged, let alone published, I suspect.

    1. Just dropping a link on a comment thread that is winding down (not derailing a new post) as you have done here is just fine. Thank you. 🙂

  22. Something to add into discussion of transracialism, an entire group of people in Illinois who seem to be posing as a native tribe (debunking details surface more towards the end):
    A coalition of tribes had to intervene with the legislature, which was moving towards recognizing the group:
    “Barnes of the Shawnee Tribe spoke out against the Vinyards during a senate hearing. ‘This happens all the time,’ he says. ‘There are 400 fake Cherokee tribes. There are 80-some fake Shawnee ones. And a similar number of fake Delawares.
    “‘We don’t want—we don’t believe [the Vinyards] can get federal recognition. They can’t meet the criteria. They’ve done the DNA testing. And it’s not there. They’re not Native American at all,’ Barnes says. ‘The problem is that the state of Illinois has no established criteria. You can self-identify and say “I am Indian,” but that doesn’t make you a nation…'”

  23. According to this article the school district in Dover, Delaware intends to include trans-racial identity as a protected characteristic in its new anti-discrimination policy:
    “Among the portions of the regulation is language that would allow any student in a public school to go by a preferred name, require schools to accommodate all students in regard to bathroom and locker room use and let students identify themselves as any race and gender, potentially without prior parental approval or knowledge.
    The regulation states, in part, “A school may request permission from the parent or legal guardian of a minor student before a self-identified gender or race is accepted; provided, however, that prior to requesting the permission from a parent or legal guardian, the school should consult and work closely with the student to assess the degree to which, if any, the parent or legal guardian is aware of the Protected Characteristic and is supportive of the student, and the school shall take into consideration the safety, health and well-being of the student in deciding whether to request permission from the parent or legal guardian.”

    Transgender regulation draws strong reactions

    1. Wow. I can’t wait to see what happens when these transracial kids start applying for scholarships intended for racial minorities. I’m sure it will happen to girls’ athletic and engineering scholarships long before then, but maybe when boys are affected someone will sit up and take notice.

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