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Following the centuries-long repression of trans lives at the hands of the state, the next stage in the UK government’s war of bureaucratic attrition is the recent publication of an NHS consultation that fails in every possible capacity, and a survey that gathers less data than we’ve already presented them. We call upon everyone fighting for the health of trans people to boycott this consultation & the survey, and reject its procedures & results in full. We encourage hostile participation in the form of direct submissions of demands that don’t react to the questions posed or restrict themselves to the scope imposed by the government.

We wholly reject the NHS’s attempt to codify the abuse, torment & traumatisation of trans people under the guise of ‘healthcare’. We demand accountability for the historic & present abuse of power that the NHS has encouraged glorified psychiatrists to carry out. You do not own our bodies, you cannot control our lives, and you will not prevent our needs being met. We will not tolerate compromise.

The following living document is our vision for trans futures.

We do not consider that our work will ever be complete, there will always be greater things on the horizon. As such, this manifesto is not final, but an open draft which will evolve as we do. This is our call to action. We will fight anyone who stands in the way of universal liberation. This is war, and we will win.



Trans health is bodily autonomy. We will express our needs, and they will be met. We will change our bodies however we want. We will have universally accessible and freely available hormones & blockers, surgical procedures, and any other relevant treatments and therapies. We will end the medical gatekeeping of our bodies. We will have full, historical accountability for the abuses perpetuated against us in the name of ‘healthcare’. We will see reparations for these crimes, and the crimes committed against others in our names.

We are not too ill, too disabled, too anxious, too depressed, too psychotic, too Mad, too foreign, too young, too old, too fat, too thin, too poor, or too queer to make decisions about our bodies and our futures. We are all self-medicating. Our agency will be recognised. We each labour far harder for the health of ourselves and those around us than any doctor ever has, and we will continue build supportive communities on principles of mutual aid.

We deny the separation of bodies, minds, and selves – a violence against any part of us is a violence against all of us. We believe that the epidemic of chronic conditions in our communities is a consequence of the war of attrition waged against us over centuries. We do not exist in isolation, and it is essential to our healthcare that we are all healing together, healing each other, and healing our world. We will heal the damage of borders and states, government and authority, capitalism and imperialism.

We recognise that the history of trans medicine is a history of colonial and fascist abuse. We see the history of eugenicist experimentation from Nazi concentration camps, to the colonial implentation of the West’s regime of the gender binary, to virginity tests for South Asian and other Women of Colour in the UK in the 1970s; from the sterilisation & birth control trials forced on the women of Puerto Rico, to the thousands of Black and brown people who have died on NHS psychiatric wards; from the denial of the reproductive rights of disabled people, to the denial of access to abortions to people in the North of Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, past and present. We see the continued manifestation of eugenicist medicine in the denial of our bodily autonomy as trans people today: from coercive surgeries on intersex infants, to forced sterilisation in parts of europe, policing of and misinformation regarding our sexual reproduction, to gatekeeping of surgeries and medicines.

Our fight for bodily autonomy cannot be separated from our fight for reproductive justice. The demand to do what we want with our bodies is necessarily a demand for free and accessible abortions, for the decriminalisation of sex work, and for universal self-determination. We fight for an end to borders, prisons and police. We recognise that we do not exist independently of our environment, and so our fight for self-determination and health is a fight for climate justice, too. We are not separate from our environment, health is unattainable while the water is poisoned and the land is scorched.

There will be no clinics, and no authorities. We will conduct our own research, and experiment with our own bodies. We will heal and grow together. We will accumulate knowledge and share it freely and accessibly. We demand nothing less than the total abolition of the clinic, of psychiatry, and of the medical-industrial complex. We demand an end to capitalist & colonialist “medicine”.

We demand hormones & blockers are made available over-the-counter and by free prescription upon request. We need free, universal access to safe hormones & blockers at any age, the opportunity to decide our own doses, and universally accessible information on the safety & efficacy of different regimens. We are already taking hormones in this way, so this demand is simply that the danger of doing so is effectively mitigated.

We demand that all therapies that can be are made available at drop-ins, with self-referral for any therapy or procedure for which drop-in is unsuitable.

We demand anonymous blood tests, both postal & at drop-in endocrinology clinics, where we can seek the advice of a consultant if we wish.

We demand the freedom to alter our bodies without justification. We demand an end to all surgical prerequisites – nobody should have to prove life experience,health or have to be taking hormones in order to exercise bodily autonomy. We demand that these surgeries can be highly customised to meet our individual & unique needs. We demand the right to multiple surgeries, including reversal of previous surgeries if desired, so that we do not have to fear regret. We demand the free & timely provision of genital surgeries, additive & reductive chest surgeries, hysterectomies and orchiectomies, tracheal & vocal surgeries, facial surgeries, lipoplasty, contouring & microdermabrasion, surgical hair removal & transplantation, and any other possible procedure to meet our needs as we express them.

We demand resources for hair removal anywhere on our bodies, and the option of local anesthetic during these procedures.

We demand voice coaching that does not coerce us to alter our voices in ways we do not express a need for, but respects our accents and our right to express ourselves however we desire.

We demand access to counselling & and any other therapies we choose.

We demand the revocation of medical licenses from all gender clinic doctors & nurses, past and present.

We demand the power to hold abusers of medical & administrative power accountable for historical & present injustices.

We demand medical training to enable us to safely carry out medical procedures & research for each other, for anyone of us who wants to learn. We will enhance our collective knowledge, so that the means to understand our bodies is universally accessible. We demand to improve the quality of medications we take and procedures we undergo, to reduce negative side-effects in the long term, and to highlight our own experience and understanding of their effects on our bodies.

We demand research centres & libraries of knowledge, autonomously & horizontally organised by and for trans people, in which research subjects are equal participants in deciding the experiments conducted & the manner in which those experiments are carried out. We demand full funding for any research or projects undertaken by these collectives.

We demand mandatory education, written & taught entirely by trans people, at all educational stages, from nursery to adulthood. Trans kids have a need to understand themselves, in the context of their own bodies, lives & experiences. We must repair the damage done by section 28, the legacy of which is still causing harm to today’s children.

We demand material reparations for historical abuses against trans people, and for all people hurt by eugenicist medical practices and policies.

We demand an end to birth certificates and to legal gender. Gender records should be anonymised, and only ever recorded as part of equalities monitoring. Neither government, nor any institution, has any justification for keeping a register of trans people. Birth certificates are not just a violence against trans people, they are a material to the state’s oppression of “undocumented” immigrants and asylum seekers.

We demand good quality, accessible & safe homes for all; and demand adquate resources to trans and marginalised people to establish communes & housing co-operatives to schemes and projects.

We demand that trans people are immediately freed from police, military & government contracts without repercussions. We reject the system of blackmail that corporations and governments engage in, whereby trans people who can work are “rewarded” with slightly less mistreatment in exchange for the exploitation of our labour. We will not allow pinkwashing of the violence of capitalism, imperialism and the state.

We demand amnesty, recourse to public funds and indefinite right to remain for all trans, lesbian, gay and bisexual immigrants & asylum seekers. No one is illegal.

We demand immediate release & pardon for all trans prisoners.

[sic. bolding by authors.]
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  1. The Trans agenda is taking over the world, these incompetent individuals, which I was once myself, are being run by parasites and their brain has been taken over. Someone has to put a stop to this immediately, it has gone way too far.

    1. You might be onto something! Toxoplasmosis can cause delusions and aggressive behavior, so maybe there’s a correlation between the spread of both T. gondii and trans insanity.

      1. @ Mark- So you guys are into evangelical christianity and crazy dietary regimes now? You’re all over the place. Do you think there is a correlation between transgenderism and a propensity to systematize? An intolerance to ambiguity? I mean no disrespect, curious of your opinion if you wish to share it.

      2. Mark–The correlation between T. gondii and cultural neuroticism is really interesting. Perhaps it is contributing to the trans phenomenon–and a lot of other weirdness besides.

      3. Gallus, we do not identify as evangelical Christians although we did at one point, and our nutritional input is not crazy but very beneficial to our health, we have stopped taking hormones and are all about health and spiritual growth.
        Not quite sure what you are asking me, but if you mean do I agree with gender fluidity versus the gender box being forced on humanity by religion and the trans community, I think people should have a right to express as they wish without doing bodily harm.

      4. @GallusMag
        I think there would definitely be such a correlation due to the increased tendency for autistic people to be trans-identifying.

      5. @Leo….oddly enough, there are quite a few, in other spaces, who have made no bones about there being that possible connection. But for a second, if this is the case….consider what would happen, if this correlation were to be accepted, among medical and mental health professionals..and they also took into account, the rather ugly track record of behavior who claim this as well.
        If there was to be, let’s say, a severe swing to the right in those above professions and the fear of allowing those two conditions to combine, creating more abusive MRA’s and other cretins, this could cause there to be a rebirth of facilities, along the lines of more ‘Willowbrooks’. As in, where the innocent who do need the help [especially those who have severe forms of autism] will be next to and have their needed treatments, block granted, etc ..,alongside those who want to remove functional body parts.
        No one here [especially those of us who have relatives who have autism] wants to see what they are dealing with, as well as the professionals working with them, to have their issues diminished. NO ONE…..PERIOD. BUT…when whining snowflakes do try to usurp the cause, in order to make their issues seem more [paraphrasing here] ‘media and medical friendly’, then the issue can, in time be seen as a joke for those who need the help, with the snowflakes derailing that help, for their own selfish gain.

      6. @rheapdx1
        There is indeed an accepted correlation, which is why I mentioned it:
        I’d definitely be concerned about that possibility of autistic people being treated badly in such an event, too, especially when this whole trans thing goes south. I have a cousin with autism, and currently with my therapist we’re kinda wondering again if I could also be on the spectrum*. We’d just have to hope, and steer the narrative towards, it being recognised that autism was only one potential factor among others in trans identification, that autistic trans-identifying people are vulnerable patients who’ve been mistreated and let down by the medical industry, and not automatically the same as AGP trans, and just generally that autistic people are actual varied people like anyone else with all the potential flaws or virtues that entails, rather than defined by one specific type of nasty behaviour. I do think some autistic people, just like some non-autistic people, can be drawn into being abusive themselves, sometimes gullibility and difficulties with language seem like factors in them adopting a toxic mindset, and obviously autism doesn’t provide immunity to being a jerk anyway and it’s not a coincidence it’s mostly dudes behaving in this way. Sometimes it does seem apparent that someone engaging in abusive behaviour is autistic. But that’d be the case with some of those on the other side who are opposing such behaviour, as well.
        * That’d be yet another condition where girls and women with it aren’t taken enough notice of by the medical profession. Easy to imagine them happily signing off testosterone for a girl while ignoring her autism.

  2. Wow. If you are trans you can now demand to be taken care of by the state for free and also are exempt from prosecution for any crimes, can fire any government workers, and can get any amount of money you ask for as “reparations” for historical abuses of persons that you get to classify as trans even if they did not so classify themselves. Just wow.

  3. You could almost write a whole dissertation on this document!
    Let me pick up up on just one puzzling point. They see themselves as victims of near genocidal abuse, but why? Intersex people really have been victims of unconsented and mutilating surgery, often leaving them with sexual/health problems. But the medical establishment has been fairly responsive to trans demands, because surgeons like doing surgeries.
    What they are really demanding is a magic wand to change sex. Fortunately or unfortunately, there’s no magic wand.

  4. Whoever wrote this is patently insane! They want anarchy within a system able to provide medical care on demand, (presumably free) safe housing, and public funds. (Athough they don’t mention anything about jobs or employment–could it be they’re not interested in working?) It reads like a manifesto by adolescent boys drunk on their own sense of entitlement.

    1. I re-read this nightmare when I got home, and you hit the nail on the head.
      “We want things and we want them now and for free and also give us your things and DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO MOM”

      1. Thanks to all three of you! After reading the first two sentences I couldn’t bear to read anymore. I knew it would make my brain melt. But now I know: adolescent boys drunk on their sense of entitlement. Perfect.👌🏼
        Now when will the media stop being snowed by these clowns and realize that that’s what this is. And NOT (even remotely similar to) an equal rights movement for historically despised people. 🙄
        PS noticing similarities between trans and Juggalos. Juggalos are a disturbing subculture connected to that band Insane Clown Posse. They also imagine themselves to be something special and important. And make weird politically incoherent demands. Plus both wear make up. 😊

  5. Their misuse of “bodily autonomy” is repulsive. Bodily autonomy is the right to your own body. It is the right to not be assaulted, to not carry unwanted pregnancies, to not have blood and other tissue taken against your will. It IS also the right to modify your body, but it is NOT the right to demand the resources of others to achieve your desires. If you want a vanity hole between your legs, go for it; just know that society has no obligation to pay for that unnecessary nonsense no matter how much you scream and threaten.

      1. Certainly not arguing that. It falls under that right to do whatever you want to do with your own body, but that’s as far as it goes. Definitely not a right in the sense of clean water or food or shelter.
        Essentially no one should be legally allowed to stop someone from doing it, anymore than they can stop their getting bad tattoos or bifurcating their penises. Just don’t demand medical professionals or the public play along with the shitshow by lowering standards or being outright forced.

        1. “We demand that these surgeries can be highly customised to meet our individual & unique needs”
          Remember when Natalie Reed wanted a bro hole inserted in between his dick and balls?

      2. “We demand that these surgeries can be highly customised to meet our individual & unique needs”
        In other words, medical professionals are supposed to alter reality to match their delusions–and, of course, are then responsible for anything that goes wrong.
        And narcissists always believe ordinary people (whether they call them cis, normies, mundanes, etc.) have nothing better to do than cater to their “individual and unique needs.”

        1. Like Chromeyellow said upthread, surgeons like doing surgeries. I recall a conversation I had with someone involved in high risk separation of conjoined twins who were otherwise stable without intervention. They were literally flying in medically stable conjoined twins from impoverished countries to separate them. I asked about the rationale for the procedure. Was quality of life as conjoined so poor that risking death of a healthy stable patient was a reasonable ethical course of action?
          It’s not about the patients, they told me. Surgeons like doing surgeries, and after doing thousands of whatever routine procedures they crave novelty. Novel procedures allow surgeons to innovate and experiment, and show off their chops to their peers. Human biology is limited, and boring, after a while, to a surgeon. After a point, the outcome is statistical.
          The opportunity to surgeon on unique bodies offers the practitioner creativity.
          Experimental procedures on typical bodies does the same.
          So, surgeons welcome this trend.

      3. Unfortunately yes. It reminds me of the godawful “herm” characters and drawings I encountered when I first got on the internet LMAO
        I’m sure there’s zeeeeero connection there. Just wanting to be a real laydee, yep.

      4. Along with the fact that there are 4 simple letters, that when connected with their peptide bonds, insure that these holes will never take.
        A,T,G and C
        Those are short for the amino acids, connected to DNA. Oh… I forgot..should not mention science. It’s PHOBIC 😀

      5. Gallus Mag–When I wrote my comment, I was thinking more of the overworked GPs and internists I’ve known who’ll be harassed for hormones and referrals, but you and Chromeyellow are dead-on about surgeons. A doctor I know socially once told me that she heard the surgeons’ motto in med school: “A chance to cut is a chance to cure.”
        But in the case of surgeries for trans people, it’s as if the availability of the cure defines the disease. It reminds me of the plastic surgeons years ago who tried to justify breast augmentation on the grounds that small breasts should be considered a disease.

    1. No, people DON’T “have the right” to do this. They are enlisting DOCTORS, who are supposed to have an ethical approach to medicine, to carry out their insane fantasies. These surgeries need to be illegal as human rights violations along the lines of eugenics. They should have died with George “Christine” Jorgensen.

      1. Exactly! There are rules. Doctors are not good at following any rules that they don’t want to. They are not like engineers. (Who are probably not as great as I imagine them to be anyway.) Medical ethics makes it clear that the criterion for doing something is that the patient benefit from it. Given that gender identity is a pseudointellectual name for sex roles a sex change even if it really changed your sex wouldn’t “cure” anything. There’s no justification from the standpoint of normal medical ethics for these surgeries. I agree with Susan these operations need to be outlawed. And after they are people will look back on this era and say “oh my god people were barbaric and uncaring back then.”

      2. It’s not only this manifesto that shows the insanity of the brigade, One state has actually capitulated to this, as a part of what is covered under their Medicaid plan….and it’s ahead of other necessary issues. And I know this, because this is the case here in Oregon, as a part of the Oregon Health Plan…and this sickening level of malignancy hits here personally.
        Here is how and why by way of background [and this is not a pity party, this is just to state the facts of the case]: yours truly has a case of chronic kidney illness [which is one of the reasons why the chemical cocktail otherwise is verboten here] , Stage 3 [or high level 2, depending on whose scale is being used]. In the past few months, I have been going back and forth bet my primary and the nephrologist, about alternative treatments to this, as in away from dialysis. That process is a dirty word around here, not just due to the anemia that can arise from having this done 3 times a week [contrary to what is said by others about those who can have a good quality of life on dialysis…those folks are far and few between, if honesty here were to be applied], but as to the fact that it is one step closer to God’s Waiting Room, by proxy. As such, the discussions have focused now on either transplants or, what may be in the future…as in stem cells. Along with would the latter be covered by the state. After all, many other conditions are bankrolled by the OHP.
        Well there was a shock in reading through the litany of coverage the other day. According to the state plan, the GRS/SRS and treatments in same are listed ahead in priority, before CKD is. No…I do not kid about this: that experimental elective[s] is on line 317 of the plan, CKD, 344. Which means that the brigade, a mostly deranged and delusional group convinced [more like demanded] that the state place their elective needs, for unneeded incisions, chemicals in the way of steroids/hormones ahead of those who have ACTUAL medical needs. [@ceruleanblue, if I am correc,t you live here in OR and can confirm what I just stated]
        Granted, there are other illnesses which do take priority on the list, which is more than understandable. Yours truly and many other level headed persons, are not upset about that, because those make sense. But to place ahead of what can be needed work,that can keep persons like yours truly alive or away from extraordinary means to stay alive, the demands of the cognitively unstable is truly one of the major signs of insanity, as well as bending to the whims of the mostly demented.

      3. Susan, I agree. It’s one thing for someone to want these surgeries. It’s quite another for a doctor to provide them. Doctor’s have ethical responsibilities. Just as amputation healthy limbs has for the most part been deemed unacceptable In the medical profession, so should looping off healthy breasts and genitals should be, in lieu of helping people come to terms with their biology, and being able to distinguish between that biology and sex role socialization.
        But then again, these activists want all the gender clinic docs fired, and to be taught (by whom?) to do their own surgeries.
        It sure would be fun to get the official position, regarding this trans health manifesto, of each of the major trans and GBT organizations.
        These little darlings are doing wonders for the credibility of transgender activists everywhere.
        Also, as an XX person, I’d like a reparations check in the mail for 5000+ years of patriarchy. $100 million sent to every woman on the planet. Please garnish the wages of men everywhere.

  6. Gee….and they forgot to demand the right to have Jim Jones Kool-Aid dispensed at all clinics….if only because that would fit in with the insane scribbles that this group is offering up as a ‘declaration’.
    Makes the case for why in those OTR chats I have had with my docs. They are not all that happy in dealing with brigade patients. If only because they have unrealistic expectations of what the medical professional can do or what the HRT can do TO A PERSON [not FOR a person, especially if the hormones/chemicals were not a part of the original equipment]. Honesty in those discussions shows the brigade member, they are dealing with a pro who knows their work cold and is not willing to put up with the shit that the member spews out. Which leads these poor excuses for cells to doctor-shop.
    Odd isn’t it? If someone who is not of means does that, due to an addiction…..they are slime. Rotten and deserve to be in jail. A brigade member does this, they are lauded, praised for finding an ‘understanding’ heir to the Frankenstein legacy, I mean a ‘caring professional’. Damn……

      1. I wish I was joking. What makes this worse is that, ‘doctor shopping’ as actually encouraged, via several online groups with instructions in some, on what to say to the medical professional. This is done under the guise or cover of [SIC] ‘wanting to find a doctor who is understanding of the internal conflict etc’.
        Scary too is that the attitude about the ‘doctor shopping’ is no different than some doper, who is in a deep deep denial of their addiction and need for a fix [which in Or is an epidemic, as it is in the rest of the US]. While someone cannot immediately die from the HRT [unless the chemicals are REALLY homemade, like what comes out of a mobile meth lab], they are subject to a similar ‘rewiring’ of the mind, thanks to what steroids/the HRT do/does. Which is mentioned in detail, via various, legitimate resources.
        OOOPS I forgot, those legitimate resources are considered to be ‘phobic’, because they do not take into account ‘feelings’. Let alone for for that matter, delusions.

    1. Please don’t ignore though that many people with severe chronic pain and sometimes terminal illness can’t get opiates no matter what they do because of the propaganda throughout the media. So they “doctor shop.”
      Yet alcohol and tobacco have no restrictions, and most doctors happily addict customers, I mean, patients, to far more toxic and addictive anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, etc.
      Just make it all legal and affordable and let people decide what they need. There’d be no more “overdose” deaths if people knew what dosage they were taking and had access to clean pain killers (without toxic additives like acetaminophen). And people could also choose how to die when they are suffering and terminal. Many “overdose” deaths are deliberate suicide.

  7. “We recognise that the history of trans medicine is a history of colonial and fascist abuse….to virginity tests for South Asian and other Women of Colour in the UK in the 1970s; from the sterilisation & birth control trials forced on the women of Puerto Rico”
    More examples of the transing of everything. None of the above have anything to do with trans people or trans medicine. This is all about controlling WOMEN.

  8. What I like the best about this is the demand that all doctors and nurses at gender clinics (i.e. anybody having any expertise in transgender medicine) be fired immediately, and that trans people be trained to do surgeries and procedures on one another instead. Together will completely free drugs of all kinds dispensed completely freely, this should yield some great results!

      1. “The Darwin Awards will have to create a special category.”
        Brilliant! I laughed until my stomach hurt.

  9. This reads like an over-the-top attempt at satirizing civil rights activists from someone with no sense of humor and no clue what he’s talking about
    LOL “reparations.” I don’t know where to start.

  10. 😂😹😂
    They could make that laundry list a million times longer than it is already, have every demand met, but they would still be men.
    I used to think that a demand letter with that level of narcissistic insanity would go nowhere, but the trans cult & industry is perverse, perverted, pervasive and well-connected and now cocks up myriad means to monetize medical mayhem.
    This thing is pretty darn over the top, though!

    1. “…but they would still be men.” LOL.
      That must have something to do with new level of trans-lunacy.
      They know they’ll still be men, they’ll still be men, they’ll still be men.

  11. In the academic subdiscipline of the study of new and alternate religions, there’s a standard sociological concept of the ‘cultic milieu’:
    Essentially, it says that all non-mainstream groups flow together because they’re non-mainstream, and they combine in various ways, in addition to sharing forums tolerant of alternative views and attracting seeker-types.
    It seems that one pocket of this milieu is mainstream trans- activism. This helps explain its combination with anarchy, socialism, anti-colonialism, and the rest. The pseudo-science justifying transness, too.

  12. Erm…chemo drugs to be available over the counter at superdrug. Even the first demand shows them to be nothing but absolute idiots.

  13. This manifesto is very confused. It’s paying lip service to railing against eugenics, whilst actually advocating FOR eugenics. It calls for the sterilization of mentally ill and/or gender-non-conforming men, women, and children. It supports people destroying perfectly healthy and functioning testes, ovaries, penises, and uteri, without the need for medical consultation first. It advocates adults being able to do this to children, being able to prevent gender-non-conforming children from going through puberty. THIS IS EUGENICS.

    1. Related to this, it’s precious how they mention coercive surgery on intersex infants. Their movement has been a huge hindrance to bans on pediatric GRS since, to preach to the choir, it interferes with their Jeanette Jennings dreams. Not that they have a problem with hypocrisy or using intersex people as props. It’s at the point even true IS who identify as trans repeatedly beg then to knock it off.

  14. Who are they DEMANDING these things from??? Do they not understand that gold does not fall from the sky no matter how much someone whines and screams like a toddler? They seem to have complete lack of understanding how society functions. To receive such medical supplies and labour one is demanding the state to assure this is fulfilled and forcing the population to bend to it; it is the same state actions they are rebelling against for having power and controlling them.
    How can one disbelieve in biological knowledge yet use it to transition and do research into the human sexed form?
    How can one say penis can be on a woman or be female yet advocate to try to change it into a vagina?
    How can one say there is no such thing as a coherent woman’s body yet say they have the wrong body and ‘transition’?
    How can you ‘transition’ if you are already a woman?
    How can one train to change their voice if they already have a voice of a woman being that they identify as one?
    How can one equivocate their cause to that of intersex people who are actually running away from the medical industry to try to make them fulfil the sex binary as aesthetically as possible, where transgender people are actually running towards these surgeons and trying to fulfil idealised forms of the other sex with the most mind melting gender essentialist reasons?
    How can one advocate for the removal of clinics yet state that they want access to any clinic they want?
    How can one advocate to abolish the police and prisons yet threaten anyone who doesn’t conform to their viewpoint with fines and prison?
    How can one equivocate it to women being medically forced to whichever politics of their birthing function, yet deny there is such a thing as a woman’s body being female and simultaneously state that men can get pregnant to (they are using and highlighting the credibility of women being female, their struggles and the social disdain towards such past practices while simultaneous stating that there is no such thing as a woman’s body)?
    My brain melts, twists and is set on fire exponentially every time I hear transgender ideology.

    1. This list is awesome! Precision exposure of all the brain-twisting required to accommodate the transgender ideology.
      I recently saw a trans person argue against the US military ban by saying “you can’t make rules based on feelings” and my brain melted a little bit too.

      1. Lol… For even more twisted logic, it is precisely because they advocated that they had a mental disorder (gender dysphoria) that they plead to receive free (its actually tax payer funded, no material, especially medical ones, is actually free) hormone therapy and surgeries, whilst precisely because they have a disorder they a) cannot be enlisted into the military and b) that no one should actually believe their viewpoint and ideas of gender, being as they said: it’s a mental illness (no one caters to the views of people with schizophrenia and takes their conceptualisations of the moon talking to them to reorder NASA research into the function of orbital rocks).
        If they don’t want it to be treated as an illness in order to be taken seriously, they not only have to respond and answer coherently the questions based on their logic that they actually are/can become a woman/man, but as well then cannot receive free hormones, therapies nor surgery; being that it’s not an illness, therefore cosmetic and nothing citizens must pay for.
        They are very well stuck in a deranged corner. I believe they know it, that’s why they freak out, become violent and spas out like they did in such ‘manifesto’; they know they make no sense even based on their own logic.

  15. Off topic but related (paywall):
    The Times, UK
    The doctor who helps kids to change gender
    Helen Webberley is under investigation after helping a 12-year-old to transition. Refusing to do so would have been harmful, she tells Helen Rumbelow
    Helen Rumbelow
    September 20 2017, 12:01am
    [Photo: Dr Helen Webberley is Britain’s only private doctor to treat transgender children]
    When I arrive at Dr Helen Webberley’s door it is hard to believe I am at the home of the woman who says she is Britain’s only private doctor to treat transgender children — and who is being investigated by the General Medical Council (GMC) for giving sex-change hormones to a child of 12. I mean, I’m in Abergavenny! This isn’t San Francisco or Bangkok. Inside her comfy cottage Webberley, 48, bustles about making us a nice cup of tea and I admire the photos of her three teenage children.
    It’s not what I expected when I read the glowing headlines in a gay newspaper: “Hormones for 12-year-olds. Puberty-blockers without the wait. Trans healthcare available in every town — Helen Webberley has torn up the rule book and started a revolution!” or the less glowing ones in tabloids about a lone doctor offering “sex changes for tweens”.
    However, it gives me a moment to say a quiet prayer of thanks that my children have not hated the sex they were born with. To see any of the recent documentaries on transgender children is to see a world of pain. Uniquely, this is a pain on which everyone seems to have an opinion. It aggravates feminists and traditionalists alike, escalating into rage about prisons, toilets and school uniform. It is like Brexit, but with genitals. Maybe in these circumstances I too would be bringing my weeping son or daughter to Abergavenny to circumvent the slowness — in the form of waiting lists and caution — of the NHS. Who knows?
    “Who knows?” is the battle here. Webberley is unrepentant. In fact she attacks what she regards as the outmoded treatment that transgender kids experience on the NHS. Out of the 850 transgender people she has treated, about fifty have been under 16. For some she prescribes “puberty-blockers”. However, for a “handful” she has prescribed the sex-change hormones that can compromise future fertility. Her critics are just as sure that they know what’s best for transgender children as she is. Do people ever say to you: “First, do no harm”?
    “Yes. Definitely,” she says. “First, do no harm. And doing nothing is doing harm. That’s what people find difficult to get their head around. Doing nothing seems safe — it’s not, because psychologically, suicidally, it causes a lot of harm.”
    However, the fact that there are sex-change regretters around is surely enough to introduce doubts, I say. We are living in a period of experimentation, giving a generation of children the option to “switch puberties”. Dr Polly Carmichael, the lead consultant of the Tavistock Clinic in London, the only NHS treatment centre for transgender children, has said: “We don’t, and can’t, know the longer-term outcomes of these decisions.” As a result the Tavistock advocates no sex-change hormones until the age of 16. When you helped this 12-year-old genetic female to go through a male puberty, were there any doubts in your mind?
    “That was a very unusual case,” Webberley says. “People reading this may think, ‘Oh my God, she must be giving all 12-year-olds this, how does a 12 year-old-know?’ And for the majority of 12-year-olds it’s completely the wrong thing to do. They’re not ready. For that family and child it was definitely the right time, 99.9 per cent the right time.”
    In a way I’m jealous of her conviction, which has made her the hero of the transgender community. There is nothing zany about her. This makes her unlike Dr Norman Spack, an American paediatric endocrinologist at the Boston Children’s Hospital, who is way ahead of Webberley when it comes to confidently prescribing cross-sex hormones for children. Spack wrote in The New York Times that “mastectomies could be done at 14”. When he visited the annual conference of the British charity Mermaids, which supports transgender youths, last year he led the audience in a rendition of “The times, they are a-changin’ . . . there’s a battle outside and it is raging.”
    Webberley was for most of her career a normal NHS GP, until in 2014 she set up a private practice website offering, among other things, transgender care. It was an interest of hers after ten years working in sexual health. The next morning her “inbox was full” of heartrending pleas. “I was like, ‘Woah.’ I thought this was a really rare thing.”
    No one can be sure of the incidence of childhood gender dysphoria — estimates vary from 1 in 500 children to 1 in 10,000. It’s certainly disproportionate to the headlines it gathers, but still, the Tavistock had 1,400 referrals in 2015, double the number of referrals that it received the previous year, and the numbers are still rising. In 1989, when it first opened its doors to children, there were only two.
    “It’s always been there, it’s just now it’s more acceptable,” Webberley says. “The adults will tell you very clearly that this is not a new thing. They knew from the first day they can remember . . . they may self-medicate as so many people do, just buy pills on the internet from Hong Kong, Thailand, India.”
    Within six months of setting up her transgender practice — charging £75 to £150 an hour — parents found Webberley.
    “I suppose I’ve pushed as many boundaries as a doctor would ever push,” she says. “So, transgender care, unusual, attracts attention. Children, unusual, attracts attention . . . when I started this I didn’t think, ‘Goodness, I’m going to be treating children’ . . . but I suppose it was inevitable.”
    The first was a 16-year-old, and Webberley’s reaction was: “Oh God, 16, this is going to challenge me.” Now she says, “16-year-olds are easy-peasy”, but 18 months ago a desperate family contacted her about their 12-year-old. “I thought, ‘Oh, Jesus.’ I just knew it was going to cause controversy.” She was right. This year two consultants complained about her to the GMC. While it investigates she has been told that she should not treat transgender patients without a supervisor. Webberley’s practice has been paused while she finds one.
    The child in question had already been prescribed what are known as “puberty-blockers” on the NHS. This is a holding treatment to delay a child’s puberty until the age of 16, when they are deemed better able to make a decision. To many, this is a compromise too far, to others, including the child’s family, it is not nearly enough.
    “The thought that anybody at the school might ever find out that he was actually born a girl was hideous for them,” Webberley says. “When they came to see me in the clinic I’d never seen a child struggle so badly. “Mum was saying, ‘He won’t last, my child will not survive to 16.’ ”
    Doesn’t she think the Tavistock protocol to wait until 16 for sex-change hormones is reasonable?
    “If they asked me tomorrow, ‘Would you come and work in my NHS clinic with this protocol?’ I couldn’t . . . Where does 16 come from? Healthcare is not like that. If you’re 15 and you’re pregnant, you don’t have to wait until 16 to have an abortion. And the doctors won’t go, ‘Come on in, have an abortion!’ They’ll listen to you and they’ll say, ‘Are you sure this is what you want to do because you could have these other options?’ If it’s the safest thing for that young person to have an abortion, she’s allowed it. Not if you’re trans. You’ve got to wait until you’re 16. However much it’s killing you.”
    Transgender teenagers often present as a mental-health emergency. In the case of transgender children, time is an enemy. Puberty changes the body in ways that are hard to reverse in adulthood. Webberley has heard several stories of children attempting to cut off penises and breasts. She once saw a 17-year-old female-to-male transgender patient who had spent years unsuccessfully waiting for puberty-blocking treatment — “they didn’t do it in time.” When he undressed “it was just awful, he was covered in self-abuse scars all over his breasts. They upset me, these images . . . going through the wrong puberty is hideous.”
    Sure, I say, but for a lot of children puberty itself is hideous.
    “It’s tricky. Some people say to me, ‘Teenagers hate puberty’, but they don’t want to turn it off, they just want to get through it. But these children, where it’s the right thing to pause, are the ones where the changes are causing them deep distress because they’re the wrong changes and they want them to stop.”
    At present, there are more male to female transgender patients in the adult population. However, that will change — in the child population the ratio is reversed. At the Tavistock their referrals are predominantly female to male, which is also Webberley’s experience among her young patients. Why would there be a different sex ratio in teenagers? She speculates that male-to-female transgender children feel more pressure to hide.
    “I’m guessing, but I imagine if you were to look at any school, it’s easier to stand up and say, ‘I feel more like a boy, I’m going to wear trousers’ than it is to say, ‘I feel like a girl and I’ll wear a skirt.’ ”
    By contrast, some believe that our society hitting “peak trans” is in fact teenage girls reacting against the expectations of modern womanhood in the age of selfies and online porn.
    “But we would hear that,” Webberley says. “The amount of listening we do — we have girls who have been abused by their uncle and then reject every single part of their femininity that’s been abused all those years and say, ‘I want to be a boy instead.’ That’s not gender identity. And girls who don’t feel comfortable with all the fluffy stuff, they carry on as girls, but they don’t wear skirts.
    “If it’s like, ‘I got into a new crowd, got a couple of trans friends and so I think I’m going to identify as male,’ it’s no chance [of treatment]. Absolutely no chance, matey. Then you hear the story of somebody who from a really young age has identified as the opposite gender and it’s never changed, the whole family have known it was coming. Those are the people that we would consider. Not the teenager who’s having a fad with a tattoo and a piercing.”
    What about a future society where gender roles are more fluid, won’t that lessen the need for a medical intervention?
    “Gender is a spectrum, but most of us don’t fluctuate very far. Sometimes I might feel a bit more masculine, but I don’t want to take hormones to grow a hairy chin.”
    What about if it was easier for men to wear skirts and women to grow a moustache?
    “We see people like that anyway. They don’t want hormones, that’s just how they express themselves. These other people . . . they want a massive swap, which feels right. And if it didn’t feel right then they wouldn’t carry on with it, but they do for the rest of their lives. And they will never forget to take their pill.”
    But aren’t these children just too young to make life-changing decisions? How do you know that a child who is sure at 12 won’t become unsure at 21? It has happened before.
    “Ask these people going through it and for them it’s just as serious as cancer. And by doing nothing, we’re not just saying, ‘Let’s wait.’ Their cancer for them is their puberty and it’s progressing in the wrong way and making changes to their body that they’ll never get back.”
    Isn’t she haunted by the idea they may return to her in adulthood and say: “I wish I hadn’t”?
    “Nobody wants to do anything as a doctor that makes changes to somebody that they’ll regret later. That’s for anything — breast reductions, sterilisations, lumps that you thought were cancerous, but they weren’t. You never want to make a mistake. So, boy, am I careful. I choose my patients really carefully. And maybe one or two will come back in the future and say, ‘I wish I hadn’t done it.’ Be cautious, but don’t harm 99 just so the cautiousness was OK for the one.”
    But, I say, you don’t know that is the proportion, do you? We’re back to what we don’t know.
    “I think it is.”

    1. Still waiting for one of the quacks to explain the difference between this and any other form of dysphoria/dysmorphia (which also have higher rates of suicide). I’ve seen TRAs twist themselves into pretzels to BS the difference but never these supposed professionals. HMM.

    2. There was recently a guest article on 4thwavenow, written by Michael Bailey and Raymond Blanchard, about how completed suicide is actually rare among trans people. It’s much more common than among the general population, but still rare. Nothing like the 46% they claim. The vast, vast majority of trans people do not commit suicide, so to compare trans to cancer (in terms of fatality) is either ignorance, or deliberately misleading.

  16. As quoted from Christine Benvenuto’s book, Sex Changes……”He’s a transsexual. Anything he does is what he needs to do.” told to her by one of her husband’s supporters.
    How she summed it up…….”….. being a transsexual means never having to say you’re sorry.”
    Pretty much.

  17. reahpdx1 above mentioned the parallel to opioid prescriptions: the pain clinics that mushroomed around the States in response to a “crisis” that didn’t previously exist. The doctors working in them seemed pretty much 100% motivated by money (the book _American Pain_ is a fascinating read about this). I don’t know what the timeline of Dr. Helen Webberley’s webventure offering on-line medical advice to Western expats living in Dubai (that is to say, minimal direct effort medical advice for super high earners) was, whether it was before or after her branching into trans medicine, but there does seem to be a common thread that brings to mind Willie Sutton’s famous line about why he robbed banks.

    British GP Online

    1. Kathleen….there have also been reports on NPR/PBS and the major US news outlets about this, in re:opioids. BUT…when this is mentioned in media about the brigade doing the same thing, it is handled with kid gloves. It is discussed with a sickening level of sympathy, because the person is abusing the system and their own body, so they can have a level of ‘congruity’.
      But if it were not for a couple of factors…one of which is race, to be blunt…then the brigade would be seen as no better than the punk who wants to doctor shop for their fix, or said same punks using chemicals to create meth, via a ‘shake and bake’ type lab. Come to think of it, based on how both meth, as well as the HRT can mess with the neural pathways, these two groups have more in common, than many will want to admit.

    2. Whoa. Interesting. So she’s supposedly really a GP on the NHS, but set up this WebMD operation. Focussed on British expatriates in Dubai. Wowser. Yeah she’s in the trans thing for the money. 😖

  18. Every time you give in to a tantrum they’re just gonna ask for more. Its true for toddlers, and grown people who are on the emotional level of toddlers, lol. I call em MANTRUMS.

  19. Isn’t ATH headed up by one of the violent males who engaged in the recent assault at Speaker’s Corner?
    Seems to me that someone on twitter had linked ATH, the assault and the military asshat…
    Reading some of their other shit in that “manifesto,” I have no qualms with taking the medical component out- then insurance doesn’t have to pay for any of it. And without the medicos, then the State ALSO has no obligation to pay for it.

  20. “…repression of trans for centuries…”??? This is a very recent con, no matter how much they lie and appropriated dead Lesbians who can’t say no to their cult.

  21. I thought they were over tumblr “activism” years ago? I partially blame that website for making trans and queer communities to go mainstream. After my horrible experiences with them firsthand…

  22. Reading that interview with Webberley, it recalled to my mind the ‘dead baby’ card that is often used against pregnant women who are being difficult – ie questioning doctor/hospital policy.
    This tactic is so patriarchal, just trust your doctor dear, or your baby might meet with a bad time and it will be all your fault. It’s another way to treat actual women, mothers, as sub human baby machines – and it is so vicious, it feels like a threat and triggers your ‘protect my progeny’ instincts. All feelings, they intentionally manipulate our emotions.
    The threat of our child dying is supposed to make us automatically leave our brains by the door and submit.

  23. They are so mentally ill, they can’t even produce a list of demands which aren’t contradictory. One of many examples:
    “We demand nothing less than the total abolition of the clinic” and “We demand anonymous blood tests, both postal & at drop-in endocrinology clinics”
    They also demand that hormones be available both over the counter as as a free prescription. If they are available over the counter, why would anyone need a prescription?
    But I doubt that these dudes gave more than 2 minutes to thinking through any part of this deranged manifesto. BTW, I love how the abolition of all police is tossed in as a one-liner. These are deep thinkers.

  24. WTF? Is this a serious document? These people in serious need of psychiatric care have gone totally around the bend!

    1. As for the helpful commenter’s speculation that I strongly moderate this blog: I don’t. I do not like moderation.
      Comments threatening violence/death threats are moderated, and sometimes incredibly tedious ill-informed comments from men parroting the dullest form of transgenderism mantras are moderated. Crazy right wing homophobes are moderated. Sometimes if someone has grossly misread -they are publicly corrected/muted within a thread. The vast majority of commenters have never been moderated. I do not moderate comments that I disagree with.
      Massive trolls who cut and paste hundreds of off topic comments, with total disrespect for the blog, like crazy person Topaz The Cat will be moderated.
      If you do these things (except for misreading which anyone can do) you do not support the blog. I owe you nothing. Fuck off.

  25. This reminds me of our old lists of Yippie/White Panther Party demands–i.e. “the end of money!” “free concerts!” “legal fucking in the streets!” “weed for everybody!”
    The difference is we realized how it sounded and we were trying to be funny… and apparently this is serious?

    1. Yeah that’s what I was thinking too and if they weren’t so damned humorless I’d think this was a parody but I fear they’re serious.

  26. this is hard to not laugh at. Is this the fucking ghost of Gilles Deleuze writing this shit.
    They bring up eugenics yet seem to demand for a more ‘inclusive’ and total system of eugenics…
    And then of course the heavy political, “revolutionary”, post-modern rhetoric. Really helps to see where their money and allegiances lie.

  27. Anything that is not “Do what I want, and do it now” is of course met with outright rejection from these people.
    Sooner or later the truth is going to catch up with every single one of them–including the kids they’ve poisoned–and if there’s a Mom in the Sky, someday they’re gonna know how badly they destroyed thousands and thousands of lives with their short-sighted, death-affirming poisons and surgeries; bullying the rest of us to coddle them into affirming the one thing they cannot ever escape.
    They’re not women. They wake up in the morning and they know it. They dilate their hole and they know it. They go to sleep and they know it. And I’m not a bit sorry.
    It’s going to be worse than SRA and the recovered memory phase. Trouble is, these people are all going to be physically mutilated to boot. I’m sure at that point all these unhelpful studies that didn’t fit their narrative are going to be the basis for many a lawsuit. I hope not a one of them wins a damned thing.
    I am over the trans. I feel for the children being forced into it by progressive parents who are using their kids to prove their (lack of) actual cred when it came to LGB issues, but that’s it.
    Just done.

    1. If one wants more of a reason as to why what the brigade is doing and demanding of the medical profession, is insane and will put children at risk and in medical distress for years, please read the link enclosed.
      Scarier still…..if any other group were to demand this, their leaders would be vilified in the media to no end. Let alone other things would happen. And the medical professionals involved, they would be at risk of media exposure for their malpractice, along with the licenses revoked.
      Perhaps, due to what is being done, the latter case would not be such a bad idea.

  28. I’m stunned, the male entitlement is just breathtaking. When I think of all the hell I’ve been through with the NHS, to try to get actually medically necessary treatment, and how so many other women and girls, in particular, have suffered… Those with scoliosis -more common in females- with complications like me, left waiting in real agony for years. Those harmed by vaginal mesh implants. ME/CFS patients whose conditions aren’t properly investigated. Those with anorexia who can’t get treatment. The thought of these patients making such demands is unthinkable. So many feel bad -are made to feel bad- even for asking for treatment they should rightfully be getting. After being ignored and pushed aside for a long time, it’s easy even to feel guilty for asking.
    I find it hard to believe there is anything seriously wrong with these men, including mental illness, if they can make demands like this it’s probably just fetishistic. They act exactly like any other abusive males in trying to co-opt women’s experiences, including of BAME women, in service of their own demands. Their perspective sounds strongly influenced by US-style trans/modern anarchist politics, and they have to know it won’t wash here, unless they’ve become so used to getting their own way on tumblr they’ve forgotten how it is in the real world.

    1. As was mentioned about how the Oregon Health Plan was fouled with by the brigade [as in getting their elective[s] demands placed ahead of needed procedures, @Leo this is nothing new. And yes, the US horse manure that has been going on for a while, has and does seriously influence the wave of stupidity, on the part of the MRA’s who came up with that manifesto.
      One has to wonder if any of these creeps think of the women in their lives, who now have been forced to wait or almost permanently delay their necessary medical work, so that some person, who never had the same organs, etc…can get a cosmetic or for that matter, a non-functioning addition ‘implanted’. Probably not, if only because guilt and honesty about what is really going on is rare among the brigade.

  29. This document is dangerous. It is a danger to young trans people and a total misconception and misleading. I do not understand how this document is slating the NHS and demanding trans people be taught to monitor themselves this is not an option unless you yourself are an endocrinologist. I am a trans guy. I am on hormones and I have a scientific degree that touched upon pharmacology and hormones and never in a million years would i be able to adjust my dosage. Without dosage help you are opening up serious medical problems such as liver failure and if your testosterone is too high it reverts back to estrogen. Endos have medical degrees and experience which no matter what easy access training you want will cover that knowledge. You might as well say you believe in self medding.
    Now onto to Gender Identity Clinics, they are struggling with the demand but they are trying to shorten in anyway they can. Unfortunately so chronic conditions means people can’t get HRT which is very sad and heartbreaking but they are justified. If i had chronic liver failure and the NHS gave me testosterone it is like to kill my liver faster than it would on its own. Thus they are protecting us, yeah gate keeping happens but then you just see a different clinician. As a trans man and a scientist i find this whole document diabolical.
    Birth certificates are needed for several governmental things such as DVLA, HMRC and a passport if you want to abolish them what is your alternative? All my documents but my birth certificate are in my correct gender and name. You can also change your birth certificate. So again i see no reason as to why they are a violence to trans people. I don’t even have to show mine so it does not out me at all.
    You want trans people to decide how and what surgeries they have? It is already there. I got to decide with my surgeon with his knowledge what surgery would give me the best results and if i wanted to tweak it at all. I know of a trans guy who does not want two separate scars on his chest so he and his surgeon are making it one scar instead of two.
    In the case of reversals i disagree. This is why trans people undergo mental health assessments, not to jump through hoops or cause discomfort. To help understand the needs of an individual and how to help them achieve what they want. Revisions on the other hand i agree with.
    This article is misleading as with anything i have full autonomy of my body and so do other trans people. You get to decide if you want surgery and hormones or just one or the other You decide what you do to you body.

    1. just to add on. I believe the NHS actually listen to this group. Which saddens me to no end. If you want an inclusive system and to help actual real trans people, shorten the wait lists and educate GPs as well as NHS staff.

    “A publicly-funded transgender lobby has called for the abolition of legal gender records and birth certificates, as well free sex change hormones available to people of any age.
    Action for Trans Health (ATH) has trained hundreds of NHS staff across the country and its leader Jess Bradley, 29, was at the heart of last year’s Transgender Equality Inquiry by the Government’s Women and Equalities Committee.
    The group has this week released a radical manifesto, which makes a number of controversial demands of the UK health system and how it treats transgender people.”
    “A taxpayer-funded transgender lobby group that has trained hundreds of NHS staff is demanding the abolition of legal gender for everyone in the country as well as an end to birth certificates and for sex-change hormones to be given free on demand to children.”

  31. “We demand immediate release & pardon for all trans prisoners.”
    The modern trend of the transgender movement appears to see the power behind its ability to claim victimhood, and is weaponizing its ‘victimhood’ in order to achieve its political goals.

  32. Only the mind of a narcissistic, entitled, abusive trans”woman” could come up with this ridiculous, impossible list of “DEMANDS”. That the group is looked on as an authority by the British government is appalling. The Trans cult get away with the absurd with all the power that comes with being wealthy white men, (perhaps because they are wealthy white men!)

    1. Renee……well there is the rather ugly connective-tissue to the above and it is not just painful to listen to, it is incredibly insulting. ‘Insulting’ in that it confirms some of the worst possible stereotypes, for the POC end of the community. Done as an adjunct to the issue of AIDS among those in the brigade [which is causing other assorted medical issues, that have been discussed before here and in other places]. No one wants to make light of or demean anyone who has the illness, it is what came up in this piece, that truly boggles the mind. And that is where the following comes in….
      While it is true that the demented list on the manifesto is being driven by whites [and ‘demented’ is being very kind] the argument being advanced in this link from NPR can make even the most liberal person, vomit at the lack of logic mentioned. Let alone that there is the mention of a lack of literacy among the POC portion of the brigade. Ok….one can understand that…maybe…if these persons were not ‘smart enough’ to commit crimes in the name of getting money for their cocktails, let alone be able to READ the list of multiple side effects in same, or for that matter, be creepy enough to be involved in/produce porn, etc.
      This also brings up that, if a medical professional were to deny someone access/bend to the demands for to the cocktail or other OEM body parts modifications, could it be that the doc is seeing through the bullshit and is ethical enough to not be involved in enabling a train wreck???? And before someone says it….no doc in his or her right mind, is going to outright deny legitimate treatment, unless the doc is a complete and utter jackass, or is under pressure from supervisors or insurance reps, who are complete and total jackasses. But when it comes to an ‘elective’ and feeding the narcissistic mindset…one can see where where the denial comes into play, because it is not a necessity.

  33. This is insane. It doesn’t even make sense in itself, this document contradicts itself.

  34. Saw this one today and yep, this comes from the world of ‘I cannot make up this weird shit, even if I wanted to;’ arena.
    What is even sadder about this is…and I do know this one for a fact….there are many who have legitimate disabilities [missing limbs, ambulatory issues, organs that are failing and prevent being able to work or take care of their families, etc], who are in the midst of fighting the fed over same. So now there is this attack/colonization of this, by those who are in the process of denying those who they do not see as worthy [women…unless they are seen as conquest material, those of color who are not horizontal enrichment worthy, etc] and as the population ages, this will….should it stand..get worse.
    Imagine if one is on medicaid or another government program, due to, let’s say black lung disease, thanks to working in the mines, or came down with mesothelioma from working around fiberglass, or has cystic fibrosis or any of the other legitimate illnesses. which have coverage via medicaid. And imagine as well, the reams of paperwork and the time wasted dealing with government workers, who are not capable of looking beyond their desk or their stack of work in triplicate. NOW imagine how many of those, who have actual reasons, backed by their seek government coverage, having that infringed upon, by those who have ‘feels’ etc about their issues. And yes, infringed is a kind term for it…because they will have their minions and benefactors out in force, to insure this happens.
    As was said……I cannot make this shit up….

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