Transgenders: The 'True Enemy of Women' is… Amy Siskind?

Petition started by New York composer Karl Michael Johnson

“Dear Board of Directors,
This past weekend, Amy Siskind published a tweet using the term “transgenders” to refer to people in the trans community, a term commonly regarded as a slur. She was gently asked to find another term by Shakina Nayfack, a trans actress and activist. The desired outcome was that Amy would acknowledge the error and correct it. Instead, she told Shakina to “get off her timeline” and blocked her on Twitter.
Moreover, when others joined the conversation, Amy indicated that the criticism was invalid and a waste of her time, and she blocked many people who escalated the issue by responding to other tweets in her timeline. Refusing to take the criticisms in stride, she doubled down, referring to her critics sarcastically as “geniuses” and likening their behavior to that of “alt-right trolls.”
We find it troubling and shameful that this is the behavior of someone with a prominent platform in the name of an organization that claims to be “a voice for all women.” Additionally, someone who decries President Trump’s tactics of demeaning his enemies and blocking communication with them should be expected, at the very least, to choose to interact differently with her critics than the very authoritarian figure she claims to rebuke.
We believe that the true enemies of the advancement of all women are not those at the top of government making obvious policy changes affecting women’s rights, but those taking on the role of allyship who, being in a position to be trusted and depended on, make it abundantly clear that their need to be correct is worth more than continuing to develop a coalition with the very people whose voices they claim to elevate. Amy Siskind has communicated to the trans community that she is unwilling to listen; and, in fact, is willing to reproduce President Trump’s authoritarian tactics in the service of silencing her critics.
We urge you to insist on a public, sincere apology from Amy Siskind to Shakina Nayfack and the many others who have lent their emotional resources to resolve this matter. If you don’t, you risk positioning The New Agenda as a trans-excluding feminist movement that will be held to account for claiming to be “a voice for all women”, which would be a travesty to all those who trust your organization to amplify their voices.
The Undersigned
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[Petition authored by New York male composer Karl Michael Johnson.
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Lynne Chasen‏ ‪@ChasenLynne 8h
8 hours ago
Replying to ‪‪@JG_NoPlanet_B ‪‪@Amy_Siskind ‪‪@andreagrimes
Dear Agog, it was sloppy of Amy to use this term. Calling someone transgender objectifies trans ppl. So much more to a human being thank G-d
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Zelda‏ ‪@ZeldaLackner 13h
13 hours ago
Replying to ‪‪@the_ayoung ‪‪@Amy_Siskind ‪‪@andreagrimes
Transgender is an adjective used to further describe a person, a noun.Transgender is a quality, not an entity.
* I am open to correction.
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                  andrea grimes‏Verified account
 ‪@andreagrimes 15h15 hours ago

Replying to ‪‪@EczemaKin ‪‪@monabenach ‪‪@Amy_Siskind 
If you’re using “transgender” as an adjective and not a noun, you’re fine.
steve‏ ‪@NatsinNY Aug 28
Replying to ‪‪@mbmuse ‪‪@Amy_Siskind ‪‪@Shakeenz
I try to do the same thing.  There’s something inherently wrong in referring to someone as a “black” or a “transgender” w/o the wd “person.”
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                  Shakina Nayfack‏Verified account
 ‪@Shakeenz Aug 28 More

Replying to ‪‪@eileenshorts ‪‪@Amy_Siskind 
”Transgender People” Eileen, that’s what started this whole conversation.

                  Frank Manda‏ ‪@fmanda Aug 27 More

Why does ‪@Amy_Siskind include the “T” in her profile bio when she so clearly does not respect or support transgender people’s personhood?

                  Theresa O’Connor‏ ‪@hober Aug 26 More

Replying to ‪‪@Amy_Siskind 
*trans people. “transgender” is an adjective, not a noun, so “transgenders” isn’t correct.

                  Lynne Rosenberg‏ ‪@LynneRosenberg Aug 25 More

Replying to ‪‪@Amy_SiskindTransgender is an adjective, not a noun.

                  Arran‏ ‪@ArranNZ Aug 25 More

Replying to ‪‪@Shakeenz‪@Amy_Siskind‪ I’m sorry, blocking a transgender woman for politely, respectfully asking you to use slightly different terminology? Not good.

(“Transgender” is an adjective. “Trans folks” or “trans ppl” for economy of characters on Twitter. Love your work n lists)

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    Eileen Jarrett
    Yonkers, NJ
    5 hrs ago
    I’m signing because I have 3 children who are part of the LGBTQ community. My husband and I have learned so much from them in terms of what it means to be an ally. We don’t always get it right, but we try to correct our mistakes and are so fortunate that they continue to teach us the… Read more
    Laura Zackery
    Fayetteville, GA
    12 hrs ago
    We will never make progress if we can’t look at our words and actions, accept criticism, and acknowledge when we are wrong.
    Diana Powell
    Mt Dora, FL
    14 hrs ago
    He community politely tried to educate her about he correct terminology and she went in the defensive rather than learn what she did wrong an apologize. Now she wants I play victim. Sorry, transgender ppl are literally killed for existing and she wants to cry about mean ppl on the internet? Collect this woman before she does more damage to your brand and the marginalized ppl she is harming.
    L. Bahia Simons-Lane
    Coral Gables, FL
    18 hrs ago
    It’s not difficult to acknowledge, apologize, and do better as an ally. Amy’s decision to berate and block a trans person who calmly pointed out her use of offensive language is unacceptable from someone who claims to be an advocate for all women.
    Dana Cianciotto
    Tucson, AZ
    2 days ago
    It’s crystal clear that Amy reacted improperly here. That’s okay – everyone makes mistakes. But digging in deeper, plugging her ears, and yelling “LALALA” is definitely unacceptable. Please set an example here and make this right.
    Laura Baron
    Carrboro, NC
    2 days ago
    because I abhor transphobia and figure if you’re going to call yourself an ally, you ought to act like one.
    Ori Bensimhon
    Chestnut Ridge, NY
    2 days ago
    The most important component of allyship is listening to the communities your purport to defend.
    Angela Pennell
    Carlisle, PA
    2 days ago
    Sometimes it takes a whole chorus to make one hear an important refrain
    Natasha Sinha
    New York, NY
    2 days ago
    Literally everyone makes mistakes– but choose to be someone who grows from them, for the sake of what’s right.
    Rebecca Odorisio
    New York, NY
    2 days ago
    Allies should be willing and able to take critique and feedback from the communities they are attempting to support. No one is going to be a perfect ally, but if one is going to be a supporter, one needs to stand up for marginalized people in a way that respects how they wish to be represented to the world at large.
    Maria Alex Beech
    New York, NY
    2 days ago
    I support the trans community. Often, it is a close-minded response to dialogue that hurts a cause irreparably. As victims of violence, murder, and discrimination, the trans community needs support and a commitment to securing their rights – more than ever. Amy needs to do better. Much better.
    Laura Guzik-Cohn
    Los Angeles, CA
    2 days ago
    Admitting you’re wrong is the right thing to do. Otherwise, nothing Siskin says will have any validity.
    Hollie Marsolino
    Wildomar, CA
    2 days ago
    Trans individuals are people too.
    Liviera Leebong
    Menlo Park, CA
    2 days ago
    The trans community is one of the most marginalized communities in America (and the world). Intersectional feminists and voices for justice need to center them in our activism and listen to them respectfully when they educate us.
    J Bradford
    Brookhaven, PA
    2 days ago
    Amy’s dismissive attitude toward a gentle correction and subsequent doubling down on her wrongness shows a lack of empathy toward a minority group she ostensibly supports.
    Heather Holloway
    Seguin, TX
    2 days ago
    All humans should be treated fairly
    Mariel Blatt
    Brooklyn, NY
    2 days ago
    It’s not fucking difficult to respect fellow humans. That is all that is being asked of this woman — to actively respect fellow humans. It is mystifying to me that this is so difficult for Ms. Siskind to do. I stand with Shakina and all of my transgender brothers and sisters. Always.
    Maureen Bachmann
    Portland, OR
    2 days ago
    I was blocked by Amy for pointing out that she was doing important work, which is why we expected better from her. Words matter, she has shown clearly that she is an ally in name only. :-/
    Abby Case
    Philadelphia, PA
    2 days ago
    This is not how allies behave.
    Christopher Nolan
    New York, NY
    2 days ago
    Ms. Amy, I had never heard of you before your Trumpian shutdown/blocking of Shakina and her reasonable & amicable correction, but your continued failure to simply own up to an offensive mistake is bizarre and repulsive. I believe you’ll find that whatever reputation you’ve earned or claimed as an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community will continue to dissolve until you swallow your pride and reverse this course of willful stupidity. Being an ally is not merely about knowing better – it’s about doing better and acknowledging critique when you fail to do so. You have a platform and an example to set. Get a grip.
    Jeff Trachtman
    New York, NY
    2 days ago
    I believe that allies need to respectfully listen, learn, and admit when we slip up.
    Eric Sweeney
    New York, NY
    2 days ago
    I think Amy made a mistake and there is no shame in owning up to mistakes. As an ally, I, too, am constantly learning how my words and actions effect trans folk and am, hopefully, correcting any negative ones.
    Joe Barros
    New York, NY
    2 days ago
    I support all trans people, and my beautiful friend Shakina.
    Michael Jackson
    NYC, NY
    2 days ago
    Get it together, Amy. You should know better and do better. It’s not that hard.
    Valerie Rigg
    San Juan Capistrano, CA
    2 days ago
    She was out of line and needs to apologize! That’s all there is to it!!!
    Benjamin Kharakh
    Port Monmouth, NJ
    2 days ago
    Don’t let the sting of criticism keep you from growing!
    Savannah Dooley
    Burbank, CA
    2 days ago
    Language is important. Siskind’s past writing demonstrates that she understands this. So her dismissal of a fan’s request that she adjust her language baffles me. The difference between “transgenders” and “trans people” is a crucial distinction when you’re writing about a group that has historically been and continued to be dehumanized, in media and in the eyes of the law. Letting someone know they have used an offensive term is not a trivial distraction or a personal attack. Wouldn’t you *want* to know if you’d unwittingly used an offensive term? Even if you only “got it wrong” one time? And if you know you “got it wrong,” why not admit to the one-time misstep instead of saying it’s not worth focusing on and blocking the person who pointed it out? Siskind may feel attacked right now, but I’m willing to bet most of the people speaking up about this aren’t trolls looking for a reason to criticize her– many, like myself, are fans of her work who want to help her better advocate for the LGBT community. I’d love to continue supporting her work, but I can’t support a self-proclaimed advocate who dismisses the concerns of the group she’s advocating for. That’s why I hope this leads to genuine reflection on Siskind’s part, not just an apology under pressure.
    amy bowen
    Waynesboro, PA
    2 days ago
    I am a ally.
    Gary Stanford
    Woodside, CA
    2 days ago
    Let this be a valuable lesson on how to refer to our one of many diverse communities out there in this beautiful world.
    Mae Davies
    Needham, MA
    2 days ago
    It’s ok to make mistakes in terminology. However, once you are told that certain language is incorrect and offensive, it is your duty to change it! All people should be respected, and our language should show that respect!
    Alyssa Rigg
    Brooklyn, NY
    2 days ago
    We all make mistakes. Unfortunately Amy is an “ally” to many and her mistakes are cried from mountaintops with hundreds of thousands listening….it’s important that all of them hear her apologize. And especially important for Shakina, who did not deserve what Amy dealt.
    Milo Jordan
    Richmondville, NY
    2 days ago
    Because allies of the trans community need to be willing to listen and acknowledge when they fail, and take the correction in the spirit it is meant, not accuse and demean those trying to correct them.
    Toni Stanton
    New York, NY
    3 days ago
    I was a follower of Siskind and this was very disturbing to me. It’s not what she claims to be/sells herself as. Ms. Nayfack spoke with grace and kindness, only to be spoken to with disrespect and blocked, along with others who tried to defuse the situation. You can’t be an advocate/ally if you refuse to… Read more
    Ryan Garcia
    Austin, TX
    3 days ago
    It seemed like Ms Siskind was merely having a bad day when she overreacted to a valid and gentle comment from a community member she claims to support. Her subsequent refusal to look at the issue and equate people pointing out the error with the alt-right is entirely uncalled for. Be a better ally, Ms Siskind. Or if you are unwilling to even listen to why there might have been an issue with what you wrote, then stop claiming you are an ally.
    Michael Walker
    Monroe, CT
    3 days ago
    Saying you’re sorry doesn’t make you weak. It makes you a better ally.
    Maggie Larkin
    Tulsa, OK
    3 days ago
    If this is Amy’s brand of allyship, I respectifully decline any help that she thinks she provides. She is not a friend of Trans people, nor a friend of this lesbian.
    Corey Desjarz
    1, NY
    3 days ago
    Just apologize ✌️
    Carly Ozard
    San Francisco, CA
    3 days ago
    Learn from mistakes and own them so you can educate others with kindness next time!
    Jessica Dominguez
    Oakland, CA
    3 days ago
    As allies, we must be open and willing to learning how to best address, advocate & support. We can’t know it all, and that’s ok; we’re all learning, we’re all works in progress.
    Michael Perrie
    Timonium, MD
    3 days ago
    Shakina is a fighter, and a talented gift to this world! Amy has begun a war she will not win.
    Chris Vaughn
    Astoria, NY
    3 days ago
    We all make mistakes, God knows I have. The lesson here is that we all need to listen more, and not shut out those who disagree with us or have something to say to correct us.
    Karl Johnson
    New York, NY
    3 days ago
    Allyship doesn’t mean a free pass for bad behavior.
    Amy Jo Jackson
    3 days ago
    Don’t claim in your bio to be an ally of the LGBTQIA+ communities and then refuse to apologize for the use of dehumanizing language. We must listen to the voices of the marginalized among us, not shame and silence them whilst claiming to have their backs.
    Jacqueline McCarley
    Redwood City, CA
    3 days ago
    Allyship means you don’t get to tell the people you are supposedly defending to step off when they correct your incorrect language describing THEIR community.

    1. The one from the non-existent “Eileen Jarrett” the mother of 3 “LGBTQ” children from the non-existent city of “Yonkers, New Jersey” is fake.
      Other than that, it’s a bizarre mix of cultism and shaming. I especially like the ones that keep adding criteria to the term “ally.” They have pretty much redefined it to mean “slave.”

      1. totally agree with your last sentence. Or, if not “slave,” perhaps “footsoldier.”
        I hate how these people call their language policing “education.” Someone resisted being “educated,” how dare they! It’s so Orwellian. Someone refused to be “corrected” and now they must be punished. It’s freaking creepy. How do average run-of-the-mill liberals not see that??

  2. Personally, I get impatient with those who insist that using the right lingo is somehow some really important step towards social change. I don’t really buy that somehow a noun is more depersonalizing than an adjective, or that the endless churning of new vocabulary is an important political agenda. I’m really more interested in actual power, rights, and resources than linguistics. So I can’t really say I care if you call me a disabled person, disabled, or one of disabled, or for that matter, a lesbian woman, a lesbian, a lesbian person. I find the whole thing a diversion, and way for petty people (“the petty”?) to play gotcha and try to rack of social justice points without really changing anything.

    1. I don’t think it’s actually about the language. If it was, they wouldn’t go on and on about it. It’s about monitoring and controlling women who speak publicly. They are asking for a show of submission to their male dominance. If there was a reasonable ground for complaint (ie. if there was never an appropriate context to use any descriptive nouns for people: Lesbians, Blacks, Jews, Diabetics, Blondes, Gays, etc) then it wouldn’t function as a mechanism of domination and control. The awkwardness and non-sensical nature of the demand is a feature, not a bug.
      Presumably Siskind got a whiff of the subtext immediately and completely blew them off. lmao!

      1. I totally agree that this is primarily about control. However, it is also apparent how utterly in denial these people are about the fact that they are invoking classic male privilege by trying to micromanage the way how women are supposed to perceive them and talk about them. In a way it is very much an assertion that you have to be male born to count as a person and that your “peopleness” needs to be acknowledged in a pre-approved way at all times – no matter whether you are referred to directly or indirectly as part of a group.
        It is in this context quite amusing that there is also a second subtext that implicitly acknowledges that being transgendered somehow is not really much of an identity in itself, but more a somewhat questionable attribute they don’t want to be reduced to. Males usually don’t mind to be reduced in other ways, for example as Gamers, so it seems to be perfectly OK as long as it is an attribute that is compatible with maleness/masculinity in their minds.

      2. Yeah, I mean even crossdressers don’t mind being called crossdressers. And I can see how any descriptive noun for groups of people could be given a dehumanizing inflection in certain contexts (tone, etc). But there’s something absurd about deliberately creating a taboo around the word you have selected to represent your own group. There’s something very “G_D” about it. That which mere mortals are not fit to utter. It keeps speech destabilized, perhaps the better to avoid concrete analysis. But clearly to allow the performance of and demand for loyalty oaths and a constant repeated parsing of submission to the group doctrine. It allows men like Karl Michael Johnson and “Shakina” to send over 90 abusive tweets to a woman for no reason and pretend it’s “social justice”. Unreal.

      3. ‘There’s something very “G_D” about it.’
        Exactly. And on that topic, “Shakina” sounds suspiciously similar to “Shekinah,” the Hebrew word used for the feminine attributes of the divine, and there’s an article in the NYDN where “Shakina Nayfack tells of her journey from young Jewish boy to outspoken theater actress,” so that may not be a coincidence.
        And isn’t there that whole business in Genesis about Adam being granted the privilege of naming everything? If transwomen aren’t men, shouldn’t they forego that when they transition? Wouldn’t engaging in such a male activity make them dysphoric or suicidal or something? Funny how it doesn’t.
        My sympathies are with Amy Siskind. She’s probably just plain tired of decades of men telling her what she can and can’t say, and I totally get reaching a point where you tell those who correct you to go to hell, whether they’re in the right or not.
        As for her supposedly being authoritarian, that’s exactly the kind of thing abusive male bullies say about women who won’t do what they want. Good for her!

      4. Highly recommend Jon Ronson’s book “So you’ve been publicly shamed”–the best reaction, he says, is NO reaction. (Rebecca Tuval got it right.)
        But he also points out how white men have the greatest success with this method, while women are stalked, harassed and fired more often when they ignore their critics.

      5. This is so impressively clarifying — it just comes down to “monitoring and controlling women who speak publicly”. This kind of analysis is so helpful because it separates signal from noise. Thank you.

      6. Agree. The obsessive language policing/rule changing is an abuser tactic that keeps everyone else on egg shells. Absolutely, it an abuse/control method that is very commonly used by males against women.

    1. “Trans women are losing rights at a breakneck pace”
      Where and how, Emily? Is “breakneck pace” our wet fart of a president issuing one edict about the military? One that wasn’t even upheld?
      I truly love how it’s not “trans people” or “trans men,” as well. Just the “women.” Yes, let’s keep on pretending this isn’t the same old shit in rainbow wrapping paper.

      1. @Riffraff I was about to say the same damn thing…….HOW? WHERE?
        Do they mean the rights that the brigade has attempted to usurp from others, by playing the Nazi/Orwellian mind trick of ‘our rights are the same as yours?’ Or the attempted destruction of Title IX?
        Let alone, the hijacking of parts of the medical system, to the point where the odds are those wonderful electives such as the HRT and various invasive procedures are more apt to be covered by insurance/Medicaid, whereas procedures for necessities such as the kidneys…experimental or not…..are not. I wish I was joking, but in doing research and talking with those about alternative treatments for CKD, stem cell and other groundbreaking treatments are not covered…barring clinical trials….but someone getting an elective for parts that will not work as the actual equipment, thanks to birth and genetics, are.Again, I wish I was joking on those details.
        As for the military…..the brigade needs to keep this in mind: there is a list of many and sundry medical conditions that will cause one NOT to be accepted into the US military. As has been pointed out here on GT, in deep, sobering detail…..the mental health issues alone, that are prevalent in the community SHOULD have been an automatic cause for rejection. Other countries may be different and that is their call. Seeing also that this is a VOLUNTARY force, they have the right to set the standards, barring they do not discriminate in regard to race, gender, religion, creed. As in those categories which are already covered, be it the 1964 Civil Rights Act or other laws.

  3. Bwahahaha! Keep it up, transgenders!! Before long, even your erstwhile allies will have had enough of you.
    And Gallus is right about it being a dominance display. It’s also a tactic controlling, abusive people use – keeping the person they’re dominating uncertain and fearful they’re about to put a foot wrong or say something that will set the abuser off.
    When I first started reading this blog I thought it was a little hyperbolic for people to describe many trans males as “pornsick abusive males.” After observing over time, I came to realize how accurate this is.

  4. So, let me get this straight: Trans folks and their allies have no compunctions about destroying the grammar of the English pronoun system but tweet-mobbed someone who used an adjective as a noun?

  5. It seems to me that “transgendered” was the word a few of them objected to and not the word “transgenders.” If that gets their lingerie in a wad, I propose the REAL word for these guys–and most of these are guys–“transvestite” come back into general use. That IS what they are whether or not they have surgical butchery and/or hormone treatments. But of course that means the entire world would be onto them as the kinksters they truly are.

    1. “But of course that means the entire world would be onto them as the kinksters they truly are.”
      *sigh* If only they would just accept that they are kinksters/transvestites! The rest of us could be allowed to stop thinking about them. That they’re so histrionically opposed to acknowledging they’re transvestites, is kind of puritanical.
      And of course Gallus is right, the incoherence is a feature not a bug. Classic coercive control. I hope Amy realizes that. And then laughs.

      1. There is a certain irony to the fact that being reduced to the sexual as “kinkster” is probably a lot closer to the very real female experience of sexual objectification than the power trip of being able to “force” people to acknowledge your own subjective assessment of your womanhood.

  6. “and likening their behavior to that of ‘alt-right trolls.'”
    I mean… she ain’t lyin’.
    Trans activists and their “good” allies employ the same anti-science and threatening tactics as extreme right-wingers all the time. “Joking” about beating TERFs isn’t any different than “joking” about running over protesters, their ladybrain nonsense fits right in with the white supremacist belief that skull measuring is still a valid “science,” etc.

    1. Skull measuring is not a white supremacist belief, it is valid science use by forensic anthropologists to determine sex and race of unidentified remains.
      Calipers are handheld tools for taking precise measurements on the skull, teeth, and skeleton. Different forms are available depending on the measurements being taken. Common types include sliding and spreading calipers

      1. I’m referring to the notion that you can determine racial intelligence via skull measurements. Samuel Morton is the most notorious example.

  7. I follow Amy, but have been somewhat annoyed at her at times for how much she buys into transgender craziness. Perhaps this will cause her to rethink… I also suspect that she only chose that word because she was on twitter and “transgenders” is only 12 characters where “transgender individuals” is 23 .

    1. For space and sanity, maybe it’s better use an emoji or two.. But which?
      The ⚧ is too easy.
      So, maybe🍆🎀? Or 🚫🍌?

      1. Just include them all. They love it when “Chelsea” emoji bombs them after all.
        (😄 add enough ➕😊💖 and you can pretend it’s really cute 👯💋yet politically powerful 💪🤔 and not a nearly 30 year old man♂⚧🤡acting like a 12 year old with their first phone🕵🕵🚔)

  8. This is such a good example of hiding in plain sight (the best description I ever read of the case of Jimmy Saville, the secret private creepy creep cleverly disguised as a famous public creepy creep):
    “We believe that the true enemies of the advancement of all women are not those at the top of government making obvious policy changes affecting women’s rights”
    Also, up is down. Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?

  9. And yet they continue to throw around the slur TERF and the slur “cis.” They can describe us however the deem fit, with names they made up for us without our consent, but when we use one of their own descriptive terms…seriously the hypocrisy.

  10. Why can’t we call them what they really are? Female impersonators. Is it because women don’t have the right to speak the truth, but are only allowed to cater to men’s inversions of reality, the “alternative facts” which promote their delusions. This “Newspeak” is more bizarre than we ever could have imagined.

    1. Yea. Rather nice to see increasing levels of push-back against the trans purity test of “do you believe trans women are women, yes or no?”

  11. I’m with Amy Siskind. I am tired of all this ‘political correctness’ and tiptoeing around transgenders as if their rights are more important than those of born men, and especially born women. And with the Canadian (or is it the Ontario) government making third gender optional for birth certificates available, I wonder where and when this trans madness will end.

    1. On further investigation, the third gender option will be available for passports, not birth certificates

  12. That is just brilliant, Gallus Mag. I love the “G-d” analogy, and “I don’t think it’s actually about the language. If it was, they wouldn’t go on and on about it. It’s about monitoring and controlling women who speak publicly. They are asking for a show of submission to their male dominance…the awkwardness and non-sensical nature of the demand is a feature, not a bug.”
    You are so right that it’s absolutely about male power and policing of women. They are not confused or over-zealous. They know exactly what they are doing with trying to terrorize women into genuflection and submission.
    What a bad woman, to be a “trans-excluding feminist.” Is there any other kind? Women who believe men can be women simply aren’t feminists.
    Using the right words for truly oppressed people IS important, but men pretending to be women and women betraying women for male privilege are our oppressors and not oppressed. Has any other small group of fetishists EVER had such media power and worship?
    This is like a game, where they keep poking and prodding women to see how far they can get with humiliation and soul-destroying, training women to control those of us who say no. Trans techniques are exactly like the methods Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, etc. use to keep their victims unsure, off-centered, ungrounded, blaming themselves, and always afraid to “do the wrong thing” when they begin to question how they are being conned. Note how often they do what they claim is being done to them. “Shaming” women is one of their major weapons.
    What I’ve been seeing an increase of, which is also in that petition, is the assumption that everyone agrees with them that the trannies are the most oppressed and to be most worshipped of all beings, but that this one woman got it wrong and needs to be whipped back into line. When I had a recent disagreement online with a woman, she was in so deep with the cult that she arrogantly assumed we all are, so she actually misquoted me as saying I was trying to be an ally of trans to tell me how I was doing it wrong, and explained my failings similarly as this mob does to Amy. I have never been a supporter of the female-hating, Lesbian-hating trans cult, so that was a surprise, but reveals their confidence that they have basically won in controlling women.
    Not believing a single one of their lies and saying no to the entire mess is extremely freeing. When non-feminist friends say “It’s really complex,” I say, “Actually, it’s very simple. No women can be men, no men can be women. Just refuse to play their game.”
    I still can’t get over the nature event I had where I was asked in reverential whispers about what to call the Lesbian who had taken testosterone and passed as male when we all knew she was a woman. She might be “misgendered!” I answered that I’m not in the cult and I call women “she.” But the terror of the women over “getting it wrong” was absolutely chilling, and one woman turned on me, calling me “a hard case.” I said, “no, they are the hard cases destroying our community.”
    A major part of the problem is the eager women, Lesbians, “feminist” do-gooders (who seem to be primarily class and race-privileged) who police us on behalf of these men, and solemnly repeat the lies: “‘Transwomen’ grew up feeling like they were girls,” “They are more victimized/attacked/killed than any other people,”
    WE know their history of threats and violence and lies. WE, who say no to them, have been victims of it.
    I can’t think of a group more marginalized, lied about, attacked, and killed than Butches. (We’re not only not allowed to be shown in any media, we are caricatured by Fem actors and posers, so as to not offend audiences by having to see real Butches.) No wonder the early death rate of Butches from stress-related illness, suicide and attack is extremely high. We are often “misgendered” for just being ourselves, yet the trans cult absolutely hates Butches, which is one of the most revealing things about their dishonesty.

  13. What was “Shakina”‘s “gentle correction”? I bet it was really quite aggressive.

  14. How extraordinary that they state right in the first paragraph “The desired outcome was…”, as if it went without saying that the petitioners’ demands upon other people, whatever they may be, should and will be obeyed immediately.

  15. “lovingly corrected her”
    Could not get for a moment WHY this statement by a man towards a woman gave me the willies and then I remembered that a man used to be able to use “domestic discipline” or “domestic correction” against women in his household (and his children and servants). And even if people were injured or died as the result, the man was not held liable because he was correcting them out of love.
    So, trans activism once again brings us full circle – a huge white man in womanface can call for the destruction of a woman who has displeased him and face no ill consequences himself because he “lovingly corrected her” and yet she persisted.
    I first read Siskind’s stuff on Shakesville site. As of just now, McEwan has nothing on her page about Siskind’s troubles. So I wonder if anybody from the libfem community will stand up to defend her or if they are all too scared?

    1. Yes! It reminded me of the scene in The Shining when the apparition is telling Jack about how he “corrected” his wife and children- ie murdered them all with an axe.

  16. I hope Ms Siskin quickly reaches peak trans. I agree this is about male dominance and policing women who dare to have opinions.

  17. lol! Different day, same story. They always, always, always go after their friends. They want their target to squirm and grovel and beg for their forgiveness. They get off on the power. And they know that only their friends and allies will care about their demands and will grovel and apologize. That is why trans activists never hold protests at the Family Research Council or the American Family Association or at the Heritage Foundation. Instead, they protested the director of Boys Don’t Cry, harassed gay filmmaker Israel Luna, stalked Dan Savage, waged an online war against Roseanne Barr, and relentlessly attack progressive LGB people. These soft targets give them what they want – submission. Siskin didn’t apologize and now they are being driven into a rage. Sick, sick people.

  18. It could have been worse. Siskind could have been caught using other adjectives to describe people. Adjectives such as “americans”, or maybe “grownups”.

  19. First time I’ve heard that transgenders dislike the term “transgenders” to describe numbers of transgender people. I’ve never heard of lesbians or gays
    described such as a slur… Its also interesting to hear how Amy is considered “authoritarian” by blocking folks on her site, when anyone criticizing or challenging trans ideology are bullied, fired, no-platformed, and harassed. Read the anthology, FEMALE ERASURE to hear voices that have been censored and silenced by trans activists.

  20. G-d indeed!
    And ‘lovingly corrected’ is straight from cultville.
    I’m looking forward to “keep sweet”, or maybe they already have.
    The “G-d”thing cracks me up. Thanks gallus for pointing out that paralell. For one thing ‘god’s’ real name is not actually the common ones used for that jealous narcissistic mindobject, but a series of hebrew consonants known as the tetragrammaton. I used to take a class in estoterics and there was a young man who would use the g-d spelling and got kinda weird whenever the discussion turned the four-fold ‘name of god”. I used to delight in sneaking in the YHVH Blackadder-style whenever he would pussyfoot around it. like really dude, according to your own texts, no human can pronounced the damn thing so none of us are going to drop dead from speech anytime soon.

  21. Shakina Nayfack does a one-“woman” show called “Manifest Pussy,” using that vile, pornified term to discuss his neovagina surgery.

  22. Transgenders change what word you’re allowed to use like 4 times a year. I still remember the fights about the space or dash between trans and woman, the lack of a space or dash, if an asterisk after trans is offensive or if a lack of asterisk is offensive, MOGAI vs QUILTBAG, transgendered vs transgender as an adjective… There’s no consensus. You can see the glee with which trans activist internet users police each other with each version of newspeak. The crime isn’t messing it up, it’s failure to self flagellate and then subsequently bully someone else about the same thing.

    1. An online social group I was in went through this with “trans*.” Everyone, including trans identified members, thought the term was a tidy way to include anyone without having to write an essay, and several conversations happened with no incident.
      One day, an explicitly pro-trans topic came up in regards to some “transphobic” action by an artist. The group chatted away about what an awful thing it was and how rough “trans* ___” have it. In the midst of it, one trans member started emoting the text equivalent of sitting and pouting… for several minutes… before FINALLY stating they didn’t like “trans*” because it was dehumanizing trans people by not including whatever specific subset was being referred to at the time.
      How specific subsets were relevant to a general topic about trans stuff, I have no clue. But you could feel the awkwardness that settled over the group. In a roundabout way I’m grateful, because that was one of my first inklings that trans activism isn’t about protecting GNC people from toxic masculinity and homophobia but trying to control and control some more.

      1. A rather too familiar sounding tale about discussions in the trans space. Those discussions usually only really begin to make sense when you interpret them as a constant struggle to claim the most oppressed vantage point in a rugged terrain and as a way to remind the allies who is calling the shots.
        There is a slightly more charitable interpretation as well though. Over time newly coined terms and conventions may accrete inconvenient meanings and therefore generate the need for new “clean” convention or meaning that people are free to equate with their own sense of gender-identity.
        In a way the concept of gender-identity is pretty much a perfect instance of what Wittgenstein meant with his thought experiment of a “private language”: Gender-identity is very much the famous Beetle in the Box.

    Feel free to re-home this Gallus, but I feel it’s important. Britain now has it’s own Alcorn kid, a FTT who has killed herself.
    Transloons and their crazy friends are doxxing the schoolteachers involved and trying to get them sacked. Even a cursory glance at the crappy Mail article shows that this girl had experienced trauma recently (mum leaving) and needed help, not encouragement to obsess over names and pronouns. Predictably, the responses aren’t about failures in mental health provision, they are all wittering on about deadnaming.
    Dead names will always trump dead girls.

    1. Apparently the facts as reported by the Daily Mail in this case are incorrect:
      “Statement from the Headteacher
      September 1st 2017
      Headteacher Statement
      Statement from the Head
      Some local and national papers are reporting about the inquest into the death of a WHS student Louise / Alex / Leo Etherington. Please be aware that the press coverage is inaccurate. The School did not refuse a name change as suggested. The student’s Father has contacted the School to say he has been misquoted.
      Louise / Leo / Alex Etherington was a wonderful young person, in every respect and popular and well-liked by all. The death of a young person is always deeply upsetting and our thoughts at this time are with the family & friends.
      Wycombe High School has comprehensive procedures for supporting transgender young people and their families. I cannot comment on any individual case. However, I can advise that our procedures support name changes’. ”

    1. Archive:
      “This is the last of these I’ll be posting. Daniel and I got in a big argument last night. He helped me see how sticking to my guns on this was damaging for my mental and emotional health, and having an adverse effect on my relationships. I spent a week in full-on PTSD fight or flight mode, panicked, hurt, and triggered. I wanted people to see the clear line of succession from Amy’s shutdown of my gentle feedback, her gas-lighting me and the trans people/allies who stood up for me, her self-victimization and dog whistling to her most hateful followers, and the subsequent trans-antagonistic attacks and full on cyber-bullying I suffered because I lovingly corrected an “ally.”. Not only was I misgendered and called a man repeatedly, I was also called an enemy to women, an abuser, a bully, I was told I was selfish, over-sensitive, and seeking publicity. All I did was expose the way me and my community were being treated. It has been 8 days of my life, 8 days of intense emotionality, distracted thinking, self-doubt, fear, anger, and hurt. I plan to write more about the whole experience when I can take some distance from it, but for now I am done. Over and out. #Namaste #Resist #HowNotToBeAnAlly #TransLiberation”

    2. Translation: “I’m being traumatized by women who won’t do what I tell them.”
      But transwomen never have male entitlement, right?

      1. This Shakina fool called in a few of his friends to yap at me on Twitter. I pointed out that, while I admired their loyalty, they would be better friends to point out to him that he brought all this on himself. A minor semantics issue that nobody else even noticed or cared about was used by Nayfack to try and bully a real woman. When it did not work, Nayfack went into full abusive male stalker mode, his buddy Petition Boy made things worse and all his buddies abusing Siskind just made them all look like fools.
        I have read some of Siskind’s stuff and have never heard of her saying anything against trans nonsense. Yet his buddies were calling her “terf” and transphobe. Maybe the best thing to come out of this will be a few libfem handmaidens taking note of how all this went down. Maybe they will see that no matter how much water they carry for these dudes, they can be turned on in a second by a TIM having a temper tantrum.

      “Manifest Pussy: Why don’t we just let Shakina Nayfack speak for us all?
      A transgender activist has seized the pussy agenda with both hands. Let’s let her run with it for awhile”
      “At first glance, Shakina Nayfack’s shaved head appears naked without the platinum weave she usually wears to play Lola — the radical trans waitress on Hulu’s “Difficult People.” At six foot two and sporting patterned athleisure, she’s the most noticeable person at FIKA, the Swedish café in the theater district where we’ve met to chat about her life as a trans activist in the otherwise stale, male and pale miasma of the entertainment industry.”
      [not stale, male, or pale]
      “his sense of outrage led to Shakina’s earliest forays into activism and organizing protests in high school, which ultimately got her expelled. This was the late nineties, the dawn of the queer youth movement, before Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) existed. It wasn’t until University of California, Santa Cruz, that she worked with the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to lead trainings for educators and youth activists all over the country, so they could create GSAs in their schools and develop policies around bullying and expand the definitions of sexual harassment and discrimination to include sexual orientation, perceived sexual orientation and gender identity. Shakina also created a performance piece as part of a major she designed in “theatrical activism.” In the piece, set to the song “Faggot” by Korn, Shakina wears dominatrix drag and whips a group of guys clad in football jerseys, fishnets and jockstraps with AIDS ribbons on their genitals. Watching the piece on YouTube, one is struck by both its radical humor and extreme rage.”
      “It’s important to note that the original line was solely, “Just cuz I’m trans you think I’m a sex worker,” but Shakina ad-libbed the, “Fuck you, Marcy,” because she felt that the original line, though funny, didn’t capture her frustration with labeling and people’s association with the trans community and sex work. Lola then calls Marcy’s former occupation, “cisgender-privileged-women’s-shelter-bullshit,” while the rest of her colleagues chant, “Fuck you, Marcy,” like a deranged Greek chorus. It’s amazing.”
      “Lest you think I’m not with the program — I am. I went to Oberlin. They practically invented the program — let’s recall the divine feminine presence otherwise known as Shakina and her magnum opus “Manifest Pussy.” She tells me, “I made a vow that I wouldn’t speak about trauma in the show unless I could do it humorously. I’m standing on stage singing about going to Thailand to get a vagina.”

      1. It’s amazing that such a brave woman of color who has suffered so much, including being tossed out of high school, supposedly, can be brought low and lose a week of their life to a twitterstorm.

      2. well, that narcissistic celebration of the sexual exploitation of 3rd world people has a king size load to unpack. And was the word “gay” used as slur there? I do hope this is saved for posterity. Lest our granddaughters judge us harshly, they need to know what we were up against. As for that incoherent Salon piece (as incoherent in its entirety as it is in the excerpt), it may have been radi-kewl word salad, but it hit all the points of the Queer program. I mean, what does it matter if you don’t really have a point, when the purpose is to demonstrate how down you are with whatever’s cutting edge Queer.

    2. I would gladly trade for Shakina’s very #firstworldproblems.
      This is basically the social media version of a man cold. Women, especially lesbians who refuse dick, are threatened and ostracized whenever they piss off men, right up to death threats, and we’re essentially told to suck it up. But a biological male gets rightfully told off for his unreasonable demands and suddenly he’s languishing on the couch and sniveling for soup and blankies, the poor little lamb.

  24. This is good. They thought that they could bully this woman and extract an apology. Easy pickings. But she held firm and their week-long rage got them nothing except a backlash and a sense of their own impotence. This is what we need to do. Stand firm. Never apologize.

    1. I heard someone say recently that experimental theater exists outside the laws of supply and demand. That would explain a lot.

  25. I’ve been perusing “Shakina’s” instagram. It’s really interesting.
    1) I found the original twitter exchange which launched this crusade against Siskind. Siskind was actually tweeting about how the ban on transgenders in the military is wrong. Hopefully, Siskind has learned her lesson.
    2) There’s a trans rape culture post in which Shakina’s followers insist that transgenders can have sex with whomever they like without disclosing, even if the partner would not have sex with them if he or she knew.
    3) Shakina has been trying to get a new hashtag campaign going called #CisAssist, wherein cis (i.e., normal) people would be called in as enforcers of trans activist ideology to report and de-platform anyone who opposes trans activism on twitter.
    4) Apparently, Shakina has the support of a minor celeb, Laura Benanti. Benanti won a Tony for her role in Gypsy on Broadway in 2008 and had a role on the TV series Supergirl.

  26. Complains about a slur and then calls people terfs. I don’t like the word transgenders though, it’s not very grammatically elegant in my opinion.

  27. They’re still calling for Martha Harvey’s resignation, with an organized demonstration and press conference, no less.
    This is what happens when you accept “loving correction” from a trans woman activist. Harvey could not have groveled in a more pathetic, self-abasing way for forgiveness, but there can be no appeasement. It’s all about demonstrating dominance and control.

      1. Interesting timesunion article there, particularly the demand that the Pride Center proclaim – and loudly too – that “trans women are women, trans men are men, and non-binary people are valid in their identity”.
        But, apart from the bafflegab of “valid in their identity”, I seriously wonder why the Pride Center in particular and feminists in general don’t seriously challenge the particular trans claim that “trans women are women”. For one thing, I rather doubt any transactivist could give a coherent and rational definition of the term “woman” in the first place. And for another, that feminists don’t insist on the dictionary definition – “woman: human female [produces ova]” – just leaves the door open for transactivists to play their silly-bugger games of “dominance and control”.

      2. OMG Gallus.. from the very first lines, that “Teela Jewel Wild”
        blog is priceless. (PS: what is this fixation on stripper names?)
        “A quick aside on the word terf because I’m going to use it about a thousand times. It’s not a slur. Here’s a doctor telling us why it’s not”
        ROFL–“social justice” ppl don’t habitually default to professionals to make their case… this proves he isn’t really a “social justice” type at all. He instinctively runs to the properly penised white “experts” to put us silly girls in our place. The “doctor” is just another trans cultist, enthusiastically mansplaining why we are wrong. (yawn)
        Need some new routines, you guys. We’ve all seen your videos fellating each other.
        “Literally the only point of all of the gender critical writing I’ve seen is to deny the existence of trans people.”
        Mr Wild, please stop this inanity about “existence” –only delusional, illiterate lunatics would say someone standing right in front us or writing on a computer does not exist. Of course you exist, please stop saying we have this existential power to deny you your existence, we are not God. What the hell are you talking about ???
        I can’t take the “right to exist” shyte another fucking second.
        These trans women must be denying the right of fundie Christians to exist, right? I mean don’t they maintain that DISAGREEMENT or NOT ENDORSING AN IDENTITY is tantamount to saying ppl do NOT EXIST??? Then Teela Wild you meanie, please stop denying fundamentalist Muslims and Christians the RIGHT TO EXIST. Obviously, if you do not subscribe to their dogma, as we do not subscribe to yours, you must be denying them the right to exist. PLEASE STOP BEING A SEXIST, RACIST PIG AND DENYING MUSLIM WOMEN THE RIGHT TO EXIST. okay?
        Of course, this means you also have to stop disagreeing with them and become a Muslim too. Aye, there’s the rub. But I am sure you’ll work it out, Mr Teela, with your incontrovertible logic.
        Here is a smart psychologist named Jonathan Haidt–he might be a sexist or a libertarian (I don’t know much about him frankly)– but I was watching videos about ‘irrationality as a political strategy’ (what this Teela Wild cartoon-character does so well), and BOOM this video came up (recommended for you!) about the RIGHT TO EXIST… and he is clearly as sick of this bullshit as the rest of us.
        “you have invalidated my existence” = 4:35–7:50
        Teela has just given the order to attack someone named Cynthia Bott, who dared to read the actual article in question:
        “Cynthia has decided to frame this whole mess into a debate where everyone ‘has a voice’ and that ‘we (must) make a space for everyone in the community’? Actually it sounds ok, right? Like why wouldn’t I want all voices heard? I’m an open minded Midwestern girl. I like hearing what others experience. However, what if the starting point for these debates is whether or not I exist? Kind of puts the onus on me, doesn’t it? Like I’m pretty sure I’m trans, I’m a woman, and I exist.”
        There it is again. They are clearly psychotic.
        “This may seem like hyperbole but seriously I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PROVE MY EXISTENCE TO ALL Y’ALL!”
        When are you converting to Muslim, Teela? Otherwise, you are disagreeing with their view of reality and denying them their right to exist… you know they consider you a freak and infidel, right?
        And BTW, stop calling entire states “bumfuck Alabama” and “bumfuck Louisiana” (this is all part of Teela’s “southern odyssey”–a trip taken, apparently, just to feel superior to Southerners)… unless of course you are denying US the right to exist too. Swine.
        As my Yippie mentors used to say, if these assholes are the opposition, we MUST be right.

      3. DaisyDeadhead,
        A fine rant, a rant of the first water. 🙂 But some excellent points which I largely if not entirely agree with. Particularly like your “right to exist” shyte – pretty effen clueless, being charitable, on the part of many transactivists to characterize objections to their rather demented ideology as any kind of a denial of their existence.
        And transactivists can “identify” as whoever or whatever – a teapot, maybe? – they want, but that sure doesn’t make Teela, in particular, an actual woman. ICYMI, an amusing tweet by Cathy Young Twitter that kind of nails it:

        #BathroomWars 2020: Otherkin who identify as dogs challenge public urination bans b/c they should be able to piss on fire hydrants

        And thanks too for the link to Haidt – guy’s got his head screwed on right. In notable contradistinction to “Teela”. 😉

      4. The “you are erasing my existence” comes from a mental disorder called Borderline Personality Disorder. Borderlines (oops, used an “s”) base their sense of self on external validation and believe they will not exist if they don’t receive that validation. It’s not a facetious argument or immaturity or a power game–they really do believe this. Some feminists have been critical of this disorder and argued against allowing it as a diagnosis because more women have received the diagnosis (in my opinion, misdiagnosed) AND the male psychiatric establishment for decades dismissed it as untreatable. There are some good treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder today, but trans people who have it don’t appear to be getting treatment. Instead, they find reinforcement for their delusion from their community.

      5. Oh this asshole… I’ve seen his Twitter before, and could there possibly be a better example of a boring, middle-aged, middle class white dude trying to find special-ness?
        I also agree with Daisy that he can take his “bumfuck” comments and shove them. Just like most blue states, there are huge swaths of NY that classify as “bumfuck.” And they’re just as likely to not indulge his pronoun fetish and fauxgressive tantrums.

    1. It should be obvious to anyone who knows about domestic violence that these guys act like abusive men. Being a good ally before their “transgressions” didn’t save either Martha Harvey or Amy Siskind from being attacked. Also, if a man’s abusive, it doesn’t matter whether a woman grovels and apologizes, as Harvey did, or tells him to eff off. Neither response will have any real effect on his behavior, except that the eff off reaction may provoke accusations that she’s the one abusing him–as can be seen in Shakina Nayfack’s faux victimization narrative.

  28. Got banned from FB for five days because of my critique of the attacks on Harvey by the trans gang and that autogynophile with the kooky name…. thought control continues. Women should stick to the dictionary definition of woman and refuse to go along with the trans women are women thought control chant, how very fascist of them to insist lesbians chant along with these creeps.

  29. Here’s an excellent article about the infuriating trend of calling women who cross-dressed in earlier times transmen, when they just wanted greater freedom and opportunities than women were allowed.
    Also, Jacob Tobia has written a piece for Playboy whining that it’s no fair he isn’t objectified like the other girls. (I won’t link to the site on principle.)
    This looks like two sides of the same debased, post-modern coin: people who want freedom must be men and those who want admiration must be women. But the trans trend is totally not based on sexist stereotypes–because womanhood is ineffable (which begs the question, “Where did these seven billion people come from, then?” And the answer would probably mention clownfish.)

    1. Laughed at the clownfish comment.
      I never thought anything could top the shit creationists try to push… then I met the gender cult.

  30. The real reason they hate the term “transgenders” and shriek that “transgender” must only be used as an adjective is because they want to force people to say “transgender women.”

  31. Well, I went a little berserk over the 4 trans activists in the UK beating up the 60-yr-old feminist, and I am sure the fact that I am also turning 60 on Sunday is just a coincidence. Anyway the trans kept tweeting me and I kept tweeting back–my mistake, they got me. I am on lockdown for 12 hours.
    If I think that is in error, they say they wanna know… right.
    Really though… as I said above… this is how you know they are not “social justice” in the least. They run to authorities/white daddy at the drop of a hat, to put women in our place. It was the ‘anarchist’ trans blogger at freethoughtblogs who reported me… ohhh, the irony.
    My advice is to block them all at the beginning–I now realize they were drawing me out to get stuff on me, and I forgot the sneaky ways of the provocateurs. Interestingly, they all blocked me but reported me anyway…
    They are invalidating my existence!

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