There is only one protected class of women and it is… men

Keep repeating this.

Trans women are women. Say that over and over. And over.
What is a woman? A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman. What are they identifying “as”? That is different for each person. Woman is defined in a unique way by every self-identified woman, as long as those definitions do not include the reproductive biology of sexual dimorphism, which is a social construct. Women are not female, because some people classified as female are men, who are male.
But Trans women are female and Trans men are male. Because women are female, and men are male. Female and male are not biological categories denoting reproductive specificity because there are no such stable categories. And if there were, it would be wrong to name them, because identifying any category of humans with a term based on a physical characteristic they all share (tall, diabetic, brunette) erases their humanity and reduces them to nothing but that characteristic. Also categorizing people based on sex is salacious and untoward because you’re referring to their genitals. Which you shouldn’t do. How rude! What is wrong with you? Female and male have a unique meaning for everyone who identifies as such, one that is unrelated to lowly and salacious mammalian sexual categories, which don’t exist outside our wrongful attempt to create them. There are no does and bucks. Only deer. Some with front holes, others with rape sticks.

Trans women are women. Trans women are female. Trans men are men. Trans men are male. Repeat that a few times.
Woman is defined in a unique way by every person who identifies as such, except never in relation to reproductive biology, and never in relation to coercively imposed sex stereotypical behaviors such as elaborate grooming regimes, impractical clothing, and shoes which handicap the wearer. These are optional expressions of womanhood, not a defining feature of women, which is a category of person with no universally coherent definition.
Woman is also never defined by “femininity”, a cluster of trained social behaviors that are enforced upon uterus-havers from birth based on reproductive biology: compulsory emotional labor, showing teeth, feigned incompetence, deference to males.  This conduct is quite literally compelled under force of  violence upon uterus-having people from birth, in order to ritualize their perpetual submission to the penis-havers and maintain the social order of male supremacy over females. But for people with penises they may be optional self-expressions of what woman, which has no universal or objective traits, is.

To recap: Trans Women Are Women! Trans Women Are Female! Woman has no particular characteristic or definition beyond identification with an unspecified state of being, which is also called female, which is also lacking in defined meaning. Sex stereotypes enforced on people who gestate offspring in order to ritualize their subordination to the people who cannot, are optional forms of expression of this state.
There is only one form of womanhood that exists as a clearly defined class of people with shared embodiment and experience, and unless you are a fucking TERF you know for damn sure it ain’t the lowly gestating front-hole havers.
Trans Women Are Women and Trans Women Are Female but Female Women Can Not Be Trans Women.
All people can be women. All women are female. All women, including penis-havers and uterus owners are female and can be trans. Woman, Female, and Trans, are self-defined categories with no universal meaning or definition and no shared experience or embodiment. People who identify as women can also identify as trans. But only women born with dick and balls form a cohesive class of women whose shared biology and cultural experience must be named and respected.
You will respect the terms as defined by your penis-having overlords!
Sex matters, but only for those people whose humanity really counts: Men.
Gatekeeping Exclusionary Radical Trans!

Sure out sucks that you will be erased

Uterus owners must not speak over the penis havers for any reason!

A gender-conforming heterosexual vagina haver weighs in


Irony! Man who claims “female” and “woman” have no meaning demands exclusionary assignation.

Lesbians oppressing males by inventing the term “femme” for gay female experience decades ago.

Related: Women who perform in drag is “cultural appropriation” of the men who impersonate them:
Men who identify as trans women have a shared material reality, with specific dynamics, health issues and discrimination, unlike actual women.

The important thing here is that that men have the right to name and define their experience and women do not.

Trans pioneer Leslie Feinberg was a transgender woman.

Leslie Feinberg was a feminist piece of shit in desperate need of attention, according to this poster.


It makes his stomach turn when any woman, including trans, speaks over a man.

LOL. wow.

Naming himself as a woman takes nothing away from actual women. Check.

Defend the boundaries! LOL silly women.

Only men who identify as trans women can be transfeminine, because “femininity” is not an acceptable identification for trans men.

Male AFAB Trans Exclusioners (MATES). It’s a Dick and Balls Owner Thing.

Women no longer have the right to a word to identify ourselves, because men demanded the right to our name. Men are now women. “Female” no longer describes our demographic because men demanded that we should never, ever be discussed or identified or named under any circumstance. We are the people who must no longer be named.
Men are now female. All men have the right to be recorded as female for our highest honors “Woman of the Year” (Bruce Jenner) and “Top Woman Director in Hollywood” (Andy Wachowski) and “Highest Earning Female CEO” (Martin Rothblatt). They skew our crime statistics with their over represented male violence recategorized as female. All of this is supported at the highest levels of male dominated media, government, medicine and industry.
But they cry, lord how they cry, when female members of their own transgender community take their self-identification rhetoric to heart.
There’s been thousands of male “transwomen” proxies taking women’s places. Lets see how these men react if women do the same.
Boo fucking hoo.

114 thoughts on “There is only one protected class of women and it is… men

  1. I laughed several times while reading this, and it bothers me that I am familiar enough with trans jargon to understand what the issue is on both sides of this absurd conflict.
    Live by the nonsense, die by the nonsense.

  2. And yet, throughout, the whole subculture very insistently, consistently and persistently uses its own term for an actual woman: afab. Because it’s so much a fact about material reality that even they, of course, cannot do without a word for this thing that officially does not exist.

    1. EXACTLY! The fact that they have to use the terms “afab” and “amab” so often, especially when dragging actual females (trans or not), reveals so much. Within that terminology is the forbidden truth: that biological males and females have fundamentally different life experiences *regardless of how they identify.* Watching the trans cult flail around trying to explain why females can’t “identify” as transwomen is hilarious. Oh, gee, I’m sorry, is it because as “amabs”, aka MALES, you have a FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE FROM FEMALES? NO SHIT, SHERLOCK

    1. speaking of infinity, I’d like to find out more about these time-traveling lesbians who cleverly anticipated the burgeoning existence of trans-identified men and came up with language to oppress them decades in advance. Did they wear special flannel spacesuits?

  3. Most of this discussion is pure nonsense. It’s all about the DNA. Male and female do exist. It’s about chromosomes, not genitals.

  4. Male entitlement: I’m superior, so you need to do what I tell you.
    Male entitlement in drag: I’m oppressed, so you need to do what I tell you.

    1. This simplifies pretty much everything I’m getting out of this.
      Male: Pay attention to me, I’m a powerful man
      World: crickets
      Male now in women’s clothing: pay attention to me, I’m a powerful woman
      World: wow look at how strong he is for coming out, let’s give him rewards, he’s a woman now, let’s show them how trans friendly the world is
      Woman in same spotlight: look at this discovery I’ve made, I’m a strong, smart woman in business
      World: crickets (you’re not male in anyway so no attention to you sorry)

  5. This made my day. I’ve been talking about an xx/”afab” transwomen movement for awhile as a way to point out hypocrisy, who knew the trans community would do it to themselves? Are they gonna have to call them self exclusionary rfs (serfs)? Lol.
    The other major thing i saw this week was playboy featuring a transwoman as the playmate. Straight men are angry and disgusted with anyone asking them to look at sexually explicit photos of males. When the TA narcissism starts confronting het dudes sexuality, this shit is going to end. Since nothings ever good enough for the pathologically self centered, it’s just a matter of time.

    1. I have noticed something else, too.
      With the Weinstein thing, and the other males being called out for their rapey, harassing, entitled behavior, all of the victims have one thing in common.
      They are all biologically female. Because dudes rape WOMEN. They do not rape identities.
      If you ever look at Tumblr, you see some trans that are frustrated, trying to very carefully say that the “me, too” hashtag is invalidating their identities.
      There are just so many women that can say “me, too”. I don’t know a single woman personally that can’t say it. There are too many of us, and surprisingly, we all were born with vaginas, XX chromosomes, etc.
      It is driving them crazy. They can’t stand that they cannot shout this incredibly large group of us down. One of the experiences that a lot of us have resulted in “me, too”, and it is one of those experiences that trans try so hard to discount, and they say that it doesn’t matter. That all women have unique, individual experiences and that we don’t have specific vulnerabilities as a class due to biology.
      So these rapey males have proved the trans wrong, by choosing women based on biology, AND there being so many women as victims, and showing solidarity. That playboy mess was an additional shitshow for their ideology, showing how stupid it is.
      I am waiting for them to find a way to say that they are excluded when we talk about sexual assault, since males sexually assault so many of us, so often. I mean, we already can’t talk about our bodies. What better way to erase male violence then by making it terfy and exclusionary to speak about.

      1. I did read a post copied from a transwoman who felt his identity as a woman was invalidated by the metoo hashtag because he’d never been sexually assaulted or harassed. So the fact that we’re assaulted by men more frequently than they are is invalidating to transwomen, yet we’re supposed to let these guys into our private spaces because they’re in so much more danger of being assaulted than we are. Interesting.
        “There are just so many women that can say “me, too”. I don’t know a single woman personally that can’t say it. There are too many of us, and surprisingly, we all were born with vaginas, XX chromosomes, etc.”
        Exactly. Even those of us lucky enough to avoid the most traumatizing sorts of incidents have dealt with street harassment, groping on public transportation, or predatory comments. We may not all have suffered rape, but we’ve all feared it–which is exactly why so many women aren’t comfortable with these men in our spaces.
        If transwomen honestly believed they were in as much danger from sexual assault as they claim, they’d understand that our fear wasn’t transphobia but justifiable androphobia, extend us some empathy, and be willing to accept gender neutral restrooms and other accomodations that would protect their safety while maintaining women’s privacy. They balk at those sorts of arrangements precisely because the safety argument was only tossed out to gain our sympathy along with access to our spaces, and the complaints about feeling left out by the metoo campaign are evidence for that.

        1. Yep.
          The catcalling and other verbal harassment are so terrible for us also because it is just so constant, and males start when we are still little girls. It is part of how we learn the constant fear, too.
          Trans cannot possibly understand any of that. Obviously. Or else they would empathize.
          The societal force of feminization is insidious, all encompassing and unrelenting. It is multi facited, but the one constant is fear. Trans, being male, use it to keep us in line.

      2. I don’t think it matters whether or not they understand our motive. They don’t care. A gender-neutral restroom would spoil their fantasies of being lovely young lassies desired by all, and so they reject that option with no thought to how their desire to have their bubbles unburst will affect others.

      3. Yeah those stories also make you flash on things.. when Ashley Judd described how she could still remember the layout of the hotel room and where the door was? I had that experience exactly–I can still tell you I was at the top of the stairs, the door below, and I thought of literally throwing myself down the stairs to stop him. (I asked myself, which would be worse, which would hurt me more? Already making life-and-death decisions at 15 years old, now that is womanhood.)
        And so we end up blurting that out when Judd and others are publicly witnessing; and those words are invariably “me too”… it is very organic, spontaneous and real, these reactions of ours. I am sure the trans are overwhelmed, surprised and triggered by the whole phenomenon.

      4. OMG @radfemspiraling that article you linked!
        Yet as the movement to bring powerful men to justice continues to grow, we must also reckon with #metoo’s limitations, chiefly that the centering of cisgender women’s experiences of harassment and assault excludes and arguably erases the lived realities of those whose gender identity and expression leave them at their most vulnerable — trans and gender-nonbinary people.
        Yes, James Toback’s victims are now numbering *300*–but the MOST VULNERABLE are trans, always…
        “Enough of ladyspeak, time to go back to talking about the real humans now!”

      5. “And here it is:
        Not that whacktivist Talusan again!
        “Trans and GNC folks are so much more vulnerable than cis women: We not only experience unwanted sexual advances and provocations, but we are also at risk of being physically assaulted or murdered when those who approach us are unable to deal with their own attractions.”
        Good news, sisters–although men might rape us, only trans women (and GNC folks as a CYA) are actually at risk of being physically assaulted or murdered, so we’ve been afraid for no reason. (Assault and murder after refusing men’s advances apparently don’t count in this guy’s view of the world. I guess we don’t know how lucky we are to be murdered for being women rather than for not being women!)
        Talusan then goes on to say the important thing is to center trans women in our activism. (This is, of course, totally different than centering men under patriarchy.)

      6. MtTs complaining about the #metoo hashtag is no different than the MRAs and anti-feminists chewing out feminist groups for not extending resources to male victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. They claim that not extending our limited resources to male victims is the same as invalidating their experiences. And when women’s groups suggest that men build their own shelters and rape crisis centers to help male victims; the MRAs get indignant and call them “man-haters” who are happy to see men get abused and raped.
        A REAL woman wouldn’t be disappointed about the fact that she missed out on being sexually harassed or assaulted and therefore couldn’t join in on a trendy hashtag! The MtTs are treating sexual abuse like its a cool rite of passage into womanhood that the evil TERFs took away from them.

      7. It is the height of hilarity to me that hideous MTTs like Meredith Talusan are so very worried about being sexually harassed and assaulted by men.
        All sorts of women are harassed and assaulted by men because, ultimately, it’s about domination and humiliation, but those same men would never get near Talusan for fear of appearing gay.
        That article is right up there with the one where Talusan opined that his hideous non-binary buddies Alok Vaid-Menon and Jacob Tobia can’t get straight men to sleep with them.

      8. “””It is the height of hilarity to me that hideous MTTs like Meredith Talusan are so very worried about being sexually harassed and assaulted by men.”””
        Sadly, when the MtTs cite the high rate of trans-women getting raped or murdered, they almost NEVER point out the reason why such a disproportionate number of them are victimized that way. MtTs are more likely to be assaulted and murdered because a lot of them engage in prostitution. And men who buy other people’s bodies tend to be scumbags who see no problem with murdering a prostitute if s/he doesn’t have the genitalia that he paid to violate.
        But trans activists will never say anything bad about prostitution because it will invalidate their claims that sex work is sexually liberating, empowering, and is no different than working as a bank teller or a secretary.

      9. I think Everyday Feminism DID have an article about how #me too is exclusionary…

    2. Yes about the hetero guys.
      Like 10 months ago we were all joking on Twitter about declaring ourselves AFAB trans women. Chuckle chuckle chuckle. And now they’re actually doing it! 😯😃 😂

      1. B-Dala’s comment about MRAs and shelters for battered women reminds me of an incident from about 15 years ago. A friend of mine used to have a blog dedicated to exposing the MRA movement. She used to post on the insistent MRA effort to either “integrate” the shelters (i.e. admit the abusers) or close them down through intimidation, law suits, and the like. At one point, she had some MRAs come in and start whining about the lack of shelters for men. I decided to expose them for the BS artists they really are. At the time I was a professional grant writer who had written at least a few successful federal grants for homeless shelters. I offered my services to them gratis, IF they would help me gather the statistics for the “need” narrative. The market value of my services would have been thousands. I had women contact me privately and say, are you crazy? I responded, trust me on this. These guys whine, but they are lazy and won’t lift a god dang finger to build their own shelter, even with free professional help. Sure enough, they backed out. LOL.

    1. Yeah buddy, it really sucks when people who aren’t women appropriate womanhood.
      Oh, wait…

  6. I am really an afab transwoman. The correct term is “circumgender” and I want all these regular vanilla type transwomen to get that right. It should have been obvious that since I was smart and interested in science and never wore high heels or anything that I was actually male even though I had functional female anatomy. However, I circumvented my true gender identity and I identified as female and even had babies and nursed them which would have been very triggering to my inner male, but worked out OK as I identify as female, which makes me doubly trans.

      1. Or “cissies.” Hahaha!
        Seriously, as to the term “cissie.” When I was growing up I felt oppressed by the term “sissy”, used to deride a man or boy as a member of MY sex if he was seen as weak or contemptible. Then Women’s Liberation came along and actually improved attitudes somewhat and with them, vocabulary. So I hadn’t heard the word “sissy” in years – until along came these bastards with “cissie,” If I believed in hell I would think that that alone would have earned them their place there.

  7. ‘Trans women are women’ really saps my life and my brains out of my body. I wrote about this just last week, it’s here and is based around free speech, debate and dogma and quotes liberally from Mill:

    Finding Middle Ground Between Women’s Rights and Transgender Rights

    On Twitter, I found Ruth Hunt of Stonewall echoing the same brain-sucking rhetoric these transactivists comeout with:

    It makes me despair.

      1. Excellent reply! And the stupidity of one’s opponents can often be a never-ending source of belly laughs.

  8. GM, I’ve read this is a second time. Your summary of the trans party line is absolutely brilliant, along with your comments on the screen caps. I also admire your fortitude in sifting through so much stupid to put this together–that guy who doesn’t agree there are sex differences!? Thank you!
    For some reason, the post brought bits of Jabberwocky to mind. (A borogrove is anyone who identifies as a borogrove, but if anyone other than trans borogroves call themselves mimsy, it’s appropriation of mimsiness.)

    1. Oh, dear! Purged from their own spaces! *GASP!* If only I were wearing pearls, that I might clutch at them over this unique horror!

      1. I love the lack of self awareness when he says “If anyone can be a trans-woman, than we might have to primarily define womanhood by birth sex!!! OH NO!!!”
        Yeah. It really sucks when a word that was previously intended to define the specific lived experience of a marginalized group changes it’s definition to “Anyone who claims to feel like a lady on the inside at any given time”. When you campaign to abolish using objective measures to define “woman”, you have no right to complain when every Tumblrina desperate for attention decides they want to call themselves “trans-women”

  9. My primary response to this is that there is a reason rock piles and ditches for digging were invented.

  10. Gallus, this priceless.
    Excellent, but it’s too logical for them to understand. Nothing trans related is based on logic.
    One poor sad transwoman says,
    “AFAB cannot be transwomen. Please don’t take that term from us. ”
    Why can’t half the human population (female) call themselves transwomen? I don’t know any sane woman who would want to do this, but if transwomen are “women”, and even “female”, then human beings born female are transwomen. Why can’t the female sex co-opt and colonize the living hell out of trans the way that trans has colonized and co-opted the female sex.
    Not only should women colonize and co-opt the hell out of them like they have done to the female sex, perhaps millions of women should flood every transgender organization demanding to be recognized as “transwomen”. At every trans meeting, thousands of women should storm the building and demand to be recognized as transwomen. Even butch lesbians should demand to be called transwomen. Women who work in construction, drive trucks, and work in non-traditional occupations should insist on being called transwomen. After all, transwomen are “women”. This will really mess with their minds. The thought of this is actually rather repugnant, but it’s just a suggestion.
    Once the female sex colonizes and co-opts trans the way they have co-opted us, we can take over their organizations and demand that our “AFAB” interests are the first priority. For example, all the “transitioning” hormones, puberty blockers, etc. are at the very bottom of the list of priorities. It’s free tampons, contraception, access to abortion, and our female reproductive systems will be called by proper names again. After females colonize transgender, we can start to take back what they have stolen from us.
    This is the difference between females and males. Females respect boundaries and are socialized to respect others while males by and large believe everything is about them.

    1. This may be our only chance for an AFAB win at Woman Of The Year in 2018.
      Seriously though, one of the last nails in the coffin of Marriage Inequality was when straight people began demanding the right to Civil Unions.
      So you never know. What would happen if thousands of front hole havers demanded the equal right to Gender Recognition Certificates? Would their applications be denied? Could they sue on grounds of Gender Identity discrimination?

    2. One way that males keep supremacy is by holding every position, and some of them are going to conflict when you hold every position. (Like rape, for one example. They say it never happens. But then say that women cause it or want it.)
      Trans are now holding conflicting positions. When you have every position, then you are never wrong.
      So transwomen are women, they say.
      But women aren’t transwomen.
      And women cannot be appropriated. But they say transwomen CAN be appropriated. But aren’t transwomen actually women?
      All males do this. It is like they have no ability to view reality and act according or form an opinion. They decide what it is that they want and then they set about doing that, and the method seems to be just saying pretty much anything, causing chaos, like they are doing a bizarre gish gallop as a group. And while we are explaining and defending our position, they use the chaos as a distraction to just take whatever they want.

      1. I was just thinking about the insurance! YES!
        After us real, genuine, authentic trans women (AFABs) take over the trans orgs (legally, through the Trump justice dept, charging sex discrimination) we will ABOLISH all of this totally-unnecessary hormones-and-surgery bullshit. No more poisoning and cutting and experimenting on and medically exploiting trans women! We will end these vicious painful evil procedures that BigPharma/patriarchy market to trans women for profit, since WE TRULY CARE ABOUT OUR SISTERS and want the mutilation and torture to STOP, of course.. as does any decent person. We will not rest until we have stopped this endless medical abuse and forced sterilization of our trans sisters.
        Anyone who disagrees and wants to *continue* the medical torture (and concurrent impoverishment) of trans women obviously is a hater and transphobe of the FIRST ORDER.
        None of you AMABs who call yourself trans have cared about the medical abuse and the surgical tinkering on trans women, and many of you have actually celebrated this horrible cutting-and-pasting.. which is of course how we know you are not truly trans and we are. We are more trans than you could EVER be.
        Get with the program, you old fogies, and stop using ancient, uncool, old-fashioned, archaic, outdated, transphobic definitions of “trans”.. and it really doesn’t matter if you “like” it or not–this is the future and you can’t change it. We are taking over. The all-purpose narcissism/victim-chic that comes with the trans identity is attractive to lots of people, just as it is to you.
        Maybe you shouldn’t have advertised it so well. LOTS of people want to be special and untouchable, just like you. And here we come, we want to be trans too.
        There are a lot more of us than there are of you.
        Hopefully we can render the word “trans” completely meaningless within 5 yrs.–and you can be rendered meaningless along with it.
        Us *authentic trans* will be handling things now.

      2. His linkedin profile is hilarious…describes his previous job as “Reviewed authenticity of physical patient files and subsequently transferred said files into newly acquired electronic database.”
        The irony is that he wouldn’t know authentic if it bit him in his chemically-induced ass.

      3. I’ve been having trouble finding a new job. Should I go with the male-pattern technique of lying about my accomplishments? It’s not just this guy; I’ve seen this routinely in the working world, and other men eat that shit up. I feel like the real betrayal among men is when a man tells the truth about himself.

      4. @Kesher- “…I’ve been having trouble finding a new job. Should I go with the male-pattern technique of lying about my accomplishments?…”
        Yes. Don’t fabricate. Exaggerate. If you’re like most women you’re probably underselling yourself anyway. Do what needs to be done.
        Or fabricate. I’ve seen women escape the rape industry by entirely fabricating 15+ years of employment. You just need someone willing to verify. Cash in those favors. Be creative.
        Works for women who have been out of the job market for years due to childrearing and caring for dependent male husbands (“housewives”) as well.
        Men fabricate things all the time but they do so out of a sense of entitlement: “fake it until you make it”. Women should do what they need to do to survive, including using male tactics. Take no prisoners. Good luck. 🙂

      5. @keesher –
        “I’ve been having trouble finding a new job. Should I go with the male-pattern technique of lying about my accomplishments?”
        To expand on what GallusMag already advised:
        *”Yes. Don’t fabricate. EXAGGERATE. If you’re like most women you’re probably underselling yourself anyway. DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.
        Or fabricate. I’ve seen women escape the rape industry by entirely fabricating 15+ years of employment. You just need someone willing to verify. Cash in those favors. Be creative. “*
        Unfortunately I’m not working currently (health issues), but in the past when I was out of employment, for a little too long in between jobs, (again, health), I did, I didn’t care or dwell on it, & it worked.
        For instance, I knew someone I could trust, with a small business, & had honestly helped him with tax info, etc just little stuff for free, but I put down i worked there – keeping the books, secretary work, customer relations, etc.
        Nothing wrong with using “fancier language” that turns mundane work into something that just sounds more important. (Ex: customer *relations*, imstead of secretary, its *administration assistant*, etc.)
        People are doing that, & getting ahead. In today’s world, you almost need to, especially if you are struggling.

    1. Typical male rebuttal to a well put together, informative, factual post.
      We already know that our ability to recognize reality and facts is upsetting to you.
      Piece of shit? Is that all you got?
      Do better. As it stands, you are a bore.

    1. Most males lean toward hysterics. And they can be really over emotional over women talking about them.
      These are people that threaten to rape us, punch us, murder us, etc. I have yet to see a single woman threaten those things at anyone. And trans can’t come up with any example, unless you can count their irrational, nonsensical crying about “butbutbut feminists acknowledging biological reality makes males murder the trans!!!!!”
      Women pointing out male stupidity is not violence or hate speech. Laughing at their dumb asses is not hate speech, either. But it hurts their manfeelz. And manfeelz are the most important thing EVAR.

  11. So, transwomen are women, but women are not transwomen. Righto.
    But…I *feel* like a transwoman…

    1. And what about intersex people AFAB ? !!!
      And all the AFAB people with AMAB traits, who experience transmisogyny ??? !!!!!
      “Transwoman” is a cultural class that AFABs are a part of!!!!11

    2. “But…I *feel* like a transwoman…”
      Women’s feelings don’t matter to men. Or women having feelings is transphobic–I forget which.

  12. Does anyone else think that if we started to refer to ourselves as AFAB’s, we’d be told the term was transphobic or appropriative? (It is, of course, appropriating intersex people’s experience, not that these guys have shown any sign of caring about that.) Or maybe they’d reverse course and start claiming transwomen are AFAB, just as they now insist, contrary to basic biology and trans rules from five years ago, that transwomen are female.
    Also, if transwomen are women, but non-binary people who are both trans and women aren’t transwomen, does that mean being trans isn’t transitive?

    1. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen MTTs on Tumblr complaining about “AFAB”, that it excludes them even as they’re the ones forcing it on us.

      1. I think some of their more bizarre comments may result from their fetish and their entitlement being at war with each other: on the one hand, they want to feel as if they’re just like other women, and, on the other, they want to feel superior to women and have their needs and desires centered. And who do they blame for this inherent contradiction? Women.
        It’s like watching someone punch himself in the face while yelling “Stop hitting me!” and then try to attack you in supposed self-defense.

    2. It’s just nuts that these nimrods crib so much academic language and spew pseudo-intellectual shite, yet cannot grasp that “amab” =MALE and “afab” = FEMALE. When y’all are like “only amabs experience (abc)!!! And only afabs know about (xyz)!!!!!” that’s when I’m standing on top of my car with a megaphone singing “SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR AWAAAAY”

  13. Random thoughts: 1. Love this in all of it’s twisty, mind numbing logic. As always, stellar work by GM. 2. I realized a while back that every time I saw or heard some dippy dipshit say “folks” I involuntarily recoiled and experienced simultaneous waves of nausea. Turns out “folx” has the same effect on me! 3. Imagine having all this time to tweet and complain and spin in circles and dissect all this bullshit? I’m always baffled by the time and energy it must take to be so self absorbed.

  14. It really seems to vex, hurt, and bother them when real women call themselves “trans women.” Which means that is precisely what we should do at every opportunity. And real men should call themselves “trans men.” Do it until trans no longer has any meaning or until their heads explode, whichever comes first.

  15. Brilliant, Gallus Mag!!!
    Nothing like the tantrums of men knowing they are constantly lying and that everyone else really knows it too.

  16. This is one of the best pieces you’ve ever done, GM.
    It certainly would be funny if female people (you know, women) started demanding trans rights and spaces. What argument could they possibly present in rebuttal that wouldn’t rely on biology? I guess that’s what that one ridiculous tweet was about — the one from “Yikelyn Urns.”
    But the males in power would still have their backs, no doubt. Penis Women are the most oppressed of all and deserve all the protections!
    You really wonder how they can type these things and not understand how absurd they sound. They *have* to know!

  17. A teen in Maine stabbed his parents and the family dog to death, and is now claiming to be transgender:
    None of the newspaper accounts I have seen mention the transgenderism, but it is prominently mentioned on WCSH, Channel 6, in Portland, Maine, which has a serious pro-trans agenda (there was an ad for a piece about some whiny male who hasn’t been able to have his GRS). I don’t quite get the teen who murdered his parents — there is no apparent attempt to appear in the least femme. The judge is ruling on whether to try him as an adult or a teen, and is concerned that if he is tried as a teen he could be out roaming the streets in two years’ time.

  18. I thought no one could prove their sex until they have a DNA test 🤔 Perhaps FtMtFs have secret Y chromosomes. Reducing womanhood to genitalia as well… essentialists…
    Thank you for compiling this list of confirmed terfs, Gallus. Everyone stay safe.

    1. lmao very good points. The cis transwomen terfs are trying to wipe the existence of the most vulnerable group of transwomen off the planet because of what they have between their legs! They are like fascists!!!

    2. DNA tests are social constructs. F2M2F women IDENTIFY as having a Y chromosome, and identities are the only things of substance that have reality.

  19. This is the logical end of constant subjectivity that is based off the requirement to maintain the social/objective meaning of terms for the individual to use in their subjectivity: contradiction into madness. Lol, their house of cards can’t withstand a midsummer’s breeze, it is so stretched to meaningless subjectivity that their terms have to be necessarily meaningless which makes them feel bad and they necessarily can’t point anything out in material reality which is what they use to construct their subjectivity.
    This is why transracialism is viable, check out this link of a PROFESSOR even stating they are equal and we should accept the ‘queerness’ of transracialism + the comment section is hilarious:
    Rachel Dolezal is Really Queer: Transracial Politics and Queer Futurity
    Lol, I am so done with these people, I don’t want them to corrupt me mentally any longer, I won’t even give them my energy; my personal solution is just to sit back and laugh.

    1. I’ll sit back and laugh when I can go to a lesbian book club without some gross heterosexual male dickhead showing up and casting a pall over the entire discussion with his presence. I “won’t even give them my energy” when they stop trying to destroy every space that women have cut out for ourselves. Enjoy your sit back. It’s good work if you can get it.

  20. Janice Raymond wrote almost 40 years ago that all women who perform femininity are transsexuals, as they are performing a male-defined and therefore male sex role…chickens. Roosting.

  21. I read the Talusan article. Way to bring the discussion back to MTTs like himself. Women are raped and sexually harassed not because they identify as women, but because they are born women with the body parts. Women’s oppression is sex-based and not based on gender identity. Get that straight.

    1. Harvey Weinstein didn’t target a single MTT, not even Jamie Clayton! But obviously MTTs are the real victims here. /s

      1. “Harvey Weinstein didn’t target a single MTT”
        And that’s exactly why they’re the victims–he refused to validate their womanhood (not to mention their victimhood) by targeting them! This kind of logic can be tricky for those of us whose grasp on reality is quite firm.

  22. Janice Raymond was light years ahead of her time. Performing femininity is about bowing to male dominance—-even when men take on this womanface, they still dominate.

  23. Ugh. Doctors don’t ‘assign’ sex any more than they assign broken bones.

    1. And they are also threatening my wife’s business, when she had nothing to do with the issue. Clearly they are doing everything they can to intimidate and shut me up, including going after members of my family.

  24. I don’t think I could say anything here more hypocritical and revealing of their reversals than they have said themselves. That screenshot in the comment directly above: beyond priceless.

  25. Well I really enjoyed this, thanks for wading through the bonkers acronym sewer and bringing back such riches

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