"You Are a Woman Hater. It's Just That Simple."

God this is good. Mancheeze critiques some YouTube dickhead’s video about how much he hates women and how women should pretend otherwise. I watched his video last week and it was as boring and offensive as you’d expect, but I could listen to Mancheeze go on forever. I nearly busted a gut laughing my ass off. She killed it. Five stars! True feminist entertainment.

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  1. That obviously male silhouette before typical misogynist EW PERIODS is some #PeakTrans.
    I love the comment on Mancheeze’s reaction about the contrast of ambulances responding to overdoses against a privileged shit arguing with himself*. It sums up the pomo insanity so well.
    *what a nightmare even by TRA standards. It’s like a mashup of Buffalo Bill and the dolls scene from Spaceballs.

  2. WOW………Mancheez for the win.
    Well this made the morning. For one, the activist who created this is another example of one in the community who is without any understanding of biology….or psychology….or for that matter…LIFE. Secondly, there is no way some jerk like this can even understand in full, how really pervasive the socialization of women or those of different ethnic backgrounds are….because in the main, they help to create it. Created it and profit by same, every day. Third…since when is erasing the protections for women [as in attempting to mitigate Title VII and Title IX, etc] the act or acts of an oppressed community? Horseshit, those are the acts of an oppressing group, who have learned from the Nazis to say that, women’s oppression is our oppression, by proxy [sidebar-many years ago, at least at the uni level in the US, students like those in the classes I was in, were taught this, as well as the verbal mechanics of how this worked. We were told that this is how fascists and other bigoted slime, manage to slither their way, into the debate on correcting societal ills. Sadly on campuses, this has been replaced by the oppression games, as in ‘I am lower on the social scale than you, have pity on me and help me leapfrog over you’].
    Just another example of how some creep, who could not navigate life [let alone a coloring map on the place mat at Denny’s] creates a pretext for their insanity. This goes hand in hand with the unstable ones, who got upset, thanks to POTUS’s edict on the military, this past week. Which begs the question: if the majority [and as @GallusMag and others have pointed out here, via legitimate research and black & white paperwork] are as unstable, myopic, sexist, racist and otherwise as civilians, why in God’s gray earth should they be in the military or even cops?

  3. OMG what the hell did I just see?!? That part about 45:00 in where the dude slows down his voice to sound,what,Satanic? And asks,”Dost thou bleed?” Took me 10:00 into this to realize the dude was actually playing both roles. Mancheeze was so good and spot on.

  4. Thank you, Mancheeze, for dealing with this idiot. I could never have made it thru this creep’s video without feminist commentary along the way. Yes, this nasty little man and his strawman “terf” was bad enough for most of the video but at the end when he had “her” start speaking in a demon voice and going to sit naked in a tub and rub menstrual blood on “her” face, that was just an amazing reveal of how these men have NO factual arguments on their side – they have to use hateful tropes and they want to use hateful tropes.
    What is saddest to see is that this Ed Gein wannabee has a troupe of fawning handmaidens feeding his ego and finding his misogyny amusing because that makes them good little girls earning the praise of a man. Pathetic creatures, all of them.

  5. His video “TERFs” is so disjointed and illogical that it’s often difficult to follow. I went to youtube and watched it myself. It’s so utterly bazaar how this dreadful video starts out with incoherent statements and him cutting up a rack of barbequed ribs. Then, he ravenously devours the meat, pours barbeque sauce in his mouth, and knocks the ribs off the table. He is on his back on the floor devouring barbeque ribs. Other than sheer lunacy, what is the purpose of this stunt? After about two minutes of his twisted little scene with him rolling on the floor pouring barbeque sauce on himself, the debate begins with him playing both the part of Abigail Cockbane”, the mean terfy feminist and Tiffany, the transwoman.
    Tiffany says, “I am a woman. I live my life as a woman. I wake up as a woman. I make love as a woman. I experience misogyny as a woman”.
    Please explain what “I live my life as a woman” means without resorting to sex stereotypes. Tiffany even says, “I make love as a woman”. Most transwomen still have their male genitalia, and even if he gets his penis cut off, no biological male will ever experience sexual pleasure the way a woman experiences pleasure. It’s not going to happen.
    Tiffany says, “That is why I emphasize psychology”. And goes on to say, “What matters is that you feel at ease with female embodiment”. How many females feel at ease with “female embodiment”? Do females really choose stereotypical femininity, or does society force femininity on girls and women? Why do corporations spend billions of dollars in advertisements to sell femininity (cosmetics, fashion, etc.) to girls and women? Why do teenage girls want plastic surgery to look prettier and more attractive, and why do women get labiaplasty?
    Abigail says, “Give me a coherent definition of gender identity that doesn’t fall apart on examination”. Tiffany says, “If you are expecting some ultimate definition that perfectly accounts for everyone..”. There is, and has never been, a clear definition of “gender identity” other than how people say they feel at any particular point in time. And, people can change their “gender identity” as many times as they choose.
    Women’s oppression is real, and it’s not based on “gender identity”. “Gender identity” and transgender politics are nothing more than a postmodern, neoliberal creation of bored, white, heterosexual males in developing countries. According to the WHO, every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.
    It is estimated that more than 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone female genital mutilation in the countries where the practice is concentrated.
    Even in the US, poor women of color have higher infant mortality rates, and higher rates of complications during pregnancy.
    Mancheeze is right about transgender activists using skewed “statistics” on the number of transwomen victims of violence. Most of these so-called “statistics” are biased. It is not true that transwomen (biological males) are more likely to be victims of violence compared to females. Poor transwomen of color, especially poor transwomen who work as prostitutes can be victimized. Rich, white, heterosexuals like Jenner who “transition” after living most of their lives as males are lauded as “heroic”. They know nothing of discrimination. They use their male privilege to gain power and wealth, and then they get to play out their cross dressing sex fantasies after they “transition”. As to crime, there are two things they never admit. First, male on male violence can be deadly, and this is what is killing transwomen. Yes, it’s true that some transwomen are victims of violence, but women aren’t killing transwomen. Transwomen are killed by males, and sometimes other transwomen. Why are females responsible for male on male violence? Dumping the problem of male on male violence on the female sex is not acceptable. Second, they can deny it until hell freezes over, but it’s a fact that transwomen (biological males) also offend at the same rate as other males . It’s a fact that there isn’t anything that “cis” males have done to women that transwomen (biological males) haven’t done to women and girls. This includes sex crimes, murder, torture, child molestation, etc. No female has ever killed a transwoman (male), but it’s a fact that transwomen (biological males) have been convicted of killing a lot of women. This blog has case after case. Or, just google, “Women: Decide For Yourselves” and “Decide For Yourself: Transgender Crimes”. I won’t give the links because people on this blog have seen it already. It’s case after case of traswomen (biological males) doing the exact same things to women (rape, murder, torture, etc.) that males have always done to women. Except, now when transwomen torture women with electrical wires before raping them (Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch), in some states they get sent to women’s prisons.
    The end of his horrid “TERFs” video is as strange and twisted as the beginning with him rolling on the floor pouring barbeque sauce on his body. What started out with him wallowing in barbeque sauce ends with his obvious disdain for menstruation. Or, at least he thinks menstruation is some sort of joke. In the “Ritual of the Blood” in which he says, “Oh, is it that time already”, Abigail Cockbane walks into a bathroom and sits in a tub of water. Abigain Cockbane sits is what must be red colored water. At any rate, I hope it’s red colored water instead of blood. Then, Abigain Cockbain takes her fingers and wipes the red water on her face.
    I wish I didn’t decide to glance at some of his youtube videos to get a better understanding of this misogynistic man.
    Porn addled misogynistic men are a dime a dozen online, and there is nothing unique or special about this misogynistic man. He fancies himself as some kind of brilliant revolutionary thinker. He failed in academia and research, so he gave that up because it’s more fulfilling for him to drink himself into oblivion and trot around in his hyper-sexualized makeup, spiffy Nazi hat with women’s symbol, and BDSM black leather. Apparently, his only interest now involves making these creepy, sexualized misogynistic videos.
    As part of his BDSM fetish, he likes to dress up in Nazi uniforms, or high heels, black leather, and a Nazi hat. This poor misogynistic dude has a porn soaked brain. It gave me the creeps just to scan through his youtube videos, and it’s interesting how many times he is dressed in BDSM drag and wearing his Nazi hat. High heels, a whip, and his Nazi hat. In one of his disgusting videos, he has a second wave feminist symbol of the clinched fist and a women’s symbol pinned onto his Nazi hat. This is what feminism is to this porn sick delusional male.
    His “How I Became a Feminist SJW” video starts out with him simulating a sex act with meat. It’s a wonder that youtube doesn’t require people to state that they are over 18 to view it. At any rate, he pats the meat, slaps it around, and then sticks his fingers in it, and starts to make disgusting sounds. In this video on “How I Became a Feminist SJW”, he tells us that he used to be a “misogynistic shit lord”, but he is now a feminist. At about 2:14 of this video, he says that he was suspended from youtube for uploading pornography for trolling radical feminists
    How I Became a Feminist SJW
    “What Is Gender”
    In his youtube video “What is Gender”, people have to sign in to state that they are 18 years old. Damn, I wish I didn’t fall for this, but I had to see his video on “Gender”. For some reason, this poor delusional porn sick man likes to act out sexual acts with food. He pokes a speculum into a watermelon, and pokes a hotdog in a watermelon.
    The use of the misogynistic word “TERF” is a neoliberal postmodern form of McCarthyism directed solely against women. It’s like a modern day witch hunt. Males murder transwomen, but notice how there isn’t a term used for males who are killing transwomen. Why isn’t there something like “TERM” (trans exclusionary right wing males)?
    The only thing more terrifying that MRA (men’s rights activist) ghoulish attacks on feminists is “TERF” death threats.
    Of all the sick “TERF” death threats this one is unique. A transwoman fantasizes about opening a restaurant where the food served to “cis bitches” is made up of actual cis women who have been ritualistically murdered. All of this would be seasoned with transwomen jizz (semen). No, nothing sick and creepy in an Ed Gein way about it at all. Ed Gein was the serial killer who got some kind of sexual thrill from fashioning a “woman suit” out of parts of dead women’s bodies. If Ed Gein were alive today, all he would have to do is declare “gender identity”. Hell, they would even send this sick s.o.b. to a women’s prison where he would get taxpayer funded hormones.

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    More “TERF” threats here,
    And, here,
    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse

    1. The first time through I was so stunned by the over the top performance I didn’t catch the significance of the name he gave the “terf” character. Cockbain. Change the spelling to bane and you have all sorts of herbs you can use for poison,henbane ,wolfsbane,fleabane,witchbane. I bet naming his “radfem” character cockbane is a salute to the old slur of feminists wanting to castrate men.
      I don’t even want to speculate what sick meanings might be in the bbq ribs scene.

    2. A speculum? He has his own speculum to play with?
      Do you suppose he talks women into using it on them?
      I’ll bet he does–what a deranged motherfucker.

    3. Isn’t it . . . interesting that MTTs spend half their time bemoaning the alleged cruelty, abuse, and literal death constantly inflicted on them by “transmisogynistic” men, and the other half of their time engaged in florid rage fantasies (and literal, not at all alleged) attacks on “TERFS”? “TERFS,” who by definition and admission of MTTs and their supporters, have done nothing to them other than inflicting the “violence” of refusing to agree that “trans women ARE women”?
      Where are the all the fantasies about Kickass Trans Gals serving cis . . . (hmm? Is there some equivalently demeaning, hateful term for awful “cis men” as “cis bitch”? No? Is there some reason that Kickass Trans Gals who ARE women seem to have so very many hateful terms for those of us who also ARE women [“cis” women ARE women too, right? Right?] while lacking any slurs at all for the men who are supposedly raping, bashing, street harassaing, and murdering them in unpunished droves?) … “cis men” meals prepared from the butchered carcasses of Trans Excluding Radical Misogynists?

  6. I thought I’d not end up watching this to the end as it’s quite long but it turned out to be too good not to finish.
    This guy’s fucking creepy ‘lady voice’ is kind of disturbing. He is so obviously unhinged but we’re supposed to just pretend otherwise.

    1. “I thought I’d not end up watching this to the end as it’s quite long but it turned out to be too good not to finish.”
      Same. 🙂

    2. Yes, exactly, all of this. This video is the guy’s contribution to the world. Instead of obsessively gazing at yourself (x3 in that video!) Why not use your body to actually make the world a better place? Do yard work for your elderly neighbours, volunteer for post hurricane clean up, dig wells in sub saharan Africa…
      I can only deal with this level of crazy through a radfem filter – thanks GallusMag and Mancheeze.

  7. I know some people make no sense, but you have to make a good faith effort to understand someone else in order to know. I’m really sick of people like the trans activist youtuber who don’t even want to know what the opposition thinks.

  8. Even though I did enjoy Mancheeze’s responses to these men, what bothers me is that she thinks that contrapoints is a “smart” man.
    I’m sorry, but people who participates in queer theory pseudoscience, are dumb as a box of rocks. I don’t care if he has an IQ over 130, this guy is fucking stupid.

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