Transgender Children PREDATOR ALERT: Riley Byerly

Brynner Rennecke / Riley Byerly

WARNING for all parents of transgender children, all transgender teens and tweens, and all parents of children who interact with adults on the internet.
Riley Byerly is a transwoman who authors the website ‘My Transgender Life: Sharing My Life One Moment At A Time’.
He also goes by the name Riley Lilian Grace Byerly. He is 27. His legal name is Brynner Phoenix Rennecke. He currently resides in Minot, North Dakota, but has also lived in Tucson, Arizona within the last year.
From his bog: Arizona resident

Before his arrest at the age of 15, this transwoman had raped or sexually assaulted at least five children. From ages 18 to 26 he was confined under civil commitment in the state hospital in Jamestown, North Dakota as a sexual offender at high risk to re-offend. He was released last year.
Released from Civil Commitment 2016

Upon his release, he immediately began pursuing more child victims. He keeps a Flickr account here where he posts stolen facebook photos of his desired victims : Young boys and boyish looking young transgender females (FTM). [WARNING: this is very disturbing].
Flickr account
Flickr account

He also comments on the blogs of parents raising “transgender children”:
He has a YouTube account where he subscribes to and comments on videos featuring underage FTMs and parents of transgender children.
He became particularly obsessed with two potential victims, a teen girl who vlogs under the name ‘Chandler Wilson’ and a 15-year-old girl from Norway who vlogs on YouTube as a “transboy” under the name ‘Kovu is a unicorn’.

Ten months ago he initiated a private correspondence with the minor female target in Norway who blogs under the name ‘Kovu is a unicorn’. []
Correspondence initiated.

On May 23, Rennecke/Byerly posted a GoFundMe seeking $8,000. titled ‘Going To Norway’:
Going to Norway!

[Archive: ]
It reads:

“I need a place to live. I live in a city where it is very dangerous at night, especially for people like me. I need a place to live, a roof over my head. I am asking for your help to make this happen so I can live. Please help this is an emergancy that I can pay for a place to live.

Also this may not matter to most but I lost my blood family. I lost my siblings. My parents. My grandparents. My aunts and uncles and cousins and nieces and nephews. All due to me being transgender.

So basically I have had to start all over again in creating a support system. A new family. One that I can count on. I have had the blessing and honor of meeting others like me and to have them in my life and to be able to call them family. Both young and old.

But I can’t do it alone. Still without a job and no other way of income it would be hard to make this happen and I need a place to live.

I am asking a lot. And to be honest I never thought that I would do this. But i really need the help and I really need a place to live.

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. And I will be forever grateful to those who take the time to spare the extra change they might have.

Thank you so much for your time.”

On June 5, he uploaded a video to YouTube from a cited Tucson address where he claimed to have attempted suicide by overdosing on his transgender testosterone-inhibiting medication. It is unclear if he registered with Tucson as required as a lifetime high risk sex offender.

YouTube account cites Arizona address
27 year old child rapist interaction with 15 year old girl

On June 16, he uploaded nine “letters” to the female minor in Norway on his AminoApps account. They appear to be excerpts of this correspondence.
[Archive: ]
[Archive: ]
[Archive: ]
[Archive: ]
[Archive: ]
[Archive: ]
[Archive: ]
[Archive: ]
[Archive: ]
He also runs a Tumblr blog ‘I am a Trans Little: Figuring My Trans Life Out’ where he ‘identifies’ as an ‘age regressed 4-6 year old’ and interacts with 13 year old female transgender (FTM) bloggers.
His Tumblr account

[Archive: ]
Known Instagram accounts are at @thegraceofpain and @sufferingexistence.

Last week Brynner Rennecke / Riley Byerly was arrested on the grounds of the child treatment facility ‘Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch’ where he had apparently been housed after his initial conviction. Although explicitly prohibited from contact with minors for his lifetime, he was only charged with a misdemeanor: Unlawful presence of a sex offender near schools. He remains at large.
Remains at large

51 thoughts on “Transgender Children PREDATOR ALERT: Riley Byerly

    1. As if things with these folks could not get any sicker. How much does anyone want to bet, this creep will be coddled, with the brigade narrative adjectives of ‘this person is misunderstood and only wants to help’ ?Which as any rational person would know is bullshit.
      Damn…. Damn… Damn.

  1. This person is autogynephilic (AGP). That is a paraphilia that operates in such away that it misdirects the subject’s sex drive. That is called an Erotic Target Location Error (ETLE). ETLE is implicated in several other fashionable paraphilias, notably ‘Furry’-ness, and the ‘adult-baby’ phenomenon. In this last, at least two ETLEs are operational — one causing an adult male to sexually desire children, and the other causing the adult male to be fixated on himself as the object of this sexual desire — ‘sexually aroused at the thought or image of himself as a child’.
    It has become increasingly clear in recent years that AGP is being promoted as a lifestyle choice. I have in my own inbox, messages from males suffering clinical depression who are being advised, by medical professionals, to transition, because they will be ‘much happier as women.’ We are approaching a point at which ‘transition’ is as much a universal panacea for stressed men as Valium was for a generation of stressed women; a shorthand for, ‘that’s much too complicated to deal with, take these pills’. Both are equally wrong.
    Instead of dealing with a psychological disorder and managing it, these subjects are being encouraged simply to surrender to it. That frequently has terrible consequences for the subject and for anyone they are in contact with.
    Any AGP subject who expresses an interest in children might well be suffering from an ETLE form of paedophilia in addition to the regular (!) AGP. But just as ‘mainstream’ AGPs are predators on women as well as being narcissistically in love with themselves as women, so this other class can be predators on children as well as being in love with themselves as children. They should not, under any circumstances, be in contact with children.
    I am sure that most AGP males are not a threat to children but it is a fact that paraphilias tend to cluster on the individual and, speaking as a parent, there is NO WAY I would let any AGP alone with children, at least until I had thoroughly verified that the subject only had heterosexual desire for adult women (and even then I would not let them near any teenage girls, frankly.)
    I should point out, again, that AGPs have NO similarity or connection to HomoSexual Transsexuals or HSTS (other than being male.). HSTS are ONLY interested in big hairy men and, unless you consider that a threat, are no risk to anyone.

    1. It seems worth re-upping this comment on 2016 research on autopedophilia:
      If this research is correct, then Rennecke / Byerly is likely attracted to prepubescent males (the boys and boyish ftms)? And perhaps his own cross-sex hormones are to remove secondary sex characteristics, and look more like a boy?
      That doesn’t explain his queer feminine look (unless that’s just from running in trans* circles?).
      Just trying to think through this case study in terms of research, here.

      1. Thank you very much for that link. This (autopaedophilia) has not really been an area that I have been greatly interested in, because I thought it was rare — but now I’m not so sure. Right now I am getting a lot of emails from very confused people and the AGP standard narrative is just making things worse.
        AGP activists are definitely turning up the pressure on kids and, often, very confused parents.
        The thing is that GNC children (that is those who show cross-gender behaviours consistently over a long period of time) are very rarely if ever AGP. If they do persist (and only a small percentage do) they are almost certain to be HSTS or gay/lesbian. NOT AGP.
        Nearly all childhood crossdressing is just role-play, kids learning about who they are through experiment. One of my boys, when very young, was Peter Pan crazy; after a year he thought he’d try being Wendy; so his wise parents just bought him a thrift store dress and let him have at it. After a couple of months he abandoned it. It just wasn’t him. Nobody ever said anything, or made a fuss and he just dealt with it in his own sweet time. I know other parents whose kids did very similar things and they all grew out of it.
        Now I am certainly not arguing for ‘reparative therapy’ or anything like it. And I do think that genuinely GNC kids (and their parents) need support.
        But I am sure that if one of these AGP activist charlatans had got in about it with my son, or the others I knew who went through this phase, there would have been real trouble. And the more I read from the AGP whackjobs the more I suspect their motives, quite honestly. Now they are working on the Social Services people who, frankly, I regard with a high degree of suspicion already (I covered the Ayrshire and Orkney scandals in Scotland and closely followed the Cleveland one; there are some very dubious characters working in these services.) How long before they are removing completely normal kids from homes because they play dressing-up?
        I am beginning to wonder if this attraction to children is more widespread amongst AGPs than I realised. Is it the explanation for their constant gaslighting of children and their parents? Stocking the larder?
        I think this is really bad.

      2. I also wonder whether this specimen is a true AGP. Many paedophiles have autopaedophilia and he almost certainly has that. But it seems like transing to him could be a way of playing the “big sister” or some kind of motherly role to the children he’s predating.

      3. I’ve just been reading his tumblr, it looks like he is a homosexual MtT, who is also a paedophile. He (erroneously) identifies as asexual, and talks about running out of HRT causing his sex drive to come back, which disgusts him and causes dysphoria. So I think his transing is a way to repress/cope with his paedophilia.

      4. A lot of M2Ts lie about being asexual, or even gay, to make themselves appear harmless to women. And there are sexual predators who use chemical castration via HRT and/or surgery to repress their urges. This is the only legal way they can get castrated by medical professionals.
        It stands to reason that this guy is combining his desire to repress his urges to prey on children with a desire to rebrand himself as harmless by virtue of being a “woman” and by virtue of being trans (since the cult and its enablers posit that M2Ts are incapable of causing harm to anyone).

      5. @kesher, yes I agree, he and many others definitely want to make themselves look harmless. And also blame their crimes on their male “former” self. This is a case where I think he really ought to neuter himself with surgical transition, if that will help control his urges. But obviously that doesn’t fully alleviate the danger, and even now with his (alleged) diminished sex drive due to oestrogen, he clearly has a strong emotional desire to interact with children.
        Back to the earlier discussion about whether he is an autogynephile, I might have to revise my theory of him being a homosexual MtT, as he was convicted for molesting girls, not boys. But I still think he’s different from other AGPs, as he seems to be a true bisexual rather than pseudo-bisexuality to validate lady feelings.

    2. Teenage is biologically adult, assuming menstruation, as a rule. Your personal offspring is incidental. Females as a group are in danger.

  2. Reblogged this on 4thWaveNow and commented:
    Warning: This is a highly disturbing, important piece of investigative journalism, but all parents of trans-identified youth need to read it.
    Many parents turn to adult trans activists for advice on how to parent their kids. While no one would suggest every such “advisor” is a dangerous predator, is it really a wise idea to seek counsel from such individuals? Particularly since some better known trans activists, and organizations run by such activists, encourage young people to abandon parents if they won’t endorse their transgender identity–and seek solace in “glitter families” of strangers on the Internet.

  3. His fundraiser to *leave the country* is completely illegal. Maybe we should email the DA about this case? its an easy win because of all the evidence you’ve gathered. I know he is at large but they should toss on as many charges as possible imo.

  4. Thank you for compiling this. It helps so much to have a pile of receipts in one place, especially when talking to people who aren’t completely facedown in the Kool-Aid.

  5. GM, you work so hard to fight back against these guys and protect women and children. My hat is off to you. I’m boycotting PayPal, but here comes a donation anyway.

  6. Wow. Excellent detective work.
    I wonder how many others have similar stories?
    I also wonder why the f would they let this creep out? How many more kids is he gonna rape before he’s back in prison? Probably a female prison seeing as how far down the rabbit hole this society has gone.

  7. Thank you so much for again showing us the horror of the trans cult and who they victimize.
    Oh Gallus Mag, if EVERYONE would read this and the rest of your blog, I can’t believe there would still be the same support for these rapist predatory men. At least not from women, and that could change everything.
    I keep thinking that only when they are shown to prey on boys will women stop prioritizing them since of course boys matter more than girls or women.

  8. Something tells me this homeless trans-pedophile is hoping to collect $8,000, travel to his victim, do something and make a run for it.

  9. The retconned biographical details are just precious. He didn’t go to the prom because “the place I lived in at the time was not supporting of LGBTQ” people. So would that be when he was locked up for sexually assaulting children? I didn’t know they held proms in juvy. He lost his whole family due to being transgender. So they supported him as a sexual predator but abandoned him the moment he put on a dress? And I suppose he’s a trans little because his trans age is 4-6. Was that the age range of his victims?
    I wonder what the trans community’s excuse will be for this one. Brynner committed the assaults, not Riley? He isn’t really trans? He was sexually abused himself? (That last justification is one I find particularly offensive whenever it’s offered to defend abusive men, since all the studies on that topic show the majority of children who suffer any type of abuse–sexual, physical, or emotional–don’t inflict abuse on others, and a significant percentage of abusers were never abused. If there’s some straight line between cause and effect for abuse victims, how do so many manage to refrain from doing harm?)
    Given that treatment tends to be effective for juvenile sex offenders, many stop even without treatment, and their recidivism rate is significantly lower than that of violent and other sorts of offenders, he must be one creepyass sociopath if he was committed for that many years and given a lifetime ban on contact with minors. And the trans trend supports these dangerous guys in creating a new narrative for themselves in which they star as victims rather than criminals.

  10. Oh jesus fucking christ it’s only a matter of time before he does it again, because apparently men who target children for rape get to be free enough to do it again and again. I mean, he’s already grooming that 15 year old FtM, and god only knows what else he’s up to.
    Have you notified the authorities about his interactions with the minors?

  11. Gallus, excellent research on this transgender child molester. Thanks for posting his photo. People need to take a good look at his photo.
    Perverted child molesters don’t change. He is 27 years old, and he isn’t going to change. This is creepy as heck because all of his online activity involves contact with children. Online his entire focus is kids, and he likes to collect photos of children. He even tried to raise money to go to Norway to meet a kid. Why the hell would a 27 year old male go through all the trouble of trying to raise money to visit a minor female that far away? This guy is dangerous, and it’s frightening to know that he is out there somewhere. He might target transgender children, but he isn’t safe around any children.
    Isn’t it creepy as hell for a 27 year old transwoman (male) to have nothing but photos of children on his flickr account. I’m sure they aren’t his kids, so that is a big give away that his sick sexual attraction to kids hasn’t changed. Perverted bastard.
    “He also comments on the blogs of parents raising “transgender children”
    Unfortunately, all these brainwashed naive mothers of trans kids have been told that transwomen are completely harmless. Trans activists have been feeding these mothers lies that transwomen would never harm anyone. It’s great, fine and dandy, to have a transwoman talk to their kid online, or even meet their kid. Transwomen are still male, and they offend at the same rate as other males. This includes the same rate of sex crimes. Rennecke knows that he is likely to get sympathy because he is transgender. That is his angle.
    In states that have gone totally overboard with “gender identity” laws, child molesters with criminal backgrounds like Brynner Phoenix Rennecke have access to women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms. Mothers go into women’s restrooms to change their baby’s diapers, and this child molester is there.
    Isn’t it true that in many states child molesters can legally change their sex and name. It should be against the law in all 50 states for child molesters to change their sex on the birth certificate and government forms of ID.
    “Last week Brynner Rennecke / Riley Byerly was arrested on the grounds of the child treatment facility ‘Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch’ where he had apparently been housed after his initial conviction. Although explicitly prohibited from contact with minors for his lifetime, he was only charged with a misdemeanor: Unlawful presence of a sex offender near schools. He remains at large.”
    If he is supposed to stay away from children, how can he legally contact so many minors online, having nothing but photos of kids? All his online contacts are focused on kids.
    “He became particularly obsessed with two potential victims, a teen girl who vlogs under the name ‘Chandler Wilson’ and a 15-year-old girl from Norway who vlogs on YouTube as a “transboy” under the name ‘Kovu is a unicorn’.”
    I wonder if the parents know that their kids are in contact with a 27 year old transwoman sex offender.
    Again, thanks for posting this predator’s face for the whole world to see. Gallus, I noticed that you posted a warning about Rennecke on the blog. I hope you don’t get the usual “TERF” threats for protecting kids. Someone needs to wake these poor brainwashed women up.

  12. The GoFundMe is strange. The url is “” and apparently, at one point in time, the page was titled “Going to Norway!” But now, the page doesn’t say one word about Norway, and instead is entitled “Help Me Get Housing” and consists of a pitch for rent money. He apparently started the page as a Norway trip fundraiser and then dropped that and changed the pitch to something completely different, without bothering to create a new GoFundMe.
    In any event, he has raised zero dollars since it launched. Fortunately.

    1. Now that I know the context- That whole ‘going to Norway’ with the guy in the dress, looking like he’s headed to a party is creepy on so many levels.

  13. “On June 16, he uploaded nine “letters” to the female minor in Norway on his AminoApps account.”
    Nine AminoApps messages to the same female minor in one day. This guy is definitely a danger.
    I’ve been reading some of the disturbingly creepy comments that he sent to the female minor in Norway. He usually ends the posts to this teenage girl with “hugs and kisses”, or something similar. A 27 year old child sex predator saying “hugs and kisses” to a teenage girl, messaging her nine times in one day. Unless he is related to the teenage girl, 27 year old males don’t do this online unless something really strange and sickening is going on. Some of his comments to the girl involve trying to get money for her “transitioning”, or some goofy talk about her youtube videos. And, usually followed by “Love u Kovu. Hugs.”
    “This is my little brother Kovu Kingsrød. And I want to ask my friends something really important. So my little brother has been going through a lot lately. For those of you that don’t know he is a transgender male. Don’t worry I am got outing him. He explains it all on his page. Here is the thing. He is like one of the few people in this world that I have come to really love and care about and would do anything for…So thank you for your time. And this is for you little brother. I love you no matter what. And I hope that this really helps. I am gonna get some money sent to you when I can okay? I am sending hugs and kisses to you now. (see Gallus links above)
    “Love u Kovu. Hugs.”
    “I love so much Kovu. Keep on being u. Lots of hugs and love ur way.”
    “I really hope this helps Kovu. I love you. Hugs and kisses.”
    “Lots of love and hugs to all of you and good luck.”
    I hope someone finds him soon, and he needs to questioned about all his online activity with minors. He shouldn’t be contacting minors at all, online or in person. It’s frightening because for every Rennecke there could be a dozen more like him trolling the internet looking for vulnerable kids. There are a zillion and one trans blogs, websites, youtube channels, etc., and predators like Rennecke are always out there.
    When I look at all the photos of kids that he has on flikr, and read the messages to the teenage girl in Norway, it makes me sick to my stomach. He is clearly obsessed with kids.
    Someone needs to contact North Dakota officials to tell them that he has had extensive contact with minors online, AminoApps.
    And, what is with all the flickr photos of nothing but young boys? Perverts like him shouldn’t have dozens and dozens of stolen Facebook photos of kids on his flickr account. Are all these photos stolen Facebook photos, or did he take some of these photos himself? Or, maybe he got some of these photos from other perverts like himself. Yes, the children have clothes on, but this has pedophilia written all over it. Notice that some of the boys are kissing each other. One album is “Beauty of Boys”, or something creepy pedo stuff. This is a red flag that someone needs to round this guy up wherever he is hiding. If I were a parent of one of these boys in the photos, I would want to rip this pervert’s heart out. This is soft core pedo porn.
    Gallus, you do excellent detective work.

  14. Transgenderism is the new Catholic Church it seems. Also, his Flickr gallery really creeps me out.

  15. Those photos … aside from anything to do with transgenderism, this post would be a good reminder for folks about what to post or not post on Facebook (I’m starting to come to the conclusion the answer would be NOTHING. Period). Were they all from FB? Some of these seem a little to squicky for that, or maybe part of it is the context.
    Also, “raisingmyrainbow” ugh. What is it with the trans brigade and all the precious, cloying cutesiness? That is, mainly it seems with the MtT ones. Do they think it makes them more “girly” or something? In this case, it’s parents adopting the same tactic.

  16. Update: 10/12/2017
    I like to check back on a good Gallus post to see how it has evolved.
    At any rate, I clicked on the link to the flicker account once again, and it has been taken down. Why would he all of a sudden take down his account with dozens of photos of nothing but young boys? This pervert knows he shouldn’t be collecting so many photos of young children. It’s suspicious as heck. It makes people wonder what he has been up to. This pervert served time in an institution for molesting young kids. Then, all this suspicious as hell online stuff. Gallus has him nailed. Nothing disappears completely online. It often works like this. Gallus being such a great detective collects all the sordid twisted information that they don’t want people to see. Then, when they discover it’s plastered online, they make a mad scramble deleting as much as they can.
    In a way, it’s kind of funny watching them scramble like heck trying to undo everything that they have done. Sick, but amusing.
    I wonder where he is hiding now.

  17. A long time ago, a social worker friend spent several years working with convicted paedophiles. She was part of a multi-disciplinary team trying to rehabilitate offenders. It was a wretched experience for her. Other types of sex offender burn out – there aren’t many 50 y.o rapists. But paedophiles continue offending their whole lives, and may molest hundreds of children during those lives. The project she was involved with was eventually abandoned after it became obvious that attempts to rehabilitate these offenders had been wholly ineffective. The men she worked with were extremely manipulative and would also repeatedly insist that children wanted sex and that their victims had actively seduced them. Her view now is that repeat offenders need to be held apart from the rest of us, though not necessarily in prison. She semi-seriously suggested that life on an island off the coast here in the UK might be a plan.

    1. @sophiejameson It’s interesting that in your last sentence, you mention the banishment idea, if only due to the fact that Washington State did have an operation just like that.
      On one of the Puget Sound Islands, a few hours away by car and ferry from Seattle, the DOC had such a facility which was dedicated to keeping pedophiles and sex offenders away from the main population. However in 2011, due to cost concerns, this operation was closed. Perhaps it is time to bring back such an idea.
      There is more than enough unincorporated, ‘abandoned’ or distressed lands in several states, that would be perfect for isolation. A minimal accommodation facility can be built on same, with enough in the way of safeguards [multiple razor wire fences, rooms akin to a Supermax with slightly better lighting, mental health professionals who will visit there on a regular schedule to insure that the base minimum is done for care, etc] Before anyone reading this who is an ACLU-type calls this cruel, one needs to keep in mind that this is better for the public, in that thanks to some places having some rather liberal policies, many of these persons are released outside and hence are a danger to the society at large. Any person can access a map to see how many are in their neighborhoods [and of all things, it seems Oregon has more per capita in neighborhoods close to schools, etc than other states] So this is an idea whose time has come back, albeit…as long as it is not done as to be maybe, Treblinka.
      And there is a tangent to this: if one were to have listened to the NPR program called ‘Reveal’ from last night, they would have heard, in the first 20 minutes, they would have heard about some of these folks get away with their deeds towards children. Rather than recount this and run the risk of not posting that in full, here is a link to the program. And if this sounds like how the brigade goes about ‘transing’ kids, let alone what is done after, yep….that was the 1st, 2nd and 3rd thing that came to mind:

      Access denied: The fight for public education

    2. A relative of mine is a psychiatrist who worked on a similar rehab project with convicted sex offenders a decade ago. She started with optimism which was quickly destroyed. In the end she also concluded that rehab was a non starter and that only a small minority could be successfully transitioned into non practising pedophiles. She took a similar stick them on an island view but she wanted the island to be surrounded by sharks.

  18. If this man still lives in Tucson, do you think maybe Tucson Police Department would be interested to learn about his online activities? My understanding is that he’s banned from interacting with minors forever, which presumably includes online.

  19. Casper, Wyoming –
    Miguel ‘Michelle’ Martinez found guilty of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom…could face 70 years in jail.

  20. This isn’t about this creep, but I swear to God this is insane. Whine about the gender identity to get a reduced sentence, and he was convicted of downloading kiddie porn. God, when will this stop!
    This article calls him a “pervert”, and even has the audacity call a male “he”. Cry about “gender identity”, and get a year cut off the sentence.
    Pervert claims in court that gender crisis made him download vile images of children
    “A pervert who stockpiled abuse images and videos of children as young as two has had his sentence cut after judges heard he was going through a “gender identity crisis” at the time.
    Jagdev was jailed for three years at Leicester Crown Court in May after he admitted seven counts of possessing indecent images of children.
    Because of his “strict upbringing”, the 23-year-old, of Ambassador Road, Goodwood, Leicester, had been “unable to confront” his belief that he was transgender.
    London’s Criminal Appeal Court was told it was Sarbjeet Jagdev’s confusion over his sexuality the led him to view and store 1,400 sexual images of very young girls.

  21. After reading all of these comments. And after seeing everything a lot of you have done or have went out of your way to frame me, just goes to show how many I wonder have your own skeletons in your closet. If there is one thing I have learned, it so the ones that hate the most most definitely turn out to have something going on or have their own secrets they aren’t talking about. You talk and make hate and make comments about me thinking you know me. You all continuously misgender people in 6our comments which also goes to show your views of of the LGBTQ community. Also some other sights that one of you have created in order to frame me saying I have loads of photos of kids. Quite brilliant actually. This really goes to show how desperate you all are to make me out to be who you think I am. I really could give a fuck less what you think of me. I really could. Because by the end of the day, I have people that care for me. People that actually know about me. People that actually know everything about me. Know my past. Know my history. Know my choices. Know about my online activities. And you all are just a bunch of strangers. Who have nothing better to do but spread hate. And evil vile bullshit. Which I guess is fine by me. You can do what you want. I can’t stop you. And I won’t stop you. Anyone can access my shit. Anyone can hack my personal social media and accounts. Which had been done. And steak pictures and photos and posts. Which also has been done. It doesn’t really surprise me. I know what I have done. I know the gravity of my own life and choices and decisions I have made in my past and the ones I make now. I don’t need a bunch of retarded strangers who think they are geniuses and can use psychological terms and think they know about me. You all can fuck off. You all can go fuck yourselves. Because I don’t listen to haters. And I definitely don’t stand for being framed. I know my recent decision has messed up my life. Yet people like you push “monsters like us” as you all would say to suicide. For a while have known about all of you. And I have been wondering and thinking about whether or not I should say anything. And finally I have had about enough. I won’t back down and act defenseless. You have tried to fuck with my life and think you will ruin it. When you haven’t done a thing. Which is funny. Because after all your attempts to make me out to be this horrible person, I still have the ones that love me and know me for the woman I am. So how about some advice. If you want to hate and spread evil vile things then expect Karma to come back tenfold. Because Karma has been my friend for years. I got mine. Expect yours. Don’t expect me to respond to anymore of your hateful and vile comments. This is all you get.

  22. Related:
    “Transwoman” Dylan Moses Berg / Adylise Skylar Larkin
    Age 23
    charged Nov. 8 with two felony counts of possessing pornographic work involving a minor, one felony count of soliciting a child through electronic medium one misdemeanor charge of distributing obscene material.

    Just hit 25,000 scrobbles! 😀 from lastfm

    1. Are we sure he wasn’t just hacked, framed, or lied about, like Brynner Rennecke and Miguel Martinez? Or maybe it’s somehow the fault of radfems. Isn’t that what they all say?
      By the way, I looked at the links and some of them are now empty of content. I wonder what he scrubbed.

      1. lol yeah right, hacked. Law enforcement can subpoena ISP records for websites, fellas. Hope that helps. (snicker).
        As for what “Adylise” scrubbed- I didn’t really look into it. I only pulled a few links that established his fake laydee name so that people could be warned.

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