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  1. What in the hell did Linda say that was wrong?????WHERE???WHEN????
    She is right…….and yes there are those trans folks who do see the same thing. But to voice this is called hate, by a bunch of spoiled, entitled brats, many of whom have no damn idea of how the world works. Let alone that they are sacrificing those who are genetic females, in the name of those who will turn on them in an NY minute. Or force the laws to be changed, to advantage the MRA’s.
    Damn…..and as for the brigade activist in this piece, well….if one cannot say anything nice…….

    1. Apparently, the “wrong” thing she did was cite basic scientific/biological facts at a college. Sadly, that is considered heresy at most liberal universities these days

  2. Students, women, feminists of Cambridge, I understand that you want to be nice, that no one wants to be upset or upset any one else…but the world is not nice, people will take advantage of you and your dreamy ideals. Men in wigs and with lipstick in their bags are smirking with glee. http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/women-only-cambridge-college-opens-13712293
    I wanted to be nice when I met my long term life partner on an English University campus, just over 30 years ago. I don’t remember much niceness back then, punk was in and we wanted to
    question the world, break out of the constraints of the childhood nursery. Yes, deep down though, I wanted to be nice. I met a man who wanted to be me. Who wanted to be me so much, because he thought that would shelter him from the fear and obligations of masculinity, and because, of course, lacy undies are so much more exciting than cotton boxer shorts. He didn’t want to be me much around the times when there was the kid’s vomit to clean off the carpet. Window shopping is so much nicer.
    So this is a nice friendly warning…..stand together and wish for a nicer world, but listen to what others who have been around for a while and maybe seen and experienced some not so nice things have to say to you. I’m sure that they don’t mean to upset the rosy ideas you have, but just listen to them…..please.
    Radical feminism may not always be nice, but it can be positively life changing. It has been for me. Thank you!

  3. These people sometimes make me want to scream. For all the talk of providing safe spaces and of inclusivity, lesbians are the ones paying a huge price and ending up excluded for being exclusively same-sex attracted. Where are the safe spaces for lesbians, away from males who ID as something they’re clearly not? Who is standing up for lesbians? Because “LGBT” groups certainly aren’t. They drive me mad.

  4. As here in the United States, inclusiveness, as said by Trans, means: only if you agree with us. Anyone else is censored. Typical male patriarchal behavior. I guess universities are no longer places where free speech and diverse thought can be expressed. Only Trans and their fantasies are kosher now. Such a shame. Maybe women born of woman must start their own colleges since even traditional women’s colleges now must admit men in dresses, as it were.

    1. Just finished listening to this and Janice is correct, on many scores.
      As for the Stonewall representative, once again this person showed a level of arrogance and entitlement, which is quite common among the brigade, whether this issue is about gender, race, religion, etc. There was also that tinge of ‘Our Way or The Highway’.
      By the way, how in the hell is it that these folks think that because of ‘self identification’, they do not have to follow the rules about ID or even boundaries otherwise? Let alone do they understand that thanks to their own ignorance about many issues [such as ….SCIENCE] and influence, that in about a generation and a half, the healthcare system will be flooded with those wanting to reverse the damage….at the expense of others, as well as the courts being swamped with those filing malpractice suits against those, who twisted the younger into taking the drugs.

  5. “Excluding a black lesbian in the name of intersectionality and inclusion. These people are embarrassing morons.”
    Linda Bellos is such an intelligent and courageous woman. Imagine what she had to go through growing up. These pompous pampered twits know they couldn’t debate her. The thought of rational debate terrifies them. This is why they have to silence women.
    I apologize for copying and pasting Wikipedia, but I wanted some background on Bellos. It’s disgraceful that this brilliant black lesbian is being silenced.
    Bellos has accomplished many firsts in her fight for equality, notably originating Black History Month in the UK whilst chair of the London Strategic Policy Unit.
    She was vice-chair of the successful Black Sections campaign to select African Caribbean and Asian parliamentary and local candidates within the Labour Party.
    In 1985 Bellos was elected as a Labour councillor to Lambeth London Borough Council and was leader of the council between 1986 and 1988. She was the second black woman to become leader of a British local authority, after Merle Amory in the northwest London borough of Brent. Bellos resigned as leader on 21 April 1988 after disputes within the Labour Party over the setting of the Council budget. She was a prominent figure in left-wing politics in London in the 1980s and was labelled by The Sun as a member of the ‘Loony Left’. Bellos attempted to become a parliamentary candidate, without success, most notably for Vauxhall.
    Bellos was the treasurer of the Africa Reparations Movement (UK). She was co-chair of the Southwark LGBT Network until February 2007 and an adviser to Southwark Council. From 2000 to 2003, she was co-chair of the LGBT Advisory Group to the Metropolitan Police. She remains a community activist.
    In December 2002, she was presented (together with Stephen Bourne) with the Metropolitan Police Volunteer Awards “in recognition of outstanding contribution in supporting the local community.”
    In 2006, she was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours for services to diversity. She was reticent about receiving the award because she considers its association with a defeated Empire as outdated and the Honour should be renamed. She was encouraged to accept it by her family.
    None of this matters because her views on gender are different.
    It’s like a new form of McCarthyism all dressed up in some sort of neoliberal glitz and glitter. This is nothing more than old fashioned bullying and silencing tactics packaged as progressive.
    They do this to women of all ages and races. They pull out their bullying and silencing tactics on lesbians and bisexual women. Young gender critical feminists have been on the receiving end of their vile little bullying tactics. Sometimes they do this to men too. Just ask Robert Jensen and Derrick Jensen.

  6. The Oxford LGBTQ+ Society has a history of banning women. Universities of all places are silencing female voices. The Oxford LGBTQ+ Society is a disgrace to the very idea of free speech.

    Oxford LGBTQ+ Society renews condemnation of Jenni Murray

    Someone needs to inform the Oxford LGBTQ+ Society that there are young college age women who are waking up to this gender nonsense and its negative impact on the female sex. Some of these women are lesbian or bisexual. They will not be silent forever. I can say with all certainty that their numbers are increasing. Scroll up to the video of the young women so fed up with the female sex being erased that they are screaming in outrage. Look at the faces of these young women because they know it’s female erasure. It’s “transphobic” for females to even talk about our anatomy for fear of triggering transwomen.

  7. Sweet summer children! What fantasy land have these people grown up in that they believe milk-white men can actually be harmed by the mere opinions of a black lesbian woman? Upsetting people counts as oppression, disagreement is dangerous . . . Honestly, those who can’t bear to hear ideas that don’t line up with their own don’t belong in a university. It shocks me that they think it’s reasonable for privileged, white, young people to no-platform women of color, like Linda Bellos, or those from working class backgrounds, such as Julie Bindel.
    I read recently that a quarter of American millennials think democracy is a bad idea, and 40 percent believe the government should be able to regulate certain types of offensive speech. Somehow we’ve utterly failed to prepare much of a generation for the facts of reproductive biology along with the messy reality of adulthood in a democratic societyy. It’s as if we’ve turned them loose after eighteen years of coddling daycare. Maybe we’re lucky so many prefer identity squabbles and body mods to advocating for a fascist government.

    1. Yet typically for nearly every single Guardian article about trans issues (nearly all cheerleading), no comments are allowed. Questioning, discussion, debate must not be permitted.
      It did say, rather exceptionally it seems, ‘Comments will be turned on later’. That was on 6 October.
      Still says it. How much later is ‘later’? Or have they no-platformed even commenters again?

    1. “Martinez was found ‘extremely intoxicated’ by police and accused the 10-year-old of ‘talking crap’ and making up accusations as a ‘publicity stunt.'”
      Golly, sounds just like every other male rapist’s attempt to discredit victim(s). Whyever could this be?

    2. Shut it, Jennifer! These things have never happened! Not once! No woman or girl has ever been assaulted by a man in the restroom. Your link only proves that it is women, in fact, doing all of the raping. The arrested woman is probably a TERF! Just her mere existence is literal violence against trans people. Let’s focus on the real victims for once: men! Poor men! 😞

  8. Right on, Linda Bellos! What a difference listening to this sophisticated, intelligent woman and these know-nothing, spoiled, elitist children. And what super comments from everyone above! This emphasis on feelings is absurd and laughable, and watch them discuss their feelings with absolute seriousness. As though anyone has ever cared what women’s feelings about anything — including rape and murder — are! The patriarchy has nothing to fear from the baby handmaidens.

  9. Anyone who still has sympathy for men posing as women, and women posing as men, needs to remember when they first heard about “transgender,, and what their impression was.
    Remember all the het men you’ve known and what they said about Lesbians, which was either direct hateful or leering “I’d like to be a Lesbian.” Remember the outrage and shock?
    Remember hearing women say that they wanted to be men so they could get better jobs and more chicks, and how when starting testosterone for the first time ever they felt an urge to rape?
    Remember when there was not a hint of thinking these people were oppressed but knowing they were all female-hating?
    Remember the history of the first men posing as Lesbians invading our community and how they immediately moved into power positions? (That’s still going on.)
    Wasn’t it clear that this is absolutely extreme right wing politics? The majority of the men are Euro-descent and class privileged, and they hate everyone they oppress. Of course they target the most oppressed women and Lesbians, no matter what they have gone through and what they have accomplished, like Linda Bellos.
    And of course they are racist. For all their talk of pretend sympathy for those who grew up being made to feel like freaks and “queers” (the original meaning), which was Lifelong Lesbians and Butches, they despise us. They most want Butches dead since we are proof of their lies. If anyone is oppressed by “gender,” it’s Butches, but they erase us. So they multiply hate Linda Bellos.
    In Berkeley, it’s a trannie man in frumpy housewife drag who leads the nazis in their “free speech” demonstrations. No surprise.
    Only those who prioritize our oppressors can miss how very oppressive and right wing they are. How can they not see or care who their victims are?
    I have actually been told by an ex-het, ex-married Fem that I should be sympathetic to “transmen” (most of who are Fem and some even het) because “you don’t know what it’s like to grow up never feeling like you fit in.” Really? I’m quite obvious and visible.
    Even more for Linda Bellos. No excuse, women who keep this cult going and harming such Lesbians. Whatever your deal is with so worshipping our enemies, your enemies, stop it.
    Give the het right wing a bit more time and they will fully embrace their trans brothers. Maybe then the women and Lesbians who support these men against us will finally realize. But first they have to have the courage to think about what they have been helping and who they have hurt.

  10. Trans is even being included in Me Too. A few lines from Jill Richardson’s piece in “Counterpunch” (publishes about 5% women writers at best) called “The Mundaneness of Sexual Violence.”
    “If you want to see the faces of rapists, look around you. Just look around. Men who do this look like anyone. One of the men who assaulted me is now a pediatric neurologist at a prestigious hospital.
    Odds are you can’t find a woman — or trans person — who won’t say ‘me too.’”
    Richardson’s perceptions are keen but, of course, the blank spot, per usual.

  11. Lol @ the twit who doesn’t think it’s censorship because Bellos wasn’t sent to jail. But phew, they saved these delicate little white roses from the mean ol’ black butch.
    It’ll never stop amazing me how TRAs will accuse TERFs of being fascists and getting in bed with conservatives when they’re just a rainbow coated version of the far right. All of their demands mesh with the religious fundamentalism I saw growing up. Banning “offensive” books and people. Only half-baked “science” that agrees with them in classrooms. Congratulations, genderists. Creationists can only dream of your success.

    1. “Congratulations, genderists. Creationists can only dream of your success.”
      This trans assault is even doubly more stupefying than Trump’s victory over Clinton. But both are within the same framework called Stomping Out Feminists, which seems to guarantee immense and improbable success.
      If the orange mug of your oppressor is in your face all day long, and if men have entered your identity, then who can you be or become when your oppressor is you?

    2. @Riffraff I could not have said this better myself.
      Let’s add this to the stew: when the TRA’s use the rainbow excuse for their despicable deeds, they patronize in such a way, that if one were to believe them, the only time one sees a member of same who is of color as a ‘success’ is if they are an entertainer, sex worker, or criminal [which to be very very direct, are what many who are POC TRA’s are…with the listing of their crap being a long one]. Then it is ‘pet the person on the head time’/patronizing time and treat them worse than a stray cat at a shelter. I wish I was joking on this, but the record as posted by Gallus and others points to this very ugly pattern.
      And by the way, the ones who are touted as being worthy of being listened to or worse, elected are what the old ‘John Birch Society’ [look it up all, if one has not heard of the group or term] would be, if they were trans. But the Birchers never EVER would have tolerated child abusers or rapists in their ranks, or would have been as open about defending same, as the brigade has.

  12. Just a regular somewhat unengaged centre-right guy so I don’t suppose a contribution is going to be too welcome here but what a great meticulous & forensic resource this site is – I need a map urgently having just been wakened by this sudden shrill noisy clamour to apparently find myself living in an alternative universe where the most basic tenets of biology, let alone common sense have been abandoned. Its actually scary – what else can a society that descends to this level of irrationality do for an encore ? Just so filled with appalled disbelief at what is being unleashed against real women & ( even worse imo ) under-age children. As the wise old Ms Greer identified I have no doubt the dynamic underlying this autogynephilic mania is the corrupting influence & ubiquity of “she-male” pornography

    1. psibernaut— actually this is just the latest and greatest attacks on women and girls, nothing new. Basic fact to all center-right men, women don’t make the laws of this country (USA), women don’t even have equal representation in legislatures, and women who apply for jobs as actresses with major talent agencies are sent out a fodder for the perving men of Hollywood, this is the world men rule and have created. I see no change in that male world of arrogance, war, and now male to trans invasion. Maybe center right guys might want to wake up too. You can do it, but will you?

    1. Why do the hard, risky work of actually fighting “the man” when you can get a sense of righteous accomplishment from marginalizing someone who has no power to hurt you?

  13. Universities should not be “safe spaces” from hearing diverse opinions or having beliefs challenged. That’s the lifeblood of true education. Controversy should be celebrated, not held at arm’s length. It’s time to afflict the comfortable.

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