41 thoughts on “This Is Trans Terrorism. This Is Male Violence.

  1. Got put on twitter lockdown over this one… please be aware that the trans activists work for most of the major online platforms like FB, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+ and Twitter. They are trying to get these Youtubes taken down also.. they are very powerful, so be extra careful with your social media accounts. First they came for Gallus!
    Rather than argue, should have blocked the trans activists immediately. It was a ruse and I fell for it.
    What I am trying to say and saying badly–
    They planned this attack AND they planned the online aftermath; they were instantly ready with defenses for these guys. It was all choreographed ahead of time, and I am sure I was not the only feminist banned as a result.
    Endgame: They managed to beat a feminist up and then ban all the women who complained about it.

    1. Blocking is great advice, especially on Facebook. Keeping the more hateful trans activists from ever seeing what you post makes it harder for them to get FB to censor us. If FB would start a feature where one could block all members of a group at one time, that would be great for us. Won’t hold my breath for that — FB had some robo-script scolding me for blocking too many people one night. Went something like “we suspect you are using the feature in a way it was not meant to be used.”

    2. Jesus, this reminds me of when marshmallowfury (popular artist on Tumblr) accidentally revealed she had been looking into gender/trans critical resources. When the usuals caught wind of it, there was a slew of UNFOLLOW IF TERF posts across social media. Nice try, fuckos.
      I feel awful for anyone who unfollowed these people for any reason during that time. Could you imagine just pruning your watch list to cut down on your feed and being questioned by a bunch of rabid narcissists?

  2. This unprovoked violence should be prosecuted as a hate crime.
    Sooner or later a woman is going to be killed. Wait, transwomen/gender queer biological males already kill women and offend at the same rate as other males. Make no mistake. They sure as hell would kill a woman. Within a three month period in the Bay area, a transwoman (biological male) and a gender queer identified male were charged with killing three women and the son of one of the murdered women. Last November, transwoman Dana Rivers was charged with the brutal murder of lesbian couple and their adopted son, arson for trying to burn down the house to destroy evidence and possessing metal knuckles. In January 2017, gender queer activist, Pablo Gomez Jr., was charged with murder of one woman and attempted murder of another woman as well as robbery. Gendertrender did an excellent post on Dana Rivers. And, people who read this blog know about the conviction of transwoman, Douglas, “Donna”, Perry for the cold blooded triple homicide of three women. Hell, yes, these are violent males.
    Male violence against women is nothing new. Trans/queer just get a free pass. This is terrifying. Notice how fast the guy in the blue and white pants charged at the woman with fist flying. It was unprovoked male aggression against a defenseless woman.
    I hope the woman who was attacked presses charges, and hate crime charges should be added to the charges of assault and the deliberate smashing of her camera.

    1. SHOULD is the operative word in your 1st sentence. Is there any such thing as hate crimes against women in the UK? They aren’t a protected class in the USA.

    1. Wow. This seems like a matter for police investigation. It’s unbelievable that there are still people defending these guys. They are completely bonkers and extremely dangerous.

  3. Some posts on different blogs say that the woman attacked was a 60 year old woman. Some young gender queer punk attacked a 60 year old woman, pummeling her, and breaking her camera. What a bunch of violent pathetic cowards.

  4. WTH??????This is disgusting, sickening and here is to these punks getting EXACTLY what they deserve in jail as a result.
    Worse still, this violence goes hand in hand with the lauding in other online corners, of brigade members who are felons, thanks to other deeds. And of course, if they are hurt or terminated with extreme prejudice while….being a jerk towards someone else, their lives are praised, as being more worthy than natal females. Of course, point that out and then the verbally violent lot contained in same, are unleashed.
    Again, here is hoping the police find these thugs and that they get the Attica treatment.

    1. I fear they will succeed in getting into the women’s prison and be able to continue their violence there. (Haven’t seen the video yet but am somehow pretty sure the attackers are male.)
      Because the UK government hates women.

  5. I’ve been following this on both of the blue hellsites and had to take several mental health breaks. Even if she was an evil provocateur (she’s not), I’ve dealt with all manner of terrible elderly people, some personally abusive, but not once did I have an urge to physically attack them.
    And could it get any more male pattern violence than attempting strangulation? Fucking monsters.

  6. It’s a little hard to square this behavior with the nice lady pose. I would like to know the content of the original Hyde Park Corner speaker’s address to the crowd. Not that it made any difference to the marauders, but I just want to hear what message she wanted to convey in this setting.
    Twiss Butler

    1. The victim wasn’t conveying any message. She was one of a group of women meeting up at Hyde Park to travel to a private discussion in an undisclosed location. The discussion was on the impact to women and girls of proposed changes to the UK’s Gender Recognition Act.
      Trans activists wanted to prevent the women from having a discussion on this topic. They saw the women discussing the meet up location on Facebook and stalked them there to attack them.

      1. Yeah, I sent $50 along with the comment. I send as much as I can, whenever I can. Feed that tip jar people!!!

  7. Women are going to have to arm themselves at these gatherings and be prepared to do strike without hesitation. I’m not a confrontational person but I’m at the point where I will gladly gut any pig in a wig who invades my space. Force is the only thing males respond to. Guard yourselves, ladies!

    1. I agree. I have always been against gun control and for women being armed with proper guns and self defense training. It’s a great equalizer since women are generally a bit smaller and have less brute strength.

      1. Guns do not equalize. If a woman shoots a man in self-defense, she will be sent to prison. If a man shoots a woman, justifications for his murder will be found and he will get the shortest prison sentence possible, if any at all.
        You cannot make your everyday life more equal using government-approved means if the government itself hates you and wants to oppress you.

        1. Good point sellmaeth. They are considered equalizers to radical leftists because they are necessary to overthrow the ruling class but it’s important to note what works for liberating the world from capitalism may not apply the same ways to dismantling patriarchy. Ultimately neither pro or anti gun position challenges the patriarchy in any way.

  8. How foolish does a woman have to be to believe that many trans (who imagine themselves to be female) are not dangerous? Look whgo they choose to speak for them. Why aren’t non-violent trans speaking out about this ? Men are dangerous if you get in their path and sometimes when you are not in their way. This violence should be expected and we have to be ready.

  9. Transactivists have become so unhinged and violent that women really do need to hire private security and bring trained guard dogs to their gatherings/meetings.

  10. What women need to do:
    1. Carry Pepper spray with dye: carry it as it is legal. If you can’t find with dye, bet the hottest pepper spray you can.
    2. If you don’t like pepper spray, you can use hair SPRAY or citronella spray runners use to keep dogs at bay.
    3. Where legal: carry a small taser. A million volts will do it, more if you can. It will not permanently hurt a person, but they will drop and be immobile for a bit.
    4. Unless you have been trained via the military or law enforcement in the use of firearms i.e. hand guns–I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU CARRY.
    5. Carry one of those __very loud horns__ that run on compressed air (Super Blast Horn/Klaxon is an example). In an ear, they will back off!
    6. Make sure you have AS MANY phones documenting the–“event” as is possible. Phone footage is accepted in courts.
    7. Have medical people at the ready for non-life threatening injuries.
    8. If you are injured by one of these creeps, make sure to PRESS CHARGES and also sue under civil rights laws and injury laws. [Can you say whiplash? Good. I knew that you could.] Also sue if you have had equipment damaged by these punks.
    9. if you can, have easily identifiable security personnel; in some places, security can make citizens arrests:
    A. http://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-procedure/citizen-s-arrest.html
    B. For our sisters in the UK: https://www.inbrief.co.uk/police/citizens-arrest/
    Security may also be able to carry handcuffs. Check out what you state/area has to say about that.
    10. Have a communications tree ready to disovulate [as opposed to diseminate] information and have spokeswomen ready to speak directly to the media. Spokeswomen must be very good at dealing with questions and be excellent at verbal communications.
    Also, stand up and resist. Talking about peace is great, but these males want to hurt us. When you are dealing with cowards, oft times, a show of force will have them back down. However, if you feel threatened and feel your life is in danger: DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO! That includes almost any and everything. Do not ask me what I would do. . .
    And if you think I am just spouting off, know this: I WILL and HAVE placed my body where my mouth is. Anywhere, any place, anytime in the defense of my sisters.
    Al my love and care to the women who experienced this violence. Do not let the bastards get you down. Resist!

      1. Wonder if he attacked her before or after she popped off about how she was happy about women getting beaten up.

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