Timeline of Trans Activists Beating a Woman in Hyde Park


A public debate was scheduled in London between feminists and transgender activists over the conflict of interest between women’s rights and the transgender movement, specifically the impact of proposed changes to the UK Gender Recognition Act. The event was titled ‘What is Gender? The Gender Recognition Act and Beyond’.
At debate is the proposal to eliminate the legal classification of women as ‘adult female human beings’ to be replaced with ‘Gender Identity’, an undefined and subjective feeling with no stated characteristics that is unrelated to biological sex. This would allow males who declare this personal feeling to opt into female areas of public life set aside to promote equality for women and protection from male violence (female prisons, female change rooms, female scholarships, etc.). Transgender activists seek the elimination of women as a legal class on the premise that doing so would improve the mental health of a small minority of males who believe biological sex does not exist.
The debate was scheduled for Wednesday September 13 at London’s New Cross Learning Center. Speakers were:
Bex Stinson, transgender liaison at StonewallUK,
a second representative of StonewallUK,
lesbian feminist Julia Long,
and gender critical transsexual Miranda Yardley.
On September 11, following complaints from trans activists, Bex Stinson pulled out of the engagement, citing personal reasons for being unable to meet his professional commitments. The other StonewallUK representative followed suit.
The event was to go forward with featured speakers Dr. Julia Long and Miranda Yardley.

Event Flyer

Following the abandonment of the discussion by StonewallUK, transgender activists complained that their point of view was unrepresented because they refused to participate and the remaining transsexual speaker (Miranda Yardley) did not support eliminating women’s rights under the Gender Recognition Act. Working under the belief that women have no right to discuss proposed changes to the legal status of women, they organized to prevent women from meeting or speaking about their legal status.
Their tactics included, among other things, disrupting the meeting with noise:
Goldsmith’s Emergency: ‘Disrupt and Drown Out’ the discussion of women’s legal status

And attempting to No-Platform by harassing the venue:
Activists directed to harass the venue

On September 12, the event venue, New Cross Community Library, no-platformed the discussion, citing safety concerns:
In 2017, in London, it is not safe for women to discuss the legal status of women.

As a result of the last minute no-platforming by the NewCross Community Library, the event was diverted to an undisclosed location with a public meet-up to be held, ironically, at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.
Transgender activists responded by trying to locate the new venue so the conversation could be prevented:
Stalkers stalk

On the date of the discussion, September 13, the group ‘Action For Trans Health London’ issued the following:
Urgent call to suppress women’s speech

Text of their post (now deleted):

CW, TW: transmisogny, transphobia.

PLEASE be mindful of people’s capacity and experiences before inviting people to this event. This event has been circulated widely particularly amongst the trans community, but please don’t expect people of trans experience to be able to engage directly with those who target, vilify and abuse them. The two speakers have a history of launching absolutely unwarranted campaigns of violent harrassment against women of trans experience and therefore allies and those who don’t experience transmisogny are primarily who should be called upon to defend against TERFs. Bear this in mind before you ‘invite all’ – thank you.

It has come to our attention that a NEW VENUE is platforming transmisogynists and TERFs at an event TODAY(Wednesday 13th September 7-9pm) , claiming to ‘debate’ the Gender Recognition Act.

Scheduled to speak are a notoriously transmisogynistic ‘feminist’ author, Julia Long, and a ‘gender critical’ trans woman, Miranda Yardley, both of whom regularly propagate deeply hateful views, misgendering, vilifying and targeting women of trans experience and trans feminine people. Representatives from Stonewall have (understandably) pulled out, making the event nothing more than a platform for hate speech.

Transmisogny can never be legitamised or tolerated as ‘debate’,

This is violence. We know that when Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) speak, they enact, encourage and condone violence against women of trans experience, transfeminine people and those who experience transmisogny.

One trans woman does not speak for all people of trans experience, particularly when she does not experience the extreme risks of violence faced by trans people of colour.

We know TERFSs are not and will never be interested in being challenged via ‘debate’. We are not interested in engaging with them on those terms.

*** A4TH London cannot guarantee the number of people who will be in attendance to protest or disrupt this event, but we encourage you to use this space to organise with other people of trans experience and cis allies**

******WHAT YOU CAN DO (even if you can’t come )*******


————————SHARE THIS EVENT WIDELY—————————

Don’t just click ‘attending’, start a Whatsapp group, a message thread – tell your friends, activist networks, make an action plan, share templates for emails or tweets or phone conversations. Post on their FB page // drawing attention to the event (FB Event page now deleted) and stating your opposition.

IMPORTANT: the organiser of the event has no interest in cancelling or engaging (of course) so the most we can do is be a nuisance.

———————————FLOOD THEIR INBOX—————————-


– Cancel the event, considering it can no longer even claim to be a ‘debate’ now that there is no ‘opposition’.

– BUT *please don’t forget* to highlight that there is NO DEBATE when it comes to the lives and experiences of the trans community – questioning and theorising over the validity or reality of lived experience IS VIOLENCE, is TRANSPHOBIA and is not acceptable.

– Encourage them to make a public statement apologising for hosting the event and claiming responsibility for platforming transmisogny and hate.

——————–ON THE DAY,
JOIN US OUTSIDE from 6:30pm ————-

It is a high unlikely that this event will be cancelled. The organiser has made that clear.
We must be there to expose the reality of the event inside.

We must be there in solidarity, rage and love for those who the event seeks to villify, oppress and injure.

Bring placards, banners, music, people!

We need to drown out the TERFS.
We need to let the local community to know what is going on inside.
We need to PROVE that our communities (LGBTQIA+, queer, anti-racist, antifascist) are vigilant in standing up for and in solidarity with those who experience the most violence and that it will not be tolerated here or anywhere.

We highly encourage self-organising and diversity of tactics.

We need as many allies there as possible – cis, queer, trans people who don’t experience transmisogny need to far outnumber those who do to ensure their safety.

– Anyone have any good anti-TERF chants?-

On the ‘Action For Trans Health London’ post, a man calling himself ‘Tara Flik Wood” posted his intent to attack women who are concerned with the legal status of women:

As you can see, their intent was “loved” by the organizers.
This transgender individual, along with other men, went on to assault a 60 year old grandmother in Hyde Park as seen here:
Trans activists also assaulted transsexual Miranda Yardley and grabbed his phone which was later recovered.
On September 14, transgender activists scrambled to defend the attack and prevent LGBT organizations from denouncing the violence:

wow. Stopping trans orgs from condemning violence against women.

‘Action For Trans Health” Edinburgh issued a statement supporting the attack:
Unbelievably psychotic violent men who identify as transwomen.

As you can see, ‘Action For Trans Health’ London “loved” their post.
No LGBT organizations have condemned the attack.
No LGBT organizations have issued a comment- including StonewallUK.
No LGBT news outlets have reported on the scheduled event, the no-platforming, the violent attacks, the terroristic suppression of women’s speech on the legal status of women.

136 thoughts on “Timeline of Trans Activists Beating a Woman in Hyde Park

  1. Jesus Christ! This is scary. But it’s also appalling. If these people behave this way including the organizations not condemning it then they deserve to be cast into the outer darkness of our society along with the Charlottesville neo-Nazis.
    I certainly hope if Action for Trans Health gets any grants from the government that people in Britain set about seeing to it they are withdrawn. And if they are ever considered for any in the future that this is brought up.
    Also these people are flat out fucking crazy.

    1. Trans activists are now prepared to treat you just as “activists” have been treating conservatives and Trump supporters – your speech is violence; their violence is speech.
      If you think there’s a dimes worth of difference between these activists and Antifa, you’re sadly mistaken.

      1. @ChicagoRefugee,
        “Trans activists are now prepared to treat you just as “activists” have been treating conservatives and Trump supporters – your speech is violence; their violence is speech.’
        I didn’t vote for Trump, and I seriously doubt that anyone on this blog voted for Trump. I don’t know one radical feminist who voted for Trump. I have never voted for a Republican in my entire life. I was anti-war environmentalist when these violent young gender queer dudes were in diapers. I’ve marched in the pouring rain with anti-war signs, and I’ve protested against Monsanto. I knew about climate change before Al Gore made it cool. I knew there were no WMDs in Iraq in 2003. And, I know Building 7 didn’t come down from office fires. I knew the Bush administration was torturing people all in the name of the “war on terror”. I know all this shit, and I’ve been doing it for decades. These young punks know nothing about actual struggles that really matter. They have no sense of history at all. They are violent, myopic, self-centered, and misogynistic to the core.
        Was the 60 year old woman who was attacked a Trump supporter? How many conservatives causes does she support? Many gender critical feminists have spent years doing anti-war and environmental activism.
        What the hell has queer theory/gender identity politics done for anyone? What legitimate civil rights movement repeatedly advocates for violence against women? What legitimate civil rights movement repeatedly bullies and intimidates women for the sole purpose of silencing women’s voices? What legitimate civil rights movement tells women who have PTSD because they have been raped that they are “transphobic” bigots for not wanting penis in the women’s locker room? What legitimate civil rights movement openly advocates for the sterilization and drugging of children?

      2. SkyLark Phillips, I am with you. I do think Chicago Refugee has a point, though (or at least is making a point related to a point) that something weird is going on on the left these days. Antifa actually does seem to have its wires crossed with transactivism (the “pure and good shield brigade” with their pink and blue swords, or whatever it is) quite a bit. It feels like part of the left is being taken over by something sort of violent and authoritarian to an end that looks ???? (how’s that for analysis… but I really am perplexed and scared by it).

    2. Police sadly supportive of thugs throughout. First at Hyde Park where they claimed Maria had ‘shoved back’ and was equally at fault. Then later at meeting where they insisted mob had right to stand outside screaming SHUT IT DOWN for hours on a quiet street. ‘Their right to protest until 11pm,’ said one cop to a local mother with kids pleading with them. ‘And it’s our duty to protect them.’ Extraordinary. (It led some of us there to try to remember the last time police response to a feminist protest on a residential street had been ‘Carry on til 11, sisters!’ …)
      Whilst the 3 storm-trooper men were doing the violence, most of the TRAs on Weds night were furious young women. At these things (which are happening frequenlty in London) I always feel that the young women in groups like sisters uncut are enraged at misogyny, but afraid to shake off their chains, leave the cult and join the (thankfully growing ranks!) of real feminists. They know how violent the actual men are and they are terrified of them. They claim to be against male violence but they’re in thrall to it.
      Being there was scary. But the effect of this will ultimately be positive in waking more people up.

      1. “Police sadly supportive of thugs throughout. First at Hyde Park where they claimed Maria had ‘shoved back’ and was equally at fault.”
        Society always applies the test for witches to women’s attempts at self-defense against male abuse: Tie her up and throw her in a pond. If she drowns, she’s a good woman whose death can be lamented. If she survives, she’s a witch and you get to burn her. Either way, she ends up conveniently dead.
        Whenever women fight back competently, we’re labeled evil witches and thus deserving of the abuse we defended ourselves against. It happens all the time in cases of domestic violence, and it’s why transactivists assume they can get away with the classic DARVO defense of abusers: Deny transctivists did anything wrong at Hyde Park. Attack the feminists for holding the event in the first place. Reverse Victim and Offender by claiming Maria MacLachlan was the aggressor.
        Natalie Reed has been one of the leading voices doing this, while simultaneously demonstrating that his cluelessness knows no bounds. He actually tweeted:
        “If you’re in a group sufficiently stigmatized, THEY can beat YOU up and YOU’LL get fucking blamed for it.”

      2. Hiya
        A week has gone by and I’d like to just say that yesterday the investigating officer assigned to this case apologised to me for the apparent lack of interest from the police who attended at the scene. He is extremely supportive and taking the matter very seriously. Hopefully there will be arrests soon.

  2. Thank you Gallus, for gathering/documenting this anti-feminist mess in one place. Infuriating that lgbt orgs have taken so long to respond. Bet they’re drafting dishonest “we condemn violence on both sides” statements now.

  3. The LGBT community seems hellbent to follow down this dark, dangerous, misogynistic and ultimately self-defeating path. It is utterly depressing.
    My heart goes out to all those brave women who are willing to stand up against this nastiness and idiocy.

    1. Bizarre double-talk. ‘For the avoidance of doubt we’d like to claim that the victims are lying but it’s not worth explaining how because that would be justifying our position’. Wtf.
      Thank you for participating in the event Miranda! Hope you are okay.

      1. Thanks! I’m okay. The event was very successful and we will be releasing a video of both speakers and a special guest speaker!
        Clearer footage of the assault is here:

      2. Woah. One of the transactivist handmaidens tries to pull one of the attacking males away from Maria, and he pushes her violently, growling “fuck off.”

  4. These narcissistic guys seem to have no clue that only those with power/societal privilege can get away with the combination of threats and contradictions in their manifestos.
    “One trans woman does not speak for all people of trans experience”
    Listen to tranwomen. But not that one!
    “questioning and theorising over the validity or reality of lived experience IS VIOLENCE”
    Unless they’re questioning the reality of women’s lived experience. Also, Miranda Yardley’s experience doesn’t count.
    Moreoever, the whole backpedaling justification that even if the woman didn’t attack first, violence is perfectly acceptable against those who hate their group (or even just disagree with its ideology) is something only those used to a privileged position would ever dare to suggest. Can anyone imagine what would happen if, say, African-Americans started claiming that white people’s racism justified any violence by people of color as self-defense? That would be condemned immediately–and used by many as justification for white people’s mistreatment of black people. That this isn’t happening here shows transwomen are not oppressed but viewed as simply acting out acceptable male entitlement in silencing women who won’t do what they want.

  5. It’s self evident that trans ideology cannot stand up to scrutiny. They will do everything in their power to silence critical thought, because when scrutinized it is shown for the hooey that it is. I think it would be great to have neutrally controlled debate on TV, both sides get to present their arguments, let the general public see what this is all about. For as they claim, everybody will be with them, but they won’t be with them when they hear first hand the reality of this stuff. Let them bring on their most outrageous speakers, give them a platform, let them shoot the sleeves in the foot. They will do the work for us.

  6. @ gallus,
    “No LGBT organizations have condemned the attack.
    No LGBT organizations have issued a comment- including Stonewall UK.
    No LGBT news outlets have reported on the scheduled event, the no-platforming, the violent attacks, the terroristic suppression of women’s speech on the legal status of women.”
    That is why all women should stop supporting women hating “LGBTQIA” organizations. No self-respecting lesbian or bisexual woman should ever support these groups.
    This is incredibly frightening stuff of nightmares:
    ‘Action For Trans Health” Edinburgh
    “we will be slurred as violent for as long as transmisogyny permeates our society. therefore, we must be radically and transformatively violent.”
    “may our violence liberate us from abuses of power, may our violence be freeing and revolutionary, let our violence be a force for good!”
    Violent males are saying, “may our violence liberate us”, and their violence is directed towards females whose only crime is to open their mouths and speak. They are silencing female voices through violence. I swear to God this irrational insanity sounds like something out of the Inquisition when they tortured women and burned women branded “witches”. This is the same old sexist deep seated hatred of women that has existed for thousands of years.
    This is the reality. People are starting to see these violent males for who they really are.
    @ petuniacat00,
    “I certainly hope if Action for Trans Health gets any grants from the government that people in Britain set about seeing to it they are withdrawn. And if they are ever considered for any in the future that this is brought up.”
    All forms of government support for transgender organizations should stop immediately both in the US and the UK. Also, all forms of government support for LGBTQIA groups should cease immediately. Everyone knows that all LGBTQIA organizations are trans/queer run. Every single one of the useless lesbian, woman hating groups should lose government funding at every level.
    “TERF” death threats have been going on for years, and nothing but silence from trans/queer controlled “LGBTQIA” groups. Do we have to wait until a woman is killed? Or, should I say until another woman is killed. We already know transwomen/gender queer males kill women. Not one useless lesbian hating “LGBTQIA” group in the US said one word about transwoman Dana Rivers being charged with slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house. This is the reality. Trans organizations and trans/queer LGBTQIA groups don’t care how many women are terrorized, bullied, threatened, intimidated, or even killed.
    It’s just not the years of terrorizing “TERF” death threats, bullying, violent silencing tactics, and intimidation. Not only have transgender organizations and all LGBTQIA groups been coddling and supporting violent males who clearly want to silence and harm women, there are serious ethical issues involved in sterilizing children with GnRH analogues and/or cross gender hormones.
    Only after all the violent woman hating “LGBTQIA” groups kick out all the violent trans/queer activists and allow women to speak do they deserve one cent of government funding. Until then, not one bit of government support of any kind. And, only after rational minds address the drugging and sterilization of children and disabled women, do they get one bit of government support.
    By the government supporting these organizations, governmental agencies are basically advocating for violence against women, and for the silencing of women’s voices. It’s sort of like governments approving a modern day form of witch hunt. This rabid hatred of women has been going on for years.
    This is what we do know. No female has ever killed a transwoman (biological male), but transwomen who are, in fact, male have been convicted of killing a lot of women. They have also been convicted of assaulting and raping women. There isn’t anything that “cis” males haven’t done to women that transwomen haven’t done to women. Transwomen (biological males), cross dressing males have tortured, killed, and raped girls and women. Yes, transwomen are victims of violence. Violence against transwomen is male on male violence.
    I have never seen anyone on this blog, or any other gender critical blog make death threats against transgender people. Ever. We just speak the truth as to how “gender identity” harms women. Women have a human right to free speech, especially when our rights to privacy and personal bodily autonomy are threatened.
    It’s insanity because they always say that transwomen are always kind, sweet, and totally harmless. Then, they attack a 60 year old women with fists flying. They just can’t understand why women don’t want males in our private spaces, even if the male identifies as transgender, wears a dress, or says he is “non-binary”. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that they prove time and time again that they are just as violent as any other male. By their very actions and behavior, we can clearly see that it’s nothing more than violent males bullying and pummeling women.
    Gallus, thank you very much for doing such an excellent job of exposing this frightening attack on a 60 year old woman. This must stop now.

    1. Yeah. WOW. Jen Isaacson is my latest hero. Thank you SO MUCH for compiling this coherent timeline. As always, stellar reporting, incredible commitment to detail, and fightthepower fucking awesomeness.

    1. Come ON Bro! This is SO DUMB. These guys want to go under the knife to shorten their vocal cords now? (Sorry if I’m late to this mutilation party. I’m still stuck on lopping wieners, shaving adam’s apples, and installing grapefruit tits.) It’s so crazy. By the transstandard (trademark if it’s not already taken) I’m A MAN! I giant, I’m loud and abrasive, my voice is deep, just add sports and press blend. Jeezus with these clowns. #peaktrans2011

    2. The procedure shortens the vocal chords, which will feminise my voice so it matches my identity, and allow me to pass completely.
      Only to the visually impaired dude.
      With the £280 so far raised, I suggest he set aside £20 for a mirror.

      1. Then again, with the vocal surgery, the brigade member will be in the same league with Alvin, Simon, Theodore…..as well as Rocket J. Squirrel.

  7. In my opinion the best thing women can do is routinely film these events in their entirety on a live stream broadcast via Facebook or Youtube. That way if the camera is stolen the broadcast still remains.
    If women could achieve “equality” by matching male violence there would be no patriarchy. We can record and document male violence and expose the perpetrators though. Cameras deter crime and allow justice to be brought, if not by male law enforcement, than in the social realm via public shaming.
    Women should certainly defend themselves amply. But we will never be “equal” to men in violence.

  8. Thank you so much, Gallus Mag. Again, what would we do without you? You provide all the information people need who are “confused about the trans issue.” You give the facts we need to help friends and aquaintances to understand why we keep saying no to the cult.

  9. Thank you, GallusMag, not just for *this* coverage but for all the coverage, going back years.

  10. Miranda yardley, Julia Long, Maria Mac, Gallus, and all the other brave and inspirational women who have seen the truth behind trans activism and the inherent misogyny, I just want to say a big thank you. Today I found out that I have been vindicated in the courts in respect of illegal action taken out by my ex-husband in pursuit of his overwhelming drive to have the world acknowledge him to be who he clearly is not. I wish I could share more, but, having shared 30 plus years with a man who’s only aim has been to see his fetishised idea of being a woman come to fruition, I am a little hesitant. Your backing of women’s rights against this tide of MRAs has inspired me and kept me going over the last 4 years.
    I thank you, I support everything that you do.

  11. StoneWall UK issues statement:
    Stonewall condemns violence
    There is no place for violence in our movement, as a form of attack or retaliation. There is no resolution that will be achieved through violence or language inciting violence.
    There is no place for violence in our movement, as a form of attack or retaliation. There is no resolution that will be achieved through violence or language inciting violence.
    Dehumanising discussion and actions hurt us all, divide us, and stokes that division.
    Stonewall has always achieved change through consensus building. We will find a way to that consensus, but it is clear that the current toxic discussion, and now violence, is not the way.
    We must find a way to achieve and maintain equality for trans communities that does not cause emotional damage and that makes people allies, not enemies.

    1. No, this is not an acceptable response. A general statement of condemnation of violence would have been good before this happened, but this does not specifically condemn the incident and it condemns discussion as a precipitant. It attempts to mitigate the violence and blame the victims. It’s a “both sides” statement in response to unilateral violence. Completely unacceptable.

    2. The damage control these groups try to do after the fact is always hilarious. What I hear in those words is fear – fear that they’ll lose their support and their funding. I hope they do. From being a group who once championed LGB people they have transformed, like so many others, into a group that hates the LGB and women, especially feminists. By all means leave them to be funded by the trans whom they love. I think they’ll find that transactivists never do anything for anyone else, they only take and take and take and then screw their allies over.

  12. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/the-battle-over-gender-has-turned-bloody-2wpkmnqhh?shareToken=bfae42831d843ce88f48e31b54e5eec3
    september 16 2017, 12:01am, the times
    The battle over gender has turned bloody
    janice turner
    Women who believe that their rights are threatened by transgender activists now find themselves at risk of assault
    When is it OK to punch a woman? I’ve pondered this question since Wednesday evening when I watched a 60-year-old in specs and sensible shoes called Maria being smacked in the face. Yet I learn from her assailant’s defenders that it’s fine. Punch harder next time, guys! Because “acts of physical violence against those who are systemically violent are self-defence”.
    I was at Speakers’ Corner waiting, along with about 80 others, to learn the secret location of a meeting entitled, “What is gender? The Gender Recognition Act [GRA] and beyond”. It was all very cloak and dagger because the original venue, a south London community centre, had cancelled the previous day on health and safety grounds. Which is one way of saying “trans rights activists harangued our staff and threatened, via various Facebook groups, to cause havoc if it went ahead”. Then, hearing of the Hyde Park rendezvous, they rang every conceivable venue within a mile radius to promise mayhem. Having failed to find it, about 15 of them arrived at Speakers’ Corner with placards saying “TERFs not welcome.”
    TERF stands for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. But lately the definition has expanded to include any woman worried that permitting men who “self-identify” as female to enter women’s changing rooms or refuges unchallenged makes her less safe. Which is exactly what will happen if reform of the GRA, as championed by Maria Miller, who chairs the Commons women and equalities committee, goes ahead this autumn.
    TERFs, according to trans activists, are evil. TERF is the new witch. Search on Twitter for “TERFs must die” or “burn in a fire, TERF” and behold a cauldron of violent vitriol. Before the meeting, a trans-woman posted: “Any idea where this is happening? I want to f* some TERFs up, they are no better than fash [fascists].” Search “punch a TERF” and you will find crowing approval of what happened to Maria.
    So at Speakers’ Corner trans activists and feminists were chanting and taunting each other. Maria was taking photographs when an opponent grappled with her, snatched her camera and smashed it on the ground. Then a tall, male-bodied, hooded figure wearing make-up rushed over, hit her several times and as police arrived, ran away. I asked a young activist if she was OK with men smacking women: “It’s not a guy, you’re a piece of s* and I’m happy they hit her”, came the reply.
    After that, organisers whispered the secret venue and attendees peeled off towards the University Women’s Club where one of the feminists, an engineer, is a member. Activists chased them through Mayfair streets in a black cab, but were stopped at the door by the club’s magnificent pearl-clad chairwoman. And in a grand library the meeting finally took place, with the trans activists outside chanting; “Burn it down!”
    I wouldn’t trouble Times readers, no doubt weary of reading daily about gender-fluidity and schoolboys in frocks, with this affair if it didn’t reveal such serious issues. Changes to the very definition of “man” and “woman” are being proposed, yet it is almost impossible to hold a public meeting to discuss them. Wednesday’s speakers were a lesbian academic and a trans woman. Two members of the LGBT group Stonewall initially agreed to take part in what was to be a debate, but dropped out. Winning arguments is far harder for the trans lobby than shutting them down.
    Winning arguments is far harder than shutting them down
    Mainly because trans demands and women’s rights are often in such clear and irreconcilable conflict. Take Martin Ponting, jailed in 1995 for raping two girls, one disabled. After cosmetic surgery, but still possessing male genitalia, Ponting, now called Jessica Winfield, was moved to Bronzefield women’s prison but after making unwanted sexual advances to inmates has been segregated. Are you appalled that a rapist is confined with women prisoners, mainly non-violent offenders and themselves often victims of male sexual abuse? Do you think the Soham murderer Ian Huntley should never be allowed to transfer even if, as reported, he calls himself “Lian”? Then you too are a TERF and deserve to be punched.
    When white supremacists marched through US streets, the left concluded it was fine to counter-attack heavily armed racist militia who posed a physical threat to ethnic minorities. But certain trans activists have extrapolated: they believe debate itself makes them “unsafe”, so it is self-defence to attack those who are “systemically violent”, ie anyone with whom they disagree.
    This combination of declared victimhood and ruthless vengeance has so far achieved its goal: silence. Maria Miller, chairing her GRA inquiry, did not even call prison gender experts who submitted their fears that male sexual offenders transition into women to be closer — how amazing! — to potential victims. When Miller’s report went before parliament only one MP, the fearless Caroline Flint, raised potential conflicts with women’s safety, for which she was eviscerated online.
    But the tide is turning and the trans activists have a lot more people to punch. Like women athletes who fear their sports will soon be meaningless if trans women are allowed to compete; teachers horrified by an epidemic of adolescent girls binding their breasts, persuaded by extreme internet blogs that they’re in the “wrong body”; psychiatrists fearful of demanded changes to gender treatment protocols which will make advising “wait and see” to confused teenagers rather than shoving them straight on hormones a hate crime.
    So when is it OK to punch a woman? When she won’t do what you want; when you don’t like what she says. Some things never change.

  13. I think an attorney needs to speak to the police about the evidence collected so far, and failing that a protest w escalation to more senior police officers. The times uk reported on this but it’s behind a paywall. I wonder if right wing news outlets would be interested in this story? I don’t care who reports this, it needs to be known. Maybe tucker Carlson? Any media coverage will likely call for comment from metro pd and will increase pressure to level charges. Getting away w this will embolden the perpetrators and others who want to copy them.

    1. Hmmm, so they’re going to be like the Charlottesville Nazis, surprised when they’re identified. Anonymity, especially when you publicly assault people, is at best, fleeting.

    2. Warning: that link is a PDF (which my phone downloads on first click). So if you don’t want a document about distilling urine hanging out on your hard drive…
      That said… SWEET JESUS WHY

      1. My question is where are they planning to get pregnant women’s urine? Why do I envision a herd of catherized women being held captive in one of these lunatic’s basement?

      2. This is where the bathroom issue comes into play for these creeps. If only due to the scary thought, that a degenerate could do something akin to what some have done with cameras.
        Damn…just when we thought the insane could not get any more so.

    3. I’m not sure whether Ada Cable is the ponytailed assailant. They look different to me, but I am really, really bad with faces so I will trust everyone else’s judgement.
      This YouTube video shows Ada Cable giving a presentation on various weird stuff and his homemade urine oestrogen concoction from 2:24:07 on to 3:12:45. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_hthDv6pNpQ&time_continue=8688&ebc=ANyPxKrz51pJxgBZlAKsAA6TM1FzH1z14VunasuYBalsUdwzrhhXvbieyA-GeWXuuSoBmKvoYTMsebEKAQggf4o4NCIV_kBiKQ
      There are some good close up side shots of him from about 2:47:00 onwards, when he’s answering audience questions with the other speakers.
      I found the YouTube video on this link: https://points.datasociety.net/future-perfect-on-the-uses-abuses-and-paradoxes-of-speculative-futures-56f734df7ba4

    1. Someone imitating the cover from Queen’s “News Of The World”? Then again, knowing the mind set of many in the brigade, it could also be a representation of one of their mythic goddesses.

    2. Looks like a japanese ‘superhero’ from an old godzilla-type movie or TV show. Very Geek credentials there…

      1. @mag! I had that familiar feeling I’d seen him before! Space Giants used to air in syndication on indie TV back in my seventie’s childhood. Sort of a proto power ranger thing.

      2. @mag: The funny thing as I think about it: kids in the neighborhood hardly ever watched it. The time slot was like 2PM on saturday and we would be outside playing, natch.

    3. Has the blond giant really not been identified yet? His appearance is so distinctive. Maybe he cut his hair after the event to evade recognition.
      I will say this for Blond Giant: in the video posted by Magdalen Berns, you can see that he steps between the young female trans ally and the man who is threatening her and motions the man to quit. Since Blond Giant is much bigger than the would-be attacker, the attacker backs down immediately.
      I assume these guys are all trans-identified males but I notice that Maria MacLachlan said that they’re not, and that she sees them as virtue-signaling male allies of the trans movement. I’m not sure where she’s getting that from. The energetic runner who first tries to knock the camera out of MacLachlan’s hand is wearing a skirt and colorful leggings. The man who menaced the young female trans-ally has groomed eyebrows,

      1. The men who attacked her are transwomen.
        As for the giant in the blonde wig, not yet sure. There’s a giant on the Stonewall Trans Advisory committee, but he’s not wearing the crazy wig. If someone can isolate photos of him (and the camera grabber for that matter) from the various footage it would help identify him.
        Crazy ass Flick and Ponytail have already been identified.

  14. Reblogged this on Privilege Denying Tranny and commented:
    Violent men doing what violent men always do. Fear, intimidation, and violence. Their feelings are NOT more important than our safety. These are not women. They will never be women. No amount of bullying, silencing or violence is going to change that biological fact.

  15. “Hate and Violence: The male is eaten up with tension, with frustration at not being female, at not being capable of ever achieving satisfaction or pleasure of any kind”. Valerie Solanas.

    1. So I read some of ada’s Twitter stream, which consists primarily of self-important SJW whining about everything that’s unfair in the world and talking about how violence is justified when evil people want you not to exist. Around the time of the assault he posted several (now amusing) tweets about how clever he was in having very few images of himself on-line and not putting personal details on social media so he couldn’t be identified. Oh, well.
      He also provided a trans party line DARVO version of events on the 13th–in which THREE terfs attacked a homeless waif of a trans girl–and retweeted another activist’s account of being attacked and sexually assaulted outside the new venue, although a friend’s video footage of the abuse was, alas!, too dark and blurry to prove anything.
      (I’m waiting for the story to escalate further: “And then a terf dragon came along, breathing fire on all us poor transmaidens, and we barely escaped immolation by hiding in the Serpentine! Well, no, there are no pictures . . . because we had to run so fast . . . and our phones all melted in the flames . . . or were damaged in the water. But it happened!”)
      The more I hear from this crowd, the more “carceral feminism” appeals to me. Also, doesn’t this guy’s Twitter image looks like a young Herman Munster in a wig?

  16. Daily Mail, UK
    Radical transgender group says it is FINE to punch women as it compares feminists who question rise of the sex-swap lobby to Nazis
    • Action for Trans Health defended activist who attacked ‘gender critical feminist’
    • The group gave evidence to the women and equalities select committee in 2015
    • Members of ATH’s Edinburgh branch sent tweets defending the use of violence
    By Thomas Burrows for MailOnline
    Published: 07:29 EDT, 24 September 2017 | Updated: 07:30 EDT, 24 September 2017
    A transgender campaign group defended an activist who attacked a 60-year-old by comparing the ‘radical feminists’ who question their views to ‘Nazis’.
    Members of the Action for Trans Health (ATH) clashed with their bitter enemies the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (or so-called TERFs) in London’s Hyde Park before a scheduled event to discuss gender issues.
    It culminated in an unseemly bust-up that ended with a 60-year-old mother-of-two being bundled to the ground and punched in the face by an ATH campaigner.
    Following that the group have issued a number of statements defending the activist, widely identified on social media as 25-year-old courier Tara Flik Wood.
    It has also emerged that Jess Bradley, a former member of the ATH, gave evidence on gender equality to the woman and equalities select committee in 2015, the Sunday Times reported.
    The committee’s report recommended updating legislation to allow people to choose their sex legally without the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. That is now part of a consultation launched by the government on the Gender Recognition Bill.
    Police are continuing to investigate following the violent clashes between the transgender activists and ‘radical feminists’ on September 13.
    Mother-of-two Maria MacLachlan, who describes herself as a ‘gender critical feminist’, was attacked at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.
    She had joined around 50 fellow TERFs who were to be given details of the secret location for a talk entitled What Is Gender? The Gender Recognition Act And Beyond.
    TERFs believe transgender women should not have the same rights as other women, leading to tension between groups.
    Ms MacLachlan, a humanist funeral celebrant, said she was talking to one of the event speakers Miranda Yardley when ‘studenty-looking types’ turned up and began arguing.
    She said the protestors shouted ‘when the TERFs attack, we fight back’ and she decided to start filming.
    ‘Then suddenly someone tried to grab my camera,’ she said. ‘It was scary. Someone kept trying to get my camera. I think it was a girl, but I couldn’t tell because they had a hoodie over their eyes.’
    Writing online she said: ‘I ended up on the ground and it felt like a few of them were punching and kicking me.’
    Ms MacLachlan later identified a trans-woman Tara Flik Wood, currently trying to raise £5,000 for vocal-cord surgery to make her voice higher, as one of her attackers.
    She said she was ‘shaken’ and suffered bruising to her face, red marks on her neck and grazed knees.
    Her Lumix camera was smashed and the memory card stolen. She added: ‘I didn’t go to hospital but it has really shaken me up.’
    After the attack ATH’s Edinburgh branch sent a series of tweets defending the use of violence.
    They said: ‘Punching terfs is the same as punching Nazis. Fascism must be smashed with the greatest violence to ensure our collective liberation from it’.
    ‘Violence against terfs is always self defence’, another tweet read.
    Bradley, who said she no longer works for the group, tweeted ‘terfs are using Nazi tactics…don’t let it work’.
    She is currently the trans officer for the National Union of Students (NUS). They declined to comment.
    Elsewhere on social media ATH supporters say ‘TERFS must die’ and ‘burn in a fire, TERF’.
    Before the meeting, a trans-woman posted: ‘Any idea where this is happening? I want to f*** some TERFs up, they are no better than fash [fascists].’
    In a statement Action for Trans Health said: ‘We condemn violence against women in all forms. We’re proud that many self-originating activists, allies and supporters stood against hatred, misogyny and intimidation.’
    A Scotland Yard spokesman told MailOnline inquiries were ongoing but no arrests had been made.

    1. Here is what, from this desk is bothersome: why are these punks not in jail? Why is that organization of thugs not outlawed and their more vile members in prison? Why are they not being treated like any other terrorist group?
      As to their claim that a ‘terf’ is a ‘nazi’, this is a case where the pot is calling the kettle black. The brigade has called for and is engaged in it’s own form of eugenics, has utilized propaganda techniques right out of the Goebbels playbook and more often than not [with criminal/entertainment exceptions] presented their ideal version of their aspired to status, to be have anglo-type features. The last time I checked the history books, documentaries, etc….it is the brigade who are acting like true Nazis, without having donned a brownshirt or jackboots [outside of their fetish-wear].
      If they were anyone else, a grouping of anyone else, they would have been on the damned radar a long time back….and would have been outlawed as such.

  17. The Sun, UK
    Violence stifles debate on transgender law proposals as experts claims issue is too ‘explosive’ to discuss — and activists defend assault of woman, 60
    Groups clashed in Hyde Park over a new law that would allow anyone who identifies as a woman to use women-only spaces
    By Miles Goslett
    25th September 2017, 1:40 am | Updated: 25th September 2017, 1:40 am
    WHEN a 60-year-old woman was punched in the face, it seemed that the debate around a proposed change to the law about transgender people could not get much nastier.
    Then, one side of the argument took to Twitter to declare that the mum-of-two deserved the attack because bashing those on her side “is the same as punching Nazis”.
    The campaign group continued: “We must be radically and transformatively violent.”
    Now more moderate activists believe that the whole issue has become so fraught that any kind of sensible discussion is impossible.
    Even academics say the question of whether the law should be updated to make it easier for people to change their gender legally is now so explosive they feel silenced.
    And women’s rights campaigner Dr Julia Long told The Sun: “If you try to even raise a question about it, your event gets shut down.
    “I was working in academia (until recently). If you tried to raise any questions or objections around transgenderism, you’d be ostracised.”
    Dr Long, who works for a domestic violence charity, spoke at the gathering where the bust-up took place — ironically, at the hallowed home of free speech, Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park.
    Humanist funeral celebrant Maria MacLachlan, 60, was pushed to the ground and punched in the face in the confrontation between the opposing sides of the debate.
    She later recalled: “Studenty- looking types were turning up and some arguments started. Then suddenly someone tried to grab my camera. I ended up on the ground and it felt like a few of them were punching and kicking me.”
    A video of the incident taken by another onlooker has been posted online. Police are investigating.
    Maria, who describes herself as a “gender critical feminist”, was among around 50 people who had gathered for a talk about the transgender legal issues which are the focus of the proposed law update.
    They were confronted by their enemies, members of the campaign group Action For Trans Health (ATH).
    ATH members want the Government to adopt the proposed change to the law.
    They say that anyone who self-identifies as a woman — without having undergone transition surgery or a diagnosis of gender dysphoria — should be considered a woman.
    They say that means they should be allowed to use women-only spaces such as changing rooms and toilets.
    THESE groups, including Action For Trans Health, want to see the law updated to make changing gender easier and quicker.
    Currently people have to have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and live for two years as their preferred gender before having it officially recognised.
    The other side, which Maria belongs to, believes that some women-only spaces should not be opened to trans women who have not had gender reassignment surgery or been diagnosed with gender dysphoria.
    They are particularly worried about transgender women — 80 per cent of whom still have male genitalia — being put in with women in prisons and hospitals. Maria’s side is referred to by ATH enemies as “terfs” — “trans-exclusionary radical feminists”.
    The morning after the assault, the Edinburgh branch of ATH tweeted: “Punching terfs is the same as punching Nazis. Fascism must be smashed with the greatest violence.”
    Follow-up tweets added, “We must be radically and transformatively violent” and “Violence against terfs is always self-defence”.
    Businesswoman Miranda Yardley, 49, transitioned from male to female ten years ago but believes there could be drawbacks about changing the law to reflect the ATH demands.
    Miranda says she has received many threats herself over the years and said: “One of the fundamental problems we have is that disagreement is being framed as hate.”
    Meanwhile, academic James Caspian has been told by Bath Spa University he is not allowed to write a thesis on the issue of “detransition”, which is the reversal of gender realignment surgery.
    The psychotherapist was told: “Engaging in a potentially ‘politically incorrect’ piece of research carries a risk to the university”.
    But anxiety about transgender issues is also causing trouble far from the worlds of activism and academia.
    Cardiff’s Bishop of Llandaff Church-in-Wales high school recently upset some parents by introducing gender-neutral toilets — where boys and girls share the same bathrooms. And The Sun revealed how parents Nigel and Sally Rowe removed their six-year-old son from an Isle of Wight school after another boy was allowed to wear a dress.
    A headmistress of a private girls’ school in South London, said last week she tries not to call her students “girls” to avoid offending teens querying their gender identity.
    Sally-Anne Huang, who runs the James Allen Girls’ School in Dulwich, South London, says she uses the term “pupils” instead.
    Feminist author Germaine Greer, who told the BBC in 2015 that in her opinion, transgender women are “not women”, believes the whole issue has spun out of control.
    She told The Sun: “The whole thing is a kind of mad fantasy.
    DERISORY term standing for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists, used by pro-trans groups for those who believe relaxing the law may endanger women.
    They are especially concerned about trans women who still have male genitalia being sent to women’s jails or hospitals.
    “This particular issue, which as far as I’m concerned is a non-issue, is taking centre stage.
    “I’ve been threatened with death, with forcible sex change, with having my underwear set on fire. You know what they can’t forgive me for? They can’t forgive me for the fact I’m not interested.
    “They think they’re the most important issue. They’re not.”
    The House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee put forward its proposals for the law change in July. A full consultation on the proposed update to the 2004 Gender Recognition Act is due to be published before winter.
    The committee’s chair, Conservative MP Maria Miller, told The Sun: “Of course, there will be very heated views on both sides, but I think as a society we think that people should be able to live their life fairly and we need to support people, not discriminate.”

  18. Tara Hewitt has entered the fray–well, at least on Twitter. A guy named Tom Holland tweeted that going around punching women seemed an eccentric way to demonstrate one’s femininity and that those responsible for the attack at Speaker’s Corner had behaved like men at their most thuggishly masculine. Hewitt’s response was to call for people to report his transphobia to the university at which he is a fellow. Funny how they complain about women going to the authorities for actual assault but run to them like childish tattletales when anyone says something they don’t like.

    1. Translation: Blank check to assault and murder literally anyone who doesn’t agree with you, because dissent=literal genocide. Gotcha!
      Keep it up, genderists. Keep telling the general public that the slightest questioning of your ideology should result in actual fucking murder. Great tactic. Keep showing your dumb, violent, sociopathic asses.

      1. I can easily see a future where the trans movement splits. The majority would become mainstreamed with legal rights structured similarly to those of religious groups. (The right to hold one’s gender beliefs without discrimination but not impose them on others). The splinter group, like many other religions, would become a violent murder and suicide cult of “true believers” who demand that everyone else, under threat of death, adopt their gender beliefs and practices.
        You can already see this starting to occur. For example, there’s a young woman pursuing a degree in Communications (!) at Montclair University who posts under the name “Ari Rose”. She writes for various ‘geek’ sites and co-hosts the ‘Legends in Review’ podcast with Rachel Greeman. She is a female, femininity-performing gender-conforming individual who identifies as a non-binary trans activist.
        Ari Rose has posted her opinion that Dana Rivers- the trans activist triple murderer who slaughtered a lesbian family and their son in Oakland last year, should be celebrated as a transgender hero. She goes on to openly call for the mass murder of lesbians by transgender activists for the crime of rejecting male sexual partners.
        Here she is on her other account:
        Obviously there are many other examples of such trans murder cult behavior, but I find Ari Rose’s gruesome calls for the violent torture of lesbians particularly compelling for several reasons that I won’t expound on at length here. (Namely that Ari is female, gender-conforming, bisexual, and her calls for mass murder of lesbians are no longer abstract: that is, she is literally issuing a call to action using an actual triple-murderer as a role model to follow.)
        Suffice to say, the sub-group of trans activists (like Ari Rose) who project their self-loathing outward, and for whom no amount of external affirmation will ever soothe their internal demons, could easily break off into an organized terrorist faction if the rest of the transgender movement decides to mainstream their political goals.

      2. There is some serious and dangerous mental disorder manifesting here. Here in the U.S., if a psychiatrist signed off on commitment papers, any one or more of these people could be psychiatrically incarcercerated as a danger to others. They do not have to have already done the crime before they are locked up.

      3. I could totally see NB being that splinter group. Riley the Rapist also identifies as one so they’re on a splendid roll already. IME, they’re mostly suburban, middle class, bihet white kids who stick close to the GC line but think they’ve found a way to opt out of everything (including being homophobic shitlords) with they/them. The game is quite literally “I’m oppressed because I say so.” Since they’re little privilege bombs, they’re way more confident in spouting violent rhetoric as well.
        And obviously #NotAllNB #YMMV. I know some younger women who just misguidedly think it’s a way to buck the system. But the whole notion is so ripe for abuse.

    2. So I guess he’s planning to claim self-defense if the assault case goes to court? I can’t wait to hear an English barrister expound on the legal basis for that!

  19. They would be afraid to confront a gathering of biker men, they would be afraid to take on Marines at a military base, but they just love intimidating and attacking groups of women who refuse to believe these men are women. They refuse to take on men, because they are cowards, the refuse to face the fact that prostituted women or men playing the role of women are easy targets —Johns murder prostitutes, not women. They refuse to believe that many male to trans actually ARE violent towards women, and that they have actually KILLED women, but somehow, these men, who are cowards choose to harass women— back in third grade we’d say, “Pick on someone your own size.”

    1. Exactly! And a lot of these cowards seem to really enjoy the idea that declaring themselves trans means the rule about not hitting women no longer applies to them, even if they’re as large as linebackers and the women they’re beating up are petite.
      ‘back in third grade we’d say, “Pick on someone your own size.”’
      Yeah, I remember hearing that, too, but some transactivists have trouble with judgments of relative size, since they were claiming Maria MacLachlan had a trans girl “half her size” in an evil TERF headlock, which can’t possibly be true unless the “trans girl” came from Munchkinland.

  20. September 26
    Cristin Williams’ all male ‘TransAdvocate’ website re-blogs a post from Kelley Winters’ GID Reform Weblog. The post was originally titled “Australian ’60 Minutes’ Report Misrepresents Trans Youth Medical Care”.
    Williams retitles the post: “An Australian Media Corporation Takes a Punch at Trans Youth, Using the ’60 Minutes’ Brand”.
    Keep it classy, Christopher! What a guy.

    1. We all know that fall is when the harvest comes in, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. And it looks as though there is a bumper crop of nuts, coming out from the brigade.
      By the way, if there is anything in the way of misrepresentation, that is from those in the brigade, who lack the stones to be intellectually honest. It needs to be said again….[at the risk of repeating what has been posted here and in other corners, when the subject of their eugenics-centered attitudes come into play and the fore] that what they are wanting to do to children, is what Mengele did. What Sangers was engaged in. And quite frankly, that should be grounds enough, to label many in the brigade as threats to the society, with their actions mitigated.

  21. From the Guardian 26 October 2017 “Suspects sought after brawl between transgender activists and radical feminists”
    “Three suspects are being sought by police after a woman was punched and kicked during a brawl between transgender activists and radical feminists.
    The 60-year-old victim was punched in the face, knocked to the ground and kicked after one of the suspects tried to grab her camera as she was filming at a gender recognition talk, the Metropolitan police said.
    Officers are trying to trace a man and two others, who are believed to be transgender, over the attack at around 9.30pm on Wednesday 13 September at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.
    Video posted on social media appears to show the confrontation between two groups of people, some holding placards railing against misogyny and featuring the word TERFs, short for trans-exclusionary radical feminists.”
    So the met police read Gender Trender…..great work Gallus.

    1. They don’t even recognize that alleged perpetrator Ada Cable / Thomas Walpole is supposed to be a transwoman: “Police said the first suspect is a man described as white, around 6ft and with brown hair in a pony tail. They give no gender for the two others…”
      You know you’re not even trying when even the Guardian calls you a man.

      1. I provided the videos and all the stills and pics to the police weeks ago when I gave my statement and I’m pissed off that they chose such crappy ones, got the time of the assault wrong by about two hours and gave a totally wrong description of suspect 2 but at least they already know he is Tara Flik Wood, they just have to find him. I don’t know why they couldn’t put his name in the Press Release when it’s already been published in the national press.
        Finally, the first suspect is NOT Cable. He was the man interviewed and released a couple of weeks ago and he actually doesn’t look much like Ponytail guy. I’d suggest removing references to him in case he has a mind to sue.

        1. Nah I’ll keep reporting the facts about his “alleged” involvement. I’m not sold on his alleged denial. You also claimed previously that the attackers weren’t transwomen, so respectfully, I will trust my own observation of the facts. Thank you for the update!

      2. His “alleged” involvement is just that – an allegation. There are no “facts” to report and everyone who’s done as I’ve done and compared stills of Ponytail with stills of Cable taken from a youtube video he’s in agrees they are different people. I’m curious as to why you would think otherwise?
        As for whether my attackers are trans or not – how would I know? AFAIC, I was attacked by three males. The videos show them all wearing make-up so maybe they are. I’m not sure what that has to do with Cable’s involvement though. I’m just saying be careful what you say in case he’s litigious. I very much appreciate your work here.

        1. Thank you! I do appreciate it. 🙂
          Can you leave the link to the video you reference?
          As for Thomas Walpole: Yes- “alleged” involvement. I’m reporting that his involvement has been alleged by various observers. All documented in the above thread. He is welcome to contact me if he has a problem with my reporting or has new information to share.
          At any rate, please keep us updated. Much appreciated.

    1. You would think police would be able to identify and track down the alleged guilty parties: Ada Cable / Thomas Walpole of Goldsmiths College and Tara Flik Wood of Action For Trans Health London by now!
      The good thing is that when they are arrested it looks like it will be widely reported. 🙂

  22. “how posh” lol— so glad they nailed this guy and that there will be accountability in a courtroom. All this past year, I have yet to hear one LGBT activist type ever mention these attacks on women. The silence around this stuff is eerie and creepy, and transmaids are on the look out for all who dare to speak the truth. Thanks for covering all these crimes, for keeping us informed about court appearances and who the hell these men really are, and their phoney weird names as well.
    PS I’ve adopted the term Transmaid, for all women who do the cheerleading for the male to trans invasion of women’s spaces… GM came up with the term and it is very apt. Hope we can all popularize it 🙂

  23. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/04/12/radical-feminist-warned-refer-transgender-defendant-assault/
    The trial in the magistrate’s court for Flick Wood’s assault on Maria Maclachlan at Hyde Park began yesterday, 12th April. It is expected to finish today, 13th April. The defendant is calling several witnesses.
    District Judge Kenneth Grant warned Ms MacLachlan to refer to Miss Wolf as “she” while giving evidence. This is a trial conducted in the lower court in front of a district judge, no jury involved. If Wood is convicted, no doubt he will be referred to and reported as “she”. “Ms MacLachlan replied: “I’m used to thinking of this person who is a male as male.”” Well said!
    The Telegraph reports…. “Jodie Anderson, defending, argued she (Maria) was deliberately trying to antagonise the protesters and intended to post the footage on her blog, Facebook page and Twitter in a bid to out them as trans.”
    How was Maria supposed to know he was trans or anything else? He looks male to me in the videos. Ridiculous speculation by the defence as the defendant was already “out” on social media. Also, let’s not forget that Maria and the others had gathered at Hyde Park corner because their original venue for peaceful discussion had to be changed because of harassment by TAs.
    As stated in the Daily Mail article……”Wolf admitted posting on Facebook ahead of the event: “I wanna f*** up some terfs. They’re no better than fash (fascists).” She claimed she made the comment out of bravado and wanted to protest peacefully.” There is nothing peaceful about Flick Wood.
    I so admire Maria for standing up for herself and for women and having to go through this whole process.

    1. Wood was found guilty of assault and fined.
      Apparently the judge took into account Wood’s autism and “Oppositional Defiant Disorder.” If those are grounds for leniency, then a large group of male transactivists may think they’ve been handed a get-out-of-jail free card.
      The defense that Wood feared Maria Mac would out him is ridiculous, given that he already had a Gofundme account for surgery in which he identified himself as trans. Also, apparently some of these guys planned to “disguise” themselves as male for the protest at Hyde Park in order to be safer.
      So, TIMs “disguise” themselves as male and then are angry people can’t tell they’re trans. Maybe next time they should try nose glasses.

  24. An anti-abortion demonstrator was recently assaulted by a man who thought it would be cute to do some sort of roundhouse kick and knock her phone out of her hand. He missed, of course, and hit her in the shoulder. It turns out that jerking off to anime isn’t the same as a black belt. Amazing, right?

    As bizarre as his kick was, where he somehow thought that damaging a $200-1000 piece of property was fair game provided he stuck his tongue out and posed before doing it, what he did before that is the real mind blower: He was using a marker to scribble on people’s clothing, including that of a 10 YEAR OLD GIRL who he found offensive for not being as feminist as him. But who could be?
    This proves that there’s no line a male won’t cross provided
    1. He believes his gender performance insulates him from toxic masculinity
    2. His adversary is to the right of him politically and is thus automatically a nazi so BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

    1. I’ve always been pro-choice and get I mail from NARAL. I signed the petition because I will not tolerate men kicking or punching women.
      My sister is pro-life and I’m pro-choice. We disagree on abortion, but I wouldn’t want a man to kick her for just standing on the street and peacefully expressing her views.
      I bet he wouldn’t kick a dude like that. After kicking her, the moron said, “I meant to kick the phone” as if it matters. It was a deliberate round house kick.

      1. “I didn’t mean to kill her”. How many fucking guys have said that? It’s like Jane “cadaver porn” Fae and his eggshell skull hypothesis.

    2. As annoying as some pro-lifers are, these were women peacefully demonstrating their opinion. No woman should be kicked or punched for having an opinion on anything.

    3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2018/10/05/hairstylist-fired-roundhouse-kick-antiabortion-protesters-shoulder-toronto/?utm_term=.7a042ef00749
      “Amy Wesselink, the manager of Noble Studio 101, told The Post that the man in the video is Jordan Hunt, a freelance contract hairstylist hired two months ago. He was let go Wednesday.
      “There were already indications that things were not going to work out, Wesselink said Friday. Hunt told her he needed to leave town after vaguely describing a video circulating online.”
      “Needed to leave town”–ROFL
      Whether men call themselves pro-life, pro-choice, or pro-trans, what they all really seem to be in favor of is punishing disobedient women who won’t go along with their wishes. Too many of them seem to have a strong authoritarian streak.

    4. Jordan Hunt’s employers say he previously harassed female coworkers and behaved aggressively towards them:
      “noblestudio101From today’s interview in the Washington Post – See the irony?! A MAN assaults a WOMAN and his FORMER workplace full of WOMEN is being barraged by threats and harassment from around the world. It’s disgusting. Today we had someone call us asking what we would do if we were shot at with a shot gun. What the fuck did we do here?! This person was asked to not come back (he was a freelance contractor) because he was HARASSING and being AGGRESSIVE to female coworkers #irony”

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