Roxane Gay Hates Lesbians

It is 2017 and we still have man-loving liberal feminists like Roxane Gay troubling themselves over the Lavender Menace of Lesbianism. In her tweets she has advocated that a man should “slap” a lesbian for the crime of publicly stating her same-sex orientation because in Roxane Gay’s world, homosexuality is transphobic and lesbianism is a form of discrimination against male-bodied persons. Roxane Gay fancies her anti-lesbianism as a righteous new form of heteroqueer social justice, but what she is doing is nothing new. It’s the same old anti-lesbian hateful shit.
Rather than go on, I’ll simply say: Roxane Gay, FUCK YOU. God help any young lesbians who are subject to your homophobia in your position as a university professor, or any feminist students who are critical of gender.
For readers who want more context (and less profanity) I refer you to the thoughtful, generous, and kind response articulated by Claire at the award-winning Sister Outrider blog:
Dear Roxane – An Open Letter on Queer Feminism & Lesbophobia

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  1. Dear Roxane:
    Pardon the vulgarity–but I am at the end of any polite words I may have: Please go fuck yourself. What the hell is wrong with you? I am beyond sick and tired of women like you telling ME what I ought to do with my body and who I ought to love. YOU are Lesbophobic and misogynistic; you discriminate against Lesbians by not allowing them the very same rights you desire for your men in dresses. One group’s civil rights are not granted at the expense of another’s civil rights and that is what you advocate.
    I will say is as frankly and as openly as I can: because of people like you with the stance you have–I have become the activist I have. Your denial of my right to live as I will with my adult XX chromosomed partner of 24 years and accept getting fucked by some penis is beyond anything I might even begin to tolerate.
    I might have been an ally once. No longer. No longer. You have driven home the FACT that not all women are my sisters. Until I am dead and cold, I will fight against you and those of your ilk who work to erase me, women like me, and women in general and to deny us basic Human Rights. And just to let you know: my family on the matriarchal side is VERY long-lived. . .

  2. I read the excellent article from Sister Outrider. Sister Outrider is a courageous black radical feminist with a brilliant mind who has the integrity to speak truth to power, and walk into the lion’s den to expose the lesbian phobia and misogyny that are part of the current queer/trans movement.
    It could be that Kate (Matthew) Blaque and Roxane Gay believe that everything they were taught in gender studies classes with all those white folks making up special new “ze” and “zir” pronouns applies to the real world. It does not. And, I don’t know any black people who have heard of Judith Butler. Other than a few college age students, no black person I know uses the term “cis”.
    Sister Outrider’s articles is a spot on analysis of how queer has evolved into an Orwellian nightmare for lesbians on multiple levels. Roxane Gay tweeted that Kat Blaque, trans activist, should slap a lesbian who isn’t completely onboard with the whole “Cotton Ceiling” theory. That is, lesbians are mean transphobic bigots for not sucking a transwoman’s wanker. They even had to have a special workshop. How dare any lesbian reject lady penis! Everyone knows those ignorant, terfy bitchez oppress trans people. Gay’s response was that she couldn’t possibly be lesbian phobic because she is “queer as the day is long”. Apparently, Gay thinks that being “queer as the day is long” means that it’s impossible to be lesbian phobic.
    Back in the day before Judith Butler and queer theory took over the Women’s Studies department, queer meant gay or lesbian. Now, queer can mean anything that isn’t straight laced, missionary style, heterosexual. For example, cross dressing males with age play sexual fetishes or diaper fetishes. Queer and trans can harbor as much lesbian phobia as any straight man. Queer and trans just get a free pass on their lesbian phobia.
    As to telling a trans activist to slap a lesbian, I do have to admit that it’s not as bad as suggesting the transwoman pimp slap her, or swing a baseball bat to the side of the lesbian’s head.
    When Gay tells a transwoman (biological male) to slap a lesbian, I don’t believe that Gay wants lesbians physically harmed. I don’t think she is that callous. Or, maybe she is. This is the problem. Perhaps we need to see how telling a transwoman to slap a lesbian relates to the current sad state of affairs. It’s extremely ugly and intense now. And, it’s a fact that lesbians and “TERFs” have been receiving death threats for years. Gay is an educated and intelligence woman, and I find it difficult to believe that she is unaware that transwomen have been making death threats against lesbians and “TERFs”. I wonder if Gay has heard of Dana Rivers. It’s also a fact that a transwoman is on trial for the cold blooded murder of a lesbian couple and their adopted son. The urge to kill had to come from somewhere. It had to be planted first, and how did it build up over time? We do know that transwomen have been convicted of killing women. Any time women bring up the fact that transwomen offend at the same rate as other males, we are called “transphobic”.
    So, this is the reality today. TERF death threats have been going on for years, lesbians are being harassed by transwomen, the “Cotton Ceiling” tells lesbians that they are bigots for not sucking a transwoman’s wanker, and less than a year ago a transwoman was charged with killing a lesbian couple and their adopted son, shooting and stabbing them to death, and trying to burn down their house. Then, Roxane Gay tells a transwoman to slap an uppity lesbian that won’t keep quiet. For God sakes, haven’t lesbians been through enough shit already. Lesbians have been through enough shit to last a life time.
    No woman should tell a man, even a transwoman, who is still biological male by the way, to slap a lesbian in the face. Lesbians have been viciously murdered, and experienced thousands of years of brutalization, assault, corrective rape, dehumanization, and have been subject to ghastly medical experiments.
    A woman telling a male to just slap the lesbian in the mouth if she won’t shut up is not a wise decision because we know what males are capable of. If woman say it, men might start to think it’s fine to bully, threaten, and intimidate lesbians. Most males think that all lesbians need is some dick to fix them anyway. Males can take violence to an entirely different level. And, transwomen who, are in fact, males offend at the same rate as other males.
    Again, I do not believe that Gay is advocating for violence against lesbians, but it’s strange to me how an educated woman could have missed all the TERF death threats, and never heard of Dana Rivers. I’m sure she has heard it a million times that transwomen never harm women, but the dead female bodies speak for themselves. Gay needs to know that she has been spoon fed a steady diet of political dogma. Gay seems like an intelligent woman, and it’s so sad when educated women become brainwashed, and refuse to face reality.
    The brilliant black feminist Sister Outrider isn’t the only feminist who knows lesbians are being bullied, shamed, threatened, and dehumanized because they don’t want a penis on a transwoman. Some call it a war on lesbians. Lesbians should not have to beg for the human right to have their sexual boundaries respected. If “cis males” tried shaming lesbians into accepting their dick, people would call out their blatant homophobia.
    Sister Outrider says,
    “When I pointed out that your words were lesbophobic, you claimed this could not be because you are “queer as the day is long.” Since you are queer as opposed to lesbian, it is not for you to decide what is lesbophobic or not. Being queer does not inoculate you against homophobia or, indeed, lesbophobia. Queer is an umbrella term, a catch-all which may encompass all but the most rigid practice of heterosexuality. It is not a stable category or coherent political ideology, as anything considered even slightly transgressive may be labelled queer. Queer is a deliberately amorphous expression, avoiding specific definitions and fixed meanings. It need not relate to the politics of resistance, and indeed cannot relate to the politics of resistance because queer lacks the vocabulary to positively identify oppressed and oppressor classes. Queer seeks to subvert the dominant values of society through performativity and playfulness as opposed to deconstructing those values by presenting a radical alternative to white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy. Queer is the master’s tools trying to dismantle the master’s house, and – inevitably – failing. Predictably, queer replicates the misogyny of mainstream society. As lesbophobia is essentially misogyny squared, identifying as queer in no way indicates a politics that values lesbian women.
    Being a lesbian woman is not the same as being a queer woman. That observation is not rooted in purism, but fact: lesbian and queer are two different realities. Devoid of concrete definitions, to be queer is to be sexually fluid – meaning the term queer is male-inclusive. Within the possibilities implied by queer, there remains scope for men to gain sexual access to women. As queer women’s sexualities do not explicitly – or even implicitly – reject men, queer womanhood is accepted in a way that lesbian womanhood will never be. The lesbian woman represents a threat to the status quo, to male dominion over women, in a way that the queer woman by definition (or lack of) never could. As a result, lesbians have been consistently pathologised and abused since the 1800s. I do not dispute that there are difficulties in the lives of queer women, but a degree of social acceptance may be purchased through vocally disparaging lesbian women in the way that you disparaged Arielle Scarcella.
    To publicly shame and ridicule lesbians in an effort to alter our sexual boundaries is to follow the blueprint created by compulsory heterosexuality. And make no mistake – it is Arielle Scarcella’s adherence to lesbian sexual boundaries that Kat Blaque takes issue with, the outspoken self-definition of a lesbian woman, that have resulted in allegations of transphobia.”
    Sister Outrider
    I especially like the way that Sister Outrider phrases this because it’s so true. I apologize for making this part bold, but it’s clear concise analysis and eloquent.
    The problematising of gay and lesbian sexuality is an unfortunate product of queer politics. If biological sex is unspeakable, so too is same-sex attraction; if same-sex attraction is unspeakable, so too is lesbian sexuality – the logic of queer forces us back into the closet by insisting that lesbian women and gay men abandon self-definition. And self-definition is fundamental to the liberation of any oppressed group. Sooner or later, those embracing the label of queer must reckon with that homophobia.”
    Sister Outrider,
    Because of everything listed below, the reality of how lesbians are treated under current queer/trans dogma and politics, and thousands of years of misogyny and lesbian phobia, no woman who actually cares about the female sex should ever say slap a lesbian just because her political views are different. I don’t agree with her politics, so just slap the lesbian, or any woman defending lesbian sexual boundaries.
    (1.) People who read gendertrender and other gender critical blogs know about the slaughter of a lesbian family last November in Oakland, CA. A trans activists was charged with shooting and stabbing a lesbian couple and their adopted son. A lot of women are calling this a hate motivated crime. Several sources say that Dana Rivers was involved in the protests outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival, an event run by a lesbian, on lesbian owned land. And, we know how ugly and intense this was.
    The slaughter of a lesbian family didn’t even make the news at trans/queer run LGBTQIA organizations. And, if they did, they were more concerned with the pronouns of a male charged with slaughtering a lesbian family than the bodies of two dead lesbians and their son.
    I often wonder how many times Dana Rivers read “TERF” death threats and all the horrid “Cotton Ceiling” comments that say lesbians are transphobic for sexually rejecting transwomen. Rivers is a heterosexual male who no doubt felt sexually excluded by lesbians. A man who heard time and time again how horrid and exclusionary lesbians are. How many TERF death threats did Rivers read? Who did Rivers talk to when he was protesting outside MichFest?
    Now, he is on trial for slaughtering a lesbian family.
    So, just tell a male to slap a lesbian in the face because the bitch won’t listen. In light of everything we know now, that is definitely not a wise choice of words.
    (2.) We know that lesbians who don’t fully capitulate to queer and trans demands and just STFU have been on the receiving end of numerous graphic and disturbing death threats, and threats of great bodily harm. These threats have been going on for years, and trans/queer have proven that they will do nothing to stop this form of psychological terrorism directed towards women. Any lesbian, or woman, even if she isn’t a radical feminist, or any stripe of feminist, can end up on the receiving end of “TERF” bullying tactics. Lesbians who admit to reading certain books can be labeled “TERF”.
    Reddit terfisaslur
    Among all the ghastly “TERF” death threats (and some of them are the stuff of horror films), this is unique. Transwoman has a sexual fantasy that involves giving “TERFs” lobotomies, mind destroying drugs, and torturing them to turn them into sex slaves. The lobotomized TERFs would be used as sex slaves for awesome Trans gals! Now, that is unique! This sick shit sounds just like something a feminist hating porn addicted MRA would fantasize.

    View post on

    Kill “TERFs”, taxidermy them like they do to big game animals, and use them as awesome decorations for transwoman houses. Sell this “TERF” art online.

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    Genderist threatens to stalk and rape/ torture/ murder teenage radfem, threatens to slit her throat, shove worms in her vagina, decapitate her, film himself raping her, calls her a “d*ke” and an “ugly n*gger”

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    This is fucking hate speech no matter how you look at it. I would go further by describing it as a form of McCarthy style witch hunt with an overdose of psychological terrorism. And, queer/trans know it has been going on for years. How can any rational person say that they aren’t misogynistic and lesbian phobic to the core.
    “I wanna punch every terf in the face until their face bones are broken beyond repair”.
    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
    (3.) The TERF threats aren’t just on the internet. Transwomen feel so confident that they can do as they please that transwomen even wear red blood splattered, “I PUNCH TERFs” shirts at gay pride parades.
    (4.) In some countries such as South Africa, corrective rape of lesbians is well documented. It’s believed that repeatedly raping lesbians will cure them of their attraction to other females.
    (5.) Throughout history, lesbians like gay men have been victims of all sorts of human medical experiments designed to change their sexual orientation. From shock treatments, lobotomies, and removing the clitoris, they were gruesome medical practices inflicted upon homosexuals.
    (6.) Most people on this blog know that something akin to gay and lesbian eugenics via “transitioning” has been going on in countries like Iran for years. Gay men and lesbians have been coerced into sex reassignment surgery because being homosexual is punishable by death. Iran will help pay for SRS, hormones, and changes of birth records, but it executes homosexuals, and flogs lesbians for their first offense.
    Queer and trans hate on lesbians on an entirely different level. They just get a free pass for all the pain they inflict on the female sex. It’s just a neoliberal dressed up form of misogyny and lesbian phobia.

  3. Roxane Gay is a bisexual woman who identifies as queer. There is nothing wrong with being bisexual, but bisexual women aren’t lesbians. Lesbians have a right to speak for ourselves. Calling herself queer is very convenient because she doesn’t have to deal with the TERF death threats, the constant harassment, the “Cotton Ceiling”, bullying, etc.
    This is Roxane Gay on Germaine Greer,
    “I think she’s bigoted and full of hate. She doesn’t acknowledge transgender women as women. That’s not acceptable. I honestly don’t know why she’s being included. I think it’s going to be uncomfortable.”
    In the real world, the vast majority of people will never believe that humans can change their sex. Transwomen are, in fact, male. Biological reality isn’t hate. Few people care if males choose to wear pink, long hair, or even a dress. It doesn’t make him a woman. Could someone explain to me what Germaine Greer has done to upset trans so much? Greer has never advocated for violence against trans people or anyone. She believes all people deserve basic human rights. Greer has also said that she believes that adults should have the right to transition. Saying males are not females is not bigoted.
    Despite what Gay says, no one can force me, or any woman, to validate a male’s personal belief that he is a “woman”. I say males are not women, and they say they are. Why are they right, and I’m wrong? Like all historically oppressed groups, women should have a right to define ourselves.
    Trans/queer always portray second wave feminists as useless old women of no significance. What they don’t acknowledge is that they will all eventually get old one day, and they will have to answer for what they have done. People will look at what they have accomplished. By this time, we could see lawsuits over the drugged damaged and infertile adults who were victims of the cultural craze to “transition” children.
    Queer disconnects women from our past, and it makes a class analysis of the oppression of women meaningless. Queer always bash second wave feminists. These women are our grandmothers, and these are the women who gave us things like domestic violence centers, abortion rights, equal pay, etc. Compare that to what queer theory and trans ideology and politics continue to do to women? There are 14 year old girls who can’t wait to get their boobs lopped off, children are being sterilized with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones, disabled women are getting mastectomies after only two visits to the gender therapist, the “Cotton Ceiling” says lesbians are bigots for not sucking a transwoman’s dick, and transwomen slaughter lesbian families. Queer theory is an Orwellian curse on the female sex. Queer is part of the neoliberal postmodern backlash against feminism.
    Click on the link below, and scroll down to the bottom to see some screen shots of trans/queer talking about slitting Germaine Greer’s sagging throat and gluing her mouth shut. Murder Germaine Greer, etc.
    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
    “God help any young lesbians who are subject to your homophobia in your position as a university professor, or any feminist students who are critical of gender.”
    Roxane Gay is an Associate Professor of English at Purdue. Roxane received her Ph.D. in 2010 from Michigan Technological University in Rhetoric and Technical Communication. She also holds an M.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln.
    Her research interests include the intersections between race, gender, and popular culture, contemporary fiction, and the political novel.
    Comparing Gay to Greer, Gay doesn’t even come close to matching Greer’s entire life’s work. From what I’ve been able to glean by googling, Gay is a mediocre writer with no original ideas who latched onto the queer/trans train.
    Gay and Purdue need to realize that there are young college aged radical feminists, so it’s possible that gender critical feminism could be introduced into one of Gay’s classes. What would Gay say to this sensitive and intelligent woman? Does this woman need to be slapped for her “TERF” beliefs? If someone started calling this young woman a “TERF”, what would Gay say?
    How would Gay react to this political analysis ? This woman has been called a “TERF”, and she and her friends have been terrorized. Does Gay believe this woman needs to be slapped?

    1. Scary….and telling, in that she was just out this way on a speaking tour, supporting her book, with little discussion about her warped POV. Even the piece in the Portland Mercury was gushing over her tome, with little attention paid to her erasure ideas.
      And this is one who is in a position to influence minds??? Shit….

      1. I’ve been reading about Gays’ life. This is what I don’t understand. Actually, I do understand what is going on, but I hate to call her out on it now that I have a better understanding of Gay’s background. How can a Haitian woman who grew up in a sexist world that sucks the life out of any woman who isn’t white, thin, and pretty not understand the pain of other women?
        Roxane Gay is an educated woman of color, and I can respect that. What I am enraged about is the fact that she repeatedly uses the misogynistic “TERF” slur as if it’s nothing. Gay doesn’t care if her repeated use of this offensive term offends women. I’ve been reading some of her tweets, and she basically tells women who are offended by the word to go fuck themselves. Yes, she says they can all go fuck themselves. Seriously, look at her tweets.
        #terfisaslur and shouldn’t be used in civil discourse. If you wanted to understand their concerns, you wouldn’t block ppl with diff opinion
        Roxane Gay Aug 17
        I don’t give a single solitary fuck
        and then another tweet
        TERF = trans exclusionary radical feminist
        There we have it. A woman who teaches at Purdue says, “I don’t give a single solitary fuck” to women who have been literally terrorized by the use of this misogynistic term, “TERF”.
        What is Gay trying to say, and where has she been hiding?
        Is a woman who teaches at Purdue saying “I don’t give a single solitary fuck” if women are traumatized by this:
        1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
        Or, this:
        Recent Anti-Feminist Hate Speech
        I’m sure Gay will say that she doesn’t want women threatened in the most gruesome ways imaginable. These links are just the tip of the iceberg, and “TERF” death threats have been going on for years. Where has Gay been hiding? I’ve never seen one woman who was heavily invested in queer/trans politics openly denounce “TERF” death threats and the traumatizing bullying tactics. The “TERF” death threats have male aggression written all over them. They aren’t coming from females. Women don’t think this way, and use this kind of language. Why haven’t more women spoken out against this twisted, misogynistic to the core, McCarthy style neoliberal witch hunt? I guess women are afraid that they might be next in line to be branded “TERF”, so they had better shut their mouths. And, then there are women like Gay who want to score points with trans/queer, and cowardly pretend that women aren’t being terrorized, stalked, intimidated, and harmed.
        As long as Gay isn’t on the receiving end of sick, twisted, misogynistic “TERF” death threats, stalking, harassment, etc.
        “I don’t give a single solitary fuck”
        How TERF works by Sarah Ditum,
        “The definition of TERF is extraordinarily loose: what one is supposed to be excluding trans people from is never identified. To state that male and female bodies exist can be enough to win the TERF label; to state that the division of sex is the foundation of sexual oppression is more than sufficient. (If your observations of reality have led you to believe that sexual dimorphism in humans is both real and socially relevant, you may be confused to learn that acknowledging this is now deemed evidence of bigotry in some quarters.) It is also a highly toxic definition to apply to someone, both because of the intimation of violence, and because there is a hefty taboo within the left at large against “excluding” anyone.
        Vague in meaning, powerful in effect – two qualities which combine to mean that the word TERF is incredibly handy for anyone who wishes to stop women from discussing our oppression as women, by men. (Who wants to stop women discussing our oppression by men? Usually men, of course.)”
        How TERF works
        Some things to consider:
        “TERF” is only used as a silencing and bullying tactic against women. Why isn’t there a special word for right wing conservative males who, by the way, are the people killing transwomen? Why not “TERM” (Trans Exclusionary Right Wing Males). After all, these are the people who represent a far greater threat to the physical safety of transgender people. And, right wing conservative men start wars, drive over female protesters (James Alex Fields Jr.), rape the planet for its resources, and generally make the life miserable for the rest of us.
        This is what I’d like to see.
        “TERMs” – Trans Exclusionary Right Wing Males
        I would like to see Mya Byrne wear a “I PUNCH TERMs” shirt at the Heritage Foundation or a Klan meeting. See how it works.

  4. Thank you so much for this, Gallus Mag. I appreciate your rage and profanity!
    And thank you, SkyLark, for you horrific list of hatred and threats aimed at Lesbians who say no to men. You are right that each of those men trying to appropriate our identity is feeding the others to actually attack and kill us. I still can’t get over the “LGBT” media erasure of the racist and Lesbian-hating triple murders committed by Dana Rivers in the city I live in. We have to keep reminding women that those men are not playing games. They would torture and kill us if they weren’t worried about their futures, and of course make trophies, as men so often do of their victims.
    I just want all Lesbians and women to finally realize what is going on and stop supporting these men against us.
    I really appreciate Claire’s courageous letter. I posted at her site:
    “Thank you so much for this wonderful letter, Claire. I really appreciate so much that you said, and especially what so few dare to say, which is you have made mistakes in the past and regret them. That is so much easier when it’s a vehement but respectful disagreement than when it’s a physical threat, which like you said, are increasingly aimed at Lesbians.
    Bad enough the decades of assaults long-time Lesbians have gotten from men for our saying no to them, but now women are joining it too? On behalf of the men of course.
    One thing I disagree with, is commonly assumed myth, is that “the boundary between a butch lesbian and a transman is often blurred.” Actually, the majority of women claiming to be “transmen” are Fem and quite a few are het or bisexual women (like Pat Califia and Loren Cameron) who are trying to get sexual access to gay men.
    It can be hard for women who aren’t Butch to know because the media rarely shows real Butches, but instead shows grotesque caricatures or clearly Fem women said to be Butch. We are erased constantly. The “Lesbian” media makes it worse with has photography exhibits and displays online that show posturing Fems, often with buzz cuts (that usually screams “Fem” to me) and sado-masochist regalia. It’s actually been Butches, and particularly African-descent Butches, who I’ve seen most objecting to women identifying as our oppressors, men.
    It’s ironical that “queer” shouted at a woman when I was growing up and years later did mean “Lesbian” or “Dyke,” and only much later did non-Lesbians appropriate that name, just as they have appropriated so much else.
    Thank you again because work like you are doing will literally save Lesbians’ lives.”

  5. I can’t imagine any intelligent person caring about anything she says. She’s a nitwit.

  6. I know there’s such a thing as straight women, but I still can’t comprehend – how the fucking hell any woman on earth can be so crazy about men and hate lesbians so much.

  7. I join you in your profanity, GallusMag. This shit is so fucking awful it just about gives me an aneurysm. If I were a lesbian I’d want to kill somebody. And if she ever writes about rape culture or even says the words “rape culture” then she’s an even bigger asshole than it would appear. In fact there is perhaps no way to measure her asshole-ness. It goes past 11 to infinity.

  8. Straight woman here and full of horror at what I see my lesbian sisters enduring in the name of men continuing to have access to any body they want. Thank you SisterOutrider, Feminist Current and all the other women willing to be attacked for calling out the vile behaviour of trans activists and their hand maidens.

  9. It’s the level of contempt that’s noticeable. Fine to advocate violence against women/lesbians, but utter dismissal of black lesbians who query this. That sense of complete superiority, based on what?

  10. In the furor over plans for a girl-only Lord of the Flies remake, Roxane Gay is claiming it wouldn’t happen with women, ever. This makes sense as most liberals are in agreement that the story is about Toxic Masculinity as opposed to whatever enlightened masculinity it is that lets them know their boyfriends aren’t actually women or what-the-fuck-ever. Hey, I didn’t come up with that nonsense.
    As per usual, the people who are most likely to end political conversations with a “what about poor black transwomen” completely ignore the existence of trans when it suits them.
    Yes, a modern interpretation of Flies would have to have transwomen and Gay would certainly threaten violence when a “TERF” was exposed on the beach.
    Bad shit would happen.
    And because nameless things (like XY chromosomes) couldn’t be named, it WOULD be all on “women” and “woman’s nature.”

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