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  1. Nice concise little segment. Getting it out there bit by bit. I hope no one awaiting vocal chord surgery calls for violence towards this woman.
    Tangentially related: is the flip flop use of “gender” where we used to say “sex” going to come up for public debate? I mean, words used to mean something, but I guess I’m asking for a lot in a world where “woman” has no meaning. When you go to a new doctor or fill out paperwork they all you for your GENDER. School applications ask you to check your gender. I just check “What the fuck does this mean?” Are we so innocent we can’t say the word “sex” in the science sense but we can have dongs swinging in the girls changing rooms?

    1. Somebody needs to educate these people the difference between sex and gender. In fact, the word gender needs to be abandoned in favor of the original second-wave feminist terms sex roles and sex-role stereotypes. Those terms are much less likely to be conflated with sex.

  2. This trans violence is now being covered by the Daily Mail. Problematic coverage, but better than nothing. Also, the mainstream coverage has forced the UK trans propaganda site, PinkNews, to cover it. Trans activist commenters are over there defending and excusing the violence.

      1. Love how you can identify as intersex and the media will run with it. The Post also claims things about the family all going along with the delusion and evidence elsewhere says otherwise, but the Post is free to use alternate facts — as if this is going to do “antifa” any favors.
        “I am a closeted trans woman with a diagnosed psychosis that causes me near constant anxiety, hyper vigilance, and paranoia, as well as frequent auditory and visual hallucinations.”
        Alas, all cis-allistics, you’re now too boring to have opinions on video games, let alone anything else.

      2. The radar went off here when the first pic were released. In reading the articles, let alone the CBS News piece this evening, yep…matched the current signs to a ‘T’…pun not intended.
        This may make the brigade pissed off, but this one if they were black, would not have been given even a couple seconds to put the knife down. So…race and even aspired to/created status bought some time. Sorry if that sounds mean…but this where the US mindset is.

      3. Slate had an article on this case, a comment:
        “It it is entirely reasonable to expect police officers not to shoot anyone with a weapon anytime, anywhere. A wispy 120 lb person with a knife didn’t actually threaten the multiple officers on the scene with deadly violence. But apparently the police have decided their lives and physical safety are the most important consideration in any encounter which gives them license to kill people at the slightest provocation.”
        The wispy thing reminds me of that other example where a relative of ANOTHER trans with knife (who stabbed a neighbor and then slashed a cop) described the deceased as “narrow bottomed”. It’s like the gender insanity of some people spreads to everyone around them and everything is all gender, all the time, and there’s just this explosion of adjectives. So it’s not even a battle over pronouns anymore, it’s all this nonsense, always, like their string of pearls they were clutching broke apart and there’s a dainty here, a wispy there.

      4. @anon male
        They truly are incapable of writing anything that isn’t “ME ME ME why are you attacking MEEEEEE.”
        He mentions how mental illness is unique to the individual so the game is awful and wrong in its portrayal of symptoms YET decides he can speak for all mentally ill people himself about the game’s offensiveness. His individuality > yours. How very trans.

      5. I knew it was suicide by cop when the reports started trickling in. Glad to see it confirmed. Not that it will stop the gender club from fawning over him and failing to see how indulgence didn’t help his illness… but still glad to see it acknowledged.
        As cruel as it sounds, I have a hard time finding sympathy for this kid. Mentally ill women and playing children have been killed for far less by trigger happy cops and he didn’t back down after several warnings. I’m sorry he wasn’t able to find the right care but, in the end, we have another angry white male trying to take a piece of the world down with him.

      6. It looks like he wrote several suicide notes, then called the cops telling them that a person of his description was wandering around drunk threatening people with a knife and also that he had a gun.
        Very sad for all concerned as this was clearly mental illness and “suicide by cop.” However, it just reinforces to me that this is, fundamentally, a mental illness, and those who demand that transgender ideation be regarded by all as perfectly normal actually have blood on their hands.

  3. Her reference to the trans trend as a “wave of hysteria” is a welcome contrast to the usual mealy-mouthed, journalistic comments.

  4. Glad this.is.getting publicity. My how.they stumble over explaining it, but grateful this.is.getting.exposure. The whole incident is sickening. That it happened in the context that women were using Hyde Park because they were forced out of the original venue by transmisogynists, and all the efforts by transmisogynists to deny women any venue to discuss a different point of view than their own will hopefully get more exposure.
    Please note: I intentionally call them transmisogynists, because that’s what they are. Trans. Who are Misogynists. I hope all of us will use this term in its true feminist meaning, and that this will catch on. We need this term to describe who and what they really are. If we use it this way, as much as possible, it will catch on, because no doubt there are many who quietly recognize transgenderism as misogyny.
    Years ago, I posted the term, with its feminist definition, in the Urban Dictionary, but the transmisogynists got it deleted. Not defined in an alternate way, but deleted. But we have the power of repressed public opinion, of all of those who silently agree with us, who have been waiting for a simple way to describe their perspective, to come along. 🙂 So let’s make the most of it and have some fun. Women have as much right and power to create and define words as men do, so we should take advantage of using language to reframe things through a feminist lens whenever possible. We also should educate the press that “TERF” is a pro-rape hate acronym created by transmisogynists who advocate violence against women, and that specifically, the transmisogynists label us as “exclusionary” by rejecting them sexually, and because they are opposed to women having any right to boundaries for our privacy, safety, and physical/sexual autonomy.

    1. “transmisogyny” was coined by autogynephile Julia Serano in ‘Whipping Girl’. I don’t see why women “need this term”. Why can’t we just say they’re misogynist without using (their) special word? Nothing special about their typical male misogyny.
      As for the Sky News crew “stumbling” over explaining it, I disagree. I thought they did a fantastic job. I was really amazed at how informed they were and how clearly they explained the situation. Kudos. Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg on a mainstream public discussion on these issues.

      1. I couldn’t agree more Gallus. The female reporter was spot on and knew her stuff, for example, the problem in athletics and most importantly in primary schools. Meanwhile it seems obligatory to try to include an “inclusive” message in all aspects of life in the UK. I’m doing an online course run by a UK university concerned with women and domestic violence; half way into the first week there is the now obligatory statement about gender and using the “new non-binary definitions of gender”, followed by the interchangeable use of sexism and and gender discrimination by the course presenter which creates nothing but confusion.

      2. There are male misogynists and female misogynists. I might use the word “trans misogynist” for female misogynists who identify as trans, as they tend to be especially vile in a way women who don’t try to identify out of oppression under patriarchy aren’t, but I don’t think we should use a word invented by trans.
        It is important to use clear and precise language. Especially since transwacktivists confuse everyone.

  5. Holy shit this segment is 100% on the mark!
    Everything radical feminists have been saying is being realized as truth… 5 years too late :/
    Hopefully this topic can start to pick up some real steam now that it is beginning to catch the eye of the mainstream media, especially the whole clusterfuck of male rapists being housed with female prisoners.

    1. This chart shows what???? We all get it, the murder rates, no matter whom is being killed are tragic……BUT what needs to be said is that, seeing many who of the brigade who are being murdered, are those who either still have their OEM parts in tact, or have artificially created. Hence, they would still qualify as being males being murdered by fellow males [this form of measurement, by the way, is the same the CDC does, when explaining the incidence of STD/AIDS transmission, in that this is still considered to be MSM…males having sex with males, no matter how one self identifies].
      One has to love how brigade members will try to split off the statistics, in order to then have a ‘poor poor pitiful me’ session. Along with saying that the community is ‘non-violent’, yet….the record[s] point to there being a very ugly violent streak in the community, which is encouraged. Need anyone here list the multiple incidents of this, which add up by the day??
      As for this one advocating punching people….considering how the brigade treats racial minorities within their own ranks, I would strongly advise that person to watch their back. If only due to the fact, that there will be those out there, who would want to it that one, as well as others in the brigade….as was done by members of the resistance towards Nazis. Then again too, seeing how many actually like to inflict violence upon others for carnal means…[ooops that’s ‘phobic’..we have to be PC around these loons and call it ‘play’…..NOT] a dose of their own medicine is not such a bad thing.

      1. ‘OEM Parts’ Thanks, I just blew my wine through my nose I was laughing that hard. I’ll be using that from now on 🙂

    2. If I’m reading this chart correctly, I don’t understand “Eels” remark of “there does appear to be a problem there…” Isn’t it showing that the chances of being killed for being trans is lower than the chances for both men and women? Is the problem that men are so at risk, or that women are more at risk than transwomen? It’s per 100,000, not a percentage of the population…
      I’m so confused by the responses I’m doubting my own interpretation!

      1. That was my question too. Maybe we all need to go trans. Certainly safer than being a woman and you get called stunning and brace for wearing lippy and hose.

  6. Males advocate punching and killing women, males kill each other, male to trans expect women to trust them or want to be around them, and after all they’ve done, all the violence they’ve advocated against lesbians and feminists, all their viscious attacks– including silencing and canceling any debates or workshops because they are men. So if trans are being murdered, they need to deal with the MEN who do this. Yes, the CDC does keep track of men who have sex with men for a reason, and they document the AIDS epidemic and gay men still infecting each other with this disease, no matter how much education is out there, oh, and men infecting women with HIV too. The science is pretty clear. So male to trans need to deal with MALES and leave the rest of us alone.

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