Transgender "Hate Crime" Victim 'Dakota Kern' Exposed

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Seems there’s more to the story about the “transgender teen” allegedly assaulted in an anti-transgender bias attack at an Arizona pool party. Turns out the “victim”, white male legal adult (18 years old) Dakota Kern had posted a Facebook video three days prior which showed him beating up a teenage black girl and dragging her around by her hair – apparently in retaliation for calling him “dude”.
Sandra Rose has the receipts:

“A gender confused teenager was attacked by a group of people at a Phoenix, Arizona pool party after he uploaded a video of himself beating a young black girl for calling him a “dude.”

Police say a group of about 20 people attacked 18-year-old Dakota Kern at a pool party on August 16 — about a week after he uploaded the video to his Facebook page.

Kern, who is white, is seen dragging a young black girl by her hair across the pavement and pummeling her about the face with his closed fist.

“This is what happened when b**** try me,” he captioned the video on his Facebook page.

“Tell yo’ mama to come my way. I’ll do that to yo’ mama too, b-tch,” he tells the girl in the video.

About a week later, Kern was spotted at a pool party by the girl’s family members.

Kern told a local news outlet that he was surrounded by people who yelled homophobic slurs at him.

He said he decided to leave when a man yelled, “Get it! Get it!”

“Then one of the guys, he ends up grabbing me by my head, grabbing me by my hair and then he hit me a few times,” Kern told CBS 5 News.

Kern was hospitalized with neck injuries after the attack. He has since been released.

A video shared on shows Kern being assaulted at the pool party.

The local media quickly portrayed Kern as the victim.

But Facebook users refused to take pity on him. “Well u beat up my granddaughter last week Karma ain’t no joke,” wrote one woman on Facebook.

In another post on Facebook, a man called Kern a coward. “U a whole man fight on a female & gon [sic] threaten her momma but not her dad…”

Many users questioned why Kern wasn’t arrested for assaulting the adolescent girl

Police say a 15-year-old boy was arrested and at least two others are being sought in the pool attack.”

While Kern has taken his Facebook post down, one of his victims uploaded receipts today. The poster states:

I would like to tell y’all that this transgender dude name Dakota Kern aka queen red have been harassing me for a long time and he legally drag me across the street by my hair calling me a bitch and hitting me in the head and told me my mama can get it too bitch and have my mama come her way bitch , but just let y’all know I’m only 17 years old and this transgender is 19 years beating me up calling me bitch and he littray slam me on the floor calling me bitch while he was hitting me in The face and funny thing is I was on my way to work and he decided to drag me and hitting me in the face calling me bitch like and comment if you think its fair for a grow man to be beating up a young black girl 🤘😣😫

Here is her video:
More receipts. In this one you can hear Dakota Kern threaten to beat up the victim’s mother:
From Dakota Kern’s Facebook page (now deleted):

It is very interesting that none of the mainstream media reports covering this “hate crime” mentions these very pertinent facts. Hmmmm.
An adult white man can batter a black female minor with impunity, posting and publicly celebrating the crime, and it’s not a hate crime as long as he “identifies as” a transwoman and claims the girl “misgendered” him  by using the generic term “dude”. Okayyyyy.
Turns out this creep was arrested two weeks ago on some other charge.
What a scumbag.
It’s hard to have sympathy for a guy who got roughed up at a pool party after committing these actions. File this one under “Don’t start none, Won’t be none.”

52 thoughts on “Transgender "Hate Crime" Victim 'Dakota Kern' Exposed

  1. Thanks for getting to the real bottom of things once again. Dakota is clearly a violent man. Shame on other news outlets (propaganda outlets) for not giving the full story.

    1. LGBTQ Nation and other pro-trans media posted the story as if the chain of events started with him going to a pool party and then being beat up just for being trans. Raw Story had the whole story and that video of him attacking the girl (video has since been disabled there). So, of course, the story that got the most play was all “poor innocent little trans” being attacked. I have a few tweets into the @phoenixpolice asking them when he will be charged for attacking this girl but, naturally, have not heard back.

  2. Thanks Gallus and Sandra Rose. It’s important that the truth continues to be told.

  3. This incident reminds me of the Dana Rivers triple murder, where a white dude killed a black family, and the media covered the story in an elegiac manner toward the trans perpetrator.

    1. I was just thinking of that. If Rivers wasn’t transgender, people would be falling over each other for racism Woke Points. Really says something about how genuinely they care about POC.

      1. I understand the point you are trying to make Riffraff, but pretty much this exact same thing happened last year after a pool party in Texas where an even younger (and much younger-looking) black girl was subject to same treatment by a white cop–and not only were people not “falling over each for racism Woke points,” his department initially defended his unconscionable conduct, and he was (of course) never prosecuted. Same thing just a couple of month ago in Bakersfield, Ca., when a young black girl was punched in the face and kicked by a group of officers, who continue to insist acted appropriately that she “fit” the profile of the 30 year old black man with a goatee they claimed to be looking for.
        I’m not going to bother asking you or other white people to stop claiming that every event they find outrageous that gets less than sufficient attention would have caused “riots, uproars, firings, people falling all over themselves for woke points,” if the perpetrator was a white heterosexual man and the victim was black. If you live in the U.S., you have to know this isn’t true, simply by looking at the man who was elected Commander-in-Chief with exactly 0 Woke points.
        And not for nothing, Rivers’ victims were not a “black family”: they were a biracial family, a black lesbian, her white lesbian partner, and their black son.

      2. Nice try Bobbie, defending liberal and lgbt+ press reaction to violence when it’s a trans perpetrator, but no soap. American liberals DO posture and virtue signal when a white perpetrator commits violence against a POC, but that posturing is revealed as empty when they defend people like Dakota Kern, as they certainly are doing now. Donald Trump being in office doesn’t change that; white liberals who posture over racism didn’t vote for him (I will say that for them) and he didn’t win the popular vote. As for trying to nitpick over one family member being white to minimize the press reaction to the Dana Rivers crimes–I can’t even. Also, you misquoted Riffraff, who didn’t say anything here about “riots, uproars, and firings.” Also, this isn’t an “event they find outrageous.” It IS an outrageous event. Only in your trans perpetrator friendly mind is the Dakota Kern coverage not outrageous.

  4. Ugh, that deep, booming voice brimming with hatred. How dare the media outlets call this white man perpetrating violence against a black girl, while spewing misogynistic slurs, a “she”. Rather than a victim, Dakota is a violent male *perpetrator* of a hate crime. Beating up a girl while screaming, “bitch” over and over, then threatening assault on the girl’s mother sure sounds like a hate crime against women. Oh, I forgot – we women don’t get to benefit from hate crime legislation; but white middle-class males do!

  5. Gallus, thanks for exposing this attention seeking fraud. I don’t know if I would physically attack this guy, but I can see why no one would want him at their poor party. I’m not saying that it was right to hit Kern. He wasn’t seriously harmed. Why would he show up at a pool party when he knows that only days before he was beating the crap out of a black girl, and posting “This is what happened when b**** try me,” and “Tell yo’ mama to come my way. I’ll do that to yo’ mama too, b-tch,”? Then, he can’t understand why he isn’t the most popular guy at the party. It must the their transphobia because it can’t be him.
    I wouldn’t physically touch this disturbed man, but sometimes karma really is a bitch.
    It was sickening to read the mainstream news propaganda. It’s always about the poor trans, even when he is captured on video three days earlier beating the crap out of black girl. A white adult male with a criminal background, Dakota Kern, can be seen dragging and kicking a black teenage girl while she is on the ground. The black girl was on the ground trying to defend herself while Dakota repeatedly screams, “Bitch”, and threatens to beat up the girl’s mother. In the video of the black girl being beaten, Dakota is clearly the aggressor. This is insanity because he doesn’t look so sweet and innocent when he decides to beat a black girl for calling him a “dude”. All of a sudden in a time period of three days, he goes from being a bad ass on the street, pummeling a teenage girl, calling the girl “bitch”, and threatening the mother, and then the media portrays him as the innocent victim.
    He posts,
    “This is what happened when b**** try me,”
    “Tell yo’ mama to come my way. I’ll do that to yo’ mama too, b-tch,”
    Now, he is the poor victim.
    “Beating up a girl while screaming, “bitch” over and over, then threatening assault on the girl’s mother sure sounds like a hate crime against women. Oh, I forgot – we women don’t get to benefit from hate crime legislation; but white middle-class males do!”
    True, even if the victims are lesbian and black (Dana Rivers), or two white women and a black woman (Douglas, “Donna”, Perry), or a black girl (Synthia China Blast), or a white woman (Kosilek’s dead wife), or two white women (Katheena Soneeya – Kenneth Hunt), (the list is long ), it’s never a hate crime.
    We are repeatedly told that transwomen are “women”, but it’s only a hate crime if the “woman” was born with a penis. The female victims can be black or lesbian, but even this doesn’t matter. When transwomen (biological males) kill, beat, or rape women of any race or sexual orientation, it’s never a hate crime.

  6. It’s difficult to have sympathy not just for this creep, but also, on the whole….for any group which in the main, that encourages or enables this, because someone is not willing to accept a creep’s mental shortfalls. There is a difference…a BIG difference between self expression [pardon that one, just trying to be fair and clean here, unlike that punk] and using same…as in twisted-identity politics, to bully and beat up on those who do not recognize that twist.
    Of all the screwed up things, this is the same [the majority of same] community, which encourages dishonesty, let alone ‘tricking’ in the name of carnal conquests and if caught in same and one is ripped to shreds, calls it a ‘hate crime’. I wish I was kidding about the dishonesty portion, but it is apparently cool to not disclose the background [if what is posted online via a major social networking site….along with tumblr, as well as via daytime media, etc are correct…and this shows up about every 2.5 days]. Considering that there is a very high proportion of the community that is criminal, [as links on GT and other sites will attest] would it not make sense for those who are pissed off at this to not be open in re: the background, as to not be tainted with the ‘guilt by association’ in same?
    But back to this jackass in the post: if someone does not enact some street justice on the cretin, in jail or otherwise, I will be surprised. It is needed…..and would be karma in more ways than one.

  7. Thank you so much, Gallus Mag. This story needs to be kept ready to share repeatedly for years to come whenever the issue of supposed violence against “transwomen” comes up.
    I wish I could post it all over fb, but still locked out….

  8. When a TIM inflicts violence on an underage Black girl, he qualifies for a Laverne Cox celebratory video.

  9. Why is he trying to put on a stereotypical “sassy black girl” voice as he does this? Transloons do this a lot. Shouldn’t that be cultural appropriation?

    1. @Rachel you’re totally right, I never thought about that.
      I’m not sure what the reason could be, though – spillover from drag culture?
      That’s the only thing I can think of.

  10. From this point my only concerns and support is for the equal rights and protection of biologically born women who are lesbians and other female allies who actually reciprocate and support all women. It must always be repeated that you cannot change your biological sex. Males claiming this are erasing women and always have the strength and bone structure of adult males. We know they’re only violent with women and lesbians. Never the hetero white male supremacists or white male supreme gangs who carry weapons to protests.

  11. Women can only use words and phrases that males approve.
    For a long time now, males have resented that we are no longer officially property. They hate for us to possess any freedom or autonomy at all, which is why they legislate our bodies until they control us and actually own bits and pieces of us. They insure that they can purchase our body parts for fucking, they insure that they say what we can do with our uterus, etc.
    Now they are controlling our voices and what words we are allowed to say. We are no longer allowed to refer to males as males. And they will use their male law to force us to submit.
    What a bunch of monsters.

  12. How true it is, there ARE two sides to every story, and sometimes more. I am to tired of finding out that the “victims” sometimes are often the worst perpetrators when the true is found out.

  13. Genderskeptics— DAMN NAIL HEAD HIT “Sociopathic appeal to sympathy on full display … they totally know how to play that card, geez I see a new career for them dealing black jack in Vegas.

  14. The police need to view the video. It is evidence of assault and provocation. Also, it might be worth sending it to some of the right wing Christian web sites who are not afraid to publish such things, particularly if the turd involved has criminal history.

  15. Totally not socialized as a male. Nope. The timbre of “her” voice, the squared up body language, the total bro swagger as “she” gleefully uses “bitch,” just girl things 💅

  16. JUST the sort of person women & girls want to share a bath or locker room with, amirite?
    In other news, “persistently” calling that … person a dude could soon get you a year in the slammer in California, if recently introduced legislation is passed making “deliberate misgendering” a crime.
    The Crazy Years are here, people.

    1. There is a law like that, recently passed in NYC. Both of which bring up a rather ugly bit of hypocrisy:
      It is acceptable, in fact condoned for those brigade members to use derogatory terms for women, let alone ethnic slurs, such as the ‘n’ word. But, heaven forbid one uses a generic term like ‘dude’ and one can be fined or sued. For just using a simple, generic colloquial term.
      This is some very sick shit that is going on.

  17. Evidently stabbing your neighbor through their lung and then, later, cutting open a police officer should only lead to a time-out:
    Good liberal publications like Bustle are retweeting woke dudes saying shit like this:
    “It’s 2017 yet the media still misgender someone who was killed. Her name was #KiwiHerring & she was a woman. A beautiful woman #SayHerName”
    Because beauty = female = female value to the left in 2017.

    1. David Lohr at HuffPost:
      “Also unclear is whether the officers had attempted to use non-lethal tools, such as mace or a stun gun, prior to the shooting.
      “Kiwi was a slim-bottomed woman,” Nance said. “She did not look like she could hurt a fly. She probably was hysterical, but we feel excessive force was used.””
      Hysteria was once a myth propagated by the greek patriarchy; now it’s just something lady-brained people do when they lose control and go on a stabbing spree.
      I’m not going to comment on the slim-bottomed thing beyond saying it’s amazing the crazy stuff supposedly sympathetic writers and editors won’t cut from quotes because in their genderist fog, they think it helps their cause.

      1. I’m not going to comment on the slim-bottomed thing

        Then I will. It sounds like he has a typical narrow male ass.

      2. Transwomen can’t be dangerous–look how narrow their hips are! I read somewhere on Tumblr or Twitter that people with small bottoms are less likely to attack others. But remember, commenting on the width of transwomen’s shoulders is transphobic and might lead to suicide. Science has proven all this. Educate yourself.
        Has everyone gone insane? Maybe it’s the drugs and hormones leeching into the water supply.

      3. LOL could not hurt a fly. A size five small bottomed
        (WTF?) female is likely harmless, a wiry guy in a size 5 far less so.
        Especially when they are ‘hysterical’ (IMO, sounds like drugs to me).

    2. I read this post about Dakota Kern right after hearing about Kiwi Herring and was struck by the similarities. So Herring stabbed his neighbor multiple times and slashed an officer’s arm when police tried to arrest him, but pro-trans Twittiots are calling him the “victim” because he “snapped” after supposed homophobic taunts from the guy he stabbed.
      Women are called far worse than “dude” all the time, yet rarely deliver a beatdown or stabbing–however deserved–and are usually blamed rather than defended if they do, even if it’s in response to physical violence. It’s clear that those supporting transdelusional guys see them as men, because they assume it’s perfectly acceptable for them to respond to supposed disrepect with violence, which women aren’t allowed to do in our culture.
      Both cases also remind me of the tendency for male abusers to see themselves as the victims of those they treat violently.

    3. So interesting how the HRC phrases things. Note the use of vague language and passive voice to describe the officer getting stabbed (“injured”), as though it wasn’t “kiwi,” aka Kenny, who lunged at him with a butcher knife, but some unknown, mysterious force. Note how they do not mention that Kenny punctured the lung of the neighbor who tried valiantly to shut the door as this raging psycho accused him of setting an upstairs balcony on fire with dropped coals from his downstairs barbecue. Nope, nothing about that. Rather, “kiwi” ×was being harrassed. Right. Note they don’t mention that “kiwi’s” “husband” (also trans) handed him the knife and is also being charged with first degree assault. And how exactly is “kiwi” a mother of three kids? Is penile delivery of infants a thing now? Actual facts here:

      1. The difference between that article and the Post-Dispatch one hearthrising linked below is sobering. Not surprising but still chilling as hell how far we’ve gone down this rabbit hole.

  18. This is an essay in the New Yorker by a professor about her cousin who was murdered by his lover. He met him in prison where the murderer was serving time for attempting to murder his previous boyfriend.
    The murderer is trans and is serving his sentence for murder in a women’s prison. And to top it all off, the letter about this article in a more recent issue of the New Yorker was brimming with sympathy for the poor murderer! The liberal love of trans is unbelievable! And of course the letter writer is from Oakland where the two lesbians and their son were murdered by trans.

  19. Wow. The news report says Herring and partner went downstairs, knocked on a neighbor’s door, and confronted then stabbed the man several times inside the man’s apartment, accusing him of something he didn’t do while the man was on the phone talking to someone else. Then the police came and Herring stabbed a police officer before being shot by the police. Sounds like a typical trans victim. A vigil was held in Herring’s honor and other news reports quote Herring’s relatives as saying the stabbing victim was “homophobic” and trans woman was “harassed.”

    1. If I stabbed neighbors over the assumption they’ve damaged my shit, I’d be a mass murderer and rightfully locked up for life. Then again I’ve never even felt that level of rage when I can confirm who’s wrecked stuff.
      If only I could be as pure and good as these transgirls.

  20. With any luck they’ll prosecute him for beating up that child like they did the dude who sexually assaulted that 15 year old boy and then claimed to be a victim of a “hate crime” when the boy’s family whupped his ass.

  21. @Bobbie
    I’m not certain what your point is? In context we’re talking about the white liberal hypocrisy of defending the ~most oppressed~ as it’s convenient. I see brutality against women and US racial minorities talked about constantly in my political circles but there’s always a blindspot with trans offenders.
    As far as I can tell, no one here is talking about the general population. I think we’re all aware of what a racist, sexist shitshow society still is. We’re just spitballing about how the “good guys” are ultimately no better.

  22. My point is that I look at bottom lines: who gets punished? Who gets sent to prison? Who is treated like a victim vs. who is treated like the proverbial “suspect”? Whose life actually gets safer and better once their victimization is revealed? Who do the people with checkbooks and power actually circle the wagons for? I don’ know what happens in your circles, but from what I can see looking from the outside in at the SJW/virtue signalling FB/Twitterverse, it has been abundantly clear for well over a decade that “libfems/funfems/transcultists” or whoever don’t give a flying fuck about how black people are treated, especially not black women. And no, digging someone’s dust discovered existence out of a proverbial junk drawer whenever you need to score a “point” in one these endless debates that lead no where (“what if this was a young black girl being denied access to school bathroom/locker room/girls volleyball team? No one would EVER do that to them!”) does not = “constant talk about violence against women and U.S. racial minorities.” What it equals is a revolting and transparent attempt to both (1) simultaneously co-opt someone else’s oppression in order to lend gravitas to your own absurd, litigious rage when the checkout clerk at Kroger “misgenders” you by saying “have a nice day, sir,” and (2) what’s even worse, to claim that the systemic violence against black women and girls has EVER been subject to anything like “constant outcry talk.” This was my point: I am sure you are aware that young black women are subject to appalling levels of violence, from any and everyone needs a punching bag that had better not punch back. The spaces where you see this discussed regularly are at platforms created by black women, for black women. To everybody else it is generally invisible. So no–I can’t agree that there would some huge amount of outrage arising from white libertarian circles if her assailant had not been transgender. It isn’t being ignored because he is transgendered, it’s being ignored because she is black and female and her life, therefore, has no value in this country.
    As for you, hearthrising, I will simply point out that I do not have a “trans perpetrator friendly mind.”

    1. No one is saying there would be a “huge” amount of outrage. That’s kind of the issue. People are talking about the milquetoast virtue signaling of groups who want to rail against cops and Confederate flags but as soon as a guy puts on womanface he can be picket fence levels of straight and white and suddenly become the most victimest victim of them all. It’s lazy and, yes, very very racist.
      No one’s arguing that these guys would face real justice in society at large if they dropped the trans labels. They’re sneering at the supposedly enlightened liberals who are deep down just as ugly as any Klansmen. Trans activism just gives them an easy opportunity to pretend otherwise.

  23. Yes agreeing with Bobbie also adding women and intersectionality. As a woman of color myself specifically a black lesbian. Regardless if its hetero males or delusional males who declare themselves MTT woman. Straight males attacking black women or black lesbians are never in the news. But crimes by males against both lesbians and women of color are always ignored.
    Black women have online groups where they frequently discuss how black lives matter only focus on black males while ignoring the same crimes against black women by white police. Also the same black community that protests against rodney king being beaten by white cops; ignores black on black crime in their own community including homophobia against black lesbians. Which is why I don’t concern myself with the black community collective. The same way many lesbians are trying to separate from the mainstream corporate trendy LGBT for supporting the erasure and transing of lesbians while supporting everyone else.

  24. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. You STAY on point and on top of these stories. I know how difficult that can be these days, with all the attacks and TERF accusations. I applaud you for not backing down, and for documenting incidents like this. It’s sickening that the media is not reporting the whole story.
    You know, I knew someone like this, who would try to start crap, and then when I didn’t respond or the situation didn’t go how that person wanted, they would go around and try to make me look bad, like I was hateful. Sociopathic, narcissistic cries for sympathy.
    Please, ladies (and gentlemen who care). Let’s not let this die. PLEASE share this story, and contact the police and the media.


    Contact Us
    Submit an anonymous crime tip, if you don’t feel comfortable using your personal info or social media:
    Thank you so much…you are doing great work here!

  25. I’m sure, “dude,” was used in a very generic and friendly tone, not used as a trigger word to provoke a heated response.. It probably didn’t go back any further than that, dude. I agree both sides should have been covered. It was bias coverage by the news.. Kinda like.. Your response..
    I see the real issue here is that one needs some serious anger management, and the other, some remedial english and grammar classes… A truly shining display of the American healthcare system, and shocol sysetm. According to her account she was, “legally,” dragged across the street, and, “littray,” slammed on (an asphalt?) floor.

    1. Bad grammar is totally on par with violently beating someone up because your feels got hurt. Given what you’ve typed you are in no position to be cricitising anyone else’s response. Come back when you’ve dropped the utterly ridiculous false equivalency.

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