56 thoughts on “Danica Anthony Roem "Inspire"

  1. WTF???? Really???
    Another example of the lunatic narcissistic fringe getting into, or attempting to get into the system. Let alone this ‘ad’ shows, once again who is ‘valued’ by the brigade. Damn…

  2. Can you imagine if a biological woman running for office made an ad like that? She’d be raked over the coals. Once again I’m reminded that MtT parody women.

    1. You mean, say, if an ad showed a female politician taking a birth control pilll? The resulting firestorm would leave nothing but scorched earth in its wake!
      Not to mention that women politicians (as, to be honest most women) can do nothing right when it comes to hair, makeup, and wardrobe, while transwomen can apparently do nothing wrong.
      The message comes across quite clearly–feminininity is desirable and good while femaleness is shameful and threatening.

  3. The problem is putting these men in charge of deciding women’s rights. They are men, who only care about other males like himself.

  4. I keep wishing that the over fifty years of Feminist and Lesbian Feminist analysis could be finally allowed in the media, where women say we refuse to obey male rules to mask our faces, cripple our feet and back, constrict our breathing, and all the rest of the female-hating drag queen look that harm women, waste money, and pollute the earth (it’s health-destroying to grow up next to the factories that make toxic makeup, etc.)
    And then these men would have nothing to use from women to “prove” they are women by performing their false “femininity.” They would be clearly just another form of drag queens.

    1. A woman online told me there was no point in running for office as a radical feminist because she would simply fail. My thought was, You can run for office and bring up issues in the public forum, and that’s hardly a failure. Young women seem to be completely unaware that women failed over and over again to gain the vote and be considered citizens. Failure is the nature of political activism!

      1. Yeah, except they can still use cross sex HRT which will produce all the same secondary sexual characteristics of an adult female with the exception of menstruation. They could also still get gender confirmation surgery\SRS too. Because for some trans people it’s about more than just skin deep changes. HRT does more than just skin deep changes. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. It doesn’t mean that they are 100 equal and the same, but in the end trans women are women, and trans men are men. I wonder if it matters to anyone what if transgenderism is another form of intersexuality that only affects
        the brain, which makes it different from all other known forms of intersexuality that affect a combination of the brain, reproductive organs, and or sex chromosomes. That’s not to say that there is a male brain, and a female brain, but that brains develop on a spectrum from feminine to masculine, and as people including most transgender people develop closer to one side or the other they feel, and identify as male, or female. Does it make it difference that what it it’s true and a person can be born female in a male body, and male in a female body. That is what the physical evidence, and what we know about other intersex conditions suggest. We are our brains.

  5. Does this person have any positions on any issues? “Vote for me because trans” is all I’m hearing, along with a little fantasy of being presented on the floor and being held up as an inspiring idol.

    1. No, Just a Melissa, he said “because of who I (they) are”, not “despite”. This literally means because “I am trans”. No other reason. The only position this person takes is a sex role position.
      The scary part is they don’t care that they make trans look worse with these ads. They continue on with trying to normalize and de-fetishize it, try to show it has medical validity with the pills, but can’t help add the performance of “womanface” in the mirror.
      Circling right back to Jame Gumb from SOTL.

  6. Woman candidates don’t use empty “vote for me because I’m a woman” electioneering because women get very offended by the suggestion that they should vote for a woman because they are women. Even some feminists get offended. It’s a turnoff that costs votes. In US at least, it doesn’t work that way with other groups. Vote for me because I’m Italian-American, vote for me because I’m from Cincinnati, vote for me because I’m a cancer survivor – that all works. That this trans woman thinks “vote for me because I’m trans” will garner votes is interesting,

  7. Bob Marshall, Roem’s conservative opponent in the northern Virginia assembly race, has refused all debates, some think because he has a “grammar problem.” In another setting he said he was willing to call Dan Danica, but “I didn’t flunk biology. I’m not going to call a male a female.”
    Also of interest, Mr. Roem has raised four times more money than Marshall, who has been in office for over 30 years. His support comes, of course, from national liberal and progressive organizations. Where else?

    1. Aren’t those the same organizations who are engaged in ERASING the protections for other groups, for the love of the brigade? Also…and it could just be what has been posted by some of those said same folks in other places…those who have run for office, tend to be rather right (conservative) leaning positions, from the outset.
      Sad and scary, ain’t it???

    2. There was a post about Roem on _The Intercept_ a while back. I posted a comment to the effect of “where do Democrats expect radical feminist women who don’t want men in their prisons, bathrooms, spas, and women’s shelters to take their votes?” It didn’t appear for a *really* long time. The intercept sometimes has comment problems, but it was much longer than that… felt sort of like “let’s wait until no one is looking at this post anymore to have this comment appear”.
      The structuring of the public conversation so that they only two visible options are *either* (1) groovy pro-trans because it is totes just like gay and lesbian civil rights *or* (2) religious zealot bigot is so pervasive. No one even argues with the rad fem position: they just make sure it never gets a platform anywhere.
      It didn’t even occur to me when I first saw the clip, but everyone who has said there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that a woman running for public office would structure her campaign ad around footage of her putting on makeup is too right. Can you imagine the onslaught of misogynist mockery that would result?

  8. Yes, we’re to vote for him because he’s “trans.” Yet he is ignoring that some of the very public trans are incredibly right wing like the hulking man in a dress with the frumpy hair style who seems to lead the nazi contingent when they come to Berkeley.
    I’m curious about how many of the trans cult, especially the men posting as women, vote right wing. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the majority. The misguided liberals and Leftists should recognize the enemy for who they are.

    1. @BevJo…from what I have noticed, at least from the many online posts in other corners and meeting some in person over the years, many are very conservative. To the point of ‘bragging’,if it can be called that about that status.
      As well as the rather myopic view of how the society treats those who they wish to emulate, or rights they wish to usurp. This goes along with encouraging the delusional and deranged. Finding those who are not like that, would be akin to finding those folks who were brave enough to say DDT was not safe.

  9. This post is addressed to women in Virginia and women in all states. And, it’s addressed to liberals, moderates, and conservatives.
    Women should never vote these men in office, not at the state or federal level. Ever. They are dangerous to the female sex, and don’t tell me that they will just focus on “local issues” and things like roads. It’s always about them. They do not care about women. They don’t care about anything that is vitally important to the female sex. And, one thing is for certain. They never, and I mean never, stop demanding more special treatment. Hell, they don’t even believe the female sex exists, so why would any sane woman vote for them. They really believe that their bottle of Spiro is as important as pregnancy, birth, raising children, etc. Like, actual things that matter to the female sex. Women can’t even talk about pregnancy, breast feeding, etc. without being called “transphobic”. Nursing mothers are “chest feeders”, and a vagina is a “front hole”. Transgender people call vaginas, “front holes”. Transwomen call actual females “fish”. Look all this up. The female sex is “fish”, “front holes”, and “chest feeding”, and womanhood is achieved via drugs and surgery. Seriously, the female sex doesn’t exist to these people. They mock the female sex every time they open their delusional mouths, and they mock us in everything they do and say.
    Women, need to wake up. It will only get crazier because they won’t stop until the female sex is completely erased. It’s a thought crime now for women to speak about our actual female anatomy. Women are fed up with our very anatomy being erased in order to pander to these delusional males.

    This is Danica, “step mom”. He has been a “woman” for about four or five years.
    He calls himself “Step Mom”. It’s at the top of the page where he says, “as a step mom, local reporter…” . Is he partnered with a woman or a man? I don’t care what woman he lives with, or if he is married. I don’t care if he is gay. His sexual orientation means nothing to me. I don’t even care if he likes to wear dresses. This moron tells the world and the children he lives with that he is “Step Mom”. Males are not mothers. Children should not be told to call a male in the household “Step Mom”. He is running for the state legislature in Virginia, the Virginia House of Delegates. He is a Democrat candidate running for the 13th district. This isn’t going fly in Trump country. Trump took Virginia, and even for Virginians that didn’t vote for Trump, it’s not going to work. If anything, it’s just going to make the Democrats look like fools. Since they never stop, they even push this insanity wherever they find people stupid enough to fall for it.
    According to his bio, “Step Mom” started transitioning while working at a newspaper in 2012, began hormone replacement therapy Dec. 3, 2013, changed his name, gender and byline in 2015.
    He is supported by the HRC. These are the big guns in LGBTQIA, and “Step Mom” sure as heck will do their bidding.
    “Can you imagine if a biological woman running for office made an ad like that? She’d be raked over the coals. Once again I’m reminded that MtT parody women.”
    Not even female Republican politicians make political ads showing them putting on their makeup before they start the day. There is nothing wrong with makeup if a woman wants it, but women aren’t defined by choice of cosmetics. Womanhood is not a consumer product. The female sex really exists, and most women are too busy getting kids off to school in the morning, packing lunches, etc. Wait, better touch up my Mascara.
    It goes far beyond a parody of women. It’s males putting on “lady face” just like Blackface in Minstrel Shows. He is, in fact, making a mockery of the female sex. He is reducing the female sex to a stereotypical image of what society says is “feminine” behavior. Males putting on “lady face” is just as offensive as whites putting on Blackface. What is this ad trying to say? He is telling us that he is a “woman” because women wear makeup. That is the first thing we see. He is creating a caricature of females. The saddest part of it is that he doesn’t even know what he is doing. His bio says he started “transitioning” in 2012. How could a white male, socialized as male, raised as male, moving about in society for most of this adult life as a man know what women experience? He knows nothing of the struggles of women. To him, it’s about makeup and a bottle of Spiro. This is so utterly offensive.
    The two women running for the presidency in 2016 were Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, and Harvard educated physician Dr. Jill Stein from the Green Party. I was proud to cast my vote for the latter. I would have voted for Bernie Sanders, but the DNC shafted him. So, I voted for Dr. Jill Stein. I understand how the electoral college works. Hillary easily won California, and voters who voted for Stein in California really didn’t make a difference as far as electoral votes go. Other states might have been different. It’s my understanding that Hillary won the popular vote. I know Trump is an arrogant ass, but I also know that the Democrats have tossed the female sex under the bus all for the sake of their special snowflakes. Women are being screwed by the left and the right.
    Can people imagine Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein making a political ad in which they are standing in front of a mirror putting on eyeliner. Is my eyeliner on right? Dr. Jill Stein doesn’t wear makeup from what I can observe, not even for the cameras. Hillary wears some makeup, and I’m sure she wears makeup for the cameras, but it would be a cold day in hell when she makes a political ad showing her looking in the mirror adjusting her makeup.
    Look at the bottle of Spironolactone. This drug has been around, and it’s used for different conditions. Transwomen use it as part of their cocktail of drugs that they use. Spironolactone is a potassium sparing diuretic, which in higher doses also has direct anti-androgen receptor activity as well as a suppressive effect on testosterone synthesis. In addition to the Spiro, he is probably on estrogen. For males who think they are “women”, Spiro one of the drugs that create their “womanhood” in a bottle. “Womanhood” comes in all sorts of pill bottles, plastic surgery, and in makeup for the face. That is exactly what this creepy video is saying. “Womanhood” is a purchased commercial product that bored white males can buy.
    What was the purpose of the close up of the Spiro? Zoom, the camera goes to the Spiro. I got my “womanhood” in pill form. Sooner or later, taxpayers will have to pay for it. Get used to it. I know I said all that b.s. about “local issues” and roads. No, it’s about me. It has always been about me.
    If his insurance company isn’t already paying for the Spiro, eventually, he expects his insurance company to pay for his Spiro, and anything else he wants. Trans activists expect taxpayers to pick up the tab for their hormones and surgery. In liberal states, taxpayers even pick up the tab for hormones for male inmates. Look at Bradley Manning. The US government paid for his sex reassignment surgery *(it really doesn’t change a person’s sex) while he was sitting in a military prison. Even cowardly traitors get government funded “transitioning” The goal of all transgender activists is to force all insurance companies and government programs (Medicaid, Medicare, VA, etc.) to pay for everything. This includes the GnRH analogues and cross gender hormones that sterilize kids, androgen blockers, cross gender hormones, and any and all type of plastic surgery. And, even for males sitting in prisons.
    According to trans activists, even convicted killers in prison and traitors like Bradley Manning should get taxpayer funded everything.
    I’ve checked his website. The Spiro isn’t working, and I doubt it ever will. This clown could put on a whole boat load of makeup, and he just looks like a tall dude in drag. His height, huge old man hands and feet, and male skeletal structure aren’t fooling anyone. It’s like Bruce Jenner spending a small fortune on all that plastic surgery and clothes, but those huge man hands, feet, tall skeletal structure, and gravely man voice is a dead give away. It’s kind of creepy when males who tower over the average size female pretend that they are just like “women”. They are not women, and everyone can see it. Women have to play nice and pretend we don’t notice that they are male.
    They might spend a boat load of money on everything under the sun, but most still have their male genitalia. Most transwomen are fully intact males. Women need to understand that under most “gender identity” sex reassignment surgery is optional. I’m not sure what the statistics are, but over half of all MTFs still have their male genitalia. That is one thing they like to keep, and many, if not most, transwomen are heterosexual not gay.

      1. I mean but he isn’t brave or a hero of the left/anti-government/anti-military either! If an attention-hungry mentally-imbalanced shitlord happens to capitalize on some juicy tidbits that happen to work in the favor of the left because he’s too chickenshit and self-absorbed and lacking in integrity to do the job he signed up for (no matter how odious), it’s not so far off to call him a cowardly traitor.

    1. The issue of genital surgery is crucial. When the subject comes up with women who uncritically accept the liberal trans narrative I find it helpful to explain that most transwomen are sexually attracted to women and still have their male genitals. That’s all it takes to change their minds. Their jaws actually drop, because the accepted version is that transwomen are “safe”: gay men who’ve had all the surgeries. Tell them the truth and, all of a sudden, they’re not so sure about transwomen in the showers or the changing room…

      1. Based on a lot of the postings and police reports, many of those who are post or augment themselves just short of the surgery, are about as ‘safe’ and ‘harmless’ like the dentist from ‘Marathon Man’.
        As has been said from here before, seeing that the surgery does not create anything that can function as it would, if the person was born female in the first place, the money would be best spent on prosthetics, which would serve the same purpose. I get it that there are surgeons out there who want to operate on folks to keep the skills sharp, but really, to create a semi-glorified colostomy [being kind there], for the $’s involved does boggle the mind

  10. This fool in lady face wants us to believe that he is only interested in ‘local issues”, roads, etc. Local issues my foot. Everyone knows that he will be controlled by LGBTQIA groups. It’s a snow balls chance in hell of him winning. If a miracle happens and he wins, it will be all about transgender issues.
    Virginians, do not be fooled. It’s always about them. Women’s rights are being shredded and women are being harmed. Women’s sports are being destroyed, and women aren’t even safe in women’s homeless shelters or hospitals.
    This isn’t just about bathrooms. We are talking about erasing all privacy rights for women. Erasing everything to pander to these delusional male “step moms” and the brainwashed people that support them. And, it’s just not conservatives opposing this lunacy. Various left leaning feminists groups can see what is happening.
    The majority of women in the center are too afraid to speak for fear of being branded “transphobic”. Or, God forbid, a “TERF”. Hell, they even go after 60 year old women. If women really want to see how they deal with women that don’t follow their agenda, this is reality. Women need to know that it’s all find and dandy if women fall in line with their agenda. Women who step out of line get death threats. Yes, I’m talking actual death threats, frightening threats of death and rape. And, from Dana Rivers, Douglas, “Donna”, Perry, Kosilek, Synthia, “China”, Blast, Pablo Gomez Jr. (the list is long), we know that they sure as hell do carry out acts of violence against women. They can scream, “transphobic” until hell freezes over. All this is in the court records. Gendertrender and other blogs have case after case all based on crime reports. They are lying like hell when they say no transwoman (biological male) would harm a woman. They only show respect to women that completely buy the trans agenda. Otherwise, it’s scorched earth policy, “TERF” death threats and all. Make no mistake. These aren’t women.
    “TERF death threats” have been going on for years.
    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
    I think the main reason more women aren’t speaking out is because they are either afraid of being branded “transphobic”, or they are terrified of “TERF” threats. As to “TERF” death threats, women don’t to be any kind of feminist to be branded a “TERF”. Notice how they never make these threats to males. The terrifying death threats are reserved for women.
    Roughing up a 60 year old woman is nothing to these woman hating males.
    Crazy California is a perfect example of what happens when “gender identity” becomes so entrenched that it’s Orwellian and terrifying in its scope. I live in the state, and I’m not a Trump supporter. Women are being harmed and terrorized, and they don’t care. Lesbians are being killed, and it’s silence. Gay men and transgender run every useless LGBTQIA organization. All women, even lesbians, are only pawns in these organizations.
    (1.) I cried when I read that SB 219 was recently signed by crazy old Moonbeam Jerry Brown. I cried for the elderly and disabled women who will be forced to share patient rooms with burly males who think they are female. Damn old man Brown and damn every useless LGBTQ group in California. Brown is 70 and a tad senile. Trans activists just push things under his old nose, and he signs whatever they want. Women in California have been kicked in the teeth by a very powerful LGBTQIA with full support of Democrats in Sacramento. LGBTQIA activists in California and The State of California are violating the privacy rights of female patients. Opposition wasn’t just coming from conservatives. Feminists groups opposed this assault on the human rights of female patients. Under SB 219, “gender identity” is defined as “gender identity”, and patient room assignments will be based on a transgender person’s wishes. Males don’t have to be on hormones. They don’t have to undergo any type of surgery. It’s like, “Okay, you say you are transgender”. Fine, put him, penis and all, in the same patient room with granny. Turn the whole nursing home into one big co-ed experiment with males and females sharing patient rooms. This bullsh** is real. It’s called “LGBTQ Long Term Care…”.
    (b) “Gender identity” means a person’s identity based on the individual’s stated gender identity, without regard to whether the self-identified gender accords with the individual’s physical appearance, surgical history, genitalia, legal sex, sex assigned at birth, or name and sex, as it appears in medical records, and without regard to any contrary statement by any other person, including a family member, conservator, or legal representative. An individual who lacks the present ability to communicate his or her gender identity shall retain the gender identity most recently expressed by that individual.
    (a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), it shall be unlawful for a long-term care facility or facility staff to take any of the following actions wholly or partially on the basis of a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status:
    (3) Where rooms are assigned by gender, assigning, reassigning, or refusing to assign a room to a transgender resident other than in accordance with the transgender resident’s gender identity, unless at the transgender resident’s request.
    Female patients have been raped in nursing homes, and now the first thing that a rape victim has to see when she wakes up in the morning is a male sleeping in the next bed. If he rolls over in bed, and women in the next bed see his penis hanging out, too bad. Damn every LGBTQIA group. Damn them all, and damn senile old Moonbeam Jerry Brown. Damn Democrats in Sacramento.
    And, nursing staff had better memorize all their special “ze”, “zir”, whatever pronouns. It’s kind of like co-ed nursing homes with males and females sharing the same patient rooms, and mandatory government forced speech (don’t ever use the wrong pronoun). When a nurses aid is wiping an old man’s penis, she has to say, “Miss Jones, I see ze, they, (whatever pronoun – there were 30 pronouns the last time I checked) have a rash on ze, they scrotum”. And, nursing staff had better not laugh when they say it. God all mighty, save us from this insanity.
    Let me tell people how crazy it is in California, and how woman hating all these fake progressives really are. California Attorney General Becerra put a ban on state workers saying that they can’t travel to North Carolina because they are mean and transphobic. It’s all about the LGBTQ. In reality, it’s only about the “T” and nothing more. All women are nothing but useless pawns. So, we have an attorney general who tells other states that they discriminate against the LGBTQ. Not one useless politician in Sacramento said one word about the cold blooded slaughter of a lesbian couple and their adopted son in Oakland last November. Transwoman Dana Rivers is charged with shooting and stabbing to death a lesbian couple and their son, and not one word from politicians in Sacramento. I know politicians in Sacramento know all about Dana Rivers because I gave a twenty page typed letter to my state senator and assembly member asking them to investigate this as a possible hate crime. Not one word from politicians in Sacramento. As women on this and other blogs know, Rivers is a heterosexual male who was protesting outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival, an event run by a lesbian, on land owned by a lesbian. This was ugly and intense. So, we have a heterosexual middle aged “transitioner” who protests outside of an event run by a lesbian. Transwomen felt excluded by the mean women, especially lesbians. Then, he is charged with the brutal triple murder of a lesbian couple and their adopted son. Transwomen have been making death threats against lesbians and “TERFs”. This has been going on for years. They even show up at Gay Pride parades with red paint splattered “I punch TERF shirts”.
    California Attorney General Becerra was busy banning state travel to North Carolina and Texas (they are mean transphobes), but the slaughter of a lesbian family in his own state didn’t even get his attention. I asked California Attorney General to investigate the slaughter of the lesbian couple and their son in Oakland as a hate crime. I gave him a small booklet (something like 20 to 30 double sided typed pages) of information related to Dana Rivers. This was about four months ago. Silence. I asked my state assembly person and state senator to investigate this as a hate crime. No response. The State of California is burying a hate crime, and making a mockery of its own hate crimes laws. The women on this and other blogs and websites know that women and lesbians have received death threats for years. Rivers is a huge embarrassment to trans run LGBTQIA organizations. They aren’t about to investigate it as a hate crime because then they would have to admit that the TERF death threats and threats against lesbians have been going on for years.
    A lot of women know that this was a hate motivated crime. Transwomen threatening to bash in the head of lesbians and “TERFs” has been going on for years. And, when one finally goes off on a lesbian couple and their son, complete silence from Democrats in California.
    Everything we need to know about Rivers is at gendertrender. This was hate motivated. Read it all here, and this is just a small sample.
    California is crazy as a loon with “gender identity”. Bat crap crazy. Virginia, are you listening because all this could be coming your way. I know because I live in this loony state, and I’m an Independent/Green/Democrat. I didn’t vote for Trump. Trans run LGBTQ organizations and have enormous influence in the Democratic Party. Women will always, and I mean freaking always come last. Trans rights trump women’s rights. They pretend they care about women, and every now and then toss women a bone, but one thing is sure. They will always put trans rights first. Women come last. Always. This is the way it works in California, and they don’t even notice dead lesbian bodies.
    And, when queer activists are charged with murdering women (Pablo Gomez Jr., Dana Rivers), the only thing they are concerned about is pronouns and taxpayer funded hormones. Most of these male cold blooded killers of women end up in women’s prisons where they have a captive group of women to terrorize.
    The State of California sent Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch to a women’s prison. He tortured women with electrical wires before raping them. How female inmates feel doesn’t matter.
    Virginia, are you listening. Virginia, I live in California. I know how they operate. I’m not a Trump supporter. Trans run LGBTQIA steamroll women’s rights anywhere and everywhere they get entrenched. If you love women and your state, don’t let this happen. Never vote these men and their allies into power.
    (2.) Women aren’t even safe in women’s homeless shelters. Sooner or later a Hambrook incident will happen in a women’s homeless shelter, but trans activists don’t care. Hambrook is the predator in Canada who got into two different women’s homeless shelters by calling himself “Jessica”.
    (3.) Women’s sports are being destroyed. This is happening at the high school, college, and the Olympic level. Teenage boys don’t even have to shave their mustache, and under new Olympic rules, males can retain their penis. Yes, folks, thanks to trans activists, women athletes now have a penis. Athletic scholarships meant for women go to “women” with a penis. Males who can’t cut it in men’s sports, or are too old to play on men’s teams can compete against women.

    1. I would recognize him as a guy, he is as big as one. So, he doesn’t want to compete with other men in his class, but would rater compete against women to look like a champion. What a loser.

      1. @Riffraff Well Nightlight aired a few seconds with this creep last night and hearing the voice made my flesh crawl and may have also caused a couple nightmares last night. For many reasons..
        By the way, if one watched the report, it seems that they gave the impression that, in addition being funded by brigade PAC’s, Roem may have also been funded by ‘Emily’s List’. At least that can be be an inference, based on the editing. If this is the case…it is as though a stealth virus has found it’s way into the body, by mimicking a good group of cells.
        Little by little, the US is repeating a very ugly historical pattern. But even saying that in schools may end up being transphobic, even though it will be based on FACT, not bullshit.

  11. Women have no real choice in this election. On one hand, the ẃorst of extreme religious nut right, on the other, a ‘liberal’ whose ladyface fetish is part of his campaign. Neither will support women’s health. Or women.

  12. The video claims voting for him will help LGBT youth in the area and give them someone to look up to. Voting for this guy will not help LGB youth who are being transitioned because of stigma around gender nonconformity and its link to homosexuality. If these adults were really progressive they would encourage gay children to be proud of who they are not box them into patriarchal gender roles that try to coerce and limit who they can be.

  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4979498/James-Caspian-attacked-transgender-children-comments.html#ixzz4vXKDo9Xz
    This is an excellent article with extensive quotes from James Caspian, a pro-trans gender counselor who, after hearing about increasing numbers of detransitioners, became concerned that some people were transitioning for the wrong reasons–social pressure, trauma from sexual abuse, etc.–and decided to address the issue by doing a Masters research project on detransitioners. Bath Spa University rejected his proposal because they feared “unplesant” publicity on social media.
    He talks about acting as consultant to a working group creating a “Memorandum of Understanding” on trans issues when he was a trustee of the official psychotherapy regulatory group in the UK. Everyone, including him, agreed to ban conversion therapy, but he wanted the memorandum to explicitly state that some people end up regretting their transitions and that certain patients may have underlying issues that need to be addressed. The group decided not to accept his suggestion, which means therapists may be blocked form discussing any other possibilities with a patient who claims to be trans.
    Apparently this is what passes for bigotry with the trans crowd:
    “‘Any ethical therapist wouldn’t try to impose their view of how a client should be — but surely they should be able to explore if gender identity is truly the psychological issue,’ he says.”
    Caspian also mentions a long, intimidating phone call with an activist unwilling to listen to anything he said which literally made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He uses the word fear to describe how he felt during the conversation.
    This is exactly what happens when sociopathic fetishists gain control of the discourse. On some level, they know a lot of transitioners, especially the less threatening, younger ones, are reacting to social pressure, trauma from abuse, etc., which competent therapy would reveal. Some might be refused transition, while many others would decide against it of their own volition once other issues were addressed. This has two undesiraable consequences for the activists: fetishistic crossdressers end up a much higher percentage of visible transitioners (“visible” as opposed to agender wannabes), and more extensive, pre-transition therapy risks revealing the paraphilias, personality disorders, and sometimes outright psychopathy that drive their desire to be seen as the opposite sex.

    1. The NY Times recently ran an article talking vaguely about the decreasing open discourse in the academic setting (but referencing the author’s role in the recent Journal Hypatia flap over the article comparing transracialism to transgenderism).
      I saw a couple of commentators asking about which specific threads of discourse are being shut down, as the author was ironically intentionally vague about the ideology which had shut her down. Only my comment identified the virulent strategy of shutting down discourse with the thought-terminating terms “transphobia” and “TERF,” and then if verbal bullying doesn’t work, using actual physical violence i.e. incident at Speaker’s Corner. I hope that my publicizing terfisaslur.com will result in more eyes opened to this situation.

  14. It appalls me that voters in that District could not find SOME qualified middle-of-the-road candidate that could actually have garnered a simple majority of the votes…
    As to the incumbent being out-raised, not really a surprise in a race where the base takes the re-election for granted. There isn’t much that an incumbent usually has to do in the way of campaigning when they believe the opponent is a joke (as Dan is).

    1. This is at least the third MTT candidate in extremely conservative districts/states for whom Dems threw away a potentially viable candidate. Democrats are beyond parody at this point.

      1. Not so much threw away, but something out of history. In that this looks like the ‘Dixiecrats’ who ran roughshod through the DNC membership, during the middle of the last century. Just as reprehensible, just as conservative [as in their positions on women and minorities], with the Mengele agenda thrown in.
        This conservative streak is nothing new, as had been pointed out by myself and others here, via multiple examples. That the DNC is willing to allow a repeat of this from the last century, shows they do not care or give a damn. Or that they want the melanin-deprived vote and hence, will run and support these MRA’s.

  15. So what are this guy’s field of expertise, other than putting on make-up and taking pills? What political platform does he represent, is he an expert on health care, immigration, does he support unions, or women’s rights to privacy, just another narcissist man putting on make up in front of a mirror, sheesh this is what passes as qualifications for elected office these days? Pathetic.

  16. “So what are this guy’s field of expertise, other than putting on make-up . . .”
    But, Medi, he does that so much BETTER than the rest of us! Surely that must count for something?
    The ad is appalling but not surprising, given how national elections have gone recently. These guys running openly as transwomen aren’t being brave so much as deliberately letting other men know they’re really men so they don’t get treated the way women do in political races

  17. From Buzzfeed:
    “Roem brushed off the jabs this week, saying data collected by her campaign shows her race is very tight, and noting she ran a TV spot that addresses being trans head-on. “I’m dealing with it,” the former journalist told BuzzFeed News. “I’m a big girl — I can take care of myself.” She’s also managed to out-fundraise Marshall by tens of thousands of dollars, and she’s welcomed help from state Democrats and labor unions.
    And now, she’s welcoming help from a new type of backer — the first of its kind in the United States.
    The Breakthrough Fund, which launched this week, is a political action committee run by transgender activists and tailored specifically to elect transgender people to office. It’s starting with $60,000 to spend in four races, including Roem’s, according to the group’s co-chair, Hayden Mora. The PAC, an offspring of the group Trans United Fund, is attempting to raise another $120,000 before Election Day.
    “Because they are transgender, they face different obstacles,” Mora told BuzzFeed News of the candidates. The new group is not exclusively focusing on fundraising — Mora said the organization is assembling a small army of paid staff and volunteers to knock on doors and make phone calls to identify likely Roem voters, then turn those voters out by Nov. 7.
    “We know what it’s like to have someone slam the door in our face and say, ‘I don’t vote for people like you, honey,’” he said.
    In this role, Mora said the PAC’s leadership can serve as both tactician and counselor. “We talk to our candidates after 10 o’clock at night, so they can get out the next day to make the case to be elected. We don’t let transphobia and bias get in the way.”
    “Most campaigns never have to manage an opponent, and an opponent’s allies, aggressively trying to disparage them for being transgender,” Mora said.
    In addition to spending money this fall in Minneapolis, where Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham are running for city council, the Breakthrough Fund will back Kristen Browde for town supervisor in New Castle, New York.
    Browde told BuzzFeed News that the Breakthrough Fund is “calibrated to deal with the pushback” inevitable for transgender candidates, adding by email, “We crafted a message that has largely taken gender out of the discussion.”


  18. Well, Roem won in his race against the republican homophobe Marshall. I’m glad the homophobe was trounced, but still…it’s really just the defeat of a conservative misogynist by a liberal misogynist.

      1. “Well, Roem won in his race against the republican homophobe Marshall. I’m glad the homophobe was trounced, but still…it’s really just the defeat of a conservative misogynist by a liberal misogynist.”
        Agreed. What choice did people have? Do women pick a conservative misogynist or another misogynist? Either way it’s a white male telling women what we should do and think. Roem only won because of the backlash against Trump. The Democrats could have put a chimpanzee on the ballot and it would have won.
        The biggest homophobes in the world are heterosexual transwomen. The “Cotton Ceiling” is homophobia on steroids. Transwomen even slaughter lesbian families, and not a word from trans run LGBTQIA groups.
        A choice between a conservative and a transwoman is no choice for the female sex. Either way, women are screwed. This is why women need to step outside the box and form our own party, and put our own candidates on the ballot. We are the majority, and women deserve something better than the lesser of two evils. With Roem and the conservative guy, it was the lesser of two evils.
        It’s time for the female sex to form our own political party separate from a corrupt two party system, and separate from “gender identity” on the far left and conservatives on the right. We are screwed either way.

  19. Ugh the Danica man actually won the election….. they showed that stupid commercial he ran putting on make-up and taking hormone pills on the news. Big Pharma — wonder if he got product placement kickbacks for that commercial. Just hearing him talk, wow, a white man got elected as a democratic candidate…. so sick of this fraud.

    1. @Medi:
      That’s a good point. I wonder if there’s any way to look into it and see if he got any kickbacks from the folks who manufacture the hormone meds he proudly displayed in his campaign ad.
      Perhaps he got paid in exchange for pushing the state to fund putting toddlers on hormone drugs for not conforming to gender stereotypes.

  20. I think we leave this one alone. She or He, (funny, even liberal men consider him a he) knocked out a horrible human being. But just go with it.

  21. Just look at the diversity of leadership in our world–men in ties, men in dresses, and men with their pants down. What more could we want?

  22. There were two horrible candidates on the ballot.
    The white male with the most money won. That is usually the way it works.
    The only way to save the US and the female sex is for women to form our own political party separate from the corrupt two party system. We need an independent women’s political party. We are the majority not the liberal fringe left with its “gender identity”, or the far right and its attack on abortion, health care, and women’s rights.
    What should be name ourselves?

  23. Alice Paul formed a women’s party early in the 20th century, it was groundbreaking. Time for women to try again.

  24. http://www.providencejournal.com/news/20171205/transgender-woman-to-challenge-providence-rep-lombardi–audio
    Another one! This 22-year-old says he was inpired by Danica Roehm to run for the RI general assembly. What struck me is that he has the same smug expression and confident cluelessness as Liam/Lily Madigan, the teenager in England who replaced Anne Ruzylo as women’s officer. I’ve seen that attitude in other privileged young men, but trans-identified males seem to have an exaggerated version of it.
    And almost no one asks why women had to spend so much time and hard work to gain what little political influence we have, but young TIM’s with no experience should just be handed important positions in the name of so-called diversity. It’s as if some men have just been waiting for a chance to turn public life into Elizabethan theater, where no real women appear on stage and all the women’s roles are taken by young men.

  25. So he is the only candidate who doesn’t talk about himself as the trans candidate–despite the stupid make up putting on campaign ad and the creepy restroom video and oh, don’t forget the rainbow scarf… sheesh reinventing indeed.

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