Australia’s 60 Minutes Pulls Teen Detransitioner Story Ahead of Same-Sex Marriage Vote

Promo on the 60 Minutes Australia Facebook Page (since removed).

Australia’s 60 Minutes program failed to air a segment on a transgender teen Sunday night after advertising it all week. The promoted story featured a young man named Patrick Mitchell, who was administered estrogen tablets from the age of twelve by his mother, Ali Mitchell, after she obtained the prescriptions under false pretenses by claiming they were somehow needed for herself.
It is yet unclear whether a physician prescribed them or if she somehow ordered them online without a prescription. Also unclear is whether any blood tests were done to screen the boy for dangerous complications such as liver damage or blood clots. Either way, Ms. Mitchell claims she was justified in doing so and broke no laws. She administered the drugs based on the assessment of clinicians who had diagnosed her (then 12-year-old) son as transgender.  Now a feminized 14-year-old male teen with breasts, Patrick says he was misdiagnosed, and is seeking to reverse the changes.

“Just so you know I didn’t break the law. My son was suicidal. When seen by clinicians – and the wait for this was life threatening in itself to the point where I could not continue to work or leave him alone – he was diagnosed by them as transgender. When you won’t blink an eye at your son marrying a 6’4” broad shouldered bride with facial hair and an Adam’s apple … maybe – and only then – then comment on ‘what you would do’. It is illegal to prescribe hormones to an under 16 year old – not for these children to take them. It is the only way to manage the bone growth and soften features – like feet growing into size 15 feet – in such a child. This was not a quick decision. I wanted my child alive and positive about their life future – whether a boy or a girl that is ok too. I appreciate most comments – but like me you think this will never happen to you. Stay close to the ones you love – and let them know that it’s never too late to live your truth. The negative comments on social media are only more reason why living in Australia with diversity is stupidly difficult. Should we have continued on because we had alreadly done so much – or let him re enter life as a boy. These children can end their lives in an instant. It becomes a matter of life or death. When someone says NO to RUOK you take every professional advise available to you. You don’t self diagnose. No child would want this on a whim. It’s terribly REAL at the time. I don’t think anyone would wish anything but life and acceptance for all people – children included.”

– Ali Mitchell, commenting publicly on the since removed segment advertisement on 60 Minutes Australia’s Facebook page.

From the 60 Minutes Australia Facebook Page

From the 60 Minutes Australia Facebook Page

She went on to comment:

“I took every pathway to the letter. If we’d had quicker access to help and blockers things might have been different – but the society’s are overloaded and under resourced. We discussed and were guided in every step by the top in their field and those required to complete lengthy psychiatric assessments quite separately to any parent being of influence or ‘in the room’. I had never known anyone transgender till this happened in our world. Patrick hopes telling his story might help other kids who are distraught in this – nothing more. Best wishes, Ali.”


From the 60 Minutes Facebook promo page

From the 60 Minutes Australia Facebook Page.

Patrick’s mother, Ali Mitchell (Public Facebook)

Women’s Day Australia is running a feature on the Mitchell’s story in their print edition this week. Excerpt:

Patrick Mitchell tells: “I transitioned into a girl… now I’m a boy again”

This Aussie schoolboy started growing breasts and transitioning into a girl at just 12 years old – before he realised he made a terrible mistake!


In this exclusive interview and on the eve of his surgery to have his breasts removed, he tells Woman’s Day he has no regrets.

Looking at Patrick Mitchell now, you’d have no idea what an emotional rollercoaster he has been on since he made the decision to transition into a girl at 12 years old.

Now, just two years later, the high school student is about 
to have an operation to remove excess breast tissue in what will be the final stage of his extraordinary transition – back 
to being a boy.

“I was experiencing discomfort in my gender… 
but that’s no longer the case,” explains Patrick, who nevertheless has no regrets about the past two years.

This very unusual journey began when Patrick was just seven years old and visiting a friend’s house, and the topic of trans people came up.

“It was the first time I’d heard the phrase ‘trans’, and because I’d always identified with girls 
I thought, well, this makes sense, I probably am a girl,” he says.

“I was always more feminine and liked baking, gymnastics and fashion – my superhero name was Organza Man.”

Even so, it wasn’t until he was 12 years old and refused to return to school because of severe bullying that he discussed any of this with his family.

“When everyone went to sleep I’d stay up late researching trans people and potential surgeries that I could have to make me look more feminine,” he says.

“It was so hard to wake up every morning and see something new on my body, 
or that I’d grown. It was so depressing – I hated looking in the mirror. I didn’t know who the person staring back at me was.”

Seeing him struggling, mum Alison decided to home school Patrick and broached the subject of transgender with him.

“I’d seen a story on TV about transgender people,” says Alison.

“I said to Patrick, ‘I’m not saying this is you but I think we should speak to somebody about it.'”

“I hadn’t even finished the sentence and he had the biggest smile on his face – I hadn’t seen him smile for months.”

Shortly after, Patrick met with doctors who diagnosed him with gender dysphoria, a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there’s a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity.

As puberty approached, Patrick began transitioning to a woman.

In the beginning of 2017 however, Patrick started to have a change of heart when a female tutor referred to him as “one of the girls” during a lesson.

“I began to realise I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,” Patrick says.

60 Minutes Australia issued no announcement or explanation regarding their decision not to air the advertised segment. Hundreds of outraged viewers left complaints on the 60 Minutes Facebook page after they tuned in to watch and found the story was not aired as expected.
Viewers who emailed the show received the following comment:

“Dear [Viewer],

Thank you for your message. The story was due to air, however there were production issues that prevented us from screening the story on Sunday. We hope to be able to broadcast it in the next few weeks.

Kind Regards,

60 Minutes Team.”

60 Minutes response to emails.

Observers speculated that 60 Minutes pulled the segment over concerns that the broadcast would negatively affect the outcome of the September 12th national postal survey to be conducted on same sex marriage. Citizens will vote on whether the government should begin proceedings to legalize same sex marriage. The non-binding postal survey has been hotly contested by LGBT and right wing groups. Much of the opposition links gay marriage to the transgender children debate, presenting same sex marriage as the ‘slippery slope’ leading to the medicalization of gender in children.
The national same sex marriage vote itself is being challenged by LGBT advocates in Australia’s Supreme Court this week. They seek to overturn the vote on the grounds that the survey was not funded via the usual parliamentary process. They also contest whether the Australian Bureau of Statistics has the authority to administer the survey. Same sex marriage advocates would like the postal survey to be cancelled and for parliament to legalize gay marriage without a popular vote.
Either way, the national vote should be decided “in the next few weeks”, which aligns with the timeline presented by 60 minutes to run the program.
Earlier this year, ABC Australia enacted a last minute cancellation of the BBC documentary “Transgender Children: Who Knows Best?” after transgender activists lobbied for its censorship. The documentary presented alternate views of clinicians – some critical- on the practice of medically stunting the growth of reproductive organs in children who are gender non-conforming.
You can watch the (now censored) 60 Minutes promo for the segment on the Mitchell’s story here:

This is the 60 Minutes promo that Facebook just 'disappeared' from all postings. The story was about a boy changes his mind that he isn't a girl and wishes to revert back to his biological gender. What does FB and 60 Minutes have to hide?

Posted by John Fox on Monday, September 4, 2017


71 thoughts on “Australia’s 60 Minutes Pulls Teen Detransitioner Story Ahead of Same-Sex Marriage Vote

  1. Thank you Gallus for bringing this story to my attention. I think that both this story and the one the ABC decided under duress not to show should be shown, just not now when we are suffering under a barrage of hate speech and actions. Our government is trying to deny lesbians and gays equality with other Australians. It is particularly hurtful to me to know that the f***wits who assaulted me twice are getting a say on whether I can marry my partner of 21 years.
    Anyway, back on topic. The shows you mentioned need to be seen by the parents and kids who are thinking of transitioning. And by those whose problems haven’t gone away after transitioning. I suspect there are quite a lot of trannys who haven’t found nirvana after getting the chop, or haven’t embraced the dip in equality becoming a women entails.
    I shall contact the ABC after the vote/decision and urge them to show the censored program. Our public broadcaster must be neutral in the programs they show. They are certainly giving the No case plenty of air time. So they have no excuse not to show a program that takes a balanced look at the issue.

  2. Snap judgment based on the statements of Patrick and Ali Mitchell: He’s a gay boy saddled with a narcissistic mother who didn’t want to address the real reason he was being bullied. For a certain sort of parent, the trans trend is a psychological gold mine. They get to indulge homophobia, narcissism, or Munchausen’s by proxy while earning liberal street cred and parent-of-the-year points.
    It’s interesting that people might be worried about the story of the boy’s destransitioning interfering with the vote on same-sex marriage, given his mother’s homophobic comment about who would want their son to marry someone tall and broad-shouldered (maybe parents who love their gay son and want him to be happy?).
    I do hope the segment isn’t postponed into oblivion, since it looks like one of the more obvious examples of transitioning as child abuse. Pretty much every type of abusive parent gives some variation on the “just trying to do what was best for my child” excuse.

    1. The ssm “debate” here has been so horribly toxic and the main argument you see on the no side is a conflation of gay with gender theory bullshit. I’m glad they pulled this story. I’ll also be glad when they eventually show it which they will.

  3. It’s like these people have never been around, e.g., a boy who spent a number of weeks convinced they were a dump truck or a girl who spent time pretending she was one of the cats … How hard is it to just let children be children?

  4. @ Gallus,
    “It is yet unclear whether a physician prescribed them or if she somehow ordered them online without a prescription. Also unclear is whether any blood tests were done to screen the boy for dangerous complications such as liver damage or blood clots. Either way, Ms. Mitchell claims she was justified in doing so and broke no laws. She administered the drugs based on the assessment of clinicians who had diagnosed her (then 12-year-old) son as transgender. Now a feminized 14-year-old male teen with breasts, Patrick says he was misdiagnosed, and is seeking to reverse the changes.”
    Was it an adrogen blocker or estrogen, or both? Androgen blockers (Spironolactone) just block the androgen receptors. It doesn’t sound like she gave her son GnRH analogues which should always include lab tests.
    The mother should be charged with child abuse, and people need to get the bottom of this as far as the prescriptions. That is, if she even had a prescription and didn’t buy them online. If the hormones were for her, and she gave them to her son, I believe that is against the law in the US. I assume it’s the same in Australia. For all we know, she got the prescription from some online “gender therapist” that never even saw Patrick in person. It’s ridiculous how easy it is to get hormones, and any and every thing related to childhood “transitioning”. Maybe the mother got the hormones from some mail order pharmacy without a prescription.
    @ Gallus,
    “Also unclear is whether any blood tests were done to screen the boy for dangerous complications such as liver damage or blood clots. ”
    How can a twelve year old boy fully understand all the side effects of taking estrogen? Children lack the ability to give informed consent. This is a human rights abuse and clearly unethical.
    Below is a typical MTF “Informed Consent” that adults in the US sign. It lists most of the side effects, and adults have to read and sign this form. I’m sure no one went over all the side effects with Patrick, and Patrick was only twelve at the time. He had no idea what he was taking, or what the hormones could do to his developing male body.
    This teenage boy has breast development which he doesn’t want.
    “Now, just two years later, the high school student is about 
to have an operation to remove excess breast tissue in what will be the final stage of his extraordinary transition – back 
to being a boy. ”
    What have the hormones done to his male reproductive system and fertility? People on this and other blogs know that children are being sterilized with GnRH analogues and cross gender hormones.
    The drugging and sterilization of children will eventually go the way of lobotomies and other ghastly human experiments.
    “Observers speculated that 60 Minutes pulled the segment over concerns that the broadcast would negatively affect the outcome of the September 12th national postal survey to be conducted on same sex marriage. ….Much of the opposition links gay marriage to the transgender children debate, presenting same sex marriage as the ‘slippery slope’ leading to the medicalization of gender in children.”
    The “T” is evolving into an Orwellian curse upon the LGB. In addition to the “transitioning” of children which is clearly a human rights abuse, people look at Stefonknee Wolscht and the 8 year old drag queen, Lactatia, and they cringe.
    Even political moderates are getting fed up with everything trans. The privacy rights of women are being shredded, a transwoman was charged with slaughtering a lesbian family and all useless trans run LGBTQIA groups buried the story, children are being sterilized with GnRH analogues and cross gender hormones, and disabled women are getting their breasts lopped off after only two visits to the “gender therapist”. In California, a male who tortured women with electrical wires before raping them was sent to a women’s prison. Males who murder, torture, and rape women claim “gender identity”, and they get taxpayer funded hormones, etc., and the sick sons of bitches are sent to a women’s prison.
    The LGB should have dumped the “T” years ago. It’s only going to get crazier. And, we know that nothing under the sun is ever too kinky for the trans/queer crowd. Trans/queer have no problem at all with grown men with age play (Stefonknee Wolscht) fetishes, diaper fetishes (Riley Kilo – transgender diaper fetish), and BDSM (Carlotta Sklodowska).
    The axe carrying transwoman who went crazy inside a convenience store, swinging his axe at the head of two people is from Australia. It happened in Sydney. The Aussies have their axe carrying transwoman, and the US has Dana Rivers, Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek, Synthia China Blast, and Douglas, “Donna”, Perry. Canada has Stefonknee Wolscht, the 52 year old divorced father of 7 kids who identifies as a 6 year old girl. I can understand why gay men and lesbians don’t want their issues mixed in with the trans crazy train. Most transwomen (biological males) are heterosexual anyway.

      1. Wellesley grad here. Last year was the first year that Wellesley claimed to be admitting transwomen, and, on some of my alumnae message boards, some of the more enthusiastically tran-centric young libfem alumnae were outraged that, as far as anyone could tell, there weren’t any M2T in last year’s first-year class. I wasn’t surprised — Wellesley admissions are insanely competitive, and it would be hard to get into the college if one was addled with hormone blockers or spending all your time in high school naval gazing instead of studying for AP tests.
        This bloke is undoubtedly in the program for older students, however, and I know they’ve had at least one other M2T in that program before, so it really isn’t that big a deal. I’m not sure there are any in the traditional student aged population (and I am quite involved in the college), and if there are, they are very few, so the percentage of M2T in Wellesley’s population is still quite low.
        Mills, on the other hand, has a long history of struggle keeping its enrollment numbers up, and has been encouraging M2T enrollment for several years. So its numbers are certainly not representative of the more competitive women’s colleges.

    1. @SkyLark Phillips and @GallusMag This one came over the twitter wire this morning and was wondering if this can be confirmed in full. Reason being is that the brigade member who did post this, is denying that this is the case. Although it seems there are, based on postings on GT that have stated there are groups who are funneling children into those ‘clinics’.
      Even if the number is not as high as mentioned, the fact it is going on in the first place is frightening. Speaks volumes for the level of child abuse and insanity among many in the group.

      1. Why don’t you google your own answers before asking us to do that for you? Yes the numbers line up. Surprised it isn’t higher. 50 kids a week this year = 2600. Last year = 2016. Paris Lees isn’t objecting to the numbers, he’s objecting to the description of the admission of these children to a medical transsexual “treatment” pathway as a “sex change” pathway, because he believes the term “sex change” is antiquated. Or he just doesn’t like attention being drawn to it.
        I’m certain you could have looked this information up on your own.

        1. Understood… The question was more like on the rhetorical side. In that there are other places, Google included…where this can be verified.
          I should have rephrased that a little better. With that being the case, the changing of adjectives on this by Lee’s, does not make this any less despicable. It becomes more of a ‘kinder’ way of describing a Nazi-esqe medical experiment on children.
          Again…sorry about the initial verbal misunderstanding/misusage.

      2. There was no misunderstanding. You clearly asked Skylark and myself if the numbers can be verified:
        “…was wondering if this can be confirmed in full.”
        Then you went on to speculate that the numbers may be inflated:
        “Even if the number is not as high as mentioned…”.
        I’m saying that you should not direct a request for research towards myself and/or Skylark simply because you don’t feel like looking it up yourself. What you did is make a post as an agent (intentionally or not) for Mr. Lees casting doubt on the veracity of the report, based on no data, and specifically requested that women (Skylark and myself) respond to Mr. Lees by providing you with labor you were unwilling to do yourself- presumably because your time is more valuable than ours. Or maybe your fingers are tired.
        When I pointed this out to you and told you not to do it, you claimed the request was intended to be “rhetorical”- which would mean:
        1. the sole objective of your post was to advertise Mr. Lees’ attempt to cast doubt on the report (supported with your own stated doubts).
        2. My observation that you had engaged in unwanted behavior was incorrect.
        To reiterate: If your objective was to challenge Mr. Lees you could have simply tracked down the source of the numbers presented in the article yourself instead of contacting Skylark and myself with a request for confirmation. When this behavior was pointed out to you, and I requested that you take note of it so you can identify and avoid this problematic behavior in future, your response was to deny the behavior had occurred and deny any responsibility and correction. This is unacceptable.
        Dude, you could have simply said, “Oh yeah. I shouldn’t have done that. I will make a note of it and try not to do it again. Sorry. Here is the source of the numbers my post put into question which I have googled myself.”
        But no. Of course not.
        Seriously it is times like these when I wonder about the net benefit of allowing male commenters who have been socialized to entitlement of female labor and disrespect of women’s observations and boundaries.
        Do not bother responding to this comment, Rhea. I’ve heard quite enough from you right now. I’m giving you a month off from participating here. You are welcome to return after November 23, if you would like. Goodbye for now.
        Here is the source of the figures that Rhea [expletive redacted] posted to call into question:
        Between April and September this year, 1,302 children – 50 a week – were referred to the Tavistock and Portman NHS trust gender identity development service (Gids), according to figures obtained by the Mirror under Freedom of Information legislation.
        They included 82 children under 10, among them two four-year-olds. The overall number of referrals is more than a third (35%) up on the equivalent period last year, when there were 965 referrals. However, Gids, the UK’s only specialist NHS provider of gender identity support for under-18s, noted that the rate of growth was slowing. In 2014-15 there were 697 referrals and in 2009-10 just 97.
        Dr Polly Carmichael, Gids director and consultant clinical psychologist, said: “If the same rate of referrals maintains through the year, we’ll see approximately 2,600 referrals in 2017/18. This would represent the lowest percentage increase compared to the year previous since we began publishing referral figures in 2009 and may indicate that we’re reaching a plateau in referral figures.”

      3. From the Guardian article (thanks for the link, GM!):
        “But a Foreign Office spokeswoman said it had not asked for the contentious words women or woman be expunged.”
        Funny, but I haven’t noticed anyone calling the words “men” or “man” contentious, only the terms for female human beings. It couldn’t be that women’s material reality is considered unspeakable?
        Some “people” get pregnant. Some “people” need access to contraception. Some “people” rape. Some “people” are violent to other “people”–who knows why? It’s a human issue, so no need to get more specific, especially if someone’s feelings might be hurt. All feelings matter!

    1. According to this, a physician ordered puberty blockers for Patrick and his mother gave him estrogen which she ordered online with a prescription intended for her based on her menopausal status.

      1. If he was on puberty blockers, it’s much harder for his mother to claim she was “forced” to give him estrogen to prevent him developing an obviously male body and then killing himself. The standard of care tends to be no cross-sex hormones before 16.
        (Some doctors and–surprise!–the woman who runs Mermaids are starting to say it should depend on level of maturity. Two things come to mind: One, we don’t let young people drink, drive, marry, sign contracts, or get tattoos below certain ages, no matter how “mature” they seem. And two, these children are, on the one hand, supposedly mature and rational enough to make decisions about permanent changes to their bodies regarding their appearance, fertility, long-term health risks, etc., but, on the other, so fragile that if not given what they want, they’ll kill themselves. Those advocating for early medical transition really need to get their story straight.)

      2. One of the doctors I was referring to in my previous comment (about those who think cross-sex hormones can be prescribed before sixteen) has been stopped from working in her field after giving hormones to a 12-year-old.
        Damaging the bodies of children, putting male rapists in women’s prisons, demanding that women engage in delusional Newspeak–this is insanity, and I’m getting even more outraged at those who expect us to play along.

  5. I knew detransition stories would start going mainstream in our lifetime but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Here they come…it’s like watching a far-off wave from the shore as it’s building and building. I do believe we’ll live to see the tsunami.

  6. Thank you so much, Gallus Mag, for this. If anything can change minds obeying the cult, this issue could be it, though it’s hard to imagine with so many making money from it.
    Unfortunately, it’ll be years before the massive increase in cancer and other problems appear that might convince people. Unopposed estrogen is incredibly carcinogenic.
    Another way GenderTrender is always such an important resource is that I link to you if anyone is interested in the truth. Like yesterday, after I tried to find out about a local OLOC (Old Lesbians Organizing for Change) weekend event that I’d been encouraged to go to. Heated pool and lots of Lesbians. OLOC had been one of the last organizations that was for Lesbians only. Not even women, but Lesbians.
    So a friend and I each wrote and were told that “trans-lesbians” would be there and no discussion was allowed about “trans-lesbians.” I knew that Mr. Reeann Dixon was in charge of information for local OLOC, so he has access to countless Lesbians’ email addresses and other information. But I’d gone to several events without seeing him. It looks like he’ll be at this one though, and we’d be in a “clothing-optional” pool? That’s hard enough to do just with other real Lesbians, but a man perving on us?
    They (he and his wife) and all the other het men and their women posing as Lesbians have the rest of the world to flaunt their privilege, while we have nothing left. Once again, it’s clear who matters more, even to Lesbians.
    We had to try though. It was a huge fight for him to get into the group and I wonder how many others still are upset about losing such an important resource.
    Anyway, thank you for being the place to send anyone who wants the truth….

  7. This homophobia support of erasing gay/lesbian kids and ‘transing’ them is all connected. In relation I’m seeking support advice. It seems most people in the LGBT community support “trans people” and gay male issues while supporting the transition of lesbians and the erasure of lesbians and womens’ private space. Including ignoring the harass/violence against lesbians by MTT people.
    I have volunteered at local LGBT festivals to meet other women and support young adult lesbians but am angered that it has been mainstreamed and incorporated into a generic event including supporting lesbian transition. I’m thinking of not volunteering at these type of events anymore because of this and seeking smaller groups and events that are lesbian supportive only and not sure where to look.

    1. I’m not sure where you are, Keisha, but I really support you to look for events and groups that are Lesbian supportive.
      At first, it looks like “LGBT” with the focus primarily on T is all that is where I live too. But, though it’s frustrating, social Lesbian groups often just want to be with other Lesbians, even if they feel they should be “inclusive.” So, in a way, the less political they are, the more Lesbian they are.
      But I also think a lot of Lesbians are just fed up. With what happened with OLOC, you’d never know there was a big fight to keep it for Lesbians. Many must be fed up, so the thing to do is find them, and stop letting your precious energy go to our enemies.
      Here, I organize nature strolls, but also find events that seem primarily Lesbian and spread the word online, including adding new friends to my email list. It helps those who are new, alone, or shy that others of us will show up for the event and we can sit together. Then I find allies and new friends when I bring up the trans issue. More than I would have thought are completely fed up but won’t say it until I do. Don’t give up!

  8. That Mum has got legal advice before she went to the media as it is totally illegal to give your prescription drugs to someone else across Australia except under the direction of emergency services or if a defence is available. She is trying for the defence of ‘necessity’ (to avoid death or serious injury) and it is ramped up in all the interviews I have seen from her. Hence her claims of potential suicide as it potentially could fit under the exceptions.
    eg. If you are walking down the street and someone has an extreme asthma attack and you share your inhaler, or if someone has an anaphylactic reaction in front of you and you give them your Epi-pen (the kind of thing these carve outs were intended to cover) then no charges will be laid or if they are, the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) will kill them before they go to court.
    This case is not nearly so clear cut as it’s not obvious she took all the other steps she should have (as his Mum when he was 7 or even 12) she could have had her son temporarily put into a psych unit to have him assessed and arguably as a minor, it was her duty to do so if she thought he might be suicidal. There are very stringent rules in most States in Australia including appointment of a temporary legal guardian for children in this situation (so pissed off parents can’t unilaterally decide to put their kids into the system to punish them) and mental health review boards and tribunals to review any involuntary mental health placement in a hospital. If she consulted all the psychs she said she did, then this would have been made clear. I don’t believe her for a moment.
    Most likely, she is still after her 15 minutes of fame and has ignored her legal advice that she will definitely be investigated if she goes public, and there is also a good chance (at least 50/50) she may be charged with something if she does.
    Sorry GM for the minor nitpick (anal, pedantic crap 🙂 ), but the same sex postal survey legal challenge is before the High Court of Australia (HCA) not the Supreme Court. In Australia (as opposed to the US) Supreme Courts are as high as you can go in the State you live in but the High Court is the ultimate authority for Australia as a nation.

    1. That goes far beyond cruel and unusual punishment for female convicts. And not a single legal rights group on the left or right is defending them.

      1. Because Amnesty International frequently speaks out against the sexual abuse of female inmates by prison staff, I did check whether they’d made any statements about the risks of MtF prisoners being housed with women but couldn’t find anything.
        Too many people view the collateral damage to children’s health and women’s safety as a small price to pay to allow some men to indulge their fetish unimpeded. Maybe the example of allies like Amy Siskind being attacked will wake up some of the handmaidens.

      2. I recently got a mail from Amnesty International asking me to sign a petition so that males in Finland could self-identify their way into women’s prisons. (Well, they wrote some nonsense about the poor trans being “forced to get sterilized to live as their chosen gender” but since it is not likely men are legally prohibited from wearing dresses and lipstick in Finland, access to women’s spaces is what it must be about.)
        It is pretty clear whose side Amnesty are on and it is not that of women.

    2. Yes, the same thing allegedly happened in a Missouri prison recently. An inmate’s mom went public and now the story is buried.

      1. But, it just doesn’t happen! Ruth Hunt of Stonewall writing an opinion piece in the Guardian yesterday. (I include the link for the sake of clarifying the source, not promoting it as I find it offensive in the extreme.)
        “We can all be reassured by the Ministry of Justice’s own guidelines…..“allowing transgender offenders to experience the system in the gender in which they identify will, in the great majority of cases, represent the most humane and safest way to act. We believe it will also assist successful rehabilitation.” ”
        Ruth Hunt goes onto say… “The reality is that if a man wants to dress up as a woman to access women-only spaces, he’ll do it anyway. No piece of paper will prevent it.”
        So, what should women do, especially those who are in prison and have no rights to protest about who they share their space with? Yes, the problem is male violence, but it is up to men to solve that problem not for women to be used as forced assistants in their rehabilitation.

      2. I don’t think Ruth Hunt has any idea how normal people live. She went straight into Stonewall after graduating from her fancy prep school then college life, she’s never held a job. She has literally been in Stonewall her entire adult life, promoted to the top after everyone else jumped ship.
        There was some crazy incident a number of ears ago where she claimed sharia law was good for gay men and refused to join the gay boycott of her favored luxury hotel.
        Same with heterosexual autogynephile Ben Stinson. He graduated from law school and instead of practicing he immediately aborted his career joining Stonewall.
        They both seem utterly inept.
        Guess it doesn’t matter since lesbians and gays have entirely abandoned the organization. Some elderly heterosexual crossdresser runs their fundraising now.

  9. “Much of the opposition links gay marriage to the transgender children debate, presenting same sex marriage as the ‘slippery slope’ leading to the medicalization of gender in children.”
    Leave it to right-wing opposition to get things exactly backwards: it is the fear and loathing of homosexuality that leads a lot of gay boys and lesbian girls to think, or even hope, that they might be “trans” instead, which is somehow more acceptable to lots of people.

    1. If that’s the case why weren’t gay and lesbian kids transing 20, 30 , 40 years ago??? People “loathed” homosexuality just as much back then. Face it, the trans hysteria is homegrown straight from the lgbt communities. Most people who support transgender rights also support and believe in gay rights. And the people who didn’t support Gay rights still don’t support trans rights.
      It is a fantasy that homophobia caused this trans explosion. It’s something you all have to tell yourselves because you don’t want to face the truth.

      1. …and what is “the truth” according to you? That everyone on GT is homophobic if they don’t support trans? You don’t have the “truth.” You have your perspective. So what is it?

  10. I can’t get over this. The headline is he grew boobs, not that he will never produce viable sperm. Does no one involved realize this? Does the mother know what she has done? Does her son know? All because his mom thought he would kill himself if she didn’t give hrt. I doubt she would ever have thought that without transactivists lying about it so often. Parents lose their minds when they hear that threat. I have read articles about 11 and 12 year olds starting cross sex hormones in the states, she is right that she was probably following an available protocol, although unless you’re well versed in medical terminology it’s hard to recognize that It’s experimental. I would be shocked if there aren’t facebook groups where parents swap tips on getting hrt illegally.

    1. Odd you bring that one up, @genderskeptics if only because, while there are no open groups that one can see about this, there are the adult [almost an oxymoron there] ones, which do discuss this. Except, it is under the guise of helping parents gently enable their child to be transed and if there is a discussion about how to ‘doctor shop’, then that is ‘incidental’. If junkies were to openly do same on FB, the smart money says a group like that would be shut down, in an NYC minute.
      Again, as for parents who are doing this to their children, they need to be locked up, for life. If only due to the fact that endangering the life of a child is illegal and no matter how kindly the cult packages it,that is what this disgrace amounts to. This also goes for the docs who are knowingly doing this outright.

    2. It’s likely she went down such a shifty approach because medical procedures that can result in sterilization aren’t legally permitted without court permission for children.
      It’s a direct result of parents & doctors playing god with kids in previous decades.
      I’ve heard rumblings in the past year that the trans lobby want to remove the protections.
      I’m sure there’s a lot of money to be made. Hormones now and then decades of dealing with all the medical conditions caused by messing with the hormonal balance of healthy development.

  11. Transing kids is just 21st century homophobia pure and simple. And this hatred of gay and lesbian kids gets at these kids, and the trans trend is about the hatred of butch girls and sissy boys— damage kids, blame it all on same sex marriage, parents wanting to get all the adoring attention of the media. When was the last time you saw a het couple getting all cheerleading for their butch lesbian daughter? Speaks volumes…

    1. You’re right. The real progressive thing would be to be proud of your child for loving the same sex because love is always beautiful and let them do all the gender non-conforming they want without even putting the idea in their head that they must be medicated for it.

    2. Nope again, if this was the case Transing would have been going on 30 years ago. 30 years ago bullied gay kids didn’t feel the need to change their gender. You can’t blame it on homophobia. The evidence doesn’t support it. Trans is the result to homosexuality being accepted in society.
      Most people who trans their kids, are the types who would have loved to have a gay child 15 years ago when it was still controversial. It’s just that now homosexuality doesn’t get as much attention and it isn’t as “cool” anymore. Trans is the new Gay. One day trans will go out of style and new fad will take over. We’ll see “transpecies” kids who identify as puppies and kittens or some mess like that.

      1. 30 years ago, the idea that sex could be changed wasn’t part of the culture. That came after queer studies and their magical idea that people have a gender that isn’t their sex. 30 years ago, gender and sex were synonymous. Trans surgeries were also still in their infancy. Yes, Dr Money did his 1st Frankenstein surgery in the 50s, but even 30 yrs ago, you could fit everyone who had “bottom surgery ” into a single room and press coverage was minimal, so no social contagion. I agree that trans is a trendy fad and many enjoy the attention. Yes, trans-species is next and South Park already covered that.

      2. The truth is the whole notion of what was called “transsexuality” and the surgeries and hormone treatments to treat it was a result of homophobia. There is NO denying this. GRS/SRS was invented as a “cure” for homosexuality. This is a FACT. It is a form of conversion therapy.
        There are three things on top of homophobia that are responsible for the trans cult: the rise of neoliberalism/libertarianism, the advent of the misogynist “queer theory”/postmodernism on college campuses, and perhaps the most important, the invention of the internet.

      3. GRS/SRS came into prominence in the early 1950s, 1952 to be exact, with George “Christine” Jorgensen, a self-loathing gay man who underwent surgical butchery and hormone treatments to become the world’s first noted “transsexual.” He had a tragic life, for he was now a novelty, like a circus freak, and spent the rest of his life capitalizing on it. He died somewhat prematurely of cancer in 1989, possibly because of all of the hormone treatments and such.
        Until the advent of the internet in the 1990s, transsexuality was extremely rare; it still is not common. However, the umbrella term “transgenderism” encompasses all kinds of people including those who make up the majority of them, what used to be called transvestites (now called “autogynephiles”).

      4. In Iran you can be stoned to death for being gay, but the state will pay for transition. It isn’t that every homophobe loves transition or something, but it is evidenced strongly that some homophobic people see transition as a cure for homosexuality.

        1. I agree, and we must keep in mind that people are individuals and may have different reasons to support transition. Some see transing people as a cure for homosexuality, others are trendy attention whores trying to score SJW points, some are sexists who buy into discredited brain sex theories, others are confused by dubious gender studies classes, etc, and so on…

  12. I’m still shocked at convicted male rapists getting housed in women’s prisons. Seems like all the rage with these guys–they get convicted, thrown into men’s prison, and then decide hey I could get hormones and say I’m a woman and get access to all those vulnerable women in prison…. and nobody on the right or left is outraged over this…. Well I think WoLF is bringing a lawsuit against a prison doing this to women, naturally the ACLU is supporting male to trans rights to terrorize women’s prisons, because well it’s always about male rights.

  13. I am really sad for the rights of women and homosexuals that the LGBT has damaged so now people think the sick child abuse of transing children has anything to do with gay people being able to get married and having other equal rights to straight people. I hope they win the vote and Australia gets SSM.

  14. It just struck me that transition is a medical treatment based purely on post-modern thought. The whole business reminds me of other theory-based attempts to medicalize reactions to societal constraints. Doctors who believed in eugenics sterilized the poor and members of racial minorities against their will. Same-sex attracted people have been subjected to lobotomies, electroshock therapy and genital mutilation (castration/clitoridectomy) in order to “cure” them. Non-compliant women have been diagnosed with a series of conditions over the centuries–insanity, hysteria, nervous breakdowns, etc.–and treated with drugs or confinement until they were willing to do what men wanted.
    Those advocating for medical mutilation of normal bodies in the name of gender identity argue they’re just trying to help people, but that’s no different than what all the doctors who implemented these historical horrors claimed. For most gender-nonconforming people, especially children, the most helpful “treatment” would be to get rid of gender roles and requirements. Let children figure out who they are and what they like without being stuffed into pink or blue boxes.

    1. Because GRS/SRS and hormone treatments for a psychological or psychosexual disorder are forms of eugenics, I don’t believe they should even be allowed, not even for adults. I have been totally opposed to this since the early 1970s. It is not ethical to butcher healthy bodies to treat a mental disorder. Doctors should not be doing this at all.
      Psychiatry has a long, ugly history of promoting eugenics to treat mental illness. You’d think our society would learn from the horrors of the twentieth century that this is not acceptable, but apparently not.

      1. Susan thanks for that food for thought, so I went and did a google and I never knew about this in Australia even though I had a lot of Australian History classes forced upon me in secondary school and even worked in the federal government archives showing school kids our constitutional documents. “Legalising eugenics
        Important legislation, in the form of three Mental Deficiency Bills, was presented to the parliament in 1926, 1929 and 1939 by the Premier Stanley Argyle, a friend and colleague of Berry.
        The bill aimed to institutionalise and potentially sterilise a significant proportion of the population – those seen as inefficient. Included in the group were slum dwellers, homosexuals, prostitutes, alcoholics, as well as those with small heads and with low IQs. The Aboriginal population was also seen to fall within this group.
        The first two attempts to enact the bills failed not due to any significant opposition but rather because of the unstable political climate and the fall of governments.
        The third in 1939 was passed unanimously, but not enacted in the first instance because of the outbreak of war”

  15. “When you won’t blink an eye at your son marrying a 6’4” broad shouldered bride with facial hair and an Adam’s apple …”
    … like, you know, all parents who love their gay sons …
    What world does this woman live in? Surely she must at least have heard that there’s cities where no one will blink an eye if a man is gay and marries a man?
    It really sounds like she wanted to “cure” her son’s (suspected) homosexuality.

    1. So she fled Australia to escape consequences, and now she is flying him to Korea to undergo a surgical procedure no other doctor will perform? What on earth. Where is this kid’s therapy? What if he changes his mind again? Why is the word ‘Gay” never uttered in this program? What a mess.

      1. “So she fled Australia to escape consequences”
        Exactly. The claim that she moved Patrick to the UK for a “fresh start” would only ring true to someone who has no clue how large Australia is. I mean, they couldn’t just move to a different part of the continent? Aside from escaping prosecution, the only reason for going to the UK would be if it’s a less homophobic place, but, as you wrote, nobody even mentions the g-word.
        Professor Whitehall sounded like the only sane adult in the segment. There seems to be a growing belief–evident even in Whitehall’s interviewer–that we need to give all unhappy GNC children potentially damaging drugs for the benefit of the few children who won’t desist in order to avoid even the slightest risk of suicide. It’s insane. What if lobotomizing all children would prevent all suicide? Would anyone think that’s a good idea?

      2. This mother needs to be prosecuted for all the following:
        (1.) She should be charged with child abuse for drugging her 13 year old son, endangering his health, and physically altering his developing adolescent body. God knows what giving her 13 year old son estrogen from her prescription has done to the physical development of her son as well as his male reproductive system and future fertility. In the video, she says that she was concerned that he would grow too tall for a “woman” and she didn’t want him to be a masculine looking woman. She basically admits that she intended to physically stunt his growth because estrogen fuses the growth plates. I wonder how tall this male teenager would be if his mother didn’t intentionally drug him with the clear intent of physically altering his height, skeletal structure, reproductive system, etc.
        (2.) If the estrogen prescription was for her, isn’t it illegal for her to to give someone else medication that was prescribed for her? She needs to be prosecuted for this too.
        (3.) At about 7:55 of the video, it says that Australia law says they must be 16 years of age and have court approval to start hormones. She seems like an intelligent woman, and she knew she was bypassing Australian law.
        (3.) The breast development is the fault of the mother for giving her son estrogen from her prescription starting at the age of 13. The reason she is flying him to South Korea is because no reputable physician in Australia or the UK wants to do this type of surgery on a 14 year old boy. Surgery always comes with risks, and she is further endangering her son.

      3. Yeah the elephant in the room – why else might her son have felt different to other boys – but no she can’t escape the law by being in the UK. Australia and the UK are part of the Commonwealth. So she’s not safe there if she has broken the law. As for Australia not being diverse? Umm? What city was she in? If she was in a country town then I could understand her fears but Gen Y were becoming and Gen Z are very much gender diverse and expressive (if you get in with that crowd). In Gen Y era (my kids) being bi was THE thing. Not to mention how multicultural it is here (especially in large cities) – also bringing with it gender diversity because the males in other cultures have various customs and etiquette for demonstrating masculinity that doesn’t necessarily involve playing footy and going fishing with the blokes and pretending to be uncaring and stony. He just needs to go to an “Arts” High School/College and not a sports high and he’ll be in his element.

    2. The topic of trans suicide as justification for this shit has become such a sore spot for me.
      1) I can’t think of any other social issue that drives people to suicide that’s given half the attention in that regard. Even bullied kids who take their lives are a flash in the media pan. Not to mention how atrociously the mentally ill are treated even in countries with socialized health care.
      2) In pretty much any other case of suicide, we’re told that we shouldn’t feel responsible for that person’s actions or illness, even if they’ve been brutalized by specific individuals. Yet refuse to accept trans “reality” and you might as well be a murderer to TRAs.
      3) Making someone feel responsible for your potential suicide to get your way is a classic abuse tactic.
      And this Munchausen by proxy nightmare is working all of it to her advantage. I hope that poor child gets the hell away from her someday.

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