Two men who “identify as female” discuss the merits of eliminating public spaces for women under Gender Identity doctrine.
These are apparently the “transwomen” for whom Topshop eliminated women’s dressing rooms:

Alok Vaid-Menon and Travis Alabanza, Topshop transgender activists


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  1. And what about men’s dressing rooms? Are they being eliminated too?
    The bottom two look physically disgusting.

  2. Two men discuss eliminating private spaces for women and girls, that about sums it all up nicely.

  3. Do these guys ever get anything at all? Oh there are curtains protecting the women from the men with video phones…..

  4. These individuals strike me more as exhibitionists rather than women, as they claim – which shows just how ridiculous the trans doctrine. Are they saying because they dress over the top, they are women? Ridiculous.

  5. I really do appreciate what India Willoughby is saying. I have noticed that the trans individuals most likely to want gender neutrality and to get rid of sex are the more over the top individuals – i.e. they have pink hair. India was correct in saying that this person showed up with all this stubble can be disconcerting for women, and the other commentator didn’t seem to understand this at all because what matters above all else is the rights of transgenders to “express their identities” without any obstacles.

  6. “I’m interested to know where we draw the line here.”
    Well short of him, if it were up to me.
    I can’t help thinking they chose two trans women to have this debate to avoid accusations of transphobia, but it’s interesting to see the factions developing within the community between those who want to force all men and women to share overtly gender neutral spaces and those men who simply want the right to invade women’s spaces. A collision between delusion and fetish?

    1. Yep, once again actual women are left out of a public discussion about our own spaces. This should be a warning sign to everyone the inherent sexism of the trans gender movement.

  7. Damn. Butt ugly men and faces no mother could love as women. Wouldn’t it be fun to get these males down and put NAIR all over them? I see stuff like this and I post it because I want people to understand why we don’t want these pieces of human effluvia in our spaces.

  8. I am guessing that those dudes spend lots and lots of money in that store. Since, you know, 2 of them cried, and immediately got access to women and girls in various states of undress.

    1. What, you don’t wear purple lipstick and halter tops as an adult female everyday? 😉 And don’t forget the bun pigtails or whatever they are…

      1. Jfc i saw a trans identified male wearing short shorts and a half shirt at s COMPANY PICNIC. At a ZOO on a Saturday. There were kids everywhere! It was not even particularly hot outside. Talked to someone there who reported another TIM in his department wore a friggin furry tail to work regularly. It is so obviously about porn on a deep level.

  9. Station did a poll with over 70% saying NO to unisex changing areas but the station is still only allowing men pretending to be women to come on the show to speak about the issue. Real women can’t even get on the show to speak for or against the issues….

  10. When have women made a policy change regarding sexism with one tweet? Usually we gotta start campaigns w hundreds of women before anyone * responds*. Is anyone else gonna notice that these dudes are actually catered to when their requests are at the expense of women? This isn’t what oppression looks like.

  11. Second picture above, dude on the right … thought he looked familiar and was posted about on here before. Spent a bunch of time looking until I thought to look at the caption, duh. Travis Alabanza! I finally found what I was looking for; it wasn’t on here but Feminist Current did a piece back in July of this year on a Guardian mini-documentary he was in. I leave the link here for possible interest. GT and FC are both AWESOME sites!

    Special millennials are so special (please tell me I’m special)

  12. A few years ago before this whole “women have penises too” movement took hold in the US, I went to an event & had the displeasure of hearing Alok Vaid speak along with another man who dresses in women’s clothings -whose name escapes me at the moment. It was an obnoxious performance of two men dressed like women shouting nonsensical poetry at the audience. It was shallow & offered nothing beyond a tantrum of them expressing their right to wear women’s clothing. Like…ok. You’d think they were on a mission to cure childhood hunger or systemic poverty with the pomp and circumstance of it all. This is what they deem “activism”. And people were cheering and applauding them on so here we are today- having to fight them for something as simple as a women’s fitting room.

  13. Magdalen Berns did a video on Alok. He’s a disturbing piece of work who wrote a fucked up facebook piece about the sexuality of young girls, calling them ‘kinky’ and other gross stuff, it was all pretty much the language that a predator would use to justify exploiting or wanting to exploit young girls. Watch the video and read the accompany discussion in the comments section for more on that. This guy is a predator, it will not end well to give him access to women and girls in a vulnerable state.

    1. It’s the Jimmy Savile playbook: cleverly disguise what a totally frightening dangerous creep you are with a totally frightening dangerous creep costume. Get allies to join in the “joke” ha ha funny creep funtimes. Alok Vaid-Menon on little girls as kinksters deserving violence so edgy. Just a bit of silliness like his colourful bodysuit haha Alok’ll fix it. Jimmy Savile in his gaudy tracksuit with his wacky hair. Hiding in plain sight.

  14. Methinks no one looking at these two would ever mistake them for women.Yuck. even worse than Danica Roem

  15. Here’s that bizarre contradiction in transactivism again: these guys can’t just use the men’s changing room because it’s some combination of unsafe and uncomfortable, but when we say we feel unsafe or uncomfortable sharing spaces with men, we’re told not only that these guys aren’t men, but that men are, in fact, no danger to us. How does that work?
    It also irritates me that glitterkweer Tweedledee and Tweedledum are demanding women share spaces with men for their own non-binary/agender/demiwhateverthehell comfort at time when each day brings some new story of men’s horrific behavior toward women.

  16. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/children-sacrificed-to-appease-trans-lobby-bq0m2mm95
    november 11 2017, 12:01am, the times
    Children sacrificed to appease trans lobby
    Children sacrificed to appease trans lobby: From Topshop’s cave-in on changing rooms to the SNP’s guidance for schools, there is a mindless rush to appear right-on
    Travis Alabanza is a performance artist who, in the tradition of Leigh Bowery, Boy George or Bowie, dresses to astonish and subvert. Blue lipstick, beard stubble, fab shoes, frocks, mad hair, attitude. What Travis isn’t, however, is a woman.
    Yet when Topshop in Manchester wouldn’t allow him to try on clothes in the women’s fitting area, he exploded on Twitter: “Not letting me use the changing room I decide is shit, sort it out.” Within hours Topshop declared all customers “are free to use any fitting room located within our stores”.
    Note: Topshop hasn’t built solid, separate unisex boxes as in, say, Urban Outfitters. They are just permitting men — any man — to walk into a flimsily curtained space where giggling teenage girls check out a friend’s new dress in their bras. Topshop’s female customers were baffled. Why sacrifice our privacy and safety? (When the US company Target adopted this policy, predatory men exploited it to snap photos under cubicles.) Why not create a discrete space for the few “non-binary” people like Travis to change?
    Fair question. But the current trans movement is doctrinaire, uncompromising. Led by mainly older trans-women — ie born men — it won’t acknowledge women’s rights or feelings. It fights for two principles. First, “self-definition”: a person is the gender they “feel” inside, so a trans-woman “is” a woman even without physical change or while retaining male genitalia. Second, “affirmation”: everyone must acknowledge this inner gender identity. Hence the right to waltz into women’s private spaces is sacrosanct.
    For months, researching the rise in referrals to gender clinics of teenage girls, I’ve been shocked at how the trans lobby, abetted by a cowed LGBT movement and deluded politicians, are prepared to sacrifice the wellbeing of children to attain those two goals.
    This week the Scottish government published its transgender guidance for schools, drawn up solely by activist groups such as Mermaids. If Justine Greening implements a highly contentious women and equalities committee report, such rules will apply everywhere. On changing rooms it states: “If a learner feels uncomfortable sharing facilities with a transgender young person, they can be allowed to use a private facility . . . or to get changed after the trans young person is done.” So if a girl objects to showering with a male-bodied pupil, she must go elsewhere or wait outside. For overnight trips: “If a transgender young person is sharing a room with their peers, there is no reason for parents of the other young people to be informed.” So you have no business knowing if your daughter is sleeping alongside someone born a boy.
    It recommends schools allow a child to change gender without parental consent. Moreover, if parents are not wholly behind a child’s decision: “It may be useful to approach the local authority for additional guidance”, ie report them to social services, perhaps to question custody.
    As in the US, trans kids are now an industry that makes careers This craze to expedite gender transition in children goes against all clinical advice for “watchful waiting”. The young brain evolves, children change their minds, puberty is troubling for many reasons. Yet the Scottish guidance allows no one to dispute a child’s view, maybe acquired on Reddit and Tumblr, that he or she is in “the wrong body”. Or to suggest that a child may simply be gay. The apparatus of medical transition, a hormone regime causing sterility, plus surgical removal of healthy tissue, is seen as wholly positive. PE teachers must tolerate girls using binders to strap down their hated breasts “which can lead to shortness of breath and can be painful during physical exertion” because they have “a positive impact on a young person’s mental health”.
    We are being ordered to endorse a practice reminiscent of Chinese foot-binding or the Victorian tight-lacing craze where girls fainted to achieve the tiniest waist. Should we also hand out fresh razor blades so self-harm wounds don’t go septic? Or “affirm” anorexics’ delusions that they are fat?
    In my research I heard from teachers, doctors, parents and trans-folk aghast at children being pushed towards drastic treatment before they can possibly understand how it will affect their future relationships and lives. None would speak out publicly: like Topshop, they feared being labelled transphobic.
    Because how quickly we transition kids is the new measure of an enlightened society. Announcing proposals to let 12-year-olds change their legal gender, the SNP equalities secretary Angela Constance boasted that “Scotland rightly has a reputation as one of the most progressive countries in relation to LGBTI rights.” This proves the SNP is more right-on than even Corbyn Labour. Meanwhile the Tories, in a cynical pursuit of youth votes, push for legislative changes they don’t even grasp. “Being trans is not an illness,” said Theresa May recently, “and it should not be treated as such.” So why does it require surgery, drugs and lifelong patient hood?
    While trans children are a liberal totem, 50 more are being referred to London’s Tavistock clinic every week. “If there was a 1,000 per cent rise in six years in any other field,” said one doctor, “there would be a major inquiry. Instead no one asks why.” Because trans kids are becoming, as in the US, an industry that makes careers, brings Children in Need and Lottery grants, humanitarian prizes, plaudits, MBEs; it provides a legion of photogenic young foot-soldiers to help secure older trans demands, and for the private clinics, who’ll put your 13-year-old girl on testosterone, it is a mighty cash cow. But in a decade, when our adult children turn to ask, “Why did you let me do this? Why didn’t you stop me?” we may wonder if this was progress or child abuse.

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