We Need To Talk About Gender


Show up for Women’s Rights

Defend Free Speech for Women



During Labour Party Conference:

What’s Gender?

Come discuss!

11am Wednesday 27 September – Brighton

Venue TBA







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6 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About Gender

  1. Let me be the first to congratulate the Labour Party in addressing its misogyny problem by recruiting and training male transgenders at the expense of women from BAME sectors funded by the Jo Cox Foundation. It was refreshing to see women at Labour Womens Conference 2017 on the 23rd September united in erasing opportunities for females from all backgrounds to become members of parliament. Instead the Jo Cox Fund is used to prop up the divisive equality policies of Labour and the Labour Womens Network. Here is one of the predominately white and seemingly male candidates in receipt of Jo Coxs memorial fund. This male already stood as an MP in the recent May 2017 elections so why he should be in receipt of effectively a training grant to become eligible to serve as a woman MP on all women shortlists which are based on SEX is anyones guess. Here is the candidate in full bloom
    NEWSFLASH the Labour Party have thrown opportunities for women to enter parliament by recruiting a male in a dress under the auspices of all women shortlists Following the reduction in women MPs after the 2001 general election and increased lobbying by gender equality advocates, Labour introduced the Sex Discrimination (Election Candidates) Act 2002, which allows parties to use positive discrimination in the selection of candidates.They were to remain legalized until the end of 2015, due to the “Sunset Clause”,but that deadline was extended to 2030 as part of the Equality Act 2010 by Harriet Harman.
    Now under Corbyns leadership as a supporter of the Gender Self declaration proposals any male can enter parliament under all women shortlists. Surprisingly the men have stopped complaining about the use of all women shortlists.
    Jo Cox MP was brutally murdered by a male. This is an abuse of her fund.

    1. it’s the same all over. The Democrats in the States, the Liberals and the NDP in Canada. The real hatred of women just barely under the surface on the left now has a “virtuous” outlet.

  2. Off topic- a lot of woman run humor tumblrs have popped up recently to make fun of the loonier TRAs. I am dying laughing at these and wanted to share. Pronounrespecter, larpsandtherealgirl, triggerdt, & uwubanners are the ones I’ve been thinking of. I think memes/humor blogging will help a lot w spreading the word about trans activists.

    1. Pronounrespecter is SO good. She’s my go-to when I need a break from the more serious circles. Her lack of fucks is honestly inspiring.

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