Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Bans ‘Detransitioners’

In a surprising last minute move, the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference (PTHC) quietly banned two scheduled panels addressing the needs of individuals who detransition, leaving organizers stunned and left with non-refundable travel expenses less than two weeks before the conference.
According to blogger ThirdWaveTrans, who underwent male to female sex reassignment before later growing to accept his biological reality, the PTHC banned the panels out of concern that presenters may be harboring sympathies towards feminism, specifically the feminist analysis which views gender itself as a culturally created system of behavioral codes designed to perpetuate male dominance (masculinity) and female subjugation (femininity).
ThirdWaveTrans writes:

“The first I found out that something was amiss was by reading a thread on Reddit’s r/asktg which was questioning whether the panels should be presented at the conference or not because they were presented by people that had “TERF-leaning” blogs. I am not a radical feminist, but they tend to place anyone who holds views they oppose in this category.

One of them claimed to receive the following reply from the conference:

“Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! Our workshops are chosen by our community run planning committee. They did not know the toxic nature of this workshop. We have decided to cancel their workshop and they will not be allowed to submit workshops in the future. We here at Mazzoni and at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference extend our apologizes for letting this slip through. Thank you so much for keeping us accountable.”

We had not heard any news of this, so I asked my contact at the planning committee about it and she hadn’t heard anything either. Eventually it turned out this was not official, and the planning committee decided to vote on whether we should be included or not as they had received calls and emails complaining about our inclusion in the conference. The committee met and voted over the next few days.

A couple of hours ago I received word that the committee voted to cancel our workshops. We had worked very hard on this and much energy went into it. Additionally, some of us are out our travel costs as we were expecting these workshops to go on until just now, less than two weeks before the conference.”

A review of the writings and materials emanating from the banned detransitioner panel presenters shows that all of them support medical transition. None are radical feminists. None are religious conservatives.
Two forums were subject to the last minute detransitioner ban. The first addressed the experiences and health care needs of those who desist from pursuing a medicalized course of treatment for gender dysphoria, including those who no longer relate to the transgender paradigm. You can read the full description of the scheduled panel here:
The second forum which was banned presented non-medical options for dealing with gender dysphoria for those who cannot undergo hormone and surgical treatments due to health issues, for those who suffer from gender dysphoria but do not identify within the transgender paradigm, and for those who have undergone hormonal and surgical treatment but continue to suffer from dysphoria.

WPATH resources for detransitioners. Nada.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) in 38 years of existence, has never in a single instance offered any support or resource whatsoever for transgender individuals who suffer from gender dysphoria and cannot undergo medical transition due to health issues, nor for individuals who have undergone treatment but continue to suffer from dysphoria, nor for those who suffer gender dysphoria but who don’t disassociate with their biological sex. WPATH has never included any guidelines or support for individuals needing (or choosing) to bypass or halt the cross-sex hormone treatments that WPATH advocates for. The second detransitioner panel banned by the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference sought to address the needs of these individuals.
You can read the full description of that scheduled panel here:
You can read the reddit thread referenced above, where transgender activists present their arguments in support of no-platforming detransitioners, here:
Read ThirdWaveTrans’s full post here:
Watch organizer Carey Callahan’s response video here:
Ironically, banning detransitioner participation may have set the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference afoul of the Philadelphia Public Accommodations Discrimination Charter which forbids public events and services from limiting the participation of individuals based on Gender Identity. It reads:
Philadelphia law protects an individual’s basic right to fair and equal treatment by public accommodations.
Public accommodations discrimination may happen when services are denied outright, such as when someone is refused admission to a public place.
Discrimination may also occur in other ways, such as when someone is offered less favorable service than others or when a physical barrier or other issue makes services inaccessible to someone who has a disability.
Examples of public accommodations include: 

  • Hotels, motels, inns and other places of lodging;
  • Restaurant, bars and other places where food and/or drinks are served;
  • Casinos, theaters and other places of entertainment;
  • Stores, banks, barber/beauty shops and retail establishments;
  • Colleges, universities and educational institutions;
  • Medical clinics, homeless shelters and other social service providers;
  • Parks, health clubs and other centers for recreation or fitness centers; and

           Museums and other places of public display.
The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference is a program of the non-profit (5013c designated) healthcare provider Mazzoni Center, formerly Philadelphia Community Health Alternatives (PCHA). The Mazzoni Center is funded in part by a grant from the Arcus Foundation. 
According to the PTHC website, Hahnemann Hospital is the largest sponsor of the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference. Other sponsors are listed here:

48 thoughts on “Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Bans ‘Detransitioners’

  1. Any chance that the banned presenters can present their panels elsewhere? I’m sure many people would want to get the benefit of all the work the panelists have put into their preparation.

      1. A disgusting performance. At least they’ve finally been arsed to issue a public statement after trying to keep their gender identity discrimination (!) on the down low.

  2. This is unbelievable and shows the collective insanity of the community. Sounds like ‘it’s our way or no way and you will be an un-person if you detransition’. Orwell much, y’all??
    Here is something that needs to be brought up again: [and @GallusMag and others can point to where this has been posted before] from what I have been told by my docs, in off-the-record chats, is that there is a small chorus of medical professionals who are telling those who have severe pre-existing medical conditions, to not pursue the HRT etc, due to a litany of issues. Be they cardio, circulatory otherwise and others..these are items where the docs will put on the brakes. Keep in mind, these are ethical individuals, who are telling their patients this. Even if it does run counter to the group insanity here in town, this is the case. But they are in the minority…because there is an insane profit to be made, by preying on the delusional and hence, are outnumbered by those who lack a conscience.
    Also… has to wonder what in the are they afraid of? As Carey stated, are they afraid that parents will walk into a session that puts truth to the lies about children transitioning? Are they afraid of detransitioners describing in graphic detail that the new body parts do not operate anywhere close to the original equipment that females and males do have from birth? [The last time I checked, the penile inversion/artificial vaginal creation surgery does not include, the creation or transplantation of a reproductive system….and it cannot due to….even in a slightly imaginative vein…the introduction of an entirely new system of veins, arteries and other structures, which would have to go along with that]. Are they afraid that detransitioners will show up and call these so-called experts out on, what is no different than how Mengele, et al operated?
    The fact that this community goes out of it’s collective way to mitigate and silence any opposition to their illogic speaks volumes. That they operate like other MRAs, does not surprise, let alone how they engage in being abusive online and otherwise, shows that they are no different than the Nazis. Just that instead of brownshirts, they prefer flowery outfits.

    1. Just read through that BS that ‘passed’ in their mind for an explanation. What a load of lies.
      Put another way [as in, if they wanted to post their bullshit using other terms and in turn, make it almost seem legitimate]:
      ‘The purpose of this conference and social gatherings connected to same, is to further our encroachment on the rights of others, in particular natal females, so that we can live the fantasy of being a part of the aspired gender, without the trials of life they go through from birth. After all, if one believes that they are who they aspire to be, they are who they aspire to be and there will be no dissension tolerated to dissuade anyone from that. Such dissension is counterproductive and is laced with hate speech and detrimental concepts…and it will not be condoned or tolerated’
      Again, these folks are no better than brownshirts…and need to be called out on this.

        1. Good question. I’m certain the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference would keep participants safe by immediately reporting the threats to law enforcement…..Or no??

      1. Then again, according to materials presented in this Philadelphia Magazine report, the Mazzoni Center (PTHC is a program of the center) failed to report “multiple reported incidents of sexual violence”, and “multiple reported incidents of quid pro quo for narcotics or other habit forming drugs”, among other charges, against (now) ousted medical director Dr. Robert Winn.
        (Allegations read at minute 9 in video)
        So maybe the Mazzoni Center is not so great at reporting allegedly dangerous or criminal acts to authorities, even when they are directed against service users.

    1. Mermaids uk called the police for “online abuse”, iirc the guardian published an article about it. They “had to ban” 20 ppl a day on twitter, if you look at those who are banned they were asking polite questions about medical data. TAs are experts in hyperbole. Words (like “he”) are violence. Internet TERFs are genocidal, homicidal, killed 50k trans. Etc etc. Gavin DeBecker (a threatening behavior expert) says that context is the strongest indicator of if a message is threatening. I don’t really trust these people to accurately determine the context of whatever is being referenced. They’re scared of females with opinions after all.

  3. Time to start writing some emails. The sponsors oughta know they are privileging politics over patient care. There desperately needs to be info for non medical options for dysphoria and protocols to stop cross sex hormones. Clinicians have zero resources.

  4. Every year at the Philly Trans Health Conference, there is never a shortage of surgeons (top surgery, bottom surgery, facial feminization, whatever is the latest fad), representatives from “gender clinics” eager to sell hormones, puberty blockers, feminine voice lessons, binders, whatever. And, what would the Philly Trans Health Conference be without its trans porn stars.
    These sick people even want to transition disabled people.
    Developmental Disabilities and Affirmation of Identities
    Being chronically ill is no problem. What a bunch of freaking ghouls.
    Gender Confirmation Surgery and Chronic Illness
    Aspies and auties (autism and aspergers) – more “transitioning” the disabled
    Sterilizing children with GnRH analogues and cross gender hormones and lopping the health breasts off of teenage girls is not enough. They are peddling this to disabled people.
    No workshop on detransitioners, but they have something called “Hormones and Handcuffs”. Learning about hormones and handcuffs (BDSM, kink, whatever – you name it) is more important than telling teenage girls that they don’t have to get their boobs lopped off and take “T” for the rest of their lives. Get out the handcuffs!
    They got their trans porn stars, but no detransitioners.
    Trans Adult Film Viewing Panel
    This is MTF trans porn star Michelle Austin.
    This is a list of all their little shop of horrors workshops.
    It’s basically about making money for surgeons, pharmaceutical companies, and “gender clinics” as well as introducing people to the porn industry. There is no money to be made in not transitioning, and detransitioning. involves going off hormones.
    Damn ghouls!

    1. What a hellscape.
      Additionally I love Michelle begging for money on his page to fix botched breast augmentation because he ever so needed them to “make” him a woman.

    2. Unbelievable……just plain unbelievable. Reading this litany of insanity almost caused me to lose breakfast.
      If there was any other group that wanted to take advantage of and hurt the most vulnerable in the society [children and the disabled] staged a convention like this, they would be thrown out of town.
      But this, being done under the guise of ‘health’ is reprehensible, disgusting, despicable. No self respecting physician I know of, would be stupid enough to be associated with such shits.
      @SkyLark Phillips, thanks for posting this. I may have come close to throwing up in reading same, but this more than anything, makes the case for maintaining distance. If not reasonable people standing up and saying ‘this is what is being supported and encouraged, when the word “diversity” is used’, in discussing 99.99% of the brigade.

  5. Megan Murphy’s statement about the Tuvel/Hypatia controversy applies here: Murphy said the attacks by transactivists on trans ally Tuvel show that “it is not stated opposition to trans rights that demands repudiation, but rather the application of critical thought to the idea of “gender identity.”
    Now these detransitioners, who support medical transition, are applying critical thought to treatments for gender dysphoria. They are repudiated for the application of critical thought to treatments for gender dysphoria.
    The crime is engaging in critical inquiry about gender.

    1. You hit the nail on the head.
      I remember a few years ago when the fad was screaming about truscum, i.e. people who literally just think you have to be dysphoric to be trans. They don’t even have to necessarily be critical of gender as a whole; their only crime is expecting some basis for being transgender and potentially excluding whatever neutrois (how many ways do they have to say the same thing now) or fantasy nonsense people dream up.
      They’ll happily eat their own to protect the cause.

  6. The FB post says that the workshops are “valid” but:
    “…there is a duty to make sure that the debate does not get out of control at the conference itself…
    “It is possible that one day in the future these topics can be a part of the conference.”
    In other words, if no threats of disruptive protests occur.
    What an invitation for future threats of disruptive protests!
    The workshop descriptions were *very* nonjudgmental and evenhanded. How sad.

  7. So, the transgender conference is discriminating against detrasitioners based on their gender identity. We have come full circle. Transgender nonsense can’t survive if examined thoughtfully. I hope conference organizers are sued.

  8. This overreaction strikes me as religious in tone. Those who question trans dogma about the benefits of medical transition, even for a person whose health can’t tolerate hormones and surgery or whose dysphoria persists in spite of “treatment”, are branded heretics (aka “terfs”), while detransitioners are shunned for their apostasy. Both have to be banished so their dangerous views don’t disturb the simple, trusting faith of others (including parents of supposed trans children who might wander in and hear a dissenting opinion).
    In an earlier era, transactivists would have made excellent inquisitors and witch hunters. And there was wealth and power at stake then, too, since the property of heretics or witches could be seized.
    I think most people, judging by the educated urban liberals in my circle, have no clue what’s really going with the trans cult. A man with whom I’ve discussed these issues recently told women co-workers who expressed support for transwomen that, in our state, he could go into the women’s health club near their workplace dressed as he was with no letter from a doctor and demand a membership on the grounds that he identified as a woman. Their reaction was shocked disbelief–and they were even more shocked when he pointed out that he could even sue the club if they challenged his stated identity.
    Organizations like PhillyTransHealth and Memaids UK have a vested interested in suppressing information about the medical and legal consequences of their movement, which is how cults usually behave. It would be great if we could get more people to read GenderTrender, but, even without that, we who read and comment here can influence those around us by pointing out the longterm medical risks for children and the reality that gender identity laws will allow men in women’s dorms, locker rooms, hospital wards, etc. A moderately conservative woman I talked to said she didn’t care how anyone dressed, but she didn’t want her daughter forced to share a dorm room with a man. This will probably be mainstream opinion once people realize what’s at stake. I wasn’t sure how people would react when I first started raising these issues, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many people I know, both liberal and conservative, have admitted to similar thoughts but said they’ve kept quiet for fear of seeming intolerant.
    Gallus Mag, thanks again for all this fantastic work! It’s given me more information to use when I take the fight to the analog world. And thanks to all the commenters whose posts made me suspect there were probably a lot of women with similar views, which made it easier to start talking to people I know. I’m starting to see the seeds of the pushback in the people around me.

  9. In Carey Callahan’s video about being no-platformed, she pointed out that alternative methods of dealing with dysphoria are useful even for people who feel they benefit from medical transition. People often can’t transition immediately and have to wait for the right doctor or the right health benefits and in the meantime, alternative ways of coping are helpful. Preventing trans people from knowing other ways of coping besides medical transition is harmful for all of them. I can’t figure out how these trans activists can’t see that they’re transphobic, denying important information to trans people.

    1. @purplesagefem WOW. Thanks for highlighting that detail!
      That detail makes the whole thing even more damning.

  10. I often think everything that needs to be said about this issues has been said, especially when I see the occasional opinion piece on a left/liberal website echoing some of the ideas radfems were promoting seven or eight years ago. These opinion pieces on liberal websites are useful, but not particularly worth my time. Then I see a trans issue here that hasn’t been reported elsewhere and I think, yeah, there still is more to say. So keep up the good fight Galllus. Your work is not yet over.

  11. How can they claim that there was no decision to “no platform” and also state “they will not be allowed to submit workshops in the future”? How can they call their topics “toxic” and also that maybe they’ll allow them to speak in the future?

  12. I think the ppl with non-refundable travel costs should go there and protest the event because they were noplatformed from it. If they already bought the travel ticket they might as well not waste it.

  13. I would definitely call it ableist of WPATH to not allow the presenter who presented alternatives for those who cannot transition due to health issues. This is sorely needed because the HRT they advocate for is fairly risky and unstudied in the long term health effects.

    1. In reading through that thread this morning, it became apparent, these folks are bullies. Anyone who offers a logical, fact based counter to their fouled up view of fact, let alone that one can destransition and needs help as well [medical and otherwise] is dismissed, thanks to the fog of the cult mind set. No different than a group of mean spirited high school kids, which many of these folks act like.
      Let alone pointing out that the conference in question is also pushing, like a bad dope dealer, incredibly bad science [especially as a cover for porn]. If it were any other group that was engaged in this craziness, permits for using public space would have been questioned, let alone pulled.
      Oh yes, if…as one poster there said…there is little dissatisfaction/buyer’s remorse in after having the surgery [and there just may be that…BUT] why or rather is it that, these folks are happy with an opening and rewiring that cannot possibly[in the case of MTF] do what the original equipment does for natal females? After all, it is nothing more than an opening/scar that genetics will try to close on it’s own, because genetics says so and there is no way, practical or otherwise for the genetic code to create the rest of the internal wiring to create the rest of what is needed for full functionality. If one were to do some rather creative research online, they would find companies that make ….pardon this all….garments that have an approximation of the vaginal opening as it’s main feature. One could get one of those and save on the surgery that re-routes the piping, but does not even come close to the real biological feature.

  14. “However, two of the conference’s workshops were the subject of controversy. “Alternate ways of working with gender dysphoria” and “Detransition: A panel discussion” became topics of discussion on Reddit with some users saying the presenters, Carey Callahan and Elan Lepovic, practiced trans-exclusionary radical feminism and associated with transphobic individuals.
    [Sean] Laughlin said that while these topics are important to discuss, the workshop-planning committee came to the conclusion that these presenters were not the right fit to speak on them. He added that Mazzoni plans to revisit the topics at future conferences.
    “It’s a difficult topic for people to talk about but if we can find the right people to handle the topic correctly and aren’t influenced by other outside sources that are anti-trans, then we will be happy to have them here,” Laughlin said.”

  15. “if we can find the right people to handle the topic correctly”
    There’s the tell. Abusers, fascists, cult leaders, and all those with power who don’t want to give up control always claim they’d be open to hearing alternate points of view–but only by exactly the right people, in the right place, at the right time. And it’s always a lie. The “right” conditions just never seem to occur.

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