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  1. Thanks so much for linking to Helen Steel’s post, Gallus Mag. I’ve been following the story since the weekend but hadn’t come across this yet.
    It’s telling that both the transactivists attacking feminists and the men being accused in the #metoo campaign act victimized by women speaking the truth. Paralleling the claims from some men saying they’re the ones being “assaulted” by women’s attractiveness are the claim from the guy who said he was assaulted by Helen Steel pushing his hand away from her face and the claim that Skepticat’s filming (and maybe even presence!) at Speaker’s Corner constituted an assault.
    This is the classic MO of an abuser, whether husband or boyfriend, father or police officer, transactivist or MRA: insist that the victim’s behavior consitutes an attack against which his violence is justifiable self-defense. The result (and quite probably the intent) is that the statistical pattern of male violence becomes obscured by repeated assertions of provocation in individual cases.

  2. “Their claim of ‘snitch’ in the circumstances is obscene in any event – when you assault women you do not get to claim the moral high ground by complaining that they have reported your behaviour to the police.”
    This is one of the basic formulas of male dominance: women mustn’t tell about it. They should stop “crying rape”, Nora Ephron was a child abuser for writing a bestseller about her husband’s grotesque infidelity, women who filmed men punching them are “snitches”. We see you, anarchist dudes. We see you.

    Violent hammer-jaw nut-job Tara Flik Wood – who repeatedly assaulted 60 year old Maria MacLachlan at Speaker’s Corner in the Hyde Park incident- has reportedly been arrested, finally.
    Apparently the deranged and stupid Mr. Flik Wood was identified at the recent London Anarchist Book Fair incident reported in this post.
    What an idiot. And to all the trans activists that harassed Helen Steel on his behalf: You are disgusting pigs! Your actions will be remembered and your names recorded as the violent women-bashers that you are. THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING.

    1. things are certainly escalating. If your political movement is beating people in the streets (esp elderly women) people will notice eventually.

  4. Transphobia at the London Anarchist Bookfair 2017:
    From this awful thread (being linked in liberal circles!), I learned the term “serially transphobic”–I guess like serial killers? Trans activists on this thread call women who disagree “cunts”–and not moderated out either. And the liberals link it without apology.
    Are we really supposed to take a movement seriously who reduces their opposition to “cunts”?
    Do they even read what these dangerous woman-haters actually write?

  5. In my recent experience, the bar for getting attacked as a “TERF” is getting lower and lower. I was recently accused of being one for raising concerns about a 12-year-old “gender queer” boy performing as a drag queen at adult venues. Not problem, right? Absolutely no possibility of child sexual abuse from the sexualization of a child in a setting with few to no protections, right? Because, as I was told (really!), that sexual abuse does not exist in the LGBT community. The delusions just become more bizarre by the day.

  6. First of all, who cares about anarchists anyway? What have anarchist ever done for women? I can’t say that I hate them, but they seem to be a bunch of bored white heterosexual males, hell bent on destroying things, but never creating anything of value. What have anarchist ever done for women? I can’t think of anything.
    Anarchists always talk about anti-capitalism and how they are for working people, but fail to mention that the “transitioning” of children, especially in the US is backed by Big Pharma. In the US, Big Pharma has as much political clout as oil companies, and there is a boat load of money in “transitioning” children (GnRH analogues, hormones, etc.). In the US, money has everything to do with medicine, and the “transitioning” of people, especially children is another lucrative market. And, they get these patients for life.
    The hypocrisy of it all just stinks to high heaven. People never mention rich, white, heterosexual males who “transition”after making millions using white male privilege such as millionaire Jenner and billionaire James Pritzker. Or, boxing promoter Frank Maloney who is now a “woman”. Late “transitioning” makes like Jenner have always been conservative Republicans, and after making millions, Jenner gets to play out his fantasy of being a “woman”. After all, womanhood is just something that bored rich white men can purchase like they purchase everything else. These rich white straight males made millions before they left their wives and children. We are supposed to believe that the evil “TERFs” oppress straight white males who are worth $100 million or a billion. I’ve never known a radical feminist who is a millionaire, but there are a lot of middle aged white heterosexual males who “transition” after using their white male privilege to amass millions. Show me one radical feminist who is a millionaire. Compare the number of male millionaires to the number of female millionaires. Show me how many males who “transition” late in life who are millionaires. Then, anarchists have the audacity to sit still while working class women are being threatened and bullied, called “TERF”, etc..
    Look carefully at this video. Notice the Pink News banner in the background. See the Lloyds Banking Group logo. Trans control LGBTQIA groups, and they are backed by banking. Do anarchist really believe that Lloyds Banking Group cares about working class people? Radical feminists don’t have the backing of Lloyds Banking Group.

    Why do the Tories love “gender identity” so much? How much have they been paid? With the Tories it sure as hell is about money. I don’t need to remind anyone from the UK how the Tories have fu** over working people time and time again.
    This is the HRC’s corporate sponsors. Rich white men stick together. The fact that some wear dresses changes nothing. The interests of rich white men has always come before the interests of the female sex. Chevron has been raping the planet for decades, and its logo is on the HRC’s website. And, no working class person I know could ever afford to buy a Lexus. Working class people wash and clean expensive cars not drive them. See Lexus.
    As to the pamphlets themselves that were being posted or handed out, I read the pamphlets, and it’s all true. Read the pamphlets because they are factual. The female sex definitely has a right to speak about legislation that will harm us. The last time I checked, freedom of speech is still a human right in the UK. Or, do anarchist want to ban women from speaking.
    Before a woman is killed, males who constantly use the offensive term “TERF” should be charged with a hate crime. They are inciting violence against the female sex.
    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse

    ‘TERF’ isn’t just a slur, it’s hate speech

    If this guy really goes Dana Rivers, Donna Perry, or Kosilek on a woman, I don’t imagine it’s going to look good for any anarchist type group.
    Males are making death threats to females, and people need to wake up. If anarchist want to have credibility, they need to get their facts straight.
    Finally, the opposition to “gender identity” laws isn’t just coming from conservatives and radical feminists. The majority of women who probably would fall under the category of moderates or centrists are seriously questioning “gender identity”.

    1. Actual anarchists? Zapatistas in mexico have very strong protections in place for women to ensure their ability to live as segregated as they want from males, to have complete rights to govern regarding issues that are female specific, etc. In Orwells book on Catalonia (non fiction), the sex trade was condemned by anarchists in Spain, essentially outlawed with public education about the inherent immorality of it. Emma Goldman was agitating for homosexual rights in the 20s, along with women rights generally. Noam Chomsky has made strong critiques of pornography. There are a lot of “manarchists” out there, but there are a lot doing meaningful things. The book fair organizers strike me as the types that aren’t stupid young men.

      1. Many years ago I realized that there are people calling themselves anarchists for one purpose only: They do not want anyone telling them what to do. This is not anarchism. Anarchism is a complex political theory and practice that depends upon the strongest possible ethical behavior by individuals, which is why it will never work! That does not make it meaningless, just as radical feminism is not meaningless beecause it will probably never conquer masculinist civilization. They are both ideals bringing ideas into mainstream society that might help improve that society.
        But the sort of people Helen Steel writes about seem all too frequently to be the face of today’s “anarchism.” They certainly do not function on a high ethical level, they often seem to know nothing about the history of anarchism, and they appear to be state-sponsored apparatchiks (thinking FBI, MI5, etc here)spewing chaos and violence. Didn’t I read somewhere that many of the Antifa protesters are being paid by Soros and others?

      2. Word. As in any group, there are the opportunists & hedonists. But brave women have fought for their sisters under the black flag of anarchism for decades and it pains me to see the heritage dismissed bc of some fucking chumps. Critique a movement, sure, but don’t diss an entire history just bc some jackass manarchist brosephs are derailing shit at the moment.

    2. First of all, who cares about anarchists anyway? What have anarchist ever done for women?
      As a point of information, Skylark: Helen Steel is an anarchist.
      She first hit the news in the nineties, when the McDonalds Corporation objected to a leaflet that she had helped to distribute. Five activists were threatened with a libel action unless they apologised in court and promised not to repeat the allegations against the company. Three capitulated; two, Helen Steel and Dave Morris, stood firm. They had no resources and defended themselves through a libel action that lasted for years.
      You can read about the beginning of the case in this article in the Independent.
      The case is known as the McLibel case. It was the longest running case in British history. McDonalds spent £10 million on legal advice. Steel and Morris had only occasional help from lawyers who worked without pay.
      Nonetheless, the entire episode was a public relations disaster for McDonalds: when the judge came to deliver his judgement he found that the defence had shown that several of the statements made in the leaflet were entirely correct: it was true that McDonald’s had “pretended to a positive nutritional benefit which their food did not match”; also that the company had exploited children in its advertising, and, by paying low wages, had “[helped] to depress wages in the catering trade”.
      He did find against the ‘McLibel Two’, as Steel and Morris had come to be known, on certain other points. McDonalds has not attempted to collect the damages he awarded. Presumably they concluded that they had had enough bad publicity by that stage. You can read about how the case developed in this article on the BBC website.
      Helen Steel has also fought a famous legal battle with the Metropolitan Police over the shocking “spycops” affair; you can read about that in this recent piece in the Guardian.
      I have an enormous respect for Helen, a respect that I know is shared by many British feminists and lefties across a wide political spectrum.
      And she is an anarchist. Fact.

      1. Helen Steel has and continues to fight massive battles on the front of social justice and was a major influence on my own activism. Her integrity cannot be overstated. The harassment she endured has caused me some soul searching as I am pro trans rights but cannot believe the things being said about her and can in no way support it. She is one of the most intelligent, compassionate and fierce advocates for the oppressed I have ever met. I don’t understand why powerful female activists like her, ones that have been viciously attacked by the state, are being targeted instead of those who are the actual perpetrators. It’s insane.

  7. Theresa May is Conservative. Isn’t it strange as hell that a woman who represents rich people at the expense of the planet and working people speaks at Pink News. From what I’ve read, it’s the Tories who want to push the “Gender Recognition Act”. Both parties don’t give a rat’s patootie about working class people. How much money were they given to sell out the female sex? It’s always about money with these people.
    The true face of transgender finally is revealed.

      1. If Harvey Weinstein had the sense to declare himself trans, the New Yorker would publish nothing about his violent behavior and would give him a pass on EVERYTHING. Don’t you like how people who were silent for years (and I don’t mean Weinstein’s victims) hop right onto the bandwagon now? I just watched an episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent which was clearly about Weinstein — I wish I could have seen what year it was made, definitely not recent.

      2. Unbelievable.
        If any woman had claimed this was being done to her, she’d be called paranoid. I suppose Weinstein’s reps will say lying, spying, and bullying are just additional symptoms of his “sex addiction” so he needs more time in expensive rehab. (By the way, if he didn’t actually assault or harass any women, how would he know which ones to spy on and intimidate?)
        Having the privilege to control the narrative on-screen seems to have led Weinstein to think he had the right to control it off-screen, as well. We see that same entitlement in the men who insist we recognize them as women even more oppressed than we are and say that filming them at a protest or handing out leaflets opposing their political opinions constitutes violence.
        And isn’t that “story” usually some variation on how women lie about/reject poor, innocent men who’ve never done anything to deserve it? That narrative’s getting old.

        1. It really is getting old. The whole reason this gender backlash is happening is that things really are changing for women socially. Slowly but profoundly. It’s happening in the background and we really only see it when it erupts into view “suddenly” as a global change in women’s status like the #metoo response.
          The future is female.

  8. There are two male to trans billionaires out there, and loads of high level high tech male to trans as well— how many lesbian billionaires do we know? Follow the money, they’ve got loads of it, and these men with the loads of money buy influence even at the low levels of gay and lesbian life.

    1. The IT thing- their ability to manipulate the public square and bury women’s voices- is huge. What’s going on at these tech companies hasn’t even begun to be exposed.

  9. You can wait to post this if you choose to speak about this later Gallusmag. I’m so done with people. Several “trans people” have been elected to government positions and I don’t know why more people aren’t angry about this.
    These types have already killed women and been threatening with physical violence and death threats to women and lesbians for years and now they have jobs alongside us. It isn’t enough they took both women and lesbian legal private space, jobs, sports, prisons etc changing the actual definition of female.

    1. https://twitter.com/mermans_gender/status/928240415450517504?s=17
      It’s extra frustrating because, in Roem’s case, I’ve seen a lot of “well the other guy called himself ‘the chief homophobe’ so…”
      Marshall is just a more direct piece of shit. Should he be in power? Absolutely not. But no one should be pretending Roem is going to be any better for LGB or women’s rights because he smears makeup on his face and plays in a “metal” band. They’ve just traded the rabid feral dog for a tapeworm.

  10. Transgender Law Concerns

    This page has an excellent essay discussing the effects of the trans trend on children and adolescents, along with links to the talks given by Judith Green, Miranda Yardley, and James Caspian at a Transgender Law Concerns Meeting at the House of Commons on October 31st.

    1. From the tone of that response, the anarchist bookfair organizers clearly support trans activist positions and evicted the women handing out leaflets. They just thought the violence was a step too far and were (rightly) concerned about the word “fascist” having its meaning diluted (but not about the word “woman”). Trans activists are eating their own, destroying their supporters. Now there is one less venue that caters to them.Oh well. If the anarchist groups are unwilling to allow trans debate, the London Times is on it. That’s what comes of eschewing analysis and discussion in favor of positions.

      1. Yes, I found it really bizarre how the bookfair organisers, even though they condemned some of the actions of the trans mob, were still in basic agreement that the literature distributed was transphobic and bad – there’s still a basic failure to connect the dots, which has ultimately been to their own detriment.
        It should also not shock them that the usual scorched earth tactic was employed, we’ve seen this over and over again, but until this point more usually directed at feminists and especially lesbians who don’t comply (which I guess doesn’t count b/c most people have a basic problem comprehending how we could thoughts and views outside of male-dominant paradigms, or that those views could be worth defending on a basic human-rights-freedom-for-all type level, because women simply don’t count as human on their own when there’s not also a group of men involved).
        I mean, really just another chapter in the grand history of the failure of the malestream left, but the lack in proper insight into their own condition is quite astonishing.

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